Two Black Authors release new book on how they had the audacity to change the dynamic of the Family Unit

Nationwide ( — Two men and one vision have become a family lifestyle movement. Varion “Se7en The Poet” Howard and Rick Chaffold present the first installment of the More Than A Rib book series. More Than A Rib, A Woman’s Journey to Perspective, Healing, and Empowerment has a powerful message.

The authors credit this first installment to their collective growth in managing negative and positive experiences with women. They felt that it was imperative to present a lifestyle movement for the family unit that focuses on mental and physical wellness. Se7en and Rick are professionals that want the best for their families and the communities they serve and felt it best to start addressing the heads of the 14MM single parent households through this MTAR Project.

MTAR is a life changing resource of structure based on 9 acknowledgements to Admit, Submit, and Commit and 9 pillars to manage day-to-day obstacles as they relate to rational decision making. More Than A Rib will give you back the keys to your life. MTAR opens the door to increased levels of awareness based on the brutal honest with self.

Within these 9 pillars is a collection of gut-wrenching poems and short stories from women just like you, sharing their experiences of how they have managed or not managed their physical, mental, and emotional demons. The stories shared are evidence that you are not alone This book is designed to enlighten, encourage, and motivate you to be happy with the life you have been blessed with and to inspire you to grow beyond your immediate circumstance. More Than A Rib will leave readers with the confidence to overcome minor setbacks and prepare you for major comebacks.

Rick and Se7en believe you can address the symptom or you can address the root. “The choice is yours,” they say.

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