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War on Progress: The New Threat to America’s Future

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Marc H. Morial, President & CEO of the National League gives keynote address at the 104th National Urban League Annual Conference in Cincinnati, Ohio.

“Welcome, Urban Leaguers, to our 104th National Urban League Annual Conference in Cincinnati, Ohio!

“I want to thank Mayor John Cranley and the people of this city for greeting us with open arms. Eleven years ago, we made a principled decision to pull our Annual Conference out of Cincinnati due to significant issues with police and community relations. But we made a decision to return this year largely because of the persuasive efforts of Donna Jones Baker, CEO of the Urban League of Greater Southwestern Ohio, and immediate past mayor Mark Mallory.

“They never stopped fighting to get us here.

“So, Cincinnati – we said we were coming, and here we are!! And we are so proud to be in and celebrate the Queen City!

“Now, aside from Mark and Donna – why have we come to Ohio?

“Let’s see…it’s the home of America’s first professional baseball club – the Cincinnati Red Stockings…birthplace of the iconic, 135-year old Ivory Soap – and it still floats!…and home of the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center – a reminder to us all of the struggle for freedom yesterday, today and tomorrow.

“For those who may not know, Cincinnati served as a northern terminus of the Underground Railroad, where thousands of slaves escaped to freedom by crossing the Ohio River. So, it seems only fitting that we would be here tonight to continue our path to freedom by building bridges – over rivers of inequality and disparity and to jobs and justice.

Click here to read the full 2014 NUL Conference Keynote by Marc H. Morial.

Madigan Joins $35 Million Settlement with Pfizer

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Madigan & 41 Attorneys General Reach Settlement Over Illegal Marketing of Kidney Transplant Drug Rapamune

CHICAGO, IL – Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan announced a national $35 million settlement with Pfizer Inc. for illegally marketing a drug designed to prevent kidney transplant rejection for use in non-kidney transplant patients.
Madigan and 41 other states joining the settlement allege the drug’s manufacturer, former Wyeth Pharmaceuticals which was purchased by Pfizer in 2009, illegally marketed Rapamune for uses not approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The company allegedly marketed the drug in illegal combinations with other transplant medications and for treating non-kidney transplant patients after surgery. The states also allege Wyeth offered financial incentives to doctors and hospitals to prescribe Rapamune for such unapproved uses.
“Promoting drugs for unapproved uses is a potentially deadly practice that can threaten patients’ lives. The FDA needs to determine that drugs are safe for a specific treatment before they are prescribed,” Madigan said.
The settlement requires Pfizer to ensure that its marketing and promotional practices do not unlawfully promote Rapamune or any Pfizer product. Specifically, Pfizer must not:
  • Make false, misleading, or deceptive claims regarding its products;
  • Compare the safety or efficacy of a Pfizer product to another product when that claim is not supported by substantial evidence as defined by federal law and regulations;
  • Promote any Pfizer product for unapproved uses;
  • Provide incentive compensation for sales that may be attributable to unapproved uses of any Pfizer product;
  • Affirmatively seek the inclusion of Rapamune in hospital protocols or standing orders unless Rapamune has been approved by the FDA for the indication for which it is to be included in the protocol or standing order;
  • Disseminate information describing any unapproved use of Rapamune unless such information and materials comply with applicable FDA regulations and the recommended actions in FDA Guidances for Industry; or
  • Seek to influence the prescribing of Rapamune in hospitals or transplant centers in any manner (including through funding clinical trials) that does not comply with the federal anti-kickback statute.
Illinois will receive more than $1.3 million under the settlement. Joining Madigan in reaching today’s settlement were attorneys general from the following states: Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Delaware, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Washington and Wisconsin.

NAACP Recognizes the 49th Anniversary of Voting Rights Act of 1965

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WASHINGTON, DC – The NAACP has released the following statement on the 49th anniversary of the Voting Rights Act of 1965.

From Cornell William Brooks, President & CEO, NAACP:

“Today, we recognize the 49th anniversary of the Voting Rights Act of 1965 and salute the brave men and women who valiantly fought to secure every American citizen the equal right to vote. Nearly 50 years after securing power at the polls, we find ourselves in familiar waters, struggling to overcome the unyielding current of injustice as we repair the Voting Rights Act, gutted by the Supreme Court in the Shelby County v. Holder decision. But we at the NAACP understand the fierce urgency of now.  Now is the time for Congress to preserve our country’s bedrock of democracy. Now is the time to fulfill the legacy of the 1965 Act by passing greater voter protections and ensuring all voters, including those who are black or brown, a student or elderly, have unfettered access to the ballot box once and for all.”

Civil Rights Activist Essie “Rerun” Berry Tells NYPD, Judges and District Attorneys that “Enough is Enough”

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Innocent Man Sentenced to 23 Years

Queens, NY (BlackNews.com) — Civil rights activist Essie “Rerun” Berry, also widow of Fred Rerun from the hit TV sitcom “What’s Happening,” has recovered what she says is concrete evidence to exonerate an innocent man by the name of Omar Hutchinson.

Berry says that Hutchinson, a 32 year old father, son, coach and fiancé, has been falsely charged and convicted of crimes he did not commit. “The proof of Mr. Hutchinson’s innocence has been presented in Black and White, but our legal system has failed to acknowledge the facts,” Berry says.

According to Berry: On February 22, 2013 at 5:30 am, without obtaining an arrest warrant, NYPD crossed several jurisdictions, into Mount Vernon, located in Westchester County, and used excessive force to enter Mr. Hutchinson’s home. After being handcuffed, he was taken to the 112th Precinct where he was psychologically traumatized, verbally abused and beaten by the NYC Police Department. He was also threatened with being removed by immigration if he did not confess to the crimes as well. For over 13hrs Mr. Hutchinson was denied contact to the outside world. His loved ones had no idea of his location, he was denied contacting his attorney, and they rejected his request for bathroom privileges. This left him with no other choice but to defecate and urinate in his clothing. These actions resulted in Mr. Hutchinson giving a coerced false statement against himself.

A year and five months later, Berry decided to review the case and within 72 hours, she was able to uncover pertinent facts the NYPD and the D.A Timothy Reagan have refused to reveal. The so-called victim in this case named Sayfur Rahman is a well identified conman, known to scam and embezzle people out of their funds. Mr. Rahman has been living under several different names; he even used a bogus name to file his police report. Sayfur Rahman a.k.a Imran Khan has also assumed the identity of other individuals who are in preparation to come forward.

The judge in this case, Richard L. Butcher refused to allow certain evidence into trial to aid in Mr. Hutchinson’s defense. The judge has violated Omar Hutchinson’s 6th Amendment rights by not allowing Omar’s defense attorney to cross-examine this con artist in regards to his finances and also his character. From the look on his face, this frustrated his defense attorney and the audience as onlookers shook their head.

On June 16th, 2014, Judge Richard L. Butcher, the D.A. Timothy Reagan, and the corrupt cops from the 112th precinct in Queens N.Y. convicted Mr. Hutchinson in Queens County Criminal Courthouse. On July 30th, 2014 he was sentenced to 18 years with an additional 5 post years, totaling 23 years for a crime he did not commit.

Mr. Hutchinson was convicted due to a phone the police as well as the D.A. states belonged to him. They made claims it was in the location at the time of the crime and that’s what linked them to Mr. Hutchinson. After Berry opened an extensive investigation, she recovered the phone and the P.O. Box attached to it had no link to Omar Hutchinson. Subsequently the P.O. Box was linked to several businesses, including ones in NY. It was also in connection with major drug rings and seized by government officials in 2009 and 2011. The name attached to the phone was spelled similar but the address was linked to P.O. Box 54988 located in Irvine, California while Omar Hutchinson lived in New York.

There were 89 cameras in the vicinity with no trace of Mr. Hutchinson, no DNA evidence or fingerprints at the scene of the crime. No other assailants were captured although the police were given their identity. Theses factors are the reasons why Queens is the region with the highest overturn rates and NY is in the lead for wrongful convictions. According to Berry, the facts that she has acquired proves Mr. Hutchinson is another victim of “our corrupt legal system”.

In addition, an anonymous letter was sent to Berry after she highlighted the relevant factors in this case publicly. This letter confirms that the alleged victim Sayfur Rahman is no more than a two bit con-man, who make up lies and schemes in order to obtain money. This letter also confirms Mr. Hutchinson was set up and falsely accused. This individual feels if he/she disclose their personal information, he/she will become a victim of corrupt cops and the conman Sayfur Rahman.

Mr. Hutchinson states that he is still haunted by the words uttered to him by one of the officers, “At this point, if something was to really happen to you, who do you think they will believe?” Grievously Mr. Hutchinson expressed, with that being said, he had no other choice but to obey and give these officers what they wanted. It has been 18 months, and the police still have not given a clear explanation on how they were linked to Omar Hutchinson. This question is left unanswered; and Berry is demanding answers now!

Photo Caption: Civil rights activist Essie “Rerun” Berry

Entertainment Journalist Brings New Technology to her National Audience

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Nationwide (BlackNews.com) — Advancements in technology have allowed entertainment consumers to access content on the go. Consumers are no longer tethered to desktop computers nor are they gathered around the radio console. This has created a need for entertainment content to be available around the clock, across multiple platforms. Entertainment Journalist Lexi Lewis, a former IT Project Manager and Business Analyst, recognized this trend and embraced new technology to reach her ever-growing fan base.

Lexi Lewis, Contributing Writer for Smooth Jazz Magazine, Detroit International Jazz Magazine, and Senior Entertainment Editor for Onyx Magazine announces new channels by which her national fan base can follow her coverage of the Stars.

The Celebrity Journalist has launched a free web-based mobile app which is optimized for use on all mobile platforms. Im excited to give my followers the ability to access my celebrity interviews right at their fingertips in a mobile-friendly format. My app was developed by Max Mobile Apps in about 3-4 days. The beauty of it is, its a web-based app, therefore, no download is needed and it works on any platform. Its definitely the way to go, said Lewis.

With an efficient mobile phone application and internet connectivity, the average consumer can do almost everything that he or she had previously done on a laptop. The advent of innovative website design has led to more customer friendly apps and an increase in awareness of the utility that a mobile app can provide. Its really the perfect storm, which made this the right time for LexiLewisOnline.com to have its own mobile app, Lewis added.

The app can be accessed on all mobile devices regardless of the operating platform (iOS and Android phones and iPad devices) by typing in lexilewisonline.maxmobileapps.com into your mobile devices browser then creating a shortcut.

Visitors on the mobile app will be able to view Ms. Lewis Celebrity Interviews, view her Photography, read Celebrity Endorsements, book her for an event and more! Lewis radio shows on KSONStudio1.com, a California-based station and STARR98.com, managed by musician, songwriter and record producer Maurice Starr, best known for his work with New Edition and New Kids On The Block, can also be accessed on the mobile app.

Follow Lexi Lewis on Facebook at LexiLewisOnline and on Twitter @LexiLewisOnline.

Photo Caption: Celebrity Journalist Lexi Lewis as seen on her new latest offering to the pubic – a mobile app.

100 Black Men of Chicago Will Host 12th Annual College Scholarship Fair

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100  Black Men of Chicago will  host their 12th Annual College Scholarship Fair, Saturday, October 11, 2014, at the UIC Forum located at 725 W. Roosevelt Rd., from 9:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.

There will be 200 colleges and universities with recruiters who are looking forward to meeting students, parents, and interested supporters. This college scholarship fair, unlike regular college fairs, offers students a number of colleges and universities willing to make instant admission and scholarship decisions on the spot.

Click here to register for the 12th Annual College Scholarship Fair.

Discussing Financial Plans Is An Important Task Before Marriage, Says the Better Business Bureau

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CHICAGO, IL – Summer is wedding season and an exciting time for newlyweds. However, there is more to marriage than the wedding itself. Couples need to get their financial house in order before tying the knot. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) advises couples to discuss their financial goals and plans sooner rather than later.

“Knowing where they stand financially can help couples prevent any number of problems in the future,” says Steve J. Bernas, president & CEO of the Better Business Bureau serving Chicago and Northern Illinois. “This isn’t the most romantic thing to do but it’s something that must be done before saying ‘I do.'”

The BBB offers the following advice for newlyweds:

  • Discuss your financial history. After marriage, any personal debt becomes “our debt.” It is important to sit down early when marriage is being discussed to discover what outstanding obligations exist on both sides. These could include car loans, school loans and credit card debt. Review your credit reports to get a better idea what both of you are bringing to the marriage.
  • Build a budget. After you’ve gotten a grasp on your debt, it’s time to build a monthly budget. Look at your monthly bills to create a realistic picture of how you spend. Discuss your long term goals-such as buying a house or car and having kids. Figure out how much money to set aside each month to reach those goals.
  • Learn to budget as a team. In order to avoid confusion, one person should be assigned to pay the bills every month. This doesn’t mean that the other person takes a back seat role in managing the finances. Have a discussion at least every month about your financial progress in order to map your path and get rid of any bad spending habits.
  • Plan for emergencies. Many young couples fail to save money to get them through hard times such as health problems and unexpected unemployment. Experts recommend you set aside three to six months of salary in a rainy day fund-ideally an interest-bearing account that can be easily accessed.
  • Save for the future. Retirement may seem like a long way off to newlyweds, but setting aside money now means reaping big rewards later on. Take advantage of both employers’ retirement matching programs-if available-or set up individual retirement accounts. For more tips on saving for retirement, visit www.finra.org
  • Make a vow to be savvy consumers. Many families have had their life savings decimated after becoming a victim to fraud or identity theft. Check out your BBB’s website to find trustworthy businesses, get educated on the red flags of fraud and learn how to protect your identity.

For more advice on managing your money, visit www.bbb.org, like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter.

Voting in Illinois Just Got Easier

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(Letters to Editors)

While some states are making it harder to vote, under Governor Quinn’s leadership, Illinois is making it easier than ever.

Here’s one big change you should know about: Illinois now has no-excuse absentee voting, so anyone can request a ballot and cast their vote by mail.

That means no more lines, and no more worrying about taking off work to get to the polls on Election Day.

If you want to vote by mail this year, you can request a ballot online — starting today. Just fill out an application here:


A few more things have changed for the better:

  • Early Vote hours and days have been extended, to give you more options to vote in person.
  • You will no longer be required to provide a photo ID in order to vote early.
  • And, for the first time ever, you can now register to vote or update your registration online.

Democracy works best when everyone takes part.

Be sure to let your friends and family know: This year, voting will be easier than ever.

It’s also more important than ever.

Sabey Abraham
Deputy Field Director
Quinn for Illinois

Washington Park Residents Call for Termination of the Tax Increment Financing (TIF) Process

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A new neighborhood committee, the Washington Park Residents’ Advocacy Council (WPRAC), will submit recommendations at the August 11th City Council public hearing to oppose a proposed Washington Park Tax Increment Financing (TIF) district.

Citing several concerns, residents of the Washington Park community are requesting a no recommendation statement from the Community Development Commission’s of the City of Chicago on designating Washington Park as a Tax Increment Financing (TIF) District.  Residents will express their concerns at the City Council public hearing, Tuesday, August 11, 2014 at 1:00 pm in the City Council Chambers, 121 North LaSalle Street, 2nd Floor.

New Washington Park resident, Lakisha Thompson, states, “I am not in favor of the TIF program for the Washington Park district. Historically and nationally, the TIF program has not proven to have any long term benefits for the community from which the monies are extracted from. Since no aldermanic transparency has been demonstrated on explaining to the Washington Park on what TIF is and what it means and there has been no community involvement in the proposed project plan, then there should be no TIF designation!”

“As longtime taxpayers and residents of this community, we would like to hereby notify Commissioner Andrew Mooney that the residents of Washington Park were not given any information by the Department of Planning and Development on the Washington Park Tax Increment Financing Redevelopment Area Project And Plan and the plan book was not available (May 30, 2014) until after the one statutory meeting (held on April 8, 2014) was held. There has been no time to review, understand and assess the ramifications of the Plan registered on September 1, 2011,” stated Dr. Edward Chaney, a 45 year resident of Washington Park.

According to city documents, the Plan proposes:

  • public improvements in the Washington Park area;
  • entering redevelopment agreements for the construction of public and private improvements;
  • financing portions of the cost of such improvements
  • other eligible redevelopment project costs using funds from a special tax allocation; and
  • issuing one or more series of obligations secured by TIF funds.
  • removal of current residents and seizure of properties under Eminent Domain

The key argument is that the Washington Park Community has no understanding of what the Plan is, does not understand its role as stakeholders if the process takes place and has not received accurate or transparent information neither from the 20h Ward alderman nor from the City of Chicago responsible departments regarding the plan thus far.

Chaney explains, “We the People of Washington Park,” i.e., Washington Park Residents’ Advocacy Council and Washington Park Advisory Council, believe that sufficient, factual, accurate and valid information has not been provided to the community in order that affected by the Plan are able to either agree or disagree with providing support.”

The organizations agree that the City of Chicago has the obligation to provide transparent, explanatory and clarifying information so that residents understand what has been designed. Additionally, the residents have concluded that Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s TIF Reform Group has yet to live up to the promise of  reforming the TIF process. The Washington Park Community refuses to become a victim and casualty of the traditional TIF process of taxpayers paying for their own removal from their community. There has been no democratic process in Washington Park. Aldermanic bullying is the only response we have gotten.

Washington Park taxpayers believe that the TIF process in its community is fraudulent and the process is being steamrolled.

For more information about Washington Park Residents Advocacy Council, contact Cecilia Butler, President Pro-Temp, Washington Park Resident’s Advocacy Council, Jackson Park Station, P.O. Box 379552, Chicago, Illinois 60637, ceciliab128@sbcglobal.net
A note from Washington Park Residents Advocacy Council: This press release was transmitted as a public service by the TIF Illumination Project, a work of the CivicLab. The TIF Illumination Project distributes these graphic posters at TIF town meetings, or Illuminations, that have been independently organized by residents of the community. Since February of 2013 we have investigated and Illuminated 120 TIFs across 28 wards before over 2,300 people.

The complete record of these events and all the presentations made at them as well as the schedule for UPCOMING Illuminations are online at http://tifreports.com/tif-town-meetings.

We are offering a “TIF 101” workshop at the CivicLab, 114 N. Aberdeen Street, on Wednesday, August 20th, from 7:00pm to 8:30pm. The cost is $10. Further information is at http://tinyurl.com/TIF-101-8-20-14.

Editor’s Note: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the Washington Park Residents’ Advocacy Council and not of CopyLine Magazine.

Drug-Addicted Moms Need Treatment, Not Jail Time

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Care2 Petitionsite Action Alert
Action Alert!

In Tennessee, new mothers who test positive for drugs are thrown into jail rather than given treatment. This reactionary punishment isn’t good for moms or their kids.
Please sign the petition today! Drug-Addicted Moms Need Treatment, Not Jail Time!

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Tell Tennessee to offer drug-addicted mothers treatment rather than throwing them in jail.

Tennessee recently passed a law that will jail mothers whose babies test positive for illegal drugs in their system. But this law only makes it less likely that women will seek treatment for their addictions, putting themselves and their babies in even greater danger.

Last week, a 26-year-old new mother who had smoked methamphetamines shortly before giving birth was charged with a misdemeanor assault. She could face a year in jail.

For one thing, Tennessee’s new law focuses on babies born with narcotics in their bodies; meth is not a narcotic. But more importantly, the law makes it less likely that mothers will seek treatment for themselves or their newborns out of fear that they’ll be arrested or checked into a mental institution.

Plus, doctors say that r ipping babies away from their mothers is actually dangerous for the children — and it certainly doesn’t help the mothers shake their habits, either.

This law is a reactive, old-fashioned policy that does far more harm than good. Tell Tennessee to offer drug-addicted mothers treatment rather than throwing them in jail.

Thank you for taking action,

Kathleen J.
Care2 and ThePetitionSite

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