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Political Game Playing in Chicago’s Mayoral Campaign: “In Your Face” Backroom Politics Should Never be a Part of the Plan

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The Bottom Line is: It’s about trust…it’s not about emotionalism. Who Do You TRUST to Lead the City of Chicago for the Next Four Years? – Before making a decision, do a thorough evaluation of both candidates – their backgrounds, their records as public servants, and their proposed agendas for the city. And, please note:  emotionalism should never play a decision-making role in the upcoming April 7, 2015 Chicago Mayoral Runoff Election between incumbent Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Jesus “Chuy” Garcia.

By Juanita Bratcher

Publisher & CEO, CopyLine Magazine

Political jockeying and posturing! Are they power brokers…for real? It is sickening to watch all the game playing leading up to the Chicago mayoral runoff election. I read the stuff (news articles) every day and I know that a lot of it is business as usual. I can see right through it – as with many others – and yes, I see it for what it really is, get tied-in with certain politicians for handouts, when it’s not always in the best interest of the black community. It’s disgusting!

In January 2015, I clocked in 39 years as a news reporter/journalist. Over the years, I have cautioned people in conversations and in articles to beware of the messenger and the message he or she brings. That feeling has not changed. Over the years I have watched the political game playing and it seems it will never come to a squeaking halt. And all this political posturing, for what? Is it what’s in it for them? What do they have to gain? I say, tell people the truth. I’m tired of political operatives selling out the black community for three pieces of silver. This time I won’t call names, but the next time I will. It’s a form of domination on the part of these so-called power brokers: They feel, “I know what is best,” and the victim follows lead, do not think for self, and in turn give their power to someone else to think for them.

Frederick Douglass famously said: “I would unite with anybody to do right and with nobody to do wrong.”  He was driven by a vision, not emotionalism, but looking at the big, overall picture. Because where there is no vision, the people perish. The political empowerment of African Americans must be put ahead of any selfish or personal interest.  We must vote, but we should also make our choices by knowing candidates’ backgrounds, their agendas and that they will work in the best interest of all people.

So how can it be stopped? More education and training about the political process.

Plantation style politics is not a good idea for Blacks in the here now and it’s not a good idea for our future.

Mayor Harold Washington, with a smile on his face and in glee after winning the 1983 mayoral election, declared “patronage is dead.” Washington said he was putting the death knell on patronage, which over the years had bred waste and corruption. Certainly, there were some who didn’t like his declaration, because let’s face it; he was talking about getting rid of something that was an integral part of the political culture here in Chicago. And still is! Tell people the truth with no sugar-coating whatsoever. Leaders owe that to their following.

Blacks must fight for the liberation of all people, but specifically Black people. Do we have a new generation here where more plantation politics is going on now than back in the day when our forefather’s efforts were geared more toward the liberation of blacks than having a hand out as a sell-out or buy-out? Let’s not go back to the days of old. Blacks must become politically astute and aware about the overall political process; that way, those who depend on the thinking of others won’t need the thinking of others but will be able to think for themselves.

Juanita Bratcher is an Award-Winning Journalist, the Publisher of www.copylinemagazine.com and the author of several books, songwriter and poet. She has been a Journalist for more than 39 years covering politics, education and a wide-range of other topics.

Urge Senate Republicans to Confirm Loretta Lynch’s Nomination Without Delay: Sign The Petition

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Letters to Editors

From: U.S. Senators Dick Durbin and Patrick Leahy

Breaking news: Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell announced just yesterday that he’ll finally schedule a vote on Loretta Lynch to be our next attorney general.

It’s been four long months since President Obama nominated Loretta Lynch to be our next attorney general. She’s been through confirmation hearings, meetings with individual senators, thorough vetting — and passed the Senate Judiciary Committee with bipartisan support.

And still, Senate Republicans dragged their feet on her nomination — the longest confirmation process in over 30 years. Loretta Lynch is one of the best qualified and most experienced nominees for attorney general we have ever seen, and the Senate should confirm her right away.

Let’s take this opportunity, right now. The American people deserve to have Loretta Lynch as their next attorney general, and she deserves Senate confirmation — immediately. That’s why we are joining together and starting a petition calling on Senate Republicans to confirm Loretta Lynch. Will you sign on?

Click here to urge Senate Republicans to confirm Loretta Lynch’s nomination without delay.

We are both impressed with Loretta Lynch’s remarkable credentials. She’s a straight shooting federal prosecutor with a sterling reputation. Loretta has brought countless terrorists and cyber-criminals to justice, and she absolutely has what it takes to become our nation’s chief law enforcement officer.

Despite all of this, Republicans have delayed her nomination. It’s just not right. Our country deserves to have Loretta Lynch as our attorney general.

Will you sign the petition today?

Demand that Senate Republicans confirm Loretta Lynch without delay.

We have an opportunity, right now, to honor the legacy of Selma that so many of us celebrated over the weekend. Let’s take this moment to come together and confirm the first African-American woman attorney General in U.S. history.

Thank you for taking action,

Dick Durbin Patrick Leahy
U.S. Senator U.S. Senator


Peoria Police Sued for Conspiracy and Malicious Prosecution of Innocent Man Imprisoned for 19 Years

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PEORIA, IL – Christopher Coleman, who spent 19 years in prison for crimes he did not commit, filed a federal lawsuit today against the City of Peoria and four police officers alleged to have conspired to convict him in total disregard to the truth and his clear innocence.

A year ago, the Illinois Supreme Court reversed Coleman’s 1994 armed robbery and sexual assault conviction and the Peoria County state’s attorney dismissed all charges.  Earlier this month, a Peoria County court declared him innocent.

Police investigating a home invasion by six men wearing face coverings fabricated evidence, including a false claim from a 12-year-old who had no knowledge of the crime but – after repeated threats he would never see his family again – confessed to participating and implicated Coleman and other suspects manufactured by the police without any probable cause, according to the lawsuit.

Police also used “unduly suggestive” procedures that led to a victim selecting Coleman from a police line-up and withheld exculpatory evidence from Coleman.

In addition to the Peoria Police Department, four current or former police officers – Patrick Rabe, Terry Pyatt, Timothy Anderson and Michael Ford – are named as defendants.

“In serving almost two full decades behind bars, (Coleman) was unjustly deprived of much of his adult life to date,” according to the lawsuit.  “He was stripped of the various pleasures of basic human experience, which all free people enjoy as a matter of right.  He missed out on the ability to share holidays, births, funerals, and other life events with loved ones, and the fundamental freedom to live one’s life as an autonomous human being.

“As a result of his wrongful conviction and incarceration, (Coleman) must now attempt to rebuild his life outside of prison, all without the benefit of the life experiences that ordinarily equip adults for that task,” the lawsuit states.

Coleman’s lawsuit was filed in U.S. District Court for the Central District of Illinois by attorneys from the Chicago-based civil rights law firm of Loevy & Loevy and by the Roderick and Solange MacArthur Justice Center and the Bluhm Legal Clinic, both at Northwestern University School of Law.

The suit seeks an unspecified amount of compensatory and punitive damages for the malicious prosecution and intentional infliction of emotional distress on Coleman.

A copy of the lawsuit is available here.

State’s Attorney Alvarez Stepping Up Efforts to Address Hate Crimes

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State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez has formed a new Hate Crimes Advisory and Prosecutions Council in an effort to raise awareness and improve response to the issue of Hate Crimes in communities throughout Cook County.

A chief focus of the council will be on creating and maintaining proactive partnerships with communities typically targeted by Hate Crimes in an effort to raise awareness and engagement. Alvarez said the time is right to step up these efforts particularly as a result of international events involving acts of terrorism and the widespread use of social media and the potential for threats or intimidation on the internet.

“Our goal is to reinvigorate our efforts, not only in prosecuting hate crimes when we become aware of them, but also in bringing together important voices to develop a community-based plan that works to raise awareness about hate crimes and also strives to prevent them,” Alvarez said.

The newly formed council includes representation from community organizations, government and law enforcement at the state and local level.  Alvarez said she will ask the council to develop an actionable plan that will serve to raise public awareness of hate crimes, address barriers to hate crimes and develop effective law enforcement and community responses.

Alvarez also announced that she has appointed Bennett E. Kaplan to serve as Chairman of the Council.  Currently the Managing Director of Axium Consulting in Chicago, Kaplan formerly served as both an Assistant U.S. Attorney as well as a Cook County Assistant State’s Attorney.

Kaplan has long been committed to the prosecution of hate crimes and has served on the State’s Attorney’s previous Hate Crimes Prosecution Council as well as the Illinois Governor’s Commission on Discrimination and Hate Crimes.

“I am very grateful to State’s Attorney Alvarez for this important appointment,” Kaplan said.  “At a time when there is ever-present and growing concern locally about Hate Crimes and against the backdrop of increased violent Hate Crimes in Europe, States Attorney Alvarez should be strongly commended on her leadership in re-constituting the Hate Crimes Prosecution Council.“

According to Alvarez, one of the greatest challenges that prosecutors face in the charging and prosecution of Hate Crimes is one of knowledge and understanding on the part of the public as well as victims.  Hate Crimes often go unreported because victims fear public humiliation or retaliation if they come forward.  A chief focus of the council will also be on creating and maintaining partnerships with communities typically targeted by Hate Crimes.

“It is important to remember that any time a crime motivated by hatred or bias is committed, it has a ripple effect upon an entire community.  Hate Crimes cause fear, anger, and confusion among our most vulnerable populations and those feelings of fear and intimidation sometimes prevent members of a particular community from enjoying the rights and liberties that everyone deserves.”

Members of the new council include Roey Gilad, Consul General of Israel; Joshua Rose, President of the NAACP’s Chicago South Side Branch; Itedal Shalabi, of Arab American Family Services; Emily Sweet, Executive Director of the Jewish Community Relations Council, Rev. Helen Sinclair, of the Rainbow Push Coalition and Lonnie Nasatir, Regional Director of the Anti-Defamation League.

The council also includes representatives from the U.S. Attorney’s Office, the FBI and the Chicago Police Department as well as governmental representation from the Mayor’s Commission on Human Relations and the Cook County Department of Homeland Security. The LGBT and Hate Crimes specialists from both the State’s Attorney’s Office and the Chicago Police Department are also designated members of the new council.

IDNR Awards Illinois Biodiversity Field Trip Grants to Schools

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Privately Funded Program to Assist More than 7,000 Students in Learning about Illinois’ Natural Heritage

SPRINGFIELD, IL – Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) Director Wayne Rosenthal announced the awarding of more than $90,000 in Illinois Biodiversity Field Trip Grants. The 95 grants, made possible through private donations, will assist more than 7,200 students to visit Illinois state parks, museums and other natural resources sites to learn about nature and conservation.

“We are pleased to be able to support learning outside the classroom with these grants. This program allows students to visit locations throughout the state to see first-hand what they’ve been learning about in the classroom,” said Director Rosenthal. “Our future conservation leaders need the opportunity to experience Illinois’ natural resources in person.”

The entire $90,356.90 being awarded for 2015 was made possible by private donations from the Independence Tube Corporation of Chicago, the Daniel F. and Ada L. Rice Foundation of Skokie and the Illinois Conservation Foundation of Springfield.

“With the additional costs that schools incur for field trips often hard to come by, we’re thrilled to be a solution to the largest barrier to outdoors education,” said ICF Executive Director Eric Schmidt.  “The chance to enhance learning opportunities outside of the classroom becomes such an inspiring opportunity for our state’s children.”

The Biodiversity Field Trip Grant Program has distributed more than $778,000 and reached more than 75,900 students since its inception in 2001.  Grant recipients are located throughout Illinois and represent students from pre-kindergarten through high school.

The competitive grant program allows Illinois teachers to apply for funds to take students on a field trip to study Illinois’ biodiversity. Learning activities must directly relate to the school’s curriculum. The annual application deadline is January 31. Funding is administered by the Illinois Conservation Foundation and covers expenses such as the costs of transportation and substitute teachers.

For more information about the Illinois Biodiversity Field Trip Grant Program, contact the IDNR Division of Education at dnr.teachkids@illinois.gov or 217-524-4126. The Illinois Conservation Foundation gladly accepts donations for the Illinois Biodiversity Field Trip Grant Program. Visit http://www.ilcf.org/ for additional information.

For a list of this year’s winners log on to the IDNR website at http://dnr.state.il.us/education/CLASSRM/grants.htm. The 2016 application form will be available soon.

Follow the IDNR on Facebook and Twitter

Continuation of the National Emergency with Respect to Iran

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On March 15, 1995, by Executive Order 12957, the President declared a national emergency with respect to Iran, pursuant to the International Emergency Economic Powers Act (50 U.S.C. 17011706), to deal with the unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security, foreign policy, and economy of the United States constituted by the actions and policies of the Government of Iran.  On May 6, 1995, the President issued Executive Order 12959, imposing comprehensive sanctions on Iran to further respond to this threat.  On August 19, 1997, the President issued Executive Order 13059, consolidating and clarifying the previous orders.  I took additional steps pursuant to this national emergency in Executive Order 13553 of September 28, 2010, Executive Order 13574 of May 23, 2011, Executive Order 13590 of November 20, 2011, Executive Order 13599 of February 5, 2012, Executive Order 13606 of April 22, 2012, Executive Order 13608 of May 1, 2012, Executive Order 13622 of July 30, 2012, Executive Order 13628 of October 9, 2012, and Executive Order 13645 of June 3, 2013.

While the Joint Plan of Action (JPOA) between the P5+1 and Iran that went into effect on January 20, 2014, and was renewed by mutual consent of the P5+1 and Iran on July 19, 2014, and November 24, 2014, marks the first time in a decade that Iran has agreed to and taken specific actions that stop the advance and roll back key elements of its nuclear program, certain actions and policies of the Government of Iran continue to pose an unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security, foreign policy, and economy of the United States.  For this reason, the national emergency declared on March 15, 1995, must continue in effect beyond March 15, 2015.  Therefore, in accordance with section 202(d) of the National Emergencies Act (50 U.S.C. 1622(d)), I am continuing for 1 year the national emergency with respect to Iran declared in Executive Order 12957.  The emergency declared in Executive Order 12957 constitutes an emergency separate from that declared on November 14, 1979, by Executive Order 12170.  This renewal, therefore, is distinct from the emergency renewal of November 2014.

This notice shall be published in the Federal Register and transmitted to the Congress.


Letter — Continuation of the National Emergency With Respect to Iran

Dear Mr. Speaker: (Dear Mr. President:)

Section 202(d) of the National Emergencies Act (50 U.S.C. 1622(d)) provides for the automatic termination of a national emergency unless, within 90 days prior to the anniversary date of its declaration, the President publishes in the Federal Register and transmits to the Congress a notice stating that the emergency is to continue in effect beyond the anniversary date.  In accordance with this provision, I have sent to the Federal Register for publication the enclosed notice stating that the national emergency with respect to Iran that was declared on March 15, 1995, is to continue in effect beyond March 15, 2015.

The crisis between the United States and Iran resulting from certain actions and policies of the Government of Iran has not been resolved.  The Joint Plan of Action (JPOA) between the P5+1 (the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Russia and China) and Iran went into effect on January 20, 2014, and was renewed by mutual consent of the P5+1 and Iran on July 19, 2014, and November 24, 2014, extending the temporary sanctions relief provided under the JPOA through June 30, 2015.  This marks the first time in a decade that Iran has agreed to take, and has taken specific actions that stop the advance and roll back key elements of its nuclear program.  In return for Iran’s actions on its nuclear program, the P5+1, in coordination with the European Union, are taking actions to implement the limited, temporary, and reversible sanctions relief outlined in the JPOA.

Nevertheless, certain actions and policies of the Government of Iran are contrary to the interests of the United States in the region and continue to pose an unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security, foreign policy, and economy of the United States.  For these reasons, I have determined that it is necessary to continue the national emergency declared with respect to Iran and to maintain in force comprehensive sanctions against Iran to deal with this threat.



Source: whitehouse.gov.

Congressional Black Caucus Chairman Rep. G. K. Butterfield’s Statement in Response to GOP Senators’ Open Letter to Iran

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WASHINGTON, D.C. – Yesterday, Representative G. K. Butterfield (NC-01), Chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus, issued the following statement in response to the open letter to Iran authored by 47 Senate Republicans:

“The Congressional Black Caucus shares the sentiments expressed by Vice President Joe Biden regarding the unprecedented and reckless nature of Republicans’ open letter to Iran.

“The letter is an irresponsible partisan act to undermine President Obama as he attempts to negotiate an agreement to prevent a nuclear Iran.  This unprecedented action not only threatens our national security today, but also the ability of future presidents to negotiate with foreign governments and international leaders to find diplomatic resolutions to global challenges.

“By issuing this provocative letter during ongoing sensitive negotiations, these Republican Senators are attempting to usurp the President’s authority and break long-held American traditions of how we conduct foreign policy.  This action is not only disrespectful to President Obama but to the Office of the President.”

President Obama to Host Second White House Film Festival

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WASHINGTON, DC – On March 20, 2015 President Obama will host the second-annual White House Student Film Festival. This year’s competition was an opportunity for K-12 students to produce short films on the idea of service and helping your community.

Building off the success of the first-ever White House Student Film Festival last year, the second annual White House Student Film Festival was announced in December of 2014. Last year’s event was a celebration of technology in education, and this year the film festival event will showcase 15 students’ visions on the theme, “The Impact of Giving Back.”  The film festival will highlight the promise of mentorship in the arts and be a call for the entertainment industry to build upon their mentoring programs and engagement nationwide.

In keeping with the President’s vision of giving every child the chance to reach their full potential, in the East Room of the White House, President Obama will discuss the ongoing progress towards the goals of his My Brother’s Keeper initiative which aims to close opportunity gaps still faced by too many young people, often boys and young men of color in particular.

This year, fifteen student videos from around the country were chosen as “Official Selections” and will be screened at the White House. Selections were made in collaboration with the American Film Institute. The student filmmakers selected, and their guests, will attend the screening and a reception in their honor afterwards, made possible by the American Film Institute and Participant Media. The audience will be comprised of students, parents, teachers, Hollywood leaders, and education advocates.

This year’s Student Film Festival, in collaboration with the American Film Institute and Participant Media, will feature a second day of programming at the Newseum in Washington, D.C. At the Newseum student filmmakers will be treated to a day of educational workshops around best practices in the film industry and tips from professional filmmakers and actors.

The event in the East Room will be open press and streamed live on www.whitehouse.gov/live . For more information about the film festival visit www.whitehouse.gov/filmfest .

WHAT: The White House will host its second annual Student Film Festival, highlighting the President’s call to mentorship, in particular mentorship in the arts and film industries. As part of the event the President will deliver remarks on his My Brother’s Keeper goal of ensuring all young Americans can reach their full potential.

WHEN: Friday, March 20th, 2015

WHERE: East Room of the White House, which will be transformed into a movie theater. Media should enter the White House complex via the northwest appointment gate, located on Pennsylvania Avenue. Media should bring a government-issued photo ID, such as a driver’s license or passport, as well as a media credential from their outlet for success.

“Selma at 50: Still Marching” Spring Conference – Additional Speakers Announced

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CHICAGO, IL – Chicago Theological Seminary announced additional scholars and experts who will participate in their 2015 Spring Conference, “Selma at 50: Still Marching.”

Joining keynote speakers the Rev. Jesse Jackson Sr. (Operation PUSH) and Professor Michelle Alexander (author, The New Jim Crow) are Judy Levy (Executive Director, Jewish Council on Urban Affairs), Rev. Otis Moss III (Senior Pastor, Trinity Church of Christ, Chicago), Dr. Rami Nashashibi (Executive Director Inner City Muslim Action Network [IMAN], and CTS Visiting Professor of Sociology of Religion and Muslim Studies), and Sylvia Puente (Executive Director, Latino Policy Forum). Levy, Moss, Nashashibi, and Puente will speak on Friday’s panel called “Effecting Change in our Communities: Addressing Income Inequality, Immigration Reform, & Racial Inequities.” This discussion will help conference attendees begin to address how different forms of oppression overlap and intersect to create limiting systems.

Saturday’s panel, called “Justice, Justice Shall You Pursue: The Community, the Police, the Courts,” will build off of Friday’s discussion by providing real-world examples of organizing strategies activists have taken to assist in continuing the work of dismantling oppressive systems. Saturday panelists include Dr. Iva Carruthers (Professor Emeritus and former Chairperson of the Sociology Department at Northeastern Illinois University and founding President of Nexus Unlimited), the Rev. Waltrina Middleton (National Minister for Youth Advocacy and Leadership Formation with the United Church of Christ in Cleveland), and Bryan Stevenson (Clinical Faculty, NYU School of Law).

“Selma at 50: Still Marching” is a two-day conference that will encourage attendees to examine the systemic causes of social issues, including the prison industrial complex and militarized policing, violence, racism, income inequality, and poverty. Through panel discussions, and practical workshops, participants will begin to create actionable strategies leading to change. “CTS was part of the original Selma march in many ways. CTS students—including alums Rev. Jesse Jackson and Gary Massoni—left their classes against the expressed wishes of then President Howard Schomer, only to find President Schomer himself taking part in the march,” President Alice Hunt said. “We are delighted to have an incredible line up of academic scholars and experts from around the country with us at CTS as we examine the historical legacy of activism and movement building and apply those lessons to the challenges we face as a society today,” she added.

Additional scholars and experts participating in the event on April 24th and April 25th include the Rev. Traci Blackmon (Pastor of Christ the King United Church of Christ in Missouri), Professor Lee Butler, Jr. (CTS Professor of Theology and Psychology), the Rev. John Dorhauer  (Conference Minister, Southwest Conference of the United Church of Christ), Rev. Curtiss DeYoung, EdD. (Executive Director of Community Renewal Society), Professor Omar McRoberts (Associate Professor of Sociology, University of Chicago), Rabbi Dr. Rachel Mikva (Associate Professor of Jewish Studies and Director of the Center for Jewish, Christian, and Islamic Studies at CTS),), and Angel Ysaguirre (Executive Director, Illinois Humanities Council).

Partners for the conference include, the 31 Lengths Agency, Center for the Study of Race, Politics, and Culture at the University of Chicago, The Chicago Sunday Evening Club, Crossroads Antiracism Organizing & Training, Ink Factory, Mikva Challenge, and the Pozen Family Center for Human Rights at University of Chicago.

For a complete listing of speakers and additional details about the program, visit selma.ctschicago.edu.

About Chicago Theological Seminary
Chicago Theological Seminary (CTS) is a seminary of the United Church of Christ that serves over twenty-five different Christian and non-Christian faith communities by preparing men and women for the next generation of religious leadership, whatever that may be. Founded in 1855, CTS promotes a progressive, forward-looking philosophy and is at the forefront of religious scholarship, interreligious dialogue and transformative leadership. CTS graduates, students, faculty and staff have been advocates for social justice and mercy since the days of the Underground Railroad.

Chicago Theological Seminary helps individuals discern and articulate an evolving faith for the future, whether in ministry, teaching, advocacy, activism, social work or social justice.

The Women’s Business Development Center Offers April Programs That Support and Accelerate Women’s Business Ownership

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WBDC provides a continuum of business development services to prospective and established women entrepreneurs including counseling, training, financial, certification and procurement assistance.

CHICAGO, IL – Workshops offered in April by the Women’s Business Development Center (WBDC) include:

Monday, April 6, 2015, 5:30 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.

“Grow Your Business with WBDC: An Intro to Services”

Description: This interactive session is an orientation for prospective and established business owners to learn more about what programs and services the Women’s Business Development Center (WBDC) provides.

Cost: $10.00 in advance, $20.00 at the door

Location: WBDC, 8 S. Michigan Avenue, 4th Floor, Chicago, IL 60603

Registration: http://goo.gl/Z1mYsb

Monday, April 13, 2015, 5:30 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.

“Business Plan Critique Clinic”

Description: WBDC Director of Entrepreneurial Services, Meg Herman, will facilitate this interactive session and lend her expertise on practical strategies in developing your written business plan. As a pre-requisite to this session, please have a draft of your business plan in writing and available for discussion.

Cost: Free

Location: WBDC, 8 S. Michigan Avenue, 4th Floor, Chicago, IL 60603

Registration: http://goo.gl/4mHZbf

Wednesday, April 22, 2015, 5:30 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.

“Financial Counseling Clinic – Making Your Business Ready for a Loan”

Description: In this interactive workshop, WBDC financial counselors and a professional, former banker of 30 years will help entrepreneurs in any stage of business development prepare business financials to be loan-ready. Attendees should bring their business plan, financial statements and tax returns.

Cost: FREE

Location: WBDC, 8 S. Michigan Avenue, 4th Floor, Chicago, IL 60603

Registration: http://goo.gl/0ws8bG

For further information about these or other WBDC workshops, visit http://www.WBDC.org or call (312) 853-3477. Now in its 29th year, the WBDC provides a continuum of business development services to prospective and established women entrepreneurs including counseling, training, financial, certification and procurement assistance in Spanish and English. More information is available at www.WBDC.org.

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