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Could Libya be Barack Obama’s stone of stumbling?

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akbar_muhammadBy Akbar Muhammad


Nationwide (BlackNews.com) — Since the uprising in Libya, I have been attempting to write an article in response to many people, throughout America and the Caribbean, who are familiar with the historical relationship between the Nation of Islam and Libya since 1971. People have asked where do we stand and for clarity of the current crisis that has unfolded in the North African country that includes President Barrack Obama bombing of Libya an African Nation.

First, I am not writing out of dislike for President Obama-who I have defended in my writings and speeches; I am with millions of blacks in America and people around the world who had tremendous respect for him when he was elected the first African American President. But on this issue I fundamentally disagree with our President.

The situation in Libya has been very fluid, making it difficult to precisely pinpoint what is happening from day to day. Furthermore, because of various agendas and corporate media bias, it’s complicated to discern “truth” from “falsehood.” The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan said it best, “whenever there is war or conflict, the first casualty is the truth.”

In terms of President Barrack Obama ordering U.S. military involvement in a civil war of another sovereign nation, there is not one leader in the world that has not made some mistakes or missteps. I believe it was a mistake, when President Obama pronounced that Muammar Gadhafi must go. The President’s words directly contradict a U.S. position against getting involved with regime changes.

The U.S. led military intervention in Libya beginning March 19 in coalition with international forces of other Western Imperialists was a bad move. The attack was described as a preventive measure against a potential humanitarian crisis where they claimed thousands of civilians would be slaughtered if Libyan forces under Gadhafi reached the eastern city of Benghazi-a strong hold of the opposition. That sounds like a “noble” reason for intervention, however that is not consistent with what we see currently happening in North Africa and the Middle East now, or what we have seen in the past.

Since the Libyan problem arose, President Obama has been in an awkward position, sometimes being contradicted by his Secretary of Defense, Robert Gates and Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton.

Answering the question, what is our strategic interest in Libya; on the March 27 episode of NBC’s Meet the Press, Secretary of defense Gates said that “Libya is not part of our vital interest.” Appearing with Gates on the same interview, Secretary of State Clinton attempted to explain and tried to clarify the statement. I believe Mr. Gates spoke what he believed to be the truth.

However, it raises questions from both republicans and democrats alike on what are we doing in Libya and why are we expending our financial and military resources there?

Other nations as well as Americans are asking why does the U.S. want Gadhafi out of power and want a regime change. The people of America and the world are not buying the line that we want to save the lives of thousands of people in Libya who are about to be killed.

Where was this compassion and concern for civilians when the Israeli’s defense force bombed and killed men, women and children in their brutal attack on Gaza under the guise that they wanted to cripple Hamas in the Gaza strip? Where was this compassionate concern for the civilians when Israeli forces bombed Lebanon killing men, women and children?

In Egypt peaceful demonstrators were slaughtered by deposed president Hosni Mubarak‘s security forces and America did not say we must step in militarily to save the innocent civilians. Thousands of people were killed in Kenya over election disputes. We showed no concern for the civilians who died in Kenya, the country of birth of President Obama’s father. In Cote d’Ivoire, there is impending civil war and people are dying over a failed election, however we haven’t heard the same cry to go in and save these civilians.

We did not hear President Obama push for Yemen President Ali Abdullah Saleh, who lost the confidence of his people, to step down or calls for intervening to save the lives of civilians. People are dying in Syria and we haven’t heard any Obama administration intention to rescue the Syrian civilians. The Saudi backed security forces in Bahrain shot and killed peaceful protestors, forcing them from the center of the city. President Obama was conspicuously silent on Bahrain-where the U.S. maintains a military base protecting the oil routes through the Suez Canal.

In media coverage, the Libyan crisis has eclipsed every other problem in North Africa and the Muslim world. It has divided America and become Barack’s stone of stumbling. The Libyan issue has given a weapon to Obama’s opposition inside America, who are fighting to make him a one term president and to be recorded as the worse president in the history of America. Why would he give his opposition this kind of political leverage to use against him? He has to answer why his administration is so bent on overthrowing Gadhafi at all costs? The entire world continues to watch President Obama, who garnered wide international support, and hope for a different America after winning the presidency. He stands to lose his credibility in Africa and the Muslim world based on how Libya is being handled.

Though President Obama has proclaimed no boots on the ground, he has given the green light to bomb Tripoli and other areas of Libya, an African nation, killing innocent civilians and using the power of America’s weaponry to take sides in a civil war.

History bears witness to the fallacy of deception in the example of Colin Powell, a brilliant general and remarkable soldier. Mr. Powell, then Secretary of State, went before the United Nations at the insistence of his Commander-in-Chief, George W. Bush, and lied to the world, that Iraqi president Saddam Hussein posed a nuclear threat to the entire planet and had to be removed. President Obama and others have presented to the world an extraordinarily inconsistent story that thinking people know is problematic, concerning saving civilians. What we have to ask is it more important saving civilians or ousting Gadhafi. I would hope that Barack Obama isn’t thinking that because he has been accused of being a Muslim and The Birthers say he wasn’t born in America, he is trying to show he can be as tough on Muslims as anyone else. President Obama has to ask the question will history spare him as the leader who allowed Libya to become his stone of stumbling and classified as a failure.

The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan will be discussing Libya and national issues on “Africa and the World” radio show, Monday, April 11 at 8am CST streaming Live at www.wgnu920am.com.

Landmarks Illinois announces ten most endangered Historic Places for 2011

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Springfield, IL — A list of the state’s ten “most threatened” historic sites was announced at a press conference at the state capitol in Springfield.
Now in its 17th year, the statewide endangered list calls attention to historic resources in dire need of assistance in the form of responsible stewardship or creative reuse plans. This year, a number of the sites listed have fallen victim to the poor economic climate, which has resulted in property foreclosures and restrictions in available financing.
 “The sites named on the list are all exceptionally important structures,” said Jim Peters, President of Landmarks Illinois.  “And by calling attention to them, we hope to generate solutions for their preservation.”
The properties on this year’s list are: an 1859 mansion, a pair of buildings that housed one of the state’s most noted artists, a turn-of-the-century historic bridge, an 1871 county sheriff’s residence and jail, a former social settlement house, a 1930s Art Deco theater, a 1920s community center that promoted physical fitness, a Bertrand Goldberg-designed modern hospital, three century-old Catholic churches, and one of the state’s most extravagant movie palaces.
Since the inception of Landmarks Illinois’ “Ten Most” list in 1995, more than a third of the listed properties have been saved, less than a quarter have been demolished, and the rest remain threatened or are being rehabilitated.
Landmarks Illinois is celebrating its 40th year as a statewide advocacy and education organization. The not-for-profit works with citizens and communities throughout Illinois to preserve, protect and promote historic places through advocacy and education. In addition to the Ten Most Endangered list, the organization also sponsors an annual awards program and a matching grants program for County Courthouses.
Landmarks Illinois 2011 Ten Most Endangered Historic Places:
Belleville Turner Hall
15 N. First St., Belleville (St. Clair County)
This brick-and-limestone building, with Art Deco and Gothic ornamentation, was constructed by the German community in 1923-24 as a social and civic center.  Its primary purpose was a venue for physical fitness and educational programs for the community. Owned by the City of Belleville since 2006 and vacant, the building is in need of a new use and immediate repairs.  A grassroots organization has offered to raise funds for repairs and to develop a plan for converting the building into a visual and performing arts center, but the City has not expressed interest.
Bolivia Road Bridge
North Fork, Sangamon River, Bolivia (Christian and Sangamon counties)
This bridge is the oldest in Illinois to include a Parker through-truss span (named for the engineer C.H. Parker) that still serves vehicular traffic. Connecting the counties of Sangamon and Christian, this single-lane, steel-and-timber bridge was built in 1901. In 2001, the Sangamon County Highway Department announced plans to replace it with a new concrete structure.  Due to lack of funding, however, the bridge has not yet been demolished and replaced.  Local advocates are working with county and state officials to preserve the bridge for cycling and pedestrian use. In the meantime, the bridge continues to deteriorate and may risk closure.
Iannelli Home and Studio
225 N. Northwest Hwy., Park Ridge (Cook County)
This pair of late 19th and early 20th century buildings were the home and studio of famed sculptor Alfonso Iannelli (1888-1965) for more than 40 years.  They are now for sale and vulnerable to demolition if purchased by an unsympathetic buyer.   At this location, Iannelli produced innovative sculptures in collaboration with such architects as Barry Byrne, Purcell & Elmslie, and Frank Lloyd Wright.  The locally based Kalo Foundation has taken on an advocacy and fundraising campaign to save the property for what it hopes could be an Iannelli Studio Heritage Center.
New Regal Theater
1641-59 E. 79th St., Chicago (Cook County)
Originally built as the Avalon in 1927, this is a prime example of the “atmospheric” motion picture palace.  It was designed in a Middle Eastern/Moorish-style by noted movie palace architect John Eberson.  The 2,300-seat theater has changed hands several times over the years and has functioned as a church, a cultural venue, and a live performance space.   In 2010, the New Regal was cited for dangerous exterior wall conditions by the City of Chicago and a court case was started to monitor its condition.  The building has since gone into foreclosure and is expected to be sold through a judicial sale this summer.  In the meantime, needed repairs have not been undertaken.
Prentice Women’s Hospital
222 E. Superior St., Chicago (Cook County)
This Bertrand Goldberg-designed building has been largely vacant since Northwestern’s Women’s Hospital relocated to a new structure in 2007. Ownership is expected to revert back to Northwestern University this year, when the last tenant moves out of the building. This concrete, clover leaf-shaped structure, which was built in 1975, would then likely be demolished for a new medical research facility. Although Goldberg’s organic architectural designs – such as this one – were widely influential, none of his major Chicago works is protected by local landmark designation.
Sheriff’s Residence and Jail
259 W. State St., Paxton (Ford County)
Located next to the Ford County Courthouse, this 1871 Italianate-style, brick house served as a sheriff’s residence, with an attached stone jail, for 120 years. It was sold in 1993 to private buyers who planned to create a bed and breakfast, but they were unable to carry out the project and the building has sat vacant for several years.  The County repurchased the building in 2007 with the intent of using it to relocate probation offices from the courthouse.  However, county officials have since decided against this approach and have suggested possible demolition. Local advocates have urged the County to consider other options, such as leasing the building for office space or for a community use.  To date, county officials have been unwilling to consider these options.
Soper-Burr House
812-814 Prairie St., Bloomington (McLean County)
Located on a highly visible corner facing a public square, this is one of the oldest and most prominent homes in the Franklin Square Historic District.  It was constructed in three phases, from 1859 to 1890.  Vacant since June 2009, the house has been in the City’s building court due to neglect and numerous code violations. A local bank foreclosed on the property in 2010 and is seeking a new owner.  Neighboring homeowners believe if the home is not acquired and renovated soon, its declining condition and appearance will negatively impact the overall health and character of the district.
Streator Catholic Churches
Immaculate Conception, 404 N. Park St., Streator (LaSalle County)
St. Anthony’s Church, 407 S. Park St., Streator (LaSalle County)
St. Stephen’s Church, 711 Lundy St., Streator (LaSalle County)
Citing shrinking congregations and costly building repairs, the Catholic Diocese of Peoria approved a consolidation plan that resulted in the September 2010 closure of three late-19th and early-20th century churches in this north-central Illinois community.  Land was purchased—outside the city limits—to construct a new church serving a single consolidated parish.  While congregants from each closed parish are currently challenging the consolidation under a Canon Law process with the Vatican, services are being held at St. Stephen’s Church.  However, many fear this is temporary until funds can be raised to build a new church.  St. Anthony’s Church and Immaculate Conception Church have been vacated and are planned for demolition.
West End Settlement House
427 7th Ave., Rock Island (Rock Island County)
Built in 1909 in the city’s West End neighborhood, this building provided social services and educational training for the city’s poorest citizens at a time when “settlement houses” were the only resource for such needs in big cities.  Currently, the Prairie/Craftsman-inspired building, identified by the city of Rock Island as one of its “100 Most Significant Structures,” is occupied by an Elks organization for its lodge.  However, conflicting ownership interests, due to unpaid property taxes, have put the building in a state of endangerment, as many needed upgrades to keep the building a viable facility for public use are not being addressed.
Will Rogers Theatre
705-715 Monroe St., Charleston (Coles County)
Since 1938, this theatre has been downtown Charleston’s only movie house. Its Art Deco design, vertical tower, and marquee also mark it as one of this eastern Illinois community’s most distinctive buildings.  Permanently closed in November 2010, the owner, American Multi-Cinema (AMC), is selling the theater and the adjoining commercial block. Locals fear that due to years of deferred maintenance and a lagging economy, it may be a long time before the building is sold to a capable owner. In the meantime, the building is at risk of further deterioration.  The Charleston Preservation Commission has recommended the building for local landmark designation to protect it from future demolition, but the City Council has yet to make a final decision.

MillerCoors continues to fuel business development nationwide by awarding $150,000 in Business Grants

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millercoorsAnnouncement of  2010-11 Business Plan Grant winners



 Chicago, IL – Continuing its commitment to economic empowerment through small business development, MillerCoors continues its legacy of support by announcing the winners of its 2010-11 Urban Entrepreneurs Series and Business Plan Competition (MUES). The recipients were awarded business grants totaling $150,000 at a special reception held at the MillerCoors corporate headquarters in Chicago. This year’s grand prize winner, Back to the Roots, received a $100,000 business grant, with the four runners-up each receiving grants of $25,000 to contribute to their company’s start-up capital, or to expand their existing businesses.


 Pictured above are (back row from left ) Jerome Young, MBA Power Attract Jobs Now; Randal Pinkett, keynote speaker; Nikhil Arora and Alex Velez, Back To The Roots; (front row from left) Jesse Cerda and Nancy Nkansah, Ncapsul; Terethia Waller, The Benson Mills Group; Christie Blackwell and Quiana Corde, Barazzo; and Joanne Tabellija-Murphy and Larry Waters, MillerCoors . For more information about the upcoming 2011-12 MUES competition, visit: www.millercoorsmues.com.

Two-Part Season Finale of TV One’s First Original Scripted Series, Love That Girl!, on April 11 and April 18 at 9 PM ET Features Guest Star Martin Lawrence

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tatyana_ali_martin_lawrenceMartin Lawrence also serves as an executive producer of the sitcom created by Bentley Kyle Evans and starring Tatyana Ali as a young divorcee who returns home to LA for a second chance in life and a career in her father’s real estate business

Martin Lawrence guest stars on the two-part season finale of TV One’s first original scripted series, sitcom “Love That Girl!,” starring Tatyana Ali. The two-part finale airs April 11 and April 18 at 9 PM ET. Pictured: Tatyana Ali and Martin Lawrence.Photo credit: Robert Kley/TV One.


 Silver Spring, MD (BlackNews.com) — TV One wraps up the season of its first original scripted series, Love That Girl!, with a special two-part finale Monday, April 11 and Monday, April 18 at 9 PM ET guest starring Martin Lawrence, who also serves as an executive producer of the series.

The breezy sitcom created by Bentley Kyle Evans (Martin, The Jamie Foxx Show).stars award-winning actress Tatyana Ali (Fresh Prince of Bel-Air) as Tyana Jones, a young divorcee who returns home to Southern California for a second chance in life and a career in her father’s (Phil Morris) real estate business. When her unemployed brother Latrell (Alphonso McAuley), an aspiring stand-up comedian, unexpectedly moves in with her, the world that she was trying to create is suddenly turned upside down, and life will never be the same. Martin Lawrence guest stars April 11 and April 18 as Tyana’s Uncle Gerald, who interrupts her much-needed “staycation” when he drops in and needs a place to stay for a few days. Uncle Gerald becomes an annoying house guest, and when Tyana finally thinks he’s gonna leave, Gerald tells her he must stay for a few more weeks while he waits to collect his winnings from a horse race. Evans, through his company, Bent Outta Shape Productions, Inc., assembled a top-notch team to produce the series, including his executive producer partner Martin Lawrence. He originally brought four special episodes of the African-American produced sitcom to TV One that he had produced outside the traditional studio system in 2009 and TV One aired in January 2010 and re-assembled the team for the new series, which premiered on TV One in January 2011. Trenten Gumbs, Stacey Evans Morgan and Raphael Saadiq also serve as Executive Producers, and Evans re-assembled his talented producing team, which includes Eric D. Upshur, for the new production. Evans is also producing the series in association with HazraH Entertainment, the production company of sisters Tatyana and Anastasia Ali. Superstar comedian, actor and producer Martin Lawrence has long been an audience favorite on TV One, with his long-running sitcom Martin having continually served as one of the network’s most popular programs since it began airing in primetime when the network launched in January 2004. The episodes repeat both nights at 10 PM and at midnight (all times ET). Launched in January 2004, TV One (www.tvoneonline.com) serves more than 52.4 million households, offering a broad range of real-life and entertainment-focused original programming, classic series, movies, and music designed to entertain, inform and inspire a diverse audience of adult African American viewers. TV One’s investors include Radio One [NASDAQ: ROIA and ROIAK; www.radio-one.com], the largest radio company that primarily targets African American and urban listeners; Comcast Corporation [NASDAQ: CMCSA and CMCSK; www.comcast.com], one of the nation’s leading providers of entertainment, information and communications products and services; and The DirecTV Group.

See a clip from a Martin Lawrence episode of Love That Girl!http://lovethatgirl.tvoneonline.com/?page_id=1348

“Predictions”, a poem By Nicole Bouyer, a freshman at King College Prep

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Nicole Bouyer is a freshman at King College Prep in Chicago. She has maintained her status as an honor roll student at King and at Robert A. Black School where she attended prior to King. She was also a Cheer Leader at Robert A. Black school and a member of the National Honorary Beta Society. Writing is a hobby for Bouyer; she has an interest in making it a career goal as a professional Journalist. CopyLine Magazine congratulates Bouyer for an outstanding job in maintaining a level of excellence in academia and wishes her future success.

Editor’s Note: Bouyer wrote this poem after the death of her father, Pierce Bouyer.



By Nicole Bouyer

Copyright (c) 2011 Nicole Bouyer

If I had known that would be the last time I hugged you

I would have never let go

If I had known that would be the last time I walked with you

I would have chose the longest road

If I had known that would be our last time we danced

I would have played a never ending song

If I had known that was your last call

I would have never hung up the phone

If I had known that was our last meal

I would have ate a life’s worth feast

If I had known that was our last goodbye

I would have said “daddy, please don’t leave.”

Angela is the mother of Nicole Bouyer. Author & Publisher Juanita Bratcher is her grandmother.


The Blue Man Group seeks new Blue Men at Open Casting Call at the Briar Street Theatre, Tuesday, April 19, 10 A.M. – 4 P.M.

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 Chicago, IL – Blue Man Group, the international entertainment phenomenon, is looking for additional Blue Men. An open casting call is scheduled for Tuesday, April 19 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Briar Street Theatre (3133 N. Halsted St.).  The casting department is searching for talented performers with the unique combination of qualities to be a Blue Man for its existing and upcoming productions and multimedia projects.
The Blue Man cast features performing artists with a diverse mix of disciplines: classically-trained actors, rock musicians and dancers.  Once cast, the new Blue Men will have the opportunity to perform in one of the nine ongoing theatrical productions in Chicago, New York, Boston, Las Vegas, Orlando, Berlin, Tokyo and on tour throughout the U.S. In addition, the Blue Men can be seen onboard the new Norwegian Epic by Norwegian Cruise Line – the Official Cruise Line of Blue Man Group.
The Blue Man Group open casting calls have been instrumental in finding the next generation of wide-eyed explorers of contemporary civilization.  In the most recent Chicago open casting call, a Chicago local, Nick Rush, auditioned and now performs as one of the ever-curious and creative Blue Men at the Briar Street Theatre, where the production was recently updated with critically hailed new material.
What does it take to be a Blue Man?   Blue Man is an egoless, genderless being.  Male and female performers are encouraged to audition.  All necessary audition equipment will be provided.  The basic criteria for Blue Man performers are:

  • Height between 5’10” and 6’1” tall (athletic build)
  • Solid drumming skills
  • Excellent acting skills
  • Willingness to relocate

This open call audition is for Blue Man performers.  Musicians who do not meet the above criteria can be considered for Blue Man Group band positions by submitting application information on bluemancasting.com.  For more information about ongoing Blue Man Group casting efforts, performers may visit bluemancasting.com.
About Blue Man Group
Blue Man Groupis best known for its wildly popular theatrical shows and concerts that combine music, comedy and multimedia theatrics to produce a totally unique form of entertainment. The blissful party atmosphere created at the live events has become the trademark of a Blue Man Group experience. Currently, Blue Man Group theatrical shows can be seen in New York, Boston, Chicago, Las Vegas, Orlando, Berlin, Tokyo, and on tour throughout the U.S.  Blue Man Group can also be seen onboard the new Norwegian Epic by Norwegian Cruise Line – the Official Cruise Line of Blue Man Group.
Blue Man Group’s appeal is multi-generational, with several projects specifically designed for young people, including “Making Waves,” a popular touring exhibit for children, and the recently launched national “Invent an Instrument” competition.  The company’s music, featuring custom made instruments and signature, percussive sound, can be heard on five albums, including the Grammy-nominated “Audio,” as well as various film and television projects. As the company grows, it remains true to its vision of providing exciting experiences in a variety of media, appealing to a broad range of age groups and cultural backgrounds.  Learn more at www.blueman.com.

Blue Man Group Chicago Open Casting Call at the Briar Street Theatre (3133 N. Halsted St.)
Tuesday, April 19 – 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Karrie Gibson elected to Better Business Bureau Board of Directors

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CHICAGO, IL – Karrie Gibson, the President of Vintage Tech Recyclers, Inc. has been elected to a one-year position as a member of the Board of Directors with the Better Business Bureau of Chicago and Northern Illinois. 


As member of the Board, Ms. Gibson will help guide the Better Business Bureau in its mission of advancing marketplace trust and promoting ethical business practices. 


“We are very pleased to have Karrie with her extensive business knowledge and experience on our Board,” said Steve J. Bernas, president and CEO of the Better Business Bureau serving Chicago and Northern Illinois. “Her experience in working with companies and individuals on identity theft prevention and green endeavors will greatly assist us in creating a community of trustworthy businesses that both consumers and businesses throughout northern Illinois can rely on.”


Ms. Gibson has a personal passion for finding practical ways to reuse, donate, and recycle and in 2005 began Vintage Tech Recyclers. Since the creation of Vintage Tech Recyclers, Ms. Gibson has received seven grants from the State of Illinois to help create jobs and provide responsible recycling solutions for communities.


Ms. Gibson has won various awards, including the “Electronic Recycler of the Year” award from the Illinois Recycling Association. Her company has created jobs and cutting edge green programs that enable people to recycle conveniently and free of cost.


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