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Mr. Romney, we hardly know you!

Posted by Juanita Bratcher On July - 23 - 2012 ADD COMMENTS

By Juanita Bratcher


Mitt Romney has concentrated more on trying to define President Barack Obama and his Administration than he has spent time on defining himself and Bain Capital. He has failed to tell the American people, specifically voters, what a Romney presidency will mean for America and the difference between his agenda for the country and Obama’s agenda. After all, voters will be the determining factor as to his and Obama’s fate in the November 6th General Election.

Frankly, I think Obama has done a pretty good job of defining himself to the American people. And while Obama released 12 years of income taxes, Romney has released only one, says another one is on the way, and after that, he will release nothing else. He even got an extension on his 2011 tax return. Even Romney’s wife, Ann, when making an interview appearance with ABC’s Robin Roberts, stated, “We’ve given all you people need to know” about their financial information, when asked about her husband’s refusal to release multi-income tax returns. She further stated that “there are so many things that will be open again for more attack…”

The election, Ann Romney said, will be decided on who is going to turn the economy around and how jobs are going to come back to America. Of course, there are other factors, too, that will determine this election…and who will occupy the White House and lead this country for the next four years.

According to a recent poll by USA Today/Gallup, 54% of Americans say Mitt Romney should release additional tax returns, while 37% say he should not. Most voters would like to take a serious look at Romney’s record and tax returns to determine whether he is capable of leading this awesome country.

If there’s nothing to hide, there shouldn’t be a problem releasing them. Most politicians release their income tax returns. Romney’s father, George, released 12 years of returns when he run for office. And anyone running for the highest office of the land – the Office of the Presidency – should be upfront with the American public. It doesn’t seem feasible to do otherwise. Certainly, politicians who take the route that Romney is taking, especially for the powerful office of the presidency, shouldn’t be rewarded with the gift of that office or to lead this country without putting the cards on the table for examination; in this case his tax returns. What is he trying to hide by not releasing his income tax returns?

Mitt Romney has repeated over and over again and so has his Washington Republican colleagues that Obama is running away from his record, his failing policies (their words), but what is Romney running away from? Why is it that Romney can never make a straight statement about anything without dragging Obama’s name in it? Where does he stand on the issues? He does more flip-flopping on issues than anything else. Mr. Romney has changed opinions on so many things. He has been on both sides of the fence on many issues. One day he rallies around something, and the next day his version is different than the day before. One of his aides said during the primary election that Romney would do an etch-a-sketch on issues in the General Election campaign. It is obvious that Romney is out of touch.

The election is four months away, but it’s still unclear as to where Romney stands on various issues. Why can’t he take a definitive stand on the issues?

When the auto industry was struggling, Romney said let the auto industry go bankrupt. Yet, when the auto industry made a successful, complete turnaround he wanted to take credit for it. Mitt Romney continues to dance and skip around the issues, and the American people certainly don’t need any of the following:

  • Don’t need a flip-flopper making decisions in times of crises
  • Don’t need a flip-flopper that can’t make on-the-spot decisions
  • Don’t need a flip-flopper who’ll wait to see if it’s okay to make a move on something that should be taken care of right away
  • Don’t need a flip-flopper where someone other than him is in the shadow calling the shots
  • Don’t need an “Outsourcer-in Chief that sends jobs to other countries and don’t create jobs in this country to put many Americans out of jobs back to work

I’m still not convinced that Mitt Romney is a job creator as he likes to espouse. There are no specific numbers available as to his job creation efforts here in America.

 It’s not enough to say that because you’re a businessman you know how to fix the economy and create jobs, Mr. Romney. You must show or tell the American people how you’re going to fix the economy and create jobs; not after the November 6, 2012 election but before the November 6, 2012 election.

 Juanita Bratcher is the Publisher of www.copylinemagazine.com, the author of several books, songwriter and poet. She has been a Journalist for more than 35 years covering politics, education and a wide-range of other topics. 

St. Thomas Apostle gives tribute to wife of Chuck Bowen Sunday; Funeral services set for Tuesday

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By Chinta Strausberg


A tribute to Verna Julia, the wife of Chuck Bowen, retired Executive Assistant to former Mayor Richard M. Daley, was held Sunday at St. Thomas the Apostle, 5472 S. Kimbark Avenue, Chicago, IL.

A prepast will be held at 5 p.m., Tuesday, July 24, 2012, followed by a 7 p.m. service to be held at Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church, 45th and Princeton, Chicago, IL.

Mrs. Bowen passed at 1 p.m., July 16, 2012, at Northwestern Hospital after a long illness.

Born in Chicago, Verna Julia met Chuck Bowen 59-years ago when they attended Corpus Christi High School. She went to Chicago Teachers College but opted to work for the CTA as a ticket agent for ten-years. Mrs. Bowen then went on to work for American Airlines for the next 30-years. She then worked for the Cook County Assessor’s office for a decade where she retired.

Mrs. Bowen, the mother of four children, nine grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren, leaves to mourn her husband Chuck Bowen, three sons, Charles Jr. Darryl, Gene and daughter, Victoria and a host of friends and family.

Chinta Strausberg is a Journalist of more than 33-years, a former political reporter and a current PCC Network talk show host. You can e-mail Strausberg at: Chintabernie@aol.com.

State Board of Education names members to expanded Financial Oversight Panel for Proviso Township High School District 209

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Reorganized FOP helps Proviso District complete work toward financial stability to better serve students


SPRINGFIELD, IL – The Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) announced Monday that it has named five members to the expanded Financial Oversight Panel (FOP) for Proviso Township High School District 209 with Dr. James Popernik resuming his role as the panel’s chair. The FOP, comprised of volunteers, will serve District 209 for at least three years in order to help the district achieve financial stability. 

“On behalf of the Board, I want to thank the FOP and District for the progress made thus far in improving finances in this district,” said State Superintendent of Education Christopher A. Koch. “We’re grateful for these citizens stepping up to offer their time and expertise in helping this district improve its financial health. Districts that are operating with a balanced budget are better able to serve students today and plan for the future.”

A Financial Oversight Panel exercises financial control over a school district and provides financial management expertise to assist a district in meeting obligations to creditors and debt holders. The reorganized Proviso Township FOP will convene its first meeting at 1 p.m. Tuesday, July 24 at the Proviso Math and Science Academy in Forest Park.

In 2008, Proviso Township High School District 209 petitioned ISBE to appoint a Financial Oversight Panel. Earlier this year, the Financial Oversight Panel petitioned ISBE to reorganize the FOP under legislation passed in 2011 that expands an FOP from three members to five. Also, as part of the new state law on FOPs, the district can only obtain an Emergency Assistance Loan if there is a FOP in place.

The ISBE-appointed members of the Proviso FOP are:

Dr. James Popernik, Controller for Downers Grove School District 58. Dr. Popernik is a retired administrator from Township High School District 214 and brings more than 30 years of school business finance experience to the Proviso Financial Oversight Panel and District.  His prior experience includes serving in an interim school business position at Homewood Elementary District 153 and an administrator position at Wheaton School District 200 and Homewood-Flossmoor High School District 233, as well as other school districts. Dr. Popernik will continue to serve as chairman of the FOP. He lives in Homer Glenn.

Ms. Merilee McCracken, retired Assistant Superintendent for Business Services from Maine Township High School District.  Since her retirement, Ms. McCracken now serves as the Interim Associate Superintendent for Business at Lincolnshire-Prairie View School District 103 and Palatine Community Consolidated School District 15.  Ms. McCracken is a previous member of the Board of Directors for the Illinois Association of School Business Officials. She lives in Arlington Heights.

Mr. Frank Lionel Montgomery, retired Assistant Principal for Student Life at Proviso West High School. Mr. Montgomery served in several capacities during his tenure at Proviso School District 209, including Assistant Principal of Attendance, District Athletic Director, Department Chairman for Physical Education, Driver Education and Physical Education Instructor. He also worked in other school districts.  Mr. Montgomery lives in Westchester and is a life-long resident of the district.

Dr. Craig Schilling, Associate Professor for Leadership at the Concordia University Chicago.  His areas of expertise include school finance, law and human resources. Prior to joining Concordia, Dr. Schilling served in various administrative positions for local school districts, including Glenbrook High School.  Dr. Schilling is also a past President of the Illinois Association of School Business Officials and served on the IASBO Board of Directors. He lives in Northbrook.

Mr. Kenneth Walls, Director of Security Operations for IFPC Worldwide, Inc.  His responsibilities include coordinating all activities pertaining to security officer responsibilities such as hiring, training, record keeping, etc. Mr. Walls lives in Broadview and has been a resident in the district for 17 years.


David Beckham to join Muhammad Ali to launch Youth Leadership Award

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Two of the most iconic and beloved sportsmen of all time, David Beckham and Muhammad Ali, will present the inaugural Generation Ali Beyond Sport Award at the Beyond Sport Summit Reception in London on Tuesday evening, kicking off what promises to be the most influential 24 hours in the history of sport for development.

The Muhammad Ali Centre, co-founded by Muhammad Ali and his wife Lonnie Ali, has come together with Beyond Sport to launch the Award, designed to recognise and celebrate a young person who has embodied the essence of leadership and inspiration through sport. ‘Service’, ‘Leadership’, and ‘Action’ are the three key qualities sought and identified in the winner, who has attained them through a journey that has gone beyond sport.

“Muhammad Ali is one of the most inspirational sportsmen of all time,” said Beckham. “He is a global icon, and he has touched so many lives. It is a true honour to join with him to present the Generation Ali Beyond Sport Award to one of this incredible group of young people.”

Lonnie Ali added: “My husband’s whole life has been an embodiment of the struggle for survival, change and justice, and he has used the power of sport to change lives and attitudes around the world. There are echoes of Muhammad’s life in each of the stories of the youngsters shortlisted for this Award and we look forward to playing a part in those individual stories.”

The shortlist for the Award, which in 2012 will recognise a youth resident in the UK as the host country of this year’s Beyond Sport Summit, includes a former gang member and ex-convict now coaching football; a young man who lost his family in the conflict in Afghanistan and now coaches and translates for other refugees; a young woman who works to help Muslim girls find a sport they enjoy participating in; and a former gang member who has escaped a long history of family gang membership in his home town to become a successful coach.

Nick Keller, the Founder of Beyond Sport, said: “The Beyond Sport Awards recognise incredible achievements against the odds, where the power of sport has transformed lives. The young people nominated are the most eloquent voice and proof of sport’s power to unite and uplift.”

Beyond Sport is a global initiative that seeks to celebrate and support any organisation or individual with the goal to drive positive social change through sport. Its global partners are Barclays Spaces for Sports, TIME and UNICEF.

For more information on Beyond Sport and the Beyond Sport Summit & Awards visit www.beyondsport.org

Black cancer survivor shares his journey in new book, “Cancer Steals Yesterday’s Dream and Tomorrow’s Life”

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The Decisions, Consequences, and Candid Journey of a Cancer Survivor

Wilmington, DE (BlackNews.com) — The National Cancer Institute states that, “Three out of every four American families will have at least one family member diagnosed with cancer.” This NCI assessment suggests that real-life stories about cancer experiences are valuable in helping the families of cancer patients appreciate the plight of their loved one and provide the support they need to fight for survival. Just as important, these stories provide cancer patients with vital information and honest perspectives about what to expect and how to cope with this terrifying diagnosis.

In his new release, Cancer Steals Yesterday’s Dream and Tomorrow’s Life, Dr. Sherman N. Miller, University Mathematics Professor, shares his own journey, from colon cancer diagnosis through treatment. Bravely baring his soul, Dr. Miller describes the good, the bad, and the ugly with complete honesty, all the while bringing hope and a sense of camaraderie to those who share in his battle. Dr. Miller’s goal is not to entertain, but to provide a frank portrayal of how cancer affects mind and body.

Dr. Dolores Cummings, educational psychologist, says that Dr. Miller’s “honest and cogent narrative will be useful to so many.”

Cancer Steals Yesterday’s Dream and Tomorrow’s Life
by Dr. Sherman N. Miller
ISBN 9780964091511, $11.95 US
88 pages, Amazon.com, 302-654-8325

Photo Caption: Bookcover and author, Dr. Sherman N. Miller


Better Business Bureau money-saving advice: Tips for using online coupons

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CHICAGO, IL – A tried and true way to save money in a tough economy is coupons. However, because of the Internet, a savvy consumer no longer has to wield a pair of scissors in order to reap rewards. With the popularity of online coupons on the rise, the Better Business Bureau serving Chicago and Northern Illinois (BBB) offers advice for identifying deals and avoiding deceptive offers.


Sixty-eight percent of American adults use print coupons according to a survey conducted by Experian Simmons Research. The survey also found that 22 percent of these adults use digital coupons obtained from email or the Internet.


“We’re all looking for ways to save money; redeeming online coupons is growing in popularity as a result,” said Steve J. Bernas, president & CEO of the Better Business Bureau serving Chicago and Northern Illinois. “Some coupons, however, are not as great a deal as they may appear and consumers should use caution when clicking on coupons online. It is important for consumers to fully realize what the use of a coupon means.”


The BBB offers the following advice on redeeming online coupons:

  • Check out who is offering the coupon. Consumers should check to see if the coupon is being offered directly by the store or if it is being offered by a third-party such as a partner or affiliate. If it is via a third-party, they might ask for additional info or require the consumer sign up for services to redeem the coupon. If so, the BBB recommends using extreme caution before sharing any personal information. Check the company out, free of charge, at www.bbb.org
  • Be cautious of pop-up offers. The BBB advises coupon clickers to be wary of pop-up ad coupon offers that require you to immediately click to redeem. Clicking on the ad may automatically sign the consumer up for services they were not interested in receiving, causing them to be billed every month.
  • Read the fine print. Carefully read the terms and conditions for the use of the coupon. Check for the expiration date, limitations of use and whether it is an online coupon good for only online purchases or if it can also be redeemed at the physical store location.
  • Will the coupon be honored? With some stores concerned about fraud related to online coupons, not all businesses are eager to redeem them. The BBB recommends contacting the store where you wish to use the coupon directly to find out whether the coupon is being honored or not.
  • Be wary of required phone calls. Be extremely cautious if the coupon requires the consumer call the company to redeem the value of the coupon, and/or has any requirement to give personal information.
  • Don’t fall for phony coupons via e-mail. Many fake coupons have been making the rounds via e-mail and just because it may come from a friend or family member, don’t assume the coupon is legitimate.

For more advice on saving money, visit www.bbb.org


Bus Rapid Transit Advocates bring Traveling Exhibit to transit riders at six CTA Bus and Train Stops Aug. 7-9

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The Active Transportation Alliance, Metropolitan Planning Council and Chicago Architecture Foundation are partnering to bring a traveling exhibit about Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) to six CTA bus and train stops Aug. 7 to 9. BRT is an exciting new mode of public transportation that reinvents the bus, offering a better transit experience with the reliability, efficiency and speed of a train. Chicago is currently conducting a BRT planning study for the Western/Ashland corridor, building upon existing implementation for BRT routes along Jeffery Avenue on the Southside and in Chicago’s Central Business District. BRT in Chicago will improve the quality of life in our neighborhoods, by providing better access to jobs and services, reducing traffic congestion, and making our streets more attractive and safer.

Transit riders will have the opportunity to learn more about exciting plans to improve transit and get involved in support of BRT. The three-day traveling exhibit will end with an evening happy hour exhibit and celebration. The exhibit is a condensed version of the Bus Rapid Transit: Next Stop Chicago exhibit currently on display at the Chicago Architecture Foundation, 224 S. Michigan Ave., 9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily.

More information about BRT in Chicago is available at http://www.brtchicago.com. Transit riders can take action online in support of Bus Rapid Transit at http://www.tinyurl.com/BRT2012.


Tue., Aug. 7
4-6 p.m. Western bus stop at Addison (west side of street)
4-6 p.m. Ashland bus stop at 79th (west side of street)

Wed., Aug. 8
4-6 p.m.Western Orange Line CTA (outside station)
4-6 p.m. Ashland bus stop at 18th (east side of street)

Thur., Aug. 9
4-6 p.m. Western Brown Line CTA (outside station)
4-6 p.m. Division Blue Line CTA (outside station)
6:30-8 p.m. Bus Rapid Transit Happy Hour Exhibit at Bad Dog Tavern (4535 N. Lincoln Ave., Chicago)

About Active Transportation Alliance

Riders for Better Transit is a project of the  Active Transportation Alliance (Active Trans). Active Trans is a non-profit advocacy organization supported by more than 7,000 members that works to improve conditions for biking, walking and transit in the Chicago region.
Link: http://www.ridersforbettertransit.org

Metropolitan Planning Council

Since 1934, the Metropolitan Planning Council (MPC) has been dedicated to shaping a more sustainable and prosperous greater Chicago region. As an independent, nonprofit, nonpartisan organization, MPC serves communities and residents by developing, promoting and implementing solutions for sound regional growth. Visit www.metroplanning.org to learn more.
Link: http://www.metroplanning.org/work/project/3

Chicago Architecture Foundation

The Chicago Architecture Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to inspiring people to discover why design matters. The Chicago Architecture Foundation pursues this mission through architecture tours, exhibitions, panel discussions and youth and adult education programs.
Link: http://www.architecture.org/page.aspx?pid=3145


Curls Unleashed (TM) by Organic Root Stimulator (R) unleashes Curls Unleashed (TM) TV

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Chicago, IL (BlackNews.com) — Since its epic launch in late 2011, Curls Unleashed(TM) by Organic Root Stimulator® has been taking the natural world by storm gaining traction in several grassroots events and print campaigns both nationally and internationally. With an unprecedented debut at New York Fashion Week’s Texture on the Runway and an increased presence at the World Natural Hair Show in Atlanta, a dynamic international debut and numerous local events across the globe naturalistas everywhere are buzzing about Curls Unleashed(TM).

Now, Curls Unleashed(TM) is ready for its close up! In the launch of the first television campaign of its kind, Curls Unleashed(TM) by Organic Root Stimulator® is taking it to the next level allowing you an up close and personal look at the movement and freedom of Curls Unleashed(TM). The four (4) dynamic models of Curls Unleashed(TM) show you how this comprehensive line of products gives curly, kinky, and wavy hair textures the long-lasting moisture and curl-defining look this consumer desires.

Each Curls Unleashed(TM) model possesses a unique personality, style and look all their own, each used to capture the array of naturalistas everywhere allowing every natural consumer to see themselves in Curls Unleashed(TM). Stay tuned for a more personal look at each Curls Unleashed(TM) model, her style secrets, and product usage tips.

Curls Unleashed(TM) from the leaders and experts in ethnic hair, Organic Root Stimulator®, is available at Independent Beauty & Barber Supply Stores, Rite Aid, Duane Reade, Sally Beauty Supply, Target and Walgreens nationally at a suggested retail of $10.99 – $14.99. More information can be found at www.curlsunleashed.com, on Twitter at @Curls_Unleashed and on Facebook.com/CurlsUnleashed. Also, E-mail us at customerservice@organicrootstimulator.com or call at 1-888-766-8784, 1-888-ROOT-STIM.

Control & Click on links to view…

Photo Caption: The Four Dynamic Naturalistas of Curls Unleashed TV

Women’s Business Development Center offers August Programs that support and accelerate women’s business ownership

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Center provides a continuum of business development services to prospective and established women entrepreneurs including counseling, training, financial, certification and procurement assistance.


CHICAGO, IL – Among workshops/events offered in August by the Women’s Business Development Center (WBDC), a nationally and internationally recognized women’s business assistance center providing services and programs that support and accelerate women’s business ownership and strengthen the impact of women on the economy, are:

Thursday, August 2, 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m., “Pre-Entrepreneurial Woman’s Conference Workshop “Teaming for Contracts”

Description: The Women’s Business Development Center invites you to one of four regional workshops leading up to the oldest conference and business opportunities fair for women, the Entrepreneurial Woman’s Conference.  You will learn how to expand your capacity through partnerships, target key strategies to improve your chances of forming successful partnerships and more.  Workshop Presenter: Michelle Kantor, Member, McDonald Hopkins, LLC Chicago office. 

Location: Microsoft, AON Center, 200 E. Randolph St., Chicago, IL

Cost: FREE

Registration: http://www.wbdc.org/Calendar/EventDetails.aspx?eId=1652

Tuesday, August 7, 6:00 – 8:00 p.m., “Social Media Marketing Series: Building Your Brand through a Social Media Marketing Plan”

Description: This Women’s Business Development Center workshop teaches you how to tackle real problems like negative feedback, poor reviews and public competition. This workshop is perfect for business owners just starting out and already established. Knowing how to use social media can develop client/business relationships otherwise left unfound.

Location: Women’s Business Development Center, 8 S. Michigan Avenue, 4th Floor, Chicago, IL 60603

Cost: $30.00 in advance, $35.00 at the door

Registration: http://www.wbdc.org/Calendar/EventDetails.aspx?eId=1636

Tuesday, August 14, 6:00 – 8:00 p.m., “Mentees: Mastering a Mentoring Relationship for Business Growth”

Description: Want to ramp up your learning curve for your business? Multiple studies show that entrepreneurs speed up their growth when they effectively work with a mentor.  The Women’s Business Development Center  can help prepare you to maximize a mentoring relationship and take advantage of the proliferation of opportunities to create mentoring relationships and utilize business incubators.

Location: Women’s Business Development Center, 8 S. Michigan Avenue, 4th Floor, Chicago, IL 60603

Cost: $30.00 in advance, $35.00 at the door

Registration: http://www.wbdc.org/Calendar/EventDetails.aspx?eId=1646 

Wednesday, August 22, 2:00 – 3:00 p.m., “Online Group Business Counseling – Improve Your Contract Opportunity Searches on FBO.gov, City of Chicago and CMS

Description: This Women’s Business Development Center webinar will teach you strategies for contract opportunity searches on FBO, gov, City of Chicago and CMS from WBDC business counselors to increase your chances of winning contracts. 

Location: Online

Cost: Free

Registration:   Please send an e-mail to glopez@wbdc.org with ONLINE GROUP BUSINESS COUNSELING WEBINAR in the subject line. You will receive an invitation email containing instructions on how to join the webinar.

For further information about these or other WBDC workshops, visit http://www.WBDC.org or call (312) 853-3477. The WBDC is headquartered at 8 S. Michigan Avenue, 4th Floor, Chicago, Illinois 60603.

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