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Fraud Prevention Measures to Delay Tax Refunds in 2016

Posted by Admin On January - 4 - 2016 Comments Off on Fraud Prevention Measures to Delay Tax Refunds in 2016

SPRINGFIELD, IL – The Illinois Department of Revenue (IDOR) is announcing that they do not anticipate releasing Individual Income Tax refunds for the 2016 tax filing season until March 1, 2016.  The decision comes as fraud prevention efforts from last year’s tax season illustrate the positive impact that additional delays and scrutiny have had in combating tax return fraud and identity theft.  IDOR is reminding taxpayers that filing tax returns electronically and requesting direct deposit into a checking or savings account is still the fastest way to receive a refund.


“Fraud prevention measures implemented by the Department of Revenue during last year’s tax season resulted in an overall savings of nearly $5 million that would have, otherwise, been paid,” said Connie Beard, IDOR Director. “Our new security protocols proved very beneficial in detecting and stopping fraudulently filed returns last year, and we are continuing to enhance our fraud detection efforts this year.  By delaying tax refunds by just a few weeks, we’ll be able to better detect attempts at identity theft and ensure taxpayer refunds do not fall needlessly into the hands of criminals.”


For electronic returns filed prior to March 1, 2016, IDOR anticipates refunds will be issued within two to three weeks from the March 1, 2016 date. For electronic returns submitted error-free on or after March 1, 2016, IDOR anticipates refunds will be issued within two to three weeks from the date the return was submitted.


Tax refunds are not subject to budgetary appropriation by the Illinois General Assembly and are, therefore, not impacted by the current budget impasse.

For the most up-to-date information, forms, schedules, and instructions for the 2016 Illinois Income Tax Filing season, please visit IDOR’s website at: tax.illinois.gov.  

Drug Trafficking: Aryan Brotherhood Methamphetamine Operation Dismantled

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Methamphetamine in Ziploc bag (stock image)

When a federal judge recently sentenced the last two of 34 Aryan Brotherhood of Texas gang members to prison for their roles in a methamphetamine drug distribution network, it marked the end of the gang’s foothold in Central Texas—and also highlighted the extraordinary partnership between local, state, and federal law enforcement that brought the criminals to justice.

Methamphetamine—also known as ”meth” and “ice” because it is usually sold in crystallized form—can devastate communities. In a 60-square-mile area of rural Central Texas where the Aryan Brotherhood gang was selling as much as four kilos of the drug each month, meth was taking a toll.

“The area was being tormented,” said Special Agent Dan Snow, who supervises a violent gangs and criminal enterprise squad in the FBI’s San Antonio Division. “When you’re addicted to meth, you will steal anything that’s not bolted down to get money to feed your habit.”

In multiple Central Texas counties near Waco and Fort Hood, crime was spiking—burglaries, property crimes, arsons, assaults, firearms thefts, even homicides—and when local authorities compared notes, they realized that a significant part of the crime problem resulted from the meth trade.

In late 2013, the FBI participated in a meeting with the Texas Department of Public Safety, the Drug Enforcement Agency, and local police departments. “We were hearing from our local counterparts about the issues related to the Aryan Brotherhood,” said Special Agent Dan Tichenor, who investigated the case from the FBI’s regional office in Waco. “From the outset, this investigation was a true partnership between local, state, and federal agencies.”

Through good police work, approximately 30 Aryan Brotherhood gang members central to the drug distribution operation were identified. “The main targets intentionally lived in very rural areas,” Tichenor said, “so law enforcement couldn’t do drive-bys of their houses or conduct surveillance. For a time,” he explained, “they were operating under the radar.”

During the course of the three-year investigation, the FBI developed confidential sources and administered court-ordered wire taps. Controlled drug buys were made, and evidence was compiled against the gang members. Eventually, investigators learned the source of the gang’s cartel-affiliated supplier in Dallas.

In September 2014, 20 members of the gang were arrested and charged with drug distribution related to the methamphetamine operation. Since then, all 34 Aryan Brotherhood of Texas members who have been charged and convicted for their roles in the drug network are now serving time in federal prison. On December 9, 2015, Chris Voerhis, 51, was sentenced to 14 years in prison, and Derrick Cooper, 35, received a seven-year term.

“We dismantled their entire organization, from the leadership to suppliers to distributors,” Tichenor said. “This case has had a big impact on the community,” he added. “Local police departments reported a significant drop in crime—especially property crimes—after the drug operation was stopped.”

At the time of Voerhis and Cooper’s sentencing, Special Agent in Charge Christopher Combs of the San Antonio Field Office noted that “these sentences resulted from unprecedented collaboration of federal, state, and local law enforcement.” He added, “This effort not only exemplifies our commitment to prevent gang violence and criminal activity from poisoning our communities, it sends a clear message that we will relentlessly pursue and prosecute the leaders and members of these violent criminal enterprises regardless of where they lay their heads.”

Source: FBI

Chicago Prepares for Imminent Immigration Raids by Informing Community Members About Their Rights

Posted by Admin On January - 4 - 2016 Comments Off on Chicago Prepares for Imminent Immigration Raids by Informing Community Members About Their Rights
Letters To Editors

From: Organized Communities Against Deportations

We cannot let ICE’s violence go unchecked. To report a raid, please call the Family Support Network Hotline at 1-855-435-7693.

News have surfaced that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) plans to start 2016 with immigration raids targeting Central American families who have deportation orders. In response, Organized Communities Against Deportations (OCAD) will join the following city-wide organizing efforts starting this weekend:

  • Door-Knocking: Saturday January 2 & January 9, we will lead door-knocking efforts in Albany Park, a neighborhood of strong Central American presence where ICE has already been conducting similar raids the last few months, to inform immigrants about their rights and resources they can use in the event of a raid. Both days, we will meet-up at the Centro Autonomo (3460 W. Lawrence) at 11 AM.

  • Press Conference Outside of ICE: Tuesday January 5th, we will join state-wide advocacy and community organizations to denounce the actions and tactics used by immigration enforcement. The press conference starts at 11 AM at the Chicago ICE Field Office (101 W. Congress Pkwy) and will be co-hosted by other organizations such as the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights.

  • Training & Legal Clinic: Saturday January 16th, we will offer a “Know Your Rights” training where immigrants will learn precautions they can take if a raid occurs. The training will be followed by a legal clinic. Case evaluations by immigration attorneys will be available to attendees. The training and legal clinic will be offered at Centro Autonomo (3460 W. Lawrence) from 11-2 PM.

Amidst ongoing and newly expected raids and deportations, we advise all immigrants to inform themselves about their rights and to exercise precaution. Additionally, we urge immigrants and allies to organize against ICE’s violent tactics.

All events are free and open to the public. Training will be available to volunteers interested in helping with weekend door-knocking efforts

Organized Communities Against Deportations works with immigrant communities to fight harmful immigration enforcement practices and create better living conditions for all immigrants through community organizing, direct action and mobilization. It is part of the Not1More deportation campaign.

Illinois Department of Insurance Urges Consumers to Review Flood Insurance Policies

Posted by Admin On January - 4 - 2016 Comments Off on Illinois Department of Insurance Urges Consumers to Review Flood Insurance Policies

Department Reminds Homeowners and Renters to Ensure Appropriate Coverage Prior to a Flood

SPRINGFIELD, IL – Following this week’s winter storms that impacted much of the state with rain, ice, snow, and sleet, the Illinois Department of Insurance is reminding homeowners and renters to review their policy coverage and make informed decisions about flood insurance. If Illinoisans have questions or concerns about their insurance coverage, they are urged to call the Department’s Insurance Consumer Hotline toll-free at 1-866-445-5364 or visit http://insurance2.illinois.gov

“The Illinois Department of Insurance is here to assist with any questions about policy coverage,” said Acting Director Anne Melissa Dowling. “Basic homeowners insurance does not cover floods, so it’s important for consumers to determine flood insurance options.”

  The Department offers the following flood insurance information for property owners and renters:


Flood insurance is available in nearly 900 communities in Illinois. Flood Insurance is available anywhere within those communities; both in or out of the mapped flood hazard areas.


Call your insurance agent or company to inquire about the availability of flood insurance in your area. Keep in mind that flood insurance becomes effective 30 days after it is     purchased, so the sooner you talk to your insurance agent or company the better.


The average flood insurance policy cost will vary by location and coverage limits.


Standard flood coverage does not typically cover damage resulting from sewer backups or sump pump issues. Ask your insurance agent or company if such additional coverage is appropriate to add to your policy.


There are steps you can take before a disaster strikes to make it easier to file and recover insurance claims. For example, homeowners or renters should take an inventory of their personal property and make photocopies of their insurance policies, keeping all such important papers in a secure location away from home. Taking pictures of various rooms and their contents is also a great way to document the contents. A sample home inventory sheet is available at the Department’s website or by clicking here.


For more information about insurance coverage in the event of a flood or other disaster, visit the Department’s website, http://insurance2.illinois.gov, or review the following consumer fact sheets:


The Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) functions as the state coordinating office for the National Flood Insurance Program.  Information on flood insurance, floodplain maps, and flood protection can be obtained by contacting IDNR or viewing IDNR’s website at: http://www.dnr.illinois.gov/WaterResources/Pages/nfip.aspx

Flood insurance is available through the Federal Government’s National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). It may be purchased through licensed property and casualty insurance agents or through many private insurance companies. There are eligibility restrictions to qualify for National Flood Insurance. Consumers should contact the NFIP with eligibility questions at 1-888-379-9531 or visit the NFIP’s website at www.floodsmart.gov.  

More Information:

The Department’s mission is to protect consumers by providing assistance and information, by efficiently regulating the insurance industry’s market behavior and financial solvency, and by fostering a competitive insurance marketplace. The Illinois Department of Insurance assists consumers with all insurance complaints, including health, auto, life, and homeowner. Consumers in need of information or assistance should visit the Department’s web site at insurance2.illinois.gov or call our toll-free hotline at (866) 445-5364.

Africa Comes to Beverly Hills for Black History Month Celebration

Posted by Admin On January - 4 - 2016 Comments Off on Africa Comes to Beverly Hills for Black History Month Celebration
YABA TV presents Black History Month Gala: A Celebrity Black Carpet Affair at the Beverly Hilton Hotel

Africa comes to Beverly Hills for Black History Month Celebration, A Celebrity Black Carpet Affair embracing 5 African countries with African American Infusion that includes an Authentic Live Band, Cuisine, Fashion Show, Dancers and more.
Black History Month Gala
Beverly Hills, CA (BlackNews.com) — On Saturday, February 20, 2016, the Beverly Hilton Hotel will host the 3rd Annual Black History Month Gala, A Celebrity Black Carpet Affair presented by Yaba TV and the excitement is mounting!
Yaba TV is known for highlighting the traditions of African American and Africa cultures such as the lifestyles, music and business ethics. In addition, Yaba TV brings insightful conversations to the forefront bridging the gap to over 20 million Southern California viewers through its weekly media channels of the MotherLand Gospel Show on Radio Free KJLH 102.3 and 93.5 KDAY; Yaba TV Show on Channel 13 KCOP; and Y-Magazine. The Black History Month Gala will not be without acceptance!
The Black History Month Gala, A Celebrity Black Carpet Affair will bring authentic African Cultures to Beverly Hills intertwining 5 African Countries with African American celebrations of black awareness. The gala is African theme including attire and will celebrate various individuals (announced later) with awards for their influence in the African inspiration experience. In addition, a Celebrity Black Carpet Affair is scheduled and produced by Entertainment Publicist KimiRhochelle of KRPR Media. Announcements of celebrities, hosts and awardees will be announced in January 2016.
Guests will experience the ambiance, the true flavors and aroma of African Culture. The Black History Month Gala includes the following:
Nigerian, Ghanaian, Ethiopian and Togo Fashions by Lola, Tess, Amevi and others. African Dance groups include: Najite Agindota & Cultural Group from Nigeria, Chief Camara & Group from Senegal, Ruben Gobah African Arobics Dancer from Liberia & Guinea, Ghana Cultural Dancers and Ethiopian Cultural Dancers.
The African Cuisine will be served by International Chef Nene that will include Egusi soup and pounced yam, Jollof rice, Fish stew & steamed rice, Fried plantains and more.
The Black History Month Gala will be featured on KJLH and KDAY via MotherLand Gospel Show; Channel 13 KCOP via Yaba TV Show and Y-Magazine.
. Tickets are now available as well as group tables and can be purchased by visiting http://bit.ly/BlackHistoryMonthGala
There are opportunities to brand and/or advertise such as:
1. celebrity black carpet entrance/step n repeat
2. celebrity green room / product placement, logos, tastings, etc.
3. swag bags / place min of 100 items, samples, etc
4. program book ads
For more information, please send requests to sponsors@krprmedia.com
The Black History Month Gala is also accepting vendors. For more information, please send requests to vendors@krprmedia.com
Black History Month Gala Black Carpet RSVPs for celebrities are sent to: talent@krprmedia.com

WHAT: BLACK HISTORY MONTH GALA & Celebrity Black Carpet Affair presented by YABA TV
WHERE: THE BEVERLY HILTON HOTEL, 9876 Wilshire Blvd, Beverly Hills, CA 90210
VENDORS: For info email vendors@krprmedia.com
ADVERTISERS / BRANDING / SPONSORS OPPORTUNITIES: program book, celebrity black carpet, and others- for info email: sponsors@krprmedia.com

About YABA TV – (www.yaba.tv)
Their core mission is to connect Africa with America by integrating the cultures on a first-hand-knowledge basis.
Yaba TV media is focused on educating everyone about Africa. Through our media, African children born in America can learn about Africa even before their first visit to Africa. All American can be enlightened even more about the African cultures through our television show.
The Yaba TV Show highlights the many aspects of African life including different cultures, traditions, family values, morals, beliefs, investment opportunities, business, tourism ideas, special events, and exclusive grassroots footages about Africa; in other words, Africans presenting the motherland as we live it. African-American viewers can now begin to cultivate their ancestral roots as we present detail footage on a given country one at a time.
In July 2009, President Obama visited Ghana, West Africa. As a result, many African-Americans are now interested to learn more about Ghana and other African countries. The Yaba TV Show plays an important role in connecting Africa to the world. We will visit Africa periodically to capture authentic footages on art, cultures and life styles to be aired on our TV show.
Their long term goal is to build a cultural resource center for our communities and teach our authentic African cultures. We will have African artists visit the United States and America artists visit Africa in an effort to encourage cultural diffusion in the art, music and lifestyles. A portion of proceeds will also benefit orphans and widows in Africa, one country at time.
Yaba TV Show is a non-profit corporation with a 501C 3 status and all donations are tax deductible.
Liike them on www.Facebook.com/yabatv
Follow them on Twitter.com/yabatvshows
Follow them on Instagram.com/yabatvshows

Radio Free KJLH 102.3 – Motherland Gospel airs every Sunday, LIVE Prime-Time 6:30pm-7:00pm
93.5 KDAY Premiering Sunday January 3, 2016 7:00am-8:00am
Channel 13 KCOP – Yaba TV Show airs every Saturday 11:30am-12:00pm
Y- Magazine 50,000 monthly circulation in Los Angeles and Surrounding Areas

Founded in 2002 under the direction of Entertainment Publicist KimiRhochelle, KRPR Media has become one of the sought after entertainment branding firms. Providing full service media, advertisement promotion and branding solutions, KRPR Media has provided successful solutions for over 13 years to the political, gospel, entertainment, concert, festival, theatre industries. For more info, please visit www.krprmedia.com or connect on FB, Twitter, Instagram @krprmedia

Joshua Skule Named Assistant Director of the Directorate of Intelligence

Posted by Admin On January - 4 - 2016 Comments Off on Joshua Skule Named Assistant Director of the Directorate of Intelligence

Director James B. Comey has named Joshua Skule assistant director of the Directorate of Intelligence at FBI Headquarters (FBIHQ) in Washington, D.C. He most recently served as the special agent in charge of the Intelligence Division at the Washington Field Office.

Mr. Skule began his career as a special agent with the FBI in 1998. He was first assigned to the Chicago Division, where he investigated violent crimes and public corruption.

In 2008, he was promoted to a unit chief in the Counterterrorism Division (CTD), where he was responsible for counterterrorism investigations within the United States. A year later, he was selected as assistant section chief in CTD, where he managed counterterrorism investigations involving crimes committed against American citizens or interests overseas.

In 2011, Mr. Skule was selected to serve as assistant special agent in charge of the Criminal Division at the Washington Field Office. In this role, he managed several programs, including organized crime, gangs, violent crime, and cyber investigations.

In 2012, Mr. Skule promoted to section chief in CTD, and, in 2013, he was promoted to deputy assistant director. In this position, Mr. Skule was responsible for domestic and extraterritorial counterterrorism operations.

Mr. Skule holds a bachelor’s degree in political science from the U.S. Naval Academy.

Mr. Skule reports to the Directorate of Intelligence in early January.

Washington, D.C. December 30, 2015
  • FBI National Press Office (202) 324-3691

25th Annual NAACP Theatre Awards Announces Nominations Online

Posted by Admin On January - 4 - 2016 Comments Off on 25th Annual NAACP Theatre Awards Announces Nominations Online

 NAACP Theatre Awards

Beverly Hills, CA (BlackNews.com) — The NAACP Beverly Hills/Hollywood Branchs Theatre Viewing Committee announces nominations for the 25th Annual NAACP Theatre Awards. The awards include 32 categories, which encompass local and equity nominations. This years nominees will be announced online via press releases and social media sites with the winners announced in the first quarter of 2016.

This years Equity Theatre nominations include an array of phenomenal productions including Porgy and Bess with an outstanding nine nominations – Best Choreography, Best Lead Female and Male, Best Supporting Female and Male, Best Director, Best Musical Director and lastly Best Costumes. Securing seven nominations including recent OBIE award winner Trip Cullman in the category of Best Director of a Musical Equity along with nominations for Best Lead Male and Best Supporting Male. Above the Fold ties with seven nominations of its own produced by The Pasadena Playhouse with Best Lead Female nomination for multi-Award winner Taraji P. Henson. Locking in five nominations are both Maurice Hines is Tappin Thru Life attaining a Best Choreographer nom for Maurice Hines and The Tallest Tree in the Forest with Moises Kaufman up for Best Director.

In the category of Local Theatre nominations Knock Me A Kiss based on the story of Yolande Du Bois, the pampered and only daughter of scholar and activist W.E.B. Du Bois takes the lead with six nominations including Ashlee Olivia and Rosie Lee Hooks as Best Lead Female-Local. Bag Lady, The Magic Flute and Sassy Mamas all received five nominations including a Best One-Person Show and Best Playwright to Tammi Mac, Best Director of a Musical for Mark Dornford-May and Best Producer collectively to Vanessa Paul & Alex Morris. Rounding out the local category all with four nominations each include The Brothers Size and Low Hanging Fruit for Best Ensemble Cast plus Bus Stops with a first time nomination for Jaimyon Parker in the Best Producer and Best Supporting Male category.

The goal of the Beverly Hills/Hollywood NAACPs Board of Directors is to take the star-studded NAACP Theatre Awards Gala to the next level by merging the awards show and festival into one entity. The 2015 live show was changed to an online format to give the creative/production team time to develop the platform to merge festivities inclusive of live theatre, as well as awards honoring excellence in theatre, into a four day event to be held Fall 2016.

Branch President of the Beverly Hills/Hollywood NAACP Ron Hasson states, I am excited about combining the awards show and the festival because this platform will bring thespians and theatre lovers from across the country to the City of Los Angeles to enjoy the art that is theatre. The NAACP Theatre Awards Show represents an ever growing theatre community in Los Angeles and we want to elevate this already highly recognized event in Los Angeles and heighten its visibility nationwide.

The Theatre Viewing Committee considers all candidates who submit their production from January 2014 through December 2014 for possible nomination. All productions must have a five consecutive week production run in Southern California (San Diego to Bakersfield included) to be considered. Productions who meet all eligibility requirements before the deadline are considered eligible for a 2015 NAACP Theatre Award. Eligibility for this years edition was limited to theatre productions opening in January 2014 through December 2014. Nominees have been notified by the NAACP Theatre viewing committee co-chairs Martha Pruden-Hamiter and Barbara Bass. Nominations and winners will be posted online www.naacptheatreawards.com and circulated nationally via press releases and social media.

For more information on the NAACP Theatre Awards, please visit www.naacptheatreawards.com or email: naacpbhhwd@sbcglobal.net.

[See Full List of Nominations Below]

The online 2015 NAACP Theatre Awards Show proudly announces its nominees for the awards honoring excellence in theatre:

Best Choreography Equity
Maurice Hines is Tappin Thru Life Maurice Hines
The Gershwins Porgy & Bess Ronald K. Brown
Kiss Me Kate Jeffrey Polk

Best Choreography Local
The Brothers Size Ameenah Kaplan
The Magic Flute Lungelo Ngamlana
Visionary Man Ali North

Best Costumes Equity
The Gershwins Porgy & Bess Emilio Sosa
Choir Boy E.B. Brooks
Othello Katherine Roth

Best Costumes Local
Low Hanging Fruit Wendell C. Carmichael
The Magic Flute Leigh Bishop
Knock Me A Kiss Naila Aladdin Sanders

Best Director Equity
Stop Kiss Seema Sueko
Choir Boy Trip Cullman
The Tallest Tree in the Forest Moises Kaufman

Best Director Local
Sassy Mamas Iona Morris
The Brothers Size Shirley Jo Finney
Secrets Wallace Demarria

Best Director of a Musical Equity
The Gershwins Porgy & Bess Diane Paulus
Maurice Hines is Tappin Thru Life Jeff Calhoun
Kiss me Kate Sheldon Epps

Best Director of a Musical Local
The Magic Flute Mark Dornford-May
Visionary Man Tom Coleman
The Gondoliers Alison Eliel-Kalmus

Best Ensemble Cast Equity
Stop Kiss
Flyin West

Best Ensemble Cast Local
Sassy Mamas
The Brothers Size
Low Hanging Fruit

Best Lead Female – Equity
Above The Fold Taraji P. Henson
The Gershwins Porgy & Bess Alicia Hall Moran
Race DeWanda Wise

Best Lead Female Local
Knock Me a Kiss Toyin Moses
Closely Related Keys Diarra Kilpatrick
Going to St. Ives Inger Tudor

Best Lead Male Equity
Choir Boy Jeremy Pope
The Gershwins Porgy & Bess Nathaniel Stampley
Maurice Hines is Tappin Thru Life Maurice Hines

Best Lead Male Local
Bus Stops Leonard Thomas
Knock me a Kiss Keir Thirus
The Whipping Man Kirk Kellykahn

Best Lighting Equity
The Tallest Tree in the Forest David Lander
Above The Fold Adam Blumenthal
Race Josh Epstein

Best Lighting – Local
Low Hanging Fruit Rebecca Raines
Bag Lady Tom Meleck and Iona Morris
The Magic Flute Mannie Manim

Best Music Director Equity
Maurice Hines is Tappin Thru Life Sherrie Maricle
Kiss Me Kate Rahn Coleman
The Gershwins Porgy & Bess Dale Rieling

Best Music Director Local
Visionary Man Jeffrey Bonhiver
The Gondoliers Leonardo Sciolis
The Magic Flute Pauline Malefane & Mandisi Dyantyis

Best One Person Show – Equity
The Tallest Tree in the Forest Daniel Beaty
Forever Dael Orlandersmith
Paul Robeson Keith David

Best One Person Show – Local
Bird Lives! Montae Russell
The Devil and Billy Markham Tony Winters
Bag Lady Tammi Mac

Best Playwright Equity
The Tallest Tree in the Forest Daniel Beaty
Above The Fold Bernard Weinraub
Stop Kiss Diane Son

Best Playwright Local
Sassy Mamas Celeste Bedford Walker
Bag Lady Tammi Mac
The Brothers Size Tarell Alvin McCraney

Best Producer Equity
Above The Fold The Pasadena Playhouse
Maurice Hines is Tappin Thru Life Willis Annenberg Center for Performing Arts, Arena Stage, Alliance Theatre and Cleveland Play House
The Tallest Tree In The House Center Theatre Group

Best Producer Local
Bus Stops Jaimyon Parker
Sassy Mamas Vanessa Paul & Alex Morris
Bag Lady Tammi Mac & Jackson Brown
Sassy Mamas Vanessa Paul & Jeff Murray

Best Set Design Equity
Choir Boy David Zinn
Above the Fold Jeffery P. Eisenmann
Flyin West JR Bruce

Best Set Design Local
The Magnificent Dunbar Hotel Michael D. Ricks
Knock Me a Kiss Tom Meleck

Best Sound Equity
Othello Acme Sound Partners with Jason Crystal
Choir Boy Fritz Patton
Above the Fold Cricket S. Meyers
Sumayya Ali

Best Supporting Female Equity
Above the Fold Kristy Johnson
The Gershwins Porgy & Bess Danielle Lee Greaves
Knock Me A Kiss Ashlee Olivia

Best Supporting Female Local
Closely Related Keys Yvonne Huff
Knock Me A Kiss Rosie Lee Hooks

Best Supporting Male Equity
The Gershwins Porgy & Bess Kingsley Leggs
Choir Boy Caleb Eberhardt
Choir Boy Grantham Coleman
Bus Stops Jaimyon Parker

Best Supporting Male Local
The Magnificent Dunbar Hotel Kyle Connor McDuffie
Closely Related Keys Brent Jennings

About The NAACP Theatre Awards
The NAACP Theatre Awards is presented by the Beverly Hills/Hollywood NAACP Branch in partnership with the City of Los Angeles and co-chaired by Byron K. Reed, Senior Vice President of Wells Fargo-West Region Community Relations. The mission of the Theatre Awards is to entertain, educate, inspire the community and create diversity in the arts and entertainment industry. Ron Hasson is Branch President and Tia Boyd is the Executive Producer for the NAACP Theatre Awards Show. The prestigious star-studded gala is produced for the purpose of honoring thespians among the best in the field of entertainment. The branch also celebrates a four-day theatre festival, which provides a platform for thespians to express their craft and share their contributions with an audience of their peers, the community and other individuals who celebrate live theatre in Los Angeles.

‘Lost’ Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. NPC Speech to Air Jan. 12

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By Gil Klein


Excerpts of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s National Press Club speech will be aired for the first time since they were delivered 53 years ago at a special 7:30 pm event on Tuesday, Jan. 12, in the Club’s ballroom.

In July 1962 Dr. King became the first African American to speak at the Club. An audio recording was made of the speech and filed away in the Club’s Archives and later transferred to the Library of Congress. No television footage of the speech in its entirety exists.

The Club’s History and Heritage Committee recently retrieved the recording and found it is of significant historical value. Coming just days after Dr. King was released from jail in Albany, Ga., the civil rights leader outlined his vision for non-violent protest as the best way to achieve racial equality.

On Jan. 12, portions of the speech will be played and experts on the civil rights movement will add context and perspective to what Dr. King said. Press Club President John Hughes will unveil a permanent Club memorial to Dr. King’s speech.

“Martin Luther King’s 1962 speech was one of the most important events to ever happen at the National Press Club,” Hughes said. “I am honored this event at long last is getting proper recognition with such distinguished guests.”

Joe Madison, the human and civil rights activist and prominent African American radio host known on SiriusXM’s Urban View channel as “The Black Eagle,” will moderate the program.

It will lead off with Simeon Booker, the National Press Club’s 1982 Fourth Estate Award winner, who was one of the first African Americans to join the Club. He was in the audience for King’s speech and a member of the Club speakers committee that year when the decision to invite King was made.

Commenting on the historical significance of the speech will be:

John Franklin, senior manager in the Office of External Affairs, National Museum of African American History and Culture, Smithsonian Institution.

Judy Richardson, former staff member with the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) in the 1960s and a documentarian who worked on the 14-hour “Eyes on the Prize,” the Academy Award-nominated PBS Series about the Civil Rights Movement, among other African American historical documentaries.

Courtland Cox, who was a Mississippi organizer during the Civil Rights movement and has worked within the federal government on minority business development. He is president of the SNCC Legacy Board.

WUSA-9 Anchor-Reporter Bruce Johnson will share his observations as a TV journalist who has covered politics, race and urban issues in Washington for nearly 40 years.

The program will be aired on SiriusXM Radio’s Urban View Channel.

Admission is free. Reservations can be made by clicking here: (http://www.press.org/events/dr-martin-luther-king-jrs-lost-speech-national-press-club)

Sanders’ People-Powered Campaign Smashes Record Number of Donations, Revolutionizes American Politics

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BURLINGTON, Vt. – Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign raised more than $33 million in the final three months of last year in a way that rewrote the record books for White House campaigns. The tally for the year-end quarter pushed his total raised last year to $73 million from more than 1 million individuals who made a record 2.5 million donations.“This people-powered campaign is revolutionizing American politics,” said Jeff Weaver, Sanders’ campaign manager. “What we are showing is that we can run a strong, national campaign without a super PAC and without depending on millionaires and billionaires for their support. We are making history and we are proud of it.”

The 2,513,665 donations to Sanders’ campaign broke the record set four years ago by President Barack Obama’s re-election committee. Through Dec. 31, 2011, Obama had chalked up 2,209,636 donations.

The more than 1 million donors to Sanders also is a milestone unmatched by any first-time White House candidate. Obama’s millionth donor in his 2008 campaign came on Feb. 27 of that election year. (In the next election cycle, the incumbent president’s re-election campaign hit the 1-million- donors mark on Oct. 17, 2011.)

Unlike other campaigns, small contributions made up the vast majority of all the money Sanders’ campaign raised. The average donation to Sanders during the past three months was $27.16.

Unlike other presidential campaigns, 99.9 percent of Sanders’ supporters may give again because they have not reached the legal limit on donations to traditional campaign committees. Only a few hundred of the more than 1 million Sanders donors have given the maximum $2,700.

Unlike candidates who have coordinated with so-called super PACs, Sanders has refused to work with the fund-raising behemoths that have corrupted American politics.

All told, Sanders supporters gave $33,281,952 during the Federal Election Commission reporting period that ended at midnight on New Year’s Eve. Secretary Clinton’s campaign announced on Friday that she raised $37 million in the last quarter for use in the Democratic primary. The total for Sanders far surpassed donations in either of the previous two quarters of his eight-month long campaign and brought the fundraising total for 2015 to $72.8 million. Sanders ended the year with $28.4 million cash on hand.

The record number of donations to Sanders is one way to measure the grassroots enthusiasm for his campaign. Another sign of his success has been big turnouts at rallies and town meetings in Iowa and New Hampshire and other states. In Iowa alone, more than 35,000 have come to Sanders-sponsored campaign events.

“Bernie is the only candidate generating the kind of broad-based enthusiasm and excitement that Democrats must have in order to raise funds for a general election campaign and keep the White House and make gains in Congress,” Weaver said.


Bratcher Celebrates 40 Years of Rock-Solid Journalism: CopyLine Magazine Will Host “An Evening With Juanita Bratcher” in 2016

Posted by Juanita Bratcher On January - 4 - 2016 Comments Off on Bratcher Celebrates 40 Years of Rock-Solid Journalism: CopyLine Magazine Will Host “An Evening With Juanita Bratcher” in 2016

Bratcher says 40-Year Journey as Journalist, Author & Publisher brought about significant career milestones


CHICAGO, IL – In 1976, two weeks before graduating from Columbia College, Chicago, Bratcher had already been hired as a news reporter at the South End Review, a Chicago community newspaper. “It was a good feeling, she said, “after all, I had put in years of college study and garnered 128 credit hours to obtain that Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism, although I only needed 124 credit hours to graduate. At the time, I had no idea that I would be in this career for 40 consecutive years, and today, still active in it with the same energy, gusto and admiration I had when I first started out 40 years ago.”
Today, Bratcher is the Publisher & CEO of CopyLine Magazine, an online magazine (www.copylinemagazine.com); the author of seven books, including “Harold: The Making of a Big City Mayor” and “Beyond The Boardroom: Empowering a New Generation of Leaders” (biographies of Mayor Harold Washington and Cook County Board President John H. Stroger, respectively); authored thousands of articles, authored more than 700 poems, a songwriter, with 17 records produced by HillTop Records of Hollywood, California; the recipient of numerous awards for Journalism Par Excellence, and included in many Who’s Who publications.
In 2016, CopyLine Magazine will host “An Evening With Juanita Bratcher” where she will focus on those 40 years as a professional journalist and sing some of her songs and favorite other songs in concert. Many who have followed Bratcher’s esteem career over the years are not aware of her singing prowess. When Bratcher first started her college career at Alabama State University in Montgomery, Alabama, her major was music. She wanted to be a professional singer. Soon afterwards she turned those efforts toward being a journalist.
Further, in high school, Bratcher once played the trombone, but soon departed from that goal.
Bratcher, who is also a songwriter, has 17 records produced by HillTop Records of Hollywood, California. She wrote the lyrics to 15 of those songs, and two of the songs were repeats by different artists. Those songs are R&B, gospel and a Christmas song.
Over a period of time, Bratcher will post brief posts on www.copylinemagazine.com from writings of years past and/or about her 40-year career.
Bratcher is also on the Speaker’s Circuit and will speak at your event. However, there is a fee for this service. For more information, you can contact Bratcher at 773 375-8127 or juanitabratcher@yahoo.com.




Juanita Bratcher’s BIO:

Juanita Bratcher is an Award-Winning Journalist, Author, Publisher, Poet and Songwriter. She is the Publisher & CEO of CopyLine Magazine, a former investigative reporter for the Southeast Alliance, Roseland Review, Southend Review and the Chicago Daily Defender.
• She is the Host of “One on One”, a cable television show and “Footnotes To The News”, PCC Network.



Juanita Bratcher’s Journalism Career started some 40 years ago, after earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism from Columbia College, Chicago.
She is the published author of seven books, the author of more than 700 poems, many of which have been published in various anthologies – Best Poems of 1997, Best Poems of 1988, Best Poets of 1998, Poetry’s Elite: The Best Poets of 2000, A Celebration of Poets, The Best Poems and Poets of 2001, The Best Poems & Poets of 2003, The Sound of Poetry, Theatre of the Mind, and Colours of the Heart.
She has served as guest, panelist, or guest co-host on numerous television and radio programs; and participated in many workshops and forums on careers, journalism and politics, as a moderator or panelist. In 1983, she was assigned to the campaign trail of U.S. Congressman Harold Washington in his successful run for mayor of the City of Chicago.
Bratcher served as a Press Aide to Cook County Board President John Herman Stroger, Jr. in his successful run for President of the Cook County Board in 1994; served as a Special Assistant to Stroger in Cook County government in 2005, and was Press Secretary to the Stroger Campaign in 2006 during the Primary Election campaign. She also served as a Press Aide to the late Alderman Lorraine Dixon in her successful run for re-election to the Chicago City Council.
Bratcher is the recipient of numerous awards for Journalism Par Excellence & Community Service
Bratcher is Listed In The Following Who’s Who


• Who’s Who in the World
• Who’s Who in America
• Who’s Who of International Authors & Writers
• Who’s Who in Finance & Industry
• Who’s Who of American Women
• Who’s Who in the Midwest
• Who’s Who in Executives & Businesses
• Who’s Who in the World (Millennium Edition)
• Who’s Who in America (Millennium Edition)
• Who’s Who of American Women (Millennium Edition)
• 2000 Outstanding Women of the 20th Century
• 2000 Notable American Women
• Who’s Who in the 21st Century
• 500 Leaders of Influence (Year 2000)
• Outstanding People of the 20th Century
• 2000 Outstanding Scholars of the 20th Century
• 1000 Leaders of World Influence
• 2000 Outstanding Intellectuals of the 20th Century
• 2000 Outstanding Intellectuals of the 21st Century
• International Who’s Who of Professional & Business Women
• World Who’s Who of Women
• Strathmore’s Who’s Who (Millennium Edition) (2001)
• Strathmore’s Who’s Who (2003-2004 Edition)
• American Biography (2003 Edition)
• International Who’s Who of Information Technology
• Outstanding Writers of the 20th Century
• International Authors & Writers Who’s Who
• Who’s Who Historical Society (Certificate of Accomplishment)
• The Contemporary Who’s Who, 2002-2003
• International Who’s Who of Professional & Business Women, 2003
• Who’s Who in Finance & Industry, 2004-2005
• International WHO’S WHO of Professionals, 2013



Listed In the Following Anthologies:
• “Best Poems of 1997”
• “Best Poems of 1998”
• “Best Poets of 1998”
• “Poetry’s Elite; The Best Poets of 2000”
• “A Celebration of Poets”, National Library of Poetry
• “The Best Poems & Poets of 2001”
• “The Best Poems & Poets of 2002”
• “The Best Poems & Poets of 2003”
• “The Sound of Poetry”, 1996
• “The Sound of Poetry” (three-album CD), 2004
• Noble House “Theatre of the Mind”, 2003
• Noble House “Colours of the Heart”, 2004
• Recipient of six “Editor’s Choice” awards in Poetry
• Inducted into the International Society of Poets
(International Poet of Merit)
• Elected into the International Poetry Hall of Fame
• A 1993 Kool Achiever nominee
• “A Mini-View of Black History”, by Aurelia Henton
• “Somebody Special”, by Mildred Johnson
• “Recipient of numerous awards for journalism par excellence and community service”



Books Published



• “Harold: The Making of a Big City Mayor”
• “I Cry For A People: In Their Struggle For Justice & Equality”
• “Crooked Curves: The Last of the Red Hot Mamas”
• “A Celebration Of Love”
• “Love Me One More Time”
• “Beyond The Boardroom: Empowering a New Generation of Leaders”
• “Mine Eyes Have Seen God’s Miracles”



Records Released: HillTop Records, Hollywood, California
• “Too Many Memories”
• “Everything But Love”
• “I’m Here For You”
• “You’ve Been Gone Too Long” (3 Renditions – one instrumental, two artists)
• “God Can Ease The Pain”
• “Glorious Day In Heaven”
• “Freedom, Our Birthright”
• “America, The Land Of Freedom”
• Two Songs listed in songbook, “HillTop Country”
• “You’ve Been Gone Too Long” and “I’m Here For You”
• “That Twinkle In Your Eyes”
• “An Overdose Of Love”
• “A Toast To Christmas”
• “Chasing The Good Times”
• “Can’t Make It Without Him”



Awards: (among others)
• Kizzy Award, Kizzy Foundation
• Portraits of Achievers, Probation Challenge
• Inducted into Probation Challenge’s Hall of Fame
• Black Businesswoman of the Year, Parkway Community House
• Everyday Hero Award, Sec’y of State George Ryan
• Exemplary Civic Service Award, Dorcas Care Center
• Community Service Award, Ada Park Advisory Council
• Dedicated Service to Community, Firefighters for Justice & Equality
• Par Excellence Journalism, Coalition for United Community Action
• Outstanding Support of Human Rights, IL Dept. of Human Rights
• Press Award for Outstanding Achievement, Chicago & Northern
District Association of Club Women, Inc.
• Excellence in Achievement, Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc.
• Outstanding Service in the Media & Telecommunications Award, Delta
Sigma Theta Sorority
• Service Award, U.S. Department of Education, Region V
• Service Award, Boy Scouts of America
• Certificates of Merit, Chicago Public Schools
• From Whence We Came Award, Allstate Insurance
• Media Award, Black Contractors United

*Certificate of Appreciation, Probation Challenge

*Participation in Chicago Mayoral Candidates Debate, Probation Challenge

*Certificate of Appreciation for Outstanding Contributions, Fernwood United Methodist Church
Visit Juanita Bratcher on the World Wide Web:
WWW.Juanita Bratcher.Com


Or E-Mail Bratcher At:

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