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Attorney General Madigan Collects Nearly $1 Billion in State Revenue in 2013

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Collections include $101 million recovery for state pension systems

CHICAGO, IL — Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan announced that her office collected nearly $1 billion in 2013 on behalf of the State of Illinois.

Through a combination of litigation and collection efforts, Madigan’s office generated more than $32 for every tax dollar appropriated to the office in 2013. Since Madigan took office, total collections have reached over $10 billion.

“My office works to maximize revenue to support critical state programs and services, and we do this while maintaining the lowest level of taxpayer funding since 1997,” Madigan said. “Since my first term as Attorney General, we’ve secured over $10 billion in revenue to fund state operations.”

In 2013, Madigan’s office collected $992,581,592.32 on behalf of the state. The Attorney General’s office generated nearly $374.5 million of this amount through collections litigation for damage to state property, child support, unpaid educational loans, fines and penalties. In addition, the Attorney General’s office collected nearly $273.6 million through tobacco litigation and nearly $243.6 million in estate tax revenues.

Additionally, due to a settlement with JPMorgan Chase & Company, Madigan’s office recovered $101 million for the state’s pension systems to cover losses sustained from investments in mortgage-backed securities that contributed to the economic collapse in 2008.

Madigan’s office operated in 2013 with an appropriation from the state’s general revenue fund of $30,843,200 – the lowest level of funding from taxpayer dollars that the office has received since 1997. Attorney General Madigan’s office generated $32.18 for every state general revenue tax dollar the office received in 2013.

The $992.6 million generated in 2013 does not include more than one billion dollars in benefits that Madigan’s office successfully recovered through mediation and litigation, which is distributed directly to Illinois residents, businesses and organizations often in the form of restitution.

For instance, Attorney General Madigan’s Consumer Fraud Bureau recovered and saved more than $1.1 billion on behalf of defrauded Illinois residents and businesses in 2013, a sum that includes relief that Illinois residents received directly from the $25 billion national foreclosure settlement that Attorney General Madigan secured in conjunction with her state counterparts, the U.S. Department of Justice and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. Over the last two years, Illinois residents have directly received nearly $2 billion in financial relief in the form of principal reductions, loan refinancing and cash payments as a result of the settlement, which was the second largest ever obtained through joint action of state attorneys general.

Madigan’s office also reached several major settlements with the pharmaceutical industry in 2013. Among the most notable is a $1.6 billion joint state and federal settlement with Johnson & Johnson and its subsidiary Janssen Pharmaceuticals over its illegal marketing of antipsychotic drugs Risperdal and Invega. Illinois received $23.6 million under the agreement.

Madigan’s office also has secured more than $85 million in unpaid gasoline sales taxes through a joint enforcement initiative with the Illinois Department of Revenue. This ongoing investigation is aimed at cracking down on gas station owners who have evaded paying sales taxes by falsely under-reporting sales figures, causing the loss of millions of dollars in state tax revenue.

St. Edmunds Village Tenants and Ally Organizations to Protest “inhumane” Living Conditions at Low Income Housing Board Meeting

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Tenants from St. Edmunds Village, a subsidized building in the Washington Park neighborhood, will protest the building owner, Rev. Richard Tolliver, who is a board member of the Chicago Low Income Housing Trust Fund, at their board meeting on Tuesday, March 11. Tenants are demanding to meet with Rev. Tolliver so that he can do something about their inhumane living conditions, which include rodents, leaky windows, mold, broken laundry machines, and more. Tenants will picket and protest outside of the Chicago Low Income Housing Trust Fund board meeting, 2 N. LaSalle, starting at 8:40am.

Tenants say they have tried to meet with the building owner for over six months, but he has refused to meet with them. As the snow melts water has been leaking into tenants’ units and they say they have had enough. “As a man of God, we hope that Rev. Tolliver will do what is right and meet with the tenants” said Janet Wilson, a tenant leader from the building.

Tenants say Rev. Tolliver is a close friend and ally of Mayor Rahm Emanuel. In 2011 the Mayor appointed Rev.  Tolliver to his transition team assigned to the transportation and infrastructure committee.

In 2012, Mayor Emanuel appointed Rev.  Tolliver to the Chicago Low Income Housing Trust Fund, from which he has received at least $74,000 in grants. Rev. Tolliver is the President and CEO of the St. Edmunds Redevelopment Corporation which owns St. Edmunds Village and developed nearly 600 units in the Washington Park neighborhood at a cost of $72M.

Tenants will be joined by allies from Southside Together Organizing for Power, the Chicago Housing Initiative, the National Alliance of HUD Tenants, Fearless Leading by the Youth and others.

For more information, contact Haroon Garell 773-858-4806

An Open Letter to President Obama about “My Brother’s Keeper” Program

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By Orrin Hudson, founder of “Be Someone”

Orrin Hudson

Nationwide (BlackNews.com) — Good day, Mr. President, I have an invitation and a challenge to offer you!

But first, let me applaud you for your “My Brother’s Keeper” program that pledges to spend several million private dollars over the next five years in search of solutions to the problems young black men face with a wide range of issues such as broken homes, education, discipline issues, parenting and run-ins with the criminal justice system.

Mr. President, what you are proposing is something I do every day. It is my mission in life! I’m driven to reach young black men before it is too late. Like you, I had my own issues growing up that almost sent me down the wrong path. If it were not for special people – like you – who took a personal interest in me, I surely would not be writing you today.

I was an inner-city youngster who didn’t think much of school. Frankly, I felt it was a waste of my time. It had no relevance in my world. I hung out with the wrong crowd. They were cool dudes and I wanted to be just like them. I ignored my studies and figured I could do just fine on the street. I was destined for trouble. It was just a matter of time. Sound familiar?

One of my teachers, who could have pushed me aside as just another lost youngster, saw potential in me I never even knew was there. He took a personal interest in me and taught me a game – a game that changed my life and a game I am using to change other lives today. What is that game? A game I know you are familiar with, Mr. President, chess!

I will never forget this teacher and will be forever indebted to him. Through the game of chess, he taught me to think. He taught me that there is a consequence for every move whether it be on the chess table or in life. It began to hit me. I have choices in my life and I must make the right moves.

Mr. President, I went on to be an Alabama state trooper. I made something of myself and I considered myself successful but I knew something was missing. I saw news reports of a horrific crime in Queens New York committed by a few young black males. At that moment, I realized my calling… I had to do all I could to turn other young black males around before their lives and destinies were lost.

I went on to found an organization called Be Someone Inc. headquartered in Stone Mountain, Georgia. I have literally traveled the world using chess to reach young lives. I have been recognized and honored by countless individuals and organizations around the world for the impact I have made and continue to make. But that is not what drives me.

What does motivate me is saving lives, the lives of young black youngsters who are potential success stories if they just had the right chance, the right motivation and the right person to show them they can be somebody! That’s where you and I come in Mr. President. We have work to do and I want to call you a partner!

Now, here’s that invitation I mentioned earlier. If you promise not to show me up, I have been invited to Washington DC by the FBI to receive a national award on April 4, 2014 and would love to drop by the White House for a friendly chess match. We can underline the importance of thinking before you make a move. We can emphasize there is a consequence for every action. Think of the lives we can reach with that message!

Mr. President, I feel so strongly about “My Brother’s Keeper” and its potential that I am offering to come to the White House with my chess table and some of the youngsters I have taught to make the right move. Call me!


Orrin C. Hudson
Executive Director
Be Someone Inc.

Orrin Hudson is the founder of Be Someone organization in Atlanta, Georgia. He helps inner-city youth make better decisions in life by teaching them the game of chess. He has been featured on CNN, Good Morning America, People Magazine, and more. For more details, call (770) 465-6445 or visit www.BeSomeone.org

Black Genocide in NYC

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By Rev. Dr. Clenard H. Childress, Jr.

Stop Black Genocide

Nationwide (BlackNews.com) — Fulton J. Sheen once said, “If the bringing of children into the world is today an economic burden, it is because the social system is inadequate; and not because God’s law is wrong. Therefore the State should remove the causes of that burden. The human must not be limited and controlled to fit the economic, but the economic must be expanded to fit the human.”

Bishop Sheen saw the argument of the state for abortion was quite jaded and irresponsible. Without knowing that if you considered the worlds population, an average four person family were to be given a 66′ x 66′ plot of land, that would comfortably provide a single family home and yard, every one on the planet could fit on a landmass the size of Texas. Admittedly this doesn’t take into consideration infrastructure, schools, utilities and ect so for the sake of argument throw in California into the scenario and you can clearly see the fears generated by the state and population control advocates is jaded at best.

Bishop Sheen exposed this ideology as false and immoral. The Bishop exhorted the state to remove the causes and conditions that create that burdens on women that make that decision to abort. Never before in Gorham City has there been a more desperate time for the help of this caped crusader. The Joker (Mayor De Blasio) pledged to help abortionist and the planned parent hoods “wipe out” crisis pregnancy centers. Yes, this diabolical plot to eliminate the very remedy Bishop Sheen sought for the state to provide and in so doing aid and abet the abortion industries profits from the carnage of the unborn also expediting Black Genocide in the city. 60% of all African American pregnancies end in abortion in NYC. Instead of offering concern for these astronomical statistics, Black women’s health and lack of choices, he plans to give them only one choice – “Abortion”.

De Blasio said that, in order to ensure a sufficient number of abortionists to meet the high demand, he will also continue to force doctors who train in city hospitals to perform abortions as a routine part of their training. The mandate is a NARAL-backed program that began under Mayor Michael Bloomberg and which de Blasio referred to as “groundbreaking.”

It appears America again, especially African Americans, have been hoodwinked and bamboozled into thinking another elected official has their best interest at heart. Meanwhile in Albany the “Penguin” is demanding that all pro-life activist leave the state. Where is the sound of tolerance and inclusion in a statement like that? Where are all the sanctimonious political pundits who are so concerned about bullying? As a pro-life social activist I feel so hurt and wounded by these comments. I feel so rejected and discriminated against. All jesting aside for the first time I am actually thinking about moving to New York just to piss the Mr. Cuomo off! The Governor is redlining the hold state of New York to keep pro-pro-lifers out. Where is the Attorney General?

Governor Como has also called for expansion of abortion services? 40% of all pregnancies in NYC end in abortion, that’s not enough for this sinister villain. He wants all the Kermit Gosnels to find refuge in New York so the holocaust can go on unimpeded.

How long will the citizens of Gotham continue to support the fiendish plans of these arch-enemies of the unborn and the sanctity of life. It was shocking to me when people were so offended about a quote I authored many years ago that was hung on a sign in the city – “The Most Dangerous Place For An African American To Be Is In The Womb Of Their African American Mother.” Rather than address the issue (sociological fact), they preferred to take the sign down. That’s the problem! Yes, the sign is down, but the fact remains the same. Taking the sign down eased their conscience but didn’t move them to action thus the genocide continues.

“America, it is said, is suffering from intolerance — it is not. It is suffering from tolerance. Tolerance of right and wrong, truth and error, virtue and evil, Christ and chaos. Our country is not nearly so overrun with the bigoted as it is overrun with the broadminded.” — Bishop Fulton Sheen (Batman)

Rev. Dr. Clenard H. Childress, Jr. is the founder of www.BlackGenocide.org – a website designed to reach the Afro-American community with the truth about abortion.

School District Leaders Participate in Innovative Improvement Program

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Program emphasizes collaboration and peer feedback during a concentrated time span

SPRINGFIELD, IL – A group of Illinois school district leaders, from Rockford to Mounds, are piloting a collaborative improvement process that aims to better prepare students for success in college and careers. Called the District Leadership Team (DLT) Learning Network, the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) initiative provides support and expert training so that local administrators can plan and implement best practices to improve their schools. Throughout the 18-month process, district administrators will receive immediate feedback from state school improvement experts and their colleagues in schools throughout Illinois.

“The DLT Learning Network is designed to support leaders who are eager to tackle significant challenges in their districts,” said State Superintendent of Education Christopher A. Koch. “They are excited to roll up their sleeves and work collectively to implement effective practices throughout their districts and sustain them so that all students are better prepared for college and careers.”

ISBE’s Center for School Improvement is overseeing this initiative and chose participating districts that demonstrated a readiness to learn and implement strategies targeting student improvement throughout their districts. The seven inaugural districts of the DLT Learning Network are: Bloom Township High School District 206, Kankakee School District 111, Madison Community Unit School District 12, Meridian Community Unit School District 101, Rockford School District 205, Sandoval Community Unit School District 501 and J. Sterling Morton High School District 201.

“My leadership team and I found the DLT Learning Network a valuable experience,” said Dr. Michael Kuzniewski, Superintendent of J. Sterling Morton High School District 201. “As soon as the first session ended, I felt compelled to schedule a meeting with my team to continue working through the improvement process Illinois CSI introduced to us. While Morton has many of its own initiatives designed to move us forward, the guidance we are receiving from the network and Illinois CSI already is proving valuable.”

During the 18-month DLT Learning Network, the seven districts will meet once a quarter and develop measurable, research-based strategies designed to create lasting improvements in teaching and learning throughout their schools. Between the quarterly sessions, coaching teams will support the districts as they put these plans into action. They also will learn how to use data to assess whether they are successful.

“Illinois CSI introduced us to an in-depth model for choosing a goal and developing plans to accomplish it,” said Jennifer Garrison, Superintendent of Sandoval CUSD 501.  “I appreciate that the DLT is listening to where we are at locally and then helping us grow stronger as a team by giving us time to plan and reflect while at the same time asking questions as a critical friend. We are getting instant feedback on our plans from other district leaders who know what we are going through.”

The DLT Learning Network is one of several services provided by the Illinois Center for School Improvement (Illinois CSI), a partnership between ISBE and American Institutes for Research. Illinois CSI services are designed to support leaders at the district level as they target student improvement throughout their districts. Illinois CSI began rolling out services to ISBE-selected districts last November. To learn more about Illinois CSI, please visit www.illinoiscsi.org.

Collins: Long-term care task force will address inequities in senior care

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SPRINGFIELD, IL – Illinois State Senator Jacqueline Y. Collins (D-Chicago 16th) secured passage last week of legislation creating the Long-Term Services and Supports Disparities Task Force to examine whether, in the wake of nursing home reforms enacted four years ago, individuals experience differences in quality of care depending on race, language and geography. The task force will then issue recommendations as to how state government can best address all remaining disparities.

“Illinois is a diverse state, and our aging population is also diverse,” said Collins, who co-sponsored the 2010 nursing home reform package. “Without studying the problem, we cannot know if our long-term care facilities and workforce are prepared to offer appropriate, competent and culturally sensitive care to all of our residents who need it.”

The legislation, Senate Bill 2773, would require the task force to report back to the General Assembly with its findings by July 1, 2015. The panel, on which government agencies, nursing homes, home care providers and the advocate community will all be represented, would examine levels of care in various settings: nursing homes, assisted living facilities, adult day care facilities and home health services.

The Senate approved the task force by a vote of 48-0 last Tuesday. The legislation is now under consideration in the House of Representatives.

Campaign to Defend Academic Freedom at Columbia College

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Why is Palestine taboo at Columbia College?

CHICAGO, IL – Columbia College students, faculty and community members are organizing a campaign to defend academic freedom after Columbia administrators retaliated against an instructor for the content of his course about the Israel/Palestine conflict. The campaign includes a petition (www.chn.ge/MXMtpY); March 11 and 12 call-in days to the Columbia College administration (tinyurl.com/CallColumbia); and a public forum featuring Ali Abunimah, a leading proponent of Palestinian rights (www.tinyurl.com/PalColumbia).

As part of his course, Prof. Iymen Chehade screens the Oscar-nominated documentary 5 Broken Cameras, which depicts popular resistance to Israeli military occupation. After a student alleged that the film showed that Chehade’s course is “biased,” Chehade was summoned for a meeting with Dr. Steven Corey, who is the chair of the Department of Humanities, History, and Social Sciences. Corey told Chehade to teach his course in a more “balanced” manner, and then Columbia College withdrew one section of his course just hours after it had been made available to students registering for classes.

“Academic freedom entails not only the right to speak from a particular perspective, but the freedom from being compelled to engage in a particular type of speech,” said Chehade. “The frequent demand from apologists for Israeli colonialism that any discussion of the conflict be ‘balanced’ would be considered absurd in most other contexts. For example, must every presentation about the African-American civil rights movement include a speaker who will attempt to justify the denial of these rights?”

Ali Abunimah, America’s best known advocate for Palestinian rights and author most recently of The Battle for Justice in Palestine, is lending his voice to Prof. Chehade’s campaign. “For too long, teachers and students who want to speak freely about the situation in Palestine have had to live in fear of retaliation,” said Abunimah. “Calls for ‘balance’ are often ill-disguised efforts to ensure that Palestinian voices are not allowed to be heard without supervision, and that fundamental differences in power between Palestinians and the Israeli state that occupies and colonizes their land are obscured with false parity. Fortunately, this is a new day, and more people are standing up and speaking out against the silencing tactics that have been used on campuses for so long.”

Student and faculty supporters of Chehade and all those interested in the principle of academic freedom are circulating a petition (www.chn.ge/MXMtpY), holding March 11 and 12 call-in days to Columbia College administrators (http://tinyurl.com/CallColumbia), and hosting a March 20 public forum entitled “Why is Palestine taboo at Columbia College?” (www.tinyurl.com/PalColumbia).

The March 20 forum features Prof. Iymen Chehade; Ali Abunimah; John Wilson of the American Association of University Professors-Illinois; and Columbia college students Ava Ginsburg and Ahmed Hamad, who are both members of Students for Justice in Palestine/Jewish Voice for Peace at Columbia College. After the speaker presentations, there will be ample time for audience discussion and debate.

Tony Award-Nominated Ensemble Member Amy Morton Stages the World premiere of The Way West by Mona Mansour

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Mona Mansour’s wryly funny play about the Contemporary quirks of our American Spirit is in The Downstairs Theatre, April 3 – June 8, 2014

CHICAGO, IL – Chicago audiences depart for the country’s western edge to experience the reality of the modern-day American dream in the world premiere of Mona Mansour’s funny and insightful new play, The Way West, at Steppenwolf Theatre Company. Ensemble member Amy Morton is at the helm following her Tony Award-nominated portrayal of Martha in Steppenwolf’s production of Edward Albee’s Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? on Broadway. The cast of six features Ira Amyx, ensemble member Martha Lavey, Caroline Neff, Deirdre O’Connell, Zoe Perry and Gabe Ruiz. The Way West begins previews April 3, 2014 (opening night is April 13; press performances are April 12 at 3pm and April 15 at 7:30pm) and runs through June 8, 2014 in Steppenwolf’s Downstairs Theatre (1650 N Halsted St). Tickets ($20 – 78) are on sale now at steppenwolf.org.

In a modern-day California town that’s seen better days, Mom (O’Connell) shares death-defying tales of pioneer crossings with her two squabbling adult daughters (Neff, Perry) as she waits for her bankruptcy to come through. This hilarious and heartbreaking play about today’s American family explores the mixed blessing of our great frontier spirit, which has fueled both self-delusion and survival.

“I think what most moved us about The Way West—which is a curious form: a play with songs, a spiky humor, and a dead-serious theme—is its relevance to how we live now,” comments Artistic Director Martha Lavey. “I think Mona is asking us to look more closely at our American myth of manifest destiny, which is fueled by an image that Americans possess special virtues that make our situation exceptional.”

The cast of The Way West features Deirdre O’Connell (Mom), Caroline Neff (Meesh), Zoe Perry (Manda), Gabe Ruiz (Manny), ensemble member Martha Lavey (Tress) and Ira Amyx (Pizza Delivery Guy).

The production team for The Way West includes: Kevin Depinet (scenic design), Nan Cibula-Jenkins (costume design), David Weiner (lighting design), Rob Milburn and Michael Bodeen (sound design, original music and arrangements) and Malcolm Ruhl (musical director). Additional credits include: Erica Daniels (casting), Deb Styer (stage manager) and Michelle Medvin (assistant stage manager).

Tickets to The Way West ($20 – $78) are on sale now through Audience Services (1650 N Halsted St), 312-335-1650 and steppenwolf.org. 20 for $20: twenty $20 tickets are available through Audience Services beginning at 11am on the day of each performance (1pm for Sunday performances). Rush Tickets: half-price rush tickets are available one hour before each show. Student Discounts: a limited number of $15 student tickets are available online. Limit 2 tickets per student; must present a valid student ID for each ticket. For additional student discounts, visit steppenwolf.org/students. Group Tickets: all groups of 10 or more receive a discounted rate for any performance throughout the season.
For additional information, visit steppenwolf.org/groups.

Major Foundation Support provided by the Elizabeth F. Cheney Foundation. Additional support provided by the National Endowment for the Arts. The Way West is a recipient of an Edgerton Foundation New Play Award.

Free post-show discussions are offered after every performance in the Subscription Season. Steppenwolf is located near all forms of public transportation and is wheelchair accessible. Street and lot parking are available. Assistive listening devices and large-print programs are available for every performance.

Unemployment Compensation Benefits and Your Taxes

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(From BlackNews.com)

The state unemployment compensation program provides benefits that are on the average 50% of a worker’s pay prior to being laid off from work. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the unemployment rate for African Americans fluctuated between 12% and 13% last year in 2013 many of which received unemployment benefits.

Here are 3 things to know:

#1 – It may come as a surprise to some workers, but unemployment compensation from your state is taxable gross income. In fact, there is a specific line on the 1040, 1040A and 1040EZ forms for you to add the amount to gross income. In January of each year, your state will send you and the IRS, Form 1099-G that reflects the amount of benefits paid during the year.

#2 – Unemployment compensation is not wages and therefore, there is no social security or medicare tax withheld from the payment. As it is not wages, it is also not earned income. As such, you can not use unemployment compensation to obtain the Earned Income Tax Credit. Most states will not withhold any income tax from these benefits unless you specifically request voluntary withholding. Many taxpayers may find themselves owing taxes or that they should have been making quarterly estimated tax payments..

#3 – If you have a dependent child that may have been working and was laid off and is eligible for unemployment compensation benefits, there is a risk that your child may be subject to what many refer to as the “Kiddie Tax” (tax on a child’s investment income). This happens when a dependent child has investment income in excess of $1,900 and will be taxed at the parent’s tax rate. Most of us typically think of investment income as being income from interest, dividends and capital gains sourced from investment property. When it comes to the Kiddie Tax, it includes just about all unearned income the child receives, including, you guessed it, unemployment compensation. When this happens, the child’s tax return cannot be prepared until the parent’s return is finished. For more information on a child being taxed at the parent’s rate see IRS Tax Topic 553.

Get free help with your taxes today! AARP Foundation Tax-Aide’s 35,000 volunteers are ready to start serving taxpayers. With over 5,000 locations nationwide, the AARP Foundation Tax-Aide is prepared to assist millions of low to moderate income taxpayers of all ages with special attention to those aged 60 and older. No AARP membership required, and no age restrictions.
Visit www.aarp.org/findtaxhelp or call 888-227-7669/888-AARP-NOW to get FREE help with your taxes.

210,700 OnLine Jobs Openings in February

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Median Earnings Between $10 and $48 an Hour

Local Data Shows Growth

CHICAGO, IL – Illinois Employers in February advertised online for more than 210,700 individual job openings, according to the independent Conference Board and the Illinois Department of Employment Security (IDES). Eighty-five percent of the advertisements were for full-time work.

The advertising reflects help-wanted activity for newly created and replacement positions. The actual number of openings exceeds 210,700 because some industries, such as construction, typically do not advertise online.

“These help-wanted ads represent real opportunities for Illinois workers and show that Illinois’ economy is growing,” IDES Director Jay Rowell said. “The dignity of work is available to those who are prepared to succeed and who show employers why their skills and work ethic will help a company grow.”

Statewide, the five top advertised positions in February were truck drivers (9,063), registered nurses, (4,732), retail salespersons (4,186), first-line supervisors of retail sales workers (4,078) and marketing managers (3,704). The median hourly wage for an Illinois truck driver is $20.57; registered nurse, $31.34; retail salesperson, $9.85; first-line supervisors of retail salesperson, $17.03; and marketing managers, $48.78. Typically, the positions include some benefits, such as health insurance, paid sick days and vacation.

Included in the data are more than 130,000 positions advertised on Illinoisjoblink.com. IDES operates the state’s hiring board. Job seekers can build multiple resumes to emphasize different skills and experiences. Business owners can use keyword matching technology to search resumes and find the best candidate. Illinoisjoblink.com is free for workers and employers. It compares favorably to private efforts that cost hundreds of dollars. No-cost HR recruitment services for employers and workers are available at the website and at (877) 342-7533.

Using Illinoisjoblink.com to apply for jobs or record other work search efforts can ensure on-going eligibility for current and future unemployment insurance benefits.

The Conference Board collects the Help Wanted Online data. The Conference Board is a global, independent business membership and research association. The data measures new, first-time online jobs and jobs reposted from the previous month on internet job boards, corporate boards and smaller, niche websites.

HWOL Data for Economic Development Regions – February 2014

Top 5 Occupations:

Top 5 Occupations:

Region 1 – Central

Cass, Christian, Greene,

Logan, Macon, Macoupin,

Menard, Montgomery,

Morgan, Sangamon, Scott,

Shelby Counties

· Sales and Related Occupations: 1,014 jobs

· Transportation and Material Moving Occupations: 972 jobs

· Healthcare Practitioners and Technical Occupations: 749 jobs

· Office and Administrative Support Occupations: 667 jobs

· Management Occupations: 410 jobs

Region 2 – East


Champaign, Douglas,

Ford, Iroquois, Piatt,

Vermilion Counties.

· Healthcare Practitioners and Technical Occupations: 732 jobs

· Sales and Related Occupations: 711 jobs

· Transportation and Material Moving Occupations: 617 jobs

· Office and Administrative Support Occupations: 510 jobs

· Management Occupations: 401 jobs

Region 3 – North


De Witt, Fulton, Livingston,

Mc Lean, Marshall, Mason,

Peoria, Stark, Tazewell,

Woodford Counties.

· Sales and Related Occupations: 1,324 jobs

· Transportation and Material Moving Occupations: 1,031 jobs

· Office and Administrative Support Occupations: 891 jobs

· Computer and Mathematical Occupations: 799 jobs

· Healthcare Practitioners and Technical Occupations: 710 jobs

Region 4 –


Cook, De Kalb, Du Page,

Grundy, Kane, Kankakee,

Kendall, Lake, Mc Henry,

Will Counties.

· Computer and Mathematical Occupations: 21,145 jobs

· Management Occupations: 19,239 jobs

· Sales and Related Occupations: 17,893 jobs

· Office and Administrative Support Occupations: 15,227 jobs

· Business and Financial Operations Occupations: 13,433 jobs

Region 5 – Northern


Boone, Ogle, Stephenson,

Winnebago Counties.

· Sales and Related Occupations: 847 jobs

· Office and Administrative Support Occupations: 815 jobs

· Transportation and Material Moving Occupations: 762 jobs

· Healthcare Practitioners and Technical Occupations: 516 jobs

· Architecture and Engineering Occupations: 384 jobs

Region 6 –


Bureau, Carroll, Henry, Jo

Daviess, La Salle, Lee,

Mercer, Putnam, Rock

Island, Whiteside Counties.

· Transportation and Material Moving Occupations: 679 jobs

· Healthcare Practitioners and Technical Occupations: 590 jobs

· Sales and Related Occupations: 546 jobs

· Office and Administrative Support Occupations: 495 jobs

· Computer and Mathematical Occupations: 416 jobs

Region 7 –


Clark, Clay, Coles,

Crawford, Cumberland,

Edgar, Effingham, Fayette,

Jasper, Lawrence, Marion,

Moultrie, Richland


· Transportation and Material Moving Occupations: 293 jobs

· Sales and Related Occupations: 268 jobs

· Healthcare Practitioners and Technical Occupations: 225 jobs

· Office and Administrative Support Occupations: 204 jobs

· Production Occupations: 146 jobs

Region 8 –


Alexander, Edwards,

Franklin, Gallatin,

Hamilton, Hardin, Jackson,

Jefferson, Johnson,

Massac, Perry, Pope,

Pulaski, Saline, Union,

Wabash, Wayne, White,

Williamson Counties.

· Sales and Related Occupations: 466 jobs

· Healthcare Practitioners and Technical Occupations: 427 jobs

· Office and Administrative Support Occupations: 324 jobs

· Transportation and Material Moving Occupations: 315 jobs

· Management Occupations: 197 jobs

Region 9 –


Bond, Calhoun, Clinton,

Jersey, Madison, Monroe,

Randolph, St. Clair,

Washington Counties.

· Sales and Related Occupations: 646 jobs

· Healthcare Practitioners and Technical Occupations: 526 jobs

· Computer and Mathematical Occupations: 483 jobs

· Office and Administrative Support Occupations: 462 jobs

· Transportation and Material Moving Occupations: 460 jobs

Region 10 – West


Adams, Brown, Hancock,

Henderson, Knox, Mc

Donough, Pike, Schuyler,

Warren Counties.

· Healthcare Practitioners and Technical Occupations: 370 jobs

· Sales and Related Occupations: 241 jobs

· Transportation and Material Moving Occupations: 168 jobs

· Office and Administrative Support Occupations: 159 jobs

· Management Occupations: 134 jobs

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