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Pfleger Leads Men from Church to the Streets

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men praying forchildrenPfleger and the men of his church prayed for an end to the shootings where children have been caught in the crossfires.


By Chinta Strausberg


Visibly pained and fed up with the recent spike of shootings in the black community, Father Michael L. Pfleger interrupted his own sermon Sunday and asked the men in the church to follow him in praying for the victims who were shot just blocks from Saint Sabina.

Before issuing the challenge to the men to join him at a prayer vigil where several youth were shot, Pfleger asked men and women to come to the altar and pray for the shooting victims that included several children who were caught in the crossfires of gun violence.

He then asked the women to remain at the altar and pray until the men returned to the church. The women prayed, cried, sang and pleaded for peace in the community and an end to the shootings where too often children became innocent victims of gun violence.

Pfleger said the recent spike in shootings is unacceptable. He was referring to the recent shootings at 79th and Justine and nearby intersections.  Ironically, later on Sunday just a few hours after Pfleger held a prayer vigil, two children were shot, an 8-year-old boy who suffered wounds to his buttocks and a girl, 13, shot in her arm.

That same evening a 22-year-old man was in his car waiting for the traffic light to change when he was fatally shot.  The violence is not just contained in the black community. Marvin Flanagan, 41, was fatally shot in the head last week. The incident happened in the Humboldt park community. In Englewood, an offender firing from an alley shot a 40-year-old man.

“Enough is enough,” said Pfleger who led his male congregation, who were black, white, Hispanic and Asian, down 79th Street to Ashland Avenue stopping at Nick’s Restaurant and M&M’s on 79th where a sect of a certain street gang hangs out.

His voice cracking and his eyes filling with tears, a tight-lipped Pfleger’s message to the shooters was crystal clear and speaking as a Christian leader, he said: “We love you. You are our sons, but we will not tolerate the shooting and killing.

“We will not tolerate our children and communities living in fear, and we will see you locked up if you don’t stop,” Pfleger said. “Lay down your guns now,” he said as he pasted a note on one of the stores where the gang sect hangs out.

The men marched silently behind Pfleger and stood in solidarity with the priest and his mission to help stem the rise of shootings in the communities surrounding Saint Sabina, which is located at 1210 W. 78th Place.
Pastor Pfleger told his congregation that most of the miracles happen beyond the church doors and reminded them to “be church” once Sunday services are over.

Part of his mission at Saint Sabina “is to nurture and develop spiritually mature Christians who are trained leaders and who are confined by the walls of the sanctuary, but can penetrate the world in order to present God’s way of living as a divine option.” His goal is to turn “believers into disciples.”

Pfleger, who has turned Saint Sabina into the nation’s largest and most successful black churches, is no stranger to the battle to reduce gun violence.

Besides holding some of the funerals of teenage victims at his church, Pfleger, who adopted three boys and became a foster dad to Jarvis Franklin, still mourns the shooting death of Jarvis who was caught in gang crossfire on May 30, 1998.

Pfleger admits every time he hears of a shooting death of a child it reopens the wounds of the past. Police have never made an arrest in the Franklin fatal shooting; however, the Cold Case division of the Police Department has reopened the case.

But to the alleged gangbangers who loiter in front of the 79th Street business strip, Pfleger gave them a warning—end the violence or go to jail. Pfleger also urged the public to end the “Code of Silence” he says only provides a haven for shooters to continue killing our youth.

When Pfleger and the men returned to church, the women aligned both sides of the center aisle praying and applauding them for being “real men” who stood up to youth who are using “weapons of mass destruction” against innocent children.

Pfleger anointed the heads of each man who marched with him with anointed oil. He continues to pray for peace but is ready to once again march against gangbangers.

To date, Saint Sabina has issued four $5,000 rewards for information leading to the arrest of shooters.

Chinta Strausberg is a Journalist of more than 33-years, a former political reporter and a current PCC Network talk show host.

Photo: By Marcus G. Manning

Pritzker Military Library Pays Tribute to Chicago Vietnam Hero

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militaryBy Chinta Strausberg

The prestigious Pritzker Military Library recently paid tribute to Milton Lee Olive, III, the first African American to have received the Congressional Medal of Honor during the Vietnam War.

Charles Milton Carter, who, like Olive, was raised by Jacob Augustus and Zelphia Wareagle Spencer in the same Englewood home, presented a portrait of the war hero, painted by the famed Casper Rojas, to the Pritzker Military Library located at 104 S. Michigan Avenue, Chicago, IL.

Born a breech baby on November 7, 1946, Olive’s mother, Clara, died shortly after giving birth. Mr. and Mrs. Spencer raised the infant. Mrs. Spencer was related to the Olive’s.

In accepting the portrait from Carter, who is a cousin to Olive, Edward C. Tracy, President/CEO, Pritzker Military Library, said, “I appreciate the support your family has given to the library. It’s a wonderful gift.”

Carter told of how Skipper, as he called him, never had a girl friend. He never had a credit card, but he was in love with his country. Young Olive was very religious. He never cursed or drank. Even in Vietnam amidst bombs and bullets, Skipper read his bible, according to the four survivors of whom two are still living.

Before the fatal incident in 1965, Olive had come home having earned a Purple Heart due to an injury sustained during a parachute jump. He told Mrs. Spencer, he called “Big Mama” and who did not want him to return to duty, that he had a job to finish and was both committed to defending his country and to “finishing his job.”

Before Olive left to return to the Army, a distraught Mrs. Spencer promised to bake him some cookies. She made good her promise and mailed them to him; however, when the box of cookies returned, it came with the bad news of Skipper’s death.  So traumatized, Mrs. Spencer didn’t leave her house for days, according to Dr. Barbara Penelton, her granddaughter.

Penelton said Olive was not challenged in school and as a result, he dropped out of high school and went to Lexington, Mississippi where he briefly lived with his paternal grandparents.

There, he joined the Mississippi Freedom movement where he was excited about registering blacks to vote.

Skipper wasn’t there long before his father, Milton B. Olive, II, a professional photographer and Chicago Human Services supervisor, confirmed his whereabouts. He was concerned about his registering African Americans to vote because he feared the KKK would kill his son and only child.

So, he gave Skipper three choices: go back to school, get a job, or join the military.

On October 22, 1965 while on a search and destroy mission in  Phu Cuong, South Vietnam, Private First Class Olive spotted a grenade and without hesitation placed it on his stomach allowing it to explode. The 18-year-old war hero died 16-days before his 19th birthday but his heroic act saved the lives of four of his comrades.

But through Olive’s death, he gave life to not just the four surviving men, John “Hop” Foster and Lionel Hubbard, both deceased, Sgt. Vince Yrineo and Capt. James Stanford, but death made it possible for his comrades to become grandparents.

And, Olive made his unit, Company B, 2d Battalion (Airborne), 503d Infantry Regiment, 173d Airborne Brigade, proud when he voluntarily paid the ultimate price, his life, for a country he loved so much.

Carter believed the Pritzker Military Library would be a good home for the portrait painted by the late Casper Rojas because of its natural military venue.

The Pritzker Military Library also honored General James Livingston, also a Congressional Medal of Honor recipient, who conducted an interview with Tracy about his book, “Noble Warrior,” which talks about his memories of his service in Vietnam.

“Every Medal of Honor is unique and a combat experience is one that is hard to understand unless you’ve been here,” said Tracy. “I think what you learn from Medal of Honor recipients is that they carry and wear the medal of all who served and some who have not come home, like Milton Lee Olive III,” he said.

Founded in October of 2003, the Pritzker Military Library moved to 104 S. Michigan, Suite 400, and last January. Their website is: http://www.pritzkermilitarylibrary.org/

And, the link to Milton Lee Olive, III story on ABC7 Chicago is: http://abclocal.go.com/wls/story?section=news/local&id=8060144

Chinta Strausberg is a Journalist of more than 33-years, a former political reporter and a current PCC Network talk show host.

Photo: (left) Edward C. Tracy, President/CEO of the Pritzker Military Library, accepts a portrait of Milton Lee Olive, III, who was the first African American to have received the Congressional Medal of Honor during the Vietnam War. The portrait, drawn by the late famed Casper Rojas, was presented by Charles Milton Carter, who like Chinta Strausberg (right), is a cousin to the 18-year-old war hero. Olive Park was named after Olive by the late Mayor Richard J. Daley. Olive/Harvey College is also named after Olive along with dozens of military bases and housing developments throughout the nation.

Newark Anti-Violence Coalition to host 90th straight week of anti-genocide demonstrations in the City of Newark

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Newark, NJ (BlackNews.com) — They are calling on 10,000 Strong for Peace. The Newark Anti-Violence Coalition (NAVC) will host the longest running anti-genocide demonstration in the United States in the middle of the Intersection of 18th Street and 18th Avenue (the West Ward Section) in Newark, NJ. This demonstration will make the 90th straight week the NAVC has been organizing anti-genocide rallies in the city of Newark, NJ!

Dawn Hayes, a member and organizer of Newark Anti-Violence Coalition, says, “The violence that is plaguing Black and Brown communities in Newark and around the world reflects deeper and neglected underlining issues such as poverty, drugs, the crisis in the family, the high incarceration rates of Black men and Women, joblessness, colonialism, neo-colonialism, White supremacy, Black and Brown self-hatred, and the counter intelligence program (COINTELPRO).”

WHO: The Newark Anti-Violence Coalition (NAVC)

WHEN: Wednesday, April 13th 2011, 6:00 P.M. Sharp

WHERE: In the Middle of the Intersection of 18th Street and 18th Avenue (the West Ward Section)

WHY: To protest the pandemic disease of Black and Brown self-genocide (self-destruction) plaguing the city of Newark, NJ and in Black and Brown America! The Demonstration will highlight the following issues:

* Educational budget cuts affecting our children, schools, and community.

* Ending police brutality, harassment, and the unfair treatment of our citizens by the police.

* The enforcement of the Amistad Bill in all public school curriculums in an effort to address and destroy systematic and internalized self-hatred.

* Calling for all street organizations (gangs) to lay down their guns and adopt non-violent conflict resolution strategies.

* The lack of jobs.

* Community organizing to end urban street violence plaguing the city of Newark (i.e. Motivating citizens to join in the struggle to make our streets safe.)

* The immediate demand for urban street violence deemed a Public Health Emergency in the city of Newark.

* The calling for the firing of Newark Police Director Garry McCarthy.

* To point out Mayor Cory Booker and his administration’s unwillingness to meet and work with key community-based leaders and organizations to help reduce the level of violence in Newark by organizing a mammoth town hall meeting!

This demonstration marks the 90th Consecutive Week of Protest Rallies organized by the Newark Anti-Violence Coalition in Newark, NJ.
The Newark Anti-Violence Coalition Mission Statement:
The Newark Anti-Violence Coalition is a community-based organization composed of many community leaders, community organizations, religious leaders, races of people, and concerned citizens committed to stopping the pandemic disease of violence plaguing Afrikan American and Latino American communities in the city of Newark, NJ and throughout the tri-state area! They tirelessly organize and challenge the people, the block, the streets, the schools, the clergy, and elected officials one mind at a time to fight violence of any kind! Their rallying cry is the following: “Stop the Shooting! Stop the Killing! Stop the Violence! Black Power! All Power to the People! Hotep (Peace)!”


Black activists convene “National/International Day of Action and Unity” on Saturday, April 23, 2011

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To Be Recognized in over 60 U.S. Cities and Abroad

Nationwide (BlackNews.com) — Saturday, April 23rd promises to be a big day as Blacks nationally and worldwide take to the streets to join the international tide and struggle of revolution and change that is sweeping the planet. On “The National Day of Action And Unity,” Blacks will rally, march, demonstrate, protest, educate and confront injustices like never before in over 60 cities in America and Africa.

These cities and nations include: New York, NY; South Africa (Azania); Washington, DC; Atlanta, GA; Chicago, IL; Gambia, Africa; Norfolk, VA,; London UK; St. Louis, MO; France; Baton Rouge, LA; Nashville, TN; Lebanon, TN; Newark, NJ; Philadelphia, PA; Atlanta, GA; Dallas, TX; Lakeland, FL; Athens, GA; Guyana-South America; Charlotte, NC; San Antonio, TX; Detroit, MI, Trenton NJ, Milwaukee, Wi; Hartford, Ct; Selma, AL: Oakland, CA; Houston, TX; Charleston, WV; Morgantown, WV, Birmingham, AL, Tampa, FL, Wilmington, NC; Baltimore, MD; Harrisburg, PA; Milwaukee, WI; Trenton, NJ; Jacksonville, FL; Chicago, IL; Louisville, KY; Watts, CA; Los Angeles, CA; Raleigh, NC; Columbia, SC ; Augusta GA; Tampa, FL, Selma AL, St. Petersburg , FL; Irvington , NJ; Brooklyn, NY; and more to confirm soon.

The day of action will be supported by students and youth, members of many Black churches, the New Black Panther Party, the Nation of Islam, the National Black United Front, the National Action Network, the Moorish Science Temple of America, Rainbow Push Coalition, and more.

“The National Day of Action and Unity” will bring to attention the plight of so many who are uneducated, exploited, behind prison walls, disunited , in poor health, homeless, victims of police brutality, pimped by crooked politicians, tortured, falsely accused, under developed, morally perverse, apathetic, addicted to drugs and alcohol, victims of harsh budget cuts and genocide. Special attention will be given to victims of neo-colonialism, corrupt governments, imperialism, capitalism and inadequate concern for the Diaspora of Africa. The injustice of Oscar Grant and the plight of political prisoners and the wrongfully accused from Black and indigenous nations will be a key rallying point.

Organizers are also calling for a “Buy Black Only” campaign and a boycott of all non-Black Businesses for the weekend of April 23rd.

The movement is organized by the people and for the people with new younger leadership. Organizers include grassroots activists, youths, residents, union members, community residents, spiritual people, revolutionaries and freedom fighters who have decided to take a stand together on April 23rd. The call of Dr. Malik Zulu Shabazz has resonated with the disillusioned all over the earth.

Organizers are saying that they will rattle the enemy and those who are asleep to show and prove the world that Blacks are wide-awake!

For more details visit:

Sarah Ruhl returns to Chicago with Stage Kiss, her first Goodman Theatre Commission

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Jenny Bacon and Mark L. Montgomery kiss and tell in this World-Premiere Production directed by Jessica Thebus, April 30 – June 5, 2011


Chicago, IL – What happens on stage may not stay on stage when Sarah Ruhl returns to Goodman Theatre with the world premiere of her romantic fantasy, Stage Kiss. Chicago director and long-time Ruhl collaborator Jessica Thebus directs this human exploration of love, nostalgia and commitment with a cast including Jenny Bacon and Mark L. Montgomery. Stage Kiss, Ruhl’s third production at the Goodman following The Clean House (2006) and Passion Play: a cycle in three parts (2007), is her first Goodman commission—the result of a two-year development process of workshops and readings and part of the theater’s commitment to generate and support new American plays.

Stage Kiss begins previews April 30 (Opening Night is May 9) and runs through June 5, 2011 in the Goodman’s Albert Theatre; tickets are $25 – $78 (prices subject to change). Northern Trust is the Major Corporate Sponsor of Stage Kiss and Mayer Brown LLP and the Motorola Solutions Foundation are Corporate Sponsor Partners. Stage Kiss is the recipient of Edgerton Foundation’s New American Plays Award.

“Sarah is one of the singularly gifted voices in the contemporary American theater,” said Artistic Director Robert Falls about the Chicago native playwright whose copious body of work includes three productions currently running in her home-town. “With intelligence and wit, she takes her audience on a delightful and moving journey, exploring the often tenuous grasp that we all have on our own identities. It is a privilege to have commissioned a new piece from this prolific playwright and I could not be more thrilled to have her back at the Goodman.”

Ruhl goes “behind the curtain” in Stage Kiss, asking what happens when lovers share a stage kiss…or actors share a real one? As an actor assumes a role and attempts to become someone else, how much of that character is a character, and how much is it the person playing him or her? Actors and ex-lovers HE (Mark L Montgomery) and SHE

(Jenny Bacon) are thrown together as the romantic leads in a present-day revival of a long-forgotten 1930s melodrama; neither has seen the other in the 20 years following their ugly break-up. In that time, SHE has married her Husband (Scott Jaeck) and had a daughter Angela (Sarah Tolan-Mee) and HE is currently living with his girlfriend Laurie (Erica Elam). Once rehearsals for the play begin—with director (Ross Lehman) and understudy (Jeffrey Carlson) in tow—they quickly lose touch with reality as the romantic story on stage begins to follow them offstage.

“As a playwright, it’s so rare to find an artistic venue to call home and I feel lucky to have my third play done at the Goodman,” said playwright Sarah Ruhl. “I am fascinated by that ‘great lie of the theater;’ of pretending to be something you’re not in front of other people who are watching. I find that wonderfully rich and strange.” Adds director Jessica Thebus, “This play is a pleasure—sexy, funny, irreverent and silly in a way that is completely joyful. It is about the heart, and the dance the heart does when we are drawn to, or away from another person.”

“Among the most acclaimed and accomplished young playwrights on the contemporary scene” (The New York Times), Ruhl and Thebus have generated a number of memorable Chicago productions—The Clean House (Goodman, 2006), Dead Man’s Cell Phone (Steppenwolf, 2008); Eurydice (Victory Gardens, 2008); Late: A Cowboy

Song (Piven Theatre Workshop, 2010); and the current Court Theatre production of Orlando (through April 10). For Stage Kiss, they have tapped an award-winning design team including Set Designer Todd Rosenthal (The Seagull, The Clean House), Costume Designer Linda Roethke (The Clean House and Orlando at Court Theatre); Lighting

Designer James F. Ingalls (A True History of the Johnstown Flood and Nixon in China at the Metropolitan Opera) and Sound Designer Andre J. Pluess (Trojan Woman, I Am My Own Wife).

Tickets to Stage Kiss ($25 – $78) are currently on sale at GoodmanTheatre.org. Tickets and subscriptions can also be purchased at the box office (170 North Dearborn) or by phone at 312.443.3800. Mezztix are half-price mezzanine tickets; 10Tix are $10 rear mezzanine tickets for students. Both are available on the day of the performance at 12 noon at the box office, and at 10am online; neither are available by telephone. To purchase10Tix online use promocode 10TIX; a valid student ID must be presented when picking up the tickets; limit four per student with ID. To purchase Mezztix online use promo code MEZZTIX. All tickets are subject to availability and handling fees apply. Discounted Group Tickets for 10 persons or more are available at 312.443.3820. Purchase Goodman Gift Certificates in any amount at GoodmanTheatre.org. The flexibility of Goodman Gift Certificates allows recipients to choose the production, date and time of their performance. Artists, dates and ticket prices are subject to change.

Special Events for Stage Kiss:

Stage Kiss Artists Talk Featuring Playwright Sarah Ruhl

Wednesday, May 4; 6 – 7pm | Healy Rehearsal Room

Tickets are $10; $5 Donors, Subscribers and students with ID; Call 312.443.3800

The Artists Talk series connects theater audiences with Goodman artists in conversations about their process in an intimate environment. Hear more about the process of bringing Sarah Ruhl’s world-premiere production of Stage Kiss to life from the playwright herself!

Downtown Dream Date

A Goodman Theatre Facebook Contest

Friday, May 20

Goodman Theatre is throwing a downtown dream date for one lucky couple, including free tickets to a performance of Sarah Ruhl’s Stage Kiss—and the details for a night on the town are up to Facebook fans! Each week on the Goodman’s Facebook page, fans will vote on a different romantic element of the evening, including a pre-show dinner, post-show cocktails, special souvenir and more. To qualify as a potential “dream date” couple and to learn more, visit www.Facebook.com/GoodmanTheatre.

The National Black Church Initiative “outraged” over Donald Trump’s remarks in regards to President Obama’s citizenship

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Comments on President Obama’s Birthplace are Intentionally Divisive



(From the National Black Church Initiative)

Washington DC – The National Black Church Initiative (NBCI), a faith-based coalition of 34,000 churches comprised of 15 denominations and 15.7 million African Americans, is outraged by recent remarks by investment tycoon Donald Trump.  In his fledgling bid as a presidential nominee Trump has re-ignited false allegations of President Obama’s citizenship – stirring up old rumors about the validity of Obama’s Hawaii birth records.  These remarks are extraordinarily misinformed and speak to a deeper and more insidious problem – racism.

As a national African American organization, we are appalled that in Trump’s effort to garner publicity and separate himself from the pack he feels it is appropriate to dredge up false, divisive and ugly rumors about our elected President.  While we may disagree with Obama on policy decisions, we wholeheartedly stand behind our President and, in accordance with widely accepted facts, acknowledge his lawful citizenship.  Those who remain skeptical are unsuccessfully hiding their racism under a veil of conspiracy theories and gossip.  So, to those who continue to undermine the legitimacy of our President’s citizenship – we see you for what you are.

Rev. Anthony Evans, President of NBCI says, “When anyone attempts to divide the American public for personal political gain the democratic system is tarnished by indignity.  As a leader in the faith-based community I can confidently say that we stand united – promoting the Christian values of respect and inclusiveness, divided not by race or belief, in support our President.  I strongly feel that Donald Trump is using race to further a divisive agenda – an agenda that has no place in modern American political culture.  We have come a long way, Obama’s election illustrating the evolution of equality in the United States.  Let us not allow anyone to regress the progress we have achieved by championing false, racist beliefs.”

About NBCI

The National Black Church Initiative (NBCI) is a coalition of 34,000 African American and Latino churches working to eradicate racial disparities in healthcare, technology, education, housing, and the environment. NBCI’s mission is to provide critical wellness information to all of its members, congregants, churches and the public. Visit our website at www.naltblackchurch.com.


Chicago Architecture Foundation goes cruising so Spring must be here

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It’s a sure sign that spring is here and summer is on its way.


Chicago, IL – The first Chicago Architecture Foundation architecture river cruise of the season is April 30 and tickets are available now. The architecture river cruise is offered aboard Chicago’s First Lady Cruises luxury cruising yachts, with open-air decks as well as air conditioned interior seating.

The cruise features the incomparable Chicago Architecture Foundation docents and is a favorite with seasoned cruisers as well as first-timers.  “Date night” cruises every Thursday and Friday evenings at 5:30 pm start in June.

Seeing the buildings and bridges from the vantage point of the river gives a whole new feel to the experience.  The cruise includes all three branches of the Chicago River and highlights 53 historic and architecturally significant sites including: the Trump Tower, Merchandise Mart, 333 W. Wacker, the Wrigley Building, the Tribune Tower, the Willis Tower (You can see people out on the “ledge”), River City, and Marina City. The cruise also includes the North Branch of the Chicago River with buildings such as The Montgomery, the Chicago Tribune printing press plant; Goose Island; Kinzie Park development; Riverbend and the clustered glass River Cottages.

All Chicago Architecture Foundation cruises depart from the lower level and southeast corner of the Michigan Avenue Bridge at Wacker Drive. The staircase to the ticket window and dock is marked by a blue awning. The 2011 Tour Schedule runs through November 20.

Advance tickets and information is available at www.ticketmaster.com/rivertour or www.architecture.org. The print-at-home option allows quicker check-in for passengers at the dock. Tickets are $35/person and are also available at the Chicago Architecture Foundation Shop, 224 S. Michigan Avenue, at the Chicago’s First Lady ticket window at the dock or by calling 1-800-982-2787. Group Rates/groups of 20 or more:  312-322-1131.


The Chicago Architecture Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing public interest and education in architecture and design. The Chicago Architecture Foundation pursues this mission through architecture tours, exhibitions, panel discussions, and youth and adult education programs. The current exhibition, Chicago Model City, includes a highly detailed scale model of Chicago. The Chicago Architecture Foundation is located at 224 South Michigan Avenue, Chicago, Illinois 60604. For further information visit www.architecture.org or call 312.922.3432 or become a facebook fan: www.facebook.com/chicagoarchitecture or follow on twitter: www.twitter.com/chiarchitectureSince 1993, Chicago’s First Lady Cruises has been the official partner of the Chicago Architecture Foundation providing the vessels and crew for more than 1,700 tours annually. Chicago’s First Lady Cruises owns and operates four luxury yachts: Chicago’s First Lady, Chicago’s Little Lady, Chicago’s Fair Lady and Lady Grebe. All are available for private charter cruising each evening. For more information call 847-358-1330, www.Cruisechicago.com/newsroom.php

Center Dance Arts and The Music Center honor Judith Jamison and Robert Battle of Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater

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Fundraising Gala Co-Hosted by Dennis Haysbert, Debbie Allen and Norm Nixon; Allstate among the event sponsors

Honorees Judith Jamison and Robert Battle of Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater


Los Angeles, CA (BlackNews.com) — Center Dance Arts (CDA) and the Music Center hosted a special fundraising gala in celebration of Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater on Thursday, April 7, 2011 in Los Angeles at the private residence of CDA Chair Mattie McFadden-Lawson and Music Center Board of Directors member Michael A. Lawson. The special event honored renowned Ailey Artistic Director Judith Jamison and Ailey Artistic Director Designate Robert Battle. Celebrity co-hosts for the evening included famed actor and Allstate Insurance Company spokesman Dennis Haysbert, and acclaimed actress/producer/director/dancer Debbie Allen and her husband, Norm Nixon, former Los Angeles Lakers player and FOX Sports Net NBA analyst. Dancers from Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater were also in attendance.

As Artistic Director of Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater for the past 21 years, Judith Jamison has brought the company to new heights and changed the world of dance itself. As Jamison steps down from her position in 2011, Artistic Director Designate Robert Battle will build upon Jamison’s work to create a new chapter in the Ailey legacy. CDA Honorary Chair Glorya Kaufman presented a special gift to both Jamison and Battle at the gala.

“We are inspired by Judith Jamison and Robert Battle for their respective contributions to dance, a true art form that brings people from all backgrounds together. What a pleasure to recognize their leadership of the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater. We thank Allstate and our many event sponsors who made this incredible evening possible,” said CDA Chair Mattie McFadden-Lawson.

Celebrities in attendance included actor Courtney B. Vance, painter/sculptor Artis Lane, actress Loretta Devine, actress Wendy Raquel Robinson, dancer/choreographer Desmond Richardson, actress Sharon Leal and actor/producer Wren T. Brown, among others. Approximately 250 distinguished guests, including leaders in business, cultural arts, education, media, and politics attended the gala. The festivities included a formal dinner, entertainment and dancing.

Corporate sponsors of the gala included AEG Worldwide, Allstate Insurance Company, City National Bank, Hudson Group, KPMG LLC, Los Angeles World Airports, Union Bank, UPS, and US Bank. Individual sponsors included Sue Baumgarten, Dennis Haysbert, Joan Herman and Richard Rasiej, Elizabeth Hirsch, The Audrey and Sydney Irmas Charitable Foundation, Jane Jelenko and Bill Norris, Mattie McFadden-Lawson, Dr. Nick and Valeria Rico-Nikolov, Catharine Soros and Alyce Williamson.

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