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Soldier Saved by Teenage Englewood War Hero is Forever Grateful

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skipperparktributeWonders why he’s still alive today


By Chinta Strausberg


Retired Army Capt. Jimmy B. Stanford Wednesday said every day is Memorial Day to him thanks to Milton Lee Olive III who during a search and destroy mission in Vietnam nearly 46-years ago spotted a live grenade, placed it on his stomach and allowed it to explode.

In that selfless moment, Olive, who was 16-days shy of his 19th birthday, saved the lives of four comrades –two African Americans and two whites. Nicknamed “Skipper” by his family, Olive was born and raised in the Englewood community of Chicago and born an unusual birth was seemingly destined for greatness and death.

Reached at his Texas home, Stanford, who was one of the four men young Olive saved, said, “I will never forget that day. I don’t know why Skipper did what he did, and I often wonder why I’m alive today. Why me”? he asked.

“Every day is Memorial Day to me. Every day I give recognition to those who have gone before us and who have given their all like Skipper who gave his life for me. I think about this every day,” Stanford said. “He paid the ultimate price, his life and for that I am so grateful,” he said.

“Because of what Skipper did, today am the father of two, grandfather of nine and the great grandfather of six,” a grateful Stanford said. “It’s a wonderful feeling to live this long and to be able to enjoy it. I think about what Skipper did and all of these people who have gone before us.”

Asked what would he say to Skipper if he were alive today, Stanford chuckled and said, “If Skipper were alive today, I’d say to him let’s argue religion. I found out later that was one of Skipper’s favorite past times. He would engage his platoon in a religious debate,” he said of Olive who was the first African American to have received a Congressional Medal of Honor during the Vietnam War.

“It’s a wonderful feeling to live this long and to be able to enjoy it,” Stanford said.

Stanford is one of two survivors of that October 22, 1965 mishap. The other living survivor is Sgt. Vince Yrineo who is now in a nursing home in Washington State. Deceased are the two African Americans, John Foster and Lionell Hubbard.

Charlie Carter, a cousin of Olive and who grew up in the same home, said, “Skipper was not a racist. He believed in the American flag, and he believed in God.”

A Korean veteran, Carter added, “I never disapproved of Skipper going into the Army because I believe in that and I thought he had made the right decision. ”

Referring to the moment Skipper saw that live grenade, Carter said, “You never know what you would do in the same situation. Yes, I was surprised that Skipper grabbed that grenade and allowed it to explode. Skipper was a quiet and soft-spoken person and that is the kind of person you have to watch because it’s hard to meet a man like that. He did what he had to do.”

Young Olive was the son of Milton B. Olive II and Clara who gave birth to their only child on November 7, 1946. Skipper was a breech baby, which resulted in the death of Mrs. Olive.

From birth, young Olive was nicknamed “Skipper” by my paternal grandmother, Zelphia Wareagle Spencer, who was related to Skipper’s father. She and her husband, Jacob Augustus Spencer, raised Skipper in their Englewood home.

When Skipper was in high school, he was not academically challenged and after his father remarried, Chicago Public School teacher Antoinette Mainor, he left home. When his father found that Skipper had gone to Lexington, Mississippi to his parents home, he gave his son three choices: go back to school, get a job or join the military.

His father was shocked and alarmed to learn that his son had joined the Mississippi Voter Registration campaign. He feared the KKK would kill his son. So, he ordered his son to make a decision and to immediately come back home.

Knowing his father meant business, Skipper made a decision and without hesitation joined the Army where he became a paratrooper. Due to an injury as a result of a heroic act, he received a Purple Heart, but he told his father he had to go back and “finish my job.” On October 22, 1965 during that search and destroy mission in Vietnam, Skipper willingly and unselfishly paid the ultimate price—his life.

During a White House ceremony on April 21, 1966, President Lyndon B. Johnson bestowed the Congressional Medal of Honor to the Olive family. Referring to the moment Skipper spotted the live grenade knowing four of his comrades were directly behind him, President Johnson said, “He was compelled, instead, by an instinct of loyalty which the brave always carry into conflict.

“And in that incredible brief moment of decision in which he decided to die, he put others first and himself last. I have always believed that to be the hardest, but the highest, decision that any man is ever called upon to make,” Johnson said.

“So in dying, Private Milton Olive taught those of us who remain how we ought to live.”

Stanford knows this all too well and wonders all the time “why am I still here”?

Chinta Strausberg is a Journalist of more than 33-years, a former political reporter and a current PCC Network talk show host.

Herman Cain and GOP presidential nomination an Oxymoron

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(From New America Media)

By Earl Ofari Hutchinson


The name Herman Cain and the words GOP presidential nominee make for a pitiable oxymoron. But the irrepressible talk show host and former Godfather Pizza CEO still thinks that he can stand the GOP on its head and get it to nominate him, an African-American, as its 2012 presidential standard bearer.

Cain certainly has the right stuff to be considered a serious contender. He’s articulate, passionate, and spouts the hardcore conservative line, backing draconian immigration crackdowns, opposing abortion and gay marriage, endorsing a muscular military and a repeal of the health care reform law, a wildly regressive national sales tax to replace income taxes, and scaling government to the bare bone.

Cain has consistently scored at or near the top in straw polls by Tea Party activists and leaders as their choice of water-bearer for the party. And judging from the mostly white crowds that he whips into a frenzy when he lambastes Obama and big government, Cain appears to have effectively trumped race. Or has he? It’s one thing to shout out the right buzzwords to a crowd whose beliefs are in lock step with the candidate, but it’s quite another thing to get those same voters to punch the ticket for an African-American, no matter how conservative, in the primaries.

Cain is banking on them doing precisely that, just as many white Democrats pushed race aside and backed Obama in 2008. What he forgets is that many didn’t. And that their reluctance to do so was based purely on race.

That was evident in Obama’s bruising primary battles with Hillary Clinton in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Indiana, and Texas when Clinton got a majority of white Democratic votes. In a 2006 study in the Quarterly Journal of Economics, a Yale political economist found that in 2006 House races, Democrats were nearly 40 percent less likely to back a black Democratic candidate than a white Democrat. That changed somewhat two years later, due in part to Obama’s race neutral campaign, absolute voter disgust with GOP corruption, Bush’s domestic and foreign policy fumbles, a lackluster GOP presidential contender and a laughingstock of a VP candidate, plus a tanked economy.

Cain is also buoyed by the 2010 Congressional wins of black GOP candidates Allan West in Florida and Tim Scott in South Carolina. But West and Scott won in rock solid GOP districts, against weak, under-funded Democratic foes. Their wins were regional wins with absolutely no national implications or, for that matter, any real influence in Congress. They are just two of hundreds of GOP congresspersons, and they are in no position to make, shape or dictate policy to either Congress or the Party.

The GOP presidential candidate is a different matter. He is more than just the Party’s most important political standard-bearer. He is the standard by which the Party is judged and gauged by voters. And that doesn’t just mean his philosophy, positions, style, and vision of governance. It means his visibility, and in this race does matter. If Obama had a tough sell with many white Democrats, at least initially, Cain has an impossible sell with the broad rank and file in the GOP.

The same 2006 Yale study also found that white Republicans were 25 percentage points more likely to cross over and vote for a Democratic senatorial candidate against a black Republican foe. The study also found that in the near twenty-year stretch from 1982 to 2000, when the GOP candidate was black, the greater majority of white independent voters backed the white candidate.

Elections are usually won by candidates with a solid and impassioned core of bloc voters. White males, particularly older white males, vote consistently and faithfully. GOP leaders have long known that blue-collar, white male voters can easily be aroused to vote and shout loudly on the emotional wedge issues: abortion, family values, anti-gay marriage and tax cuts. For 14 months, the Republicans whipped up their hysteria and borderline racism against health care reform. These are the very voters that GOP Presidents and aspiring Presidents — Nixon, Reagan, Bush Sr. and W. Bush, McCain and legions of GOP governors, senators and congresspersons — banked on to seize and maintain regional and national political dominance.

The GOP’s “Win with the White Vote” strategy failed in 2008 only because of the frantic desire of millions of voters for change and the massive outpouring of support for Obama from black, Latino and young voters. But an Obama Cain isn’t. And even if he were, the GOP’s Deep South and narrow Heartland, rural and non-college educated blue-collar whites, make up a huge, powerful and core GOP voting bloc. If the Party’s past and present racial history is any gauge, Cain won’t do much to get them to pull the lever en masse for him.

Cain will get his headlines, and win a straw poll here and there, but when it comes to GOP voters pulling the lever for a black man for President, the name Cain and the words GOP presidential nominee will remain an oxymoron.

Madigan warns consumers of increase in lottery scam reports

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Chicago, IL ─ Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan alerted Illinois consumers to an alarming rise in reports to her office of lottery scams. Callers – particularly seniors – report being conned out of thousands of dollars through scams promising they’ve won lottery and sweepstakes prizes.

“Every day scam artists busily work the phones and mail to con people – too often seniors – into believing they’ve just won something big,” Attorney General Madigan said. “The only big thing these seniors get if they respond is a hit to their bank accounts. Too often victims lose thousands of dollars to lottery and sweepstakes scams.”

Madigan said con artists pose a variety of convincing stories to get consumers’ money, but they use a common tactic by forcing consumers to first wire money to the scammer to then supposedly claim their lottery or sweepstakes prize. This method largely prevents consumers from recouping their lost funds and makes the scam largely untraceable.

The best defense? Consumers should simply hang up the call or throw out the letter when contacted, Madigan said.

“If you receive a call or letter from someone you don’t know or haven’t met telling you, ‘You’ve Won,’ hang up or throw it out,” Madigan said. “Don’t stay on the phone, don’t read more. Just Hang Up or Throw it Out!”

Attorney General Madigan detailed common warning signs of these scams for consumers:


      * You do not know the caller, where they are calling from or what they want from you.


  • The caller requests personal information. Any time a stranger asks you for your bank account number, Social Security number or other personal information, it is a clear sign of identity theft. Never give personal or financial information to a stranger.


  • The caller promises a big award. Scammers try to lure you in with promises of unexpected riches such as a large sum of money, a vacation or a “get-rich-quick” investment scheme. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.


  • You must pay first. It is illegal for someone to require an up-front payment to claim a lottery or sweepstakes prize. Scammers will often tell you that you must wire money out of state, or even out of the country, to obtain your winnings. Never wire money to a stranger. Wiring money is just like sending cash – scammers will get the money quickly, and you won’t get it back.

Madigan said consumers should consider placing their phone numbers on the National Do Not Call Registry to block most unwanted telemarketing calls. Register your home phone or cell phone online at www.donotcall.gov or by calling 1-888-382-1222 (TTY 1-866-290-4236) from the phone number you wish to register.

The Attorney General also urged consumers who have fallen victim to a scam or want to report a scam to contact her Consum­er Fraud Hotline:

Chicago 1-800-386-5438
Springfield 1-800-243-0618
Carbondale 1-800-243-0607

Author Lori Jones Gibbs joins President Obama in supporting strong black men, positive black marriage and fatherhood

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Gibbs is the author of a highly acclaimed book entitled “Yes, I Would Marry Him Again: Wives Salute Their African American Husbands”



Washington, DC (BlackNews.com) — Answering the call from President Obama’s “Responsible Fathers and Strong Communities” initiative, author Lori Jones Gibbs, through her highly acclaimed book, Yes, I Would Marry Him Again: Wives Salute Their African American Husbands, has created a national conversation about the many “Do Right” black men in America today.

“I wrote this book because I had never come across a book that served as a tribute to husbands, especially African-American husbands. I believe now is the time to recognize our strong black men. They are our fathers, brothers, sons, uncles and nephews. They are the foundation of the family, for it is from strong marriages that solid families are built,” Gibbs says.

For these reasons, Mrs. Gibbs implemented the Author Gives Back Program where she donates up to 25% of the proceeds from book signings to non-profit organizations that work to encourage personal responsibility and strengthen our nation’s families by providing mentoring and support for men and families in vulnerable communities.

About the Book
Yes, I Would Marry Him Again is a compilation of moving tributes to strong black men who love their wives and take care of their families. Countering the many negative assumptions about black men as absentee husbands and fathers, these salutes highlight the constructive and essential roles Black men across the country play in the lives of their families and communities.

In addition to the over 30 tributes from women including world-renown Gospel artist & Pastor Shirley Caesar, this book explores the “Keys to the Marriage Covenant” (“The Three C’s: Communication, Companionship and Compatibility”). There’s also a special section inviting women to add their own pictures and “Salutes” to recognize the special someone in their lives, transforming Yes, I Would Marry Him Again into the ultimate Father’s Day, Anniversary, Birthday or as a Just Because gift. This book demonstrates why love and marriage matter.

Order online in celebration of Strong Black Men in your life at www.yesiwouldmarryhimagain.com or www.amazon.com

Lori Jones Gibbs is a Vice President with a major financial services company. She is also a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated. A Graduate of the University of Connecticut, Mrs. Jones Gibbs holds a Masters Degree from the University of Bridgeport. She is the co-author of YES, You’re Approved! The Real Deal About Getting A Mortgage and Buying a Home and the forthcoming book, YES, You Can Have More Money Than Month.

Mrs. Jones Gibbs is a member of First Calvary Baptist Church located in Durham, NC. She is married and has three adult children.

Scheduled National Tour Dates Are As Follows:
June 2, Book Talk, Family Village Library Raleigh, North Carolina
July 24, Meet and Greet, Los Angeles Convention Center, Los Angeles California
July 30, Book Talk, African American Research Library and Cultural Center, Fort Lauderdale Florida

Forthcoming Book Talk will take place Washington, DC, Atlanta, GA and Chicago, Illinois

To schedule a book tour in your city, please contact mocha@theoraclegroup.net or lori@yesiwouldmarryhimagain.com

50,000 new low income housing units added to online database

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LowIncome.org now features thousands of affordable houses and apartments that are now available to rent in all 50 states


Nationwide – According to a report by the Urban Institute, up to 40% of all low-income families in the United States experience hardships related to housing. This means that millions of people across the country are in bad economic situations, and thus qualify to live in low income housing and apartments.

To help them best decide where to live, a web site managed by the National Low Income Housing Authority at LowIncome.org has just added over 50,000 new properties to their online database. The properties are located in all 50 states, and all of them are vacant and available NOW for rent.

The web site is an easy-to-use FREE online tool that offers valuable information, resources, and tips on how to find and apply for low income housing programs, affordable housing programs, and other similar government assistance programs. Those who are going through a financial crisis can use the site to find an affordable place to live, to be informed about what their options are, and to be encouraged that there is help available.

In addition, the site can be used as a resource on how to best deal with evictions, foreclosures, and bad credit. Visitors will also learn how to receive child support payments from a non-custodial parent, how to qualify for college funding and scholarships, and how to obtain affordable health insurance coverage.

To search for available properties and or to qualify for other government assistance, visit www.lowincome.org

If you are a property owner looking to list your available unit(s), visit:

About the National Low Income Housing Authority
Launched in 2010, this virtual organization was created to educate and empower people who have encountered financial difficulties. The mission is to offer as much helpful information and resources as possible.

New book reveals massive exodus of teens from the church; offers solutions

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Chicago, IL – In the church of the future, the only members will be elder women and children. That is the startling claim made by bestselling author Jawanza Kunjufu in his new book, The Role of Teens in Your Church.



According to Kunjufu, 40 percent of eighth grade students leave the church just as they are becoming teenagers. In addition, 70 percent of female teens and 90 percent of male teens leave the church upon their high school graduation.


Kunjufu argues that with teens leaving in such high numbers, the church is not on a sustainable path of growth. “If children and teens really are our future, then how will the church survive such a massive exodus of youth?” he asks.


Why Teens Are Leaving

“Age segregation in the church is the last bastion of elder power,” says Kunjufu.  Senior church leaders say that youth are the future, but youth ministry is usually the least funded in the church. Teens do not feel respected, valued, or welcomed by the church at large.


What the Church Can Do

Youth ministry is used as an agent of age segregation, but teens and the church would be better served if youth ministry was transformed into an agent of transition, helping to prepare and train youth from 12 years of age-the age Jesus began teaching in the temple-to worship and serve in the adult congregation.


Kunjufu’s Bible-based, research-based Teen Empowerment Model was developed from observations of churches across the country, interviews, research, 20 years in youth ministry, 35 years as an education consultant and youth advocate, and prayer. The model repurposes youth ministry as a transitory body that prepares teens for the adult congregation. The model addresses issues such as the spiritual development of youth, parent involvement, the senior pastor’s role in youth ministry, and age segregation in adult congregations.


Churches must create a nurturing, Godly climate in which teens can mature to their full potential. To stem the tide of teens leaving the church, The Role of Teens in Your Church persuasively argues that teens and adults should worship and serve together.


For additional information, contact 1-800-552-1991, Fax# (708) 672-0466, P.O. Box 1799, Chicago Heights, IL 60412. Website: http://www.africanamericanimages.com, Email: customersvc@africanamericanimages.com.



Illinois Secretary of State Offices closed Memorial Day

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Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White announced that all offices and facilities that are normally open Monday through Friday will be closed Monday, May 30th, 2011, in observance of Memorial Day.

Driver service facilities that are normally open Tuesday through Saturday will be closed on Saturday, May 28th, 2011. All driver service facilities will be open for regular business on Tuesday, May 31st, 2011.

Individuals can visit the Secretary of State’s website, www.cyberdriveillinois.com, to change an address, register to become an organ and tissue donor or renew license plate stickers by mail.

Fake online address change websites steal money from residents who move warns Better Business Bureau

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(From the Better Business Bureau)
CHICAGO, IL – The month of May starts the busiest time of the year for changing residences.  As people look to the Internet to update their street addresses, rather than visit a local post office, the Better Business Bureau (BBB) warns consumers of an online scam involving websites claiming to change your address and charging a hefty fee to do so.

The scam begins with a consumer searching the internet for a change of address form and being directed to websites, such as www.change-address-online.com. This website is in no way affiliated with the US Postal Service, and should be avoided, according to the BBB. The website asks consumers to fill in the requested addresses, and then credit card information. After providing the credit card information, consumers find their address has not been updated, yet they are charged between 20 and 40 dollars.

“Moving can be an overwhelming and expensive process, and people often find themselves short on time and unwilling to make a trip to their local post office to change their address” said Steve J. Bernas, president & CEO of the Better Business Bureau serving Chicago and Northern Illinois. “Avoid being scammed by changing your mailing address directly though the U.S. post office, which can be done for free by going to your local post office, requesting a form from your carrier, or by filling out the application for $1 on the U.S. Postal Service’s official website, at www.usps.com.”

Chicago area residents have fallen victim to this scam. For example, Gary Dunn from Aurora, Ill., states, “I found this site when I wanted to change my address. Everything on the site looked like it was the official post office site. I was surprised at the $30 charge but stamps and everything had gone up in price so I thought they were charging now. I kept e-mailing them when nothing happened. I think that they finally got tired of my e-mails every day so they wrote back and said that they were not the post office but the agreement said that they would forward my info to the post office. I ended up going to the post office myself and having them change my address at no charge.”

Ana Salas from Chicago, Ill., had a similar experience, stating “I went online to change my address and I was in a hurry. I clicked on the first place that said “click here to change address” and filled out the form. Then it asked me for $30. As soon as I submitted my credit card number I knew something was wrong and that I should not have been charged that much. The very bottom of their site says in small print that they are not part of the post office. I e-mailed and they said they could cancel my account but could not refund my money. I told them that if they could not perform a service then they should give me my money. I have not gotten anything back.”

For more information on changing your address or safe online shopping visit www.bbb.org

“Biebermania” film defines the new urban

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Sherry Harris, executive producer, of the documentary feature “Biebermania”


Hollywood, CA (BlackNews.com) — Never Say Never and Biebermania are two documentary films that are shining examples of what is now considered “the new urban.” Ten years ago, Justin Bieber would have widely been considered pop by industry standards, but this is a different day and the way genres are defined have changed. Many artist blur the lines; Akon, Rihanna, Taio Cruz, Nicki Minaj, Drake, etc.

Sherry Harris, executive producer, of the documentary feature Biebermania, says that Usher is the main reason for Bieber’s urban appeal. She comments, “Bieber’s music, although very popcorn, has its influence in urban – he’s teamed with Ludacris on his biggest hit, he’s working with Kanye West and has a song with Chris Brown.”

“He was a kid in Canada who loved black music, when Usher signed him. A lot of things took place; they shaped him in a way where he would have some flavor. He was given dance lessons and was assigned a swagger coach, who worked on his style,” she adds. “Bieber is surrounded by the best talent in urban music, his label home Def Jam has a roster loaded with talent; Neyo, Rihanna, Jay Z, Kanye West to name a few.”

“The interesting mesh of musical genres by Usher is one of the main storylines in the documentary film Biebermania,” says director Thomas Gibson of Lapdog Entertainment (www.lapdogentertainment.com). “The primary focus of Never Say Never primary focus is on Bieber’s personal life with tons of home grown videos shot by his mother and Justin Bieber. Biebermania delves into how Bieber has changed the musical landscape and created a new formula for success if you aspire to be a singer in the new millennium.”

Gibson, who directed the Showtime documentary Kiss and Tail: The Hollywood Jump-off, was approached by producer Sherry Harris to direct the film. “I thought with his knowledge of the industry and his strength at story telling he would be a good fit for the project,” says Harris.

Biebermania, released in the United States on May 17th, is also being distributed in France, Spain, Brazil, Mexico, Portugal, Australia and Great Britain.

Harris comments, “Although at its core you could consider Biebermania a kid’s story – it’s still entertaining for adults from all walks of life.” Currently, Harris is in post-production on her next feature on the life of singer Rihanna.

Biebermania! is the first high quality DVD release following Bieber’s box office success. Check out the trailer at http://bit.ly/ljcQoz

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