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8th Ward Alderman Downplays Pill Hill Residents Opposition to Proposed Low Income Section 8 Housing Coming to Ward

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A Press Conference in opposition to the proposed Senior building will be held in front of the alderman’s office at 8539 S. Cottage Grove Ave., Wednesday, April 25, at 1 PM. 8th Ward residents are urged to attend


After successfully blocking a marijuana facility and pawnshop from coming into the 8th Ward – both supported by 8th Ward Alderman Michelle Harris – residents are again up-in-arms with the alderman, battling her efforts to bring in a proposed low income Section 8 Senior housing building at 9329 to 9429 S. Stony Island Ave., in Pill Hill,  a middle and upper middle class neighborhood.

Residents in the Calumet Heights (Pill Hill) area are angry; and they’ve made their feelings known many times over. They have expressed their dissatisfaction with her at several community meetings where she was invited to attend but didn’t show up to hear what they had to say about her plans to infiltrate the community with the facility– which they see as negative to the community.

Nonetheless, Ald. Harris has ignored their opposition to the proposed Montclare Calumet Heights Senior Building which will consist of 134 units, 7 Story tall.

Harris tries to belittle and downplay community opposition to the facility. In an interview with a local publication, Harris stated that the project had a large amount of support and tried to marginalize opposition support, describing them as a “small group” of people in the ward that don’t support her. That couldn’t be further from the truth.

At a scheduled meeting at St. Ailbe Church that was canceled without community knowledge, about 200 people showed up for the meeting on a rainy cold day to voice their opposition to the project and to let their voices be heard. The meeting was canceled because of a telephone call by someone who falsely used the name of another person that was known to some church members. When the woman found out her name was falsely used, she called the church and complained, and the room reservation was canceled.

Residents have long expressed opposition to Montclare Calumet Heights Senior building coming to the Calumet Heights (Pill Hill) community. They’ve said many times over, “We Don’t Want It”


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Did you know that your alderman, 8th Ward Alderman Michelle Harris, is trying to infiltrate your neighborhood with a low income Section 8 Senior housing unit? This structure, Montclare Calumet Heights Senior Building, will be 134 units, 7 story tall building, scheduled to be built at 9329 to 9429 S. Stony Island Ave. Community residents are furiously angry about her plans; don’t want it, have held community meetings to protest it, and have attended meetings in City Hall with the Community Development Commission and the Chicago Plan Commission, all to no avail. Many residents are angry about the alderman’s plans. And to add fire to an already sensitive situation, both committees consisted primarily of Caucasians who sided with the alderman. Are we going to let people who don’t live in our community call the shots for us and say what is best for our community? However, there are many residents who are not aware of the alderman’s terrible plans.

There will be a press conference in front of the alderman’s office, 8539 S. Cottage Grove Ave., on April 25, 2018 at 1 P.M. There will be a protest in front of the site (day yet to be determined). Call the alderman’s office (773 874-3300) and tell her you don’t want it in the community.

Come out and let your voices be heard.

NAACP: “The Starbucks Situation Provides Dangerous Insight Regarding the Failure of Our Nation to Take Implicit Bias Seriously…”

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NAACP statement on Starbucks and growing climate of racism and intolerance
BALTIMORE, MD – The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), the nation’s premier civil rights organization, issued the following statement following the disgraceful arrest of two African American men in a Philadelphia Starbucks.“The arrest of two Black men at a Philadelphia Starbucks represents another ominous signal on the increasingly dangerous environment for African Americans. Less than two weeks after we honor the life and work of Dr. King and 50 years after the Kerner Commission found racism and police brutality at the root of public unrest in our communities; we still have a long way to go towards becoming a nation where a person is judged by the content of their character not the color of their skin.“The Starbucks situation provides dangerous insight regarding the failure of our nation to take implicit bias seriously. We refuse to believe that our unconscious bias –the racism we are often unaware of—can and does make its way into our actions and policies.“We know if two black men in Philadelphia require six police officers to handcuff and arrest them for waiting to order coffee, then we begin to understand the mindstate that allows for such overzealous and reactionary use of deadly force by those who are paid to serve and protect.

“Every day people of color find themselves at the mercy of the stereotypes and embedded fears of others. How else can we explain why 14-year-old Brennan Walker who missed his bus on his way to school would be shot at by a homeowner just outside Detroit? Or explain Saheed Vassell, a mentally-ill man in Brooklyn fired at ten times and shot dead by police officers. Or why Stephon Clark was shot at 20 times and hit 8 times mainly in the back by police officers in Sacramento, based on the assumption that he was the culprit responsible for breaking into cars. We are at least glad in the case of Starbucks that no one mistook a wallet for a gun.”

“All too often these issues are discussed in passing episodic ways by media. Racism and biases that make simply breathing while Black so dangerous will not just go away without our society committing more resources to discussion, education and training on implicit bias and racism. If we refuse to, we’ll continue to face the consequences of our failure to do so.”

Derrick Johnson, NAACP President and CEO

NYC, Unfair Shooting and Brutalization of Another Black Man

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The unfair shooting and brutalization of Oswald Jay Lewis

Oswald Jay Lewis

Nationwide (BlackNews.com) — On August 26, 2014, U.S. Marshals and NYPD executed a late-night arrest in Queens, NY on a 24-year old warrant from Virgina. Inside the Queens apartment was Oswald Lewis, the individual named in the arrest warrant. After Lewis’ violent seizure by marshals he was never given his Miranda rights. He laid on the pavement, handcuffed to his injured wrist until an ambulance arrived.

Oswald Lewis’ civil complaint case #1:16 1057 (KAM JO) reveals in detail how marshals re-entered the residence and fabricated the evidence to make it appear as if Lewis was the initial aggressor. Law enforcement then made numerous false statements to media and in an affidavit to the grand jury. And testimonial statements all inconsistent to nearly all of the evidence.

Lewis spent just 2 days in Jamaica Queens hospital for his injuries, even though hospital records show he needed at least 7 days. Instead, Lewis was removed from the hospital by marshals in a horrific condition with the facial injuries shown above, a bleed- ing wrist with nerve tendons protruding from his left wrist caused by the marshal’s handcuffs and a 40 caliber bullet still lodged in his left elbow. Lewis was taken to the federal Metropolitan Detention Center MDC in Brooklyn NY and placed in solitary confinement for over 50 days while law enforcement narratives started the process to his unlawful conviction.

Court Records show it took one year to remove the bullet from Lewis’ elbow after he made numerous complaints. The Oswald Lewis they arrested for the 24-year old non-violent warrant was not even the correct Oswald Lewis.

Lewis was not just shot and arrested, his constitutional rights were denied. Court records show (case#14-523-iLG) Oswald’s paid attorney was denied the right to be his counsel or act as his standby. Lewis was then forced to represent himself and yelled out in court, “You’re not giving me a fair chance to defend myself.”

The record shows the material evidence from professor peter Deforest was also precluded and Mr. Lewis never got an opportunity to testify or cross examine all the law enforcement on the government witness list who made prior inconsistent statements. Lewis’ most crucial evidence to prove his innocence was precluded because the court appointed attorney (whom Lewis fired) filed the motion for the witness late. Even in light of the exculpatory findings the forensic expert revealed and the serious charges Lewis faced, the court never considered the material testimony.

Three affidavits in support of Mr. Lewis (2255 appeal) to vacate his conviction have been submitted. See more on the Lewis case and video at www.oswaldlewis.com.

In repeated instances and even in the rare circumstance that a law enforcement officer is charged with criminal activity pertaining to police brutality, law enforcement officers continue to be acquitted or the jury deadlocks. The lack of consequences may contribute to undeterred instances of police brutality.

In over 60 years, the issue of law enforcement brutality shows no improvement and is still unresolved. The current trend shows there’s a continuous tendency to stereotype Black people as being more dangerous than other races. With that attitude, there’s a reliance upon force that goes beyond what is necessary to accomplish police duty. This is the dangerous culture of law enforcement that helps foster the problem.

Photo Caption:

Oswald Jay Lewis, before and after being shot and arrested by police


Falsely Jailed at Age 14, Man Sues Chicago Police After Losing 24 Years to Wrongful Imprisonment

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Police Fabricated Evidence, Coerced a False Confession From
the 14-Year-Old, & Intimidated Witnesses to Frame the Youth


CHICAGO, IL – After spending his adolescence and almost entire adulthood wrongfully imprisoned, Adam Gray today filed a federal lawsuit against eight former Chicago police officers (or their estates), a former fire marshal and a former assistant state’s attorney. The defendants are accused of falsifying physical evidence, provoking false statements from witnesses, and a false confession from the 14-year-old Gray.


Despite his repeated pleas of innocence and his mom and brother’s requests to see him, the officers denied the young teenager access to them. Instead they browbeat him for several hours, finally prompting a false confession that led to his 24-year-long wrongful imprisonment.


In May 2017 Gray’s conviction was vacated, his charges dismissed, and he was finally exonerated. Mr. Gray, 39, and his attorneys will speak at a 2 pm press conference today at the office of his attorneys, Loevy & Loevy Attorneys at Law, 311 N. Aberdeen Street, 3rd floor, Chicago.

At the time of his arrest in March 1993, Gray had just passed his 14th birthday and lived with his family in the Brighton Park neighborhood of Chicago. At about 3 am, March 25, 1993, a fire began that consumed a two-flat building about a block from Gray’s home, killing two elderly residents. There was no physical evidence linking Gray to the fire, which was most likely not an arson at all. All of the “witnesses” against Gray, including a 14-year-old girl, were either intimidated into fingering him or did so as a result of overly suggestive line-ups or questioning.

While defendants claimed there was physical evidence showing that the fire was spread by a gasoline and hence was arson, laboratory tests showed the debris from the fire did not have gasoline, and there was no other evidence of a liquid accelerant. Defendants manufactured a false story about a milk jug which they claimed Gray had filled with gasoline to start the fire and promised the teenager he could go home if he just “came clean.” There was no gasoline residue in the milk jug.

Press Conference with Adam Gray & his attorneys will be held at  2 PM, Thursday, April 12

Loevy & Loevy Attorneys at Law, 311 N. Aberdeen Street, 3rd floor, Chicago

Mr. Gray is represented in his suit against the City of Chicago by Attorneys Jon Loevy, Elizabeth Wang, Tara Thompson and Cindy Tsai of Loevy & Loevy Attorneys at Law. Loevy & Loevy is one of the nation’s largest civil rights law firms, and over the past decade has won more multi-million dollar jury verdicts than any other civil rights law firm in the country. A copy of the suit, Adam Gray v. City of Chicago, et al., No. 1:18-cv-02624, is available here.

Attorney General Madigan Collects Nearly $900 Million in State Revenue in 2017

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Recoveries During Attorney General Madigan’s Tenure Top $14 Billion for State of Illinois


CHICAGO, IL  —  Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan announced her office collected $864 million in revenue on behalf of the state through litigation and collection efforts in 2017. Since Madigan took office, her office has collected over $14 billion on behalf of the state.


The revenue collected for the state by Madigan shows that for every dollar of taxpayer funding her office received, she generated $28.01 back to the state.


“Since becoming Attorney General, I have brought in more than $14 billion for Illinois, including nearly half a billion dollars in funding for our state’s pension systems as the result of the 2008 financial crisis,” Madigan said. “I am proud of my work to generate needed revenue for the state of Illinois especially during difficult economic times.”


The revenue collected by Madigan in 2017 included $19.5 million for Illinois pension systems from a settlement with Moody’s Investors Service to resolve an investigation into its marketing and sale of risky residential mortgage-backed securities leading up to the 2008 economic collapse. In addition to this settlement, Madigan has reached six other settlements – with Bank of America, Citigroup, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase, Morgan Stanley and Standard & Poor’s – stemming from investments in mortgage-backed securities that resulted in recovering over $450 million for the pension systems.


Madigan’s office also collected over $339 million through collections litigation, including cases involving the collection of funds for damage to state property, child support enforcement, fines and penalties. Madigan also collected more than $250 million through tobacco litigation and more than $254 million in estate tax revenues.


In addition to recoveries for the state, Madigan’s Consumer Fraud Bureaus mediated nearly 25,000 complaints in 2017 and provided more than $6 million in mediated savings for Illinois consumers.



8th Ward Residents Left Out in the Rainy-Cold Due to a False Telephone Call That Toppled Their Important Community Meeting

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By Dr. Juanita Bratcher

Editor   & Publisher, CopyLine  Magazine



About 200,  8th Ward residents showed up for a scheduled community meeting at St. Ailbe church in the rainy-cold only to find out in the church’s parking lot that the meeting had been canceled.

Residents cried foul, they believed that their meeting had been toppled and killed off by someone, but by whom? Nonetheless, they vowed that it would make them more determined in their efforts to keep out of the neighborhood a 134-unit, 7 story low income Section Eight proposed housing project which is scheduled to be built in Calumet Heights at 9329 to 9429 S. Stony Island Ave., in the middle- and upper-middle class neighborhood

Certainly, the 200 attendees were baffled and taken aback when they got the cancellation news in the parking lot. They were angry and felt that someone had sabotaged their plan of getting together to discuss their opposition to a project the alderman has sanctioned and the majority of the community residents do not want.

“This just put more gasoline on the fire,” said one of the residents, when hearing that the meeting had been canceled without notice. “This will only make us work harder to keep it out. We don’t want it in our neighborhood, the alderman wants it there. I say put it somewhere else.” That was the overall feeling of all people who attended the meeting in their interaction with each other in the parking lot. That’s why they came to the meeting in the first place – to find ways together to stop the building from coming to the area.

Said another 8th Ward resident: “We want the alderman to know that we don’t want this huge, low-income building in our neighborhood. We will fight tooth and nail to keep it out. She better take heed or she will be voted out of office in the next election. This is the same alderman that was going to bring a marijuana business and pawn shop into the 8th Ward. 8th Ward residents fought back and kept them both out.

However, the setback didn’t stop some of the attendees from finding another meeting place. They were successful in their efforts to seek refuge at a nearby restaurant about two blocks away. They were accommodated in their efforts to hold the meeting there. Much planning went on between the people who stayed. But one thing was certain; they said they will “fight like hell” to keep the building out of the 8th Ward community

Many of the prospective attendees voiced disappointment and anger that St. Ailbe had canceled the meeting at the last minute. But according to a staff person at St. Ailbe Church, the meeting was canceled sometime ago after they learned that a woman had falsely called in and used the name of another person to use the meeting room, and there was no telephone number listed to call the person back. She had used the name of a woman several in the church was familiar with.

The staff person said the woman whose name was used was part of the Calumet Heights group that meets at St Ailbe every month. The lady that called in and scheduled the meeting used her name, but the woman whose name was used said she didn’t call and schedule a meeting.

“So we took the meeting off the book because we didn’t know who or what was going on,” said St. Ailbe’s staff person “There was no telephone number for the person who called in under false pretense and we had no way of notifying her that the meeting was being canceled. We would have gladly called back if she had left a telephone number.”

While St. Ailbe has always been a good neighbor in the community and has provided availability to many organizations to utilize their facility for meetings over the years, they had to cancel the meeting because someone had called the church and falsely used the name of someone else.

“It’s like we did something wrong,” the St. Ailbe staff person added. “We do not deal with politics and who’s running for what. Alderman Michele Harris doesn’t run our office, facility, and who we let into our meeting room. No one can tell us what to do. We had no idea what was going on (in the parking lot because there was no meeting being held), and we didn’t know about the guy out there in the parking lot passing out flyers (brochures about the low-income housing project).”

Linda Hudson, a perspective candidate for 8th Ward alderman, said when the alderman held a meeting regarding the low-income Section 8 seniors building, she said she had sent a survey to residents and they wanted it. “But everyone at the meeting said they were not aware of the survey. She (alderman) told us it was not a done deal and she would like more meetings with the community to discuss it.”

The alderman had a meeting on March 27 at the Montclare senior residence on East 78th Street. “The meeting should have been held in Calumet Heights where the people who will be affected live.” said Hudson.”  Reportedly, the alderman told people at the meeting that “We need to jump on this opportunity because some white alderman would want it….We really don’t need more senior housing in the ward. The ones that are here already have vacancies.

“We sent her (Alderman Michelle Harris) an invite for the meeting last night (the one that was canceled). We were disappointed when we got to meeting and it had been canceled. One of her staff persons was passing out flyers in the parking lot and told people that the meeting had been canceled.

“Our voices should be heard on projects like this coming into our ward,” Hudson continued. “Every time a project comes into the ward we never know about it until it happens. But it will never happen on my watch. The community will get input and transparency.”

NAACP: Minnie Mandela, A Great Legacy

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NAACP Statement on the Passing of Winnie Mandela

Baltimore, MD  – The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) grieves the passing of Winnie Madikizela-Mandela, a lifelong activist and stalwart advocate against apartheid, who died today at the age of 81.

“Ms. Winnie Madikizela-Mandela dedicated her life to the mission for which the NAACP stands: justice and equality for all peoples of the African Diaspora,” said Derrick Johnson, NAACP President and CEO. “Over the course of a long career in the public eye, Ms. Madikizela-Mandela used her platform to advance human rights in South Africa. Along with her former husband, Nelson, Ms. Madikizela-Mandela became a globally-recognized representative of the anti-apartheid struggle. We are saddened by her passing but deeply grateful for the contributions she made in her lifetime.”

“Ms. Winnie Madikizela-Mandela’s passing underscores the importance of our new partnership with U.N. Women. Together with U.N. Women, an organization working to create an environment in which every woman and girl can exercise her human rights and live up to her full potential, we will strengthen our fight to advance racial and gender equality as well as on our common commitment to engaging African Americans and all in the African Diaspora. We hope that our efforts in small part honor the great legacy of Ms. Madikizela-Mandela.”

Why the 8th Ward Needs Linda Hudson as Alderman

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Project_MontclareBy Pamela Bratcher-McMillan

Smart people always know how to take the high road, not the low road. This is why it is important to not fight about things we don’t want, but focus on what we need. Many complain and voice their complaints with anger when the energy should be focused on strategy and solutions. Many lose their patience at forums that are not focused on strategy and resolution. It’s too much wasted energy being angry. Like the saying goes, “Don’t get mad. Get smart.”

I’m not going to dwell on the past when the current 8th Ward alderman tried to get a Marijuana Medical Clinic in the community stealth mode, until a woman with much more interest in the community and its preservation and revitalization was monitoring City Hall and the Zoning Department updates for the community.

I won’t talk about how the same 8th Ward alderman is now up to the same old tricks by trying to sneak another project into the community – a one and two bedroom low income housing project aligned with Pill Hill homes worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. Many of those homes were built by families that still occupy them.

There were conversations detailing what could be built in the area and zoning changes put in place to maintain its environment of single family homes and businesses. However,  now the 8th Ward wants to rezone property meant for single family homes and businesses to accommodate a behemoth of a building

While I support looking out for the welfare of our seniors, taking away valuable property meant for businesses to populate Stony Island Avenue and keep it vital is deplorable. Certainly, there are other areas, especially along east 95th that are long overdue for improvement, and there are strip malls, a pharmacy and restaurants in walking distance on the business side of the street. Further, if that office is supposed to be proud of this project as stated by the 8th Ward Alderman during last week’s community meeting, I find it interesting that this is not featured on the home page of the Alderman’s website, but others are. They want to turn a quiet family friendly area into a transient community.

Project_MontclarePerhaps, it was a convenient oversight. Hmm, your most proud accomplishment you worked really hard on after 12 years of sitting in a seat unopposed, and feel people should have “a little more faith” in you with a history of lacking transparency, being deceptive and obviously some personal agendas.

While the community sleeps, deals are being made on their behalf. Hey Pill Hill, did you know there is a 200 person waiting list already for a project in your area in phase 2 for a 134 unit with 1 and 2 bedroom apartments in a 7 story building for ages 62 (site currently states 55 and up) and up “but they are allowed to have guests”? This building will be located at 94th and Stony Island, prime business real estate. Some apartments (PRA) will be paying as low as 30% of their income. “A portion of this project is subsidized by CHA to assist independent seniors through the Property Rental Assistance.”

“All residents must pass a criminal background check,” but not their visitors and potential sublets don’t. The features and amenities in the building are for the residents, not the community. Phase one must have slipped under the radar. Phase 2 would have also slipped under the radar, too, if not for a very active community activist named Linda Hudson.

Wake up people! We can’t continue to let things go business as usual. If you don’t believe the community is rotting, take a look at the businesses along a once vibrant and booming avenue. Stony Island Avenue leads into Bishop Ford Highway on the South end and Lake Shore Drive on the North. What other streets in the city can claim that!? The Alderman moves under the radar unopposed making light of peoples’ fears with jokes and sarcasm, is not the answer Alderman, especially when you have a history of this. It’s like trolling the community, and it further shows the lack of recognizing valid concerns, fears and input from the community.

Is a candidate that runs unopposed necessarily best for the community, especially if they feel grandmothered into a position? Is business as usual the best for a once booming community that flourished and now appears run down with uncared for structures, many terrible pothole streets and a neglected business area. Why would a Dunkin’ Donut be allowed to build at the edge of a parking lot with traffic obstructed and backed up daily off Stony Island when it could have taken advantage of some of the vacant property on the avenue with room for expansion? The right businesses increase property value.

Project_MontclarePerhaps, businesses should have been pursued to take on the so called “swamp lands.” There were businesses there before that included restaurants and a motel.  Another concern is the public verbal spanking of black contractors the Alderman gave and why they aren’t included on jobs, and how training courses had to be given to them to teach them things they did not know. Really, Alderman?  You are going to single out Black contractors as a whole, and talk about them not being suitable? I find it hard to believe there are no qualified Black people available to take on those projects professionally.

Does that mean I should avoid giving work to any Black contractor I come in contact with in Chicago?

At your so-called informational meeting, all of this was done in front of the non-black developers and police officers in the room. Lazy, uneducated black stereotypes were being perpetuated in front of guests, the very people involved with the development of the 7 story monstrosity with a price tag of $38.6 million dollars that will be looking over Pill Hill backyards and homes.

When a concerned resident said she lived on the property line where the building was being built and that she was concerned about her privacy.  I heard someone shout. “They won’t see much.” Guess they never heard of a telescopes and binoculars. I would be very concerned if I had children living on property where people can watch them from their windows. At that height lives can be easily monitored.

Press the play button below for a sound bite from the last 8th Ward alderman meeting to hear what the current alderman had to say about “black people.”

It was also mentioned that a certain ward didn’t want the Kroc (McDonald’s!) center, and they found an alternative space in another ward. I could not help but wonder why efforts weren’t focused on pursuing that center by the 8th Ward alderman for education and business empowerment of the community to serve many, instead of a few. Why didn’t the 8th Ward fight to get the Kroc community center? The area has needed a community center for decades. Why aren’t the young people, especially teens being provided safe places to go hangout after school and during the weekends to learn things like economic empowerment, crafts, physical fitness, sports, business, etc.? They are the future of the community.

If you are a citizen concerned about an area once zoned for single family homes and businesses being changed to include this building, show up at the next zoning meeting scheduled for April.

Linda Hudson, Concerned Citizen and Community Activist

Linda Hudson, Concerned Citizen and Community Activist was in the audience asking questions.

“Energy flows where attention goes.” So I will not focus all of my energy on what people in the community do or do not want. I’d rather focus on what the community needs, and that is an 8th Ward alderman that understands the importance of transparency, honesty and really assessing what the community wants and needs without focusing on gossip and rumors, jokingly wasting time instead of easing trouble minds that have good reason to be troubled. That’s what secrecy and lack of communications brings about. We need a person that won’t make fun of their community, but inform them.

Our youth, especially the overlooked teenagers, are very important to this community. Many of them vote too. Give our young people a place to socialize and learn things about business startups, incubators, activities that include recreation, fitness, education outside of school like other neighborhoods and stores and restaurants like the ones they frequent outside of the community so they can buy and put money back into the community. They shouldn’t have to go downtown, south suburbs, north or Hyde Park to find mentors, coaches, prospective project team members, business partners, etc. and to have a good time. What can the 8th Ward provide for these young people to learn how to hold on to the homes in their community, maintain the ones handed down by their parents and provide for their future?

We need someone that knows joking sarcastically about gossip and making fun of people as a platform to stay in office is not good strategy. It makes them look petty and unprofessional to entertain rumors and have an easily bent ear. We need someone that knows that behavior and the aforementioned are unacceptable, and that is why we need Linda Hudson for 8th Ward Alderman. “It’s Time for Change that benefits the community as a whole, and not a few!

Elect Linda Hudson for Chicago 8th Ward Alderman

Elect Linda Hudson for Chicago 8th Ward Alderman



NAACP Condemns Latest Injustices Surrounding Fatal Police-Involved Shootings around Nation

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 BALTIMORE, MD  – The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), the nation’s premier civil rights organization, issued the following statement following the fatal shooting of Stephon Clark by a Sacramento police officer and the acquittal of the officers involved in the shooting of Alton Sterling in Baton Rouge in 2016.
“The NAACP fiercely condemns these recent examples of our justice system’s failure to protect Black lives. Stephon Clark’s death is the latest chapter of the ongoing epidemic of police brutality in our nation and Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry’s announcement that no charges would be filed against the officers involved in Sterling’s death represents an all too familiar epilogue to that narrative.
“While our nation engages in a critical discussion on gun violence, we must not ignore the continual stream of men, women, and children whose lives are lost to police firearms. African Americans make up less than 13 percent of the total U.S. population but account for 23% of those shot by police in 2017, according to the Washington Post
“We are tired of the apologies, tired of murder being justified on the sole basis that an armed officer feared harm. This is not right and the NAACP refuses to accept this. We demand justice in the case of Stephon Clark. We extend our deepest condolences to the Clark family, and we stand in solidarity with the citizens of Sacramento voicing their pain through protest regarding the unnecessary and vicious murder of this young father of two. We stand with our Sacramento Branch and our California/Hawaii State Conference President Alice Huffman in calling for a thorough investigation and the vigorous pursuit of justice for the Clark family.
“In a video released recently, we see the graphic violence used by the officers in Mr. Sterling’s last moments – methods so forceful they led to the dismissal of one officer and suspension of the other. It is hypocritical that the Baton Rouge Police Department recognizes these officers are culpable for Mr. Sterling’s death, yet no criminal charges have been brought against them. As we await the release of additional videos depicting the events around Mr. Sterling’s killing, we continue to see attempts to blame Mr. Sterling for his own death.  As with news stories about Mr. Clark’s past record, we need to recognize these as what they are: deflections.  These deflections cannot take away from the undeniable truth that we are being killed by police who walk away free, continuing to live their lives while families mourn and communities live in fear.
“Although the White House would have us believe that the killings of Mr. Sterling and Mr. Clark are simply ‘local matter[s]’, we know better.  The federal government has a duty to enforce federal civil rights laws – a duty to ensure that we live in a nation where local authorities do not kill us with impunity.  We refuse to accept the White House’s abdication of responsibility.  As we embark on our remembrance of the 50th anniversary of Dr. King’s murder, we challenge this administration to commit to vigorously enforcing the civil rights laws that form a central part of his legacy.
“Mr. Clark’s and Mr. Sterling’s deaths are tragic examples of law enforcement’s failure to adequately protect those they are sworn to serve. We will do everything we can to put a stop to this enduring injustice.”

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