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Clergy For Quinn: An Open Letter to the African American Community – YOUR VOTE IS YOUR VOICE

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From Clergy For Quinn

Governor Pat Quinn.jpg

Tuesday, November 4th, is election day.

On Thursday, October 30th, more than 200 African American clergy, business leaders, community leaders and grassroots foot soldiers came together at the Parkway Ballroom to express their support for Governor Pat Quinn in his quest to be re-elected. The resounding chorus for the day was We WiN WiTh QuiNN.

It is important that we all know what is at stake in this election. The future of public education is at stake. The future of Medicaid and Medicare is at stake. The health care of millions of people is at stake. The wages of hard working people are at stake.

Bruce Rauner cannot buy this election. Billionaire Bruce Rauner started early in the year trying to buy this election. After earning $61 million dollars in 2013, he has spent millions of his own money on negative ads. He has given $1 million to a Black-owned Credit Union on the south side of Chicago and he has convinced a small group of ministers to try to create an image in the community. It has been documented that out of 51 persons in one of his companies, there were no African Americans. It has been reported that his response to having no African Americans is simply that he couldn’t find any that were qualified.

Governor Pat Quinn supports a raise in the minimum Wage. The current minimum wage is $8.25. Governor Pat Quinn wants to raise the minimum wage. He believes that hard working men and women deserve “a liveable wage.” If the minimum wage is increased to $10.00, 1.1 million working people would get a raise. 56% of them would be women and 45% would be people of color. Also, 125,000 of them would be single parents. Billionaire Bruce Rauner does not support a raise in the minimum wage.

Governor Pat Quinn supports the affordable care act. In Illinois, more than 700,000 people now have healthcare since the Affordable Care Act was passed. Governor Pat Quinn supported this historic initiative and now millions more can get health care in Illinois. Billionaire Bruce Rauner wants to repeal the Affordable Care Act.

Governor Pat Quinn supports an increase in funding for Public education. The funding of public education remains a challenging and critical issue in the state of Illinois. Governor Pat Quinn has already increased the funding for public education and desires to do more. Billionaire Bruce Rauner wants to use public funds to provide vouchers for private schools.

Governor Pat Quinn supports the creation of Jobs in the community and economic opportunities for minority contractors. More than 4,500 jobs were created at the Ford Plant on the south side of Chicago. Governor Pat Quinn is committed to creating jobs throughout the state of Illinois and requiring Minority participation on state-funded projects like the Illiana Expressway and the Markham based PACE Barn. Billionaire Bruce Rauner has helped many companies send jobs overseas so they can pay cheaper wages for labor.

Governor Pat Quinn has spoken. Billionaire Bruce Rauner has spoken. Tuesday, November 4th the people get a chance to speak.

your voTe is your voice – We WiN WiTh QUINN

Clergy for Quinn

Bishop Victor Agee Pastor Marvin Alexander Pastor Otis Allen Pastor J. D. Anderson Pastor Gerald Anderson Pastor Charee Baker Pastor James Bailey Minister Johnny Banks Pastor Henry Barlow Bishop John Bryant Pastor C. E. Barnes, III Pastor Alonzo Batts Pastor Ray Berryhill Rev. David Bigsby Bishop Carl E. Bogus Bishop Ocie Booker Pastor James C. Boyd Apostle Dr. Gregory E. Bradshaw Rev. William Butler Bishop Willie James Campbell Rev. Finley C. Campbell Pastor St. John Chisum Bishop Louis Clark Pastor Shirley Coleman Rev. David Coleman Rev. Walter Coleman Pastor Michael Cooper
Rev. Marrice Coverson Pastor Todd J. Cox Pastor Tyrone Crider Pastor L. K. Curry Bishop Charles E. Davis Pastor Mavrick Davis Bishop Gregory Dillard Pastor Otis Dominque Pastor Forest S. Dukes Pastor Michael Eaddy Rev. James Echols
Rev. Clay Evans Elder Tyson Everett Pastor Alexis Felder Pastor J. B. Felker Elder Kevin Ford Bishop Charles Ford Pastor S. L. Gholar Bishop Simon Gordon Pastor Antonio Grafton Pastor Earl Granberry Bishop Derrell Gray Rev. David Gross Bishop Paul Hall Archbishop Lucius Hall Pastor Jarvis Hanson Pastor Henry Hardy
Pastor Harrell Phyllis Apostle Consondra Harris Pastor DeWitt Harris Rev. George Henderson Pastor James Hicks Bishop Freddy Hill Rev. Christopher Hill Pastor Samuel Hinkle Pastor Carolyn Hinton Pastor Dorothy Hollis Bishop Gordon Humphrey Pastor Marvin Hunter Pastor Rodgers Jackson Pastor William Jackson Rev. Bernard Jakes Rev. Paul Jakes Pastor Gerald January Pastor Contrell Jenkins Pastor William Jenkins Pastor William Jenkins Jr Pastor William Jenkins Sr Pastor Chris Johnson Reverend Tammie A Johnson Rev. Dr. Walter B. Johnson Jr. Apostle Steve Jones Pastor Bryant Jones Rev. Walter Jones Rev. Robert Jones Rev. James Jordan
Pastor Tyrone Jordan Pastor Albert Kelly Pastor Bernard Kendricks Pastor LaRue Kidd Pastor Tyran Laws
Rev. Jesse Lee Pastor Steve Lewis Pastor Ferlander Lewis Pastor Alvin Love Pastor Carl Mabins Pastor Liddell Macarthur Bishop Cody Marshall Pastor William Martin Pastor Larry Martin Pastor Reginald Massey Pastor A. Mathis Evangelist Gitta Mathis Chief Apostle William McCoy Rev. Gardener McFadden Rev. Donald Meeks Bishop Charles Mickens Rev. James Mitchell Pastor Louis Montgomery Pastor James Moody Pastor O. C. Morgan Pastor Raymond Mosby Pastor Walter Mosby Brother Cotterell Muhammad Minister Ibehin Muhammad
Pastor Jeffery Mullins Pastor Steve Nelson Pastor Cornelius Ogundele Pastor Scott Onque
Rev. Damon Smith Pastor Romel Spight Pastor Larry Street Prophetess Patricia Street Rev. Marcus Tabb Minister Larry Taylor Minister Marsha Taylor Pastor Purvis Thomas Pastor Eric Thomas Pastor James H. Thomas Apostle Timothy Treadwell Pastor Walter Turner Elder Everett Tyson
Rev. Albert Tyson Rev. Patrick Walden Pastor Cyrus Washington Minister Deborah White Pastor David Whittley Apostle Carl White Jr Apostle Bernice Williams Pastor Robert Williams Rev. Herbert Williams Pastor Leslie Williams Pastor Emmet Williams Apostle Ruby Williams Bishop Jake Williams Pastor Dan Willis Apostle Ron Wilson Rev. Darrell York
Rev. Marilyn Pagan-Banks Pastor Donald Parsons Bishop Daniel Peach Pastor Edwin J. Perry Rev. Mattie Phillips
Pastor Warner Pitts Bishop Claude Porter Pastor Terrell Powell Pastor Kimberly Ray Pastor Karlton Ray Pastor Nettle Rheams Pastor Larry Roberts Rev. Carl Robertson Pastor Wyatt Rush Rev. Darryl Russell Bishop Robert Sanders Rev. Leslie Sanders Rev. Leroy Sanders
Dr. Mary Sanders Pastor LeRhuchandre Scott Pastor Cletis Seals Pastor Donald Sharp Pastor James Sims Pastor J. C. Smith Rev. Andre Smith

For more information, contact: Rev. Walter Turner, 708.574.6539.

CopyLine Magazine Endorsements for the November 4, 2014 Election

Posted by Admin On November - 2 - 2014 Comments Off on CopyLine Magazine Endorsements for the November 4, 2014 Election

United States

Richard J. Durbin, U.S. Senator

State of Illinois

Pat Quinn, Governor of Illinois

Paul Vallas, Lt. Governor of Illinois

Lisa Madigan, Attorney General

Jesse White, Secretary of State

U.S. Congress

Bobby Rush, 1st Congressional District

Robin Kelly, 2nd Congressional District

Luis V. Gutierrez, 4th Congressional District

Danny Davis, 7th Congressional District

Janice D. Schakowsky, 9th Congressional District


Toni Preckwinkle, President, Cook County Board

Joseph Berrios, Cook County Assessor

David D. Orr, Cook County Clerk

Larry Rogers, Jr., Commissioner, Cook County Board of Review, 3rd District

Deborah Sims, Cook County Commissioner, 5th District

Jerry “Iceman” Butler, Cook County Commissioner, 3rd District

Stanley S. Moore, Cook County Commissioner, 4th District

State Senate

Mattie Hunter, State Senate, 3rd District

Napoleon Harris, State Senate, 15th District

State Representative

LaShawn K. Ford, State Representative, 8th District

Arthur Turner, II, State Representative, 9th District

Barbara Flynn Currie, State Representative, 25th District

Christian L. Mitchell, State Representative, 26th District

Monique Davis, State Representative, 27th District

Thaddeus Jones, State Representative, 29th District

Mary Flowers, State Representative, 31st District

Marcus C. Evans, Jr.,  State Representative, 33rd District

Elgie R. Sims, Jr., State Representative, 34th District

Voters are urged to vote ‘No’ for the retention of Judge Clayton J. Crane.

Robert Shaw, former Alderman & Commissioner of the Cook County Board of Appeals, Radio talk show host and now candidate for mayor of Chicago, in an interview with Journalist Chinta Strausberg, said this about Crane:

“Judge Crane has a long history of mistreating African Americans, and his handling of the Howard Morgan case is the straw that broke the camel’s back as far as black people are concerned. I am urging blacks and fair-minded whites to vote 227 by his name which is a no vote because he needs to be off that bench.”

You can read the full article about Judge Crane here: http://www.copylinemagazine.com/2014/10/14/shaw-urges-blacks-and-%E2%80%98fair-minded-whites%E2%80%99-to-dump-judge-crane/

Tell Illinois’s Top Election Official: Count Every Vote

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CREDO action
Petition to Illinois’s chief election official:
As our state’s top election official you must ensure that every eligible voter is able to cast a ballot that counts. Count every vote and stop any Republican attempt to suppress thousands of voters in this year’s election.”
Add your name:
Sign the petition â–º
Count Every Vote
Just days ago, Chris Christie, the right-wing Governor of New Jersey, publicly talked up the Republican push to do whatever it takes to take control of “voting mechanisms” in order to advance electoral fortunes of his party (and his own) for the 2016 presidential election.1
Christie did not misspeak. For years Republican state officials have been engaged in an all-out effort to disenfranchise thousands of voters in key battleground states. With the 2014 election up in the air, control of everything from key Governorships to the U.S. Senate is at stake, and the Republicans are once again using every dirty tool in their political playbook to disenfranchise thousands of voters and steal the election.

Illinois’s top election official has considerable leeway in overseeing the election, and we can’t allow republicans to disenfranchise thousands of voters.

Republican efforts to restrict access to the polls have been well documented, with hundreds of voter suppression bills introduced across 41 states since the 2010 elections.2
The reality is that if every eligible voter in most elections cast a ballot, the Republicans would almost certainly lose. Conversely, the smaller the turnout, the better the outcome for the GOP. Since conservative voters dependably come out for midterm elections, the GOP is fighting to keep unlikely voters from the polls under the guise of preventing “voter fraud.”
As the top election official in Illinois, Jesse R. Smart should be trying to help more eligible voters participate in the democratic process, not disenfranchising citizens by violating their fundamental right to vote.

The allegations of “voter fraud” are widely ridiculed as a cover for suppressing turnout of African Americans, Latinos, students, seniors, and low income people. Notably, conservative legal jurist Richard Posner of the 7th Circuit pointed out that actual, documented cases of voter fraud are so rare, that there is “one case of voter fraud for every 14.6 million eligible voters – more than a dozen times less likely than being struck by lighting.”3
The real problem, the one that can affect the outcome of our elections if we’re not vigilant, is voter suppression. Click the link below to add your name to the petition:

Thank you for all that you do to protect the integrity of our democracy.
Murshed Zaheed, Deputy Political Director
CREDO Action from Working Assets
Add your name:
Sign the petition â–º
  1. “Christie says GOP gubernatorial candidates need to win so they control ‘voting mechanisms’,” NorthJersey.com, October 21, 2014
  2. “States With New Voting Restrictions Since 2010 Election,” Brennan Center for Justice
  3. “Dissenting opinion – Governor Scott Walker v. LULAC et al,” Judge Richard Posner, October 10, 2014

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The Gifts of Life: Powerful New Book of Poetry Spans Life’s Journey; Written as a ‘Companion’ for those Reaching Out to God & Loved Ones

Posted by Admin On November - 2 - 2014 Comments Off on The Gifts of Life: Powerful New Book of Poetry Spans Life’s Journey; Written as a ‘Companion’ for those Reaching Out to God & Loved Ones
Written from the heart and experiences of Kevin Bates, ‘The Gifts of Life’ fuses fun, spiritual, emotional and thought-provoking poetry to guide readers through life’s triumphs and defeats. Split into two compelling sections, every reader will find verses that resonate with their past, present and future place in God’s world.

Katy, Texas – Kevin Bates has spent his entire life embracing the power of other people’s words; through both human authors and the word of God. Now for the first time, he is taking his own thoughts and wisdom public through a book of poetry that can only be described as life-changing.

‘The Gifts of Life’ has something for everyone; for the successful, the abused and anyone craving that glimmer of hope that makes life great.


Each poem in this book is infused with my love of God, family and life.

These poems are spiritual, fun emotional and thought provoking. Thus making this book a great companion: for all those reaching out to God, family or a loved one.

If you have ever been deeply in love had your heart broken, been abused, lost a loved one or if you wander what lies beyond what is seen without the naked eye, or maybe if you’re just wanting to have fun…

This book is for you.

“It is vital that my poetry spans as much of life’s spectrum as possible, as people from all walks of life require vital inspiration and empowerment,” explains Bates. “I have come to know first-hand the power of words, and am so honored to now be reaching out to those in need.”

Continuing, “The first half contains poetry pertaining to God and family; because in my life these two things come quite literally before anything else. The second half is called ‘Endeavor and Reward’ and deals with the sum-total of life’s journey, including how we grow as we travel and how each experience dictates how we come through the other side.”

Bates sees wide appeal for his work.

“Copies of this book should be in every home, school, office….and just about everywhere else! There is nobody it doesn’t reach out to and nobody it can’t touch. I hope reading it is as life-changing as it was to construct these verses,” he adds.

‘The Gifts of Life’ is available now: http://amzn.to/1wsr9Mv. , http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/the-gifts-of-life-kevin-bates/1120372627?ean=9781312296091 ,  http://www.lulu.com/shop/view-cart.ep

For more information, visit the author’s website: http://www.kevinwbates.com.

About the Author:

“I am a devoted reader and writer. Each day is spent wandering in the world of words. Never lost just going to different places. My frequent reader miles are piled up with many words. Gaining many thoughts then sharing with friends and family. I’ve learned words shared correctly through speech or in print can be very powerful. I hope to share them with you so we come to an understanding not to be powerful but to be your brother under God.

As a kid my mother brought me into the world of words. She would read with her sweet angelic voice taking me so far away doing things I never done before. Living the adventures of the people she read about. She teaching me the words she thought I do not know. Soon afterward when I asked her to read another she would tell me to pick a book off the shelf & to read it myself.”

Contact: Kevin Bates / 832-594-3469 / kbatespoet@gmail.com


New Poll Reveals Overwhelming Majority of Doctors Concerned About Antibiotics Use on Healthy Food Animals

Posted by Admin On November - 2 - 2014 Comments Off on New Poll Reveals Overwhelming Majority of Doctors Concerned About Antibiotics Use on Healthy Food Animals

CHICAGO, IL – The overwhelming majority of doctors–a total of 93 percent–are concerned about the common meat industry practice of using antibiotics on healthy animals for growth promotion and disease prevention, according to a new poll released commissioned by Consumer Reports and released by Consumers Union and Illinois PIRG (Public Interest Research Group).

“Doctors need antibiotics to keep working, and they want factory farms to stop using the medicine on healthy animals,” said Dev Gowda, Advocate with Illinois PIRG’s End the Abuse of Antibiotics Campaign. “Nearly every major public health group has come out against this practice, saying reforms are needed if antibiotics are to contine working, and yet the meat industry acts as if it’s too bitter a pill to swallow.”

According to poll results and analysis available in a new report, Prescription for Change, 97 percent of doctors are concerned about the growing problem of drug-resistant infections.  Nearly a third of doctors polled had had a patient die or suffer significant complications within the last year from a multi-drug resistant infection. The numbers were even higher for doctors who work in both outpatient and hospital settings.

“Antibiotics are losing their effectiveness due to the growing emergence of ‘superbugs,’ bacteria that are resistant to one or more classes of the drugs,” said Michael Hansen, PhD, Senior Scientist for Consumers Union, the policy arm of Consumer Reports. “Untargeted and widespread use of antibiotics in meat production is contributing to this problem.”

Other key findings of the Consumer Reports poll include:

  • 85% percent of doctors report that one or more of their patients had had either a presumed or confirmed case of a multi-drug resistant infection in the past 12 months.
  • Of those doctors who had treated a confirmed or suspected case of a multi-drug resistant infection, 35% treated a patient that either died or suffered serious consequences as a result of the illness. That number jumps to nearly half for doctors that work in both outpatient and hospital settings. 80% of doctors agree that the group, hospital or practice they work for is actively working to minimize the inappropriate prescribing of antibiotics.

“Antibiotics are a precious resource,” said Sameer Patel, MD MPH, Director of the Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital Antimicrobial Stewardship Program. “As a doctor, I need to know that the antibiotics I prescribe will work. Routine, excessive, and unmonitored antibiotic use in animals for food production further increases the threat of antibiotic resistance and limits the effectiveness of antibiotics. I urge the Obama Administration to include a ban on the overuse of antibiotics on farms when animals aren’t even sick in the plan they will be releasing in February.”

“This survey revealed that 85% of doctors have encountered at least one multiple-drug resistant infection in their practices, many of which were life threatening,” said Dr. Susan Boyle-Vavra, Director of the University of Chicago MRSA Research Center.  “There is mounting genetic evidence in the peer reviewed scientific literature that certain bacterial strains that have caused human disease originated in livestock, which is where 70% of the antibiotics are used in the U.S.  Reducing the use of antibiotics in livestock production is a logical strategy to help prevent transmission of antibiotic resistant pathogens to humans.”

Up to 70% of medically important antibiotics (and 80% of all antibiotics) are sold on an annual basis for use in food animal production in the United States. These antibiotics are fed mostly to healthy animals like cows, pigs, and poultry to make them grow faster and to prevent disease in often crowded and unsanitary conditions on today’s industrial farms. A recent report from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) revealed that antibiotics use in livestock production increased 16% between 2009 and 2012.

A growing body of experts in the United States and across the globe is calling for stronger action. The U.S. Centers for Disease control recently estimated that drug-resistant bacterial infections make 2 million people sick in the United States each year and cause 23,000 deaths.  A recent World Health Organization report on the issue estimated resistant infections result in eight million additional days in hospitals, which costs between $21 and $34 billion each year in the United States alone.

This fall, President Obama issued an Executive Order to tackle the problem of antibiotic resistance. The Order did not require a halt to the overuse of antibiotics on animal farms, but the administration announced that a 5 year action plan will be unveiled in February 2015, giving them a fresh opportunity to stop all inappropriate uses of antibiotics on food animals.

A host of consumer, medical and public health organizations, including Consumers Union, Physicians for Social Responsibility, Health Care Without Harm, Illinois PIRG, Natural Resources Defense Council, National Physicians Alliance, and Healthy Food Action have joined in calling upon the Obama Administration, meat retailers, and meat producers to stop the production and sale of meat raised with antibiotics.

As part of this effort, Consumers Union, the policy arm of Consumer Reports, delivered a letter signed by over 2,000 medical professionals to Trader Joe’s headquarters near Los Angeles, CA, asking the grocer to take a stand for public health by only selling meat from animals raised without the routine use of antibiotics. Consumers Union highlighted the letter and the poll results in a full-page ad in today’s Los Angeles Times.

“Nine out of ten doctors say that antibiotics shouldn’t be misused on animals that aren’t sick. The Obama administration needs to hear their voice and stop this practice cold turkey,” stated Gowda.

In September 2014, the Consumer Reports National Research Center conducted an online survey of 500 U.S. family practice and internal medicine physicians who regularly prescribe antibiotics using a random sample drawn from a panel of family care and internal medicine doctors managed by M3 Global Research. Most of the doctors surveyed work primarily in an outpatient setting (378), though 22% (108) work in both inpatient and outpatient settings. Another 3% (14) of doctors work primarily in an inpatient setting.


Dev Gowda, Illinois PIRG; 630-915-6025; dev@illinoispirg.org

Naomi Starkman, Consumers Union; 917-539-3924; nstarkman.consultant@consumer.org

Chicago Answers the Call to Escalate Protests Following the Disappearance of 43 Normalistas in Guerrero

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Letters to Editors

CHICAGO, IL –Outraged members of the Immigrant community protesting the Mexican government’s crimes against the students from Ayotzinapa and the over 25,000 disappeared in the last decade.

The Mexican government has failed to produce alive the 43 disappeared students from Ayotzinapa by the deadline set by their fellow students. Following the call to escalate protests, outraged members of the Chicago Mexican community protest at the Mexican Consulate, to hold the Mexican Government responsible for the disappearance of the students, as well as orchestrating a sham investigation to cover its crimes.

“They are using fabricated evidence, arbitrary detentions, searching homes and terrorizing the local population to pretend that they are looking for those responsible” said Jose Herrera, member of the MDC,  “My family in Iguala are living under a military occupation because those investigating the crime are actually the authors of the crime” he concluded.

Protesters are not only addressing the 43 disappeared normalistas, but also accusing the government for the more than 25,000 people disappeared over the last decade, including political prisoners Nestora Salgado and Dr Mireles, detained for their role in community self-defense, and Yaqui tribe representatives Mario Luna and Fernando Jimenez who organize to oppose an aqueduct that dispossesses Yaqui people of ancestral waters.

“Vigils and solidarity events are not enough. We are taking our protests to the consulate because it is there that the problem lies” stated one of the participants. “We will make ourselves heard, because this space belongs to us”.

Organizers of the event released a statement to the Mexican Consulate “We do not come here to deliver a letter or to dialogue with the representatives of power. We don’t come asking for your justice or for your compassion. We come to put you on trial.”

YoSoy132 Chicago

Moratorium On Deportations Campaign

Mexicanos Indignados

For more information, call (773) 632-9992.

Theregistrybayarea.com, The Bronze Report Launch Blacks in Technology Multimedia Online Resource to Address Diversity, Impact in Silicon Valley

Posted by Admin On November - 2 - 2014 Comments Off on Theregistrybayarea.com, The Bronze Report Launch Blacks in Technology Multimedia Online Resource to Address Diversity, Impact in Silicon Valley

A new digital/broadcast media property highlights technology accomplishments, opportunities and resources for African Americans in Silicon Valley and promotes diversity, inclusion and growth

Oakland, CA (BlackNews.com) — theREGISTRYBayArea.com, the San Francisco Bay Area’s premiere online resource for African American arts, culture and lifestyle, has launched the micro-site “TechREGISTRYBayArea.com” in collaboration with The Bronze Report, an EMMY-award winning magazine-style television show about Blacks in the Bay Area and beyond. Focused on increasing the participation of Blacks in technology, TechREGISTRYBayArea.com is a comprehensive Northern California online resource for African-American technology event listings, individual and business profiles, news, market research, success stories, and organization and media resources.

The site will function as an information aggregator and connector, a Silicon Valley-based portal with the primary objective of addressing entrepreneurial, employment and educational diversity within the innovation economy, specifically through the growth in participation of African Americans, a greatly underrepresented minority. Increased access to influencers, venture capital decision makers and learning opportunities are also desired outcomes of this effort. In addition the site also seeks and will feature impact stories — highlighted content about people, companies and organizations involved in efforts to close the gap.

“There is room for African Americans in technology, whether they are entrepreneurs, executives, investors, students, employees or coders…to be more active and influential participants in the innovation economy. Recent corporate diversity reports clearly illustrate the significant underrepresentation of Blacks in the industry. We aim to help change that,” said Michael DeFlorimonte, editor of TechREGISTRYBayArea.com. “The opportunity, and more importantly, responsibility to increase diversity and inclusion should be a societal imperative, and touches at the core of our objectives, especially given TechREGISTRYBayAreas location and access. L.A. has Hollywood, New York has Wall Street, D.C. has The White House… and we sit in the heart of Silicon Valley, the global center of technology.

The Bronze Report produces original video content for its weekly television show and will plays a key role in the new micro-site, led by a team of seasoned Northern California Emmy-Award winning television professionals, executive producer/host Jan Mabry and veteran news anchor/host Barbara Rodgers. While the Bronze Report covers every aspect of the African-American community, segments on Blacks in technology are going to be a main staple of our show, and streamed for use on TechREGISTRYBayArea, said Mabry.

The Bronze Reports Special: Blacks in Technology debuted in Northern and Central California on Comcast Cable 104 in August, and is featured in the launch of TechREGISTRYBayArea.com. The show features Barbara Rodgers one-on-one interview with Reverend Jesse Jackson, Sr. during his trip earlier this year to Silicon Valley shareholders meetings to expose the lack of diversity. In another segment, host Jan Mabry explores the technology renaissance in Oakland, and asks, will blacks be part of it, or left behind, and also talks to Kumi Rauf, Oakland resident and founder of I Love Being Black, the worlds largest African American centric Facebook page with nearly 6.5 million followers.

While TechREGISTRYBayArea.com was launched as a micro-site within theREGISTRYBayArea.com, expansion into a stand alone website is slated for early 2015 as content and interactive features are added. Long-range plans also include a separate television show entirely focused on technology.
About theREGISTRYBayArea.com | TechREGISTRYBayArea.com
From philanthropy to fashion, entertainment to sports, business to politics, and faith to technology, theREGISTRY Bay Area strives to be a cultural catalyst for the Bay Area African American community – a resource that showcases and drives positive dialogue about and support for Black arts, events, culture and lifestyle. With its mix of stunning photography, top pick events and curated business listings, theREGISTRY spotlights Bay Area lifestyle from an African American perspective and brings it to center stage. For more details, visit www.theREGISTRYBayArea.com

TechREGISTRYBayArea.com was created by utilizing the resources of theREGISTRYBayArea.com, launched earlier this year, and its parent company MichaelD Communications, a Bay Area based marketing, communications and brand management firm. Original video content from The Bronze Report, relationships with venture capitalists and businesses, organizations and the community, and information from leading media and websites are leveraged to aggregate content for the new technology news and information micro-site.
About The Bronze Report
Finally, a show thats as smart as you are… the EMMY-Award winning show, The Bronze Report, spotlights current issues, trends, events, art, music and people in and beyond the Bay Areas vibrant African-American community. The Bronze Report answers the need for more television programming produced by African Americans for African Americans. Audiences of all walks of life appreciate and enjoy watching The Bronze Report because of the shows unwavering commitment to quality content, and superb production quality. For more information about host Barbara Rodgers and executive producer/host Jan Mabry, visit TheBronzeReport.com.

Photo Caption: Michael DeFlorimonte, editor of TechREGISTRYBayArea.com

Five Young Newcomers Make Their Goodman Debut in a Christmas Carol: William A. Burke, Nathaniel Buescher, Phillip Cusic, Skye Sparks and Ava Morse

Posted by Admin On November - 2 - 2014 Comments Off on Five Young Newcomers Make Their Goodman Debut in a Christmas Carol: William A. Burke, Nathaniel Buescher, Phillip Cusic, Skye Sparks and Ava Morse
CHICAGO, IL – Goodman Theatre is decking its halls as A Christmas Carol begins rehearsals for the 37th annual production that “manages to grow brighter and more affecting with every season” (Chicago Sun-Times). Artistic Associate Henry Wishcamper directs the holiday classic for the second time, complete with five  young performers cast from hundreds of Chicagoland children who auditioned. Making their Goodman debut are: Nathaniel Buescher (age 7, Chicago) as Tiny Tim; William A. Burke (age 15, Chicago) as Young Scrooge/Turkey Boy; Phillip Cusic (age 11, Chicago) as Peter Cratchit/Ignorance; Ava Morse (age 8, Naperville) as Emily Cratchit/Pratt/Want/Child in Doorway; and Skye Sparks (age 11, Naperville) as Belinda Cratchit. As previously announced, Larry Yando returns for his seventh year as the miserly Ebenezer Scrooge fresh off his critically-acclaimed turn in the title role of King Lear at Chicago Shakespeare Theater, along with 14 newcomers and 11 returning actors. A Christmas Carol runs November 15 – December 28 in the Goodman’s Albert Theatre. Tickets ($25 – $93; subject to change) are available online at GoodmanTheatre.org/Joy, by phone at 312.443.3800 or at the box office (170 North Dearborn). Fifth Third Bank is the Major Corporate Sponsor, PepsiCo is the Official Beverage Sponsor, Aon Corporation and KPMG LLP are the Corporate Sponsor Partners, and Chicago Tribune is the Media Partner for A Christmas Carol.

“I am really excited to be Tiny Tim; I have wanted this role my entire life,” said seven-year-old Buescher. “Rehearsals are a lot of fun and I love riding on the sled.  The pants are hard to put on.  Why do you think they made them so difficult to put on in the olden days? I am really looking forward to all of the fun and seeing my family in the audience.  I also can’t wait for opening night and seeing everyone so happy.

“There’s no better way to get into the holiday spirit” (Chicago Sun-Times) than experiencing the magic of Goodman Theatre’s A Christmas Carol, the iconic tale of greedy British businessman Ebenezer Scrooge—whose sizable bank account is only matched by his hatred of the holidays. One Christmas Eve, Scrooge is visited by four ghosts who take him on a spectacular adventure through his past, present and future, helping him rediscover the joys of life, love and friendship. For 37 years, Charles Dickens’ holiday classic has delighted Chicago audiences; the production has hosted ten directors, 32 Tiny Tims and eight Scrooges, who’ve snidely delivered nearly 23,000 “Bah Humbugs!” “The granddaddy of Chicago holiday entertainment” (Time Out Chicago), A Christmas Carol at Goodman Theatre is “the crown jewel of the holiday season” (Daily Herald).

“I’m thrilled to again direct A Christmas Carol, which has been an important annual tradition for nearly half of the Goodman’s years,” said Wishcamper. “Together with new faces and returning favorites, we are once again working to create a show that’s moving, hilarious and captures all the best moments of the holiday experience—complete with some new surprises.”

Complete Company of A Christmas Carol
by Charles Dickens, adapted by Tom Creamer, directed by Henry Wishcamper

*Denotes an actor new to the production

*Theo Allyn………………………………Miss Ortle/Mrs. Creakle
Justin Amolsch………………………….French Horn
*Patrick Andrews………………………..Ghost of Christmas Past/Topper/Young Man
*Kareem Bandealy………………………Scrooge as a Young Man/Narrator
*Nathaniel Buescher……………………Tiny Tim
*William A. Burke………………………Scrooge as a Boy/Turkey Boy/Old Joe’s Assistant
Andrew Coil………………………………Violin
*Paige Collins……………………………Martha Cratchit/Fan/Young Woman
*Phillip Cusic……………………………Peter Cratchit/Ignorance
*Lisa Gaye Dixon………………………Ghost of Christmas Present
Joe Foust……………………………….Jacob Marley/Old Joe/Hat Seller
*Allen Gilmore………………………….Alternate Scrooge
Gregory Hirte……………………………Violin and Fiddle/Mr. Spinet
Anish Jethmalani (Forest Park) ………Fred
*J. Salome Martinez……Dick Wilkins/Poulterer/Pie Seller/Ghost of Christmas Future
*Ava Morse (Naperville)…………………Emily Cratchit/Want/Pratt/Child in Doorway
Larry Neumann Jr………………………Schoolmaster/Percy/Undertaker/Chestnut Seller
Ron Rains…………………………………Bob Cratchit
Malcolm Ruhl (Evanston)………………Musical Director/Accordian
Kim Schultz………………………………Mrs. Fezziwig/Charwoman/Tree Seller/Philomena
*Skye Sparks (Naperville)……………….Belinda Cratchit
*Brett Tuomi………………………………Mr. Fezziwig/Mr. Crumb
*Kristina Valada-Viars……………………Abby/Belle
Penelope Walker…………………………Mrs. Cratchit
Larry Yando………………………………Ebenezer Scrooge

The design team includes Keith Parham (Lighting Designer); Andrew Hansen (Composer), Heidi Sue McMath (Costume Designer since 2001), Tommy Rapley (Choreographer), Todd Rosenthal (Set Designer), Malcolm Ruhl (Music Director) and Richard Woodbury (Sound Designer). Flying effects are provided by ZFX Inc. Alden Vasquez is the production stage manager.

Tickets to A Christmas Carol ($25 – $93; subject to change) are currently on sale at GoodmanTheatre.org/Joy. Tickets and subscriptions, including the Goodman WILD CARD, can also be purchased at the box office (170 North Dearborn), by phone at 312.443.3800 or at GoodmanTheatre.org/Subscribe. Mezztix are half-price mezzanine tickets available at 12 noon at the box office, and at 10am online (promo code MEZZTIX) day of performance; Mezztix are not available by telephone. 10Tix are $10 rear mezzanine tickets for students available at 12 noon at the box office, and at 10am online on the day of performance for Albert Theatre productions and in advance for all Owen Theatre productions; 10Tix are not available by telephone; a valid student I.D. must be presented when picking up the tickets; limit four per student with I.D. All tickets are subject to availability and handling fees apply. Discounted Group Tickets for 15 persons or more are available at 312.443.3820. Goodman Theatre offers three ways to give the gift of theater this holiday season: the WILD CARD—four flexible tickets to any production to mix and match for $199, Goodman Gift Certificates available in any amount and exclusive A Christmas Carol merchandise all available online at GoodmanTheatre.org/Gifts. Artists, dates and ticket prices are subject to change.

About Goodman Theatre

The Goodman’s 2014/2015 Season features nine productions on its two stages—six in the 856-seat Albert Theatre and three in the 400-seat flexible Owen Theatre, plus the annual New Stages Festival that includes additional developmental productions, and partner productions with The Second City and Albany Park Theater Project. The season continues with the annual New Stages Festival (October 29 – November 16, in the Owen), including an “Industry Weekend” on November 14 –16; The Second City’s Twist Your Dickens, Or Scrooge You by Peter Gwinn and Bobby Mort (December 5 – 28, in the Owen); Rapture, Blister, Burn by Gina Gionfriddo, directed by Kimberly Senior, a Chicago premiere (January 17 – February 22, 2015 in the Albert); Two Trains Running by August Wilson, directed by Chuck Smith, in conjunction with a citywide celebration of August Wilson (March 7 – April 12, 2015 in the Albert); The Upstairs Concierge by Kristoffer Diaz, directed by KJ Sanchez, a world premiere co-commission with Teatro Vista (March 28 – April 26, 2015 in the Owen); The Little Foxes by Lillian Hellman, directed by Henry Wishcamper (May 2 – June 7, 2015 in the Albert); stop. reset. written and directed by Regina Taylor, a Chicago premiere (May 23 – June 21, 2015 in the Owen); Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike by Christopher Durang, directed by Steve Scott, a Chicago premiere (June 20 – July 26, 2015 in the Albert), and a production still to be announced with the Albany Park Theater Project.

Now celebrating its 90th year as Chicago’s flagship theater, Goodman Theatre is an artistic and community institution dedicated to the art of theater and to civic engagement in the issues of the contemporary world. The Goodman has transformed over the past 35 years into a world class theater and premier Chicago cultural institution distinguished by the quality and scope of its programming and its culturally and aesthetically diverse creative leadership; artistic priorities include new plays, reimagined classics, culturally specific works, musical theater and international collaborations. Under the leadership of Artistic Director Robert Falls and Executive Director Roche Schulfer, achievements include the Goodman’s state-of-the-art two-theater complex in the heart of the downtown Theatre District. Over the past three decades, the Goodman has generated more than 150 world or American premieres, and nearly 30 new-work commissions. Joan Clifford is Chairman of Goodman Theatre’s Board of Trustees, Swati Mehta is Women’s Board President and Gordon C.C. Liao is President of the Scenemakers Board for young professionals. American Airlines is the Exclusive Airline of Goodman Theatre.

“A mainstay of Chicago and beyond” (Chicago Sun-Times), the Goodman is internationally acclaimed for its “fresh work of magnitude and ambition (and) bold, risky theatrical choices” (Chicago Tribune). From new plays to “first-class revivals” (The New York Times), the Goodman has earned numerous awards for its productions: two Pulitzer Prizes; 22 Tony Awards, including Outstanding Regional Theatre (1992); and nearly 160 Joseph Jefferson Awards.

The 90th Anniversary “Season to Celebrate” programming is rooted in the same spirit that launched the Goodman in 1925—an array of dramatic fare, from classics to noteworthy contemporary works, innovative and often controversial, embracing genres from farces to searing social dramas—honoring the theater’s past and envisioning its future. The nine-play season begins with an All-New Fall of works fostered and developed in the Goodman’s new play development programs followed by an “August Wilson Celebration” in spring 2015, the 10th anniversary of the playwright’s death and the 70th anniversary of his birth. This city-wide Celebration honors the longstanding collaboration between Wilson and the Goodman, the first theater in the world to produce all 10 works in his “20th Century Cycle.”

Visit the special anniversary website, GoodmanTheatre.org/90, to see famous faces who’ve worked at the theater, browse photos of classic productions and read interviews with noted artists.

State’s Attorney Alvarez Honored at Peace Awards

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Cook County State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez was among the honorees at the first annual “Making a World of Difference” for peace gala.  Alvarez and others were recognized for their commitment to promoting leadership and advocating for civil rights and peace throughout the community.

The awards were presented by the Fierce Women of Faith, a multi-ethnic, interfaith peace group committed to increasing peace in our neighborhoods.  For more information, go to www.fiercewomenoffaith.org.

The Making a World of Difference Gala was held Sunday, Oct. 26, at 7 p.m., at the Bridgeport Art Center, 1200 W. 35th St., Chicago.

Steppenwolf for Young Adults Extends Critically Acclaimed World Premiere Adaptation of Animal Farm

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Four public performances added in Upstairs Theatre

CHICAGO, IL – By popular demand, Steppenwolf for Young Adults (SYA) extends Animal Farm, a world premiere adaptation by Althos Low and directed by SYA Artistic and Educational Director Hallie Gordon. This “blistering new 90-minute adaptation” (Chicago Tribune) adds four additional public performances, extending the run through November 16, 2014 in Steppenwolf’s Upstairs Theatre with the original cast. Tickets ($20) to the added performances go on sale Tuesday, October 28 at 11am through Audience Services (1650 N Halsted St) at 312-335-1650 and steppenwolf.org.

Added public performances of Animal Farm include:
Friday, November 14 at 7:30pm
Saturday, November 15 at 3:00pm
Saturday, November 15 at 7:30pm
Sunday, November 16 at 3pm (closing)

George Orwell’s revolutionary masterpiece comes to the stage with Steppenwolf for Young Adults’ world premiere adaptation of Animal Farm. After revolting against the reign of their negligent human master, the animals of Mr. Jones’s farm create their own ideal society in which all animals are equal and rules are set by democratic vote. It’s all working pretty well until the allure of power leads the animals to a chilling fate. Animal Farm illustrates how new tyranny replaces old and power corrupts even the noblest of causes.

The cast features Will Allan as Benjamin; Jasmine Bracey as Julia and Old Major; Lucy Carapetyan as Maggie; Amelia Hefferon as Squealer; Matt Kahler as Boxer; Mildred Marie Langford as Muriel; Blake Montgomery as Napoleon; Dana Murphy as Mollie; Lance Newton as Pinkeye and Moses; and Sean Parris as Snowball.

The production team for Animal Farm includes Brian Sydney Bembridge (scenic design), Izumi Inaba (costume design), JR Lederle (lighting design), Rick Sims (sound design and original music) and Cassie Calderone (stage manager).

Tickets to public performances of Animal Farm ($20) are on sale now through Audience Services (1650 N Halsted St), 312-335-1650 and steppenwolf.org. Student Discounts: a limited number of $15 student tickets are available through Audience Services (1650 N Halsted St) or by calling 312-335-1650. Must present a valid student ID for each ticket. Public performances are scheduled Friday at 7:30pm, Saturday at 3pm and 7:30pm and Sunday at 3pm. Adult Groups: all groups of 10 or more receive a discounted rate for any performance throughout the season. For additional information, visit steppenwolf.org/groups. School Performances occur Tuesday through Friday at 10am and are reserved for school groups only. School performances have sold out; however, a waiting list is available.

Contact Education and Community Programs Coordinator Lauren Sivak at 312-654-5643.

Accessible performances are as follows: Audio-described performance and touch tour: Sunday, November 2 at 1:30pm (touch tour), 3pm (curtain); Sign language-interpreted performance: Tuesday, November 4 at 10am (student performance) and Saturday, November 8 at 3pm (public performance); and Open-captioned performance: Saturday, November 8 at 3pm.

The SYA 2014/15 season explores the theme, “Create a Movement: The Art of Revolution.” Following Animal Farm, SYA presents the world premiere of This Is Modern Art (based on true events) written by acclaimed playwright Idris Goodwin and Louder Than a Bomb founder Kevin Coval and directed by Lisa Portes. This Is Modern Art gives a glimpse into the lives of anonymous graffiti artists and asks us to question the true purpose of art. The show runs February 25 – March 14, 2015 in the Downstairs Theatre. Single tickets will go on sale at a later date.

Allstate is the Leading Corporate Season Production Sponsor of Steppenwolf for Young Adults.

JPMorgan Chase is the major corporate supporter of Steppenwolf’s career readiness and professional leadership program.

Major foundation support for Steppenwolf for Young Adults is provided by the Polk Bros. Foundation and the Alphawood Foundation.

Steppenwolf for Young Adults is a citywide partner of the Chicago Public Schools (CPS) School Partner Program.

Steppenwolf for Young Adults’ unique approach combines play production with educational components to enhance arts education for young audiences, as well as their teachers and families. SYA creates two full-scale professional productions each season specifically for teens. Working closely with the Chicago Public and metropolitan area schools and other community partners, SYA annually ensures access to the theater for more than 12,000 participants from Chicago’s diverse communities. The initiative also includes post-show discussions with artists; classroom residencies led by Steppenwolf-trained teaching artists in more than 30 classrooms in 14 public high schools; professional

development workshops for educators; and the Young Adult Council, an innovative year-round after-school initiative that uniquely engages high school students in all areas of the theater’s operations.

Steppenwolf Theatre Company is America’s longest standing, most distinguished ensemble theater, producing nearly 700 performances and events annually in its three Chicago theater spaces—the 515-seat Downstairs Theatre, the 299-seat Upstairs Theatre and the 80-seat Garage Theatre.

Formed in 1976 by a collective of actors, Steppenwolf has grown into an ensemble of 44 actors, writers and directors. Artistic programming at Steppenwolf includes a five-play Subscription Season, a two-play Steppenwolf for Young Adults season and two repertory series: First Look Repertory of New Work and Garage Rep. While firmly grounded in the Chicago community, nearly 40 original Steppenwolf productions have enjoyed success both nationally and internationally, including Off-Broadway, Broadway, London, Sydney, Galway and Dublin. Steppenwolf has the distinction of being the only theater to receive the National Medal of Arts, in addition to numerous other prestigious honors including an Illinois Arts Legend Award and 12 Tony Awards. Martha Lavey is the Artistic Director and David Hawkanson is the Executive Director. Nora Daley is the Chair of Steppenwolf’s Board of Trustees. For additional information, visit steppenwolf.org, facebook.com/steppenwolftheatre and twitter.com/steppenwolfthtr.

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