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Former Surgeon General David Satcher says oral health epidemic persists; calls for pursuing options to expand access – including midlevel providers, dental therapists

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Disparities in oral health are profound, especially among poor children and children of color; oral health provisions under ACA critical to expanding care to children


ATLANTA, GA Twelve years after issuing a landmark report that offered a framework for improving access to oral health, former Surgeon General David Satcher said that profound oral health problems still exist for large portions of the population and issued a renewed call for action to expand access to oral health care, particularly in light of the millions of children expected to gain dental benefits through the Affordable Care Act in 2014.


Speaking at a conference on unmet oral health needs, sponsored by the Morehouse School of Medicine and the Sullivan Alliance to Transform America’s Health Professions, Dr. Satcher addressed progress that has been made since his landmark report on the silent epidemic of tooth decay, but also detailed profound oral health problems that remain more than a decade later.


“We now have an opportunity (with the ACA) to improve access to dental health services,” said Satcher. “But how do we put in place a health care system that meets the needs of all? Can we, in fact, increase the supply of oral health care providers by expanding the opportunity for people to serve? What the ACA said is that people should be able to practice to the full extent of their potential.”


Oral health care in America continues to be a crisis. Tooth decay is the most common chronic disease among children, five times more prevalent than asthma. Close to 50 million people live in areas where they have difficulty reaching a dentist, and millions more can’t get care due to cost.


Satcher expressed concern about the ability of the current dental workforce to meet demands for dental care. As part of the provisions enacted under the Affordable Care Act, more than five million additional children will be entitled to dental health benefits. At issue is the fact that there are not enough providers to meet the need. Currently, just 20 percent of all practicing dentists accept Medicaid patients. In addition, the federal Health Resources Services Administration (HRSA) estimates a current shortage of approximately 10,000 dentists.


“We now have an opportunity to dramatically increase coverage,” Satcher said. “But adding dental benefits will not translate into access to care if we do not have providers in place to offer treatment.”


According to Satcher, states must pursue all avenues to expand access to dental care, including exploring the creation of new dental providers, and building a cadre of ethnically-diverse, culturally-competent dental practitioners, as well as expanding the reach of the dental team with other health care professionals.


Satcher advocated the launching of workforce pilot programs to determine how best to expand access to dental care. “I think we need more dentists and I think we need more professionals who are not dentists but who can contribute to oral health care services,” said Satcher. “The real key is whether or not systems are going to ensure that everyone is allowed to practice to the level of their potential.”


More than a dozen states are exploring creating new midlevel dental providers, also known as dental therapists, to expand access to preventive and routine dental care. Dental therapists currently practice in Alaska and Minnesota. Connecticut and Oregon are launching pilot projects and numerous other states have put forward legislation to allow dental therapists. In Alaska, dental therapists have been able to provide care to 35,000 Alaska Natives who couldn’t access it before.

“Access to oral health is not what it should be in this country,” said Dr. Louis Sullivan, chairman of the Sullivan Alliance to Transform America’s Health Professions, and former Secretary of the U.S. Department of Health and Services. “With the Affordable Care Act, millions more will have access to oral health care. We, as health professionals, must lead the effort so that we are prepared to meet the need. We need now to develop strategies to provide those services.”


Poor oral health can lead to serious health consequences later in life, including diabetes and heart problems. Oral health is critical to overall health. Satcher emphasized that oral health can dramatically affect how we speak, eat, or smile, and more health professionals should be trained in providing elements of oral health care. He also stressed that children, minorities and the poor are disproportionately affected by the oral health care crisis:

  • 37 percent of African American children and 41 percent of Hispanic children have untreated tooth decay, compared with 25 percent of white children
  • American Indians and Alaska Natives have the highest rate of tooth decay of any population: five times the national average for children ages 2 to 4.
  • Seventy-two percent of American Indian and Alaska Native children ages 6 to 8 have untreated cavities – more than twice the rate of the general population.
  • More than a third of all poor youngsters ages 2 to 9 have untreated cavities, compared with 17 percent of children who are not poor.

Satcher, who was joined by Dr. Sullivan, spoke at a day-long forum: “Unmet Oral Health Needs, Underserved Populations, and New Workforce Models: An Urgent Dialogue.” The meeting was held to underscore the oral health disparities that persist and to explore solutions.

Transcripts from Dr. Satcher’s conversation and Dr. Sullivan’s remarks are available.


About Morehouse School of Medicine


Morehouse School of Medicine (MSM), located in Atlanta, Georgia, was founded in 1975 as a two-year Medical Education Program at Morehouse College with clinical training affiliations with several established medical schools for awarding the M.D. degree. In 1981, MSM became an independently chartered institution and the first medical school established at a Historically Black College and University in the 20th century. MSM is among the nation’s leading educators of primary care physicians and was recently recognized as the top institution among U.S. medical schools for our social mission.


About the Sullivan Alliance to Transform America’s Health Professions


Under the leadership of Dr. Louis W. Sullivan, former U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services, the Sullivan Alliance to Transform America’s Health Professions was organized in January 2005, to act on the reports and recommendations of the Sullivan Commission (Missing Persons: Minorities in the Health Professions), and the Institute of Medicine Committee on Institutional and Policy-Level Strategies for Increasing the Diversity of the U.S. Healthcare Workforce (In the Nation’s Compelling Interest: Ensuring Diversity in the Healthcare Workforce). The Alliance’s goal is to provide the focused leadership, deep commitment, and sustainable efforts that will result in the addition to our nation’s workforce of more well-trained health professionals from racially and ethnically diverse backgrounds able to provide quality health care and break-through research in the decades ahead.

Simon sponsors education resolution at Lt. Governors’ conference

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Proposal encourages states to advance higher education attainment


CHICAGO, IL – A champion of education, Illinois Lt. Governor Sheila Simon urged fellow lieutenant governors to make high school graduation and college degree completion a higher priority in their states.

Simon’s resolution before the National Lieutenant Governors Association’s conference in Chicago asks member states to collaborate with school districts, employers, and institutions of higher education to ensure that high school graduation rates increase and students are better prepared to enroll in college or enter the workforce.

Simon, the NLGA’s Midwest Region Chair, serves as Governor Quinn’s point person on education reform and is leading the charge to increase the proportion of the Illinois’ working-age population holding a college degree or certificate to 60 percent by 2025. The 50th anniversary conference event includes 30 “seconds in command” from around the country and is expected to generate $600,000 in hotel, transportation, restaurant and tourism revenue.

“Nationwide, we see a trend of high school seniors either not graduating in four years with their class, or graduating unprepared for college- or career-level work,” Simon said. “This resolution aims to open a dialogue within and between states on how we can boost high school achievement, degree completion and competitiveness in the workforce.”

This resolution is an extension of Simon’s educational work in Illinois. This spring, Simon moved legislation through the General Assembly that will require the state Board of Education to create math curriculum models for middle and high school students. The optional statewide curricula aims to better prepare high school graduates for college or a career – by reducing the need for costly remedial classes, or making students more employable for in-demand manufacturing jobs.

According to Complete College America, in the next decade more than 60 percent of all new jobs will require an advanced degree or credential, though the higher education attainment rate of adults in the United States is currently 38 percent. In order to meet that gap, 22 million students nationwide need to earn a post-secondary degree or certificate over the coming decade.

“Our states and country can only remain competitive in the global marketplace if we anticipate its needs now,” Simon said. “By strengthening our middle and high school curriculums now, we will help put our students on a path of achievement and success.”

To bring a policy item before the NLGA, a resolution must be co-sponsored by two lieutenant governors, one from each political party. Six additional resolutions will be considered today, including one on Alzheimer’s treatment and prevention, and one on broadband internet development. The lieutenant governors will take a final vote on all resolutions on Friday. Today serves as a review period before the executive committee where lieutenant governors can ask questions of the sponsors and suggest changes to the resolution.

The NLGA is a bipartisan, nonprofit, professional organization for elected officials who are first in line of succession to the governors in the United States and five territorial jurisdictions. The NLGA’s inaugural meeting was held in Chicago in 1962 and has returned this summer to celebrate its 50th anniversary.


Farrakhan leads 300 + FOI into streets calling for peace

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Asked youth to take Million Man March pledge


By Chinta Strausberg


Making good on a promise he made on WVON’s Cliff Kelley show to lead his Fruit of Islam (FOI),  men of the Nation of Islam (NOI), into the community, Minister Louis Farrakhan late Monday night led 300 men into the streets urging youth to stop the violence and the killing and to take the 1995 Million Man March pledge that advocated unity, atonement, reconciliation and responsibility.

Anti-violence marches were simultaneously held last Monday by the FOI in 130 cities across America beginning at 7 p.m. and there will be more “street heat” applied in an effort to stem the violence.

On October 16, 2012, it will be 17-years since Farrakhan held his historic Million Man March in Washington, D.C. where 2 million mostly men pledged to become better men and to improve their communities and their relationships.

Today, there have been a number of killings in the Auburn-Gresham community that prompted Saint Sabina’s Father Michael L. Pfleger to hold weekly Friday 6:30 p.m. marches throughout the community including stores that are selling loose and packages of cigarettes to minors and selling out-dated food. However, while Pfleger has been trying to secure a peace treaty and unity among the gangs, he said the gangs have threatened to kill him.

Asked his opinion about the three gangs that have reportedly put a hit out on Pfleger, Leonard Muhammad, Minister Farrakhan’s representative, said, “Father Pfleger is a servant of all mighty God as is Minister Louis Farrakhan. Minister Farrakhan and Father Pfleger have been under threats from very different orders of evil people throughout their careers.

“When God is with you, it’s more than the whole world against you, and I believe God is with Father Pfleger and of course we are, too,” said Muhammad.

“I don’t think any harm will come to my brother, but every day that we go out, according to what Minister Farrakhan told us the other day when we were concerned about his leading us into the community, he said when I do something like this I go out prepared to die. I go out prepared that harm will come to me even though I don’t believe that God would permit it and I think that Father Mike is the same.”

Muhammad said to those wanting to harm Pfleger for his consistent marches against violence, “Anybody who would be so foolish to try and harm a servant like this, that that you intend for evil…will come on you. This is history and prophecy and I believe it is true from the past and I think the same thing is true today.”

But, Muhammad said Minister Farrakhan is worried about the level of violence that is gripping not just the Auburn-Gresham community but also the entire city of Chicago. Minister Farrakhan is worried about creating an atmosphere “that ultimately will increase the number of our young people who will not live to become adults.”

Muhammad added, “because of the community, the law enforcement and other forces are now fed up with us, our young men in particular, they are now willing to take any measure to stop them from their anti-social and violent behavior that they are engaging in.”

Referring to those who are shooting, killing and maiming people including innocent children, Muhammad said, “It’s a warning to them that if they want a future and if they want to live, then they have to do what we asked them to do during the Million Man March—to become productive and serious people dedicated to” keeping peace and order in their own community.

Asked if the answer to reducing violence is the resurrection of the spirit of the 1995 Million Man March, Muhammad referred to the flyer they passed out late Monday night that included the pledge taken at the Million Man March.

“During the Million Man March and after in 1995 there was a decrease in anti-social, negative and violent behavior within our community,” recalled Muhammad. “Unfortunately, the society, the government, parents and people who are responsible to develop the young did not seize the opportunity to keep the ball rolling.

“The Nation of Islam is a national and international organization. The problem that we have in the black community cannot be solved by us alone, should not be solved by us alone but should and can be solved with the coming together by the total of our community,” Muhammad said.

Asked if he believes that could ever happen, Muhammad said, “I believe that it can happen because the need is so great.” In passing out the flyers, Muhammad said as they walked throughout the community he noticed people were taking those flyers “to heart” and did not discard the flyers, which had a message to them from Minister Farrakhan.

“The demand is going to come for unity to solve this problem. I believe the people are already making that demand and in a very short while the leaders will get that message and I think there will be a major coming together without the regard for religion and for race,” he said.

“As this violence continues, the reputation of the city of Chicago and the tourism and the revenue that they expect will all suffer because of this violence that people are afraid to visit here for fear they may be harmed. It’s in everybody’s interested, all the citizens of the city in particular the black citizens those of us who want to see our people with a future. It’s incumbent upon us to work together to solve this problem,” said Muhammad.

Farrakhan said the NOI would continue these anti-violence marches that will be also held on the West Side and other hot spot areas.  “There will be efforts made in the very different communities in the weeks to come,” Muhammad said. “We’re asking for the prayers and the support for Minister Farrakhan and their encouragement of him because he truly is a very respected and trusted individual within our community.

“When you see adult people crying at the sight of him coming into the community to show concern for them, this is something very unusual for adult people today. That is what Minister Farrakhan experienced” last Monday.

Ald. Latasha Thomas (17th), who joined Farrakhan on the march late Monday night, said she asked him to take a more pro-active role the night Farrakhan reopened the Salaam Restaurant.  “This is the first of many marches that he’ll be doing throughout the city and he wanted to kick it off with me. I am honored that he would do that and elated that he would support the community….”

When asked what is the problem in the Auburn-Gresham community given all of the shootings and killings that are going on, Thomas explained that: “There is one gang but three facets of the gang and they are at war for territory. It’s our community. It shouldn’t be anybody else’s,” she said.

Asked if the Nation of Islam’s presence will stem the violence, Thomas said, “I think what it does is to support the community and give them health and courage to get out there. They will be back. The Nation of Islam didn’t just do that one march. They’re coming back to have a presence in the community.”

When contacted, Saint Sabina’s Father Michael L. Pfleger said he was pleased with Farrakhan’s taking more than 300 Fruit of Islam (Nation of Islam men) out into the street to call for peace. ““I think it’s great. It excites me. It encourages me. I think that the Nation can be the turning factor in the community” with their involvement.

“I think that this is exactly what we need. Saint Sabina has been doing it, the Nation’s doing it; churches and mosques go back out into the street.  I think that is the missing ingredient that will stop the violence. I just can’t express enough my gratitude to the minister for making this decisions to that the Nation of Islam out into the street.

“We are in a very serious time and needs the serious commitment that the Nation brings to help us,” said Pfleger.

Minister Farrakhan is asking the youth in the community to honor the 1995 Million Man March pledge:

The Million Man March Pledge

(Text of the pledge that the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan led over two million Black men in taking at the historic Million Man March in Washington, D.C. on October 16, 1995.)

I PLEDGE that from this day forward I will strive to love my brother as I love myself. I, from this day forward, will strive to improve myself spiritually, morally, mentally, socially, politically and economically for the benefit of myself, my family and my people.

I PLEDGE that I will strive to build businesses, build houses, build hospitals, build factories and enter into international trade for the good of myself, my family and my people.

I PLEDGE that from this day forward I will never raise my hand with a knife or a gun to beat, cut, or shoot any member of my family or any human being except in self-defense.

I PLEDGE from this day forward I will never abuse my wife by striking her, disrespecting her, for she is the mother of my children and the producer of my future.

I PLEDGE that from this day forward I will never engage in the abuse of children, little boys or little girls for sexual gratification. For I will let them grow in peace to be strong men and women for the future of our people.

I WILL NEVER again use the ‘B word’ to describe any female. But particularly my own Black sister.

I PLEDGE from this day forward that I will not poison my body with drugs or that which is destructive to my health and my well-being.

I PLEDGE from this day forward I will support Black newspapers, Black radio, Black television. I will support Black artists who clean up their acts to show respect for themselves and respect for their people and respect for the ears of the human family.

I will do all of this so help me God.

Chinta Strausberg is a Journalist of more than 33-years, a former political reporter and a current PCC Network talk show host. You can e-mail Strausberg at: Chintabernie@aol.com.

Biggest R&B Stars to perform at the Fairplex in Pomona to help raise funds Saturday, August 4th

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Pomona, CA (BlackNews.com) — Some of the biggest R&B artists will perform on stage August 4th 2pm at Fairplex, 1101 W. McKinley Avenue, Pomona, California, in a collaboration effort to raise money for National College Resources Foundation. National College Resources Foundation is a non-profit organization that helps underserved and underrepresented students get into college.

The Live 2012 concert is one of the biggest R&B concerts featuring Joe, Donell Jones, Case, Jon B, TQ, Cherrelle, Howard Hewett, and Angela Winbush. Hosted by Comedian/Actor Kel Mitchell, concert goers will enjoy an outdoor, lawn setting event with music and food for the soul. Doors open at 12:30pm.

R&B Live is an annual event that brings a day full of soulful music, positive energy and unity to the community. There is a VIP section equipped with a lounge atmosphere and special accommodations. Patrons in general seating will bring your blankets and lawn chairs and enjoy smooth R&B classics, featuring some of the best R&B artists from today and back in the day.

Sponsored by Euphony Restaurant & Lounge, LA Bronze Tan, Brea Auto Body. Presented by Faithful Entertainment Group. Proceeds benefit the National College Resources Foundation.

WHAT: R&B Live at Fairplex Pomona 2012

WHEN: Saturday August 4, 2012 – Doors open at 12:30 pm

WHERE: The Fairplex; 1101 West McKinley Avenue, Pomona, CA

To purchase R&B Live Tickets Online – visit www.rnbliveatfairplex.com. Tickets can also be purchased at Inglewood Tickets, Fairplex Box Office, or call (909) 396-0151
Tickets: $30 in advance and $40 @ the door
Limited VIP Tickets $75 in advance $80 @ door – Group Discounts Available
Gates Open: 12:30 pm | Show Starts: 2pm

Parking lot opens: 12:00 pm

What’s allowed inside Fairplex:
* Umbrellas are permitted. You will be directed to sit in umbrella section.
* Events go on as scheduled, rain or shine.
* Lawn Chairs, blankets and pillows are permitted. Please limit the chair leg height to nine (9) inches.

Outside Food/Beverage are not encouraged. Delicious Food & Beverage Court.

About National College Resources Foundation
National College Resources Foundation (NCRF) is a full service student and parent outreach program geared towards underrepresented youth and their families to help restrain the high school dropout rate. In California, only 68% of students are graduating from high school (2009 Alliant for Excellent Education). NCR Foundation has helped over 375,000 students get into college and has given away over $500,000 in scholarships.


CTA to Host Job Fairs for upcoming Red Line South Track Renewal Project

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Agency Seeking Applicants for Part-Time Bus Operator Positions



The Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) this month will host the first of several job fairs, intended to assist individuals interested in career opportunities as part-time bus operators (PTBOs) related to the 2013 Red Line South track renewal project.

CTA expects to hire as many as 400 part time bus operators to drive buses during the project; once hired, these bus operators will have a permanent position at CTA and will remain a part of the CTA workforce once the track renewal project ends.

The first fair will be held on Monday, July 30, 2012, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., at Chicago State University, 9501 S. King Drive, Chicago, Illinois.  The fair is the first in a series of three community job fairs on Chicago’s South Side to seek applicants for PTBOs whose work will involve driving shuttle buses and operating buses that are part of CTA’s expanded supplemental service during the Red Line South project.  Once hired, these bus operators will have a permanent position at CTA and will remain a part of the CTA workforce once the track renewal project ends.


Other job fairs include:


 Tuesday, August 28, 2012

National Teachers Academy

55 W. Cermak Road9 a.m. until 1 p.m.

Chicago, Illinois

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Kennedy-King College, Building

6301 S. Halsted Street9 a.m. until 1 p.m.

Chicago, Illinois

“Today, we are pleased to announce CTA will be hiring 400 part time bus drivers that will be needed to support this project,” said Chicago Transit Board Chairman Terry Peterson.  “That’s 400 people who will be given a major opportunity to find jobs and permanent employment.  We know that so many Chicago communities are hurting along the footprint of this project and we are pleased to present them with an opportunity to re-enter the workforce.”


The fairs will provide information about the skills and training needed to become a bus operator, including the need for a Class “B” Commercial Driver’s License and about the CTA’s hiring process in general.

For more information, visit the CTA website at www.transitchicago.com/redsouth, email at redlinesouth@transitchicago.com or send correspondence to Red Line South Project, CTA, 567 W. Lake Street, Chicago, IL, 60661.

A new spirit of patriotism fostered through the Miss Black United States Program

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New York, NY (BlackNews.com) — With the alarming and still growing social, economic, and health disparities in the Black American community, one might think it’s too overwhelming to take on such an enormous responsibility of trying to overcome them. Fortunately, one young lady had the foresight to say, “There is still opportunity to reverse the negative trends impacting the Black American community. We shall continue to overcome.”

Four years ago, as President Obama embarked on his first year in the White House, Sonja McCord was working tirelessly to develop a pageant system that would serve as a social enterprise and an enrichment program – a program that would create a new generation of promising Black leaders. Her solution: the Miss Black United States Program.

Officially launched, the Miss Black United States Program is a cultural, enrichment program which seeks to provide social leadership, development, and charity through an institute of learning. “We are creating a new generation leaders who are problem solvers, accomplished, and polished, while servicing those who are in need. The concept is simple, empowering others while empowering ourselves,”says McCord. The program will train leaders and provide them with the support to achieve their educational, professional, artistic, and community ambitions.

Every year, 51 young women will be educated in advocacy, leadership, beauty, elegance, self-development, entrepreneurship, and fitness – the skills and qualities that make up the quintessential beauty queen. The program distinguishes itself from other pageants because it first provides the enrichment program via the Miss Black United States Program, second, the ability to showcase what they’ve learned via the Miss Black Untied States Pageant, and third, the resources to put those concepts into practice for an entire year during their reign as Miss Black United States or their respective state queen.

In 2013, the organization will inaugurate the first Miss Black United States National Pageant, culminating the conclusion of a rigorous enrichment program and celebrating the accomplishments of 51 innovative, experienced, and empowered leaders. Entry into the competition begins with an online competition launched July 22nd. The program is open to natural born females ages 20-35 who have at least 25% African lineage and identify themselves as Black American. Applications for the national preliminary competition are open through the official website, www.missblackunitedstates.com, and require a small fee of $150.

“The Miss Black United States Program exists not as a means to exclude non-African American citizens…”It is a cultural organization created to solve America’s most pressing problems that directly impact the Black American population. The program seeks to reverse negative trends, celebrate Black beauty, empower young leaders, and work to overcome social, health, and economic disparities in the Black American community. Simply stated, “…Tackling Black American issues and strengthening the Black American community will help reinvigorate America, overall. This is a new spirit of patriotism,” remarks Sonja McCord.

For more information, visit the official website at www.missblackunitedstates.com or email director@missblackunitedstates.com.

For additional information or to schedule an interview with the founder, Sonja McCord, contact Blair Ross via director@missblackunitedstates.com, 646-580-0229.

Photo Caption: The Miss Black United States founder, Sonja McCord reveals the official sash.

Teaming for Contracts is topic of workshop for women business owners August 2 in Chicago

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CHICAGO, IL – Women Business Enterprises (WBEs) and established business owners seeking to do business with corporations and government agencies should attend, “Teaming for Contracts,” a regional workshop presented by the Women’s Business Development Center (WBDC).

The event will be held on Thursday, August 2, from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m., at Microsoft, 200 E. Randolph, AON Center, in Chicago.  Host sponsor is Microsoft.

Teaming for Contracts is designed for women-owned businesses in all industries who seek to grow their business and expand their capacity through partnerships to compete on large contracts.  WBEs will learn the benefits of teaming arrangement options, key strategies to help improve their chances of forming successful partnerships with other small, women-owned businesses and primes to win business in the public and private sectors.

Presenter of Teaming for Contracts is Michelle Kantor, who heads up the Construction Law Practice group in the Chicago office of McDonald Hopkins LLC, and has more than 26 years of experience practicing in government contracting. She represents prime contractors, suppliers, subcontractors, design professionals, manufacturers, fabricators, consultants and owners in all procurement and construction related matters in the public and private sectors.

The workshop is free of charge for all certified WBEs and established business owners.  Space is limited; registration is required.  For more information, please visit www.WBDC.org or call (312) 853-3477, ext 0. 

Thoughts, Love & Reflection: New poetry book proves men can embrace romance, love and commitment

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Wanting to dispel many of the common misdemeanours related to men, James T. DeShay announces the launch of his compelling new book of poetry.


ORLANDO, FL – Following a six-year dream, James T. DeShay’s latest project has finally come to fruition. DeShay is delighted to announce the launch of his latest poetry book, ‘Thoughts, Love & Reflection’.

The book is a beautiful display of poetry in which the true emotional depth of men is showcased. Proving that men are able to convey their deepest feelings without fear of being seen as weak, DeShay’s natural talent for moving his readers is evident within every page.

“It is my desire to share my thoughts in a way that will benefit all races and genders. I want to dispel a lot of the misnomers related to men,” Explains DeShay, whose book is available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Wellsbuilt Museum.

He continues, “Stereotypes are a simple way of placing people inside a box; but sometimes the information believe is inaccurate and destructive.  When stereotypes are used exclusively, they service only to deny people the wonderful opportunity to discover uniqueness of humanity.”

DeShay sincerely hopes that his book will serve to destroy the age-old stereotype that men cannot share or communicate their deepest thoughts.

Each page will also serve as an enriching journey into male thoughts relating to life, joy, love, happiness and reflection.

“Readers will be able to free and embrace their own emotions, while taking a journey into the emotions of those around them. Above all else, they will be afforded an opportunity to spend many moments simply smiling and reflecting on the depth the poem’s thoughts have travelled in order to become a reality” DeShay adds.


The dreams that were so firmly
cemented into all the days of
tomorrow start to faded from
the thoughts of yesterday

Leaving a void that keeps me
unable to see the bright light
once seen miles away as the
joy of life was being truly

Now it is the sadness that takes
hold; keeping the beautiful smile
of the days past from appearing;
the value of your presence is now
so clearly understood

Why did I allow that which had little
or no value take the priceless joy
of my future away from me. Now
I find myself dreading the sunrise
and hiding from the reality of the day

Since its publication, the book has been received into the literary world with critical acclaim. Many readers are expressing their inability to put the book down, while finding that their entire outlook on the male population is changing for good.

“This is exactly the response I am looking for. I’m not out to change the world or find fame and fortune; but rather to prove that the emotions of men can be deeper and more romantic than society depicts” he concludes.

Thoughts, Love & Reflection is available now through Amazon, Barnes & Noble and select retail outlets.

More information can be found on the author’s Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/jdeshay

About the Author: 

James T. DeShay was born and raised in Orlando,Florida. He received his B.S. degree in Mathematics from South Carolina State University.

Writing has been a part of his life from the outset but really came to life about 8 years ago.  His goal is to prove to the world that men have the ability to share their deeest thoughts in a way that bring true beauty to love and romance. 

The connection between a man and a woman is described in away that can be shared with all ages.  It is time for families to be able to talk about love and romance over the dinner table in a way that no ones needs to be asked to leave the room.  His next project is a romance novel that should be completed by the end of the year.

For more information, contact James T. DeShayat: 321-615-7536, djames82@me.com

Jesse White encourages kids and families to follow the Bicycle Rules of the Road

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Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White  Will be encouraging everyone to follow the Bicycle Rules of the Road in order to keep kids safe while traveling on bicycles.

Secretary White will speak about the importance of using the Bicycle Rules of the Road, with the helpful tips from Safe Kids Illinois, Mayor’s Bicycle Ambassadors and Chicago Police Department today, Thursday, July 19th, 10:30 a.m., at Adam’s Playlot, 1919 North Seminary Avenue in Chicago. A helmet giveaway and bike rodeo will follow. Bicycle Rules of the Road pamphlets will be available at the event.

 Bicycle riding is a great form of exercise and a fun activity, but it is important to maintain safety precautions at all times.

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