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Analysts and Activists say Zionist Pressure, Black Caucus Capitulations Won’t Stop Farrakhan

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By Richard B. Muhammad and Charlene Muhammad


CHICAGO, IL –  (FinalCall.Com) –The Jewish stranglehold on Black political leaders was manifested when some Congressional Black Caucus members caved in to demands by the Republican Jewish Coalition that they denounce Nation of Islam Minister Louis Farrakhan.

Analysts and activists called the denunciations signs of the weakness of Black politicians amid Jewish efforts to isolate the Minister. They predicted the efforts would fail.

A flood of half-truths followed Min. Farrakhan’s late February address closing the Nation’s Saviours’ Day convention in Chicago.

The RJC called on Keith Ellison (D-Minn.), Barbara Lee (D-Calif.), Maxine Waters (D-Calif.), Danny Davis (D-Ill.), Andre Carson (D-Ind.); Gregory Meeks (D-N.Y.) and Al Green (D-Texas) to resign. The congressmen should step down for meeting with or dialoguing with Min. Farrakhan, the RJC said.

By March 8, Davis had joined Lee and Meeks in disavowing the Minister.

Dr. Boyce Watkins spoke candidly about the congressional cave ins: “It’s a lack of power. It’s fear! A lack of discipline, a lack of self-respect, which leads to no respect.”

“What’s interesting to me is that they will condemn the words of Minister Farrakhan and say we condemn hate speech of any kind, so you’re going out of your way to attack another Black person on behalf of White people … but in your quest to allegedly condemn hate speech of any kind, you never once condemn the Jewish community for running these record labels where every other rapper is calling Black people the N-word, and every other rapper is promoting Black genocide, which has been more insidious, more effective, longer lasting than the genocide imposed on the Jews during the reign of Adolf Hitler,” argued Dr. Watkins.

“What the Jewish community is going to have to confront is the fact that you have been our Hitler. You have mass-promoted, through media, the extermination of Black people through Black-on-Black crime, the complete disrespect of Black women and Black families in your music, and not once have you ever condemned that as hate speech,” Dr. Watkins said. “So, you condemn us. Well, we condemn you.”

Charles Steele, SCLC national president, recounted how the Minister gave money to keep SCLC doors open when the group was broke.

Min. Farrakhan didn’t ask questions and wrote a check to support work in the spirit of Dr. Martin Luther King and the civil rights movement, Dr. Steele said.

Philadelphia activist Pam Africa said the Jewish influence on Black life shows Blacks have gotten nowhere in the Black-Jewish relationship.

Blacks have been relegated to kiss-ups and suck-ups to what is wrong as indicated by the lawmakers’ denunciation of Minister Farrakhan, she said.

“They’re the Judas that Jesus Christ dealt with,” she said.

With discontent over President Trump and controversies that could turn off female voters, pressure on Democrats, activists like Tamika Mallory and the “Farrakhan controversy” are designed to weaken Democrats, anti-Trump activists and lessen possible GOP losses in 2018 mid-term elections, said some analysts.

Donald Trump, Jr. attacked Min. Farrakhan via Twitter. Ari Fleischer, a RJC board member and former spokesman for President George W. Bush, joined the anti-Farrakhan Twitter attacks supported by Sean Hannity, his other Fox News colleagues and Alan Dershowitz.

Jewish billionaire Sheldon G. Adelson, RJC board chairman, gave multi-million dollar donations to the Trump campaign and inauguration.

The Executive Council of the Nation of Islam March 9 expressed via an open letter “deep disappointment” in Black Caucus members who bowed to Jewish pressure.

Congressmen Lee, Davis and Meeks joined Ellison, who had been the lone CBC member to publicly denounce Minister Farrakhan.

Rep. Carson told an Indianapolis TV station: “That organization (the RJC) doesn’t have any credibility with me. I know they have a political agenda. The Congressional Black Caucus is asking that organization to condemn (Israeli Prime Minister) Benjamin Netanyahu and the (Israeli) government for discriminating against Africans who are migrating, who are fleeing dictatorships, who are fleeing oppression. There’s a great deal of bigotry and racism happening right now they fail to condemn.”

Minister Farrakhan called his Jewish detractors to a public debate. Similarly in a 2010 open letter, Min. Farrakhan urged Black leaders to review the book, “The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews, Part 2” which documented how Jews gained control of the Black economy and benefitted from their paternal relationship with Blacks.

“I am asking you to stand down and let them come out to me to defend their record and history of their relationship with us that we compiled from that which was written by their own scholars, historians, and Rabbis,” he wrote.

The Anti-Defamation League attacked the Minister with Jewish, right-wing and mainstream media joining the assault.

Activist Tamika Mallory was denounced for attending the Minister’s speech in Chicago. In an op-ed published on newsone.com, the Women’s March co-chair said, “I am the same woman who helped to build an intersectional movement that fights for the rights of all people and stands against hatred and discrimination of all forms. I am the same person today that I was before Saviours’ Day.”

On Twitter, Jonathan Greenblatt, ADL chief executive officer, falsely charged Minister Farrakhan with scapegoating Jews and attacked Ms. Mallory.

“If you’re Black and you’re a powerful person, elected, corporate, whatever, if you are doing the bidding of White people, you are a super slave, that you have power and you’re exercising that power against your own people,” said Professor Raymond Winbush of Morgan State University in Baltimore.

It’s a tragedy that Blacks have elected leaders whose constituents strongly support Minister Farrakhan but politicians don’t because of influential lobbying groups, he said.

Dr. Tony Monteiro, former Temple University professor, said Min. Farrakhan attracts Black and poor people “as a voice of Black America and its struggle against the forces of right-wing authoritarianism and racism, as well as a consistent voice against Israeli oppression of the Palestinians.”


Final Call staff contributed to this report.

Photo Caption: Minister Farrakhan delivers Saviours Day address in Chicago in late February. The speech drew an attack from Jewish right wing and mainstream media.


Photo: Michael Muhammad/Final Call Newspaper 


Chicago GOP to Sue CPS Over School Walkouts

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From: Chris Cleveland

Chicago Republican Party


CHICAGO, IL — The Chicago Republican Party is preparing to sue Chicago Public Schools over CPS plans to stage pro-gun control rallies during the school day tomorrow.

Gun control advocacy groups are organizing a national student walkout tomorrow to protest the Parkland shooting and press for additional gun laws. Nominally a student-led walkout, some schools are taking an active role in organizing the rallies and compelling students to participate.

An email sent by the principal of Lincoln Elementary School in Chicago to parents stated:

This coming Wednesday, March 14 many students/schools across the nation (and globe) are going to participate in a school walkout demonstration at 10:00 AM to support the memory of those that were killed in the Parkland, FL shooting and also to demonstrate their right to express their opinion about gun control.

At Lincoln, we will also participate in a walkout.

The email went on to explain how grades 5 – 8 will be taken outside for a “silent demonstration”. Students are encouraged to bring posters. Students who do not wish to participate will be sent to a room where they can wait, away from their peers. Classes are cancelled during the walkout.

“It’s appalling that 10 to 14-year-old kids would be coerced, by their teachers, to participate in a political demonstration,” said Chris Cleveland, chairman of the Chicago GOP. “A 10-year-old kid isn’t going to have an informed opinion on these political matters, and shouldn’t be expected to have the fortitude to hold a different opinion from everyone else in his or her classroom. This is political indoctrination, pure and simple.”

“It’s a violation of CPS policy, of state law, and of the First Amendment for a government-run school to organize a political demonstration and pressure students to participate in it,” said Cleveland.

The Chicago GOP has sent a letter to CPS CEO Janice Jackson asking CPS to cancel the demonstrations, and will likely sue if they do not.

The Chicago GOP has also filed a complaint with the CPS Office of Inspector General, Nicholas Schuler. (The CPS OIG is at http://cpsoig.org, 773 534 9400).

A copy of the email from Lincoln Elementary is below.

Dear Lincoln families,

This coming Wednesday, March 14 many students/schools across the nation (and globe) are going to participate in a school walkout demonstration at 10:00 AM to support the memory of those that were killed in the Parkland, FL shooting and also to demonstrate their right to express their opinion about gun control.
At Lincoln, we will also participate in a walkout. Due to PARCC testing, we will have our walkout in the afternoon instead of at 10:00AM. Parents are free to participate if they wish. Please read below:
  1. On Wednesday, March 14 our walkout demonstration will be for grades 5-8 students and teachers. Every K-8 teacher and staff member is welcome to participate, of course, if they are free at this time.
  2. Here is a way grades K-4 students can participate in an activity on March 14: 
  3. There will be a silent demonstration from 3:28-3:45 (1 silent minute for each person that lost his/her life in the Parkland shooting) in front of the school on Kemper Place. We will ring an old fashioned hand bell to signal the beginning of the silent demonstration. The 3:45 dismissal bell will ring at 3:45 to signal the end of the silent demonstration. Everyone is asked to remain silent from 3:28-3:45.
  4. Note that a 3:35 school bell will ring but this will NOT signal the end of the demonstration. Please disregard this 3:35 school bell during the silent demonstration.
  5. Kindergarten students will still be dismissed at 3:40.
  6. At 3:45 when the dismissal bell rings, the teachers will dismiss the students home from the silent demonstration. 3:45 is our regular dismissal time.
  7. This 17-minute silent solidarity stance will not interfere with our PARCC testing because we will be done before 3:25.
  8. Individuals may bring appropriate posters, if they desire.
  9. Our official stance is that this walkout is to demonstrate a memory of those lost lives in the Parkland shooting.
  10. If students or others wish to demonstrate regarding their views on gun control, etc. that is their right. School personnel is not making judgement calls; we do ask for peace, respect, and decorum.
  11. If there are students that do NOT wish to join the demonstration, the teachers will direct them to the main office with their items to go home and we will point them in the right direction to a location where they may be free to stay until 3:45. They will be dismissed from this location at the 3:45 bell.
  12. It is advised that teachers and parents speak to the children prior to the March 14th walkout at 3:25 so they put the demonstration into perspective and make connections.
  13. Here are some resources:
    2017 National Teacher of the Year Sydney Chaffee recently wrote about this issue and included several resources you can use in your classroom: http://sydneychaffee.com/2018/02/23/how-schools-can-support-student-activism/
    ·         The Center on Civic Education has a myriad of lesson plans to support civics: http://www.civiced.org/resources/curriculum
    ·         The Newseum created set of resources to explore activism in the context of First Amendment freedoms and their role in a healthy democracy: https://newseumed.org/idea/todays-student-protests-a-first-amendment-teachable-moment
Thank you,
Mark Armendariz


Chris Cleveland
312 339 2677

Brutally Honest Documentary About Racism in America

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Brutally Honest Documenntary About Racism in America Features Commentary From Michael Eric Dyson, Charkanagbe The God, Killer Mike, and More


Private viewings of Black, White & Blue in Detroit and Washington, DC made it clear: the new documentary has choices.



Michael Eric Dyson, Charlamagne the God, and Killer Mike

Washington, DC (BlackNews.com) — On the heels of hugely successful private screenings in Detroit and Silver Spring, Md., last month, the searing new documentary about being black in today’s America is planning a wider launch.

Black, White & Blue was shown to hundreds of specially invited viewers to get a sense of the film’s effects. It was a hit.

“We were amazed by the response, just amazed,” said Curtis Scoon of Top of the Food Chain Films, the executive producer. “We wanted to get a sense of what people thought so that we could decide our next step.”

That next step: Mr. Scoon and the film’s director, Asia Norris, have been in discussions with at least one streaming service and are entertaining offers for worldwide distribution and, even, considering distributing it themselves.

The 76-minute film, which has not yet been rated, is a brutally honest documentary about race in America, touching on police violence and civil unrest, the Trump presidential campaign, the Black Lives Matter movement and, even, the Flint water crisis. Its voices are famous, diverse, sometimes profane, and include Georgetown University professor Michael Eric Dyson and Charlamagne Tha God, among others. To see a complete list, click here. View the film’s two-minute trailer here.

Mr. Scoon, who lives in Washington, said he’ll decide soon what the next step is. Black, White & Blue joins a growing genre of recent documentaries about, for and by people of color. Tell Them We Are Rising: The Story of Black Colleges and Universities, for example, and Slavery By Another Name are also on the movie map for national communities of color, telling the stories of black history and black life in authentic voices.

“If nothing else, that’s what we’ve learned,” says Detroit-based political consultant Adolph Mongo. “We have to tell our own stories. And that’s what Curtis has done. It’s a beautiful thing.”

Watch the trailerwww.vimeo.com/249349249

Photo Caption: (left to right) Michael Eric Dyson, Charlamagne the God, and Killer Mike

Organized Effort to Promote Ghana to African Americans

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Ghana Tourism Authority and the Adinkra Group announce US East Coast Tourist Visit


An organized effort to promote Ghana as a prime tourist, business and alternative/joint living destination for African Americans in 2019 and beyond

Ghana Tourism Authority

Washington, DC (BlackNews.com) — Brought to you by, the Ghana Tourism Authority and The Adinkra Group, fresh off the successful launch of the first Annual Back2Africa Festival and Ghana’s 61st Independence Celebration – The Ghana Tourism US East Coast Visit stops through three major African American Urban centers and markets to promote Ghana in general as a prime tourism destination and specifically – its African Diaspora Festivals in the year 2019. The Tour will make stops in Washington, DC, New York, and Chicago hosting travel agents, tour companies, church leaders, school officials, and other community leaders who are currently or newly interested in exposing their constituents and customer base to Ghana.

The year 2019 marks exactly 400 years since 1619 when the first documented enslaved Africans came to Jamestown, VA aboard a Portuguese slave ship that had been captured in the West Indies and brought to the Jamestown region. This is widely recognized as the start of the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade or Middle passage where millions of Africans were kidnapped from their villages and brought to America as free labor.

It’s wholly appropriate for Ghana to serve as the Gateway to Africa and be the first African Nation to welcome Africans in the diaspora home. Ghana’s claim to the position of gateway to the Homeland is well grounded in the fact that it was a major West African exit point for slaves during the Middle Passage. Currently, about 40 Forts, Castles, and lodges used for the Slave trade are in existence in the country, with 3 of them; St. George’s Castle and St. Jago Fort, both at Elmina, and Cape Coast Castle, designated by UNESCO as World Heritage sites. Furthermore, more than any other African nation, Ghana has the greatest number of African Americans living in country who have chosen Ghana as their home.

The Tour will focus specifically on three diaspora festivals as a direct way for African Americans to reconnect with Africa:

Back2Africa Festival | February 25 – March 7, 2019
Celebrates Black History Month the last week of February through Ghanaian Independence Day in the first week of March in Ghana, West Africa connecting African American cultural art forms with the music and culture of Ghana West Africa connecting the dots from the roots to the branches throughout the diaspora. Two Cultures. One Foundation.

Emancipation Day | August 1, 2019
Emancipation Day is an annual event in Ghana. Emancipation was originally celebrated in the Caribbean to commemorate the final abolition of Chattel Slavery in the British colonies on 1st August 1834. Ghana became the first African nation to join in the celebration in 1998 to re-affirm its status as the Gateway to the African Homeland of Diasporans.

The Right to Return |December 27 – 29, 2019
For the first time in history in December 2016, 34 Africans of the diaspora were granted the right to return to Ghana, West Africa and given citizenship. This festival celebrates that historic occasion and sets the path for the next group of citizens who will be granted the right to return. Ghana has committed to working towards streamlining citizenship for Africans in the diaspora and this festival marks that effort and time when citizenships will be granted.

The Ghana Tourism Authority (GTA) is the public service agency in charge of regulating tourism in Ghana through marketing and promotion, licensing and classification of tourism facilities and services, research and development. In recent times, the Authority has embarked on several campaigns aimed at marketing and positioning Ghana as an attractive tourism destination.

The Adinkra Group (TAG) is an African Cultural Resource Company based in Washington, DC with a mission is to connect people of African descent with the culture and traditions of Africa through the Arts and Education.

CALENDAR LISTING Tourism Presentation

WHAT: Ghana Tourism Authority US East Coast Visit

WHO: Ghana Tourism Authority and The Adinkra Group

WHEN: March 12 – March 14, 2018

Washington, DC – Monday, March 12, 2018
Brooklyn, NY – Tuesday, March 13, 2018
Chicago – Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Back2Africa Group from DC at Flagstaff House in Ghana
Photo Credit: Loves Life Photography


Indivisible Chicago Motivational Rally to Prepare for the Upcoming Primary and November Midterm Elections

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The rally will be held Saturday, March 10, 2018, 4 p.m. – 8 p.m. at Malcolm X College, 1900 W Jackson, Chicago, IL


1,000+ grassroots activists will come together for a high energy, motivational rally in preparation for the upcoming primary and November midterm elections. This free event kicks off with a panel discussing millennials in politics featuring inspiring Chicago youth activists and ends with a mass signup for community organizing and Getting Out The Vote.


A second panel features leaders from Let America Vote, Chicago Votes, Voto Latino, Indivisible, Flippable and Swing Left ready to help Chicago recharge and refocus on taking back Congress in the 2108 midterm elections.


The event closes with a high energy call-to-action, where participants will sign up for election activities in their communities.


Indivisible Chicago:


Keynote Speaker:  Jason Kander, president of Let America Vote. A former Army captain who served in Afghanistan, he’s the first millennial in the country to be elected to statewide office, as Missouri’s 39th Secretary of State.


Panel:  Millennials in Politics, includes the following

Bushra Amiwala, age 19, a DePaul student and also running for Cook County Commissioner

Ugo Okere, age 21, a Loyola student, 40th Ward community Organizer, and aldermanic candidate


Nicole Johnson, a native of Englewood on Chicago’s southside and aldermanic candidate


Panel:  How You Can Make a Difference in the 2018 Midterms

Adrienne Lever, Swing Left

Catherine Vaughn, Flippable

Angelica Magana, Voto Latino

Stevie Valles, Chicago Votes


WHY:      The most positive thing Donald Trump has done for this country is to ignite a grassroots, progressive movement across the county. It started with the January, 2017 Women’s marches, magnified by the me,too movement, and continues today with the youth-led struggle for gun control. We’re on track to match 1960s activism for impact on national policy, and are laser-focused on the November midterms.

HOW:  Register at indivisiblechicago.com. Or, text “summit” to 66866. Admission is FREE; a suggested donation of $10 to cover the cost of the venue is appreciated.
Seating is first come, first serve. A ticket does not guarantee a main room seat, but there is an ample overflow room in the Malcolm X auditorium with theater viewing. Free parking included in adjoining parking garage.
Indivisible Chicago is a group of Chicago-area residents alarmed by the 2016 election and organizing at the grassroots to advocate for progressive values , policies and candidates. Click here for Indivisible: A Practical Guide for Resisting the Trump Agenda, which focuses on direct actions that small, local groups can take to influence their representatives in Washington. Learn about upcoming events, volunteer opportunities and find your nearest neighborhood chapter at indivisiblechicago.com.




Trump Transformed Into Angel of Light?

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By Rev. Dr. Harold Bailey
President & Founder of Probation Challenge & The PCC Network

The truth is, Donald Trump was preordained to lie, rob, steal, kill and destroy. All these attributes were bestowed upon him before the foundation of the world. As for matters of truth: Truth is not in him to tell!

Why Trump continues to speak tons of lies per day is a characteristic that he himself cannot resist, for this chapter in his life is not a reality show but an honest intent for him to deceive and will betray the very elect—if possible!

The Holy Scripture spoke as to the many anti-Christ, but that there would be a ‘Strong Anti-Christ’ having strong-holds and who would be powerful and would sit in high places. At this given point-in-time who is more strong and powerful than President Donald A. Trump … leader of what was once considered the free world?  America has been turnover into the hands of the deceiver because we have turned from our first lover—which was the love-of-God.

As the Scripture says, But what I do, that I will do, that I may cut off occasion from them which desire occasion; that wherein they glory, they may be found even as we. For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ.

‘Anti-Christ in U.S. White House and Select Congressional Leaders’

And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light. Therefore, it is no great thing if his ministers also be transformed as the ministers of righteousness; whose end shall be according to their works.  2 Corinthians 11

Who is Satan?

Typically, human beings have a wide variety of views on Satan. Some people think of him as a silly cartoonish character with a pointed tail and horns, while others think of him as a force, or an abstract concept of evil. The Bible gives us a very clear picture of who Satan is, what he is like, and his goals and aims concerning humanity. In a nutshell, Satan was once a holy angel, but fell from heaven because of a desire to usurp God’s power, and he is now God’s enemy who opposes Him, His purposes, and His people with every ounce of his considerable strength.

Isaiah 14:12 indicates that Satan’s name, when he was a holy angel, was Lucifer. In Ezekiel 28:12-14, we get a description of Satan as one of the cherubim and the highest of the created angels. However, he became proud of his beauty and position and for some reason decided that he wanted to take God’s place and sit on his throne as the highest being (Isaiah 14:13-14; Ezekiel 28:15; 1 Timothy 3:6). Because of his pride and sinful desire to take the sovereignty which is only rightfully God’s, he was cast from heaven. Satan’s desire for power was very strong, as can be seen in Isaiah 14:12-15, but He could not overcome God or take His place, and as the last few chapters of Revelation reveal, in his quest to defeat His Creator, he will not be successful in the end.

Today, Satan is the ruler of this world, and is called the “prince of the power of the air” (John 12:31; 2 Corinthians 4:4; Ephesians 2:2). He is also called “the accuser” (Revelation 12:10), he tempts humans to sin against God as he did (Matthew 4:3; 1 Thessalonians 3:5), and he deceives humanity about the truth, especially the truth about God Himself (Genesis 3; 2 Corinthians 4:4; Revelation 20:3). He lies about God’s character and purposes, he tells fallen humanity that it can save itself without God’s grace, and he does all he can to separate us from God and undermine God in our eyes, using his powers of deception. The name “Satan” means “adversary” or “one who opposes.” He is also known as “the devil”, which means “slanderer.”

LIES: Still, despite all he knows about God and the truth, Satan continues to attempt to raise himself above God and take His throne. Satan is behind all the false religions and cults, all the false gods and lies that pull people away from the Lord. Satan disguises himself as “an angel of light” which makes his deception even more powerful (2 Corinthians 11:14). Human beings often see his lies as good, pleasant and seemingly right (Proverbs 14:12), when in truth they are traps that have sealed the doom of millions throughout history.


However, despite his plans and all his efforts, Satan’s destiny is irrevocably sealed—he will spend eternity in the lake of fire (Revelation 20:10).


Why did God allow the Satan and the demons to sin?


The Bible doesn’t say much about the rebellion of Satan and the other angels who followed him, but from the verses we do have it can be deduced that Lucifer, who was most likely the highest of the angelic host (Ezekiel 28:12-18), decided to try to take God’s throne and become God himself (Isaiah 14:12-14). It is commonly understood from Revelation 12:4 that a third of the angels were in support of Lucifer and followed him when he fell.

God offers no explanation as to why this occurred, but we do know from elsewhere in Scripture that God refers to the angels that did not fall as his “elect angels” (1 Timothy 5:21). Apparently, just as it is with humanity, the angels were found to have either of two invested natures, some with a nature that loved God and sought to follow Him, and some that when given the chance to rebel, took it. We do not know why God chose to do things this way. We can only assume that in His infinite wisdom, He deemed it to be the best way. The Bible makes it clear that God did not force the fallen angels to fall, for He cannot tempt anyone to evil and is not tempted to evil Himself (James 1:13), so it must be assumed that the demons fell because it was in their nature to do so, and when given the choice to rebel against God, they did what they desired to do.

Why then, did God in His omniscience create beings with the tendency to fall and rebel against Him in this way? Again, the Bible does not tell us God’s reasons for doing what He did. But we do know that human beings choose to rebel against God unless He intervenes and creates a new heart in them (Ezekiel 36:26; John 3:3; Ephesians 2:8-9). Possibly, it works the same way with the angels; those not restrained by the gift of a godly nature will rebel when given the choice to do so.

It is puzzling, from a human perspective, when we consider that God foreknew these things and still allowed them. However, God’s nature is exhibited in everything. His wrath and justice as well as His love and grace and mercy are shown through the existence of evil and rebellion in ways that never could occur without them. If, as the Psalmist says “His way is perfect” (Psalm 18:30), God has committed no wrong in allowing the angels to sin. In fact, this allowance is part of His perfect plan. Perhaps the best way to understand why God allowed the angels to sin is to remember that everything God allows will ultimately glorify Him in some way – even when a finite mind cannot understand how (Isaiah 55:8-9).


Don Lemon interviewed Franklin Graham, asking him about why Evangelicals are so supportive of President Trump, even with more reports of his affair with porn star Stormy Daniels coming out.


Lemon asked, “Why do you think Evangelicals were so willing to call out, say, Bill Clinton‘s behavior but not President Trump’s?”


Graham replied that Clinton’s affairs took place while he was in office, but that Trump’s “alleged affairs” were years ago, and Trump has “changed quite a bit in the last eleven years.”


Jokingly, Lemon asked if Graham “read [Trump’s} Twitter account?”


He then continued, pointing out that “the payment to the porn star, that was in 2016. That wasn’t eleven years ago. That’s now. He threatened war with North Korea, that’s now. He calls for a ban on religions entering the country. That’s now. He has 15 accusers, some of them said it was shorter than a long time ago, as you said.


“He started a fight with a gold star family. He started a fight with gold star widows. He fights with people on Twitter. He uses the word S-Hole about certain countries. That’s all in the current timing now. That’s not from years ago.  That’s not from years ago. So that argument that he has changed or that he has somehow evolved, that just doesn’t stand.”


Graham started to repeat himself, saying that Clinton, Kennedy, and Johnson’s affairs were while they were in office.”


Lemon shot back, “There are more to a person’s character than affairs. Are you saying the only thing that matters is an affair?


“No,” Graham said, hesitantly, and pointed out that other presidents have used foul language.


“Does that make it right, because someone else is a sinner, because someone else used bad language, and this President uses bad language, does that make it right?”


“He’s a businessman, not a politician,” Graham defended. “Are you saying businessmen don’t have morals?” Lemon replied.


But, when in doubt, evangelicals use the same tired defense. “God put him in there,” Graham declared.


Wouldn’t that also mean that God put Obama in office for eight years? Does that mean God also elected all these men committed sexual harassment? If so, can we use the 25th Amendment on a deity?


Contact Rev. Dr. Harold Bailey @ Cc:mrheb@aol.com




Black Congressional Leadership Crisis Must End

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State of Emergency: The Black Congressional Leadership Crisis in America Must End

By the Black Conservative Activist Coalition


Nationwide (BlackNews.com) — The Congressional Black Caucus Democrats sat down on Black America at this year’s State of The Union Address. They have shunned an unprecedented opportunity to help the black community; and have chosen to resist the will of the people at every turn.

Rather than work with President Donald Trump who has offered real solutions to long ignored problems in the black community, these strident members of Congress have staged childish protests. They have declined White House invitations, yet continue serving as pawns of Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer.

The CBC sat down on news of the black unemployment rate hitting an all-time low – down in December of 2017 to a record 6.8% – from a whopping 16.8% in March of 2010. The new rate is projected to drop even more as a result of the massive tax cut and reform initiative recently signed by the president.

Would the CBC have been happier if conditions were becoming worse for an already struggling black community if such a tragedy had served to help the CBS’s attempts to further discredit Donald Trump?

The president’s dynamic economic news represented in falling unemployment, rising wages, record-breaking stock market, and a strengthening of the business environment is wonderful news for the black community. These gains represent our best hope to lift our people out of poverty and despair and to deliver us from the crippling effects of government dependency that the CBC continues to peddle as our best hope.

The CBC majority’s choice of government run policies consisting of entitlements and handouts, reportedly designed to alleviate poverty in America has been a dismal failure by all accounts.

Since 1966 when the poverty rate in America was 14.7 percent, U.S. taxpayers have spent over 20 trillion dollars in poverty reduction programs only to see the poverty rate decrease by a little more than one percentage point. Today, after 53 years of pursuing the policies that the Congressional Black Caucus continues to champion for black America, the poverty rate is at 13.5 percent.

The resistant CBC continues to promote and pursue the failed policies of the past; blocking productive discussions with the White House that could open up increased access to the flowing economic rivers for the people they pretend to care for and repre-sent.

Meanwhile, the Latino Coalition has met with Vice President Pence to discuss entrepreneurship and economic development among Hispanics in America, mapping ways to increase what is already a record-breaking surge of Hispanic business development in America.

In addition, the White House has increased its already blossoming open door access policy to Black leaders who are on board for pro-growth socioeconomic justice.

The CBC is not only sitting down on the job, they are failing the black community regarding our economic health, as well as failing us miserably in probably the most important effort of all; defending the sanctity of life. Rather than stopping the practice of black genocide where millions of black children are being aborted, the CBC supports bolstering tax subsidized abortion providers and institutions such as Planned Parenthood.

The CBC’s failure to join the current administration in turning back the horrific gains that the abortion industry realized during the previous administration is unconscionable, and a clear indicator as to exactly where the CBC’s priorities are. They obviously are not prioritizing the dreams of black children in the same way they chose to defend Hispanic “dreamers,” as evidenced by their lack of courage in standing up against a government that continues to subsidize the legal killing of millions of black children who will never even get to have a dream.

Some CBC legislators were willing to shut down the federal government to protect the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) recipients because they said: “It would be cruel to deport children who came here illegally at no fault of their own.” We would remind the CBC that the child in the womb of the black mother got there “by no fault of their own” as well. Therefore, we would think the CBC would be equally willing to shut things down in the black child’s defense… especially in shutting down Planned Parenthood.

In the final analysis, the current black congressional leadership is morally bankrupt and inadequate to lead their constituents towards availing themselves to the benefits of the positive economic trends currently taking place in this country. If this current class of black congressional leadership does not experience a monumental transformation in their approach to moral and ethical governance, black Americans must somehow summon the courage and intestinal fortitude to consider other options that include sitting the existing petulant CBC down permanently by removing them from office and starting anew.

For the more details about the Black Conservative Activist Coalition, visit www.blackconservativeactivist.org


Bipartisan Support Powers Passage of Landmark Legislation to Protect Illinois Communities From Illegal Guns

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Year-long grassroots and digital advocacy campaign led by GPAC and coalition group shepherds passage of Gun Dealers Licensing Act 

CHICAGO, IL – The Illinois House passed the Gun Dealers Licensing Act (SB1657), an historic public safety measure that would protect children and families from illegal guns flowing into our communities, making Illinois the first state legislature in the nation to adopt major anti-gun violence legislation following the tragic mass shooting at a south Florida high school earlier this month.

The bill now awaits Governor Rauner’s signature to become law.

SB 1657 prevents illegal guns from getting into the hands of criminals by giving state authorities and law enforcement officers the tools to hold accountable corrupt or negligent gun dealers, a major source fueling the illegal gun trade in Chicago and across the region.

The bill’s passage caps a sweeping effort led by the nonpartisan, Illinois-based Gun Violence Prevention Political Action Committee (GPAC) and more than 120 partner organizations with the Gun Violence Prevention Coalition dedicated to eliminating gun violence in communities across the state. They launched an aggressive digital engagement and grassroots campaign last year to support passage of this bill. Their social media activations reached more than two million Illinoisans statewide and 650,000 video views during this time. 

“Thousands of lives will literally be saved with the passage of this bill and for that our coalition of 120-strong advocate organizations along with state Senators and Representatives on both sides of the aisle who voted for it can hold their heads very high,” said Kathleen Sances, President and CEO of GPAC. “The passage of this bill represents a milestone victory against the gun lobby and their allies, and shows the rest of the country that it’s possible to take them on and beat them because we did it right here in Illinois.”

The Gun Dealers Licensing Act eliminates gaps that have for too long allowed guns to fall into the wrong hands. From 2013 to 2016, 40 percent of firearms used in crimes in Chicago came from lax gun dealers within Illinois, according to the 2017 Gun Trace Report. Thanks to loopholes in federal law and a lack of federal resources for enforcement, Illinois hasn’t had the necessary tools or authority to combat the illegal gun trafficking that is threatening families and communities.

SB 1657, which passed the Illinois Senate with bi-partisan support last fall, requires criminal background checks for all gun shop employees. It would require training to help gun shop employees identify a buyer purchasing a gun for someone else, require basic store security measures to help prevent theft, and strengthen law enforcement’s ability to catch those responsible for illegal gun trafficking.

Despite momentum building in Illinois and nationally to address the scourge of gun violence, firearm injuries continue to be the number one cause of death for children in Illinois. Last year, more than 600 people in Illinois died as a result of a gunshot and thousands more were injured with difficult journeys to recovery. 

“Children in Illinois – and across this country – have a right to grow up in communities free from gun violence,” Sances said. “But that cannot be achieved unless we’re willing to work courageously to keep illegal firearms off our streets and away from those who mean to do harm. Now, we have taken an incredibly important step in that direction.”

About G-PAC:

The Gun Violence Prevention Action Committee (G-PAC) is a nonpartisan political action committee dedicated to electing public officials with the courage to stand up to the gun lobby. In 2013, gun violence victims and survivors created G-PAC to counter the political influence and clout of the gun industry. By providing strategic campaign support to committed legislators, G-PAC aims to protect communities from the gun violence epidemic, which takes an average of 1000 lives each year in Illinois.

With support from a growing bipartisan coalition of legislators committed to ending this epidemic, G-PAC fights for the passage of sensible gun safety measures supported by gun owners and non-gun owners alike. These measures include lifesaving legislation that keeps guns out of the hands of criminals, gang members, domestic abusers and the dangerously mentally ill. For more information, visit: https://gpacillinois.com/about-gpac/ and follow G-PAC on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/gpacillinois.

Civil Rights Leaders in Selma to Launch Voting Rights Initiative for People Impacted by the Criminal Justice System

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Nationwide, 100 million people have criminal records and six million are disenfranchised by state laws.

SELMA, Ala. – Thousands of people will gather in Selma this weekend March 1-4 to commemorate the 53rd anniversary of “Bloody Sunday” when state troopers violently attacked peaceful voting rights demonstrators crossing the Edmund Pettus Bridge as they marched to Montgomery.

Martin Luther King, Jr. was arrested and imprisoned at the Dallas County Jail in Selma. Fifty years later, Pastor Kenneth Glasgow of nearby Dothan, Ala., will be at the Jail registering people to vote who are awaiting trial and can’t afford to bail out. Nationally a growing population of 700,000 people are in jail awaiting trial.

Glasgow and other civil rights leaders and supporters will announce the launch of a southern initiative to register hundreds of thousands of formerly and currently incarcerated people. In Alabama alone, more than 200,000 people with criminal convictions have recently had their voting rights restored due to relentless work of Glasgow and his organization. The Ordinary People Society (TOPS) during the last 15 years.

“If people are treated like citizens, they’ll begin acting like citizens,” said Glasgow who served fourteen years in prison himself and struggled to regain his voting rights through a complicated legal process that took three years.

TOPS felon voting rights work involved challenging the state’s 1901 white supremacist “moral turpitude” law designed to disenfranchise African Americans. That work included passing legislation in 2017 that finally defined the crimes of “moral turpitude” and re-enfranchised most of the 286,000 people with felonies in the state.

Press Conference details:

Who: Pastor Glasgow, The Ordinary People Society and allies including Southern Movement Assembly, Project South and People’s Action

What: Free2Vote Initiative Launch

When: 7:30 a.m. Saturday, March 3, 2018

Where: Dallas County Jail in Selma, Alabama

People with criminal records are an emerging voting block that premiered in the Special U.S. Senate election in Alabama in December when black voter turnout surged and defeated openly racist and misogynist candidate Roy Moore by 21,311 votes. Just a few weeks before the election, TOPS deployed its grassroots team of ministers and formerly incarcerated people to help register and turn out 8,221 criminal justice system-impacted voters – including many voting absentee from inside prisons and jails across the state.

People’s Action is more than a million people across 30 states working for economic, racial, gender and climate justice.

Madigan Announces Settlement With Takata Air Bag Manufacturer

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Madigan & 45 Attorneys General File Settlement Over Exploding Air Bags


CHICAGO, IL – Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan announced she has joined with 44 other attorneys general to reach a settlement with air bag manufacturer TK Holdings Inc. (Takata) over exploding air bags installed in millions of vehicles around the country.


Madigan and the attorneys general filed the agreement in Takata’s ongoing bankruptcy proceedings and are asking the judge to confirm the settlement as part of the bankruptcy plan.


The settlement follows a massive recall of Takata’s ammonium nitrate air bags that can deteriorate with age and heat causing them to explode. The airbags are installed in front of both the driver and passenger seats in various vehicle models manufactured by most major car companies. The explosions have resulted in 20 consumer deaths and numerous other injuries nationwide. The airbags have since been recalled, affecting more than 2 million air bags in Illinois alone.


Under the settlement, Takata will continue recall efforts, and Takata and the auto manufacturers will fund replacement air bags. Consumers whose vehicles are equipped with the hazardous airbags are receiving recall notices. These notices will contain important consumer information, including how to schedule air bag replacements. More than 60 million of Takata’s ammonium nitrate air bags have already been recalled.


“The Takata air bag recall is the largest recall in the auto industry in history, yet the number of people who have had their car’s airbags replaced is low,” Madigan said. “Illinois residents will not have to pay for replacement air bags. It is critical that people take the time to find out if their car’s airbags need to be replaced to protect themselves and their passengers from potential tragedy.”


Illinois residents who are unsure if they are impacted by the recall can visit safercar.gov and enter their vehicle’s VIN to find out whether it is included in the recall.


Also under the settlement, Takata is prohibited from deceptive advertising or misrepresenting the air bags’ safety. Takata must also discontinue production of ammonium nitrate air bags.


Assistant Bureau Chief Greg Grzeskiewicz and Assistant Attorney General Cassandra Halm handled the case for Madigan’s Consumer Fraud Bureau.


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