Black author plans to reshape urban America, financially


Flint, MI ( — With the number of different financial books on shelves these days, it would seem unnecessary to add another version to the pot. What could a new financial manual teach readers that the other 100+ books in the same genre have not? It would seem as if spending money on financial literature would eventually become a reason for all the financial turmoil we face in the world.

To answer that question, Nicholas L. Maze, the author of EXIT: How to Leave Debt, Forever, mentions dieting. Dieting? How does a meal choice compare to poor spending habits?

“I view financial literature like I view diet literature. You have thousands of books, magazines, and other forms of literature for dieting and living healthy, but the percentage of obesity is rapidly increasing. In 2010, no state in America was below 20% obesity. You can view the same with finances and our current debt situation,” says Maze.

So, what is the problem? Maze says lack of understanding. He continues, “You tell people to save and invest, but you are talking to people with no knowledge of finances, period.”

This brought forth the creation of EXIT, a book that goes beyond “save and invest” and focuses on the source of our problem and the many simple mistakes we make on a daily basis. Included in the book is an interesting and unusual view on credit and retirement savings. Nicholas not only goes outside the norm, but also touches on the simplicity of finance, such as saving. Making a simple change in how you save can instantly double your savings, annually!

“Just telling someone to do something with their money is useless. It’s like telling a person not to eat cake. Three days later, they’ll have a stronger craving just because you told them not to do it. I designed EXIT to go beyond that manmade pitfall,” he says.
About The Book:
EXIT: How to Leave Debt, Forever
By Nicholas L. Maze
Published by Pearle Pages Publishing
Release Date: February 21, 2012
Available on iTunes, LuLu, Nook, and
About The Author:
Nicholas L. Maze is an author, born and raised in Flint, Michigan. He holds an Associate’s degree in marketing, Bachelor’s degree in accounting, and is currently studying for a Masters in Creative Writing. He is currently working on a literature project, dealing with religion. Along with writing, Maze proudly holds the title of Treasurer and Deacon at his church, Kingdom First. For more information on the author and his work, please visit

Photo Caption: Bookcover and author, Nicholas L. Maze