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Why the 8th Ward Needs Linda Hudson as Alderman

Posted by Admin On April - 3 - 2018 Comments Off on Why the 8th Ward Needs Linda Hudson as Alderman

Project_MontclareBy Pamela Bratcher-McMillan

Smart people always know how to take the high road, not the low road. This is why it is important to not fight about things we don’t want, but focus on what we need. Many complain and voice their complaints with anger when the energy should be focused on strategy and solutions. Many lose their patience at forums that are not focused on strategy and resolution. It’s too much wasted energy being angry. Like the saying goes, “Don’t get mad. Get smart.”

I’m not going to dwell on the past when the current 8th Ward alderman tried to get a Marijuana Medical Clinic in the community stealth mode, until a woman with much more interest in the community and its preservation and revitalization was monitoring City Hall and the Zoning Department updates for the community.

I won’t talk about how the same 8th Ward alderman is now up to the same old tricks by trying to sneak another project into the community – a one and two bedroom low income housing project aligned with Pill Hill homes worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. Many of those homes were built by families that still occupy them.

There were conversations detailing what could be built in the area and zoning changes put in place to maintain its environment of single family homes and businesses. However,  now the 8th Ward wants to rezone property meant for single family homes and businesses to accommodate a behemoth of a building

While I support looking out for the welfare of our seniors, taking away valuable property meant for businesses to populate Stony Island Avenue and keep it vital is deplorable. Certainly, there are other areas, especially along east 95th that are long overdue for improvement, and there are strip malls, a pharmacy and restaurants in walking distance on the business side of the street. Further, if that office is supposed to be proud of this project as stated by the 8th Ward Alderman during last week’s community meeting, I find it interesting that this is not featured on the home page of the Alderman’s website, but others are. They want to turn a quiet family friendly area into a transient community.

Project_MontclarePerhaps, it was a convenient oversight. Hmm, your most proud accomplishment you worked really hard on after 12 years of sitting in a seat unopposed, and feel people should have “a little more faith” in you with a history of lacking transparency, being deceptive and obviously some personal agendas.

While the community sleeps, deals are being made on their behalf. Hey Pill Hill, did you know there is a 200 person waiting list already for a project in your area in phase 2 for a 134 unit with 1 and 2 bedroom apartments in a 7 story building for ages 62 (site currently states 55 and up) and up “but they are allowed to have guests”? This building will be located at 94th and Stony Island, prime business real estate. Some apartments (PRA) will be paying as low as 30% of their income. “A portion of this project is subsidized by CHA to assist independent seniors through the Property Rental Assistance.”

“All residents must pass a criminal background check,” but not their visitors and potential sublets don’t. The features and amenities in the building are for the residents, not the community. Phase one must have slipped under the radar. Phase 2 would have also slipped under the radar, too, if not for a very active community activist named Linda Hudson.

Wake up people! We can’t continue to let things go business as usual. If you don’t believe the community is rotting, take a look at the businesses along a once vibrant and booming avenue. Stony Island Avenue leads into Bishop Ford Highway on the South end and Lake Shore Drive on the North. What other streets in the city can claim that!? The Alderman moves under the radar unopposed making light of peoples’ fears with jokes and sarcasm, is not the answer Alderman, especially when you have a history of this. It’s like trolling the community, and it further shows the lack of recognizing valid concerns, fears and input from the community.

Is a candidate that runs unopposed necessarily best for the community, especially if they feel grandmothered into a position? Is business as usual the best for a once booming community that flourished and now appears run down with uncared for structures, many terrible pothole streets and a neglected business area. Why would a Dunkin’ Donut be allowed to build at the edge of a parking lot with traffic obstructed and backed up daily off Stony Island when it could have taken advantage of some of the vacant property on the avenue with room for expansion? The right businesses increase property value.

Project_MontclarePerhaps, businesses should have been pursued to take on the so called “swamp lands.” There were businesses there before that included restaurants and a motel.  Another concern is the public verbal spanking of black contractors the Alderman gave and why they aren’t included on jobs, and how training courses had to be given to them to teach them things they did not know. Really, Alderman?  You are going to single out Black contractors as a whole, and talk about them not being suitable? I find it hard to believe there are no qualified Black people available to take on those projects professionally.

Does that mean I should avoid giving work to any Black contractor I come in contact with in Chicago?

At your so-called informational meeting, all of this was done in front of the non-black developers and police officers in the room. Lazy, uneducated black stereotypes were being perpetuated in front of guests, the very people involved with the development of the 7 story monstrosity with a price tag of $38.6 million dollars that will be looking over Pill Hill backyards and homes.

When a concerned resident said she lived on the property line where the building was being built and that she was concerned about her privacy.  I heard someone shout. “They won’t see much.” Guess they never heard of a telescopes and binoculars. I would be very concerned if I had children living on property where people can watch them from their windows. At that height lives can be easily monitored.

Press the play button below for a sound bite from the last 8th Ward alderman meeting to hear what the current alderman had to say about “black people.”

It was also mentioned that a certain ward didn’t want the Kroc (McDonald’s!) center, and they found an alternative space in another ward. I could not help but wonder why efforts weren’t focused on pursuing that center by the 8th Ward alderman for education and business empowerment of the community to serve many, instead of a few. Why didn’t the 8th Ward fight to get the Kroc community center? The area has needed a community center for decades. Why aren’t the young people, especially teens being provided safe places to go hangout after school and during the weekends to learn things like economic empowerment, crafts, physical fitness, sports, business, etc.? They are the future of the community.

If you are a citizen concerned about an area once zoned for single family homes and businesses being changed to include this building, show up at the next zoning meeting scheduled for April.

Linda Hudson, Concerned Citizen and Community Activist

Linda Hudson, Concerned Citizen and Community Activist was in the audience asking questions.

“Energy flows where attention goes.” So I will not focus all of my energy on what people in the community do or do not want. I’d rather focus on what the community needs, and that is an 8th Ward alderman that understands the importance of transparency, honesty and really assessing what the community wants and needs without focusing on gossip and rumors, jokingly wasting time instead of easing trouble minds that have good reason to be troubled. That’s what secrecy and lack of communications brings about. We need a person that won’t make fun of their community, but inform them.

Our youth, especially the overlooked teenagers, are very important to this community. Many of them vote too. Give our young people a place to socialize and learn things about business startups, incubators, activities that include recreation, fitness, education outside of school like other neighborhoods and stores and restaurants like the ones they frequent outside of the community so they can buy and put money back into the community. They shouldn’t have to go downtown, south suburbs, north or Hyde Park to find mentors, coaches, prospective project team members, business partners, etc. and to have a good time. What can the 8th Ward provide for these young people to learn how to hold on to the homes in their community, maintain the ones handed down by their parents and provide for their future?

We need someone that knows joking sarcastically about gossip and making fun of people as a platform to stay in office is not good strategy. It makes them look petty and unprofessional to entertain rumors and have an easily bent ear. We need someone that knows that behavior and the aforementioned are unacceptable, and that is why we need Linda Hudson for 8th Ward Alderman. “It’s Time for Change that benefits the community as a whole, and not a few!

Elect Linda Hudson for Chicago 8th Ward Alderman

Elect Linda Hudson for Chicago 8th Ward Alderman



Stimulate the Mind: Read A Good Book

Posted by Juanita Bratcher On April - 4 - 2017 Comments Off on Stimulate the Mind: Read A Good Book

Chicago, IL – This is the ideal time to stock up on books by Author & Publisher Juanita Bratcher. Bratcher has been an Award-Winning Journalist and Publisher for 41 years. These books also make great gifts for any occasions.

All books are by Author & Publisher Juanita Bratcher

haroldcoverHarold: The Making of a Big City Mayor

Harold Washington, Chicago’s greatest mayor, was the first African-American elected mayor of the City of Chicago.

In the book, Bratcher zeroes in on how this spirited campaign got off the ground, how the dream was accomplished, and the uphill struggle that brought it about. The book focuses on:

  • The early stages of the campaign
  • Voter registration drive
  • The infusion of racial politics into the campaign
  • Excerpts/statements/speeches on the campaign trail
  • Washington’s views on the Rev. Jesse Jackson
  • Interviews following his inauguration
  • Black aldermen’s views on the city’s first black mayor
  • Council wars/polarization
  • Selected quotes from the campaign
  • The battle cry for change
  • Why Washington accused former Mayor Jane Byrne of trying to destroy the Democratic Party
  • Washington accused the Vrdolyak ’29, headed by then Alderman Edward Vrdolyak, of a nervous reaction to his administration’s reform process. Vrdolyak tried to sabotage every agenda Washington tried to put in place or change.
  • 16 pictorial pages

$10 plus $3.00 S&H

strogercoverBeyond the Boardroom: Empowering a New Generation of Leaders

A biography of John Herman Stroger, Jr., the first African-American elected president of the Cook County Board of Commissioners, was a legendary icon in county, city and state politics

Stroger spent almost four decades in public office. He was elected as a Commissioner to the Cook County Board of Commissioners in 1970. He served as ward committeeman before becoming a commissioner. During his 24 years as a sitting commissioner and then heading up the powerful Finance Committee, Stroger made a run for President in 1994, and won. At the age of 77, Stroger was running for a four-peat term in 2005. He said he was running for re-election because he had a vision for County for the next four years.

In the book Stroger discussed race and politics, dealing with the white media

“I’ve been dealing with race in terms of different racial people and culture. There are some people who are saying subtly that some race is being played in it (2006 campaign). But when you got a guy of my pigmentation and a white guy running there may be some race (involved). But as you know, even before I got to be President, I (put together) a multi-racial group. I’d like to think that I’d be judged in the end on my performance as an elected official.”

  • Quotes from various elected officials
  • Stroger’s staying power
  • Stroger suffered a debilitating stroke. He won the primary election but asked Democratic Party to replace him on the ballot with son, Todd
  • Stroger goes out a winner, declaring: “This is probably one of the most difficult periods in my life (recuperating from stroke, and calling it quits). This is a battle I’m going to win.”

$22.95 plus $3.50 S&H

icryI Cry For A People: In Their Struggle for Justice and Equality

A provocative book of poetry, a soul searching view of Blacks’ struggle in America, with an Introduction by the Honorable Illinois Appellate Court Justice R. Eugene Pincham (deceased):

“From the beginning of America, continuously and uninterruptedly to the present and beyond,  my people, Black people in America, have labored, struggled, bled and died combating vicious racial laws, customs and practices. Their struggle has been unending. Juanita Bratcher’s I Cry for a People is a compilation of heart wrenching prose of the struggles of my people, Black people, for justice and equality in this land. She eloquently expresses the sentiments of the unheralded, oppressed millions who sacrificed, without notable acclaim. Bratcher’s book is a well-deserved tribute to them, their sacrifices and struggles –  Retired Illinois Appellate Court Justice R. Eugene Pincham

In the book, there are poems such as:

  • The Scars of Slavery Are Upon Us
  • America, Don’t Turn Your Back On The Poor
  • The Menacing Eyes of Racism
  • The Almighty Bigot Stands In The Door
  • The Dynamics of Politics
  • The Power of the Ballot
  • Black Man Come Home To Your Children
  • Homeless People Are Humans
  • Hey, Mister Politician
  • Don’t Blame Me For Your Failures

And many, many more.

$8.00 plus $2.50 S&H

goldroseA Celebration of Love

The perfect gift for Valentine’s Day and an ideal gift for anniversaries, special occasions, birthdays, etc.

Can’t say what you’d like to say to that special person(s) in your life? A Celebration of Love is a book of love poems for Lovers at Heart. This is a Tel-A-Luv book. So buy the book and celebrate love with that significant other.

$10 plus $1.50 S&H

rhmbookcoverCrooked Curves: The Last of the Red Hot Mamas

(A novel)

Try this ONE on for size

They got game! Seven women (red-hot mamas) all living unstable, unsavory lives with sordid pasts, find themselves pawns in the middle of a vicious and controversial scandal.

A spellbinding novel, a story about love, courage, deception and triumph of a wealthy black family in crisis. Robert and Patricia Nemac, patriarch and matriarch of the Powerful Nemac clan, had positioned themselves to blow the lid off a dark, family secret, one that would rock the foundation of the powerful Nemac Empire, and jerk at the nerves of every family member. It is a powder keg waiting to explode! An albatross around their neck! It is a rude awakening for Robert Nemac, the patriarch of the rich Nemac clan. With one flame dead and another one carrying his baby, he is caught in the crossfire of murder, fatherhood, and the scorn of his wife over his dead mistress’ child, and his infidelities. In the end, he wages an all-out battle against his mistress’ fiance for custody of the child he fathered, against his bitter wife’s wishes. At the same time, he tries to earn back his wife’s love and respect.

$9.95 plus $3.00 S&H

onemoretimeLove Me One More Time

(A novel)

What happens when love goes wrong?

A passionate, romantic love affair goes on the skids. Can it be saved? Dr. Cal Laney, a medical doctor, is fit to be tied when he goes on a wild goose chase in search of his former sweetheart (Lori Russell) who disappeared without a trace for more than a decade. He finds it painfully agonizing to allow himself to be this uptight over a woman whose disappearance has put him through nothing short of a living hell and pushed his life into mental turmoil. When he finds her, he gets the biggest shock of his life when she reveals a secret to him he never expects to hear, leading him to demand answers for this untimely revelation. Will he end up finding solace in her arms, something he has desired for the last ten years? Or will he have a change of heart and make a beeline right into the arms of another woman who’s been waiting in the wings for his love and affection?

Unrelenting Love Tested

Dr. Cal Laney is one of six professional black men (known as the Super Six, powerful and modestly wealthy, who has bonded over the years in an enduring, longtime friendship. When the going gets tough they can count on that solvent friendship to see each other through. So when Laney’s love life has some very daring and traumatic moments, in dire need of some sexual healing, he reluctantly seeks the advice of his buddies about his wanton love affair. He finds their responses quite mind-boggling. Will he abandon their advice altogether? Or will he pick up the pieces and try to mount them back together again?

$15 plus $3.00 S&H

Send check or money order to:

CopyLine/Book Sales

9026 S. Cregier Ave.

Chicago, Il 60617

Please make sure your address is legible

Books Layout and Design by Pamela & Clarence McMillan

First published 11/27/2013



Team PETAL et al Creates Two Video Games During Global Game Jam’s Annual Event in North Carolina

Posted by Admin On February - 3 - 2017 Comments Off on Team PETAL et al Creates Two Video Games During Global Game Jam’s Annual Event in North Carolina
Team PETAL et al. Global Game Jam 2017Team PETAL et al. completed another Global Game Jam successfully during this year’s annual event in North Carolina
PETAL et al’s team jammed the weekend (January 20 – 22, 2017) at the UNC Chapel Hill site in North Carolina. The team of three with one guest team member presented two video games (one being a simulation) within 48 hours.
The first project, “Inchworm Simulator”, was created using GameMaker Environment Art (Young Huer), GML coding by
PMac (Pamela McMillan).and CMac (Clarence McMillan) designed & animated the character for the Inchworm simulator. Hard coding by team member 651 (Michele McMillan) in Javascript produced the second game. 651 started out with a game engine, but determined it would be quicker and would allow for more flexibility and customization if she hard coded the “Surf Your Wave!” game instead. She completed that task in less than twenty four hours, after working on the Inchworm Simulator.
In addition to GML (Gamemaker Markup Language), PMac provided for Inchworm, she also contributed background vocals to a third game during the jam known as “Wet Willie” for one of the other teams.
Global Game Jam is an annual event held toward the end of January whereas developers all over the world come together and develop games within 48 hours during the weekend at different sites across the globe. It is not a competition, but a collaboration where people work together to get games completed.
There were 68 participants at this year’s Global Game Jam’s Chapel Hill site.
Global Game Jam 2017

PETAL et al. and CopyLine Magazine Executives Inspire Percy Julian Students on Career Goals During Junior Achievement Event

Posted by Admin On December - 31 - 2016 Comments Off on PETAL et al. and CopyLine Magazine Executives Inspire Percy Julian Students on Career Goals During Junior Achievement Event
Juanita Bratcher, Editor and Publisher, Copyline Magazine and Ashley L. Thompson, Operations Manager, Junior Achievement

Pictured above: Juanita Bratcher, Editor & Publisher, Copyline Magazine and Ashley L. Thompson, Operations Manager, Junior Achievement of Chicago

PETAL et al., in collaboration with CopyLine Magazine, was a guest presenter for Junior Achievement at Percy L. Julian High School in Chicago.

PETAL et al. CEO Pamela McMillan & Vice President of Technology and Communications Clarence McMillan,  along with Copyline Magazine Editor and Publisher Juanita Bratcher, met with groups of students throughout the day discussing career goals and paths taken to get where they got in their careers.

Ms. McMillan also shared strategies for students to start teaching themselves about things they want to know before starting college, urging them to take advantage of online learning and networking opportunities.

Ms. Bratcher discussed her career, shared some of her publications and tips on becoming a writer and published author.

Pamela McMillan, CEO PETAL et al.

Pictured above: Pamela McMillan, PETAL et al. CEO speaks to a group of students at Percy L. Julian High School.

Pamela Bratcher-McMillan is a technology Expert




Real Men Cook’s 2016 Father’s Day Celebration Expands to 27 to Forward Mission

Posted by Admin On April - 28 - 2016 Comments Off on Real Men Cook’s 2016 Father’s Day Celebration Expands to 27 to Forward Mission

Press conferenceReal Men Cook  — Chicago’s premiere urban Father’s Day charity event – will depart from past years’ formats by holding the much-anticipated event at 27 venues citywide/suburbanwide. These individual celebrations will be hosted by agencies and entities committed to the mission of Real Men. Partners will maintain the Father’s Day tradition created by Real Men Cook while incorporating their own style and traditions. All events will be held on Father’s Day, June 19, from 3-6PM.

Yvette Moyo and Kofi Moyo-co-founders of Real Men Cook and Rael Jackson, president, made the announcement during a press conference held at the South Side Community Art Center.  Some of the hosts/partners were in attendance to express their commitment as event and venue hosts. All shared their eagerness to be part of the new direction.

Ms. Moyo said that the new format would allow the event’s message to have a broader community reach as it expands the Father’s Day tradition of family and community food-fests.

Mr. Jackson said that the annual event would continue the legacy of shining a spotlight on the men and promote awareness of fathers who serve their families on a daily basis.  He also addressed the importance of Real Men Cook and declared that bringing families together for a meal is a powerful tool in strengthening the community.  He said there would be an effort to reach out to the homeless this year. He added that the 2016 celebration would include an aggressive social media campaign, including on Facebook and Twitter with the hashtag: #realmencook

Julian Valentine, who grew up with Real Men Cook and began attending when he was 12 and was the youngest chef at 13, said he was so inspired by the event and by the love of the founders, that he became a chef. He is now a sous chef at Nordstrom’s Café. He shared the Real Men Cook philosophy that “food brings people together.” At the press conference, he served samples of his dishes, including a kale salad, which has been a highlight in the organization’s healthy mission and has been featured at every Real Men Cook event since 1999.

Among the Chicago communities where the celebrations will be held thus far are Englewood, Chatham, South Shore, Hyde Park, Lawndale, Bronzeville, Auburn Gresham and Park Manor and more. There will also be events in South Suburban cities and other outlying areas hosted by elected officials and community organization leaders. In these individual sites, men will serve in churches, fraternity houses, homeless shelters, their blocks, backyards, homes and parks. At each location, they will demonstrate that Real Men Cook, Love and Care.

The events will continue Real Men Charities’, Inc. tradition of promoting health and wellness, prevention and awareness for families and children. Accordingly, each locale will serve healthy foods and broadcast the message that food is medicine. Activities for children, also a Real Men Cook tradition, will continue.

Some of the partners at the conference who are among the 27 hosts were: Demetrious Walker of Fathers & Blessings, “a south suburban-based organization that seeks to unite Fathers and Blessings as one for a change;” Minister Jeffrey Muhammad of Mosque Maryam whose members will manage the event at that location; Jerald Gary, Chairman of the Chicago Regal Foundation, operator of the Avalon Regal Theater and David Peterson Jr. President, National A Philip Randolph Pullman Porter Museum, will also host the event at their respective venues.  Each of the partners expressed their commitment to the Real Men Cook mission and vowed to maintain the tradition at the sites they will host.

Jackson believes the newly-revamped event represents the beginning of a broader Movement.  “Life is about change,” he declared,  “and localizing and expanding the event’s reach is a way of keeping the healthy families, good men Movement vibrant.”

Real Men Cook is the largest, longest-running and most-anticipated Father’s Day celebration of its kind. It provides a platform where “real men” from all walks of life are honored for demonstrating extraordinary commitment to their families and to their communities. In keeping with Real Men Cook’s core mission. Each venue will award men for the contributions they have made in their communities.

Some of the high-profile men who have donned a chef’s hat and participated in the past include U.S. Senator Barack Obama, Congressmen Danny Davis, Congressman John Conyers, and John Lewis. Senate President Emil Jones and his son Senator Emil Jones and Rev. Jesse Jackson, Sr. and his sons, former Congressman Jesse Jackson, Jr. and Professor Jonathan Jackson have also joined in past celebrations.

For more information, visit www.realmencook.com

$70,000 Awarded to Black Law Students in LA

Posted by Admin On February - 4 - 2016 Comments Off on $70,000 Awarded to Black Law Students in LA
The John M. Langston Bar Association ushered in Black History Month by honoring the nation’s preeminent African American attorneys and awarding $70,000 in scholarships to law students
$70K Awarded to Black Law Students in LA 500 Attendees Filled The Beverly Hiltons Ballroom to Witness the Installation of Langston Bars New President, Kimberly Willis, and Honor Paulette Brown, Areva Martin, Dennis Ellis, John Page & Brian Williams in a Spectacular Event Highlighting Why Black Lawyers Matter

Los Angeles, CA (BlackNews.com) –  The almost century old John M. Langston Bar Association, Californias oldest and largest African American bar association, hosted their 40th Annual Scholarship and Awards Gala on Saturday at the Beverly Hills Hilton Hotel. Among the sold-out gala guests were Los Angeles City Attorney, Mike Feuer, Los Angeles City Councilman, Curren D. Price, and renowned Civil Rights Attorney and National Bar Association President, Benjamin Crump. KTLA 5 Morning News Co-Anchor, Chris Schauble, served as Master of Ceremonies and Langstons community partner, A Place Called Home, entertained guests with an all-youth band.
The nights theme of “Continue the Legacy and Advance the Vision” was emphasized by newly installed Langston Bar President, Kimberly Willis, when she addressed the audience. Langstons founders understood the critical importance of service to the community and diversity in the bar and on the bench, said Willis. There is a correlation to the disproportionate number of African Americans entangled in the American legal system and the low number of African American lawyers and judges Black lawyers matter. Lawyer of the Year honoree, Paulette Brown, who is President of The American Bar Association and the first African American woman to hold the position, underscored the legal professions need for diversity; reminding the audience that 88% of Americas lawyers are white and only 4.8% are black.
This years Advocate for Justice honoree, AREVA D. MARTIN, who is President of Special Needs Network and Managing Partner of Martin & Martin LLP, shared a moving story of her personal intervention in the life of a homeless woman. You don’t have to be an attorney to advocate for justice. urged Areva. Any of us have the capacity to stand up for others. DENNIS S. ELLIS, Partner at Paul Hastings and son of Judge Sharon Majors-Lewis, received the Legacy of Leadership Award and inspired guests with his testimony about maintaining his confidence when facing seemingly insurmountable odds. The Corporate Service Award was bestowed upon JOHN E. PAGE, Senior Corporate Vice President, Chief Corporate Social Responsibility Officer & Chief Legal Officer of Golden State Foods. Page surprised attendees with a personal commitment of an unprecedented five years in scholarship funds to Langston. Former City Attorney and current President & CEO of Southern Californias Junior Achievement, BRIAN K. WILLIAMS, received the Community Service Award. Williams implored guests to volunteer with Junior Achievement and like organizations and to mentor young people in our community.
The Langston Gala serves as the primary fundraiser for the organization. Recent honorees include Los Angeles District Attorney Jackie Lacey, basketball legend and co-owner of the Los Angeles Dodgers, Earvin Magic Johnson and actor Blair Underwood. The Langston Bar Association is a federally recognized 501(c)3 public-interest, nonprofit organization. Each year Langston hosts numerous community outreach programs and activities, including law school scholarships, bar examination tutorials, election poll monitoring, junior and senior high school education programs, mentoring for law students and young attorneys, continuing legal education, job fairs, judicial officer candidate evaluation, and pro bono legal clinics.


For more info, please visit: www.langstonbar.org



Photo Caption: Board Member Judge Allen Webster, Jr., President Kimberly Willis, Honoree Paulette Brown, NBA President Benjamin Crump, Honoree John Page, CABL President Linnea Willis

Comptroller Munger Meets With African American Advisory Board

Posted by Admin On January - 21 - 2016 Comments Off on Comptroller Munger Meets With African American Advisory Board

Board discusses challenges facing small and minority-owned businesses


CHICAGO, IL – Illinois Comptroller Leslie Geissler Munger met with her African American Advisory Board at the James R. Thompson Center on Thursday and highlighted the importance of open communication between government and community leaders in these tough economic times.

In a successful first meeting, the Board made introductions and got right to business discussing the state’s financial situation. The group spoke about the effects of state payment delays and shared strategies for helping small and minority owned businesses thrive. Meetings will continue to be held to keep an ongoing dialogue.

A full list of the African American Advisory Board Members is available at http://illinoiscomptroller.gov/services/advisory-boards/african-american-advisory-board/

Photo Caption: Back Row: Michael Neal (President/CEO, MTN & Associates); Dwayne Hirsch (Executive Board Member, Small Business Advocacy Council); Abe Morgan (Chairman, Sinai Community Institute); State Representative Art Turner, Jr. (9th Congressional District – Illinois); Illinois Comptroller Leslie Geissler Munger; Ron Barrett (Chief Operations Officer, TrinityTech Solutions); Jim Harbin (Program Manager, Englewood Community Development Corp.); Dave Turner (Chief Financial Officer, Eastlake Management); Glen Brooks (Area Coordinator, Chicago Police Dept.); Vince Bass (Dir. External Affairs, Illinois Comptroller). Front Row: Maze Jackson (Vice President, The Intelligence Group); Al Dinwiddie II (Sr. Vice President, Loop Capital Markets); Franz Mullings (Vice President, International Steel Services); Percy Dace (Executive Dir., Coalition of Citizens with Disabilities in Illinois);Stephen Davis (Chairman, The Will Group); Otis Monroe, III (Chief ExecutiveOffice, The Monroe Foundation) Photo By Teresa Potasiak

Producer/Film Maker Seeks Donations for Her Musical Film, Western In Noir, Scheduled for Release January 1, 2016

Posted by Admin On December - 30 - 2015 Comments Off on Producer/Film Maker Seeks Donations for Her Musical Film, Western In Noir, Scheduled for Release January 1, 2016
Western in Noir Western in Noir Western in Noir Western in Noir

Western in Noir, a musical feature film with elements of diversity and social justice, was written by a 29-year old African American Writer/Musician who is fighting a battle with Stage 4 Breast Cancer.

1 Drop Rule Productions has launched a crowd funding campaign for Western In Noir, a musical feature film with elements of diversity and social justice. The film and soundtrack, owned by the cast and crew, is directed by an all female crew – Michele McMillan, author/producer/film maker; Award-Winning Editor and Director Jennifer Barlow, and Rachel Dunn, Director of Photography.
This all female crew is creating a haunting, realistic vision of America at its weakest in a hacker torn, vigilante ruled future where hearsay can be deadly. The official trailer will be released on Youtube on New Year’s Day.
Western In Noir is a musical film in the vein of Carmen or Pink Floyd’s the Wall. It takes place in a vigilante-run America, after hacks and a failed presidential campaign escalate an American revolt.

This film is a commentary based on the differences in challenges faced by Americans, and a plea for reform. It features a diverse cast.

Spawned by the disappearance of Skip Hutch, the social media fueled presidential hopeful, hackers and malcontent citizens escalate a civil war. Years after the violence settles, people are slowly beginning to trust each other and build again. The CEA, a promising new regime, recruits Elliot to scout the western part of the country for survivors. After stopping in a small church-run town, he meets Nivea, a knife fighter and farm owner who lives with her friends and former lovers. One day, a bounty hunter shows up for Elliot and he discovers that a small misunderstanding has snowballed (or tumble weeded) into a crusade against him funded by a group even stronger than the CEA… the church. While fleeing the farm, he is captured by the Grinch and his gang. Meanwhile, Nivea and her farm crew are all shipped back to her hometown, which was turned into a place for non-violent criminal rehabilitation during what some called “the Great Revision.” Run by the Congressman and his family, home is not what it used to be, and she finds herself working in a brothel called the Mangy Dog.

The soundtrack for the film contains original opera, hip hop, and electronic music, as well as several choreographed dance numbers. While the project has been described to date as very “real,” the film makers are considering going to a darker, more fantasy direction, if funding is secured.
Western In Noir can be watched with or without music video sequences, and the soundtrack includes opera, hip hop, blues, and more. Soprano Nique Wheeler sings the voice of Risky, featuring composition work provided by D_Elete, Ian D, Joe Andolino, and more by the team at Scoreascore.com.

“This project means a lot to me,” said McMillan. “We hope to build on our history as musicians and music video makers. The film is currently in production, and we are looking for funds to pay cast members, obtain permits, licenses, insurance, catering, props, locations, music, and other costs associated with the film.

“I began writing this film when I was first diagnosed with Stage 2 Invasive Cancer, and in the course of writing it, I lost one of my best friends,” McMillan noted. “We had discussed writing a film together but he passed away. I would really like to see this film go forward for his legacy and mine. I also lost an uncle to gun violence on Chicago’s South Side, and several of the songs in the film are written in his memory.”

McMillan’s goal is to raise $15,000. So far, they have invested $20,000 in the project. For a link to the completed budget: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1NKrSJIITIgPsLC-jzYek7qqVIQsUaoTr4Stya98O1-8/edit?usp=sharing
You can view the film website at http://coolaidhouse.com/westerninnoir #westerninnoir
Interested parties can follow the women film makers online, or join their email list on coolaidhouse.com. or go straight to the donation page at http://www.hatchfund.org/project/western_in_noir.

A large portion of McMillan’s share of film proceeds will go towards rehabilitating some properties on Chicago’s South Side, and to the scholarship funds of Neal Bratcher III, and Quinn Heneghan, the son of her late friend Brett “Brett Brett” Heneghan. The rest of the proceeds will go to the cast and crew who will be owners of the film as well.

For more information or to make a donation to Musical Film Western In Noir, you can also email McMillan or phone (773) 818-4759.

Jesse White Joins Various Religious Organizations to Show Support for National Donor Sabbath

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Jesse WhiteSecretary of State Jesse White joined with Christian, Jewish, Muslim and Sikh faith leaders to show religious support for organ/tissue donation and recognize National Donor Sabbath, an interfaith campaign aimed at educating religious communities about organ donation. During the weekend of November 13-15, faith communities in Illinois and across the country recognize National Donor Sabbath. Faith leaders and congregations participate in services and events to show religious support and increase awareness of organ and tissue donation.

White is at podium, pictured from left to right: Kevin Cmunt, CEO Gift of Hope; Ed Young of SGI USA Buddhist Center; Bishop Lance Davis, of the New Zion Covenant Church in Dolton; Rev. Father Chrysanthos Kerkeres, senior priest at St. George Greek Orthodox Church; the Most Reverend Joseph Perry, Auxiliary Bishop of Chicago, representing Archbishop Blase J. Cupich, Archbishop of Chicago; Reem Hobeldin of the Council of Islamic Organizations of Greater Chicago; Pastor Myron McCoy, senior pastor at First United Methodist Church at the Chicago Temple; Rabbi Michael R. Zedek of Emanuel Congregation of Chicago, a senior rabbi, scholar, teacher and civic activist; S.S. Shiva Singh Khalsa, a Minister of Sikh Dharma International and President of the Spirit Rising Foundation.

Rep. Jan Schakowsky Joined President Obama, Rep. John Lewis and Others in Selma, Alabama in Honor of the Voting Rights Act

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Earlier this month, Rep. Jan Schakowsky joined President Obama, civil rights hero Rep. John Lewis, and many others in Selma, Alabama, to honor the Voting Rights Act and the brave individuals who fought and sacrificed to expand civil rights in our country.
Rep. John Lewis said:
“My beloved brothers and sisters, it is a great honor for me to return to my home state of Alabama to present to you, not to introduce to you, but to present to you the President of the United States.  If someone had told me when we were crossing this bridge, that one day I would be back here introducing the first African-American President I would have said you were crazy.”
Don’t forget the incredible progress that we, as a nation, have made.
More importantly, don’t forget about all the work still in front of us.

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