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The 22nd Annual International Black Summit comes to Birmingham, Alabama

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Birmingham, AL (BlackNews.com) — For the first time in its 22-year history, the International Black Summit’s Annual Event is taking place in Birmingham, Alabama, Thursday through Sunday, August 2nd – 5th, 2012. The venue for the event is the DoubleTree by Hilton, 808 South 20th Street, Birmingham, AL 35205.

The community-based Summit’s annual event occurs the first weekend in August each year, in locations throughout the world, as diverse as Atlanta, Oakland, Memphis, New York, Philadelphia, and Highland Park, Michigan in the U.S. and Nairobi, Kenya; Johannesburg, So. Africa; Jamaica, West Indies; Salvador de Bahia Brazil; Elmina, Ghana, West Africa; Canada and London, England.

Thousands of people have attended The International Black Summit’s annual events. Participants have learned to use the Summit’s transformation technology to support them in realizing their personal vision as well as their collective visions for the Black community and the world.

The purpose of the all-volunteer organization is “to provide an opportunity for participants to bring into being their vision for the Black Community and the world. The Summit’s official “Declaration” includes an affirmative statement; “We declare ourselves, our community and all communities whole and complete. There is nothing to do except be.”

The youth component, the International Black Youth Summit (IBYS), demonstrates the strength and healing power of the International Black Summit. The Youth Summit purpose says, “We exist to facilitate the connection, self-expression and empowerment of young people of African descent around the world. We are young people making our visions real in our community and exemplifying the principles of youth, transformation, love and possibility as a powerful approach to the universe.”

Summit Elder Facilitator, Kathryn Young Copper, recently affirmed in an interview: “The International Black Summit, Inc. is about personal transformation; being complete at the individual level and seeing the individual as part of the whole. It is in wholeness and completeness,” she explained with succinct passion. That peace is realized.”

All are invited to register and attend the International Black Summit Annual Event. For additional information, visit their website: www.blacksummit.org; e-mail: mail@blacksummit.org or leave a message on our voicemail: 212-561-0235.

The International Black Summit, Inc is a nonprofit, tax-exempt 501 (c) (3) organization. Unpaid volunteers organize and produce all International Black Summit Events. The generosity of IBS participants and supporters enables the expansion of the conversation of the International Black Summit.

Contributions to the International Black Summit, Inc. are tax deductible to the fullest extent allowable by law. The International Black Summit is not an affiliate of any other organization.


Pastor seeks help in rebuilding church he says was destroyed by angry ex-members

Posted by Juanita Bratcher On July - 5 - 2012 Comments Off on Pastor seeks help in rebuilding church he says was destroyed by angry ex-members

By Chinta Strausberg 


Rev. Donald Smith, pastor of the Holy Jerusalem Missionary Baptist, 1458 W. 115th Street, Tuesday called on the faith community to pray for him as he rebuilds his church he says was destroyed by angry ex-members who after 17-years were evicted by the courts.

“They worshipped in this building for 17-years and never paid rent,” said Smith explaining his father, the late Rev. Frank Smith, owned the building. His father used diplomatic tactics to try and get them out of his building; however, Smith said his pleas fell on deaf ears.

Since his father’s death in 2010, Pastor Smith resumed the wrangling with these members and finally took them to court and won.

“They were angry ex-members who were trying to stop me and my members from worshipping,” said Smith. “They knew after the court ruled they had to get out that they would have to move, and they caused more than $100,000 worth of damage before they left.

“They destroyed the toilet. Water is running everywhere. They knocked down the walls and the ceiling. They totally trashed the place,” said Smith. “We have yet to find the back door.

“It was hatred and evil that did this.  They worshipped in the building for 17-years and never once paid any rent so they should be in pretty good shape. They were squatters. Why would they destroy the building because they had to leave because of a court order”?

Referring to the minister, whose name he is withholding for now, who was legally evicted from the church, Smith said, “He was trying to extract money from us, but after we said no, that is when they trashed the building.

“I saw them with a U-Haul truck. I thought they were moving out…gone, but that evening when I came back to inspect the church, I saw the destruction they had made,” said Smith. “We made out a police report and it is under investigation. We will see where we will go after that.”

Pastor Smith is asking for your prayers and for donations as he takes on this huge task of cleaning up and rebuilding his father’s church he now heads.

You may send contributions to:

Pastor Donald Smith

Holy Jerusalem Missionary Baptist Church

PO. BOX 438037

Chicago, Il 60643

Chinta Strausberg is a Journalist of more than 33-years, a former political reporter and a current PCC Network talk show host. You can e-mail Strausberg at: Chintabernie@aol.com.

Lt. Gov. Simon: Last chance to apply for wireless grants

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Federal dollars will pay for free wireless Link, debit machines


SPRINGFIELD, IL – Illinois farmers’ markets have through noon on July 9 to apply for a federal grant that will pay for wireless machines that accept debit, credit and Link cards, local food advocate Lt. Governor Sheila Simon said today.

The project is funded by a grant of $182,000 from the U.S. Department of Agriculture and aims to expand access to fresh produce for low-income residents and increase the sale of locally grown food across the state by enabling farmers’ markets to accept Illinois Link cards, which access federal Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits, wirelessly at minimal cost for the first time. Money not earmarked for grant applicants by next week will be returned to the federal government, so Simon urged market managers to take advantage of the opportunity now.

 “This is a great opportunity to boost access to local foods in Illinois and make sure we keep more of our food dollars in the state,” said Simon, who chairs the Governor’s Rural Affairs Council. “I urge every farmers’ market to apply and take advantage of this one-time federal funding. It will help farmers connect with new customers and increase sales.”

Project participants will be selected by mid-July and provided with community kits developed by the Lt. Governor’s office and the Illinois Department of Agriculture that will include training and promotional materials. The Illinois Department of Human Services is also involved in administering the program while Experimental Station, a Chicago non-profit, and the Illinois Farmers Market Association will assist with training and the development of promotional materials.

To apply for the Illinois Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) Wireless Project, click here, visit www.agr.state.il.us or call 217-524-9129.

Don’t spoil your vacation by being a victim of travel fraud

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(News from the Better Business Bureau)



Chicago, IL – Summer vacation season is underway. While this is a busy time for travel providers to help consumers enjoy their getaways, there are other unethical businesses that use the summer to take advantage of sun-seeking vacationers. The Better Business Bureau serving Chicago and Northern Illinois (BBB) is advising consumers on how to spot and avoid vacation and travel-related fraud.


“This is the time of year when consumers are planning to enjoy summer vacations,” said Steve J. Bernas, president & CEO of the Better Business Bureau serving Chicago and Northern Illinois. “We urge people planning travel to verify the reliability of any travel-related business offering the services or accommodations. Always obtain in writing all travel package details before you pay any fee or bill.”


Bernas noted, “It benefits consumers to check out a company before doing business with it, and we are pleased that is happening with vacation travel.”


Consumers frequently contact the BBB inquiring about travel companies that promise “too-good-to-be-true” travel deals. These offers often arrive unexpectedly in consumers’ mailboxes, over the telephone, office fax machine or the Internet. Types of scams include winning a “free” trip and calling a number to claim the prize, or receiving a promotion about a vacation deal that looks as if it came through inter-office channels. Others may be an offer for a travel club membership, allegedly worth thousand of dollars.


The BBB offers the following travel related tips for consumers:

  • Check out the free Business Review of the company at www.bbb.org prior to making travel arrangements.
  • Be wary of “great deals” and low-priced offers.
  • Ask detailed questions about specific travel arrangements and lodging. Find out exactly what is included in the offer.
  • Get all information in writing before you agree to buy. Be sure to read and understand all agreements, guarantees, and instructions before signing.
  • Don’t send money by messenger or overnight mail.
  • Don’t be pressured into agreeing to a travel related offer.

“There are many reliable travel agencies and bureaus that offer good deals on vacations,” added Bernas. “Consumers need to research all companies before doing business with them to help ensure safe transactions.”


For more information on staying safe when traveling, visit www.bbb.org


Simon Cowell’s Original Starlet, Zoey Jones, announces eagerly awaited debut single

Posted by Admin On July - 5 - 2012 Comments Off on Simon Cowell’s Original Starlet, Zoey Jones, announces eagerly awaited debut single

From working with Madonna’s Jesus Luz to stealing the Sunset Stage in Lisbon; Zoey Jones continues to soar to new heights with the release of her debut single, “Don’t Think”.

Lancashire, UK – According to both Simon Cowell and many of Hollywood’s Elite – Zoey Jones is taking the limelight by storm. As an acclaimed singer, songwriter, dancer and producer, her fierce flair for elegance is about to raise the bar one more time as she announces the launch of her debut single

Following an extensive period of production, Don’t Think is available from today. Boasting pop/dance tones with a funky edge vibe – it’s an uplifting hit that’s poised to become top of the pops this summer season.

The single marks the first major release for the 28-year-old British star, who is currently touring Asia while simultaneously preparing to launch her new album called “Don’t Think” on 6th Augustth.

With her debut television performance, Zoey (aka Callandria) made it to the finals in Simon Cowell’s Pop Idol.

Zoeys’ musical style is steeped with rich elegance and melodic class. In fact, Zoey is quite often described as “Deliciously desirable, with an image sexier than Jessica Rabbit herself.”

Having first stepped on the stage aged just two; Jones won a prestigious scholarship to the Doreen Bird College of performing arts. Having excelled in all areas she was quickly invited to tour the UK, supporting major named English artists and eventually the world with Portuguese star, Fernando Periera. The work of her debut solo album quickly followed, earning an invite to perform on Lisbon’s world-famous Rock In Rios Sunset Stage, where Zoey shared the night’s bill with Elton John and Leona Lewis.

With recent engagements taking Jones all over the world, the star has still found time to work with Madonna’s DJ and Producer friend, Brazilian model Jesus Luz, as well as forging friendships with Hollywood A-Listers including Rob Schnieder and Adam Sandler.

With a myriad of elite successes and a hectic global schedule, Jones has had plenty of time to reflect on all that her first twenty eight years has afforded.

“In all, it has been a real blast. Although performing may look like an effortless task –hours of rehearsals go into each tour and I work solidly to ensure that everything is alright on the night,” she explains.

Continuing, “It has been a long journey so far and this is only the beginning. I want people to know that if they work hard enough and with enough passion, they can succeed in whatever they put their mind to. Believe in your dreams — you can make them happen.”

Zoey Jones’ first single, Don’t Think, is available for purchase here.

For more information, please visit Jones’ official website: http://www.zoeyjones.com/

Zoey is also active on social media. Her progress can be followed on YouTube, Facebook and MySpace.

About Zoey Jones

Having been on stage for as long as she can remember, Jones saw her first major success after winning a coveted scholarship to study dance and drama at the Doreen Bird College of performing arts. Following a stint on the UK’s first Pop Idol television talent competition, Zoey was left with an eager thirst for learning more about the music industry. With her potential now in the forefront of the minds of many top European producers, Jones embarked on her first UK tour.

Fast-forward two years and her career had gone from strength to strength. Now living in Portugal, Jones was asked to record a duet with Portuguese star Fernando Periera and join him on his world tour. With thousands turning out to see her, Jones returned to Portugal to begin her dominant career as a solo artist. Calling on memories from her travels and past loves, Zoey recorded her first solo album and was invited to perform her work on Lisbon’s world-famous ROCK IN RIO Sunset Stage (which also headlined the likes of Joss Stone, Omar, Incognito, Julie Mcnight,) on the same night as Elton John and Leona Lewis. Rock and Rio dates back to the 80s, where it originated in Rio, Brazil. All the top artists inc Queen, Rolling Stones, Amy Winehouse, George Benson Rod Stewart, Lenni Kravitz and  many more have all performed at this festival!

Zoey is currently touring SEAsia where she recently held a performance for the royal family of Cambodia.

For more information, contact: William Kofi, Kofi Management, William@kofimanagement.com

+44 (0) 7400 878 812     (UK)

Skype ID: HotKofi

Stop glaucoma from taking your sight

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By Neyal J. Ammary-Risch, MPH, MCHES

Nationwide (BlackNews.com) — You lock away your valuables to keep them safe. But there’s one valuable you may have forgotten: Your sight. If you are African American age 40 or older, have diabetes, or have a family history of glaucoma, you are at higher risk.

Glaucoma is a group of diseases that can damage the optic nerve of the eye and result in vision loss and blindness. Primary open-angle glaucoma is the most common form. In this condition, fluid builds up in the front chamber of the eye, and the optic nerve is damaged by the resulting increase in eye pressure.

“Glaucoma affects more than 2 million people nationwide and is a leading cause of vision loss and blindness in African Americans. In fact, African Americans are at risk of developing it at an earlier age. Glaucoma has no early warning signs or symptoms, and most people don’t know this,” said Dr. James Tsai, chair of the Glaucoma Subcommittee for the National Eye Institute (NEI) National Eye Health Education Program (NEHEP). “It’s very important that people don’t wait until they notice a problem with their vision to have an eye exam.”

As glaucoma progresses, a person may eventually notice his or her side vision decreasing. If the disease is left untreated, the field of vision narrows and vision loss may result. “Most studies show that at least half of all persons with glaucoma don’t know they have this potentially blinding disease,” said Dr. Paul Sieving, director of NEI, National Institutes of Health.

“Glaucoma can be detected through a comprehensive dilated eye exam. NEI encourages all people at higher risk of glaucoma – African Americans age 40 and older; everyone age 60, especially Mexican Americans; and those with a family history of glaucoma – to get a dilated eye exam every one to two years, because early detection and treatment may save your sight.”

A comprehensive dilated eye exam is a painless procedure. Drops are placed in your eyes to dilate, or widen, the pupils. This allows your eye care professional to see inside your eye and examine the optic nerve for signs of damage and other vision problems.

If you have Medicare, are African American age 50 or older, and have diabetes or a family history of glaucoma, you may be eligible for a low-cost, comprehensive dilated eye exam through the Medicare benefit for eye health. Call 1-800-MEDICARE or visit www.medicare.gov for more information. To find out about other possible financial assistance for eye care, visit www.nei.nih.gov/health/financialaid.asp.

Keep vision in your future. For more information about glaucoma, visit www.nei.nih.gov/glaucoma or call NEI at 301-496-5248.

Neyal J. Ammary-Risch, MPH, MCHES is the director of the National Eye Health Education Program (NEHEP) at the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

Farrakhan’s rebirth of Salaam Restaurant called a “diamond” on 79th Street

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Pfleger: “Restaurant powerful sign of  hope, peace”


By Chinta Strausberg

After being closed for the past 12-years, Nation of Islam Minister Louis Farrakhan late Sunday night touted the reopening of the $5 million Salaam Restaurant saying it is a sign of peace in a troubled community with Ald. Latasha Thomas (17th) calling it a “diamond,” that’s symbolic of the beginning of jobs and black business growth.

As a stream of excited supporters entered the restaurant, located at 706 W. 79th Street, Strobe lights flashed across the building and crisscrossed the sky. Inside, scores of people were ushered to the second floor ballroom that was eloquently designed by Nation of Islam leader’s daughter, Maria, and filled with beautifully colored delicacies from fruit to salmon.

The entire restaurant is non-alcoholic and the food is all organically grown and purchased from Nation of Islam farms.

There are three unique restaurants inside of the Salaam Restaurant—the Crescent Café that is adjacent to the bakery and is Wi Fi wired, an eloquent dining area and the majestic looking ballroom on the second floor.

Father Michael L. Pfleger, who attended yesterday’s special VIP reception, said: “The opening of the Salaam is a powerful sign of Hope in a time when we are experiencing such hopelessness in the world.

“While the economy continues to struggle and our communities seem to be losing ground the opening of the Salaam stands as a Beacon of New Birth and New Life. It is also important that in a time of so much violence the Salaam which means PEACE comes forth on 79th Street,” Pfleger stated.  He and Prince Asiel Bin Israel, who owns the Soul Vegetarian East Restaurant, along with other ministers prayed for the success of the restaurant during the VIP reception held last Friday.

Minister Ishmael Muhammad, Farrkahan’s national assistant, also spoke urging all to support the rebirth of the Salaam Restaurant.

Brother Leonard Muhammad, Farrakhan’s chief of staff, said, “We’re just proud of the fact that we were able to do it for the community. We know this is something that has been asked for by people in the city for many years. The Salaam is now open and it’s open to say and we’re proud to be going in the direction that was started by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad when the Salaam Restaurant was at 83rd and Cottage Grove years ago.

“Much of the product and food that is going to be sold here will come from Muhammad Farms in Georgia and in Michigan,” said Muhammad. “We have organic fruits and vegetables that will be consumed here by our customers. We are really proud of that as well.”

When asked why was the Salaam Restaurant closed for 12-years, Muhammad said, “It was closed basically because it is a debt-free facility, over $5 million, and we decided we were not ready to do the restaurant business. He had some very huge difficulties with management….

“We are trying to do it again as an un-privatized business but hopefully we’ve brought in the management people we need to keep it going and make it work properly,” said Muhammad referring to the restaurant’s general manager, Calvin Hollins.

Muhammad is hoping to capture some of Starbuck’s customers with the coffee shop. “We also have a lunch and dinner menu until 9 p.m. every day,” he said.

“Welcome to your Salaam Restaurant,” said Minister Farrakhan. “We wanted to put a building up that represented that Elijah Muhammad had in mind when he put up the original Salaam Restaurant” at 83rd and Cottage Grove.

Saying Elijah Muhammad always got the best for his people, Farrakhan said back then he bought a printing machine for $1 million with the stipulation that the company had to train his people how to run it. Farrakhan said Muhammad bought houses, apartment buildings; land packing plants, bakeries, supermarkets. “We had land in Georgia, land in Alabama, land in Honduras. We traded with Morocco bringing products in from Morocco. He sent his laborers to China to bring back products from China.

“We were the largest fish distributors in the United States of America under his leadership.” Farrakhan said they brought back fish from off the coast of Peru and did so well they forced white fishermen to drop the price of their fish to compete with theirs.  “This what we’re doing is for him,” Farrakhan said referring to Elijah Muhammad.

Serving as the Masters of Ceremony was WVON’s Cliff Kelley who said, “I think it’s wonderful. The only person happier than me is the Minister himself. I have been here so many times and I was so distressed over the fact that it was closed. I heard it was going to reopen, and it’s more beautiful than it was before.”

Kelley wants people to know that you do not have to be a Muslim to come to the Salaam Restaurant. “They can come here. They don’t have to go downtown. You won’t find any place better than this. Everybody is welcome here.”

Attorney Berve Muhammad, Minister Farrakhan’s lawyer, said, “This is one of the most historic events that has taken place in this era. To see a jewel on 79th Street to reopen…. “

Referring to other black-owned restaurants that have gone out of business like Izola’s, Army & Lou’s and the Original House of Pancakes on 87th Street, Muhammad said, “We see the Salaam Restaurant becoming this foundation for this South Side and a place where black people and others can come to have quality food and a quality banquet facility.

Saying Minister Farrakhan has “instituted a tremendous program of economic development, Muhammad said Muslims and others “love to see the Muslims coming because they knew they were going to get fresh, clean quality products from the Nation of Islam.” He said Farrakhan is following in the footsteps of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad.

“We don’t have to go to Cicero anymore. We don’t have to go downtown anymore and pay all that extra for parking,” the attorney said. This is the vision of the Honorable Minister Farrakhan and provides us with an opportunity for economic development where we live.”

“As we were going through this two-year process of resurrecting and providing for the rebirth of the Salaam Restaurant, we were in and out of this building all kind of days and nights and every time we would stand on the sidewalk people would say, ‘Is the restaurant opened, yet…’ We can now say welcome, come on in.”

The restaurant is located in Ald. Latasha Thomas’ (17th) Ward. “We’re absolutely excited about it and this time we’re going to make sure it stays open. We are going to support this banquet hall. They have fabulous food, the fine dining restaurant, the every day restaurant and bakery.

“We’re going to support this because this brings more opportunities to our community. This brings jobs, business, more vibrant 79th Street opportunities,” she said. Thomas also announced that she would be holding her functions at the Salaam Restaurant and will be urging others to follow suit.

Attorney Muhammad said they chose Calvin Hollins, who has owned and operated many restaurants including the E2 Night Club at 24th and Michigan where 21 people were killed after being trapped in the building.  He was exonerated of all charges. The father of 10 children, Hollins is determined to make the Salaam Restaurant the very best in Chicago having opened 17 different restaurants across the nation.

“When you come here, you’re going to see how to eat to live put into practice,” Muhammad said referring to the bakery and the organic food they serve. He said the bakery would be opened from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. The Crescent Café opens at 11 a.m. through 10 p.m. and later on Friday’s and Saturdays. The Fine Dining Room is opened from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. and later on the weekends.

The restaurant is wired for Wi Fi. On the coasters, it reads: “Your real power is in trying to be right,” Louis Farrakhan. There are also murals on the wall depicting the faces of black civil rights leaders. There are several 100-inch flat TV screens to watch. When you order your food, the waiters and waitresses are there to patiently explain the organic ingredients.

And, to make sure the food is cooked properly, Farrakhan has hired three of Chicago’s top chefs including Jimmy Carter, the executive chef who was the executive Sous Chef for the Marriott Association for Marriot Hotels in Amsterdam and of Jordan, Chef Sammy La Gunas, who was born in Michoacan, Mexico who was the executive Sous Chef at the Hyde Park Caribbean restaurant and the Calypso Café, and Chef Kareem Roberts who is a “culinary infusionist.”

Rev. Willie Taplin Barrow, 87, who formerly headed the Rainbow PUSH Coalition, urged everyone to support the Salaam Restaurant. She is gathering the names of black businesses from several churches and told the audience, “We got to start doing business with each other. I’m tired of talking and eating because all we do is eat and talk…talking about nothing.”

Barrow said “it’s time for a change” and that should begin with supporting black businesses including the Salaam Restaurant. Farrakhan, who said he is Barrow’s godson, said, “She is the only 87-year-old woman who got an 80-year-old son.”  Actually, he will be 80 next May 11th.

Congress Danny K. Davis (D-7th) said he is old enough to remember the first Salaam Restaurant then located at 83rd and Cottage Grove. “It was fantastic. This is incredible. It’s an indication that things don’t always go the way you want to have them go but if you wait and have enough patience and enough determination, you can put it back together again like the Nation as done.

“I look forward to this becoming a regular eating place not only for myself but people like me and they don’t have to have any chitlins on the menu…. I’m going to be a frequent diner. This becomes my place to eat because I like eating black. I make no bones about it. I like shopping black. I spend my money with African Americans. I practice what I preach,” said Davis.

Also present were former Ald. Dorothy Tillman (3rd) and her daughter, Jimalita Tillman, executive director of the Harold Washington Cultural Center, Buzz Palmer, the husband of former State Senator Alice Palmer, Sheila Hill, executive director of the Chicago Minority Supplier and Development Council, who said, “this is a phenomenal opportunity for corporate American, the private and public sector for each of us as individuals to embrace this business is not closed to anyone but opened to everyone.”

Former Ald. Wallace Davis (27th) who has owned the Wallace’s Catfish Corner Restaurant, 2800 W. Madison, for 21-years said, “This is a breath of fresh air. It’s long over due. I thank the minister and his staff for bringing something to the South Side which is long overdue but well worth the wait. It’s off the chain,” he said. Accompanying Davis was Zoe Young said the restaurant is “fabulous. I think it’s going to bring some brightness and some diversity to our African American community.”

Ernest Sanders, formerly with the Greater Auburn-Gresham Development Corporation, said, “It is so great that the Minister kept it in the family so long. The community will benefit….”

A video was played of Magic Johnson who was supportive of the restaurant’s re-opening. Besides a live band, Reggie Reg, a comedian, entertained the crowd.

Farrakhan added, “The problem with us is that we know how to serve our former slave masters, but we don’t know how to serve one another. As long as we are short on love, we will be even shorter on service. We have to learn how to truly love one another.” He said if they “miss the mark,” he wants his customers to let him know. “Our duty is to serve you.”

Chinta Strausberg is a Journalist of more than 33-years, a former political reporter and a current PCC Network talk show host. You can e-mail Strausberg at: Chintabernie@aol.com.

Ernest Khabeer Dawkins’ Deep Tones Trio headlines July Jazz Concert

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portoluz presents Jazz on a Summer’s Day at the Lakeside Inn monthly concert series showcases roster of international virtuoso musicians

portoluz’ monthly showcase of outstanding jazz performances continues in July with The Deep Tones Trio.The Trio is under the baton of Ernest Khabeer Dawkins who will be visiting Lakeside fresh from his appearance at the Kinshasa, Congo Jazz festival, July 29, at 4 p.m., at The Lakeside Inn.For more information, call (269) 469-0600.  For directions to the Lakeside Inn: www.lakesideinns.com.Tickets are $15.

Ernest Dawkins Saxes and percussion, Justin Thomas Vibes, Jumaane Taylor Tapdance

About Ernest Dawkins

One of the life goals of Ernest Dawkins, is for his music and compositions to reflect the evolving collective cultural memory of the American jazz aesthetic.  Dawkins is one of the world’s premiere saxophonists and composers. He is an entrepreneur with years of experience working with new media technologies to produce and promote his work and that of the jazz community online and in digital venues. He is leader of several ensembles, including the New Horizons Ensemble, Aesop Quartet, Chicago Trio, Live the Spirit Big Band, and the Chicago 12.  He is also a member of the Ethnic Heritage Ensemble.

Dawkins started his musical journey at the tender age of eight, when he learned how to play the bass and conga drums. At nineteen, he became mesmerized by the sound of the saxophone while listening to his father’s jazz recordings of Lester Young.  It was not until he heard the alto sax of Guido Sinclair, however, that he knew this was the instrument he wanted to play.  Within a week, he had purchased his first saxophone, clarinet, and flute.  Two weeks later, Dawkins got his first lesson from members of the Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians (AACM).  From there, his illustrious career in music began.

Dawkins was named ‘Chicagoan of the Year’ twice by the Chicago Tribune,  Dawkins established The Englewood Jazz Festival, now in its 11th year and founded Live The Spirit Residency, a not-for-profit arts organization committed to improving access to creative and improvised music for under-served communities within the city of Chicago.

He has created commissioned works for the Black Metropolis Research Consortium, Sons d’Hiver Festival, Banliues Bleues Festival, the Jazz Institute of Chicago, and the King Arts Complex of Columbus Ohio. Dawkins is an active member in the local arts community and is former Chairman of the Association for the Advancement of Creative MusiciThe “ballroom” of the historic Lakeside Inn is a mid-size wooden room filled with arts and crafts era antiques. The ballroom looks out over Lake Michigan and in this cozy and informal setting, the performance unfolds. The magic of the environment, the virtuosity of the musicians, the intimacy of the performance and the natural acoustics of the wooden room conspire to create a deeply meditative experience. Jazz on a Summers Day is underwritten in part by The Pokagon Fund.
Veteran impresaria Marguerite Horberg owned the fabled nightclub HotHouse in Chicago for many years. HotHouse was one of the world’s premiere stages for Jazz and eclectic contemporary cultural expression. Now Horberg and her new company, portoluz are bringing the same top talent to Harbor Country in a special all-acoustic program. This seasonal series of sophisticated artistry is designed to be unfettered by commercial distractions -making the Lakeside Inn a perfect spot for artistic discovery and adventure.

“Crisp dappled sunlight falling on stray notes, lazy phrasing, a serious music lover’s idyll”.

Featured in this year’s season are some of the music world’s most treasured creative artists. While each performance on the bill is uniquely representative of the genre -jazz/creative improvised music, altogether and over the years, dedicated audiences can appreciate the comprehensive language of the improviser and how the music is continually being advanced through contemporary exploration. In fact, the point of the series is to take audience members on a journey through modern music and provide opportunities to experience art that they might not otherwise have access to.


Jazz on a Summer’s Day presents uncompromising jazz and creative improvised music (and more) in an idyllic rural setting perched on the shores of Lake Michigan. The series Jazz on a Summer’s Day presented by portoluz is a chance to encounter some of the world’s most innovative and compelling artists in a seductive arts-centric and semi-rural environment- a perfect place for deep listening and untrammeled creativity.

Jazz on a Summer’s Day at a Glance

VENUE: The Lakeside Inn 15251 Lakeshore Road, Lakeside Michigan

VENUE INFO: The Lakeside Inn (269) 469-0600  Directions: www.lakesideinns.com

DATE: Concerts take place on the last Sunday of the month May through October

TIME: All programs commence at 4pm EST

Price: Tickets for each concert are $15 per person; all ages are welcome to attend

For more Information: portoluz@gmail.com, www.portoluz.org

New book chronicles black tech entrepreneur’s rise from basement to boardroom

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“Proving Ground: A Memoir” by Flint, Mich. Native, W. David Tarver, in stores now

Birmingham, MI (BlackNews.com) — It’s been a long and fascinating passage from David Tarver’s days as a young black student at Michigan’s Flint Central High School during the height of the civil rights movement, to his current role as author, high-tech entrepreneur and millionaire, all of which is chronicled in his first book, Proving Ground, which launched July 2.

Proving Ground: A Memoir, (Cypress House: 2012), is available in bookstores and online, in paperback and e-book formats ($18.95 and $9.95, respectively). A hardcover limited edition is available now at www.provinggroundbook.com for $34.95. Proving Ground is the first book that traces an African American owned high technology business from dream to basement startup to multimillion-dollar international success.

“The title is pays homage to my parents,” said Tarver. “My dream would not have been fulfilled but for the sacrifices of my father and mother and so many others of their generation. For many of them, life was a battleground. For me, it was merely a proving ground.”

Tarver’s journey began in General Motors boomtown Flint, Mich., where young David wondered why his father, an accomplished radio and television technician, only exercised his passion for electronics in the basement of their home. Inspired by his father’s expertise and by the civil rights movement, David resolved to one day start a company that made “electronic stuff.” He wanted to prove that, given opportunities and access his father never had, he could take charge of his career and his life.

After gaining valuable experience at the legendary Bell Telephone Laboratories, Tarver did just that. He created a company from scratch in his basement, with two African American colleagues, and sold it less than twelve years later for $30 million. Notably, Tarver’s business success was accomplished without the help of angel investors, venture capital, government grants or minority business development programs.

“My buddies and I conceived, designed, engineered and manufactured sophisticated telecommunications instruments and sold them in more than 20 countries,” continued Tarver. “Along the way, we learned valuable lessons about technology, race relations and business, and I am honored to share my experience with others through ‘Proving Ground’. I firmly believe that my book will inform and inspire anyone who has ever contemplated starting a business. It will entertain them, too.”

Currently, Tarver is lecturing on his book and entrepreneurial insights. He and his family reside in Birmingham, Mich.

For more information on Proving Ground and David Tarver, please visit www.provinggroundbook.com or www.facebook.com/pgmemoir.

Photo Caption: Bookcover

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