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Incoming Storm Expected to Bring Heavy Snow and Possible Blizzard Conditions to Illinois Roadways

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Motorists Advised to Use Extreme Caution and Prepare for Possible Hazardous Driving Conditions

CHICAGO, IL – The Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) announced Tuesday that snowfall expected in the Northern part of the state later tonight and into Wednesday morning could impact travel routes. The forecasted weather system is expected to bring several inches of heavy snow, gusting winds and the potential of blizzard conditions. Blowing and drifting snow associated with the storm could lead to treacherous weather and driving conditions in areas throughout the state. Roads and bridges could be snow and ice covered, creating slick and dangerous travel conditions for Illinois motorists.

“The possibility of several inches of snow means motorists should prepare and plan ahead if they plan to be on the roads,” said Illinois Transportation Secretary Ann L. Schneider. “If driving conditions are hazardous, we encourage motorists to avoid travel until conditions improve.”

IDOT has approximately 1,750 trucks and more than 3,700 employees assigned to impacted areas to remove snow and ice from state routes to help ensure the safety of the motoring public. Due to current weather conditions, IDOT encourages motorists who must travel to check the latest winter road conditions and road closures at www.gettingaroundillinois.com.

Drivers are reminded to exercise caution when snow and ice affect roadways, and IDOT advises travel only when absolutely necessary during winter storms or when temperatures are extremely low.

Safety tips to remember:

Allow extra time for travel during the winter months.

Don’t crowd the plow – a snow plow operator’s field of vision is restricted. You may see them, but they may not see you.

Be aware that black ice can form on roads that appear clear and the unseen ice can be treacherous. Take it slow when approaching intersections, off-ramps, bridges and shady areas – all are prone to black ice, which is often invisible.

Always keep your gas tank at least two-thirds full to help prevent the vehicle’s fuel line from freezing.

Do not travel during bad weather unless absolutely necessary – if you do have to make a trip, check the forecast and make sure someone is aware of your travel route and schedule.

Always carry an emergency car care kit that contains jumper cables, flares or reflectors, windshield washer fluid, a small ice scraper, traction material, blankets, non-perishable food and a first aid kit.

Carry a few extra blankets in your car, and perhaps an extra coat to ensure protection in case of a breakdown.

Carry a cell phone and dial *999 for roadway assistance in case of emergency (but remember using handheld phones while driving is illegal if it is not an emergency situation).

Always wear a seat belt, front seat or back – it’s the law.

Check travel and road conditions routinely before any trip. You can get road condition information by calling 1-800-452-IDOT (4368), Illinois Tollway information by calling 1-800-TOLL-FYI or online at www.gettingaroundillinois.com and click on the “winter road conditions” icon.

G-7 Leaders’ Statement on Ukraine

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“We, the leaders of Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom, the United States, the President of the European Council and the President of the European Commission, call on the Russian Federation to cease all efforts to change the status of Crimea contrary to Ukrainian law and in violation of international law.  We call on the Russian Federation to immediately halt actions supporting a referendum on the territory of Crimea regarding its status, in direct violation of the Constitution of Ukraine.

“Any such referendum would have no legal effect.  Given the lack of adequate preparation and the intimidating presence of Russian troops, it would also be a deeply flawed process which would have no moral force.  For all these reasons, we would not recognize the outcome.

“Russian annexation of Crimea would be a clear violation of the United Nations Charter; Russia’s commitments under the Helsinki Final Act; its obligations to Ukraine under its 1997 Treaty of Friendship, Cooperation and Partnership; the Russia-Ukraine 1997 basing agreement; and its commitments in the Budapest Memorandum of 1994.  In addition to its impact on the unity, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine, the annexation of Crimea could have grave implications for the legal order that protects the unity and sovereignty of all states.  Should the Russian Federation take such a step, we will take further action, individually and collectively.

“We call on the Russian Federation to de-escalate the conflict in Crimea and other parts of Ukraine immediately, withdraw its forces back to their pre-crisis numbers and garrisons, begin direct discussions with the Government of Ukraine, and avail itself of international mediation and observation offers to address any legitimate concerns it may have.  We, the leaders of the G-7, urge Russia to join us in working together through diplomatic processes to resolve the current crisis and support progress for a sovereign independent, inclusive and united Ukraine.  We also remind the Russian Federation of our decision to suspend participation in any activities related to preparation of a G-8 Sochi meeting  until it changes course and the environment comes back to where the G-8 is able to have a meaningful discussion.”

The NAACP Issues Statement Read on Voting Rights to UN Human Rights Committee

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NAACP Statement of Voting Rights to UN Human Rights Committee

GENEVA, Switzerland – The NAACP issued the following statement read before a hearing of the United Nations Human Rights Committee ahead of the US ICCPR review:

This statement is made on behalf of The ACLU of Florida, The Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law, The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights, The Navajo Nation, FSU Center for the Advancement of Human Rights, and The NAACP.

As detailed in the shadow reports submitted by numerous U.S.-based organizations, we are deeply concerned by continuing efforts across the country to restrict access to the ballot.

As a result of the 2013 Supreme Court Decision in Shelby County vs. Holder – Today there remains no protection for millions of citizens whose voting rights have come under attack as a result of local and state laws.

For example, last month in Ohio, “Golden Week” was eliminated – this was a week during the early voting period when the state permitted same-day voter registration.

In local communities across the nation, there have been numerous proposals to change election dates, dilute minority voting power through changes from single member to at large voting, and an increase in the removal of polling locations– largely in minority populations.

Another example is in Arizona where the absence of voter protections has had a deep and disparate impact on the Navajo Nation and other communities of color especially indigenous peoples.

These are only a few examples of a deep and large problem in the United States.

The absence of protections provided by Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act continue to result in a denial of laws that disenfranchise voters.

With regard to Felony Disenfranchisement– Today, nearly 5.8 million U.S. citizens continue to be stripped of their voting rights on a temporary or permanent basis, including more than 4.4 million citizens who are no longer incarcerated. More than 2 million are African American, yet African Americans make up less than 13% of the U.S. population.    Every day additional citizens are stripped of their voting rights as a result of their interaction with the Criminal Justice system.

In a February 2014 address, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder called on state officials “to pass clear and consistent reforms to restore the voting rights of all who have served their terms in prison or jail, completed their parole or probation, and paid their fines.” Currently, states have vastly different approaches to voting with a criminal conviction while on probation or parole.

While we applaud the Attorney General’s statements highlighting the disparate impact of disfranchisement laws on minority communities, we believe the U.S. should be seeking more expansive rights nationwide for people with felony convictions.


  • We urge the Human Rights Committee to recommend that the U.S. Department of Justice to vigorously enforce all provisions of federal voting rights laws, including the Voting Rights Act and the National Voter Registration Act.
  • We urge the Human Rights Committee to recommend to the U.S. Government, that it actively speak out against restrictive voting laws, including detailing the impact of such laws on minority and other voters and encourage state governments to reform restrictive voting laws.
  • We also urge the Human Rights Committee to recommend that the Department of Justice and the Bureau of Prisons take administrative steps immediately to provide information to incarcerated individuals regarding voting rights restoration upon release and return to their home state. The Democracy Restoration Act would require similar reforms.
  • In addition, we urge the Human Rights Committee to recommend the Department of Justice require federal prosecutors to provide notice to defendants in federal criminal cases regarding the loss of their right to vote as a result of a plea agreement to a felony or a felony conviction.

The problems of voting, the denial of voting rights to the District of Columbia, and felony disenfranchisement have been longstanding, far reaching, and only add to the multitude of collateral consequences these individuals already face, and are counterproductive to a democratic society.

We have provided you with a list of experts joining us today and we look forward to answering any questions that you may have.

One Nation Underemployed: Raise the Minimum Wage

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(From the National Urban League)


Imagine working 40 hours a week, but still worrying about putting food on the table – or having to choose between paying your housing bill or your heating bill. Imagine working 40 hours a week and barely making enough to live, let alone save or plan for the future. Imagine working full-time and still being poor with no way out or up. Sadly, millions of Americans don’t have to IMAGINE – this is the reality they face every day.

(Sign the petition to “Raise the Minimum Wage”)

The road from poor to plenty is long, but raising the minimum wage is an important first step in lifting millions of families out of poverty and giving them a chance at a better life.

The last time the minimum wage was enough to support a family was in 1968.  Lyndon Johnson was president, and a gallon of gas was 34 cents.   Times have changed – and so should wages. 

Please join the National Urban League in sending a message to Congress that the time for action is NOW to give millions of working men and women the raise they need.

>>Click here to sign the petition to “Raise the Minimum Wage!”

Filmmaker Daniel Bruno Produces Eight Hours of Documentaries Featuring Professor Charles Lampkin, 1913 – 1989

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Charles Lampkin

Nationwide (BlackNews.com) — A new and unique resource for scholars of 20th century American Studies, Black Studies and early nuclear weapons cinema, the “Charles Lampkin Presents” videos are available at www.charleslampkin.org as well as TheHpubTube channel on YouTube.

Charles Lampkin was a professor of Music and Theatre Arts at Santa Clara University, San Jose, California, from 1969 to 1981. The videos feature the Charles Lampkin recordings of Arna Bontemps, Countee Cullen, James Weldon Johnson, Paul Laurence Dunbar, Langston Hughes, Frank Marshall Davis and other voices from the Harlem Renaissance. Written and directed by Daniel Bruno, the videos incorporate later 20th century jazz and soul recordings supportive of the themes developed by professor Lampkin.

Nuclear Weapons

The Last 5ive People on Earth, based on Daniel Bruno’s 2009 essay “Bad Dreams from My Grandfather”, is a cinematic review and historical look at pioneering director Arch Oboler’s 5ive, the very first Hollywood film to deal with nuclear annihilation.

Narrated by Daniel Bruno and rich in world events and music from the 1930s and 40s, this two hour odyssey through the seminal events of the mid 20th century, the atomic bombings of Japan and Charles Lampkin’s movie role as the last Black man in America is unlike any other media production. Charles Lampkin performs The Creation, by James Weldon Johnson and the mellifluous bass of Paul Robeson lends additional gravitas to the story. After touching on timeless themes of good, evil and the end of days, the video ends in Osaka, Japan, in 2009, with the 10,000 strong Osaka chorale singing Beethoven’s Ode to Joy following Paul Robeson’s 1940s rendition of the same in the German language.

The Charles Lampkin videos, based on audio recordings from 1957, are a superb introduction to the American scene and Black intellectual life in the early 20th century.

The historic 1951 movie 5ive, written and directed by Jewish playwright Arch Oboler, is the first movie about nuclear holocaust and the first commercial movie to feature a Black actor in a dramatic role that did not require buffoonery, delinquency, singing or dancing.

For further information, please visit www.charleslampkin.org

Madigan: Teva Pharmaceutical to Pay $27.6 Million to Settle False Claims to Federal and State Health Care Programs

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CHICAGO, IL – Attorney General Lisa Madigan announced that Teva Pharmaceuticals USA Inc. and subsidiary IVAX LLC will pay the United States and the state of Illinois more than $27.6 million to resolve false billing allegations, under terms of a settlement agreement.

The agreement settles claims that Teva and IVAX violated the federal False Claims Act by making payments to Dr. Michael J. Reinstein, a Chicago physician, in return for Reinstein prescribing an anti-psychotic medication to thousands of Medicare and Medicaid patients at dozens of area nursing homes and hospitals.

“Teva Pharmaceuticals pushed its drug onto thousands of vulnerable patients without regard to their health and at the expense of the state Medicaid program and Illinois taxpayers,” Madigan said.
Within 10 days, Teva will pay the federal government nearly $15.5 million and the state of Illinois more than $12.1 million, plus interest from September 2013. The settlement was reached jointly by Madigan’s office, the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ), the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Northern District of Illinois on behalf of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and the Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services. Teva Pharmaceuticals USA, located in North Wales, Pa., and IVAX LLC, a Florida company, are both subsidiaries of Teva Pharmaceuticals Industries Ltd., which is headquartered in Israel.

“Pharmaceutical companies must not be allowed to improperly influence physicians’ decisions in prescribing medication for their patients,” said Zachary T. Fardon, United States Attorney for the Northern District of Illinois. “Instead, those decisions must be made solely on the basis of the patient’s best medical interests.”

“The Department of Justice is committed to ensuring that pharmaceutical manufacturers who pay kickbacks to doctors to influence prescribing decisions are held accountable,” said Assistant Attorney General Stuart F. Delery for the Justice Department’s Civil Division. “Schemes such as the one alleged in this case undermine the health care system and take advantage of vulnerable patients.”
The settlement involves the promotion of generic clozapine, a rarely used anti-psychotic medication that has serious potential side effects and is generally considered a drug of last resort, particularly for elderly patients. While clozapine has been shown to be effective for treatment-resistant forms of schizophrenia, it is also known to cause numerous side effects, including a potentially deadly decrease in white blood cells, seizures, inflammation of the heart muscle, and increased mortality in elderly patients.

In November 2012, the United States filed a civil False Claims Act lawsuit in U.S. District Court in Chicago against Reinstein, alleging that, since at least August 2003, he schemed to switch his patients to generic clozapine if IVAX agreed to pay him $50,000 under a one-year “consulting agreement” and provide other benefits to him, in violation of the federal Medicare and Medicaid Anti-Kickback statute.

Reinstein, a psychiatrist in the Chicago area since 1973 with an office in Chicago’s Uptown neighborhood since at least 1999, quickly became the largest prescriber of generic clozapine in the country.  The payments and other forms of remuneration from Ivax, and later Teva Pharmaceuticals, including annual renewal of the consulting agreement, travel, meals and entertainment expenses, and tickets to sporting events, continued through at least November 2009.  In addition to direct payments to Reinstein, Ivax also provided an all-expenses-paid trip to Miami for Reinstein, his wife, and various employees of Reinstein.

The alleged scheme resulted in the submission of more than 100,000 false claims to Medicare Part D and Illinois Medicaid.  The civil case against Reinstein remains pending in Federal Court in Chicago.
Federal law prohibits offering, paying, soliciting or receiving remuneration to induce referrals of items or services covered by Medicare, Medicaid and other federally funded programs.  The law is intended to ensure that a physician’s medical judgment is not compromised by improper financial incentives and is instead based on the best interests of the patient.

The settlement was the result of a coordinated effort by the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Northern District of Illinois, the Civil Fraud Section of the Commercial Litigation Branch of the Justice Department’s Civil Division, the Department of Health and Human Services Office of Inspector General, the Chicago Office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and Madigan’s Office.
The settlement agreement is neither an admission of liability by Teva or IVAX, nor a concession by the United States or the State of Illinois that their claims were not well-founded.

Assistant Attorney General Robert Barba handled the case for Madigan’s Medicaid Fraud Bureau. Assistant U.S. Attorney Eric S. Pruitt represented the U.S. Attorney’s Office.

Netflix Subscribers Being Targeted With Phishing Scam, Warns Better Business Bureau

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CHICAGO, IL -  Scammers have found another opportunity to steal personal information from consumers. A new phishing scam has surfaced that is targeting Netflix subscribers, according to the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

Users that are targeted will be led to a phony webpage that may resemble the Netflix login page. The Netflix users will enter their account information and the fake website will claim that the user’s account has been suspended. A fake customer service number is provided and a “representative” recommends the user download the “Netflix support software,” which is remote login software that gives the fake representative full access to the user’s computer.

“Netflix has a good reputation and scammers are taking full advantage of that,” says Steve J. Bernas, president & CEO of Better Business Bureau serving Chicago and Northern Illinois. “Anyone could fall for this scam.”

There are three key indicators consumers should look for that show an email involved in this scam is not from Netflix: First, the phone number is not Netflix. Instead, the number belongs to a call center in India. Second, the webpage is a popup. Third, the “representative” wants to login to your computer via remote software.

Here are some tips on how to avoid this scam and others like it:

  • Never let someone login to your computer remotely. When someone logs in, they can do anything you can do on your computer. They can access anything including personal and financial information.
  • Do not click links in emails. It is better to type the address in the search bar manually.
  • If the URL seems odd, do not continue to go to the site. If it is a scam, it will most likely have an unusual URL. It will likely contain a common name but be accompanied by some jumbled letters or numbers.
  • Always look up the company’s phone number on their website. If you need to call a company, look it up on their official website. This can make sure that you are calling a legitimate number.

For more advice on scams, visit bbb.org

New Online Platform for the Black Community

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Culsire – Where Culture Meets Desire, The only Place to be

Culsire.com Set to Dominate African-American Communities World-Wide


Phoenix, AZ (BlackNews.com) – www.CulSire.com is an online platform for Black/African-Americans to receive information, promote businesses, make connections and unite nationally through knowledge. CulSire’s number one aim is to highlight the various resources and businesses that are available inside the African-American community to help dollars circulate longer within their community. The CulSire.com brand will launch on Saturday, March 15, 2014 with an official launch and celebration in April.

As a ground-breaking effort, CulSire.com was set up to provide a one-stop resource center for news, sports, entertainment, lifestyle and business information for the African-American community on the web. Rod Brown, C.O.O. at Once Logix calls it “the virtual USA Today for people of color.”

“It’s the only website of its kind that provides relevant insight to the Black community as a whole from history, to business, to education, to beauty, to finance, to community, etc.,” says CEO & Founder LaNée Javet. CulSire.com is like no other; the empowerment, education and enrichment that the platform provides will change the lives of many.

The dimensional CulSire.com platform also introduces a Black business directory the community can freely access. To have a basic business listing is “Free” as an incentive for businesses to register.

Another interesting aspect to the CulSire operation is CulSire.tv, an online television network for African-American programming. Currently, it has 25 different genres of programming to offer and airs four shows.

With a target audience make up of Black consumers looking for positive messages, CulSire.tv is strategically set to dominate the African-American market. Their aim is to primarily engage, support, uplift and motivate the Black/African-American community.  “CulSire.tv is the future of Black television programming,” says LaNée.

In the second quarter of 2014, the CulSire mobile app will launch, and will seamlessly integrate the business directory and CulSire.tv to any mobile device. The app will also give travelers the ability to locate national Black businesses and landmarks based on their location via GPS. The CulSire mobile app supports Facebook and Twitter from within the app and has a direct feed from CulSire.tv to allow its downloaders TV on the go.

“We encompass all aspects of the Black/African-American day-to-day life,” adds LaNée. She believes knowledge and accessibility to support Black businesses, television, organizations and resources will help the Black community effectively deal with economic empowerment.

About Culsire.com CulSire.com is an on-line platform that is based in Phoenix, Arizona.  Culsire provides relevant insight to the Black community as a whole from community, to business, to history, to education, to beauty, to finance and more. Another aspect of CulSire.com is CulSire.tv, the visual component and on-line television network, which is currently offering 25 different genres of programming and airing four shows.  The management and marketing personnel of CulSire.com have a combined 30 years of experience.

Topinka Announces Earliest State Financial Report Release Since 2006

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FY2013 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report receives clean audit opinion

SPRINGFIELD, IL – Illinois Comptroller Judy Baar Topinka on Wednesday announced the release of Illinois’ 2013 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR), marking the earliest distribution of the report since the 2006 CAFR.

The 2013 CAFR received a clean audit opinion from the Illinois Office of the Auditor General and was signed on February 28, 2014, approximately 3 months earlier than the 2012 CAFR, and earlier than at any time in the last seven years. This was accomplished with the cooperation of the Illinois Office of the Auditor General, the Governor’s Office, and other state agencies.

“It is important that we get these reports out in a timely manner to give lawmakers, the Governor and taxpayers time to get a clear picture of the state’s finances when preparing the budget for upcoming fiscal years,” said Topinka.  “The more information that is available, the better decisions can be made.  Our commitment to transparency, accountability and efficiency is unwavering.”

The State of Illinois’ net position was reported as a deficit of $44.799 billion as of June 30, 2013.  That represents a $49 million decrease in net position compared to the deficit of $44.750 billion at June 30, 2012.  The State’s assets increased $3.762 billion from the prior year, offset by an increase in liabilities of $3.811 billion.  The increases in liabilities resulted mainly from increases in the State’s net pension obligation of $1.720 billion and net other post-employment benefit obligations of $1.753 billion.

Many of the State’s programs are accounted for in the General Fund.  During fiscal year 2013, the General Fund’s fund deficit decreased from $9.078 billion to $7.334 billion, or $1.744 billion.

The Government Finance Officers Association of the United States and Canada (GFOA) has awarded a Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting to the State of Illinois for 29 consecutive years.  As the current CAFR is expected to meet the Certificate of Achievement Program’s requirements, it has been submitted to the GFOA to determine its eligibility for another certificate.

Doing God’s Work, Albany Park Theater Project (APTP) Re-imagines its hit 2006 Play in its Fourth Goodman Partnership, April 4-19

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A Multi-Ethnic Company of 22 High School Students Explore the Power of Resilience in an All-New Production, Including Choreography, Design Elements and APTP’s First-Ever use of Bunraku-Style Puppetry

Chicago, IL – Albany Park Theater Project (APTP), Chicago’s award-winning youth theater ensemble with a “reputation for artistic excellence” (Time Out Chicago), returns to the Goodman with God’s Work—its fourth play to be produced downtown and the first to be wholly re-imagined for the larger scale of the Owen Theatre. The artistic partnership, which has introduced more than 5,000 new audience members to APTP over five years, includes previous productions of Home/Land (2012), Feast (2010) and Aquí Estoy (2008)—all which were transfers of hit productions from APTP’s neighborhood theater. God’s Work, originally produced at APTP in 2006 and based on a true story, follows Rachel, known as “the lucky one” to her 17 siblings, on her journey toward healing after years of deprivation and punishment from a fundamentalist and vengeful father. Using high-stakes storytelling, original movement and music and stunning visuals, a new ensemble cast of 22 teens aged 14-18 collaborates with a team of directors and designers to collectively devise the new production, which features a “water ballet” and Bunraku-style puppetry, a form of traditional Japanese puppet theater. God’s Work runs April 4 – 19 in the Owen Theatre (the press performance is Sunday, April 6 at 7:30pm) and is recommended for ages 12 and up. Tickets ($10 – $25; subject to change) are available at GoodmanTheatre.org/GodsWork, by phone at 312.443.3800 or at the box office (170 North Dearborn). State Farm Insurance Company is the Opening Night Sponsor. A full performance calendar follows.

“Our journey toward God’s Work started when a 14-year-old ensemble member told us, ‘I learned to love when I was 10 years old.’ We wanted to make a play that celebrates her triumph and illuminates the question of how a person—especially a child—summons the capacity not only to survive dehumanizing trauma, but to become so exquisitely human,” said APTP co-founder and producing artistic director David Feiner. “I hope audiences will be astonished by the exceptional sensitivity of our youth ensemble, which has earned a reputation for creating beautiful and hopeful art out of often ugly realities. With an ethnic composition ranging from Mexican to Puerto Rican, Filipino, Assyrian and Samoan, it’s also sure to be one of the most diverse ensembles on any Chicago stage this spring.”

God’s Work “explores the human capacity for resilience featuring one of the most inspiring heroines you’ll ever meet and one of the most breathtaking redemptions you’ll ever witness” (Chicago Sun-Times), when after nine years of emotional and psychological abuse, Rachel learns to trust, to love and to move towards a more hopeful future. As previously announced, the directing and design team includes David Feiner (producing director), Stephanie Paul (director/choreographer), Maggie Popadiak (director/choreographer), Rossana Rodríguez Sánchez (director), Brandon and Lacy Katherine Campbell (puppetry designers), Mikhail Fiksel (composer/sound designer), Jeremy Getz (lighting designer), Izumi Inaba (costume designer) and Scott C. Neale (scenic designer).

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