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President Obama to Announce New Steps to Attract Foreign Investors and Create Jobs through the Continued Expansion of the SelectUSA Initiative: Fact Sheet

Posted by Admin On March - 24 - 2015 Comments Off on President Obama to Announce New Steps to Attract Foreign Investors and Create Jobs through the Continued Expansion of the SelectUSA Initiative: Fact Sheet

The United States is the bright spot in the global economy, further proof that the President’s middle class economic agenda is working. More than 12 million jobs have been created over the last 60 months, and wages are beginning to rise again. In fact, U.S. businesses have added more than 200,000 jobs per month every month for 12 consecutive months—the first time that’s happened in 37 years.

Global investors have taken notice and are accelerating their investment in the United States, already home to more foreign direct investment than any other country in the world.  Foreign businesses have injected an average of $67 billion a quarter into the U.S. economy over the last three quarters, compared with an average of $49 billion quarterly from 2009 to 2013, according to Department of Commerce data released last week.

To maintain this momentum, today the President will announce new Administration initiatives to bring job-creating investment from around the world to the United States at the second SelectUSA Investment Summit.

  • Investment Announcements: Summit participants have already announced at least $13 billion in U.S. investments over the last year and an estimated 32,500 new U.S. jobs, according to data compiled by fDi Markets.
  • Further Expansions to SelectUSA: Commerce Secretary Penny Pritzker will create the first-ever federal advisory committee focused on attracting and retaining foreign direct investment into the United States. SelectUSA will strengthen its partnership with states and expand customized trainings for first-time investors.
  • Administrative Actions to Recruit and Retain Global Talent: The Department of Homeland Security will clarify guidelines for global companies seeking to staff new and expanding U.S. operations with specialized knowledge related to their company or industry without impacting job opportunities for U.S. workers.

Second SelectUSA Investment Summit

Established by the President in 2011, SelectUSA is the first-ever government wide program to promote and facilitate job-creating business investment into the United States. Today, more than 2,600 people—including 1,300 companies from more than 70 countries and over 500 U.S. economic development officials from across the country—will attend the second SelectUSA Investment Summit for two days of matchmaking, information sessions, and presentations.

The United States is the world’s premier destination for investment and home to more foreign direct investment than any other country in the world. During the past year alone, 170 of the foreign firms attending the Summit have announced U.S. investments valued at about $13 billion and expected to create more than 32,500 U.S. jobs, according to data compiled by fDi Markets. The announcements come as the U.S. enjoys accelerated inflows of foreign direct investment in recent quarters.

This surge in FDI follows President Obama’s 2013 announcement of an aggressive enhancement and expansion of his SelectUSA investment-promotion initiative—and the results are billions in returns on taxpayer investment.

Since 2011, SelectUSA has helped facilitate more than $20 billion of investments in the United States, generating thousands of jobs and spurring economic growth. The program doubled the number of investors and U.S. economic development organizations (EDOs) it served last year to over 1,000, and is on track to increase its client base by more than 50 percent this year.

Actions to Enhance SelectUSA and Increase U.S. Attractiveness to Investors

Today, the Administration will announce further expansion of its assistance to U.S. economic development organizations and to international investors, through new partnerships with states, enhanced online tools, and a SelectUSA training program that was piloted at the Summit. Specifically:

  • New partnership with state economic development organizations: SelectUSA will convene at the Summit the first semi-annual gathering of a collaborative platform for federal and state economic development officials. The partnership will improve state-federal coordination, inform SelectUSA services and programs, and promote high standards in investment-promotion activities across the country.
  • Federal advisory committee: Commerce Secretary Penny Pritzker will establish the first-ever federal advisory committee to solicit formal input on the development and implementation of strategies and programs to attract and retain foreign direct investment in the United States.
  • Improved online tools for investors: SelectUSA has made available on its site for the first time a database of state-level incentives. The Department of Commerce has also made the website clustermapping.us, a joint project of the Harvard Business School and the Economic Development Administration, available to investors and economic developers. The Cluster Mapping website provides data and tools that make it easier for investors to identify regional concentrations of specific industries and locate potential economic partners. SelectUSA is committed to further improving online tools so that investors can more fully consider the advantages offered by the United States.
  • New and improved foreign direct investment data coming out this year:  The Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) will begin to report new data this year about the impact of foreign direct investment on the U.S. economy, and FDI contributions to employment. The data will allow investors and policymakers to distinguish and assess patterns of “greenfield” investments that establish new U.S. businesses.
  • Launch of SelectUSA Academy:  Through 2014, SelectUSA provided consultation for U.S. economic developers, seminars in at least 25 countries for investors, and a 101 series of webinars on infrastructure investing.  This culminated in the first-ever SelectUSA Academy, held March 22nd, the evening before the Summit kick-off.  Building on the success of this effort, SelectUSA will expand online and on-site training programs for investors and EDOs.
  • U.S. to be featured at 2016 Hannover Messe: Today, U.S. and German officials announced that the United States, led by the Department of Commerce, will be the featured official “Partner Country” for the 2016 Hannover Messe. Hannover Messe is the largest industrial trade fair in the world, attracting approximately 6,500 exhibitors and 250,000 visitors every year. As Partner Country, the United States will be featured to a global audience as a supplier of high quality products and a prime location for business investment.
  • Policy Guidance for L-1B Visas:  Policy Guidance for L-1B Visas:   U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services will increase clarity around the adjudication of the L-1B non immigrant visa that allows international companies to temporarily deploy workers with specialized knowledge to the United States when launching or conducting operations here. This long-anticipated policy guidance, which will be released for public feedback, is of particular interest to global companies participating in the SelectUSA Investment Summit.

Surging Interest in the U.S. as Place to Locate Businesses and Create Jobs

Record attendance at the Summit—more than twice as large as the inaugural 2013 event—reflects growing global interest in the United States as a place to launch and expand operations, invest in research and development, and create jobs.  In fact:

  • Foreign direct investments have surged the last three quarters of 2014, compared with the year-earlier period. New Commerce Department data released last week showed that global investors pumped an average of $67 billion every quarter into the U.S. economy in the last three quarters of 2014, compared with an average of $50 billion per quarter in recent years.
  • Surveys show investors rate the U.S. as top destination for investment. After eclipsing China, Brazil, and India in 2013 to take the top spot in A.T. Kearney’s FDI Confidence Index, the United States remains “the prime destination” for investment in the world, according to the consulting firm’s survey of C-suite executives. More than half of large manufacturers will increase U.S. hiring by 5 percent or more in 2015, according to an October survey by the Boston Consulting Group.

Source: whitehouse.gov

Congressional Black Caucus Introduces the CBC Alternative Budget for Fiscal Year 2016

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WASHINGTON, D.C. – Congressional Black Caucus Chairman G. K. Butterfield introduced the CBC Alternative Budget for Fiscal Year 2016, which proposes a fiscally sound and morally responsible alternative plan to reduce the federal deficit and alleviate economic hardship on America’s most vulnerable communities.

The CBC Alternative Budget focuses on increasing economic opportunities through robust investments in education, infrastructure, affordable housing, domestic manufacturing, small businesses, and job training.  It also protects and enhances social safety net programs and proposes significant investments in our country to ensure no community in America is left behind.

“Under President Obama’s leadership, the economy has added more than 12 million private sector jobs in the last 60 months.  While much of the country has experienced an economic recovery over the last six years, it has not reached every community,” said CBC Chairman, Rep. G. K. Butterfield. “Nowhere is this more evident than in the African American community, which continues to experience a 10.5 percent unemployment rate, nearly double the national average.”

“The CBC budget addresses these concerns in proposing a comprehensive jobs program, eliminating the threat of sequestration and cuts to vital programs, ensuring funding for science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) programs, and by safeguarding social safety net programs.  This budget makes tough yet practical decisions that protect our most vulnerable communities and ensure opportunity for all Americans,” Chairman Butterfield concluded.

“The CBC is again offering an alternative budget that better reflects the priorities of our nation,” said Rep. Bobby Scott, CBC Budget Taskforce Co-Chair. “Our budget is in stark contrast to the Republican Budget, which balances on the backs of our nation’s most vulnerable communities.  The Republican Budget doubles down on sequestration cuts to critical social safety net programs and repeals Medicare as we know it.  The Republican Budget contains trillions of dollars in largely unspecified tax and spending cuts that if enacted would devastate our economy.”

Rep. Scott continued, “Unlike the Republican Budget, the CBC Budget uses real numbers, not unrealistic assumptions and asterisks.  Our budget reduces the deficit by $1.9 trillion compared to CBO’s baseline and it shows how we get there.  And it is able to do this while also protecting and strengthening the social safety net and focusing on increasing economic opportunities.  It is my hope that the House will reject the Republican Budget and adopt the CBC alternative.”

“The CBC Alternative Budget invests in American families and puts us on a path to eliminate poverty,” said Rep. Barbara Lee, Chair of the Democratic Whip’s Task Force on Poverty, Income Inequality and Opportunity and member of the House Committee on Budget.  “Poverty in our nation is far from color blind.  The poverty rate in the African American community is more than three times the poverty rate of white Americans and one in three African American children lives in poverty.  By making strategic investing in proven anti-poverty programs and developing an effective and coordinated national strategy, we can end poverty and lift more than 45 million Americans into the middle class.”

“I am proud to be a part of the CBC Alternative Budget again this year, and I applaud Chairman Butterfield for his leadership,” said Rep. Gwen Moore, member of the House Committee on Budget. “The CBC alternative budget offers the American people a choice against the same failed Republican policies that offer tax breaks to the wealthiest 1% at the expense of hardworking Americans.  Importantly, our budget invests in our nation’s economy by ending the threat of sequestration.  Our budget also takes bold steps to improve the financial outlook of millions of Americans by raising the federal minimum wage, and our plan works to protect millions of vulnerable Americans by investing in our safety net, and it makes good on the promises we have made to our seniors by protecting Social Security and Medicare.”

Read the Congressional Black Caucus Alternative Budget for FY 2016.

Download the Congressional Black Caucus Alternative Budget FY 2016 Outline.

Protest Against Company That Receives TIF Funds but Discriminates in Hiring of African-American Workers

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Scores of Angry Workers and Residents to hold Action against Westside Employers who receive TIF funds but discriminates against African-American Workers.

The South Austin Coalition (SACCC) and the Westside Health Authority (WHA) will be joined by angry workers and community allies at a press action on the front steps of Mercury Plastics, a Westside employer who received TIF support to provide jobs, but practices an employment model of blatant discrimination and poor working conditions.

The protest will be held today, Tuesday, March 24, 2015 at 4500 W. Fullerton (staging area for march to company) at 11 a.m.

Organizers of the protest say Mercury Plastics does no direct hiring of its hundreds of production workers. Instead, it directs all applicants to two temp agencies: Flexible Staffing in Franklin Park, and MVP in Cicero. By the direction of the company, these agencies systematically discriminates against all non-Mexican immigrant workers. In addition, degraded working conditions at Mercury drive high turnover.

Despite these issues, they say, Mercury received TIF funds worth tens of thousands of dollars, to defray costs. What is so disturbing about this issue is African-American taxpayers are paying for a company that has perma-temped its workforce, degraded its jobs and discriminates against those blacks and other non-Mexican workers.

“We are demanding jobs, and the dismantling of this pervasive segregationist employment model that discriminates against African-American and other U.S. born workers-while preying on Mexican immigrant workers to do degraded jobs in abusive working conditions,” said Charles Perry, Director of Organizing, Westside Health Authority.

Politicians: When the Head is Sick—the Body Ails!

Posted by Admin On March - 24 - 2015 Comments Off on Politicians: When the Head is Sick—the Body Ails!

By Rev. Harold E. Bailey

President of Probation Challenge and the PCC Internet Network

CHICAGO, IL – As it use to be with the metropolis of Chicago, we regret to announce that things have taken a drastic turn for the worse!  The city, once a model for the nation and envied by many … is now on a ventilator and withering on the vine.

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and his administration of yea-sayers have long suffered with a tremendous migraine headache that won’t go away! The symptoms of crime, drugs, violence, red lights, mismanagement, are but a few acute pains that desire immediate attention! An emergency operation is warranted to remove the ailing mayor and alder-parts which have caused a cancerous  growth among the taxpayers. This administration cannot assume to believe it can continue to walk  in the shadows of  President Barack Obama… trusting to deceive the various communities!

Not even a radical transplant of yesterday’s political-foes could possibly serve as a substitute, for they too just might prolong death until (after) a swearing in! The city is in direct need of the best medical-candidates to render the best surgical procedure ever! Now, who might that person be becomes the utmost question!  The present political administration under the guides of their leaders has walked with arrogant behavior as they were full of pride. I hasten to point out that: Pride goes before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall. Proverbs 16:18.

Warning: Evil ethics are contagious and subject to any political candidate—present and future.

Remember crime stats and figures: Before any citizen of the city venture to vote, I would seriously suggest that they review the following documented stats and in doing so, be reminded that under the recent administration the facts are as follows:

Accordant to documented source: For the year 2013. Total shot and killed are reported as 375. Shot and wounded 1810. Total shot homicides reported as 2185.

Year 2014. Shot and killed are reported as 388. Shot and wounded 2231. Total shot 2619. Total homicides reported as 456.

An asinine and arrogant commercial won’t buy public trust: There are more deceptions expected from those who actually contribute to the careless violence by merely winking at the despicable acts in the streets!

Where is the honest repentance?  And as with an asinine and arrogant commercial… will the public be expected to forgive and forget past atrophies coming from what is expected to be the most powerful body of people in the city?

Resurrection of those murdered! To right the wrong of the blatant murder in the city … are we to assume that there will be a massive resurrection of those slaughtered at the hands of gangbangers, or even unjustifiable law enforcement? Cemeteries are filled with our children and our many grandchildren, as their blood cries from the earth for justice! Dead are those who could have had productive lives as doctors, lawyers, teachers and other professional who could have given back to us what the Lord gave to them—help for other! As we have noted, there is now not a mention of those who have gone into eternity, but decisions are made to pretend these deaths never took place!  Most candidates have been instructed to address unpopular issues until after the election… to avoid waking and shaking-up the voters.

Contagious cancer of lies in readiness to spread:

Do voters reward certain incumbents or other candidates a yes vote, when their actions indicates a ‘dialect of duty’ as some counsel-floor persons suffer from a disease called: No-show for council work or non-responsive to their constituents!  Even the disease of not showing in the community seems to be rather prevalent until around the election hour!  Then, they come with colorful words of grandeur as the deceivers introduce a full-bloom cancerous badge of infectious lies. This then in a readiness state is spread into the community with a bitter-sweet and deceiving grin! Satan, the deceiver comes only but to rob, steal, kill and destroy—if we allow it!

Politicians: Currently, the beautiful city by Lake Michigan, is now in a dismal state of affairs, while the administration is allowing tax paying  individuals to remain critically ill and holding on with assistance from a respirator … and believe it or not patients (tax payers) are perishing for the want of a mere truth-pill which is most times unavailable!

Chi-town, a hideout for the wealthy: Is Chicago a place where the rich becomes richer–while the poor becomes the poorer? Are most politicians about the matters of greed, power, or merely about dollars and not having much sense?  Times change as does the dollar figure, but Chicago’s payroll use to be about $2.5 billion. One of the largest expenses then was to battle a $650 million budget deficit. The data showed that 2,400 city workers then were paid $100,000 or more per year. Times have certainly changed in the now transparent government.

Where is the promised open government? Chicago Mayor Emanuel promised to have an open, accountable and transparent government, one that the City of Chicago has ever seen, but as it stands today, his unofficial trips that did not represent Chicago has totaled into the thousands of unaccountable dollars! Could or would this unaccountable finance lead to unscrupulous criminal findings? Question comes to mind whether or not the city council is holding the mayors feet to the fire. Actually, aldermen/women are hired to relate their accounts back to the community!

Mayor/Aldermen/Alderwomen: Are you aware that voters are over-heated with a high pitch fever resulting from the lack of honesty and the lack of accountability coming from city hall?

Bloody cries are heard in the streets as the elderly hide themselves behind their closed curtains and doors with bars, all for the fear of rampant crime, drugs and violence, that has perpetrated their once safe haven. If by chance the elderly fall victim to gun-fire or other means contributing to their health condition … their acute medical attention is then placed under microscope. As seniors are barged down in bureaucratic red-tape and in a serious fight to exist, they have to decide which bill to pay… high rent, insurance, food, etc… while standing in the wings are some political foes waiting to take on matters of property taxation. These issues are too grievious for seniors to bear!

Are our youth to emulate what is being perpetrated by the powers-that-be? Youth are in many cases emulating what comes out of city hall… in many cases potential jail bait.

Politicians should be sensitive: The taxpayer needs acute safety attention that would help in seniors experiencing daily trauma of their: 1.) Crossing game-turf to travel to work, banking. 2.) Fear of the drugs on the many street corners. 3.) Unable to grocery shop or enter/exit from a currency exchange without being hustled.  Senior and others are noting these injustices… why are policemen who swear to protect and service—non responsive? Are they following the dictates of their leadership? Well, when the head is sick the body ails.

Politicians are you listening to: The ailing cries of ‘Please Help Me’ are heard from all corridors of the South and Westside deteriorating streets daily! However the citizens (tax-payers) pleas for assistance are more than often unheard! Well, when the head is sick the body ails.

Do political ears care to hear their constituents?  A large number of tax-payers have said that their representatives have eyes to see only those who can help financially, or in their election campaign bid.  Why won’t they hear serious question? It has been said more than a few times that some  politicians are sick with greed and have buried themselves in the false grandeur of a financial political arena. It has been declared that many have dreams of what they will never become, for they at first regrettably get lost in the struggle to help others—while getting lost helping themselves.

Many loyal and dedicated voters say that political allegiances are not to them but to the person sitting in the mayor’s seat.  Although some agree to what is being said… most don’t register, and most don’t vote!

Could not voting be orchestrated: Question is posed if youth and elders alike are orchestrated into not voting? Could the enemy of their vote be guilty of rocking African Americans and Hispanics, into a stupor induced by drugs, alcohol and other means,  then rock them in the cradle of comfort ability so that they become complexion, thusly loosing all hope of change… you think this is not possible in this 21st Century? Mission Impossible—Thank Again!

Seniors and youth suffering: Retired elders who bear the blunt of taxes, have paid through the nose and have contributed greatly to paying their dues to society along with aspiring youth… sit unprotected day-after-day, peering from their windows… hoping that on tomorrow there will be a far better day to obtain that educational and recreational relief!

With the tears that fall like rain and without a word from God, we will continue to follow the voice of the many pharaohs who seeks the demise of the deprived.

Diagnose with a Solution: In pretense, the powers-that-be, would have the public to believe that there is no medicine to alleviate the sufferings that minority communities have been forced to endure. However, there is a cure! No, it is not an antibiotic, aspirin, nor a chill pill! It means simply to seek God in efferent prayer! Let’s seek the face of the creator—asking who can best serve his people!

Selma and Chicago, do we differ?! Selma knew they had problems and sought to change them. Chicago has a multitude of problems and in this year 2015, we just ought to be about the matters of constructive change. Learning from the Selma experience we must be wise as a serpent yet harmless as a dove! As Selma demonstrated we too must march and show our displeasure! We must walk-that-walk and talk-that-talk, and of course all of this will be coupled with spiritual pride!

A. In your journey to the voting polls—take the time to self-examine! B. Know each candidate and their history.

1.) Do not forget those who have been wreak-less with your life in their hands!

2.) Know that each candidate’s future rest in YOUR vote!

3.) Take two (2) pills of truth and honesty, swallowed hard—then vote! Now perhaps you can rest in the assurance that the cancerous headache will go away… if only for a season!

A word to politicians: Incumbents and Candidates

Talk no more so very proudly, let not arrogance come from your mouth; for the Lord is a God of knowledge, and by him actions are weighed.

1 Samuel 2:3

I am ‘A-Political’ and not endorsing any political candidate!

Rev. Harold E. Bailey, PCC Internet Network

Contact: 773.978.3706

Editor’s Note: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of Rev. Harold E. Bailey and not CopyLine Magazine.

Immigrants in Need of Transplants Protest UIC Medical Center (UPDATE)

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UIC Medical Center unlawfully denies life-saving kidney transplants to local residents

CHICAGO, IL – Community members, patients and immigrant rights advocates will gather to publically denounce the University of Illinois Medical Center for  unlawfully denying life-saving kidney transplant services to immigrants residing in the state of Illinois.

What: Press Conference to Protest and Denounce UIC Medical Center

Where:  1740 W Taylor St, Chicago IL

When: Wednesday, March 25, 11:30 AM

Activists, patients and community members state that UIC Medical center has denied transplant services to Jesus Reyes and Salvador Garcia, both patients on dialysis who desperately need kidney transplants.  “We will denounce their immoral and illegal actions of discriminating against our undocumented community,” said Father Jose Landaverde over a phone interview in the subject matter.


Most immigrants are considered ineligible to apply for comprehensive medical benefits and remain considered “uninsurable”, denied even the most basic access to health care. However, in October 2014,  Senate Bill SB741 was passed which guarantees that Illinois residents will receive kidney transplants regardless of their current immigration status or insurance status. The law provides that the Illinois Department of Health and Family Services will fully fund kidney transplants for all patient who reside in Illinois and who are under dialysis, including people who are undocumented or cannot otherwise qualify for medical benefits.

“This law represents a victory for our communities” stated Father Jose Landaverde from the Faith, Hope and Life Mission, “a victory that was won by many undocumented patients and their families who went on hunger strikes and lost their lives fighting for a more just law. We are going to make these health care provider institutions accountable to the people; we demand immediate transplant services from University of Illinois Medical Center to Jesus Reyes and Salvador Garcia, as well as to the many being unlawfully denied due to their immigration or insurance status” he concluded.

Palestine Advocacy Group Launches Chicago-Area Billboards Reminding Americans that their Taxes Support an “Illegal Occupation”

Posted by Admin On March - 24 - 2015 Comments Off on Palestine Advocacy Group Launches Chicago-Area Billboards Reminding Americans that their Taxes Support an “Illegal Occupation”

CHICAGO, IL – Just a few weeks from the April 15 deadline to file federal tax returns, the American Muslims for Palestine, a national education and advocacy organization based in Palos Hills, IL, placed electronic billboards asking the provocative question: “Have you declared Israel a dependent on your tax returns?”

The ad, which ran last year in Washington DC and is slated later for Times Square in New York City, says Americans are “sweating April 15 so Israelis don’t have to,” and calls for an end to US aid to the Israeli occupation.

They can be seen on digital billboards at I-294 and 95th Street and I-294 and Southwest Highway through April 19.

The ad’s message comes at a time when the relationship between the United States and Israel is more than strained due to Mr. Netanyahu circumventing official diplomatic protocol and the White House when he delivered a speech to Congress on March 3. The strain was heightened by Mr. Netanyahu’s pre-election claim that he would never allow for a Palestinian state. The White House also criticized the prime minister for his undemocratic appeal to Israeli Jewish voters to cast their ballots to overcome the “hordes” of Arabs who were voting, saying the US would “reassess” its peace policies with Israel. Though he backtracked on some of these comments on US news networks after the Israeli election, President Obama rejected the attempt, according to the Washington Post.

“The US is obligated to give Israel more than $3 billion per year in foreign aid and those funds are used to maintain Israeli policies that contravene international law and Palestinians’ human rights,” said Dr. Osama Abu Irshaid, AMP national coordinator and expert political analyst. “We’ve always known that Israel doesn’t want peace with Palestinians. Now we have the proof. So why is the US still sending billions of our hard-earned tax money to a state, which does not uphold democratic principles?”

Indeed. US foreign aid to Israel surpassed the foreign military financing of $3.1 billion per year. There also are grants from the Department of Defense for missile defense systems; free and reduced-cost weaponry and also loan guarantees that amount to billions more.

By linking US aid to Israel to the April 15 tax deadline, AMP is hoping to raise awareness of Israel’s military occupation of Palestine, and its total blockade of Gaza, both of which violate the Fourth Geneva Conventions and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. In so doing, Israeli policies supported by US tax money also directly oppose American values of justice, liberty and freedom.

“Our unconditional support of these Israeli policies weakens America’s moral position throughout the world and threatens our own national security,” Dr. Abu Irshaid said. “We are asking Congress and the State Department to withhold US Aid until Israel complies with international law and ends the occupation, lifts the siege on Gaza, allows Palestinian refugees the right to return home and affords Palestinian citizens of Israel equal rights. It is the American thing to do.”

Learn more about US aid to Israel and what $3 billion per year could buy Americans here at home.

2015 National Urban League Conference Early Bird Registration Extended to April 6th!

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Early bird registration for the 2015 National Urban League Conference, Save Our Cities: Education, Jobs & Justice has been extended to April 6th! Join business, community and political leaders including Facebook’s C.O.O. Sheryl Sandberg and many others for four power packed days, July 29th – August 1st.

The conference will feature informative and inspiring sessions and workshops, the Women of Power Awards Luncheon, The N.U.L. Experience Expo Hall and Career Fair, The Young Professionals Summit, The National Council of Urban League Guilds Leadership Awards Luncheon receptions with former Essence Magazine Editor-in-Chief Emeritus Susan L. Taylor, The Whitney M. Young, Jr. Awards Gala, Small Business Matters Entrepreneurship Summit, advanced screening of a Hollywood blockbuster, and much more!

Register today to receive the Early Decision registration rates. Prices go up, so register now and receive special discounted pricing.

Hotels are booking fast so be sure to reserve your room and receive special Conference rates! You can book here!

Les Brown’s Daughter Launches Motivational Tour

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Ona Brown’s “Own Your Dream” Tour Takes Winning Message on the Road

Ona Brown

Atlanta, GA (BlackNews.com) – Acclaimed motivational speaker and author, Ona Brown, is taking her wildly successful message of resilience, strength and forgiveness across the country with her new Own Your Dream Tour, March 27 through April 11, 2015. The tour begins in Oakland, California and travels all the way to Atlanta, Georgia, with stops in ten additional cities along the way.

For over 20 years, Ona has dedicated her life to facilitating exceptional results in the lives of others. Her consulting, coaching and training firm, World Impact Now (W.I.N.) continues to ignite transformation and healthy change for thousands of people through speaking engagements, personal development workshops and personal coaching.

Ona has shared her inspiring and motivating messages with people in hundreds of cities in the U.S. as well as countless locations abroad including London, England; Sydney, Australia; Johannesburg, South Africa and Stockholm, Sweden. Her radio show, “Own Your Dreams” on WAEC/LOVE860 AM Radio in Atlanta has attracted thousands of listeners and she enjoys a huge following.

“So many people are stuck, stagnant and submissive to stressful and miserable living! However, we really can reclaim our lives, get back in the drivers seat and begin to OWN OUR DREAMS! The best time to begin that journey of discovery & ownership will always be…NOW!” says Ms. Brown.

Daughter of Les Brown, an international motivational speaker who was named one of the top five speakers in the world, Ona has made a name for herself with her unique, feminine yet mind shifting message. Known as ‘The Dream Queen’ and ‘The Message Midwife’, she is a powerhouse in her own right, inspiring and energizing her audiences to actualize their heart’s desires.

She’s given birth to CDs, books, and other bodies of work that have helped transform peoples lives, including How to Fall In Love With Your Life, Discovering the Greatest You Ever, Answer the Call, and When the Seasons Change.

“I love to share the following words from Nelson Mandela, who encourages us to unleash our own life of leadership and greatness,” says Ona. “‘What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived. It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead.'”

The Own Your Dreams Tour is seeking donations to help Ona reach and empower as many people as possible. Contributions can be made at www.onabrown.com. For more information about Ona Browns Own Your Dream Tour, contact info@onabrown.com or call (305) 999-5556.

Photo Caption: Ona Brown, motivational speaker and author

BLACK WOMEN’S EXPO 2015 Kicks Off with Inspiring Speakers, Exciting Vendors and Dazzling Entertainment

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CHICAGO, IL – The Black Women’s Expo Presented by State Farm will celebrate its 21st Anniversary with a stellar line-up of speakers, entertainers and seminars March 27-March 29 at McCormick Place in Chicago. More than 30,000 visitors are expected to attend the three-day exposition that has a mission of enlightening, educating and empowering women and girls of all ages.  For the 20th year, State Farm is the Presenting Sponsor for the BWExpo, which is the No. 1 national destination event for African-American women in the Midwest. Walgreens is the Expo’s Title Sponsor for the fourth year.

During the three-day event, the BWExpo will feature national experts who will address topics that are especially important to African-American women, including business ownership, female-male relationships, financial literacy, career advancement, health and wellness, travel, and beauty. There also will be hundreds ofexhibitors and vendors.

On Thursday, March 26, the BWExpo Phenomenal Woman Awards Gala will showcase inspirational speaker and best-selling author Lisa Nichols, who was featured in the movie The Secret. (Nichols also will lead a session at the BWExpo on Saturday, March 28.) At Thursday’s Gala, 11 exceptional Chicago women will be honored, including Karen Lewis, president of the Chicago Teachers Union. The Gala will take place at Hilton Chicago, 720 South Michigan Avenue.

Among the BWExpo’s exciting and informative workshops is “Money Making Conversations” hosted by Rushion McDonald, Emmy Award winning executive producer of the Steve Harvey Show (NBC) and the Steve Harvey Morning Show (IHeart Radio). In addition, Dr. Sherry Blake will bring her seasoned wisdom to the Expo when she discusses Women’s Mental Health. Dr. Sherry, “therapist to the stars,” has appeared on Braxton Family Values and Real Housewives of Atlanta. At the BWExpo, actor, filmmaker and director Bill Duke will screen his two documentaries,“Dark Girls” and “Light Girls,” and host a panel discussion after each showing.

Among other celebrity participants in the BWExpo are R&B powerhouse singers and recording artists Syleena Johnson and Avery Sunshine, who will headline the Main Stage on Friday, March 27, and Saturday, March 28, respectively; actress Keisha Knight Pulliam; celebrity hairstylist Kim Kimble; Priyanka Banks and April McRae of VH1’s Sorority Sisters reality show; singer and radio personality Lil Mo, and radio host and author Tariq Nasheed.

The 2015 Black Women’s Expo will offer several pavilions, including the Beauty Bar, which will showcase beauty products; the Food Oasis, where minority food companies will offer food samples; and the Natural Hair Pavilion, where products for natural hairstyles will be featured.  Among the new features at the 2015BWExpo is the Family Services Pavilion, sponsored and developed by Sinai Health System, where community organizations will share information about health-relatedservices they provide.  In addition, there will be plenty of activities for children and teens. Friday, March 27, has been designated as the BWExpo’s Teen Summit Day.

“We are very excited about the 2015 Black Women’s Expo,” says Merry Green, president and CEO of MGPG Events Inc. and creator of the BWExpo. “As has been our mission for 20 years, we will celebrate the strength and resilience of African-American women as well as explore opportunities, confront challenges and encourage aspirations.

“The Black Women’s Expo is where Black women of all professions, income levels and educational backgrounds come together to network, be enlightened and be inspired. It is where we truly celebrate Sisterhood.”

ABC-7 again will be the television partner for the Black Women’s Expo. IHeartMedia (V103, WGCI and Inspiration 1390) is the radio partner. Nationally syndicated radio host Doug Banks will broadcast his show live from the expo.  And the nationally renowned game show Jeopardy again will provide visitors to the Expo an opportunity to try their hand at the game.

In addition to State Farm and Walgreens, other sponsors of the 2015 Black Women’s Expo include Illinois Lottery, Luster Products, Morgan Stanley, Wintrust Bank, Mario Tricoci, University of Chicago Medicine, Crème of Nature & Lottabody, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Black McDonald’s Owners Association and ComEd.

For 21 years, the Black Women’s Expo has been an ideal venue for large corporations and small to mid-sized businesses to reach African-American consumers, which are more than 42 million strong with an annual buying power of nearly one trillion dollars. BWExpo 2015 tickets are available for half price at Walgreens.

For more information on the Black Women’s Expo, visit www.theblackwomensexpo.com, follow us on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/blackwomensexpo or connect on Twitter #TBWE.

Diverse Coalition Kicks Off ‘Take Your Souls To The Polls’ Campaign

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Says blacks will determine the winner

By Chinta Strausberg

With the mayoral and aldermanic run-off elections just 15-days away, a coalition of faith and community leaders Monday held a press conference at the historic Quinn Chapel AME Church, 2401 So. Wabash, to kick off their “Souls to the Polls” campaign designed to beef up voter turnout on April 7th.

The coalition is also pushing forChicagoans to early vote, which started today and ends on Saturday, April 4th. One of the first voters was 96-year-old Beatrice Lumpkin from the Fourth Ward who braved up to six-inches of snow to attend the press conference. “I wouldn’t dare come here without voting,” said Lumpkin who is a Hyde Parker.

“I am with the Steel Workers organization of active retirees (USW/AFL-CIO). They are trying to touch our pensions. We need jobs for our grandchildren. Our area is polluted and the pollution continues to this day. All of these issues are on the line. I voted today because I just want to be sure because people have given up their lives for that right, and in my opinion since the 1980’s this is the most important city election we are facing,” Lumpkin said.

Rev. Marilyn Pagan-Banks from A Just Harvest, was joined by Rev. Leonard DeVille, former alderman of the 21st Ward, Rev. Booker Vance, Lumpkin, Rev. Dr. Janette Wilson, from the Rainbow PUSH Coalition, Jitu Brown, a community organizer from the Kenwood Oakland Community Organization and many others. Forty other organizations including the Service Employees International Union – Healthcare are also working with this coalition. She said Chicago needs “real solutions for working families such as an elected school board, creating good jobs and reducing violence.”

“We are in a vital and important election….. to provide transportation to make sure our disenfranchised, our marginalized….,” said Pagan-Banks. “Your vote counts. It is never to late…. We are taking folks down who have never voted before…”

“There is too much on the line to sit this one out…too such on the line to fall for the hype that my vote doesn’t count. There’s too much on the line to say things will go as they always have. It’s too much for money to win in politics this time around….

“Our votes matter. When we say they always win it is because they vote on what matters to them. We say in our community will vote on what matters to us,” Pagan-Banks stated.

Rev. Vance said, “We want to call again for our people to go to the polls. Early voting started today, and we even had one sister (Lumpkin) who has already gone to the polls…, but we realize that after the last election that there is still a sense of discontent and a sense of apathy that we need to address amongst our people and our community.

“Ten percent less going to the polls is an egregious insult to the lives to those who sacrificed on the (Edmund) Pettus Bridge, and we must stir the hearts of our people that we have a moral responsibility to get out and vote…. Get up, Get out and get to the polls and dare to take somebody with you,” said Rev. Vance.

Dr. Wilson said, “When a 96-year-old can weather the snow, we encourage everyone to vote.” In reviewing a report compiled by Frank Watkins, public policy director for the Rainbow PUSH Coalition, Wilson said, “There are 20 wards in this city that had the highest voter turnout of which 14 were in the African American community.

“As part of our early voter and voting effort, we realize that the African American voters are the key to this election so we will be encouraging all of voters in those particular 20 wards but especially the 14 high turnout wards to turn out in even higher numbers,” said Wilson.

“We also know that we had15,000 fewer voters in 2015 than we did in 2011 so we will be targeting those areas where we’ve lost turnout so we can up turnout,” she said.

Explaining, Watkins said,“The 20 wards that have the highest voter registration, 14 of them are in the African American community. That is the good news. The good news is that there are 15,000 more registered voters in 2015 than there were in 2011. The bad news is that there were 130,000 fewer voters who turned out in the election.

According to Watkins, the wards with the highest voter registration were in the 34th Ward followed by the 21st, the 8th, 9th, 6th,29th, 11th, 28th, 3, 27, 18th, 37th,4th and 17th.

“The challenge is to get people to come out and register and vote. Your vote is your voice,” Watkins said. “In politics…, the money is in the vote.” “The black community will determine who the winner or the lower is on April 7th.”

Quoting Jonathan Jackson, the son of Rev. Jesse L. Jackson, Sr., Watkins said, “If you vote, you will deserve what you get. If you don’t vote, you will get what you deserve.”

Wilson said PUSH will lead an early caravan this Friday including having buses on hand to help students vote.“We are going to have a high turnout and we will have a great victory as a result of our high victory on April 7th,” said Wilson.

Jitu Brown, a community organizer from the Kenwood Oakland Community Organization, said, “Voting is a justice issue. For us, every right that we have has come from our ancestors pushing the envelope…saying that the status quo is not enough.

“We heard that many of our seniors are being told that if they get their absentee ballots in the February 24th election, that they won’t have to vote this time,” Brown said. “Stop it. We have to say respect…. Don’t use civil rights as a talking point if you are not prepared to honor the legacy of civil rights.”

Referring to the death of Mayor Harold Washington, Brown said the first time he voted was in 1987 whenWashington was re-elected.

“I remember the sense of disappointment after Harold Washington passed and what happened in the subsequent election,” Brown stated. “To those who have been disengaged since that time, you are already in an historical moment. We have the first runoff in the history of Chicago.

“I encourage everybody to reflect on your experiences over the last four-years and make a decision…reflect on what type of future you want for your child,” said Brown. Referring to his 6-year-old son, Brown added, “I’m worried about his future. I am worried about where he will go to school…. Ask yourself which candidate gives your child the best opportunity to stand on your shoulders. We are in an historical moment, and you have an opportunity on April 7th to make history. Grab the moment,” Brown said.

Before attending he kick-off of the "Take Your Souls to the Polls" campaign held Monday, March 23rd at Quinn AME Chapel, 96-year-old Beatrice Lumpkin voted and urged others to follow suit. She said too many people have died for this right.  (All photos by Chinta Strausberg)Before attending he kick-off of the “Take Your Souls to the Polls” campaign held Monday, March 23rd at Quinn AME Chapel, 96-year-old Beatrice Lumpkin voted and urged others to follow suit. She said too many people have died for this right. (Photo by Chinta Strausberg)

Chinta Strausberg is a Journalist of more than 33-years, a former political reporter and a current PCC Network talk show host. You can e-mail Strausberg at: Chintabernie@aol.com.

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