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Archive for February 24th, 2012

Prosecutors secure 205 year sentence for Iowa man charged with South Side Sexual Assaults

Posted by Admin On February - 24 - 2012 Comments Off on Prosecutors secure 205 year sentence for Iowa man charged with South Side Sexual Assaults

Cook County prosecutors have secured a 205 year prison sentence for a man convicted of sexually assaulting three women in two separate robberies on the city’s South Side, according to the office of Cook County State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez.

Larry Price, 31, of Charles City, Iowa was convicted in December 2011 of 5 counts of Aggravated Criminal Sexual Assault and 2 counts of Armed Robbery for robbing two south side businesses and sexually assaulting employees who worked at the stores in September 2006 and April 2007.

According to prosecutors, on September 1, 2006, Price walked into the Rent-A-Center store, located at 95th and Jeffrey and held three men at gunpoint on the floor.  He then sexually assaulted two female employees while also holding them at gunpoint.   Price then fled after taking money from the cash register and money from the purse of one of the female victims.

On April 3, 2007, Price entered Yale Insurance, located at 10909 S. Western, armed with a gun. He sexually assaulted the female employee who was working alone in the store.  Price fled, however security cameras in the store captured his image.  Chicago Police provided the information to the local media.  Price was arrested after his ex-wife saw the security video on the news, recognized Price, and contacted police. 

Cook County Judge Neera Walsh sentenced Price earlier this week to 135 years in prison for the robbery at the Rent-A-Center store and 70 years for the robbery at Yale insurance.  The sentences will be served consecutively, totaling 205 years.

State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez thanked Assistant State’s Attorneys Patricia Shea and Mary Jo Murtaugh for their handling of the case.

Illinois Attorney General Madigan's proposal to combat synthetic drugs clears House Committee

Posted by Admin On February - 24 - 2012 Comments Off on Illinois Attorney General Madigan's proposal to combat synthetic drugs clears House Committee


SPRINGFIELD, IL — Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan announced that the House Judiciary Criminal Law Committee unanimously sent to the full House an amendment to the Illinois Food, Drug and Cosmetics Act that will help address the synthetic drug epidemic in the state.

“Drug makers’ continued attempts to sell synthetic drugs jeopardize the lives of teens and young adults,” Madigan said. “This bill recognizes that chemicals sold to be taken as drugs, regardless of what they’re called or their bogus labeling, are life threatening and illegal.”

Madigan said combating the synthetic drug epidemic presents unique challenges for law enforcement and prosecutors because the chemical makeup of the products can be easily altered by manufacturers to avoid violating the Illinois Controlled Substances Act. In addition, these drugs are sold in packages that misleadingly claim the products are legal as confirmed by so-called “official” lab results.

House Bill 5233, which is sponsored in the House by Rep. Jerry Costello II (D-Smithton) and was crafted by Attorney General Madigan’s office, defines a “synthetic drug product” as one that contains a controlled substance not regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. The bill makes it illegal under the Illinois Food, Drug and Cosmetics Act to sell these drugs or to falsely advertise a synthetic drug product.

“Illinois faces a severe challenge in combating synthetic drugs because of enterprising retailers and drug makers who try to get around every law we pass,” Rep. Costello said. “This new legislation gets to the heart of the problem by going after those involved in making and distributing constantly evolving drug concoctions. As a former police officer who has taken part in undercover drug busts, I know the toll synthetic drugs are taking in our communities, and this legislation is another strong step in the right direction.”

Synthetic drug use is dramatically rising across the country. In 2010, Poison Control Centers nationwide received 2,915 calls related to synthetic marijuana use. That figured jumped to 6,890 calls in 2011. Reports of “bath salts,” another type of synthetic drug that mimics the effects of cocaine or methamphetamine, were made 303 times to Poison Control Centers in 2010. A year later, the centers received 6,072 calls about bath salts.

Attorney General Madigan and Rep. Costello said adoption of HB 5233 will:

  • Amend the definition of a “drug” in the Illinois Food, Drug and Cosmetics Act to define a “synthetic drug product” as a product that contains a controlled substance;
  • Criminalize the distribution of or possession with intent to distribute a synthetic drug product or a drug with a false and misleading label as a Class 2 felony and a Class 1 felony for additional violations;
  • Criminalize the false advertisement of a synthetic drug product as a Class 3 felony; and
  • Add pentedrone to the list of Schedule 1 controlled substances. Pentedrone is a substance used in some bath salts, which are synthetic drugs that mimic the effect of cocaine.

Attorney General Madigan has been a leader in mobilizing Illinois law enforcement in addressing the dangers of synthetic drugs. In November 2011, Madigan hosted the first statewide summit of police, prosecutors, community leaders, educators and health care providers to examine efforts to deal with the increasing use of synthetic drugs, particularly among teens and young adults. Her office also has been leading a series of synthetic drug busts in coordination with local and county law enforcement officers at retail stores throughout the state.  

Proposed deep state budget cuts to vital programs for people in poverty will greatly exacerbate hardship

Posted by Admin On February - 24 - 2012 Comments Off on Proposed deep state budget cuts to vital programs for people in poverty will greatly exacerbate hardship

Illinois Must Rethink Budget Priorities                                                                                                                                                                                                       

Letters to the Editor: From the Heartland Alliance 


CHICAGO, IL – The From Poverty to Opportunity Campaign, coordinated by Heartland Alliance, reports that the proposed state budget for fiscal year 2013 released by Governor Quinn on February 22, 2012 poses many threats to people in poverty, at a time when need is growing.  Poverty, worse in Illinois today than during the recession, grew from pre-to post-recession by 16 percent. In fact, poverty in Illinois is at its highest point in decades.

The Illinois Commission on the Elimination of Poverty has developed a plan to cut extreme poverty in half which includes detailed recommendations to ensure opportunity for the most vulnerable in Illinois. “Unfortunately the proposed state budget takes Illinois further away from this achievable goal,” said Al Ridley, Executive Director of Illinois Coalition for Community Services. “It now falls to the General Assembly to produce a state budget that does not increase poverty above the record levels in Illinois and does not drive people already in poverty into an even deeper hole.”

Over the last decade the state has cut its real investment in programs that help people experiencing poverty meet need basic needs and get out of poverty collectively by more than $4.4 billion. The Governor’s fiscal year 2013 budget proposal continues the pattern of devastating cuts to programs that protect the most vulnerable and support them in keeping a roof over their head and food on their table.

  • The budget includes a proposed cut of $2.7 billion from the Medicaid program, a staggering amount. The proposed budget does not specify how this will be accomplished nor is there any way it can be accomplished without doing great harm to the low-income Illinoisans for whom Medicaid is their only option for health care.
  • It also includes a $56 million cut to the child care assistance program for low-income parents who work or go to school in addition to significant increases in parent co-payments and lowering income eligibility at intake from 185% to 150% of the federal poverty line, which would make paying for childcare infeasible for many and disqualify others from participation.    
  • The proposed budget slashes half of the funding for emergency and transitional housing for people experiencing homelessness, at a time when homelessness is expected to increase.
  • The proposed closing/consolidation of 24 Illinois Department of Human Services offices will considerably reduce access to public services for Illinoisans in need – including reduced access to the Supplementary Nutritional Assistance Program and Temporary Assistance to Needy Families.
  • The budget also includes a proposal to reduce lifetime eligibility for Temporary Assistance to Needy Families from five to three years.  This change would especially harm families with multiple barriers to employment and is unrealistic given today’s job market and economy.

“Illinois is facing tough times and some difficult decisions must be made,” said Sid Mohn, President of Heartland Alliance for Human Needs & Human Rights. “At the same time, making ever deeper cuts to programs that meet the vital needs of people in poverty is not the right way to solve our fiscal problems and will cost the state more in the long run. The General Assembly must maximize all available revenue sources and re-balance the state’s priorities as needed so that everyone in our state can live with dignity and have the opportunity to escape from poverty.”   

The budget does add funding to two programs which do provide vital support for disadvantaged Illinoisans:

  • A doubling of the current appropriation for the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program to keep pace with the increasing caseload.
  • The $20 million in proposed additional funding in the Early Childhood Block Grant, which funds the Preschool for All program, restores part of the funding that was cut over the past two years.  There is abundant evidence that high quality early education dramatically changes the trajectory of children’s lives and produces greater societal savings than any other public investment.  

Heartland Alliance for Human Needs & Human Rights believes that all of us deserve the opportunity to improve our lives. [object Object]Each year, we help ensure this opportunity for more than one million people around the world who are homeless, living in poverty, or seeking safety. Our policy efforts strengthen communities; our comprehensive services empower those we serve to rebuild and transform their lives.  


For more information: 312.870.4949 | research@heartlandalliance.org | www.heartlandalliance.org/research


Jenny and Rufus Triplett, Publishers of Prisonworld Magazine, named Ebony Magazine's "Couple of the Year"

Posted by Admin On February - 24 - 2012 Comments Off on Jenny and Rufus Triplett, Publishers of Prisonworld Magazine, named Ebony Magazine's "Couple of the Year"


Atlanta, GA (BlackNews.com) — Jenny and Rufus Triplett have been awarded the highest couple’s honor in recognition of a marriage that has stood the test of time. They have always kept it 100 percent real during their two plus decades of matrimony. The couple has survived military service, incarceration, raised three young men, run their own multimedia company and are celebrating 22 years of successful marriage. Out of all their many trials and tribulations however, Ebony Magazine’s recent designation as “Couple of the Year” is perhaps the icing on their long-standing wedding cake!

Highlighted in the February 2012 issue of Ebony Magazine, the world’s most popular Black American monthly, the Triplett’s are acknowledged for their faith, perseverance and commitment. Their seemingly plain and simple approach has resonated through their marriage tips and relationship advice given to newlyweds, engaged, dating and long term couples as well as the editors of Ebony Magazine.

The Tripletts are the owners of Dawah International, LLC, a multimedia company which publishes Prisonworld Magazine and distributes Prisonworld Records. They also co-host their own weekly radio show, the Prisonworld Radio Hour, which airs on two Atlanta radio stations, WWWE-1100 AM International Talk Atlanta, Mondays at 1:00 pm EST and WAEC-Love 860AM Inspirational Talk Atlanta, Tuesday-Friday from 12am-3am. Their radio show draws a global audience of over 1.2 million listeners monthly including distribution within the prison system and syndication to iTunes. Fueled by their own personal experience in the prison system, they write a successful motivational and information blog and are requested speakers for correctional facilities, non-profit organizations, corporate functions, schools, colleges and universities.

While creating pre-buzz for their upcoming book Surviving Marriage In The 21st Century: 13 Easy Tips that Can Help You Get to 20 years and Beyond (www.survivingmarriagetips.com), the Tripletts started a YouTube video series on marriage tips. The YouTube series gained popularity across the country and a companion Twitter posting on marriage attracted one of the editors at Ebony Magazine, sparking the conversation that led to their recognition.

Expresses Jenny, “2011 turned out to be a phenomenal year for us and paved the way for 2012. First, we were humbled earlier in the year to receive a special letter of note from The White House, and then later, the news from Ebony Magazine. It has all been just a wondrous blessing.”

Rufus and Jenny are one of the few professional husband and wife teams who do just about everything together, having survived over twenty plus years of marriage being attached at the hip. The couple met in the late 80’s when Rufus was singing and touring with the platinum R&B group, Ready for the World. Jenny was an intern at a radio station and headed the marketing outreach team for the act.

The Tripletts have brought education, inspiration and encouragement to those in prison and at-risk youth. Their Prisonworld App, in the Android Market, is the first of its kind that connects the incarceration nation. Being parents of three boys, Michael, 22, Mosi, 20 and Miles, 18, they know first-hand the responsibility of not only raising children, but African-American men who could end up as stereotypes. They are passionate about family and detouring young men and women from the criminal justice system. They use their platform to address issues pertaining to dysfunctional families, substance abuse, entrepreneurship, marriage & relationships, self-conscious addictions, incarceration and stereotypes.

As a husband and wife team, Rufus and Jenny readily acknowledge their individual male and female perspectives but both agree that communication is the greatest survival tip. Their appearances on “Family Court with Judge Penny” and “Dr. Phil” garnered rave reviews for their parenting philosophies. Jenny has appeared on “The Mike & Juliet Morning Show” giving some words of wisdom to “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” and she is also a prison and relationship pundit contributing to the Daily National and has provided commentary for CNN, Black Enterprise Magazine, MSN.com and the Los Angeles Times.

As the Ebony Magazine “Couple for the Year,” the Tripletts have been rewarded the opportunity to create their own fragrance. They are not sure if they are going to do “his” and “hers” or a unisex scent!

For more information about the Triplett’s, their Surviving Marriage book and their Prisonworld brand, log onto www.rufusandjennytriplett.com or you can find them on Twitter with almost 10,000 followers @Prisonworld. They can also be reached at 678-233-8286.

Photo Caption: Jenny and Rufus Triplett, publishers of Prisonworld Magazine

Voluntary energy curtailment program nets Metropolitan Water Reclamation District $1.6 million rebate

Posted by Admin On February - 24 - 2012 Comments Off on Voluntary energy curtailment program nets Metropolitan Water Reclamation District $1.6 million rebate
Private sector business model helps reduce demand, deliver revenue
One year ago, the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago (MWRD) Board of Commissioners selected Comverge, Inc. (Nasdaq: COMV), to provide a voluntary energy curtailment program, and this relationship has paid off with a $1.6 million rebate to the MWRD.
Comverge systems request participants to voluntarily reduce energy use when the region’s electricity grid is on the verge of a brownout or blackout due to high electricity usage.
The voluntary curtailment occurs without sacrificing operations and defers the need for building additional generating plants that would be necessary to meet the short-lived peak demands expected on the hottest summer days. In return for participating in the program last year, Comverge presented the MWRD with a check today during the Board of Commissioners meeting.
“As the MWRD looks for cost savings in every aspect of providing wastewater treatment to over five million homes and businesses, we have significantly reduced our electrical utility bills,” said MWRD Executive Director David St. Pierre. “Last year, we netted the MWRD and taxpayers nearly $20 million in rate savings by procuring electricity through competitive online auctions. The installation of solar panels at our Egan Treatment plant in Schaumburg in January will help further reduce our energy reliance, and now, Comverge helped us to reduce our load from prior years and delivered over $1.6 million in revenue. Selecting this business model has definitely paid off now and will continue to do so.”
“The MWRD should be commended for its continued effort to reduce strain on the electricity grid by agreeing to curtail energy demand during peak utilization periods” said George Hunt, Senior Vice President, Commercial and Industrial Sales.  “This commitment to energy conservation is a reflection of MWRD’s stewardship to the community it serves.”
More information about the MWRD can be found at www.mwrd.org, and more information about Comverge can be found at www.comverge.com. Our water environment…Take it personally.

Illinois Republican Party Chairman Pat Brady: Another politician indicted – Where's Lisa Madigan?

Posted by Admin On February - 24 - 2012 Comments Off on Illinois Republican Party Chairman Pat Brady: Another politician indicted – Where's Lisa Madigan?

Letters to Editor                                                                                                                                                            


CHICAGO, IL – In light of yesterday’s federal indictment of Democrat Cook County Commissioner William Beavers, Illinois Republican Party Chairman Pat Brady is questioning why Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan has not undertaken any significant public corruption investigations in her nine years in office, despite her own criticism during her 2002 election campaign of the Attorney General’s office for not investigating allegations of public corruption at the time.

Beavers was indicted yesterday on federal tax charges for allegedly failing to pay taxes on campaign funds converted to personal use and using his county expense account for personal purposes.

Even though Commissioner Beavers’ offices are across the street from the Illinois Attorney General’s office, Lisa Madigan, daughter of powerful Democrat House Speaker and Illinois Democratic Party Chairman Mike Madigan, apparently missed this one as she has every other instance of public corruption in the state of Illinois during her tenure.

“It is mind boggling that in a state where the last two governors stand convicted of corruption, that ranks as the third most corrupt state in the country and is home to Chicago, ranked as the most corrupt city in the country that our chief law enforcement officer has yet to undertake any significant public corruption investigations in her nearly 10 years in office despite her campaign rhetoric that helped her get elected in the first place,” said Brady.


Better safe than sorry, know your tax preparer: Better Business Bureau

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(A Message from the Better Business Bureau)



CHICAGO, IL  – Every year the BBB receives thousands of inquiries about tax preparers, and unfortunately complaints from consumers. Many Americans will get assistance from a professional tax preparer or tax software when filing taxes this year. The Better Business Bureau serving Chicago and northern Illinois (BBB) encourages taxpayers to use caution when selecting tax preparation help.


In the past twelve months, the BBB received 6,948 inquiries regarding Tax Return Preparation services; this is over twice as many inquiries as last year. Commonly, complainants state that the tax preparer made errors in their return which resulted in fines and fees.


“Even though the tax preparer completes the return, it’s the taxpayer who is ultimately responsible for the return’s accuracy and whether or not it’s filed on time,” said Steve J. Bernas, president & CEO of the Better Business Bureau serving Chicago and Northern Illinois. “The fines, fees and hassles can add up if you choose an unreliable tax preparer and that’s why it’s important to do your research.”


The Better Business Bureau offers the following advice to find a trustworthy tax preparer:

  • Ask around. Get referrals from friends and family on who they use and check the BBB Reliability Report on tax preparation services at www.bbb.org
  • Check on the preparer’s history. Check to see if the preparer has a questionable history with the Better Business Bureau at www.bbb.org and check for any disciplinary actions and licensure status through the state boards of accountancy for certified public accountants; the state bar associations for attorneys; and the IRS Office of Enrollment for enrolled agents.
  • Look for credentials. Ideally, your tax preparer should either be a certified public accountant, a tax attorney or an enrolled agent. All three can represent you before the IRS in all matters, including an audit. Also, find out if the preparer is affiliated with a professional organization that holds its members to a code of ethics.
  • Don’t fall for the promise of a big refund. Be wary of any tax preparation service that promises larger refunds than the competition, and avoid any tax preparers who base their fee on a percentage of the refund.
  • Think about accessibility. Many tax preparation services only set up shop for the months leading up to April 15. In case the IRS finds errors, or in case of an audit, you might need to be able to contact your tax preparer throughout the year.
  • Read the contract carefully. Read tax preparation service contracts closely to ensure you understand issues such as how much it is going to cost for the service, how the cost will be affected if preparation is more complicated and time consuming than expected and whether the tax preparer will represent you in case of an audit.  
  • Read the contract and know what you’re paying for. Understand how much the service costs, how the cost will be affected if preparation is more complicated and time consuming than expected, and whether the tax preparer will represent you in case of an audit and how much that will cost.
  • Remember that it’s illegal for tax preparers to encourage you to falsify deductions, exemptions or income in order to pay less tax or obtain tax credits. If they ask you to sign a blank or incomplete form or guarantee that you won’t be audited, go elsewhere.

For more advice on finding professionals you can trust, visit www.bbb.org


State Senator Hunter encourages more opportunity for youth employment

Posted by Admin On February - 24 - 2012 Comments Off on State Senator Hunter encourages more opportunity for youth employment

SPRINGFIELD, IL – In 2011, national youth employment was at its lowest level in post- World War II history at 26 percent.  A Senate Resolution sponsored by State Senator Mattie Hunter (D – Chicago) urges Congress to pass legislation that would invest in youth employment opportunities that benefit both young individuals and communities.  The Senate Resolution recently passed out of the Senate State Government and Veteran’s Affairs Committee. 

“Studies have shown that teens that have steady employment during their high school years are less likely to drop out of school and are more likely to have higher earnings in their twenties,” Hunter said.  “I know that unemployment is effecting every generation, but we must invest in
our youth to allow them the opportunity to gain a stable work ethic and to gain experience to build a resume.” 

Senate Resolution 596 urges Congress to pass the $5 billion Pathways Back to Work legislation.  The legislation has been introduced in the House of Representatives by Representative George Miller and in the Senate by Senator Richard Blumenthal.  The funding would be allocated
for summer and year-round employment, education, and training.  Pathways Back to Work is an expansion on the $1.2 billion President Obama and Congress allocated to summer youth employment in the 2009 stimulus that employed over 330,000 youth nationwide. 

At the state level, youth unemployment in Illinois last year was 73 percent for teenagers 16 to 19 years old, with minority teens experiencing the heaviest unemployment rates.  Senator Hunter recently introduced Senate Bill 3660 moving the Youth Empowerment Program to the
Department of Natural Resources (DNR).  The program would provide competitive grants for local community-based non-profits, educational facilities, and government agencies to hire up to 5,000 low-income youths each summer.  Each youth, age 14-21, would be given a stipend of
$7.50 an hour up to 200 hours over a 10-week period.

“Families are struggling, and teens want to get involved in helping their families financially,” Hunter continued.  “Not only will they be able to give assistance in their home finances if necessary, but they will also be off the streets and in an environment encouraging personal
and community growth.”

Author shares story of witnessing his father’s racially-motivated murder in captivating new book, “Cured – The Power of Forgiveness”

Posted by Admin On February - 24 - 2012 Comments Off on Author shares story of witnessing his father’s racially-motivated murder in captivating new book, “Cured – The Power of Forgiveness”


Carl Ray tells the incredible story of how his father, one of the most successful African Americans in Choctaw County, Alabama, was murdered after Carl refused to say “Sir” to a white man. In 1984 Carl came to forgive his father’s murderer. He attributes the act of forgiving to have been his own lifesaver. Forgiveness released Carl Ray from his self-imposed prison. His story has been told in The New York Times, on PBS, and in countless public forums where Ray has performed his captivating one-man play.



Nationwide (PR,et Cetera, Inc.) — Author and San Jose, California resident, Carl Ray has long been sharing his riveting account of witnessing his father’s murder and the circus of a trial that followed. Lawyers for the defendant appealed to the Alabama courts to banish young Carl from the state until he had learned how to talk to white people. Life was not to be the same for Carl Ray; that is until he learned “The Power of Forgiveness.”  Ray shares his riveting life story in his new autobiography “Cured – The Power of Forgiveness.” Not only does he impart a detailed account of this horrific experience, but also shares tales of his divergent life as a Black boy growing up in the segregated South of the 1950’s, and as a Tuskegee University student, an electrical engineer, a stand-up comic, an educator, and activist.

Cured – The Power of Forgiveness” gives us a peek into the soul of an individual who overcame several challenges during his life. Born two months premature into a segregated society and contracting Polio at the age of four is the backdrop from which this book begins. “Cured is healing through forgiveness,” said Carl. “Unfortunately, millions of people suffer from depression, anger, self-hatred and other mental issues, not knowing that the cure lies within the power of forgiveness.” He continued, “The greatest day of my life was the day I forgave the man who killed my father. The assumption that forgiveness is relegated to the religious community couldn’t be farther from the truth.  An atheist must forgive those who harmed him before he can be free from his past pain.”

“Forgiveness is often taught but seldom practiced. If people understood the benefits of forgiveness there would be less need for psychiatrists, therapists, and medication,” says Carl Ray.  Mr. Ray is currently a motivational/inspirational speaker residing in San Jose, California with his wife Brenda.

To learn more about Carl Ray and his new book, visit www.curedforgiveness.com.
Mr. Ray may be reached directly at dellap44@aol.com | 408-206-1768.

CLICK HERE for impressive historical profile of Ray’s poignant story.

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