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Obamacare is working – President Obama says more than 4 million people have already enrolled

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Creators of popular affordable health insurance web site (www.AffordableHealthInsurance.org) say Obamacare is on the right track, and the U.S. government should easily be able to reach their goal of 7 million enrollees by the end of March 2014

Nationwide (BlackNews.com) – President Obama and the Department of Health and Human Services have both recently confirmed that more than 4 million people have signed up for ObamaCare via the Healthcare.gov web site and their toll-free numbers. The government, however, is pushing for at least 7 million in total to sign up for coverage before the end of March.

Obama commented, “If they want health insurance now, they need to sign up now, and we’re going to make a big push these last few weeks. We’ve only got a few weeks left. March 31st, that’s the last call.” He also explained that anyone not signed up by that date will have to wait until open enrollment begins anew in the fall.

Creators of the Affordable Health Insurance Network, known for their resourceful web site at AffordableHealthInsurance.org, released a statement saying that they are very confident that the goal can be reached by the deadline. They also emphasized, as did Obama, that in addition to the 4 million already enrolled, millions more are benefiting from the health care law’s expansion of Medicaid and its provision which allows young people up to age 26 to remain covered by their parents’ insurance.

About Obamacare
Obamacare, officially known as the Affordable Healthcare act, was proposed by the Obama administration and officially passed as a law in 2010. It was created to help the estimated 47 million people in the United States who did not have healthcare insurance. One huge benefit is that insurance programs are required to cover pre-existing health conditions.

To sign up for Obamacare, visit:

To learn more about affordable health insurance in general, visit:

International Support for Ukraine: Fact Sheet

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(From whitehouse.gov)

President Obama has made clear that the United States will continue to support the Government of Ukraine, including economically.  We have been working closely with international partners to develop an assistance package that will provide rapid financial and technical assistance to help Ukraine restore economic stability and conduct free, fair, and inclusive new elections that will allow the Ukrainian people to continue to make democratic choices about their future.

The new Ukrainian government has inherited an economy with enormous potential but that is currently financially fragile and uncompetitive.  The Government of Ukraine has said publicly that it will work to meet these urgent challenges.  As the government implements important reforms, the United States will work with its bilateral and multilateral partners to ensure that Ukraine has sufficient financing to restore financial stability and return to growth.

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) is already engaging to help stabilize the Ukrainian economy.  We understand that an IMF mission is currently in Kyiv working with the Ukrainian government at their request.  The IMF will be at the front lines of an international package for Ukraine and is positioned to support  robust and market-oriented reforms needed to restore Ukraine to economic health, including via providing large-scale financing and technical support.  At the same time, the United States is working alongside international partners and the Government of Ukraine to assemble a package of assistance to complement and support an IMF program.

As part of this international effort, the United States has developed a package of bilateral assistance focused on meeting Ukraine’s most pressing needs and helping Ukraine to enact the reforms needed to make its IMF program a success.  We are working with Congress to approve the 2010 IMF quota legislation, which  would support the IMF’s capacity to lend additional resources to Ukraine, while also helping to preserve continued U.S. leadership within this important institution.  We are ready to work with Congress and the Government of Ukraine to provide U.S. loan guarantees and other financial and technical assistance to address Ukraine’s four most urgent needs:

  • Critical assistance with economic reforms, including by cushioning their impact on vulnerable Ukrainians: The U.S. Administration is working with Congress and the Government of Ukraine to provide $1 billion in loan guarantees aimed at helping insulate vulnerable Ukrainians from the effects of reduced energy subsidies.  At the same time, the United States is moving quickly to provide technical expertise to help the National Bank of Ukraine and the Ministry of Finance address their most pressing challenges.  The United States is dispatching highly experienced technical advisors to help the Ukrainian financial authorities manage immediate market pressures.  The United States will also provide expertise to help Ukraine implement critical energy sector reforms.
  • Conducting free, fair, and inclusive elections: The United States will provide technical assistance to train election observers, help bring electoral processes in line with international standards, and promote robust participation by civil society organizations and a free and independent media.
  • Combatting corruption and recovering stolen assets: The United States is preparing to help the government respond to the clear demands of the Ukrainian people for more robust safeguards against corruption and additional efforts to recover assets stolen from the people of Ukraine.  The United States will support the government as it takes tangible steps to reduce corruption and increase transparency, including in areas such as e-government and public procurement.  The United States is deploying an interagency team of experts to Kyiv this week to begin to work with their Ukrainian counterparts to identify assets that may have been stolen, identify their current location, and assist in returning those assets to Ukraine.
  • Withstanding politically motivated trade actions by Russia, including in the area of energy: The United States is preparing to provide technical advice to the Ukrainian government on Ukraine’s WTO rights with respect to trade with Russia.  At the same time the United States is ready to provide assistance and financing to help Ukrainian businesses find new export markets and adjust to trade pressures and to enhance energy efficiency, helping to reduce dependence on imported gas.

Q&A: Bay Area Ukrainians Organize in Response to Crisis

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Q&A: Bay Area Ukrainians Organize in Response to Crisis

New America Media

By Zdenek Kratochvil

Above: Ukrainians gathered in San Francisco in January for a rally in support of pro-European protestors in the Ukranian capital Kiev


Editor’s Note: Protests in Ukraine sparked by former President Viktor Yanukovych’s decision to reject a trade deal with the European Union have now evolved into a larger regional crisis. Concerns are growing over the possible break up of the former Soviet country. Moscow’s growing military involvement, meanwhile, has leaders in Washington and the E.U. scrambling to come up with a response. Organizers of MaydanSF, a Bay Area-based Ukrainian group named for the protests that began in the Ukrainian capital Kiev in November, have been working to support protestors in their home country. To date they’ve organized several local rallies and say more are planned. They spoke with NAM contributor Zdenek Kratochvil.

Describe the MaydanSF movement. When did it form and what is its mission?

MaydanSF began in November, at the start of the pro-European demonstrations in Kiev, Ukraine. EuroMaydan, the name for the movement in Ukraine, comes from the name of Kiev’s Independence Square, Maydan. The group was founded by San Francisco residents Mikola Bilogorskiy and Lesya P. (who asked that her last name not be used). Within a week, we organized our first protest, which was attended by more than 500 people.

With over 20 members, we are now in the process of forming a non-profit called Nova Ukraine (New Ukraine). We’ve also defined several key goals, which include: contributing to the development of a civil society in Ukraine through the use of innovative technologies and other means, assisting Ukraine in diminishing corruption at all levels of society, and raising awareness about Ukraine in the United States and the world.

How has the current situation in Ukraine impacted the Ukranian community in the Bay Area?

The EuroMaydan Movement has forever changed Ukraine and Ukrainian People both back in Ukraine and around the world. I’ve lived in San Francisco for six years, and I have never met so many Ukrainians though I have been looking for them. Our organization has connected with EuroMaydan Leaders across America and different cities around the world. We are working on a number of projects to utilize the strength of our community to participate actively in furthering the rebuilding process in Ukraine.

What are some of the challenges your community faces now?

While the crisis in Ukraine has lifted awareness of the country, many here are still not aware about events there or do not know where Ukraine is located on a map. Thus, we will continue our work of spreading awareness about the protests and the needs of Ukraine. We’d like to also get the representatives of other countries on board – particularly those countries that are or have experienced similar movements, like Venezuela, Georgia, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, and others.

What are your concerns about Russia’s growing involvement in the crisis?

We are concerned about the breakdown of Ukraine into two parts – ‘pro-European’ (Central and Western Ukraine) and pro-Russian (Eastern Ukraine). After the Sochi Olympic Games ended Putin has gotten more involved in the situation. He is specifically targeting the Crimean Peninsula, where the Russian fleet is stationed along with a Russian military base. Currently, the population in Crimea is comprised predominantly of Russian and Pro-Russian groups. Many are asking Russia to ‘help them’ and ‘save them’ from the newly established government in Kiev. However, there is also a large Tatar population that does not want and resists the Russian invasion.

Aside from the protest you mentioned, have there been others organized by your group?

MaydanSF has organized three large demonstrations in San Francisco so far. Our San Francisco demonstrations had more than 500 participants each time, including representatives from Russia, (and former Soviet states like) Belarus, Kazakhstan and Georgia.

What kind of support does MaydanSF provide to protestors in Ukranie?

One of our purposes has been to collect donations to support the needs of the protesters in Kiev, such as food, medicine and shelter. We have collected over $13,000 in donations and have sent the money to Ukraine. We have asked our friends in Ukraine to send us copies of the receipts for what they purchased; and we then posted these receipts on our website maydansf.com, so that local supporters could see where exactly their money went.

After the massive killings in Ukraine during the week of February 17, when over a 100 protesters were killed, we also began focusing on supporting the needs of the families of those who have died. The people in Ukraine are mentally and physically exhausted. It’s our priority to provide any help we can to ensure people stay motivated to rebuild the new truly democratic Ukraine.

Follow the organizers of MaydanSF on Facebook. Videos of recent Bay Area protests organized by the group can be seen here and here.

National Veterans Art Museum Finalist for 2014 National Medal

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Institute of Museum and Library Services Announces National Finalists

CHICAGO, IL – The National Veterans Art Museum (NVAM) was announced as a finalist for the National Medal for Museum and Library Service. The National Medal is the nation’s highest honor conferred on museums and libraries for service to the community. “The NVAM fosters a greater understanding of the real impact of war,” said Levi Moore, Executive Director of the NVAM. “Through exhibition of our collection, arts education and other programming, we foster a space for dialogue over war and provide veteran artists an outlet for expression.”

“Museums and libraries serve as civic engagement centers, providing invaluable educational, social, and skill-based resources to their communities,” said Susan Hildreth, director of the Institute of Museum and Library Services. “The 2014 National Medal finalists have gone above and beyond to create an environment that allows individuals to learn, play, connect, and remain curious.”

In October of 1981, a group of Vietnam veterans put together an exhibition of artwork based on their war experiences. The success of that show led to the establishment of the Vietnam Veterans Art Group. Fifteen years later, with a building donated, the National Vietnam Veterans Art Museum was launched. In 2003, the museum began accepting work by veterans of all conflicts and, in 2010, changed its name to the National Veterans Art Museum. The museum made its home in Jefferson Park in 2012.

While the NVAM is one of the only museums in the world to collect and exhibit artwork exclusively created by veterans in a permanent exhibition, it also provides a great deal of programming for veterans and their families and for the community at large. The NVAM provides guided tours, teacher resources, workshops for students and student groups, and family-focused interactive programs. Art programming that explores the impact of war is a shared experience for veterans and civilians. Creative community workshops take place the second Saturday of every month. Upcoming workshops focus on mask-making and what we choose to hide behind; music making (from bugle call to iPods, music is everywhere to a service member); and learning techniques to move from drawing to painting. The museum also offers a free after-school drop-in arts education program every Friday.

The National Veterans Art Museum, located at 4041 N. Milwaukee Avenue, inspires greater understanding of the real impact of war with a focus on Vietnam. The museum collects, preserves and exhibits art inspired by combat and created by veterans. The National Veterans Art Museum is dedicated to the collection, preservation, and exhibition of art inspired by combat and created by veterans. It is home to more than 2,500 works of art by more than 270 artists. Personal narratives and artistic representations of war (including paintings, photographs, sculptures, poetry and music) provide transformative learning opportunities in art, history and civics.

Visit online at www.nvam.org or Facebook.com/NationalVeteransArtMuseum

Opportunity For All: Middle Class Tax Cuts In The President’s FY 2015 Budget

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The President’s FY2015 budget released today will show how to achieve real, lasting economic security and expand opportunity for all so that every American who is willing to work hard can get ahead.   The President’s budget will show in real terms the choices we can make to expand economic opportunity and strengthen the middle class, like closing unfair tax loopholes so we can invest in the things we need to help the middle class and those striving to get into it, grow our economy, and provide economic opportunity for every American. It invests in infrastructure, job training, and preschool; cuts taxes for working Americans while closing tax loopholes enjoyed by the wealthy and well-connected; and reduces the deficit.

In the State of the Union, the President called for an expansion of one of those tax cuts for working Americans, the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC).  The President’s budget will lay out the details of this proposal, which would cut taxes for 13.5 million working Americans, while also proposing to expand tax cuts to help middle-class and working families afford child care, send their kids to college and retire with dignity. These pro-growth and pro-opportunity tax cuts would be fully offset by closing tax loopholes, including the so-called “Gingrich” and “Carried Interest” provisions that let high-income professionals avoid the income and payroll taxes other workers pay.

The White House also released a report on the economic benefits of expanding the EITC.  To read the report, click HERE.


The President’s highest priority is to ensure economic opportunity for all Americans.  In his first term in office, he cut taxes by $3,600 for a typical middle-class family, and in 2012 he fought to keep taxes low for 98% of households while asking the wealthy to pay the same rates as in the 1990s.  But the President believes there is much more to be done. This year’s Budget would:

  • Strengthen the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) and Child Tax Credit: The EITC and refundable Child Tax Credit are among our most effective tools for reducing poverty and rewarding work. This year’s Budget proposes to:
    • Significantly Strengthen the Childless Worker EITC: The President’s Budget significantly strengthens the childless worker EITC, benefiting 13.5 million workers. This expansion would address an important missed opportunity in the EITC – identified by economists of both parties – to provide support and an additional incentive to work to childless adults, while also making it available to younger workers who are currently excluded. This expansion – which would lift about half a million people above the poverty line – would be paid for by closing tax loopholes that let high-income professionals avoid the income and payroll taxes everyone else has to pay.
    • Make Permanent Important Improvements the President Has Already Achieved: The Budget also makes permanent important EITC and Child Tax Credit improvements that help 16 million families with 30 million children, and have helped lift 1.4 million Americans out of poverty.
  • Expand and Improve Tax Benefits that Help Middle-Class and Working Families:
    • Pay for Child Care: Families with young children know how high the cost of childcare can be – and how it often keeps a parent from full-time work.  The Budget proposes a significant expansion of the Child and Dependent Care Tax Credit, targeted to families with children under the age of 5.  About 1.7 million families would benefit from this expansion in 2015, receiving an average tax cut of more than $600.
    • Save for Retirement: Too many households know they should be saving for retirement but lack access to employer-sponsored plans like 401(k)s, which puts the onus on individuals to set up and invest in an Individual Retirement Account (IRA).  Complementing the President’s myRA executive action, the Budget proposes to establish automatic IRAs (or auto-IRAs), which will expand access to and build on proven best-practices in the private sector to encourage workers to save.  About 13 million workers would begin contributing to retirement savings through auto-IRAs as a result of this proposal.
    • Pay for College: Education has never been a more important part of the path to opportunity and the middle class, and the President believes that we should do all we can to help students and their families afford college.  That’s why this Budget would:
      • Permanently Extend the American Opportunity Tax Credit (AOTC), which will benefit 11.5 million families and students by an average of more than $1,100.
      • Simplify Taxes for Pell Grant Recipients, benefiting nearly all of the approximately 9 million Pell grant recipients by clarifying AOTC rules and simplifying calculations and providing some with a reduction in taxes or a boost to their AOTC.
      • Provide tax relief to student loan borrowers by excluding student loan forgiveness from taxation for borrowers who have made student loan payments for many years under an income-related repayment plan.

Illinois Schoolyard Habitat Action Grants awarded

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SPRINGFIELD, IL – The Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) and the Illinois Conservation Foundation (ICF) today announced that 32 Illinois Schoolyard Habitat Action Grants have been awarded from the fall 2013 application period. A total of $24,115.25 has been distributed.

“The Illinois Schoolyard Habitat Action Grant provides children and educators with the opportunity to develop wildlife habitat, reduce mowing, and increase the use of native plants in Illinois landscapes,” said IDNR Director Marc Miller. “Students take part in all phases of these projects, and realize that they can make a difference in the world. These gardens also provide learning experiences that support the educational curriculum.”

The Illinois Schoolyard Habitat Action Grant program supports the development or enhancement of wildlife habitat on the school grounds or other public place. Funding for the program is provided through donations to the ICF. The Jadel Youth Fund, Evanston, and the Daniel F. and Ada L. Rice Foundation, Skokie, are the major sponsors for this program. Grants to support the program were also received from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Environmental Education Program and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s Partners for Fish and Wildlife Program. More than $163,000 in Illinois Schoolyard Habitat Action Grant funding has been distributed since the program’s inception.

“We want school children to learn about nature through hands-on experiences,” Miller said. “It is our goal to have Illinois Schoolyard Habitat Action Grant program projects developed in every county of the state and eventually at every school.”

Applications are being accepted now for the November 30, 2014, Illinois Schoolyard Habitat Action Grant application deadline. See http://dnr.state.il.us/education/CLASSRM/grants.htm for the application form and related information or call 217-524-4126 or email dnr.teachkids@illinois.gov.

2014 Illinois Schoolyard Habitat Action Grant Grant Winners

Champaign County

Martin Luther King, Junior, Elementary School, Urbana. Grades: kindergarten-5. Project: enhance an outdoor science laboratory by adding additional prairie plants and trees. Grant Award: $905.00.

Coles County

Douglas-Hart Nature Center, Mattoon, and Charleston High School, Charleston. Grades: 9-12. Project: improve a woodland and woodland/prairie transition zone. Grant Award: $998.90.

Cook County

Washington Irving Elementary School, PTO. Grades: kindergarten-5. Project: plant two butterfly gardens. Grant Award: $537.50.

Mother McAuley Liberal Arts High School, Chicago. Grades: 9-12. Project: enhance an existing prairie plot by increasing diversity of species. Grant Award: $1,000.00.

Prosser Career Academy, Chicago. Grades: 9-12. Project: develop a prairie plot and butterfly garden. Grant Award: $1,000.00.

Du Page County

Holy Family Catholic Academy, Inverness. Grades: kindergarten-8. Project: plant a prairie garden. Grant Award: $761.30.

Pathway Connections Childcare Center, Lisle. Grade: prekindergarten. Project: plant a butterfly garden. Grant Award: $1,000.00.

Thomas Middle School, Arlington Heights. Grades: 6-8. Project: create a native butterfly garden. Grant Award: $984.00.

Thomas G. Scullen Middle School, Naperville. Grades: 6-12. Project: incorporate a butterfly garden into the outdoor classroom. Grant Award: $995.00.

Whittier Elementary School, Wheaton. Grades: kindergarten-5. Project: establish a pollinator garden. Grant Award: $659.24.

Effingham County

Effingham High School, Effingham. Grades: 9-12. Project: develop a butterfly and bird garden. Grant Award: $700.00.

Grundy County

Minooka Community High School, Channahon. Grades: 9-10. Project: continue a prairie restoration project. Grant Award: $1,000.00.

Henry County

Wethersfield Community Unit School District 230, Kewanee. Grades: 2 and 5. Project: expand a butterfly garden and develop a shade garden with native plants. Grant Award: $964.10.

Jackson County

Murphysboro Middle School, Murphysboro. Grades: 6-8. Project: establish a native prairie and pollinators study garden. Grant Award: $600.00.

Jersey County

Journeys School, Region III Special Education Cooperative, Jerseyville. Grades: 9-12. Project: develop a habitat area to attract hummingbirds. Grant Award: $998.16.

La Salle County

Caring Hands Daycare, La Salle. Grade: prekindergarten. Project: develop a native prairie garden. Grant Award: $806.70.

Macon County

William Harris Elementary School, Decatur. Grade: 4. Project: plant a butterfly garden. Grant Award: $386.60.

William Harris Elementary School, Decatur. Grades: kindergarten-6. Project: build bird houses and bird feeders. Grant Award: $352.00.

Madison County

Collinsville Area Recreation District – Willoughby Farm, Collinsville. Grades: prekindergarten, 1, 4, 9-12. Project: create pollinator fields. Grant Award: $1,000.00.

Mason County

Midwest Central High School, Manito. Grades: kindergarten-5, 11-12. Project: install a butterfly garden. Grant Award: $720.39.

McDonough County

Bushnell-Prairie City Community Unit School District #170, Bushnell. Grades: 8-12. Project: enhance an existing pond habitat. Grant Award: $1,000.00.

McLean County

Heartland Community College Child Development Lab School, Normal. Grades: prekindergarten-5. Project: develop a butterfly garden. Grant Award: $993.03.

Morgan County

Illinois School for the Visually Impaired, Jacksonville. Grades: 1-12. Project: create a butterfly/hummingbird habitat, build songbird nesting boxes and plant trees to attract birds. Grant Award: $740.23.

Sangamon County

Glenwood Elementary School, Chatham. Grades: 1 and 4. Project: expand a rain garden. Grant Award: $758.00.

Warren County

United West Elementary School, Monmouth. Grades: kindergarten and 3. Project: create a butterfly garden and two songbird gardens. Grant Award: $265.60.

Whiteside County

Prophetstown High School, Prophetstown. Grade: 12. Project: construct and install bat roosting boxes. Grant Award: $500.00.

Prophetstown High School, Prophetstown. Grade: 12. Project: plant a butterfly garden. Grant Award: $600.00.

Will County

William J. Butler School, Lockport. Grades: 1-4. Project: establish a native garden to attract butterflies. Grant Award: $600.00.

Peotone High School, Peotone. Grades: 9-12. Project: plant a butterfly/hummingbird garden. Grant Award: $416.00.

John R. Tibbott Elementary School, Bolingbrook. Grades: kindergarten-5. Project: add a butterfly garden to the outdoor learning area. Grant Award: $660.00.

William E. Young School, Homer Glen. Grades: 1 and 3. Project: install a butterfly garden. Grant Award: $918.00.

Winnebago County

Burpee Museum of Natural History, Rockford. Grades: 1-10. Project: plant a prairie garden. Grant Award: $295.50.

Moral Monday Florida Social Justice Campaign Launches at the Florida State Capitol

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Tallahassee, FL — The Florida NAACP and more than 20 organizations and groups led the first rally and march of Florida’s Moral Monday Social Justice Campaign at the Florida’s State Capitol.

“The assembly here this morning shows not only just Florida, but the country, how important it is for Americans to lift their voices and for those voices to be heard. You are beauticians and barbershop owners, you are state government workers, you are low wage workers looking for better wages, you are Florida, you are America, and you deserve the right to petition your government,” stated Lorraine Miller, NAACP Interim President and CEO, during remarks at the State Capitol.

The campaign, led by a diverse and non-partisan coalition, targets Florida Governor Rick Scott and the state legislature, calling on them to protect the rights of all Floridians by expanding Medicaid, protecting voting rights, addressing economic inequality and repealing stand your ground practices.

“Today we raised our voices to protect our votes and to hold our elected officials accountable if they attempt to suppress them,” said Adora Obi Nweze, Florida NAACP State Conference President. “Together we will shine a bright light on the failed policies that have wreaked havoc on Floridians.”

The coalition included the NAACP Florida State Conference, AAMIA, AAMLC, AFSCME Florida, Equality Florida, Florida AFL-CIO, Florida Alliance of Planned Parenthood, Florida Chain, Florida Consumer Action Network, Florida New Majority, Florida SEIU, Mi Familia Vota, National Organization for Women, NCLR Action Fund, Organize Now, PICO United Florida, Progress Florida, Southern Christian Leadership Conference, and UniteWomen.org

During the rally Rabbi Jack Romberg, called on the state legislature to pray before the start of the session and “invoke God’s presence,” recalled a story of young boy he tutors in an overcrowded and inadequate system as an example of how Florida’s failed policies will work. “I have to ask, that if we are treating a little boy that way, are we invoking God’s presence? What happens to him at age 12 when scribbling in a book out of frustration becomes graffiti on a wall or something worse? Does he become part of the prison pipeline and is that invoking God’s presence? I say no. What happens when he gets older and because the school system fails him he cannot get an appropriate job and then he can’t get appropriate Medicare because Medicaid has not been expanded to him? What happens to him and have we invoked God’s presence? No. What happens then if God forbid he commits a crime and has to go to prison? Has he then forfeited his right to vote forever? Can he ever become a useful citizen again?”

Ahead of efforts to register and engage more voters than in the 2012 Presidential Election, Lorraine Miller also saw this event as a call to action for people at the rally, “But just as you have the right to petition and have your voices heard, you have to take the next step and register to vote. Politicians respect the people that know the issues and take the time out to vote. You have to tell the governor, city council, the state legislatures, and your county commissioner that you are not representing me. And, the way we do that in this country is to vote them out.”

Moral Monday Florida is the latest campaign in a social justice movement that began in North Carolina and has expanded to Georgia and South Carolina.

Lira Singers Concert to honor 60th Anniversary of St. John Brebeuf Parish

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The very popular Lira Singers female ensemble will participate in the celebration of the 60th anniversary of St. John Brebeuf Parish by performing a concert of Polish sacred, classical and folk music on Saturday, March 8, 2014 at 8 p.m. at St. John Brebeuf Church, 8307 North Harlem in Niles, Illinois.  The concert, which is sponsored in part by The Niles Bugle, is part of a cycle of concerts to celebrate the 60th anniversary.

The Lira Singers are part of the Lira Ensemble, which specializes in Polish music, song and dance.  Its mission is to bring the best of Polish culture into American life.  Lira is artist-in-residence at Loyola University Chicago.

The concert will be conducted by Marek Rachelski, former conductor of Lira, who is music director of St. John Brebeuf Parish.  It will be narrated in English by Lucyna Migala of WCEV Radio/1450am, who is Lira’s artistic director and general manager.

Tickets are $20 for adults and $10 for children (under 15) for the event which is open to the entire community.  Tickets may be purchased at the door or by calling 847-966-8145.

Other upcoming celebratory concerts include a Lenten presentation of both John Rutter and Gabriel Faure’s Requiems by the Niles Metropolitan Chorus & Musica Lumina on Sunday, April 13, at 3 p.m. and the Land of Lakes Choirboys on Tuesday, June 17, at 7 p.m. For more information, call 847-966-8145 or visit www.sjbrebeuf.org.

Soloist Diana Bryks with the Lira Ensemble

Fruitgrass Superfoods commemorates 1 Year Anniversary by offering free giveaways to jumpstart healthy living

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Decatur, GA (BlackNews.com) — Tracey Baaset was looking to augment standard protocol practiced by the medical field when she was making her own recovery from breast cancer. Having practiced law, she put her research skills as a lawyer to work and sought out natural and pure ingredients that could help her recoup her health and well-being. She found some natural yields that had stood the test of time and had gained a reputation for warding off ailments and facilitating longevity and vibrant health. She described the ultra superfood blend that she created from these natural yields as being, “like water to a wilted flower.”

With noticeably restored health and recouped vitality, she realized her obligation to share the superior product that she had developed with others because she found that it helped her conveniently achieve greater energy, vitality and fortitude – naturally.

An African-American herself, Baaset discovered that there are both distinctive nutrition needs within the African-American community, as well as a tendency by women in this population to put their children, spouses, jobs and careers and church ahead of their own needs. She is convinced that, in order to adequately care for anyone or anything, and to be able to stay around to enjoy them optimally, one must maintain their own health as a priority.

Users of this popular Fruitgrass superfood blend will discover some of the following benefits:

* Natural energy
* The ability to get more out of their day
* A jumpstart to healthier living
* Maintenance of good health
* The ability to maintain a busy lifestyle
* A tasty, yet potent blend
* The opportunity to thrive off of nature’s superfoods in a convenient way
* An arsenal of tools to help counteract some of the attacks on health and well-being

To celebrate the company’s anniversary, Baaset announced that a free Smoothie Shaker Cup and Recipe Booklet will be shipped with every purchase of Fruitgrass to help others make the shift to healthy living as easy as possible. When on-the-go, the shaker cup can be carried along for use with the convenient single-serve packets, and the Smoothie Recipe Booklet includes recipes for superfood cocktails, deserts and other nutrient rich preparations.

For more information, to view testimonials, and to order the product, visit the website at www.fruitgrass.com

About The Fruitgrass Company
The Fruitgrass Company specializes in all-natural drink powders as supplements to enhance your general well-being. Fruitgrass Superfood is the company’s inaugural product, and there are future plans to introduce additional wellness drink powders to address various health concerns.

Become a follower on Facebook at Fruitgrass-Superfood
View the YouTube video at www.youtube.com/watch?v=tVbRvDjktmc&feature=youtu.be
Become a Twitter follower at @FruitgrassLLC

Photo Caption: Tracey Baaset, creator of Fruitgrass Superfoods

It is God’s anointing that breaks the yoke and will bind the hand of Satan

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(From The PCConnection Network)

The Probation Challenge PCConnection Network recently stepped on territory that has been considered far too long as Satan’s turf

The Probation Challenge PCConnection Network, under the guides of the Rev. Harold E. Bailey, invites you and your entire family to view this revealing piece of journalism. This documentary will break into and through the many corridors that have far too long held our youth in captivity. The contents consist of bitter raw truth.

Bailey said these serious matters of truth, should have been addressed long before now by the status quo. He said, “I however believe that God had an appointed time for anointed people to do these chosen matters.”

As Judge, lawyers, preachers, teachers, journalist, and laymen, attend the recent forum entitled, An African American History Celebration with Solutions, many were surprised as to the revealing of fact, figures and static… that were heard for the very first time.

Noted journalist: Chinta Strausberg, Juanita Bratcher, Publisher & CEO of CopyLine Magazine, and Claudette Henderson assisted in bringing forth documented proof as to concerted efforts to incarcerate African American and Hispanic men.

It was also stated that seniors are the last to have Health Care consideration by viable health care organizations. A reputable group of health care professionals introduced to the audience of seniors and others… what many stated to be a ‘best health care secret’ for seniors.

View this truth fact-finding taping and discover a far better way that youth and elders can survive the pitfalls that lay in wait for them.

This part 1, documentary can be viewed at: WWW.ProbationChallenge.org—The Truth Net-work, 24/7 and On-Demand.
Rated: Suited for the entire family and especially youth.
The Probation Challenge PCConnection Network, recently stepped on territory that has
been considered far too long as Satan’s turf

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