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State Rep. Chris Welch: Time to do Your Job, Gov. Rauner

Posted by Admin On May - 30 - 2017 Comments Off on State Rep. Chris Welch: Time to do Your Job, Gov. Rauner
Letters to Editors

Actions speak louder than words. Illinois urgently needs a full and responsible budget. While Governor Rauner continues to insist his off-budget demands must be met before he will work on a balanced budget, I joined my colleagues in the House urging the governor to meet with House Democratic leaders willing to negotiate and find common ground on his off-budgetary agenda. It’s time to move Illinois forward, and we stand ready to make the compromises necessary to do just that.

Sadly, Governor Rauner and his administration is ignoring our repeated requests to meet. Under Governor Rauner, the backlog of unpaid bills has grown to $14.4 billion, our state’s credit rating is nearing junk status and social service agencies are closing their doors in the faces of our most vulnerable residents. And what is the governor doing? Spending millions of dollars on TV commercials for his reelection campaign and spending time anywhere but Springfield. It’s time to do your job, Governor Rauner.

With the clock ticking, it is simply irresponsible for him to not come to the table, negotiate and try to resolve this destructive impasse. Because he refuses to even discuss an end to this budget crisis, our communities face more unnecessary pain as social service agencies close, schools shutter and seniors lose access to critical care.

I stand with my colleagues prepared to put people ahead of politics and do whatever is necessary to end this crisis. It’s time for the governor to do the same.

Emanuel Chris Welch

State Representative, 7th District 


Passage of President Trump’s American Healthcare Act a “Shameless Act of Political Cowardice”

Posted by Admin On May - 10 - 2017 Comments Off on Passage of President Trump’s American Healthcare Act a “Shameless Act of Political Cowardice”

Letters to Editors

From: Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle


We saw a loss for basic human decency last week when the House voted to pass President Trump’s American Healthcare Act. While the financial burden of this bill would be devastating for Cook County, we are far more concerned about the lives and well-being of thousands of Cook County residents that would be at risk of losing their health care coverage should this bill pass the Senate.


Those who voted for this bill, including the three Republican representatives from Northern Illinois were acting out of political cowardice. This is unacceptable. We Democrats promise that we will continue to serve every patient who comes to our door, regardless of their insurance status or citizenship. No one should have to sacrifice their health because they cannot afford it.


We will continue to advocate for health care as a basic human right. I ask you to join us in fighting for people’s lives: consider making a contribution to our organization so that we can continue to fight the good fight. We ask for $51 – the number of votes we need to defeat this bill in the Senate. You can make a contribution here, or paste this link into your browser: https://act.myngp.com/Forms/-178043317504309248


I joined a few of the members from the Illinois Democratic Congressional Delegation along with health care experts and advocates at Stroger Hospital to voice our concerns about President Trump’s AHCA bill on Monday, May 8th. You can watch WGN’s coverage of our press conference on their website here: http://wgntv.com/2017/05/08/county-officials-and-members-of-congress-blast-ahca/


Toni Preckwinkle

Chicago Women Take Action Response to Approval of the American Health Care Act

Posted by Admin On May - 8 - 2017 Comments Off on Chicago Women Take Action Response to Approval of the American Health Care Act
Letters to Editors
From: Marilyn Katz

This week, the U.S House of Representatives voted 217-213 to approve the American Health Care Act, which repeals portions of the Affordable Care Act. This reckless vote both denies or threatens the health care of those who need it the most and fundamentally shifts the burden of health care costs from a shared responsibility to those people, cities, counties and states who can afford it the least. Obscenely it penalizes the poor and the old while rewarding the young and the rich. If passed by the U.S. Senate in its current state the bill will:

  • Result in the loss of health care for more than 24,000,000 Americans, including 1 million in Illinois.
  • Deny protection to and increase costs for those with pre-existing conditions, including 5.5 million people in Illinois – a category that includes both women with breast cancer and women who are simply pregnant.
  • Deny or reduce coverage to the 3 million Illinois residents who depend on Medicaid for their healthcare.
  • Deny hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of women access to cancer screenings, contraception and other essential services through banning federal funding to Planned Parenthood for one year.
  • Promises to lower health care costs for the young and the wealthy while increasing the costs to the sick and the elderly.

Without insurance, many will become sick or sicker than need be, some will die unnecessarily and prematurely. But even those who can afford or have insurance there will be discomfort, if not outright pain.


Just because funding goes away doesn’t mean costs do; People will still be ill. The American Health Care Act will cut $800 billion from Medicaid over 10 years, which will result in a loss of at least $40 billion in federal funding for Medicaid in Illinois. Without insurance or adequate coverage they will return to the actions of the past. Those without coverage will put off care and then when it can no longer be put off go to local emergency rooms, county and city hospitals and clinics where care will be given.


Those costs will be borne by local residents through increased property taxes and rising costs for services at private hospitals. Illinois is already a donor state to the Federal Government – receiving back only 30 cents for every dollar that we send there. Yesterday’s vote reduces the dollar flow to Illinois even more while at the same time compelling us to pay $52 million more for military hardware (a little gem added by Paul Ryan to garner more republican votes).


We at Chicago Women Take Action are proud of our local congressional delegation that stood up to Paul Ryan and Donald Trump, siding with virtually all modern nations who believe that health care is a need and a right for every person.


We will protest, but only to call out the actions of those who betray the people they serve. And then, joined by men and women across the nation, we will work to oust those who would put profits before people; rob the poor and middle class to feed the rich and their own careers; and who seem bent on turning our great nation – long the symbol of opportunity – into a symbol of opportunism, a place governed not by justice, but by raw might.


Known Thieves, Who Outright Stole and then Secretly Sold Afro-American Family’s Property Three Years Ago, Yet To Be Arrested for Their Wrongdoings

Posted by Admin On April - 3 - 2017 Comments Off on Known Thieves, Who Outright Stole and then Secretly Sold Afro-American Family’s Property Three Years Ago, Yet To Be Arrested for Their Wrongdoings

Letters to Editors


News from the I(E)rving Family

Thelma Joyce Irving Taylor


SALUDA, S.C. – Had Attorney Billy C. Coleman (Saluda, SC) along with his cohorts [including Attorney Kathy O. Rushton (Saluda, SC); Attorney Christian G. Spradley (Moore Taylor Law Firm, PA, Saluda, SC); Attorney Henrietta Gill (Leesburg, SC); the late Richard “Dick” Clark (friend of Coleman, Leesville, SC); and Bobbie Jo Clark (wife of Clark, Leesville, SC)], not been involved in the outright taking and then secret selling on March 28, 2014 of the I(E)rvings’ heirs property in Saluda, SC, then the 185+ U.S. residing descendants of David and Sallie Mae (Williams) Irving (Saluda, SC), would be, today, in the midst of the final preparations for what was to be their grand celebration in 2017 of their 100th year of ownership of their property.

“It was Coleman and Clark who became the masterminds in plotting to take my family’s farmland,” says Bennie Warren Butler, a second generation I(E)rving family heir who resides in Saluda, SC.  “These two men, together, in befriending the I(E)rving family for years, got to know my grandfather’s children and their children very well.  My grandfather’s sons (my uncles) hunted and fished lots of times with both Coleman and Clark on the I(E)rvings’ property which was purchased by David and Sallie Mae on November 28, 1917 for $2,750.00 in cash from Mrs. Eva Lou Mitchell (Saluda, SC).  Coleman was, at one time, even the legal counselor for the entire I(E)rving family.”

According to court records, Coleman and Clark made their first sneaky attack upon the I(E)rvings in December 2003.  When they were confronted on December 24, 2003 (Christmas Eve) by the late Rev. Thelma Joyce Irving Taylor, the youngest daughter of David and Sallie Mae and the I(E)rving family’s matriarch, Coleman and Clark were immediately angered because she had found out about this attack.  It was then that they made the threat that they would, indeed, take the I(E)rvings’ property from them.

“My family (the I(E)rvings) was unwillingly forced by Coleman and Clark into a decade-long court battle where they, along with their cohorts, continuously attacked and fiercely tormented us, especially targeting and then taking advantage of some of our weak, sick and mentally incompetent I(E)rving family members ,” recalls Diethric Langford (Indianapolis, IN), youngest daughter of the late Rev. Irving Taylor.  “In their effort to destroy the original deed acquired by my grandparents in 1917, Coleman and Clark filed in the Saluda Court House records, a number of erroneous court documents along with nine falsified and/or questionable deeds they made up from 17 transactions that they executed.  Hearings were held on short notice.  Court reporters were dismissed.  Our lawyer’s motions and appeals were regularly overruled or thrown out.  We [the I(E)rvings] even had to contend not only with Coleman and Clark posting untruthful documents on the Saluda Courthouse door and publicly publishing untruths about the I(E)rving family, but also with their installing gates and hanging “No Trespassing” signs on the I(E)rvings’ property.”

After Clark’s death and Coleman’s retirement, it was actually Attorneys Rushton, Spradley, and Gill who continued to harass and torment the I(E)rving family as they dutifully carried out this most devious plot.  Without one of the 185+ I(E)rving family members knowing, Rushton, serving as the Judge/Special Referee, eventually used a 2008 untruthful complaint written and filed by Spradley, to quiet title and then sell, on March 28, 2014, the I(E)rvings 110 acres of Saluda farmland to Randy A. Barnes and Adam T. Barnes (Barnes Oil and Propane, Batesburg, SC) for supposedly $201,000.00.  No notification or paperwork regarding this sale of their property was received by the I(E)rvings until nearly a month after it’s occurrence.  To this day, the I(E)rvings have no idea who cut down and took the timber (having grown for over twenty years) and the 14 pecan trees (planted between 1917-1929) that were on their property [Note: During litigation, I(E)rvings were told that it would be against the law for them to cut down their own timber].

It was on April 22, 2014, at a so-called “supplemental hearing” held in a backroom of the Saluda Courthouse, that Spradley presented the I(E)rving family with his Disbursement Explanations (Exhibits A & B) that included his made up monetary distribution amounts, incorrect mathematical calculation, misspellings, I(E)rving family name omissions as well as other errors.  According to this document, $100,464.67 was to be given to a plaintiff with no name and $57, 312.12 to the lawyers/law firm where he worked (Moore, Taylor & Thomas, P.A., Saluda, SC).  Even Gill, serving as the Guardian ad litem (GAL) who couldn’t even tell the I(E)rvings the name of one I(E)rving family member she had been an advocate for during this decade-long case, was included to be paid for services rendered.  Spradley picked out only three living members of the I(E)rving family and assigned them a total of $27,813.88.  Three deceased members of the I(E)rving family were assigned $15,449.33.  Note: Spradley intentionally assigned to an ex-inlaw (husband to one of the deceased members) a second payment for his agreement to lies told earlier by Coleman and Clark).  I(E)rving family members were told that money not picked up would go to the State.  It was Rushton, again serving as Judge/Special Referee, who concluded, without even examining or questioning anything that Spradley had presented, that Exhibit A was proper.  Overlooking every complaint and protest that the I(E)rving family then had, Rushton immediately signed Exhibit B and had Spradley quickly go, even before the hearing was over, to file this document in the Saluda Court records.   The I(E)rving family, to this day, has no final document(s) or clear idea as to what these lawyers exactly did with all of the money from the sale of their property.

“These Saluda County area lawyers (and their cohorts) are known thieves. They should have been arrested long ago for their wrongdoings,” says some of the third generation I(E)rving family heirs.  “It’s plain to see that they schemed and plotted, manipulated the law, and then outright took and then sold our family’s 110 acres of Saluda farmland for their own self-profit.  We’ve filed enough complaints and reports about them to federal, state, and local authorities.  The question now is “Why are these lawyers and their cohorts, three years after committing this most atrocious criminal act upon the I(E)rving family, still walking around free?”

For more information, contact: Debrah J. Taylor-Greene @ 773-259-4293

Email: victoryforthelma@gmail.com


Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the (E)erving Family and not those of www.copylinemagazine.com



Revolutionary Communist Party Responds to Trump’s Threat to Bring Feds to Chicago

Posted by Admin On February - 23 - 2017 Comments Off on Revolutionary Communist Party Responds to Trump’s Threat to Bring Feds to Chicago

Letters to Editors

From: The Revolutionary Communist Party

Trump/Pence regime means a reign of TERROR on top of 400 years of hell for Black people!

The Revolutionary Communist Party has a plan to STOP this!


The Trump-Pence regime has seized on the horror of young Black people killing each other to make Chicago ground zero for an overall offensive against Black people. Trump issued a naked threat, “If Chicago doesn’t fix the horrible carnage going on, I will send in the Feds.”

In response the Central Committee of the RCP has issued a statement  that is being distributed in the 10’s of thousands especially on the south and west sides of Chicago; the Revolution Club is opening an organizing center in South Shore with another office to open soon on the west side; Carl Dix* a founding member of the RCP has come to Chicago as a spokesperson for the RCP’s plan.


 The RCP statement calls out Trump’s stone cold racist plan. “He promises jobs.  In reality, his agents will dole out a few jobs… to buy people as his enforcers.  Trump will pull more Black people into the oppressor army to kill other oppressed people. …But the sharp edge of Trump’s program is sending in the feds to restore ‘law and order.’  In reality this means that the masses of Black people will have no rights whatsoever.”

 When Trump says “Make America Great Again” he means fascism, crimes against humanity including reinstating open white supremacy within America.

 As Carl Dix points out, “What’s driving this is the system’s FEAR that Black people will stand up and resist, influencing others to open their eyes and begin to question the whole system.  We have seen this historically and in the last couple of years.   I have been part of the powerful upsurges against police murder of Black and Latino people that have rocked this country from Ferguson, Baltimore, to Baton Rouge and most recently in Mt Greenwood in Chicago.”

Bob Avakian of the RCP, the leader of the revolution, has charted a different plan: REVOLUTION.  We have the leadership and strategy to see this through to victory and a blueprint for a new society, the Constitution for the New Socialist Republic in North America.

As the RCP statement says, “Right now, the revolution must join with all different kinds of people of many viewpoints to drive out the Trump-Pence fascist regime before it’s too late.  We fight this now, urgently, as part of getting ready for revolution.”

The launch of the center in South Shore, 1857 E. 71st St., will be held on Sunday, February 26th at 3pm. The community is invited.  For the press, Carl Dix is available for interviews. This center will be a place where those who are tired of seeing young Black people killed by other young people, who hate the way police unleash terror in our neighborhoods, who want to drive out the Trump-Pence regime and to see an end to all the horrors of this system can get connected with a plan and an organization that’s about doing all that.

* Carl Dix is a representative of the RCP.  In 1970 he was part of the Fort Lewis 6, the largest mass refusal by US soldiers of orders to go to Vietnam, and he has spent decades struggling to end the exploitation and oppression this system enforces on humanity.

Editor’s Note: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the Revolutionary Communist Party and not those of www.copylinemagazine.com.

Millions for Prisoners March for Human Rights

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Letters to Editors

The Thirteenth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution reads as follows:
Section 1. Slavery prohibited. “Neither slavery nor involuntary
servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have
been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place
subject to their jurisdiction.”

Salamu! Greetings of solidarity from behind enemy lines. Thank you for
giving me the opportunity to publish this communication. I am a new
Afrikan freedom fighter from the ranks of JLS (Jailhouse Lawyers Speak).
A collective of Jailhouse lawyers organized to educate and fight for
prisoners human rights, against a system that is designed to dehumanize
its captives. I am also the National Secretary for Amend the 13th, an
inclusive coalition based national campaign and community based
organizing effort to address the legal and social basis for
dehumanization in Amerika.

The purpose of this press release is to notify prisoners, community
organizers, and all those who care of the upcoming Millions for
Prisoners Human Rights March in Washington D.C. scheduled for August 19,
2017. This is a national effort to bring world attention to the 13th
amendment enslavement clause, its ramifications, and to solidify
organizing efforts to amend it.

1). We DEMAND the 13th amendment EXCEPTION CLAUSE of the United States
Constitution be amended to abolish LEGALIZED slavery in America.
2). We DEMAND a Congressional hearing on the 13th Amendment EXCEPTION
CLAUSE being recognized in violation of international law, the general
principles of human rights, and its direct links to:
a). Private entities exploiting prison labor
b). Companies overcharging prisoners for goods and services
c). Private entities contracted by states/federal government to
build and operate prisons. This would also include  immigration
d). Racial disparities in America’s prison population and
e). Policing: the disproportionate (unaccountable) killings by
police in the black and brown communities
f). Felony Disenfranchisement  laws
g). Immigration and Customs Enforcement 34,000 detention quotas
h). Producing the world largest prison population

In essence this is an abolitionist movement to abolish legalized
enslavement. A practice that is not solely limited to prisoners making
products, but extends to a prisoners mere body in an isolation cell,
being profitable.

“U.S. Supreme Court in its long standing precedent in Ruffin v.
Commonwealth, 62, Va (21 Gratt.) 790, 796 (1871):“A convicted felon,
whom the law in its humanity punishes by confinement in penitentiary(s)
instead of death, is subject while undergoing punishment, to all the
laws which the legislature in its wisdom may enact for the government of
that institution and control of its inmates. For the time being, during
his term of service in the penitentiary, he is in a state of penal
servitude to the state. He has, as a consequence of his crime, not only
forfeited his liberty, but all of his personal rights except those which
the law in its humanity accords him. He is for the time being a slave of
the State. … They are slaves of the State undergoing punishment for
heinous crimes committed against the laws of the land. …”

In other words, prisoners themselves are the commodity. Which explains
why law enforcements entire appartus is geared towards capturing and
bottling humans for the highest bidder, dead or alive. It should not be
of any surprise that the black and brown communities are prime targets
for extractions. We cannot over emphasize the connection between slavery
and the Prison Industrial Enslavement Complex.  Prison slavery is a
direct outgrowth of the thirteenth amendment and the thirteenth
amendment enslavement exception clause is a direct outgrowth of the  pre
1865 chattle enslavement period. You can analyze the different periods
of transitions from convict leasing, black codes,  Jim crow,  Nixon’s
war on drugs, to the Bill Clinton’s 1994 crime bill to see the
connections and the architectural  designs developed, to maximize
profits through the INjustice systems criminalization of generations.
All across Amerika people are becoming more aware of the thirteenth
enslavement exception clause. Particularly prisoners around the nation,
who have been strategizing and directly challenging the thirteenth as
witnessed by the September 9, 2016 prison strikes. Jailhouse Lawyers
Speak has been planning its challenge to the thirteenth in collaboration
with iamWE Prison Advocacy Network since mid 2015. This challenge is the
Millions for Prisoners Human Rights March, hosted by iamWE Prison
Advocacy Network. Presently coalitions are being formed that we envision
will become a recognizable force for change beyond the March. Just as we
envision every August 19th afterwards being a day of solidarity and
demonstrations in recognition of Prisoners Human Rights and highlighting
the violations of such for collective action.

“Black August is a month of divine meaning, of repression and radical
resistance, of injustice and divine justice; of repression and righteous
rebellion; of individual and collective efforts to free the slaves and
break the chains that bind us.” -Mumia Abu-Jamal

Black August was selected by JLS prisoners, due to it’s significance as
being a historical month of commemoration of fallen new Afrikan freedom
fighters and resistance. This is a month in which the spirit of
liberation is encouraged amongst prisoners and within our communities.
Black August is a special month to many of us confined. Comrade George
L. Jackson is a light to many of us struggling to maintain our sanity
and dignity within these concentration camps. It is only fitting that
this event be scheduled during this month, in hopes of connecting more
people to the prison resistance movement history, challenges, and needs.
Today as I write, confirmation is coming in that prisoners are in
collective discussion around the country to be in solidarity with the
Millions for Prisoners Human Rights March.

For those prisoners that would like to participate, it is asked that
– Fast from sun rise to sun set
– Participate in intense political studies with emphasis on the 13th
– Daily prayer or meditation
– Daily exercise regimen
– Refrain from purchasing any and all prison products to that require
spending of money during this month
– Refrain from smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages
– If possible, wear a black arm band or wrist band (i.e.shoelace) around
left wrist.

Around the Nation and across the world, August 19, 2017 will be
remembered as a day of collective action, strategizing, and execution of
the national objective to abolish legalized enslavement in Amerika.
People from all walks of life from both sides of the walls have answered
the call. Many are organizing their areas to be at the march, others
will be hosting local solidarity demonstrations in their state or
country, others are distributing info and many others are sharing
resources and time.

To learn more about this event and how you can get involved  visit
www.iamweubuntu.com or write iamWE Prison Advocacy Network P.O. Box
58201 Raleigh NC 27658

The Prison Resistance Movement
New Abolitionist
In Solidarity,


Contact: iamWE Prison Advocacy Network P.O. Box 58201 Raleigh NC 27658

Contact: Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee (IWOC), a committee
of the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW), 816-866-3808,

Learn more at www.iamweubuntu.com

Editor’s Note: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee and not those of Copylinemagazine.com.


Shooter of Unarmed Anti-Racist Walks Free; Authorities Silent

Posted by Admin On January - 26 - 2017 Comments Off on Shooter of Unarmed Anti-Racist Walks Free; Authorities Silent

Letters to Editors


From: The Twin Cities GDC

 Victim still in Harborview Hospital

Shooter is well-known right wing gun activist


SEATTLE, WA – Social media activists claim to have identified the person who shot an anti-racist organizer on the University of Washington’s Seattle (UW-Seattle) campus on Friday, January 20, 2017, as a well-known right-wing gun activist attending white nationalist Milo Yiannopoulos’ event with his wife, also a gun activist.


Although the shooter shot a person in a protest situation, University of Washington Police have refused to make an arrest, and released the shooter and the person who accompanied them to turn themselves into the police early Saturday morning. King County prosecutor Dan Satterberg has not indicated any plan to pursue prosecution. Local politicians have remained ominously quiet.

The victim is an anti-racist and anti-fascist activist, and member of the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW), and the IWW General Defense Committee (GDC). His lawyer has confirmed that he was there to protest Milo Yiannopoulos’ hateful speech and violent incitement. He had been seen de-escalating conflicts between protesters and counter-protesters before he was shot. He remains in Harborview Hospital.


Social media activists allege the shooter is a well-known local right-wing gun activist who sent Yiannopoulous multiple Facebook messages that evening. This person claimed in those messages that a protester had stolen a beloved “Make America Great Again” hat, and requested a new, autographed one from Yiannopoulos. In these messages he claimed a protester had ‘sucker punched’ them. Multiple witnesses have reported that this person appeared drunk that evening, and had aggressively and repeatedly sought confrontations with protesters. This behavior can be seen on videos released by the Southern Poverty Law Center, and others.


Media sources have reported that the suspect has claimed they shot in self-defense and that they originally thought that the person they shot was a ‘white supremacist,’ but UWPD deny these reports. The reporting of these sorts of unsubstantiated claims has clouded the facts, and allowed undue credence for the right-wing narrative of fear. People have questioned the University of Washington administration’s handling of this situation. UW administrators justified the event on the basis of the principle of freedom of speech; it is unclear however, that the administration would permit self-proclaimed nazis to speak on campus and encourage the genocide and ethnic cleansing of the United States.


We question why the administration permits people who have merely rebranded themselves as members of the alt-right to encourage similar violence against our fellow humans. UW President Cauce’s statement denied administration responsibility, and offered no support, condemning ‘violence’ in general and reaffirming support for the event’s approval, as well as the police handling of the situation. Multiple press accounts from witnesses indicate that the police made no serious attempts at crowd control that evening, and were unprepared for the event. At the same time, observers have questioned the prosecutor’s unwillingness to charge the shooter, even after they turned themselves in. Our comrade has expressed his empathy for the shooter and his desire to engage in a restorative justice process rather than cooperating with a criminal prosecution. This indicates his deep opposition to the violence of the police and the state.

The police’s complicity with the shooter indicates their willingness to protect those who create violence. There is a double-standard for violence in America: right-wing activists may shoot protesters with impunity. We appear to be in a period when the right wing can murder unarmed protesters and claim self-defense. This was the supposed defense of the white supremacists who shot five people in Minneapolis at a protest against police murder. These violent right wing activists will even call us the ‘nazis.’ As they have done in this case, the media will collaborate unintentionally.

Finally, we are disturbed by the total silence from Seattle’s political establishment. We expect conservatives to ignore or even celebrate violence against us. However, the silence and lack of support from liberal, progressive, and radical members of the city council – especially socialist Kshama Sawant – is damning. Our comrade continues to recover, and we are deeply grateful for the support shown him by generous people all over the world. His pain and sacrifice should not be in vain: we call on all people opposed to fascism and racism to demand accountability from the UW, the police, and the politicians. While we hold them accountable, we must also take responsibility for our own collective safety. It is clear that the police and the politicians have no interest in our safety. Americans often like to say ‘there is no room for racism.’ It is past time to move beyond statements, and make it a truth. ### Those who wish to financial support this member’s recovery may donate at this link.

Editor’s Note: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of Twin Cities GDC and not those of CopyLine Magazine (www.copylinemagazine.com.



Early Voting Hours Extended to 7:00 P.M.

Posted by Admin On October - 31 - 2016 Comments Off on Early Voting Hours Extended to 7:00 P.M.

A message from Alderman Joe Moore (49th)

Chairman, City Council Committee on Housing & Real Estate


The Chicago Board of Elections this week extended Early Voting hours to 7:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.

This means  you can vote early at any one of 51 locations Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. You can also vote early this Saturday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., and Sunday, 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. 

Lock in your vote early and avoid any unforeseen events on Election Day that might prevent you from voting, such as bad weather, a sick child or a crisis at work.

Early voting locations

Here are the Early Voting locations most convenient to 49th Ward residents:

Pottawattomie Park
7340 N. Rogers (just west of the Metra tracks)

Edgewater Library
6000 N. Broadway (at Elmdale)

Warren Park
6601 N. Western (2 blocks south of Pratt)

Chicago Board of Elections Annex
15 W. Washington (between State and Dearborn)

If you need a ride to an early voting site, please reply to this e-mail or call 773-973-4900.

If you are registered to vote at your current address, an ID is not required. Out of an abundance of caution, however, I advise you to bring an ID, such as a driver’s license or state ID, in the event there is a question about your registration.

Beating the lines

Lines for early voting are shortest on Sunday. As I note above, all Early Voting Sites will be open this Sunday from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. In addition, the Board of Elections opened a new “Downtown Super Site” at 15 W. Washington with more than 100 touch screens.

You can still register to vote 

If you missed the standard October 11th voter registration deadline, there’s a safety net. From now until Election Day, you may register to vote, update your address or file your name change at any early voting location or at your polling place on Election Day. After you register, you must vote immediately during that same visit. Please bring two forms of identification, at least one of which shows your current address.

Vote by mail

You can also vote by mail!  Illinois law now permits you to vote by mail for any reason whatsoever.  To obtain an application to vote by mail, CLICK HERE.  Complete the application and either mail it or deliver it personally to the Chicago Board of Elections, 69 W. Washington. Suite 600, Chicago, IL 60602.

You will then receive your ballot in the mail.  Follow all the enclosed instructions and make sure to vote in secret.  The ballot may be returned to the Board of Elections by U.S. mail or a state licensed motor carrier or it may be delivered personally by you or an immediate relative.

Whatever method you choose, please vote. The stakes in this election are simply too high for you to stay home.


Joe Moore

An Open Letter to the “Progressive Caucus” of the City Council of Chicago

Posted by Admin On June - 28 - 2016 Comments Off on An Open Letter to the “Progressive Caucus” of the City Council of Chicago

Some of you were at the City Council Finance Committee meeting where a vote on one of the city’s most notorious TIF projects was taken — the funneling of $16 million in taxpayer money to subsidize two luxury hi-rise towers in the Uptown neighborhood.


Even by Chicago standards, the project is outlandish thievery of taxpayers:


** While the rich would have their housing subsidized, many dozens of people forced out of affordable housing would continue to live underneath Lake Shore Drive viaducts just yards away, as Uptown has lost over 1000 SRO units in recent years.


** The politically-connected developer gave $5000 to Mayor Emanuel’s reelection campaign, despite Emanuel’s pledge to stop such pay-to-play.


** The property is the last large piece of undeveloped lakefront property on the much-gentrified North Side — hardly a property that needs taxpayer help.


** The project pledges only 5% of its units will be affordable, even though the 2015 Affordable Requirements Ordinance (ARO) will require that at least 20% of housing developments getting TIF taxpayer aid be affordable.


In a cynical move to beat the ARO that he opposed, Alderman James Cappleman is trying to rush through the ordinance for his luxury hi-rise development to beat the July 23rd implementation of the new 20% requirement.


This is where you come in, Progressive Caucus.


With our City Council stuffed to the gills with aldermen who have signed off on some of the very worst of Mayor 1%’s measures against working class, black and brown people in this city, we didn’t seriously expect to win yesterday’s vote in the Finance Committee. We don’t expect to win a vote in today’s City Council meeting either, if it comes to that.


However, we DO know that all it takes to delay a vote until after the July 23rd implementation of the more rigorous ARO ordinance — requiring 20% affordable housing, as opposed to just 5% — is a parliamentary procedure known as a request to “publish” the proposed ordinance. While we find the notion of taxpayer subsidies to luxury housing on any level to be offensive, 20% is a far cry better than 5%. And all it takes is just TWO alderman to request to publish for it to take effect.


So here’s the pitch:  If the term “progressive” is to have any meaning at all, are there at least TWO of your members who will live up to that term? Or are you going to confirm most Chicagoans’ deeply cynical view of politicians, and Chicago politicians in particular?


The choice is yours.


We don’t need any shadow-boxing “no” votes today that are only of symbolic value. What we need are at least two of you to step forward and show that the word “progressive” actually means something when said through the vocal chords of our representatives.


Don’t disappoint the many thousands of Chicagoans who overcame big money and big business to get you into office, or the next time you need their help for reelection, I and others will remind them of today.


Yours sincerely,


Andy Thayer, Uptown Tent City Organizers


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New Report by the Sentencing Project, “The Color of Justice: Racial and Ethnic Disparity in State Prisons”, Finds That African Americans are Incarcerated in State Prisons Across the Country at More Than Five Times the Rate of Whites

Posted by Admin On June - 16 - 2016 Comments Off on New Report by the Sentencing Project, “The Color of Justice: Racial and Ethnic Disparity in State Prisons”, Finds That African Americans are Incarcerated in State Prisons Across the Country at More Than Five Times the Rate of Whites

From: Marc Mauer, The Sentencing Project

The Sentencing Project logo
Dear Friends,

I’m pleased to share with you a new study on race and incarceration by The Sentencing Project. The Color of Justice: Racial and Ethnic Disparity in State Prisons, authored by Ashley Nellis, finds that African Americans are incarcerated in state prisons across the country at more than five times the rate of whites.


New Jersey tops the nation in terms of disparity in its incarceration rates, with a black/white ratio of more than 12 to 1. Wisconsin, Iowa, Minnesota, and Vermont follow closely behind, incarcerating African Americans at more than 10 times the rate of whites. Even states with the lowest black incarceration rates report higher figures than states with the highest white incarceration rates.


Hispanics are incarcerated nationally in state facilities at a rate that is 1.4 times the rate for non-Hispanic white­s, but at a much higher rate in Massachusetts (4.3), Connecticut (3.9), Pennsylvania (3.3), and New York (3.1). In raw numbers, Hispanic incarceration is highest in border and southwestern states.


The report identifies three contributors to racial and ethnic disparities in imprisonment: criminal justice policies and practices, implicit bias, and structural disadvantages. Combined or separately, these pervade the criminal justice system and undermine support for law enforcement in neighborhoods where it often is most needed, tarnishing the credibility of the legal system across the country.


Marc Mauer



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