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“We Can Win With Quinn: We Will Win Once Again With Quinn”: African American Community Call to Action for Pat Quinn

Posted by Juanita Bratcher On October - 31 - 2014 Comments Off on “We Can Win With Quinn: We Will Win Once Again With Quinn”: African American Community Call to Action for Pat Quinn

Rev. Dr. Clay Evans, County Board President Toni Preckwinkle, Congressmen Danny K. Davis and Bobby Rush; State Senator Donne Trotter, Business Leader Everett Rand, Clergy for Quinn, and key African American Religious, Business, Elected and Community Leaders endorse Gov. Quinn for re-election. The endorsement session was held at the Parkway Ballroom, 4455 S. King Dr, in Chicago.

By Juanita Bratcher

Saying Quinn has “served us well against all opposition,” Rev. Dr. Clay Evans, surrounded by a prominent group of business, elected and community leaders, endorsed the governor yesterday, chanting “We can win with Quinn.”

“We know him…he has integrity, concern, and will continue to do us well,” said Evans.

Cook County Board President Preckwinkle said she was pleased to be there in support of Quinn, stating, “I’m a big supporter of Pat Quinn. She praised Quinn’s issues agenda for Illinois and emphasized he was for an increase in the minimum wage, “and ordinary people should get decent wages. I encourage everybody to go out to vote and vote early. (Voting) will keep our democracy strong.”

Davis said the godmothers and godfathers are the protectors of the community, and for those who think voting for the other candidate (Republican gubernatorial candidate Bruce Rauner) is in Blacks’ best interest “it’s like a turkey voting for an early Thanksgiving. So be all in with Quinn.”

Rush said there are some who come in contact with a billionaire and all of a sudden lose their sense of direction. President Richard Nixon, Bush and Cheney (all Republicans), he said, have “been detrimental to the desires of our community – cutting many social programs and taking away the lifeline in our community, and how they have treated President Barack Obama.

“We know Pat Quinn. We understand Pat Quinn. Pat Quinn is not perfect, but no human being that walked this earth has been perfect. Our mind is made up. And when you make up your mind the whole universe is in order.

The powerful, prominent group of leaders also reaffirmed President Barack Obama’s call to action that every Illinoisan early vote and said they will push for unprecedented early voting efforts this weekend culminating on Sunday. A bus and van were stationed in front of the Parkway Ballroom to take people to the polls to vote.

Markham Mayor David Webb, Jr. said, “We have to make sure we get to the polls, get out now and vote early. We need to send a clear message of what’s at stake. We will win once again with Quinn. We need to take our souls to the polls. It’s not just a privilege, it’s not just a right, but it is our responsibility to do it in the spirit of our forefathers, our trailblazers who not only talked the talk but made these things happen.”

Said Businessman Everett Rand: “We are clearly behind Gov. Quinn. The room is packed with people who care. This is not about today, but about tomorrow and the future of our community.”

Juanita Bratcher is an Award-Winning Journalist, the Publisher of www.copylinemagazine.com and the author of several books, songwriter and poet. She has been a Journalist for more than 38 years covering politics, education and a wide-range of other topics.

State’s Attorney Announces Dismissal of Charges in Murder Case

Posted by Admin On October - 31 - 2014 Comments Off on State’s Attorney Announces Dismissal of Charges in Murder Case

The Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office vacated murder and voluntary manslaughter charges against a man currently serving a 37-year prison sentence following an extensive conviction integrity review of the three-decades-old Chicago murder case which involved allegations of wrongful convictions and coerced confessions, State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez announced.

The conviction and sentence of Alstory Simon was dismissed in court this morning during a brief hearing at the Leighton Criminal Courts Building in Chicago.  In 1999, Simon pled guilty to the 1982 murders of Marilyn Green and Jerry Hillard, a young couple who were shot and killed in the early morning hours at Washington Park on Chicago’s South Side.  Simon, who is currently 62 years old, was sentenced to 37 years in prison where he has remained until today.

Last year Simon’s attorneys raised questions about the conviction and requested that the case be reviewed by the State’s Attorney’s Conviction Integrity Unit.  Alvarez formed the unit in 2012 to investigate cases involving questionable or wrongful convictions.

Alvarez said that her office conducted an extensive conviction integrity review of the case, interviewing more than 100 individuals and pouring over decades-old police reports, court transcripts and any other potential information that could be tracked down and made available.

“This case has undoubtedly been the most complicated and most challenging re-investigation that we have undertaken but justice compels that I take action today,” Alvarez said.

Anthony Porter, 59, of Chicago, was originally convicted of the murders but was released from prison in 1999 following an investigation into Porter’s conviction by a former journalism professor, a private investigator employed by the professor and a team of young journalism students.

Professor David Protess and the students claimed that their investigation proved that Alstory Simon had committed the murders.  The private investigator, Paul Ciolino, then went on to obtain a videotaped confession from Simon and to make arrangements for Simon’s legal counsel as well.

Alvarez said the review by her administration has raised serious questions about the integrity of the original Protess reinvestigation as well as ethical questions about Simon’s legal representation.

“At the end of the day and in the best interests of justice, we could reach no other conclusion but that the investigation of this case has been so deeply corroded and corrupted that we can no longer maintain the legitimacy of this conviction,” Alvarez said.

Since the creation of the Conviction Integrity Unit in 2012, Alvarez said her office has received more than 300 requests for the re-investigation of cases where an offender has been convicted of a crime and is seeking a review of their conviction.  The dismissal of Simon’s conviction today brings the total number of convictions that have been vacated by the State’s Attorney’s Conviction Integrity Unit to 10.

NAACP National Annual Convention Returns to Baltimore

Posted by Admin On October - 31 - 2014 Comments Off on NAACP National Annual Convention Returns to Baltimore

BALTIMORE, M.D. — The NAACP is excited to announce their return to “Charm City” to host the 108th Annual National Convention in Baltimore, Maryland, from July 22nd- July 26th. The NAACP last hosted its national convention in Baltimore in 2000. The Association looks forward to bringing this distinguished event to their home city.

From Roslyn M. Brock, Chairman of the NAACP National Board of Directors:
“We are indeed coming Home to Baltimore in 2017.  We intend to make the 108th Convention a showcase for the progress initiated by the NAACP. We will bring delegates, thought leaders and policy makers together in Charm City to insure that we continue to insure the civil and human rights of all people.  We will tackle the tough issues and work to insure that our membership leaves the city prepared to advocate for educational, economic, healthcare, criminal justice and voting rights equality across the nation.  We look forward to providing further evidence that courage has not skipped this generation.”

From Leon W. Russell, Vice Chairman of NAACP National Board of Directors and Chairman of the NAACP Convention Planning Committee:
“The Convention Planning Committee is pleased to award the 2017 Annual NAACP Convention to the City of Baltimore. Our hosts will be the Baltimore Branch and Visit Baltimore. The Convention is a perfect fit for Baltimore and true to the theme the Branch and Visit Baltimore used in their bid, we look forward to “Coming Home” for the 108th Annual Convention. We will work hard to make the 108th Convention an outstanding event for all our members, as well as a stellar event for the City.”

From Hazel Dukes, Member of the National Board of Directors and Vice Chairman of the NAACP Convention Planning Committee:
“As a three time host of the NAACP Annual Convention, I am delighted that Baltimore has been awarded the 108th Annual convention in July 2017.  Hosting a convention is a monumental task, but I am sure that the Baltimore Branch and Visit Baltimore are more than capable of providing the support and infrastructure necessary to make this effort successful. The Convention Planning Committee will work closely with the Branch and the City to make the effort a true learning experience for our delegates and a bully pulpit for equality and justice throughout the nation.”

From Cornell William Brooks, President and CEO of the NAACP:
“The award of the NAACP National Convention to the City of Baltimore is a win/win for all of us. Baltimore offers an outstanding civil rights history upon which we can build.  Having been the hometown of Thurgood Marshall, Clarence Mitchell, Juanita Jackson Mitchell, Parren Mitchell, Enolia Pettigen McMillan and Kweisi Mfume; there is no doubt that we will bring the movement back to its roots.  Our 108th Annual Convention will offer many opportunities to highlight the advocacy that our Association demonstrates on a daily basis across the United States.”

From Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake:
“We are honored that the NAACP has named Baltimore as the host for its 2017 Annual Convention.  Events like this showcase that Baltimore is truly a world-class convention and tourist destination. Baltimore’s rich African American heritage and culture are closely intertwined with the NAACP’s proud legacy, and we are delighted to bring the NAACP Convention back home.”

From Tom Noonan, President & CEO of Visit Baltimore:
“We are honored by the selection and eagerly anticipate the opportunity to welcome the NAACP and its stakeholders home to Baltimore in 2017 when the city will open its doors as hosts to the nation’s oldest and largest civil rights organization’s biggest meeting. We consider this booking to be among the most important, prestigious and relevant meetings, not only within the multicultural market, but the entire national meetings market.”

From Tessa Hill-Aston, President Baltimore City Branch of the NAACP:
“I am looking forward and very excited to welcoming the delegates of the National NAACP to Baltimore in 2017 as we showcase our first class city to the country! This convention will be an incredible economic development opportunity for the Baltimore City branch to engage local minority businesses and all citizens of Baltimore.”

Attorney General Madigan Reminds Families to Check Sex Offender Registry to Plan Safe Trick-Or-Treat Routes

Posted by Admin On October - 31 - 2014 Comments Off on Attorney General Madigan Reminds Families to Check Sex Offender Registry to Plan Safe Trick-Or-Treat Routes

CHICAGO, IL — As Halloween approaches, Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan reminded parents to check the state’s sex offender registry and with their local law enforcement agency before determining trick-or-treat routes for their children.

“I encourage families to check the registry before they head out on Halloween to help them plan safe trick-or-treating routes for their children,” Madigan said.

This week, Madigan’s office will be conducting compliance checks on sexually violent persons as part of her Illinois Sex Offender Registry Team (I-SORT). The compliance checks verify that offenders actually live where they claim to so that the sex offender registry continues to serve as a useful tool for parents. As of October 2014, there were more than 27,600 registered sex offenders in Illinois.

Madigan noted that Illinois law prohibits sex offenders on parole, mandatory supervised release or probation from distributing candy or other items to children on Halloween.

Madigan created the Illinois Sex Offender Registry Team (I-SORT) in 2003 and launched a statewide public awareness campaign to educate Illinoisans about the registry and the information available on the site. Madigan’s office also established a toll-free hotline – 1-888-41-ISORT – which the public and law enforcement can call with questions and with tips about non-compliant sex offenders.

CivicLab Launches First Crowdfunding Campaign To Produce Five TIF Training Videos

Posted by Admin On October - 31 - 2014 Comments Off on CivicLab Launches First Crowdfunding Campaign To Produce Five TIF Training Videos

Let’s Illuminate Chicago’s TIFs!

The TIF Illumination Project launched a $15,000 crowdfunding campaign on IndieGoGo to produce five 20 minute TIF training videos.

The TIF Illumination Project is a work of the CivicLab, America’s only co-working space dedicated to collaboration, education and innovation for social justice and civic engagement. Watch this one minute video introducing us.

Tax Increment Financing districts (TIFs) are a BIG deal in Chicago and across the USA. They take YOUR property tax dollars FROM the units of local government that rely on property taxes for operation (public schools, public libraries, public park, basic municipal services) and deliver those dollars to private developers with virtually no public discussion or recourse.

We want to raise $15,000 in order to produce FIVE 20 minute videos that explain the TIF program in Chicago and what we’ve learned. We want to showcase the many community organizers we’ve met and what they are doing to improve their communities. And, most important, we want to show you real alternatives to the dysfunctional TIF program.

The TIF Illumination Project has been using data mining, investigatory journalism, map making, graphic design and community organizing to explore and explain the impacts of Chicago’s 151 Tax Increment Financing (TIF) districts. We do this on a ward-by-ward basis.

When we visit a ward – as we do in a public town forum we call an “Illumination” – we reveal:

  • an overview of TIFs in Chicago and Cook County
  • how many TIFs are in the ward
  • how much property taxes those TIFs took FROM that ward
  • how much money was left over in TIF accounts from the ward
  • what projects were funded by TIFs
  • if any money was transferred in or out of those TIFs
  • how much money the Chicago Department of Planning and Development skimmed to cover their own internal costs

We do a one hour presentation that explains all this and we pass out a map that summarizes this information. Here is one we did for the 21st ward:

No one else can tell this story in the level of detail and clarity that we provide.

Sine we launched this effort in February of 2013 we have been invited all over the city to make these presentations. As of October 25, 2014 we have done 24 public meetings that have Illuminated 134 TIF districts across 30 wards in front of over 3,600 people! You can see the full record of these presentations here.

Public education is critical to exposing and opposing the massive abuses we’ve seen in the TIF program. We want to produce five short videos and post them online so anyone can watch and learn.

Here are the five videos we wish to produce:

(1) TIF 101 – What are TIFs, how do they work and what is their history in Illinois, Cook County and Chicago.

(2) The TIF Hall of Shame – You won’t believe who we’ve showered hundreds of millions of property tax dollars in Chicago. Mega corporations, billionaire developers, corrupt operators, companies that have fled the city, and much more.

(3) TIFs and Public Schools – Every dollar of property taxes that goes missing from the treasury is one less dollar to fund local government. In Illinois we rely heavily on property taxes to fund public education. In Chicago we are supposed to direct about 56 cents of every dollar in property taxes collected to fund the Board of Education. That is not happened because of TIFs. We’ll break it down in detail in this video.

(4) TIF Organizing – As of the launch of this campaign we’ve been in 16 wards for TIF Illuminations and so we’ve met dozens of neighbors who are organizing around TIFs. Who are they and what did they learn from the TIF Illumination Process and what are doing now?

(5) Alternatives To TIFS: Grassroots Community Development Innovation – Chicago is a hotbed of innovation in hyper local community development efforts. The problem is most of this work is not recognized or seriously funded. We’ll meet some key local organizers who are really making a difference in their communities. Their work shows us clear and compelling alternatives to the TIF Program.

What We Need & What You Get

We need to raise $15,000 to produce five twenty minute videos. The videos will be free to watch online and we will sell DVDs of them that will contain spreadsheets and other material we use in our work, including a PDF of a “TIF Primer.”

The production team is led by Tom Tresser, the co-founder of the CivicLab and the Lead Organizer of the TIF Illumination Project. Tom was the co-organizer of the No Games Chicago campaign which worked to defeat Chicago’s bid for the 2016 Olympics. He was the Green Party candidate for Cook County Board President in 2010. He teaches classes on civics, leadership and public policy at four local universities. He was recently named a Purpose Prize Fellow by the Encore Foundation.

The video team is Ed Pitts and John Sheehan of The TIF Illumination Project (http://www.tifreports.com) is seeking to raise $15,000 to produce five 20 minute videos to cover the subject of Tax Increment Financing in Chicago. This video was produced by Ed Pitts and John Sheehan of Absolute Video Services. John is a grassroots videographer who documents protest and social change organizing all over the city his Video Catalyst Project at YouTube has racked up over 6 million views!

Part of the money we raise will go to the videographers and part will go to the CivicLab to pay our operating bills and provide technical support for the TIF Illumination Project and it’s web sites.The Impact

TIFs are a BIG deal in Chicago. We have 151 TIF districts and in 2013 they extracted $422 million in property taxes from Chicago property owners. Since TIFs were first started here in 1986 they have made off with over $6 BILLION. What happened to all that money? The TIF Illumination Project is answering that question.

Our work has Illuminated hitherto-fore unknown details of city financing and insider deals and has done so in way that educates and activates people all over the city!

We’ve been to 24 public meetings, many of them focusing on one particular ward. Each meeting has been organized by a different team of community members. Over 3,600 people have attended these meetings. Here a few images from these Illuminations. The full record of all these meetings is here.

Not to brag, but over 50 stories have been written about this work over the past 15 months, including being featured in a cover story article for The Nation, “Chicago Rising!

We demanded that TIF impacts be placed on our property tax bills – along with the other units of government that take our property taxes. Believe it or not, up to this July – if you lived in a TIF district your property tax bill was LYING to you by putting a ZERO ext to the TIF district – meaning that it took none of your property tax dollars. In July of 2014, for the first time, Cook County Clerk David Orr added this information to over 220,000 property tax bills in Cook County! We can take some credit for this long overdue reform.

Now, due to the work of the TIF Illumination Project, TIFs are popping up in local races for City Council here. This is a huge issue for Chicago and we’re keeping it in the spotlight!

TIFs are a BIG deal throughout Illinois and the USA. In Illinois some 1,200 TIF districts strip about $1.1 BILLION in property taxes from 550 municipalities every year. Since TIFs came to Illinois they have made off with $14 BILLION. What happened to all that money. All that public money. Every single dollar was a dollar of property tax that SHOULD’VE gone to fund local government.

We have no idea how many TIF districts there across the entire USA. We estimate that they collect on the order of $20 BILLION every year. That’s a pretty big slush fund that is mostly off the books, opaque and unaccountable to local tax payers.

Eventually we want to expand this project to communities across the country where they are burdened with TIF districts. We are working with civic coders to build a web tool that will allow organizations to create their local versions of the TIF Illumination Project. You can see the alpha version of it here.

Ways You Can Help

Please consider making an investment in the TIF Illumination Project. Everything we’ve done so far has been volunteer powered. We now need to ramp up this work and hire some folks to make this work scalable, accessible and easy to use. This series of videos will help us start the next level of this work.

You can get further details about the project and the five videos we are seeking to make at our home site at www.tifreports.com.

People can help spread the word by using their own social media networks and telling your friends and colleagues about what we are trying to do. The short URL for the campaign is http://tinyurl.com/TIF-Crowdfunding-Project.

Let’s get Illuminated!


CivicLab and TIF Illumination Project Logos: Designed by Virginia Duran and Benj. N. Sugar
Announcements: Antenna by Alex Auda Samora from The Noun Project

The Growing Burden of Diabetes

Posted by Admin On October - 31 - 2014 Comments Off on The Growing Burden of Diabetes

Next time you’re looking around in a crowd, there is something you won’t see that will be there – Type 2 diabetes. Most Americans have heard of the condition, but very few understand just how prevalent it has become across the nation. In fact, Type 2 diabetes affects at least one in every 10 Americans. That’s about 9.3 percent of the population or 29.1 million people and a dramatic increase from 2010 when 25.8 million people, or 8.3 percent, were living with diabetes, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). If this growing health problem isn’t addressed, the CDC estimates it will affect one in every three Americans by 2050.

Diabetes also affects loved ones and places an unsustainable burden on the health care system. With current medical costs at $176 billion annually as reported by the American Diabetes Association, people with diabetes have, on average, 2.3 times higher medical expenditures. Factor in the $69 billion in indirect costs – disability, work loss, premature death – and you can understand the substantial burden diabetes represents in this country. Diabetes remains the seventh leading cause of death in the United States. Many of those who die are vulnerable because they are low-income, uninsured or under-insured individuals with limited access to quality health care.

What’s being done?

Initiatives like the Alliance to Reduce Disparities in Diabetes, supported by the Merck Foundation, are helping tackle this problem. The Alliance works to improve the delivery and quality of care for people most affected by the disease. Working with national, regional and community partners, the Alliance is implementing programs to educate the public about diabetes prevention and teach people living with diabetes how to manage their condition and take charge of their health. Programs include diabetes management classes, home visits, and cultural awareness/communication training for health care providers, and innovative health care system changes to ensure that programs are sustained over time.

The Alliance is delivering hope to people with diabetes across the country with program sites in Camden, NJ; Chicago, IL; Dallas, TX; Memphis, TN; and the Wind River Reservation in Wyoming. People with diabetes who are enrolled in the Camden program have already seen a substantial reduction in the number of preventable hospital and emergency room visits. Patients enrolled across all five sites have also shown a decrease in blood sugar – an important step in preventing complications from diabetes. If similar programs were established across the country, cost savings could be considerable.

Know your risk

As the saying goes, you can’t manage what you don’t measure – so understanding your risk of diabetes is half the battle. Type 2 diabetes can affect people of any age in any region, but certain ethnic groups are more likely to be diagnosed with the disease than others.
In particular, African Americans are almost twice as likely to be diagnosed with diabetes as non-Hispanic whites and more likely to experience complications. Diabetes is more prevalent among Hispanic populations as well. On average, Hispanics are 1.7 times more likely to have diabetes than non-Hispanic whites. Native Americans and Alaska Native adults are also twice as likely to be diagnosed with diabetes as non-Hispanic white adults.
While many vulnerable, underserved populations are at increased risk of diabetes, there is hope. Diabetes is a serious condition, but one that can be effectively managed by medication adherence, proper diet and exercise, and receiving more coordinated health care. Initiatives like the Alliance are working to close gaps in access and improve the quality of health care for vulnerable populations. To learn more about diabetes and the work of the Alliance, please visit the Alliance to Reduce Disparities in Diabetes website at
Simple Tips to Lower Your Risk of Type 2 Diabetes

It is essential to seek advice from a medical professional if you feel you may be at risk for Type 2 diabetes. However, these steps presented in The Nutrition Source by the Harvard School of Public Health, may lower your chances of being diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes:

* Stop smoking
* Lose excess weight
* Exercise for 30 minutes each day

* Eat healthy foods and limit excess sugar and processed meats

Photo Caption: Pictured from left:  Monica Peek, MD, MPH, Assistant Professor, Section of General Internal Medicine, Associate Director, Chicago Center for Diabetes Translation Research, University of Chicago, Principal Investigator of the Improving Diabetes Care and Outcomes on the South Side of Chicago Project; Torrey L. Barrett, Executive Director, KLEO Community Family Life Center; Tonya Roberson, BA, DT, Project Manager of the Improving Diabetes Care and Outcomes on the South Side of Chicago Project; Marshall Chin, MD, MPH, FACP, Richard Parrillo Family Professor of Healthcare Ethics, Director, Chicago Center for Diabetes Translation Research, University of Chicago, Principal Investigator of the Improving Diabetes Care and Outcomes on the South Side of Chicago Project.

BBB’s Top Five Spooky Scams of Halloween

Posted by Admin On October - 31 - 2014 Comments Off on BBB’s Top Five Spooky Scams of Halloween

CHICAGO, IL – Alarming horror movies and frightening costumes aren’t the only spooky things going on during Halloween. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) is warning consumers about popular scams during this time of year.

Viral Villans- Ebola Scams. Scammers always follow current events in the news and this time, scammers are taking advantage of people as they are panicking about the Ebola outbreak. Con artists will solicit for donations to fake charities or try to sell all-in-one products that will supposedly kill the illness and as a result, these solicitors can steal your personal information. Remember, experimental Ebola vaccines and treatments are in the very early stages so don’t be pressured by someone’s high-pressure tactics to make a donation.

Alarming Intruders- Bogus Break-Ins. Home security or alarm companies hire traveling sales agents to go door-to-door, making unsolicited “cold calls” on homeowners. Sometimes, the salespeople use high-pressure or deceptive sales tactics to get potential customers to buy expensive systems or equipment they don’t need. They may even claim that break-ins are going on in the neighborhood, even if that’s not true. Always check out home security companies with the BBB to make sure they are legitimate.

Pay or Die- The Hit Man Scam. This type of scam has been around for years. An email arrives to you out of the blue and the message says that the sender has been paid to kill you. In order for this to not happen, you must pay a certain amount of money and ask for personal details. It is important to NEVER respond to these emails and if you feel concerned about your personal safety, contact the police.

Chilling Threats- Shutoff Shakedown. Since temperatures are getting colder, it’s a popular time for scammers to give consumers false claims that their utility bills are delinquent and their service is in danger of being disconnected. Whether the payment demand is allegedly for ComEd or Nicor, the callers ask that the consumers purchase a gift card or a Green Dot card and then call back with the card information to make a payment.If you receive one of these calls don’t provide any personal or financial information to the caller. Instead, contact your utility company’s customer service department and verify that a call was made.

Dead Ringers- Identity Theft of the Deadly Departed. It can take up to six months for financial institutions, credit report bureaus and the Social Security Administration to share, receive or register death records. With a name, address and birth date in hand, they can illicitly purchase the person’s Social Security number on the Internet for as little as $10. To protect yourself against a loved one’s death, don’t list things such as birth date in the obituary, report the death to social security by calling 800-772-1213 and monitor the person’s credit report for any suspicious activity.

To view BBB’s Halloween’s 2014’s Scariest Scams Infographic online, click here.

Find out more about scams and sign up for scam alerts at BBB Scam Stopper (bbb.org/scam). For tips you can trust, visit bbb.org and like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter.

Indie Music Factory Announces the Release of Deaveru’s New Single “Designer Anthem”

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Nationwide (BlackNews.com) — Indie Music Factory, a music publishing, marketing & multi-media firm, announced October 14 that super rap sensation Deaverus hot new single “Designer Anthem” is now available for purchase online.

One week later there has been 343 downloads, 580 plays, 140 reviews with 85% of DJs saying they would support this song from almost every state in the US, UK, Japan, China, Australia, Korea, Africa, Brazil, Puerto Rico and more.

“Plenty more to come from “The Korporation” shout out to Alexis Levi & Indie Music Factory for holding me down,” said Deaveru

“The world is witnessing “THE NEXT BIG STAR” said Knowledge Stevens Business Affairs Manager for Indie Music Factory. Deaveru: From the Bay Area, lives in Atlanta at 6 ft. 8 this multi-talented artist has the stature for both the small and big screen. His charisma and presence is not only seen but felt and envelopes his admires with a sense of comfortable foreboding that instantly captivates them always having them looking to be a part of his next big move. Graced with lead actor appeal and charm combined with electric stage and musical chops He offers devastating good looks for the ladies and rawness for the playas.

Deaveru is destined to be the Next Big Star!! DEAVERU: The Bay Area native moved to ATL to live, play Basketball and to pursue his music career. KRUNKPHY is a prolific songwriter, cutting edge rapper, sought after producer and astute businessman. He is CEO of the Korporation, where he heads the music/media production and is currently preparing to put out a roster of new artists under his tutelage which will showcase the artistry and cutting edge musical innovations for which the Korporation is making a name for itself. He is also the COO of FUTRA Media: Multimedia Company which produces/distributes music videos, IPhone apps and select TV and Film Production events.
Purchase on Amazon Today:

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About Indie Music Factory
Indie Music Factory is the new leading independent music and video distributor. Their goals are to facilitate and affect change in the music and entertainment industry like Motown Records did in the 70’s as well as help their clients generate revenue to fund/finance their career on a national level. They plan to be a one stop shop for their clients, by providing independent artists with major distribution for their brands/products, while offering a la cart services such as Brand Marketing, Promotions, Publicity and also Merchandising. They will also offer major National and International Touring Opportunities.

For more details, visit www.indiemusicfactory.com or call (888) 729-2751

Photo Caption: Deaveru: Designer Anthem

Don’t Silence Violence: 10 Steps African Americans Should Take To Leave an Abusive Relationship

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From Illinois African American Coalition for Prevention

Fact: Most domestic violence incidents are never reported.

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month, as such we must highlight the importance of leaving an abusive relationship and the issues African Americans face when making the decision to leave their abuser. For African Americans, it is especially difficult to walk away and/or report an abusive relationship.

In An Analysis of Racism and Resources for African-American Female Victims of Domestic Violence in Wisconsin, a report by Lisa M. Martinson, African-American women hesitate to report abuse by African-American men because of the “readiness of the outside society to label or blame these acts of violence as racially predictable.” Not only must African-American women be concerned about the public as a whole, but also the effects of reporting abuse within her race community.

The following ten steps are meant to guide those leaving abusive relationships. This list is meant to offer an immediate avenue out of an abusive relationship without disregarding the policies needed to protect victims of domestic violence. Domestic violence is our responsibility, as a society we must take ownership of situations where we see another person being victimized and speak out against violence. In the meantime, here are some steps you can take if you are in an abusive relationship:

  1. Call the police. The first thing you need when being abused is safety. Often in the African American community we hesitate to call the police during physical altercations. This is due to the lack of trust we’ve developed over the years due to police brutality. However, during a physical altercation the safest thing to do is to dial 9-1-1. This ensures that your safety is the priority and there is evidence of the altercation.
  2. Take pictures. Keep a record of what your abuser did and when the abuse took place. This will help you advocate for yourself and your children if you are going through a custody battle or are called to testify in court.
  3. Have a plan. Know where you are going when you leave your abuser. Find a shelter or safe house in your area that your abuser doesn’t know about. This may require changing your phone number, finding a new job or moving to a different city. Among African American women killed by their partner, almost half were killed while in the process of leaving the relationship, highlighting the need to take extra precautions at that time.
  4. Seek counseling. Unfortunately, many in the African American community think that by seeking counseling people will think you’re “crazy”. However, when dealing with depression, anxiety, or other signs and symptoms of mental illness it is best to seek the help of a professional.  According to the African Americans’ Perceptions of Psychotherapy and Psychotherapists report, most African Americans understand the importance of therapy. Whether you’re dealing with an abusive relationship or are having problems, counseling will help you deal with these concerns.
  5. Reach out to family and friends. In abusive relationships victims often feel isolated, and their abuser may have forced them to end ties with loved ones. Reaching out to family and friends may be the only way out. According to the Intimate Partner Violence in the African American Community report, by the University of Minnesota’s Institute on Domestic Violence in the African American Community, battered black women who reported that they could rely on others for emotional and practical support were less likely to be re-abused, showed less psychological distress, and were less likely to attempt suicide.
  6. Find a support group if you can. Want to know how others did it? A support group is the best way to connect with people who have gone through or are going through what you’re experiencing. By connecting with a support group, you will realize that you’re not alone and that many have thrived after leaving an abusive relationship.
  7. Rediscover yourself. Don’t let an abusive relationship define who you are. Do some of the things you enjoyed doing before you met your abuser. Try new things. Find an outlet that will help you grow as an individual.
  8. Know what “No” means. Know what you want in a relationship. What can you compromise with? What is a deal breaker? Remember those things when addressing your abuser. Know that it’s okay to say “No”, and don’t feel bad about it.
  9. Never blame yourself. A failed relationship is always better than an abusive one. Often victims of domestic violence think they can change to stop the abuse. By staying in the relationship they are actually putting themselves and their kids in danger. In over 20% of the child fatalities that occurred in 2012, the child was exposed to domestic violence in the home. Also, many batterers were victims of abuse as children or came from families in which spousal abuse was prevalent.
  10. Follow-up on court cases. You are your strongest advocate. Following up with court cases shows that you are unwilling to let your abuser walk away from abusing you. While it can be an emotional journey, it may help you get the support you need.

Black Workers Hold Halloween Street Action against Ferrara Candy Company Demanding Good Jobs and Equality!

Posted by Admin On October - 31 - 2014 Comments Off on Black Workers Hold Halloween Street Action against Ferrara Candy Company Demanding Good Jobs and Equality!

Letters to Editors

Ferrara Candy Company is a well-known candy maker. They make such historic brands as Red-Hot’s, Boston Baked Beans, and Lemon Heads. Ferrara is also a leading marketer in the African-American community, especially during the Halloween season. Yet, until recently, Ferrara in Forest Park refused to hire blacks. Now it treats many as second-class workers. Ferrara also locks up hundreds of jobs in temp agencies that pay poverty wages , continually delay checks, and refuse weekly schedules. This despite the fact that African-Americans buy Ferrara Candy at stores all over the Westside.

On Tuesday October 28th scores of angry black workers and their community allies descended on Ferrara Candy Company to hold a Halloween Street Action to demand jobs and the dismantling of the pervasive segregationist-sweatshop employment model of discriminating in hiring against blacks and other U.S. born workers-while preying on Mexican immigrant workers to do degraded jobs in abusive working conditions.

“We are building an alliance of workers whose immediate task would be to fight systemic discrimination that exists both in hiring and on the job . We need to challenge the system that has given rise to the epidemic of joblessness in our community, but the jobs we want must pay living wages! said, Theresa Welch, of the South Austin Coalition.

This alliance will also struggle to end wage theft and unsafe working conditions for west side workers, and would cooperate with groups focused on economic development.

For more information, contact: Elce Redmond, 312-213-3989, elce@sbcglobaI.net

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