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Donald Trump’s Front-Runner Status Will Not Secure Him the White House in 2016

Posted by Juanita Bratcher On January - 11 - 2016 ADD COMMENTS

Trump will not make the final cut or even make it to the finish line to lead the country in 2016


By Juanita Bratcher

My Two-Cents Worth


I’ve said it before and I’m saying it again, Donald Trump will not make the final cut to become president of the United States of America in 2016.



When I hear all the hoopla about Donald Trump being the front-runner in presidential survey polls – and has been deemed the front-runner for most of the campaign season, believe me, I know it’s a farce…it’s a hoopla, a song and dance by some in the mainstream media who seem to give Trump untold free press coverage while literally ignoring other presidential candidates. Are some in the media trying to help Trump in his bid for the White House?


Trump has gotten loads of free press. Why are the media giving Trump so much free press coverage and hardly any to other presidential candidates? It seems the media are the catalyst in promoting Donald Trump for president. Just recently, however, Trump said he will spend about $2 million of his own fortune per week on campaign ads, but he is still getting loads of free press.


That stark analysis is my gut prediction; and not the result of a political poll taken by me or CopyLine Magazine of presidential candidates – Democrats or Republicans.


Regardless of all the Hoopla over Trump’s so-called front-runner Status, he will not make it to the finish line to become President of the United States of America in 2016!!! What’s more, I have made it known in several articles over the years that I don’t believe in political survey polls regardless of who is conducting the polls.


Trump will not make it to the White House – not as president, maybe as a visitor – because he has insulted large voter blocs and made derogatory comments about several segments of American society, including Hispanics, Blacks, Women, Muslims and Gays; and about some elected officials and media personalities. It would be an uphill struggle for Trump to gain their support, confidence and votes, inasmuch as he has publicly scorned or attacked these groups, creating a storm of negative backlash.


Both Trump and his supporters are going to be in for a big surprise. It reminds me of how Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney faltered in his efforts after making his 47% remarks in a leaked comment during the 2012 presidential campaign:


“There are 47 percent of the people who will vote for the president (Obama) no matter what. All right, there are 47 percent who are with him, who are dependent upon government, who believe that they are victims, who believe the government has a responsibility to care for them, who believe that they are entitled to health care, to food, to housing, to you-name-it. … My job is not to worry about those people. I’ll never convince them they should take personal responsibility and care for their lives,” Romney said.


Trump’s front-runner status is based solely on polls of Americans who identify as Republican voters or Republican-leaning and not among the broader electorate which takes in many of those voters whom Trump has seen fit to ostracize in many of his public outbursts and controversial incendiary rhetoric.


And even if he gets the Republican nomination in the primary election, he will be handicapped in the national general election where Republican voters alone won’t be able to steer him into the White House.


The overwhelming majority of American voters will never give Trump the key to the White House or the opportunity to lead this country. Even with a slight possibility that he will win the primary election because Republicans might put him there; Trump will not win in the general election.


Juanita Bratcher is an Award-Winning Journalist, the Publisher of www.copylinemagazine.com and the author of several books, songwriter and poet. She has been a Journalist for 40 years covering politics, education and a wide-range of other topics.

Former St. Louis Cardinals Official Pleads Guilty to Houston Astros Computer Intrusions

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The former director of Baseball Development for the St. Louis Cardinals made an initial appearance in Houston federal court today on charges of accessing the Houston Astros’ computers without authorization, announced U.S. Attorney Kenneth Magidson of the Southern District of Texas and Special Agent in Charge Perrye K. Turner of the FBI Houston Division.  Later this afternoon, the former Cardinals official then entered a guilty plea to all counts as charged.

Christopher Correa, 35, of St. Louis, was charged in a criminal information with five counts of unauthorized access of a protected computer.  No other personnel associated with the Cardinals organization have been charged.

“We have secured an appropriate conviction in this case as a result of a very detailed, thorough and complete investigation,” said U.S. Attorney Magidson.  “Unauthorized computer intrusion is not to be taken lightly.  Whether it’s preserving the sanctity of America’s pastime or protecting trade secrets, those that unlawfully gain proprietary information by accessing computers without authorization must be held accountable for their illegal actions.”

From 2009 to July 2015, Correa was employed by the St. Louis Cardinals and became the director of Baseball Development in 2013.  In this role, he provided analytical support to all areas of the Cardinals’ baseball operations.  Correa is no longer employed by the Cardinals organization.

The Astros and the Cardinals, like many teams, measured and analyzed in-game activities to look for advantages that may not have been apparent to their competitors.  To assist their efforts, the Astros operated a private online database called Ground Control to house a wide variety of confidential data, including scouting reports, statistics and contract information.  The Astros also provided e-mail accounts to their employees.  Ground Control and Astros e‑mails could be accessed online via password-protected accounts.

As part of his plea agreement, Correa admitted that from March 2013 through at least March 2014, he illicitly accessed the Ground Control and/or e-mail accounts of others in order to gain access to Astros proprietary information.

“The theft of intellectual property by computer intrusion is a serious federal crime,” said Special Agent in Charge Turner.  “The Houston Cyber Task Force stands ready to identify, pursue and defeat cyber criminals who gain unauthorized access to proprietary data.  In each and every case, we will seek to hold those accountable to the fullest extent of the law.”

In one instance, Correa was able to obtain an Astros employee’s password because that employee has previously been employed by the Cardinals.  When he left the Cardinals organization, the employee had to turn over his Cardinals-owned laptop to Correa along with the laptop’s password.  Having that information, Correa was able to access the now-Astros employee’s Ground Control and e-mail accounts using a variation of the password he used while with the Cardinals.

The plea agreement details a selection of instances in which Correa unlawfully accessed the Astros’ computers.  For example, during 2013, he was able to access scout rankings of every player eligible for the draft.  He also viewed, among other things, an Astros weekly digest page which described the performance and injuries of prospects who the Astros were considering, and a regional scout’s estimates of prospects’ peak rise and the bonus he proposed be offered.  He also viewed the team’s scouting crosscheck page, which listed prospects who were seen by higher level scouts.  During the June 2013 amateur draft, Correa intruded into that account again and viewed information on players who had not yet been drafted as well as several players drafted by the Astros and other teams.

Correa later intruded into that account during the July 31, 2013, trade deadline and viewed notes of the Astros’ trade discussions with other teams.

Another set of intrusions occurred in March 2014.  The Astros reacted by implementing security precautions to include the actual Ground Control website address (URL) and required all users to change their passwords to more complex passwords.  The team also reset all Ground Control passwords to a more complex default password and quickly e‑mailed the new default password and the new URL to all Ground Control users.

Shortly thereafter, Correa illegally accessed the aforementioned person’s e‑mail account and found the e‑mails that contained Ground Control’s new URL and the newly-reset password for all users.  A few minutes later, Correa used this information to access another person’s Ground Control account without authorization.  There, he viewed a total of 118 webpages including lists ranking the players whom Astros scouts desired in the upcoming draft, summaries of scouting evaluations and summaries of college players identified by the Astros’ analytics department as top performers.

On two more occasions, he again illicitly accessed that account and viewed confidential information, such as projects the analytics department was researching, notes of the Astros’ trade discussions with other Major League Baseball teams and reports of players in the Astros’ system and their development.

The parties agreed that Correa masked his identity, his location and the type of device that he used, and that the total intended loss for all of the intrusions is approximately $1.7 million.

Each conviction of unauthorized access of a protected computer carries a maximum possible sentence of five years in federal prison and a possible $250,000 fine.

The charges and conviction are the result of an investigation conducted by the FBI.  Assistant U.S. Attorney Michael Chu of the Southern District of Texas is prosecuting the case.

Source: FBI

Veto Message from President Obama on H.R. 3762; Legislation Would Have Repealed Parts of the Affordable Care Act

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President Barack Obama to the House of Representatives:


I am returning herewith without my approval H.R. 3762, which provides for reconciliation pursuant to section 2002 of the concurrent resolution on the budget for fiscal year 2016, herein referred to as the Reconciliation Act.  This legislation would not only repeal parts of the Affordable Care Act, but would reverse the significant progress we have made in improving health care in America.  The Affordable Care Act includes a set of fairer rules and stronger consumer protections that have made health care coverage more affordable, more attainable, and more patient centered.  And it is working.  About 17.6 million Americans have gained health care coverage as the law’s coverage provisions have taken effect.  The Nation’s uninsured rate now stands at its lowest level ever, and demand for Marketplace coverage during December 2015 was at an all-time high.  Health care costs are lower than expected when the law was passed, and health care quality is higher — with improvements in patient safety saving an estimated 87,000 lives.  Health care has changed for the better, setting this country on a smarter, stronger course.

The Reconciliation Act would reverse that course.  The Congressional Budget Office estimates that the legislation would increase the number of uninsured Americans by 22 million after 2017.  The Council of Economic Advisers estimates that this reduction in health care coverage could mean, each year, more than 900,000 fewer people getting all their needed care, more than 1.2 million additional people having trouble paying other bills due to higher medical costs, and potentially more than 10,000 additional deaths.  This legislation would cost millions of hard-working middle-class families the security of affordable health coverage they deserve.  Reliable health care coverage  would no longer be a right for everyone:  it would return to being a privilege for a few.

The legislation’s implications extend far beyond those who would become uninsured.  For example, about 150 million Americans with employer-based insurance would be at risk of higher premiums and lower wages.  And it would cause the cost of health coverage for people buying it on their own to skyrocket.

The Reconciliation Act would also effectively defund Planned Parenthood.  Planned Parenthood uses both Federal and non-federal funds to provide a range of important preventive care and health services, including health screenings, vaccinations, and check-ups to millions of men and women who visit their health centers annually.  Longstanding Federal policy already prohibits the use of Federal funds for abortions, except in cases of rape or incest or when the life of the woman would be endangered.  By eliminating Federal Medicaid funding for a major provider of health care, H.R. 3762 would limit access to health care for men, women, and families across the Nation, and would disproportionately impact low-income individuals.

Republicans in the Congress have attempted to repeal or undermine the Affordable Care Act over 50 times.  Rather than refighting old political battles by once again voting to repeal basic protections that provide security for the middle class, Members of Congress should be working together to grow the economy, strengthen middle-class families, and create new jobs.  Because of the harm this bill would cause to the health and financial security of millions of Americans, it has earned my veto.

State’s Attorney Candidate Donna More Vows to Create ‘Culture of Justice’

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Attorney Adams: ‘I’m not anti-Foxx, but pro-More’

By Chinta Strausberg

Saying today begins a “journey to heal our fractured community,” Democratic State’s Attorney hopeful Donna More Wednesday said she is the only truly independent candidate in this race and one who pledges to fight for justice, restore integrity and transparency to that scandal-ridden office.

Vowing to rehabilitate the State’s Attorney’s office, More vowed to “create a culture of justice that rewards righteous prosecutions, not conviction rates. We’ll institute charging, bonding and sentencing policies that make room in our jails for the most dangerous among us.

“We’ll install programs that deal specifically and expertly with police-involved shootings…senior felony prosecutors dedicated to police incidents, evidence in real time, prompt action and transparent reporting, and an end to municipal control of evidence,” she stated. More will open dedicated County Gun Courts and vowed to put “justice first” like stop “filling our jails with the wrong people and worse creating repeat offenders.” Instead, More vowed to “make room for the really bad guys.”

More officially kicked off her campaign during a press conference held at the Intercontinental Hotel, 505 North Michigan Ave., where she told a room full of supporters, “Today, we renounce corruption, cover-ups and passing the buck. We vow to never…ever let politics, race, uniforms or money triumph over justice.

“Today, we offer voters a choice they rarely get to tell power brokers we are fed up with politics as usual and that we want to replace it with professionalism and integrity”

More said she is not afraid “to do what’s right” and that she is experienced to do a good job having been a former federal prosecutor and experienced trial lawyer “who isn’t a politician, who believes evidence, not influence, is the bedrock of our system, and who will be tough on crime no matter who commits it.”

Saying she has a vision for prosecution “that won’t settle for anything short of justice,” More said this election is “all about trust and who has the competence…and courage…to restore it. I have a plan that rests on three pillars: reforming the office, reducing gun violence and rooting out corruption.”

Among those who spoke in support of her candidacy was famed attorney Sam Adams, Jr. who after being questioned by reporters seeking his opinion of Kim Foxx who is running against More, made his choice clear. “I am not anti-Kim Foxx. I am pro-Donna More because she has more experience and more independence.”

“Donna has not only what it takes but she has ideas that she is going to institute…. She understands the use of grand jury. She understands how we as a community have to come together. This is not about black, brown, green or purple. We’re in this together and Donna gets that,” said Adams. “If we’re really going to have change in this county, we have to do it together and Donna has those qualities…she has that understanding…. She will prosecute fairly and justly and make sure the most violent go to jail and those who need a second chance will have the opportunity to get it.”

Asked about the decision not to support the African American candidate and to support Donna More, Adams said, “I am a bi-racial man, raising two black daughters, a black son with a black wife. If you think I don’t understand that folks are going to come out and say, ‘Sam’s supporting a non-black candidate and he’s come kind of Uncle Tom.’

“That’s the problem that we’re at,” Adams said. “We don’t need to start looking at this thing as black and white. That’s the problem that we have. We got to understand that we’re in this together and if a white person is going to come out and do what’s right and make sure that the community is safe, that is what we need. If a black person comes out and make sure this community is safe, then that is what we need.”

Adams said when he looks at Alvarez and her record for the past six-years, “my kids ain’t safer…. When I sit down and look and say who is going to make sure this is done the right way, that my son can walk down the street and not worried about someone tattered up and tattoo shooting him because he’s a gang banger or somebody who is wearing a blue uniform and a badge, arrest him and shoot him.

“I don’t care what color Donna More is,” he said. “I care that Donna More has ideas…she is strong and independent. What we need is a person to look at each case and say this deserves that and this one doesn’t and that is Donna More. I am with Donna More because we are going to effect change, and she is going to be the person to get things done,” said Adams.

Asked again why is he endorsing More over Foxx, Adams said More is going to do what she did as a federal prosecutor…use the grand jury. “Secondly, we have to have someone independent, and I am not confident….”

The reporter asked, “You don’t think Foxx is independent”? Adams responded, “I am telling you I know Donna More is…. You are not going to get me to dog Kim. I’m never going to do it. Donna is independent. Donna is not somebody’s chief-of-staff. Donna is not someone with political pressure behind her. I am very fond of Kim Foxx, but I want Donna,” Adams said.

Vowing to cleanse the tainted State’s Attorney’s office, More said, “This community has been rocked to its social and moral core by chants of ‘400 days’ and ’16 shots.’ If the incumbent had the courage to act promptly on the video evidence of Laquan McDonald’s death, we’d be at trial today, not in the streets.

“We could have prevented $5.0 million cover-up decisions, and we wouldn’t need federal investigations. Vote for me, and it will be a different story from now on,” she said received a round of applause.

Saying there were 2,553 shootings and 442 murders in Chicago last year, More vowed to use her office to reduce gun violence she said has cost the lives of loved ones and $2.5 billion in commerce, healthcare and future investments. “Of the guns used in these crimes, 90 percent were obtained illegally from traffickers or through illegal transfers.”

Given that scenario, More said, “I’m going after the sources. We’ll deploy grand juries to work our way up the food chain and disrupt the market for illegal guns. We’ll work with the County Circuit to open a dedicated gun court where prosecutors, judges and law enforcement can convene to make sure we’re putting the right people behind bars.”

Saying she will use the Highland Park style legislation to limit semi-automatic weapons, More vowed to work with the community to establish a countywide safety alliance to involve each neighborhood, parish and business to reduce “this deadly plague on our County.”

And, More vowed to “get serious about public corruption” saying “it is the elephant in every room when we talk about politics in Cook County. It is our finely tuned system of winks and nods, contracts with kickbacks, jobs here for political favors there.

“We talk about trust. How about having a State’s Attorney that will hold people accountable? That will make government play by the same rules and live up to the same standards as everyone else.”

“Does anyone else think it is unusual to have so few reported investigations of public corruption in a County that spends over $5.0 billion each year or a city with expenses of nearly $8.0 billion a year. We need to double down on our efforts in this area and use our subpoena powers to make sure taxpayers are getting what they pay for,” she stated.

“Anita Alvarez has run an appallingly lackluster office for years with delayed prosecutions, wrongful convictions and policies that favor influencers and the well-connected while justice takes a back seat to politics, and victims and their families pay the price.”

More said she is ending business as usual in that office and that she can do that because she is the only independent candidate in this race and is not beholden to any elected official.

Incumbent State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez said, “It’s pretty disheartening and scary” for More to claim she can “wrap up a case in a couple of weeks.” Alvarez had said she took 400 days to indict officer Jason Van Dyke who shot 17-year-old Laquan McDonald 16 times in 15 seconds to make sure she did it right. Her delay has resulted in numerous street protests and calls for her resignation as well as the mayor’s.

Chinta Strausberg is a Journalist of more than 33-years, a former political reporter and a current PCC Network talk show host. You can e-mail Strausberg at: Chintabernie@aol.com.

Kenneth is on Death Row for a Crime he Didn’t Commit

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Letters To Editors

Exonerate Kenneth Clair: DNA Evidence Points to Someone Else

Petitioning Todd Spitzer (Orange County Supervisor 3rd District), California Governor, Tony Rackauckas, Loretta Sanchez, Loretta Lynch, Kamala Harris, Barack Obama, DIane Feinstein, Alex Padilla

Petition by C. J. Ford
Anaheim, California
124,210 Supporters

On November 15, 1984, 5-year-old Jerrod Hessling witnessed the beating, rape, and stabbing death of his babysitter. When asked to describe the killer, he said, without hesitation, that it was a white male. Another child present during the murder saw a white man’s tattooed arm reach inside the house to open a sliding glass door.

Yet somehow, the lawyers in the case determined that Kenneth Clair, a dark-skinned African American homeless man who had been squatting next door, was the killer. When Jerrod saw him on the witness stand and insisted they had the wrong man, the prosecution chalked it up to youth and trauma, and pursued the death penalty for Kenneth Clair. To this day, 31 years later, Mr. Clair sits on San Quentin’s death row, awaiting his execution date.

But that’s not the biggest bombshell in this case — in 2008, forensic testing revealed that DNA found on the murder victim did not match Clair’s. DNA taken from a glove found at the scene also did not match. It matches another individual, but the Orange County District Attorney insists that “confidentiality is required” concerning this evidence, and for 7 years now, the identity of the person whose DNA does match the swab has remained a secret.

In the interest of justice, we must call on the Orange County DA and California state lawmakers to demand that the DNA evidence be turned over to Kenneth Clair’s defense.

Since his conviction, Clair has struggled with ineffective counsel. He wanted his lawyers to work at investigating the crime, rather than simply trying to free him from death row, but they never did. His plea for substitute counsel even made it to the U.S. Supreme Court in 2012, and he did eventually receive a switch of counsel. Finally, he is being represented by people who are dedicated to his exoneration.

But their hands are tied without this crucial DNA evidence, and more of Clair’s precious life is wasting away in prison as they fight to obtain it.

Please sign my petition if you feel that the disclosure of the identity of a possible “person of interest” is something that the prosecution should not be allowed to withhold.

The person (or organization) who started this petition is not affiliated with Change.org. Change.org did not create this petition and is not responsible for the petition content.


NAACP President Cornell William Brooks on President Obama’s Executive Actions to Curb Gun Violence

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BALTIMORE, MD – NAACP National President and CEO Cornell William Brooks today released the following statement regarding President Obama’s proposed executive actions to reduce gun violence:

“More than 4 million people in our country were victims of crimes involving a gun over the last 10 years.  More than 30,000 people continue to die each year in the U.S. as a result of firearms – more than in any other nation.  More than 20,000 of our children were killed by guns over the last decade; and, more than 20,000 Americans commit suicide with a firearm every year.  The numbers are startling and whether by suicide, criminals, domestic violence, by accident or by law enforcement, each death is a senseless tragedy that rarely draws headlines, but devastates families and communities.

“The NAACP supports every reasonable effort to prevent gun violence against every segment of our population:  our brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, children, and our police officers – especially in our most populated cities and among communities of color. Eighteen in 100,000 African-Americans are likely to die by a firearm, more than twice the rate of whites.

“Easy access to illegal guns on the streets of our large, urban areas is at the heart of gun violence in our communities.  Additional ATF agents to enforce gun laws, more stringent background checks, and stricter licensing for gun dealers will not eliminate the devastation caused by gun violence, but is a solid, sure-footed step down the path to making our communities, our neighbors, and our police safer.

“Additionally, in nearly two-thirds of the cases of gun deaths, the death is by the victim’s own hand, and often with weapons legally obtained.  Proposing millions more in mental health treatment and background checks that would halt purchases by people already disqualified because of mental illness, would go a long way to help curb the often final, desperate action of someone suffering from mental illness.

“President Obama’s executive actions are an affirmative effort to halt the deaths of our children, relatives, police officers and innocent bystanders. While the President’s actions can help, we must continue to demand sound policies that address the societal issues that often accompany and contribute to gun violence:  education, poverty, homelessness and unemployment.

“It is our mission and our responsibility as the nation’s oldest civil rights organization to encourage and educate every single person on the importance of the individual right to vote.  It is the power of our vote that will ensure we elect individuals committed to improving policing and the criminal justice system, to eliminating education and economic inequality, and to reducing the numbers of lives lost to gun violence.  True, prompt, and courageous action from elected officials committed to saving lives rather than protecting a single industry is the only true solution – a solution that starts in the voting booth.”

Rev. Bailey Reveals Past Endeavors With State’s Attorneys to Save Youth

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 From: Probation Challenge, PCC Network

In a recent interview with a Chicago news magazine, the Rev. Harold E. Bailey, told of past one-on-one dialogs with many Chicago States Attorneys. With massive hysteria in the streets of Chicago… involving the mismanagement of alleged police killings, Bailey thought that the public ought to know historical truth regarding a portion of the States Attorney’s Office.

Bailey, a long time advocate to educate youth filtering through the criminal justice system, in 1979, developed the noted Probation Challenge program, which saved the lives of thousands of youth, who came before the judicial bench without a high school certificate. Offenders appearing before the judge would have to make a critical decision to go to school or jail. To miss 1-day, the client could go to jail for 7-days. Upon the 4th miss… termination from the program and then to complete the original court sentence.

Bailey started out as a cook country adult probation officer and in 1978, was assigned to the courtroom of an astute judge. It was under the reins of Pincham, that the young minister was allowed to excise his mind-set to help youth assigned to the Pincham courtroom. Bailey was making a remarkable difference as he shifted the norm of probation to doing more than interviews and warehousing. In those earlier years, Rev. Bailey was ridiculed and criticized for wanting to spare the live of African American and Hispanic youth… opposed to sending them to jail or prison. With undying persistence Bailey wholeheartedly believed that education would bring about a difference in the life of an offender and in doing so would broaden his horizon. His Illinois State Statue program jumped over the hurdles set-forth by those that set in opposition to change… and thusly expand beyond the courtroom of the late Justice R. Eugene Pincham, and into the courtrooms of other judges who shared his beliefs.

“The States Attorney’s office has always been a hard nut to crack,” said Rev. Bailey, as he sat in a pensive move… holding tight to a pen and notepad. He said that history should in truth have it said that he (Bailey) made unprecedented visits to the chambers of: Jack O’Malley, Cecil A. Partee, Richard A. Devine, and invited Anita Alvarez who did visited the studio of Bailey’s Probation Challenge (PCC Network) program.

All States Attorney’s were asked at those meetings, if they would be of an educational assistance to youth filtering through the justice system…rather than sending minor offenders to jail! Bailey said, he thought they would comply in that they would be undergirded by the Illinois State Statue to do so. He said that in following the mandated law, offenders would have a second on life and saving tax payers tons of dollars. Bailey said he found that most States Attorney’s rejected the premise of the program and would rather incarcerate than educate. Bailey said the rejection smacked of racism – at the highest level.

Jack O’Malley smirked at me and dismissed me unprofessionally. He lost the next election, scatted his head as he pondered why! Bailey said “It was a spiritual thing.”
Cecil Partee, Bailey said, “Told me as to his having been misused by the machine… and that he was then a lonely person. He wanted to shift his believes and after listening to Bailey, he wanted to then help but died shortly afterward.

Richard Devine, Bailey said this attorney was an exception to the rule … and was admired for his honesty, but because of the powers-that-be… was prevented from doing constructive measures.

Anita Alvarez (present States Attorney), committed to support Probation Challenge and their efforts to resurrect the educational program; however she never had an opportunity.

As people ponder as to what methods would be best to curb crime in the Chicago land, many have offered their ideals. The probation Challenge proven track record stared citizen in the face daily as youth walked the streets without a hint of drive-bys or other criminal acts… this was done under the auspices of Probation Challenge, with the watchful eyes of the late Justice R. Eugene Pincham and Mayor Harold Washington, who both admired and mentored the program. Many have asked: If the program was so successful why it was illegally removed from City College/Olive-Harvey Campus?

At the death of Pincham and Washington, an apparent schemed was said to be set-forth by the then City College Chancellor Wayne Watson, and Bailey was asked to move. There has never been a hint of scandal with the program. Anyone with political savvy knows that this could and would not have happened without consent of City Hall. It was found that after the Bailey was forced to vacate the site, the school continued to illegally use the Probation Challenge name – and did except money as the result. The court stated that the Olive-Harvey College had to cease using the program’s name which legally belongs to the Rev. Harold E. Bailey. However, the City Colleges never gave back the money they illegally received.

Rev. Bailey and his PCC Network, recently taped 2-interviews with States Attorney candidates, and with host Chinta Strausberg, will air on the Network at: WWW.ProbationChallenge.org – The Truth Network.

The public can make a rational decision in who will be the next person to sit in the seat of authority. View each candidate’s position on many crucial matters.

You may watch the States Attorney candidates vying for the States Attorney at: WWW.ProbationChallenge.org – 24/7 and On-demand.
Contact: Rev. Harold E. Bailey at 773.978.3706.

“Milk Like Sugar” Opens at Raven Theatre (Two Weeks Only)

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Opening Thursday, January 14 on our West Stage for two weeks only
The award-winning play by Kirsten Greenidge
January 13 – 23, 2016
(Preview performance Weds., Jan. 13 – Regular run Jan. 14 – 23)

Milk Like Sugar

Ireon Roach, Sheharrell Rhodes and Lawren Carter

How can an inner city teenager find purpose and hope in a community that has been hollowed out and left its members with only an instinctual sense of despair? That’s the question asked by the play Milk Like Sugar, which in a co-production of The Yard and Raven Theatre Company will be performed on Raven’s West Stage from January 13 through 23, 2016. The  official opening night will be Thursday, January 14.

Kirsten Greenidge’s Obie Award-winning play premiered at San Diego’s La Jolla Playhouse in September 2011 and transferred to an off-Broadway production at New York’s Playwrights’ Horizons later that fall. The play caught the attention of both Mechelle Moe, Director of Raven Theatre’s Take Flight Education Program and Joel Ewing, Lead Theatre Teacher at Senn Arts Magnet High School, who recently founded The Yard, a company whose mission is to produce theater relevant to young people; performed by young people.

The Yard, a collective of Senn Arts High School theatre students, operates via artistic alliances with professional theatre companies throughout Chicago, who provide a professional environment and mentorship opportunities. Teens work alongside professionals in the Chicago theater community assisting in everything from tech to marketing. Both Moe and Ewing approached Raven Theatre, who has a long relationship with Senn through their education programs, about an alliance with The Yard and co-producing Milk Like Sugar, a play about inner-city teens Moe and Ewing felt would resonate with their young actors.

Milk Like Sugar

Brandon Greenhouse and Ireon Roach in rehearsal for Milk Like Sugar
As Milk Like Sugar opens, Annie (played by Ireon Roach) and her best friends, Margie (Sheharrell Rhodes) and Talisha (Lawren Carter) celebrate Annie’s sixteenth birthday and a pact is made among the three. Annie and Talisha agree to become pregnant, so that along with the already expecting Margie they will all become mothers together. As Annie searches for a “baby daddy”  to assist in her plan, she finds Malik, (Tevion Lanier), who unlike her own friends has no interest in the world that they have come to know, but has hopes of a brighter future for himself. Malik’s positive outlook begins to plant seeds of doubt within Annie about the pact she has made with her friends. Conflicted with keeping true to her promise to her friends yet inspired by Malik to picture the possibility of something more than teenaged parenthood and poverty, Annie must choose a course of action that will affect the direction of her life. The teenage cast members will perform alongside professional actors Brandon Greenhouse (of Raven’s Direct from Death Row The Scottsboro Boys) as tattoo artist Antwoine and Elana Elyce as Annie’s mother Myrna, the role created in the La Jolla and New York productions by Tony Award-winning actress Tonya Pinkins.

Tevion Lanier and Ireon Roach in rehearsal for Milk Like Sugar
When cast members were asked if they felt the situations depicted in the play were realistic, they immediately and unequivocally said “yes!” Tevion Lanier, who plays Malik said, “This happens every day.  It’s not some made up story. I have friends who have gone through this. Malik is just trying to get away and make something better for himself but he still sometimes feels trapped in that environment.”
Actress Lawren Carter was asked how she gets into character as Talisha, who perpetuates the belief that the three teens have limited opportunity for a better life, Carter responded, “Talisha has a lot of layers and beneath them all is pain. She feels unloved and in turn tries to make her friends feel like they are also unloved. She does this because she doesn’t want to be alone in her feelings of worthlessness”.

The New York Times’ Charles Isherwood said Milk Like Sugar is “a provocative new play” with “a distinctive view of a matter of vital currency, crisply delineated characters who reveal more layers as the play proceeds, richly funny vernacular dialogue.” As The Yard’s actors take on roles that are close to home in this coming of age play, a ride through modern realism awaits audience viewers. This is the second production of The Yard’s inaugural season. The first, The Fourth Graders Present an Unnamed Love Suicide, presented in artistic alliance with The Hypocrites, was praised by the Sun-Times’ Hedy Weiss for its “uncannily brilliant performances” in Weiss’s “Best Theatre of 2015” year-end wrap-up.

Milk Like Sugar will be performed Wednesday, January 13 (preview – all seats $10.00) and Thursdays – Saturdays at 7:30 pm, plus Saturdays at 4:00 p, from January 14 – 23, 2016. Tickets are $10.00 for students and $15.00 for adults. Tickets may be ordered onlne or by phone at 773-339-2177.

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Attorney General Loretta E. Lynch and U.S. Senator Kirk Statements on Capture of Joaquin ‘Chapo’ Guzman Loera

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Attorney General Loretta E. Lynch released the following statement on the capture of Joaquin ‘Chapo’ Guzman Loera:

“Today’s capture of Joaquin ‘Chapo’ Guzman Loera by Mexican authorities is a blow to the international drug-trafficking syndicate he is alleged to have led, a victory for the citizens of both Mexico and the United States, and a vindication of the rule of law in our countries.  Guzman’s latest attempt to escape has failed, and he will now have to answer for his alleged crimes, which have resulted in significant violence, suffering and corruption on multiple continents.  I commend the Government of Mexico for this arrest, and I salute the Mexican law enforcement and military personnel who have worked tirelessly in recent months to bring Guzman to justice.  The U.S. Department of Justice is proud to maintain a close and effective relationship with our Mexican counterparts, and we look forward to continuing our work together to ensure the safety and security of all our people.”

Illinois U.S. Senator Kirk Statement on Capture of Drug Kingpin “El Chapo” Guzman

CHICAGO – U.S. Senator Mark Kirk (R-Ill.) released the following statement today after the Mexican government reported that notorious drug kingpin Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman has been captured. He escaped for the second time from a Mexican maximum security prison last summer and has been on the run ever since.

“It is a relief that Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, Chicago’s Public Enemy No. 1, has finally been captured after six months on the run. El Chapo has flooded the streets of Chicago with drugs, including heroin, and empowered dangerous gangs that have taken far too many lives in Chicago and our suburbs. El Chapo, who along with the Sinaloa Cartel is thought to be responsible for more than 80 percent of the street drugs sold in Chicago, should immediately be extradited to the United States, prosecuted and convicted so we can be certain he is punished for the crimes he has committed.”

Ex Boyz II Men Member on Why He Left the Group — Says, “It All Came Down To Money”

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Michael McCary and Boyz II Men

Nationwide (BlackNews.com) — If you’ve been to a Boyz II Men concert lately, you may have noticed that there are no longer four members. Just Nathan, Wanya, and Sean are the performers these days, but what ever happened to bass singer Michael McCary?


Well, he finally came out and said why he is no longer with the group. Via a YouTube video, he said, “For four years…I’ve been working out my body to get my health right, to get my body right… get my mind right. It’s time to just go ‘head and move forward.”He continued, “The initial thing was we were supposed to do a reuinion a couple years back and it all came down to money. It all came down to the fellas wanted to split three ways, instead four ways and wanted to pay me basically like a baggage handler. And it just… just didn’t make sense to me.”

This was his response to the other member’s claims that there was a “lack of committment” on his part, and his “scoliosis” claims.

In an earlier 2011 interview, however, McCrary said that God removed him from the group for “other blessings”. He also mentioned that he was in the process of launching an independent record label with new artists. He is also reportedly looking to start an acting career.

For more details about Boyz II Men and what the group is doing nowadays, visit www.boyziimen.com

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