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Chicago Police Sued to Force Release of Evidence of Possible Cell Phone Spying

Posted by Admin On June - 10 - 2014 Comments Off on Chicago Police Sued to Force Release of Evidence of Possible Cell Phone Spying

The City of Chicago and Chicago Police Department were sued Friday to force release of evidence that the department has purchased equipment that allows them to covertly scan people’s cell phones for detecting telephone numbers dialed and texted, tracking their location, and cell phones’ unique device identification numbers.

Cell site simulators, also known as IMSI catchers or stingrays, masquerade as cellphone towers to obtain data secretly from nearby cellular user devices.

“Many believe that Chicago Police have already deployed this kind of technology at protests,” said Matt Topic of Loevy & Loevy Attorneys at Law, which represents Chicago resident Freddy Martinez in the suit. “Local police departments in other states have widely used the technology, and have kept it secret, even to the courts, and even when it has been used to obtain evidence in a criminal case.”

“If the Chicago Police aren’t running afoul of the Fourth Amendment, they should have nothing to hide,” said Mr. Martinez. “This information will allow the public to learn the extent to which Chicago Police have this technology, and once we have that, we’ll pursue more information about how it is being used and whether Chicago Police are routinely using it to violate the Constitution.”

Mr. Martinez filed a FOIA request with Chicago Police looking for records documenting the purchase of this equipment. “FOIA and the Illinois Constitution are clear that all records related to the use of public funds are subject to disclosure,” said Topic, “yet Chicago Police have stonewalled Mr. Martinez for months.”

Fed up with the lack of transparency on this important public issue, Mr. Martinez filed suit last Friday to force Chicago Police to produce these records. The ACLU and others are pursuing similar records in other states.

“Should federal, state, or local law enforcement be allowed to trick your cell phone into sharing information like your location, the numbers your called or texted, or your unique device ID without your consent?” asked Martinez. “Should they be deploying this kind of technology in secret? We don’t think so.”

Copies of the suit, Freddy Martinez v. Chicago Police Department, et al., No. 2014CH09565, are available by emailing andy@loevy.com

FACTSHEET: Making Student Loans More Affordable

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President Obama declared 2014 a year of action – vowing to use the power of his pen and phone to help ensure that hardworking Americans have the opportunity to succeed. And this week will be no different. With a focus on supporting hardworking Americans and upholding our country’s commitment to provide a quality education for all of our students, the President is again taking action. Today, he will deliver remarks at the White House, announcing new executive actions to further lift the burden of crushing student loan debt, including a Presidential Memorandum that will allow an additional 5 million borrowers with federal student loans to cap their monthly payments at just 10 percent of their income. A fact sheet detailing these new steps is below.

Tomorrow the President will do a live Q and A with Tumblr, answering questions directly from consumers across the country about this crucial issue. At both of those events, and throughout this week ahead of their upcoming vote, the President will use every opportunity to urge Congress to do their part by passing Senate Democrats’ bill to help more young people save money by refinancing their federal student loans.

From reforming the student loan system and increasing Pell Grants to offering millions of students the opportunity to cap their monthly student loan payments at 10 percent of their income, making a degree more affordable and accessible has been a longtime priority for the President. But he knows there is much more work to do and that’s what this week is all about.

FACTSHEET: Making Student Loans More Affordable

A postsecondary education is the single most important investment that Americans can make in their futures. Higher education results in higher earnings and a lower risk of unemployment, but for too many low- and middle-income families this essential rung on the ladder to opportunity and advancement is slipping out of reach.  Over the past three decades, the average tuition at a public four-year college has more than tripled, while a typical family’s income has barely budged.  More students than ever are relying on loans to pay for college.  Today, 71 percent of those earning a bachelor’s degree graduate with debt, which averages $29,400.  While most students are able to repay their loans, many feel burdened by debt, especially as they seek to start a family, buy a home, launch a business, or save for retirement.

The President and his Administration have a long track record of taking steps to make college more affordable and accessible for families. And as part of his year of action to expand opportunity for all Americans, the President is committed to building on these efforts by using his pen and his phone to make student debt more affordable and more manageable to repay.

Today the President will use the power of his pen to help millions of borrowers afford their student loan payments. He will sign a new Presidential Memorandum directing the Secretary of Education to propose regulations that would allow nearly 5 million additional federal direct student loan borrowers the opportunity to cap their student loan payments at 10 percent of their income.  The Presidential Memorandum also outlines a series of new executive actions aimed to support federal student loan borrowers, especially for vulnerable borrowers who may be at greater risk of defaulting on their loans.

Today the President will also reiterate his call for the Senate to pass legislation that could help an estimated 25 million Americans refinance outstanding student loans at lower interest rates, the same as those available to federal student loan borrowers taking out loans this year.  This move could save a typical student $2,000 over the life of his or her loans.

The Challenge of Student Debt: The challenges of managing student loan debt can lead some borrowers to fall behind on their loan payments and in some cases even default on their debt obligation, with such consequences as a damaged credit rating, losing their tax refund, or garnished wages. Because credit ratings are increasingly scrutinized in making employment offers, financing a home, or even opening a bank account, a damaged credit rating can further reduce borrowers’ ability to repay their loans.   Today’s actions build on the Administration’s significant progress in creating flexible repayment options for borrowers and raising awareness about the steps borrowers can take to responsibly manage their debt.

Capping Student Loan Payments at 10 Percent of Income: Today, the President will direct the Secretary of Education to ensure that student loans remain affordable for all who borrowed federal direct loans as students by allowing them cap their payments at 10 percent of their monthly incomes.  The Department will begin the process to amend its regulations this fall with a goal of making the new plan available to borrowers by December 2015.

With legislation passed by Congress and signed by the President in 2010 and regulations adopted by the Administration in 2012, most students taking out loans today can already cap their loan payments at 10 percent of their incomes.  Monthly payments will be set on a sliding scale based upon income.  Any remaining balance is forgiven after 20 years of payments, or 10 years for those in public service jobs. However, this Pay As You Earn (PAYE) option is not available to students with older loans (those who borrowed before October 2007 or who have not borrowed since October 2011), although they can access similar, less generous options.  No existing repayment options will be affected, and the new repayment proposal will also aim to include new features to target the plan to struggling borrowers.

This executive action is expected to help up to 5 million borrowers who may be struggling with student loans today.  For students that need to borrow to finance college, PAYE provides an important assurance that student loan debt will remain manageable.  Because the PAYE plan is based in part on a borrower’s income after leaving school, it shares with students the risk of taking on debt to invest in higher education.

Many student loan borrowers are working and trying to responsibly make their monthly payments, but are nonetheless struggling with burdensome debt.  For example, a 2009 graduate earning about $39,000 a year as a fourth year teacher, with student loan debt of $26,500, would have his or her initial monthly payments reduced by $126 under the President’s Pay As You Earn plan compared with monthly payments under the standard repayment plan and would see a reduction in annual loan payments of over $1,500.

Doing All We Can to Help Students Repay their Loans: The President today will also direct the Secretaries of Education and the Treasury to work together to do all they can to help borrowers manage their student loan debts. Specifically, the Departments will:

  1. Strengthen Incentives for Loan Contractors to Serve Students Well: The Department of Education administers the federal student loan program through performance-based contracts with private companies awarded through a competitive process.  Rather than specifying every step of the servicing process, as was done in the guaranteed loan program that ended in 2010, these contracts provide companies with incentives to find new and innovative ways to best serve students and taxpayers and to ensure that borrowers are repaying their loans.  Today, the Department announced that it will renegotiate its contracts with federal loan servicers to strengthen financial incentives to help borrowers repay their loans on time, lower payments for servicers when loans enter delinquency or default, and increase the value of borrowers’ customer satisfaction when allocating new loan volume.  These changes will improve the way that servicers are compensated to better ensure high-quality servicing for student loan borrowers.
  2. Ensure Active-Duty Military Get the Relief They Are Entitled to: The Servicemember Civil Relief Act requires all lenders to cap interest rates on student loans – including federal student loans — at 6 percent for eligible servicemembers.  The Department of Education already directs its loan servicers to match their student borrower portfolios against the Department of Defense’s database to identify eligible active-duty servicemembers.  Now, the Department of Education will reduce those interest rates automatically for those eligible without the need for additional paperwork. It will also provide additional guidance to Federal Family Education Loan program servicers to provide for a similar streamlined process.
  3. Work with the Private Sector to Promote Awareness of Repayment Options: The Secretary of the Treasury and the Secretary of Education will work with Intuit, Inc. and H&R Block, two of the U.S.’s largest tax preparation firms, to communicate information about federal student loan repayment options with millions of borrowers during the tax filing process — a time when people are thinking about their finances. The Administration is continuing its partnership with Intuit. through its TurboTax product, which serves around 28 million tax filers.  The Administration will also form a new partnership with H&R Block, serving approximately 15 million tax filers through its 11,000 retail locations, and an additional 7 million tax filers through its digital tax products. Partnerships like these will give us the opportunity to provide information about federal student loan repayment, building upon our work during the most recent tax season by exploring different messages and the timing of information to best help borrowers in evaluating their federal loan repayment options.
  4. In addition, the Administration will work with Intuit to explore ways to communicate with federal student loan borrowers through Intuit’s free personal financial management product, Mint.com. Mint is used by 15 million people for financial management and advice, and partnering with Mint provides the opportunity to communicate with their 15 million users about income-driven repayment options. Mint includes the capability to provide personalized information about federal loan repayment options, based upon the information that a user has already provided to Mint.
  5. Use Innovative Communication Strategies to Help Vulnerable Borrowers: Too many borrowers are still unaware of the flexible repayment options currently available to them, especially when they run into difficulties in managing their payments.  The Department of Education is redoubling its efforts to identify borrowers who may be struggling to repay and provide them with timely information about their options supporting them through the repayment process and helping them avoid or get out of default.  Last year, the Department’s efforts led to more than 124,000 borrowers enrolling in an income-driven repayment plan like Income-Based Repayment or the Pay As You Earn plan Moving forward, the Department of Education will test new ways to reach 2.5 million borrowers with the greatest risk of encountering payment difficulty, such as borrowers who have left college without completing their education, missed their first loan payment, and those who have defaulted on low balances loans to get them back on track with their loan payments.  The Department will also evaluate these strategies to identify which can be used on a larger scale and which are the most effective.
  6. Promote Stronger Collaborations to Improve Information for Students and Families: All student borrowers are required to receive loan counseling when they first borrow federal student loans and when they leave school, but little is known about the effectiveness of these programs.  Working with student debt researchers and student advocates, the Department of Education and the Department of Treasury will also develop and launch a pilot project to test the effectiveness of loan counseling resources, including the Department of Education’s Financial Awareness Counseling Tool.  The lessons learned will be considered for future actions by the Department and shared with outside partners like the National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators to improve loan counseling activities at colleges and universities throughout the country.  Another way to reach student borrowers is by working with professional associations to provide customized information about repayment options.  Today, the Administration is announcing its commitment to work with the American Federation of Teachers, National Education Association, American Association of Colleges of Nursing, American Association of Nurse Practitioners, American Nurses Association, American Association of Physician Assistants, Business Forward, City Year, National Association of Social Workers, Physician Assistants Education Association, SEIU and the YMCA of the USA to provide comprehensive information about repayment options and federal student aid resources that are available to them. Moving forward, the Administration will continue to engage organizations, institutions of higher education, and others to ensure that all borrowers have access to the resources and information they need to responsibly manage the repayment of their student loans.

Additional Actions to Reduce Indebtedness and Promote College Affordability: Helping Students and Families Access Education Tax Benefits. In addition to helping borrowers manage their student loan debt, the Department of Education and the Department of Treasury will also work together to educate students, families, financial aid administrators, and tax preparers to ensure that all students and families understand what education tax benefits they are eligible for and receive the benefits for which they qualify.  In 2009, the President created the American Opportunity Tax Credit (AOTC), which provides up to $2,500 to help pay for each year of college. But the process of claiming education tax credits like the AOTC can be complex for many students, including for the 9 million students who receive Pell Grants, and hundreds of millions of dollars of education credits go unclaimed each year.  To help address this complexity, the Department of Treasury will release a fact sheet clarifying how Pell Grant recipients may claim the AOTC.

Source: Whitehouse.gov

Black Expert Teaches How to Buy and Sell Stocks

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Want to learn how to make money buying and selling stocks? Flip That Stock will teach you!

Flip That Stock

Nationwide — Everyday people hear about the stock market, however, few people really understand how it works and how to actively buy and sell stocks and make money. FLip That Stock (www.FLipThatStock.com) is changing that. FLip That Stock is an education, stock screening and stock picking company that caters to everyday people rather than Wall Street insiders. “Millions of people want to know how the stock market works and how they can make money and we are teaching them,” says J.R. Fenwick, Founder and CEO of FLip That Stock. “Our unique, fun and easy teaching approach is spreading across the country like crazy,” he continues.

Fenwick has been buying and selling stocks for over 15 years, and started the company when friends and even strangers began repeatedly asking him to teach them how the stock market works and how to make money buying and selling stocks.

Fenwick recently partnered with Cheryl Broussard, Former Financial Advisor on CNN and CBS MarketWatch, contributor to the Wall Street Journal, a former stock broker and Manager of a $75 million dollar fund.

“Cheryl brings a wealth of knowledge, experience, skill and talent to FLip That Stock and we are excited to have her on board,” says Fenwick

“We literally were talking one day and hit it off so well that the next day we began working together,” Broussard says.

Even though Fenwick and Broussard have very different backgrounds they make a perfect team. Fenwick is self-taught and specializes in short-term trading, while Broussard is a Wall Street veteran who’s passion is long term investing.

FLip That Stock’s mission is simple… teach EVERYONE how the stock market works and how to actively buy and sell stocks to make money.

“The first part of teaching people is debunking the myths and misconceptions that many people have about the stock market, such as, you have to have millions of dollars, an MBA from Harvard and spend all day looking at stock charts on a computer screen to start buying and selling stocks. Or that it is just too risky and you will lose all your money. With the proper education, people will understand they can make money annually, quarterly, monthly, weekly, daily and even within minutes and seconds from buying and selling stocks, while minimizing risks. Learning to buy and sell stocks is a skill set you can use for the rest of your life,” Fenwick says.

FLip That Stock (www.FLipThatStock.com) offers excellent educational programs through their memberships, live seminars, conference calls, webinars and coaching programs that teach people step-by-step how to start buying and selling stocks. Also included is stock screening and stock picking services.

“The response has been overwhelming since we launched. People have been flooding our website at FLipThatStock.com to learn how to get started. Learning how to buy and sell stocks is a valuable skill set that is one of the keys to taking control of your financial future outside of a job and the fact that you can do it from your laptop, tablet or even smartphone from anywhere in the world makes it even more appealing to people” Fenwick says.

Fenwick and Broussard are set to tour the country doing LIVE seminars to educate people on the stock market. The tour kicks off Saturday June 14 in the Washington, D.C. area. For more details, visit www.SeminarRegistration.VIPRespond.com

With a TV and radio show, smartphone app, trading hardware and software all in development, Flip That Stock’s future is brighter than ever and is like a fast rising stock.

J.R. Fenwick is available for interviews and seminars that will enlighten, educate and entertain. He can be contacted at FLipThatStock@gmail.com

Raoul: Signing Chicago pension reform a “difficult but responsible action” for governor

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SPRINGFIELD, IL –Illinois  State Senator Kwame Raoul (D-Chicago 13th) issued the following statement on Governor Pat Quinn’s decision to sign into law the pension reform legislation Raoul brokered for two major Chicago pension funds:

Signing this legislation was a difficult but responsible action for the governor to take, and I applaud his courage in this sensitive matter. The fiscal health of our state’s anchor city and its workers was at stake, and the General Assembly put before the governor a negotiated and sustainable solution that will give two major retirement systems a much-needed course correction. It was critically important in this instance for the governor to act as a responsible chief executive, and he did so today. With every pension reform measure carefully constructed on a foundation of sound financial principles and responsibility both to the taxpayers and to the workers who keep our state and cities running, we move closer to a situation of fiscal stability that benefits everyone.

Howard University Remembers Journalist and Professor Raymond H. Boone, Sr.; Funeral Services Today

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When Howard University alumni discuss legendary journalism professors, Raymond H. Boone Sr. is at the top of the list. Boone, who died on Tuesday after battling pancreatic cancer, taught at Howard for nearly a decade before starting the award-winning Richmond Free Press in 1992. He was revered as a tough educator who challenged his students, emphasizing excellence and ethics.

“We are deeply saddened to hear of the loss of Ray Boone, publisher, editor and teacher, who had a profound impact on the black press, and the national media, using the printed word to convey vital information in the lives of African Americans,” said Gracie Lawson-Borders, Ph.D., dean of the School of Communications.

“Professor Boone was a luminary,” said Naomi Travers, editor-in-chief of The Hilltop, the campus newspaper, from 1987 to 1988, who specializes in media law. “He was the best journalism professor I had at HU and one of the best professors I had university-wide, hands down.”

“I had his copy editing class while at HU – tough class; great professor,” said Christopher Cathcart, president of the One Diaspora Group. “We can all remember a handful of instructors from our college years who made a real impact; Ray Boone was one of them for me.”

“More than any of my HU professors, Boone shaped my career path,” said Nicole Crawford-Tichawonna, associate editor of FierceforBlackWomen.com.

Bishetta Merritt, Ph.D., interim chair of the Department of Media, Journalism and Film, said that “my fondest memories are of working with him on writing a set of bylaws that would address the needs of journalists, scholars and practitioners.”

“He was a phenomenal colleague, a dedicated newsman and an excellent teacher,” Dr. Merritt said. “He made the material come alive.”

Clint C. Wilson II, Ph.D., emeritus professor of journalism and Communication, Culture and Media Studies, said: “Ray was the epitome of a journalistic advocate for African Americans and he spared no one – black, white or otherwise – in his vigorous pursuit of justice and equality for all citizens.”

“I was aware of his reputation as a no-nonsense journalist of character and integrity,” said Lawrence Kaggwa, Ph.D., who hired Boone when he was chair of the Department of Journalism. “He inspired me to start the District Chronicles,” a community newspaper serving the Washington region.

Time and Black Enterprise magazines praised Boone as a pioneering role model for the Black Press. Boone, who was inducted into the Virginia Communications Hall of Fame in 2000, was an international correspondent for the National Newspaper Publishers Association and also worked for the Norfolk Journal and Guide, the Quincy (Mass.) Patriot-Ledger and the Suffolk (Va.) News-Herald, his hometown paper.

A Pulitzer Prize juror, Boone received a bachelor’s in journalism at Boston University and a master’s in political science at Howard University. Funeral services are pending, and a memorial is being planned in Washington, D.C., at a later date. Boone, 76, is survived by his wife, Jean, two children, Regina and Raymond Jr., and a grandson, Raymond III.

“Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. said, ‘The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy,'” noted Hazel Trice Edney, president of the Capital Press Club, who teaches journalism at Howard and was part of Boone’s “boot camp” at the Richmond Free Press.

“By pushing beyond the limits, he used the pen to tear down vestiges of white supremacy, to open doors for the left out, and he fearlessly confronted injustices and racism wherever they raised their ugly heads,” Edney said. “He dedicated his life to this cause.”

John William Templeton, another Boone boot camp survivor and Howard alumnus, evoked the founders of Freedom’s Journal, the first black newspaper. “I celebrate Ray Boone on his passing for continuing to pass the torch that John Russwurm and Rev. Samuel Cornish lit in 1827 when they proclaimed, ‘We wish to plead our own cause.'”

Greg E. Carr, Ph.D., JD, chair, of the Department of Afro-American Studies, put Boone’s legacy in a global perspective. “He did more than capture the spirit of our people,” Dr. Carr explained. “He held a mirror to our community so that we’d never forget what and who we are and what we must still do and be.”

“There is no higher aspiration or accomplishment for the chronicler.”


Founded in 1867, Howard University is a private, research university that is comprised of 13 schools and colleges. Students pursue studies in more than 120 areas leading to undergraduate, graduate and professional degrees. Since 1998, the University has produced two Rhodes Scholars, two Truman Scholars, a Marshall Scholar, 30 Fulbright Scholars and 11 Pickering Fellows. Howard also produces more on campus African-American Ph.D. recipients than any other university in the United States. For more information on Howard University, call 202-238-2330, or visit the University’s Web site at www.howard.edu.


Schedule of Services
for Crusading Editor Ray Boone

Final tributes will be paid to Raymond H. Boone at 12:30 p.m. Tuesday, June 10, at New Deliverance Evangelistic Church. The 2,500-seat church is located at 1701 Turner Road in Chesterfield County.

Before the service, a wake to honor Mr. Boone will be held from 5 to 7 p.m. Monday, June 9, at St. Philip’s Episcopal Church. Location: 2900 Hanes Ave. on North Side. A Kappa Alpha Psi Memorial Service will follow the wake.

The family requests that in lieu of flowers, memorial contributions be made to the VCU Massey Development Office, P.O. Box 980214, Richmond, Va. 23298.

Or, another opportunity to pay tribute is to place a message through the Richmond Free Press advertising department, Shandalaws@richmondfreepress.com or call 804-644-0496.

Two Goodman Theatre Productions Slated for 2014 International Theatre Festival Engagements

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Teatro Buendia’s Pedro Paramo to Appear at the Encuentro Festival in Canada (June 21-28); The White Snake to Appear at the Wuzhen Theatre Festival in China (November 7-9)

CHICAGO, IL – Goodman Theatre proudly announces that two of its productions will have a life beyond US borders in 2014. Pedro Páramo, a collaboration with Cuba’s Teatro Buendía that premiered at the Goodman in 2013, is one of three major Latin American works invited to perform at the 9th biennial Encuentro Festival (June 21-28)—a celebration and symposium on performance throughout the Americas, held this year in Montréal, Québec. In addition, Tony Award-winning director Mary Zimmerman’s production of The White Snake (on stage through Sunday, June 8 at the Goodman) will appear in China as part of the 2nd annual Wuzhen Theatre Festival (November 7-9), a mix of international and Chinese theater in the ancient water town of Wuzhen, near Shanghai.

“The Goodman continues to make international contributions as it participates in festivals in Canada and China this year,” said Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel. “Congratulations to all involved with Pedro Páramo and The White Snake. Chicago is a cultural capital, and now the world will enjoy the rich and vibrant talent from our very own Goodman Theatre.”

Said Goodman Artistic Director Robert Falls,“We are proud and excited to introduce international audiences to Mary Zimmerman and Henry Godinez, two artists of our distinguished Artistic Collective, through these important productions. Both of these works are rooted in two of the most significant stories in their respective cultures, and each bears the unique aesthetic of its creator. It’s extremely special to be invited to participate in these prestigious world festivals.”


Manilow Resident Director Mary Zimmerman’s “unique theatrical language is more powerful than ever” (Chicago Reader) in The White Snake, commissioned by the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, where it premiered in February 2012 followed by runs at Berkeley Repertory (November 2012), McCarter Theatre Center, NJ (October 2013) and the Goodman (May/June 2014).

Stan Lai, Artistic Director of the Wuzhen Theatre Festival, commented, “We greatly anticipate the performances of the Goodman Theatre’s The White Snake, written and directed by the eminent US director Mary Zimmerman, at the Wuzhen Theatre. Already the production is gathering interest in China as an American take on a timeless Chinese folk tale that coincidentally comes from the Wuzhen area. As the closing performance of this year’s Festival, The White Snake will form a fascinating bookend to Tian Qinxing’s Green Snake, a play based on the same folklore, which will open the Festival. We are excited at this collaboration, and give thanks to the Goodman, which has been such a wonderful collaborator, for this opportunity to bring such a major work of the American theater to China. We also thank Bill Rauch of the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, where The White Snake originated, for originating the possibilities of the collaboration. We look forward to a rich and multi-leveled cross-cultural experience in Wuzhen this fall.”

Added Mary Zimmerman, “It is a great honor and a personal dream to have our version of this time-honored tale embraced by the artists and producers of the Wuzhen Festival. The White Snake is a dreamy story of union and reunion, and it seems fitting that we will now all join hands together in China, across so much time and distance, and across barriers of language and sometimes politics, to retell this tale of a universal longing towards boundless love.”


Actor/director Henry Godinez, Resident Artistic Associate and curator of the Goodman’s ongoing Latino Theatre Fest, appears in the title role of Pedro Páramo. Adapted from Juan Rulfo’s 1955 novel by Director Flora Lauten and Raquel Carrío, the production features a cast of Cuban and Chicago actors.

“We’re thrilled to reunite with our Teatro Buendía colleagues and to continue to develop this groundbreaking production at the Hemispheric Institute’s Encuentro Festival, which investigates and celebrates performance practices throughout the Western Hemisphere,” said Godinez. “The ‘Hemi’s’ inclusion of Teatro Buendía of Cuba/Goodman Theatre’s co-production of Pedro Páramo demonstrates the significance of this international collaboration, and illustrates the potential of cultural exchange as a catalyst for change.”

ReMARCs: Cincinnati, Here We Come!

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Opening ReMARCs

By Marc H. Morial

President & CEO, National Urban League

The countdown has begun! In seven weeks, thousands of Urban Leaguers, partners, supporters and friends will gather in the “Queen City” of Cincinnati, OH for the 2014 National Urban League Annual Conference.

The conference – “One Nation Underemployed: Bridges to Jobs and Justice” – will be held July 23rd – 26th at the Duke Energy Convention Center.  For these four days, we will celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Civil Rights Act and confront crises including jobs, education, voting rights and other civil rights issues of the 21st century with strategies and actionable plans for economic recovery and empowerment for all.  This will be a must-attend event that includes something for everyone.

With leaders and influencers across the business, political and community sectors, our jobs-focused Conference will empower attendees with unmatched professional, networking, civic engagement, business development and cultural/entertainment opportunities.  From sessions on launching a business and creating sustainable wealth to the ultimate interactive music experience to a star-studded premier of a major motion picture, the Conference will also feature empowering workshops during which participants and attendees will come together to discuss topics from equity and economic policy to health and housing.

Highlights include our Small Business Matters Entrepreneurship Summit; Urban League Live at the Macy’s Music Festival; Women of Power Awards; Whitney M. Young Jr. Awards Gala; Career and Networking Fair; Red Carpet Movie Screening; College Fair; and a celebration of the 15th Anniversary of the National Urban League Young Professionals.

Home to the Smithsonian-affiliated National Underground Railroad Freedom Center, the Cincinnati Reds, gorgeous architecture and a vibrant cultural, dining and nightlife scene, Cincinnati has been excitedly anticipating our arrival – and we will not disappoint.  I encourage you to reserve your space by registering now for the premier civil rights and urban advocacy conference of the year.  I look forward to seeing you!

Have You Heard About Moral Monday?

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Last year civil rights activists gathered in North Carolina for the very first Moral Monday. Our state legislature was passing a series of bills to crush working people, and it was time to say “no more.”

What began with dozens of people has since grown into peaceful protests of hundreds upon thousands. When state legislatures began following the lead of North Carolina, activists in those states rose up as well, and demanded their elected officials work for the people, not against them.

Six states now have Moral Monday movements. Let them know you support their work by sharing their message with everyone you know.

Share this graphic in support of Moral Monday protesters in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, and Missouri today.

I support the Moral Monday protesters.
In February, at our 15,000-strong Moral March on Raleigh, we had a message we wanted our elected officials to hear: Kicking hard-working people when they’re down is not just bad policy, it’s against the common good and disregards human rights. It is a refusal to lean to the better angels of ourselves.

Peaceful protesters in these states face elected officials hellbent on pushing through bills to slash Medicaid, raise taxes on the working and the poor, cripple education, deny rights to workers, women, and the LGBT community, and make it more difficult to vote.

They are working hard, and the more people who know about their struggle, the greater their strength and resolve will be as they fight for those who do not have a voice.

Share your message with the Moral Monday protesters today:


Thank you,

Reverend William Barber II
President, North Carolina State Conference

P.S. Watch the Moral Monday video here.

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Men Don’t Cheat on Women – The Reason Will Shock You

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Hardcore Love Relationship Book Sparks Heated Debate

New York, NY (BlackNews.com) — The only thing more startling than D.W. Leonard’s 6 foot 7 inch frame is what comes out of his mouth. The love activist and author of the motivation, self-discovery book, HARDCORE LOVE: Getting the Life, Love & Relationship You Want, boldly states that it’s impossible for a man to cheat on a woman.

When pressed to explain the statement, Leonard flashes a charming, boyish smile before suggesting that every woman should read his book. The author and director of the Off Broadway stage plays, “In Black & White,” “I Can Do Bad by Myself,” and “I’m Every Woman,” has now turned his provocative theatrical eye toward the literary world.

The new book guides readers using the HARDCORE LOVE Philosophy. Anyone seeking love will learn to identify their relationship issues and why they hit dead ends instead of the altar. HARDCORE LOVE teaches you to:

* Love yourself first
* Understand your love receptors and your 7 Emotional Pillars of Love
* Love in a state of total confidence
* Move past desire and reach your relationship’s highest point

“All of my plays are about the passion and conflict of relationship. This book was a natural next step,” says the gentle giant.

Passion and conflict seem to be right up Leonard’s alley. Dr. Love, as he is called by his social media faithful, regularly gives his opines. His thoughts are quite incendiary, like his ideas that physical appearance means very little to men and that any woman can get any man she wants. Not all agree with his radical views and some of the opposition is quite vocal. “I’ve been called a few names,” he recalls.

Dr. Love says that he enjoys talking to women, especially those who disagree with him. True to its author, this book is going to provide readers with plenty of riveting conversation.

About 4th of July Entertainment
4TH OF JULY ENTERTAINMENT (4OJ) is a multi-media, entertainment, and production company that showcases the inspirational, critically acclaimed work of D.W. Leonard. 4OJ began in the year 2000, producing stage- plays Off-Broadway. D.W.’s outrageous material targets audiences who enjoy reality based comedy with wit, wisdom and social commentary. 4OJ’s goal is to entertain audiences with books, stage-plays and films that leave viewers laughing out loud, emotionally moved with new ideas about Life.

For more information, visit www.4thofjulyent.com

Photo Caption: Bookcover and author, D.W. Leonard

Communist Party USA 30th National Convention

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The 30th national convention of the Communist Party USA will open on Friday June13 at the University of Illinois at Chicago campus. Over 300 delegates and guests are expected.

“Organizing low wage workers, combating climate change and fighting racism, sexism, homophobia and all forms of bigotry top the convention’s agenda” according to Sam Webb, the CPUSA’s national chairman.

Webb will deliver the convention’s keynote in the university’s Illinois ballroom Friday afternoon.

Friday evening Peoplesworld.org, successor to the Daily Worker, is sponsoring a panel discussion “Working for a Living: New Challenges” featuring Teresa Albano, co-editor of Peoplesworld.org, Howard Kling, Secretary, International Labor Communications Association AFL-CIO, Rasheen Aldrige, from St. Louis’ Can’t Survive on $7.35, and Naquasia LeGrand, from New York City’s Fast food forward movement. LeGrand was a recent guest on the Steven Colbert show.

The event is open to the public.

Saturday evening the convention will host an international evening featuring guests from Bangladesh, Cuba, Brazil, Georgia, Great Britain, Mexico South Africa and Vietnam.

“Globalization has made us all interconnected” said Emile Schepers, who is working with the international delegation. “We anxious to hear about their experiences.”

“Electoral campaigns, immigrant rights, online organizing, combating voter suppression: you name it, we’ll be discussing it,” remarked convention organizer John Bachtell. “We’re looking forward to seeing everyone in Chicago.”

Media will be accredited upon presentation of a press pass from respective news organizations. Please write Press@cpusa.org to apply for press credential by June 12

Details follow:

Who: Communist Party USA 30th National Convention

When: June 13 to June 15

Where: University of Illinois at Chicago 750 S Halsted St., Illinois Room, Chicago Illinois

Convention starts at 3:00 PM Central.

Contact: Press@cpusa.org Joe Sims 917-402-9220

Rossana Cambron 562-728-7895

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