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Wells Fargo to Lend $100 Billion to Small Businesses by 2018

Posted by Admin On May - 23 - 2014 Comments Off on Wells Fargo to Lend $100 Billion to Small Businesses by 2018

New America Media

By Deepak Chitnis

Wells Fargo to Lend $100 Billion to Small Businesses by 2018

NEW YORK — Wells Fargo has officially launched its newest initiative geared specifically at budding entrepreneurs looking to help their small businesses grow, entitled Wells Fargo Works for Small Business.

The initiative was unveiled this past weekend, at the first-ever South Asian Young Women Entrepreneurs (SAY WE) conference that took place at the Condé Nast building in Times Square on May 17. Wells Fargo was a key sponsor of the SAY WE conference, helping to foster entrepreneurial spirit in the South Asian community.

“We know that the Asian small business community is the first one to achieve entrepreneurial parity,” said Nancy Wong, Senior Vice-President of Wells Fargo’s Asian Segment Manager. “We have seen the momentum grow in very specific regions, specifically the tri-state area [New York, New Jersey, Connecticut] and California.”

Wells Fargo, which has been the largest small business lender for the last 11 years, also announced their goal of lending $100 billion to small business by 2018.

Wong said that this is an aggregate goal for all businesses, South Asian and otherwise, but that Wells Fargo has resources meant specifically for Asian business owners.

“We host several financial seminars and workshops, across the Wells Fargo footprint, that partner specifically with Asian chamber associations and trade associations,” said Wong. “These solidify our commitment to providing resources and guidance to the Asian small business community.”

Featuring a congregation of some of the best and brightest minds in the tri-state area’s South Asian entrepreneurial scene, the SAY WE conference is intended to be the first leg of a three-part series of conferences that will continue in Houston and San Francisco later this year.

The series is entitled “Raise, Rise, Rule!” and strives to help budding South Asian entrepreneurs, particularly women, by giving them the advice and resources they need to help establish and grow their small businesses.

Saturday’s event was organized by SAY WE founder Reema Rasool, who described the experience of being at the organization’s inaugural conference as “surreal.”

Rasool explained that she founded SAY WE as a way of providing young South Asian women with the advice and resources they needed, but often never have access to, in order to launch their entrepreneurial ventures. An entrepreneur herself, Rasool said that she wished these resources were available to her when she was getting started, and now wants to make sure that she can help those who are now starting to come up after her.

Two panel discussions were held, one in the morning and one during the afternoon session. The first featured South Asian American entrepreneurs Pialy Aditya (co-founder of fashion site Mintbox), Sindhya V. Kalghatgi (founder of men’s grooming label Helix), Abbas Hashmi (founder of Green Card Capital), and Wong, and centered on what one has to do to take their business idea from an intangible wish to a profitable operation.

The second panel discussion featured local New York City news anchor Joya Dass, Bibi Magazine founder Ayesha Hakki, The Cake Designer founder Parul Patel, and social media guru Adam Khan. They talked about the advantages and disadvantages of using social media to promote small businesses, and how to avoid the common pitfalls associated with the still-young but incredibly powerful online marketing tool.

Keynote addresses were given by Aroon Shivdasani and Faisal Hoque. Shivdasani is the founder of the Indo-American Arts Council and the key organizers of the annual New York Indian Film Festival, while Hoque is a writer and entrepreneur who also gave out and signed copies of his latest book, “Everything Connects.”

Hoque spoke at length about his personal story, coming to the US from Bangladesh at age 17 and, eventually, dropping out of college in Minneapolis to start his career with Pitney Bowes in Connecticut. Today, he is the founder of Shadoka Ventures, and a number of other companies. Shadoka’s portfolio of companies – which specialize in R&D driven products, services, and thought leadership – accelerates individual and organizational sustainable growth.

Hoque warned prospective business owners that people should keep in mind the lows as much as the highs, citing his own ups and downs, and the successes and failures he experienced during his career.

“There is absolutely no substitute for passion and authenticity,” Hoque said in summation of his remarks, telling future and current small business owners that being true to themselves and passionate about their ideas are ultimately what will lead them to success in the long run.

Wells Fargo’s sponsorship of SAY WE allowed for the conference to be free for attendees. Wells Fargo will continue to be a partner of SAY WE, as a sign of its increasing commitment to helping the Asian and South Asian American communities across the US.

The SAY WE conference series will continue in Houston on June 14, and will conclude in San Francisco on August 9.

This story was produced for American Bazaar and for New America Media as part of a Wells Fargo sponsored project to report on the state of Asian Pacific American small business.

Editor’s Note: The headline on an earlier version of this article incorrectly stated loans were for Asian small businesses only. We have amended the headline to accurately reflect that loans are for all small businesses. NAM regrets the mistake.

Image: Nancy Wong, Wells Fargo Senior Vice President Asian Segment Manager, announces a $100 billion lending goal for small businesses by 2018.

Kirk’s Veterans Priorities Pass Full Appropriations Committee With Bipartisan Support

Posted by Admin On May - 23 - 2014 Comments Off on Kirk’s Veterans Priorities Pass Full Appropriations Committee With Bipartisan Support

VA Funding Bill Now Moves to Full Senate

WASHINGTON, DC – U.S. Senator Mark Kirk (R-Ill.), Ranking Member of the Appropriations Subcommittee on Military Construction and Veterans Affairs, voted with the full Committee to pass the VA and Military Construction Appropriations Bill for Fiscal Year 2015. The bill passed with bipartisan support by a vote of 30-0.

This year’s bill addresses the ongoing VA wait list scandal and directs the VA Inspector General to conduct a review of the VA’s scheduling procedures, wait times, and management practices at all VA hospitals, including those at Illinois’ five VA hospitals. This bill also places a restriction on performance bonuses for VA medical directors, assistant directors, and senior executives. This legislation includes language that gives the Secretary of Veterans Affairs the authority to remove members of the Senior Executive Service.

“I contacted the Inspector General at the VA this week to ask him to investigate three specific findings at Hines VA Hospital: an internal memo from the Director at Hines indicating a manipulation of scheduling, a FOIA document showing payment of over $16 million in bonuses to Hines staff in the last three years, and $2 million in court settlement or payment records from veteran deaths or delays in care,” Senator Kirk said. “In the Appropriations Committee today, I was successful in blocking new bonuses and giving the IG the funding to get answers about these accusations. It is not acceptable to simply say that the VA is too big and too bureaucratic to change. Our veterans have never given up on us, and I will never give up on them.”

The following Kirk priorities were included in this year’s bill:

Veterans Affairs

  • Adds $5 million over the President’s request for the VA Inspector General to conduct a nationwide review of scheduling procedures and an audit of wait times at VA hospitals, including the five Illinois VA hospitals.
  • Prohibits bonuses for VA medical directors, assistant medical directors, and VHA SES employees until the IG report is complete and the Secretary provides an implementation plan addressing the findings and recommendations of the audit.
  • Adds $45 million for VA Minor Construction and $125 million for non-recurring maintenance, to aid in the maintenance and care of VA facilities like those in Danville, Ill.
  • Adds the following funds to address the current VA claims backlog:
  • $30 million to hire and train more claims processors
  • $10 million to expand and enhance electronic claims processing systems
  • $5 million for the Board of Veterans Appeals to address its growing backlog

Department of Defense

  • Includes $19.5 million for 33 on-base family housing units at Rock Island Arsenal.
  • Includes $7.9 million in funding to finalize the planning and design of the missile defense site in Redzikowo, Poland.

To download and listen to audio of Senator Kirk’s opening statement from this morning’s markup, please click here.

Rasmea Odeh not pleading guilty, going to trial

Posted by Admin On May - 23 - 2014 Comments Off on Rasmea Odeh not pleading guilty, going to trial

Contrary to erroneous press reports, Rasmea Odeh is not pleading guilty. Today in the U.S.District Court in Detroit, MI, she requested a change of counsel and reported to Judge Paul Borman that she is going to trial.

She has committed no crime and the government has no case. She has been in this country for 20 years, a citizen for 10 of them, and an upstanding one at that. One who supports the empowerment of immigrant women through leadership development programming she leads in Chicago. One who works closely with Black, Latino, Asian, white, and other communities in Chicago, to promote multi culturalism and racial and social justice. One who is supported so broadly by colleagues in Chicago that she was awarded an Outstanding Community Leader award by the Chicago Cultural Alliance in 2013.

The charge brought against her is just a pretext for the continuation of federal law enforcement repression against Palestinians, Arabs, and Muslims in this country. This policy attempts to scapegoat and intimidate our community into staying silent and not raising its voice against injustice.

But that will not happen. Hundreds of people are being mobilized as I speak to travel to Detroit to fill the courtroom during Rasmea’s trial and provide support. We will be here every day, showing the world that she will not be alone.

There has already been a massive outpouring of love and support for Rasmea across the U.S. and the world, because people see this prosecution for what it is, a political attack on a 66 year old Palestinian woman who has dedicated her life to progress and social justice for her people and all people. We will stand with her to fight these charges.


Be Aware of Memorial Day Scams That Prey On Service Members and Vets, Says Better Business Bureau

Posted by Admin On May - 23 - 2014 Comments Off on Be Aware of Memorial Day Scams That Prey On Service Members and Vets, Says Better Business Bureau

Chicago, IL – Memorial Day is a holiday to remember those who have served or died for our country. However, it’s also an opportunity for scammers to take advantage of both active duty service members and elderly veterans. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) warns those who have served our country and those who care for them to do careful research before giving money to military discount programs and charities.

“Donating to a charity is a wonderful way to support the families of fallen soldiers, sailors and airmen,” says Steve J. Bernas, president & CEO of Better Business Bureau serving Chicago and Northern Illinois. “However, there are scammers who dishonor our military by ripping consumers off. It’s important to be cautious before giving money to organizations or individuals who claim to be affiliated with the military.”

A few examples of these scams include:

Military loans – Loans that guarantee instant credit approval or no credit check are usually paired with extra fees and high interest rates.

Military charities – Phony charities generally provide limited information, often use urgency as a pitch point and ask for money to be wired.

Rental properties – Advertisements may promote military discounts and request money be wired. However, the property shown is not what is available or the ad was fake and the money is lost. Either way, the consumer is ripped off.

Life insurance policies – Some solicitors offer unnecessary life insurance policies that often include misleading information.

Car sales – Fake discounts are typical scams that take advantage of military personnel. They may require a fee upfront and ask for a wire transfer or the car they are selling will be found to be in poor condition after the purchase is made.

The BBB offers some tips to avoid these scams:

  • Research first. Get as much information as you can before you pay. If you cannot find reviews of the business anywhere on the internet, be wary as it is likely to be a scam.
  • Wire money with caution. Never wire transfer money to anyone you are not familiar with. Wire transfers are very hard to track which is why scammers use them frequently.
  • Use credit cards. Whenever possible, use credit cards. It is easier to track transactions, complain about charges and discuss charges with your credit card company.
  • Be careful what you click on. Do not click on links in emails from unfamiliar addresses and do not enter information on unfamiliar websites.
  • Can you find them on the internet? If you cannot find reviews of the business anywhere on the internet, be wary as it is likely to be a scam. Check the BBB Business Review to see if the business has a good rating.

The Better Business Bureau has a military arm called BBB Military Line. It provides free resources such as financial literacy information, services and scam alerts, along with complaint and dispute resolution to all military service members.

For more tips, visit www.bbb.org, like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter.

New Children’s Book Explores Friendship and Loss in Civil Rights Era

Posted by Admin On May - 23 - 2014 Comments Off on New Children’s Book Explores Friendship and Loss in Civil Rights Era

This is a revised article

Author Sandra Belton has just released a new book in her Ernestine and Amanda Series for middle grade readers entitled “Ernestine and Amanda: Goodbye, Hello”

Nationwide (BlackNews.com) — Author Sandra Belton wants to challenge the “single story” about African Americans. Her new book for middle-school readers, Ernestine and Amanda: Goodbye. Hello…, the fifth in the Ernestine and Amanda Series, does just that. It not only shares a compelling story of two middle-class girls dealing with loss, hope, and friendship in the tumultuous Civil Rights era, but also highlights another strand in the multifaceted tapestry that tells of African Americans.

“Far too often the narratives about people of color are drawn within the lines of a ‘single story,’ as identified by the Nigerian author, Chimamanda Adichie. She points out how a single story can be dangerous in undermining the truth of a people and dominating perspective about them. In fact, the reality of any group can be grasped only through a rich variety of stories,” Belton says.

When their adventures begin, Ernestine and Amanda agree on only one thing: they aren’t going to be friends. Ernestine thinks Amanda is stuck-up. Amanda thinks Ernestine is too fat. But as the girls grow up, their lives become more and more intertwined, taking them through musical competitions, summer camp, school integration, family separation and first love.

In Goodbye. Hello… as Ernestine and Amanda enter the eighth grade, their best friends, Alicia and Clovis, decide to test the “waters of integration” by attending the formerly all-white Central Elementary School. Ernestine focuses on rebuilding her friendship with Clovis after his year away. Amanda’s increasing interest in boys reaches a height at a Halloween party both girls and their friends attend. Then, when tragedy strikes, the girls find once again that they have more in common than they thought.

Young readers of all races will not only see themselves reflected in the day-to-day struggles and triumphs of Ernestine and Amanda, they can also learn more about the Civil Rights era through notes at the end of the book and an accompanying website, www.ernestineandamanda.com

“Combines a sharply observed setting of middle class African-American life in the mid 1950’s with the kind of realistic friendship story children enjoy so much,” Booklist has written of the series. “Belton writes very well…not only beautifully capturing the voices of her characters but also bringing the two feuding girls to the brink of friendship in a believable, endearing fashion.”

The e-book publication of Ernestine and Amanda: Goodbye, Hello… by Amazon CreateSpace is accompanied by the ebook release of the first four books of the series, which were originally published by Simon and Schuster in hardback and paperback form.

“Ernestine and Amanda are the keepers of my childhood memories and dreams,” Belton has said. “Their voices echo the ones I heard while chasing lightning bugs and playing at twilight with the kids down the street. The events of their lives and the heroes they celebrate are the ones of our heritage.”

Born in West Virginia and educated at Howard and George Washington Universities, Sandra Belton had a career in teaching and later in educational publishing where she developed technology components. Her first children’s book, From Miss Ida’s Porch, published in 1993, quickly gained recognition from educators and critics. Since then she has published a dozen children’s books, including McKendree, Store-Bought Baby, and The Tallest Tree, as well as the Ernestine and Amanda Series. More about Ms. Belton can be found at www.sandrabelton.com

“The stories of Ernestine & Amanda are only one thread within the rich and vibrant African-American tapestry,” Belton says, “but their stories are absolutely one of the realities. In addition to telling about the joys and mishaps of growing up, the stories of these two girls tell of the individuals, families, homes, and communities that characterized hundreds of black communities across the United States in the 1950s and 1960s, communities determined to fight for a better and fairer America.”

Ms. Belton is available for speaking engagements, interviews and classroom visits.


Ernestine and Amanda: Goodbye. Hello…
by Sandra Belton
Series: Ernestine & Amanda,br> Paperback: 182 Pages
Ebook: 125 pages
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (November 14, 2013)
ISBN-10: 1492148148
ISBN-13: 978-1492148142
Available at www.Amazon.com

More Than 400 Black Men Graduate During Morehouse College’s 130th Commencement — Including Stevie Wonder’s Son

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Morehouse 2014 Graduation Commencement

Atlanta, GA — This past weekend, 430 African American males graduated from Morehouse college during the institution’s 130th commencement. Among those graduates was Kwame Morris, the son of music legend Stevie Wonder, who was also in attendance with more than 10,000 other friends and family members.

On Saturday, May 17th, Jonathan L. Walton, the Pusey Minister of The Memorial Church at Harvard University, delivered the Baccalaureate sermon in the Martin Luther King Jr. International Chapel.

But on Sunday, May 18th, the actual commencement began at 8am on Century Campus, and despite the rainy and cold weather, the show went on outdoors. The Honorable Jeh C. Johnson (class of 1979), the 4th U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security, delivered the commencement address.

“Today, you are crowned a shining black prince, propelled by the pride of your family, entrusted with the legacy of the great Morehouse Men who preceded you and saddled with the load of expectations,” said Johnson, who received an honorary doctorate of laws. “Our society continues to need the power of your leadership and the power of your example.”

He continued, “This Morehouse brotherhood is rich, it is textured and it is deep. Your witness to this reality culminates today as mine did years ago. But what I never realized when I was here was that there is also something imperceptible and even spiritually beautiful about this Morehouse brotherhood. It is indeed something that you can only find in this brotherhood.”

Johnson later joined other members of the class of 1979 — including President John Silvanus Wilson Jr. — in celebrating their 35th reunion.

About Morehouse College
Morehouse College is the nation’s largest, private liberal arts college for men. The college offers 26 majors in three academic divisions as well programs through the Leadership Center at Morehouse College, the Morehouse Research Institute, Andrew Young Center for Global Leadership, the Martin Luther King Jr. International Chapel and the Journalism and Sports program. For more details, visit www.Morehouse.edu

To order a DVD of the historical commencement, visit:

Chicago Film Festival on WTTW11: Sister Helen, Thursday, May 29th, 10 P.M.

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Celebrating their 50th Anniversary this October 9-23, the Chicago International Film Festival is proud to partner with WTTW11 to present a different film each month from our exciting and diverse history. For the past five decades the Festival has introduced Chicago audiences to new directors, new voices and new visions from around the world. From award winners and audience favorites, to first films by acclaimed directors, this series showcases the outstanding programming that has defined the Festival since 1965.

Chicago International Film Festival 50th Anniversary presents:
Dirs. Rebecca Cammisa & Rob Fruchtman, USA, 2002
Thursday, May 29 at 10:00pm
Sister Helen
Film synopsis:

After Helen Travis’s son was stabbed to death, another died from drugs, and her husband, a heavy drinker, died at 55, she became a Benedictine nun. A daily drinker herself, she quit after these tragedies, and tried to make the most of her “second chance,” trying to “do for other peoples’ sons what I didn’t do for my own.” At the ever-bustling Travis Center, 69-year-old Sister Helen takes little chaff from the residents, frequently threatening to boot them out if they’re five minutes late, if they use drugs, or in one case, if they refuse to shower. She curses like a sailor, slaps the wall for emphasis when chastising residents, and considers Frank Sinatra’s “My Way” her theme song.

Men of various backgrounds come to Sister Helen for housing, and she isn’t obliged to take any of them in – her blistering interviews scare off any freeloaders. While her claim that she’s not a softie is true, Sister Helen and her residents forge a sort of family, and it’s obvious that she considers them sons. There’s an amazing amount of humor and insight behind her tough talk, and that’s what makes her such an interesting study for directors Fruchtman and Cammisa, who spent 12 months at the Travis Center. Their unobtrusive filming allow for the drama to unfold in surprising, atypical way in this warmly rendered, yet coldly realistic portrait. 88 minutes.

Shown at the 38th Chicago International Film Festival in 2002, Sister Helen won the Gold Hugo, for Best Documentary.
To view the film’s trailer, click here.
For upcoming 50th anniversary films on WTTW11, please click here.

For additional information about the Chicago International Film Festival, click here.

Madigan to Veterans, Service Members & Families: Specialized Resources & Services Available for Financial, Legal Issues

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CHICAGO, IL — In recognition of Memorial Day, Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan today reminded Illinois veterans, service members and their families about the resources her office provides to ensure they receive the federal and state benefits they have earned for their service and to ensure that their legal rights are upheld.

Attorney General Madigan’s Military and Veterans’ Rights Bureau contends with a wide variety of financial and legal concerns affecting the military community, such as financial scams connected to Veterans’ Affairs (VA) benefits assistance, education benefits and housing issues. The Bureau also provides case advocacy to help service members exercise their due process rights in filing claims for compensation or pension benefits through the VA.

“Under the law, veterans and military service members are entitled to certain benefits and legal protections in recognition of their commitment to our country,” Madigan said. “It is critical that we work to ensure they are awarded the full benefits and protections that they have earned for their honorable service.”

In addition, the Bureau publishes a series of comprehensive resources that detail veterans’ benefits and legal protections for service members. As a member of the U.S. Department of Justice’s Financial Fraud Task Force, Attorney General Madigan’s office led the development of a toolkit to assist state attorneys general and federal law enforcement partners in identifying common financial and legal protection issues facing the military community. The toolkit was designed to advance collaboration between state and federal agencies that enforce violations of veterans’ and service members’ rights. The Bureau also publishes specialized guides specifically for Illinois veterans and service members, including its regularly updated Benefits for Illinois Veterans and Legal Rights of Illinois Service Members.

As part of its effort to provide direct assistance to constituents, the Bureau also staffs the Military and Veterans’ Rights Hotline (1-800-382-3000), which last year provided assistance to over 500 veterans, service members and their families, helping to obtain benefits and resolve financial and legal disputes. Direct assistance provided included:
  • Mediating landlord-tenant disputes for service members facing Permanent Change of Station orders that conflict with lease agreements;
  • Negotiating with VA medical centers to expand care for patients;
  • Assisting seniors with temporarily suspended VA pension payments due to bureaucratic oversight;
  • Obtaining assistance to secure short- and long-term care for disabled or terminally ill veterans;
  • Helping secure housing for veterans;
  • Providing guidance for service members seeking to appeal adverse insurance benefits decisions;
  • Mediating financial transaction disputes, such as helping to remove fraudulent credit report entries or cancel erroneous debts;
  • Obtaining compensation owed to veterans or for service members on military leave from their primary employer for annual guard training; and
  • Securing refunds over disputed charges and fees.
As part of Madigan’s Consumer Protection Division, the Military and Veterans’ Rights Bureau also works with the Division’s attorneys to pursue enforcement actions involving cases of fraud that target members of the armed services. For example, Madigan announced a joint settlement in 2012 with a California-based company to shut down its website, www.GIBill.com, for deceptively steering service members and veterans to use their federal education benefits with the company’s preferred clients in the for-profit schools industry. On the federal level, Madigan called on Congressional leaders in 2012 to close a loophole in the Higher Education Act that has allowed many for-profit schools to exploit education benefits available to American service members, veterans and their families. In 2013, Madigan urged U.S. Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel to strengthen regulations under the federal Military Lending Act (MLA) to ensure service members are better protected from abusive lending practices.

For more information about Madigan’s Military and Veterans’ Rights Bureau, please visit: http://illinoisattorneygeneral.gov/rights/veterans.html.

Legislature to Pop the Top on Sugary Drink Tax Legislation

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Funding to combat obesity-related health issues in Illinois will be considered for this year’s budget

SPRINGFIELD, Il – Passage of the proposed state sugary drink tax is again a possibility this year as the bill has recently been refiled for consideration in the Illinois General Assembly. The HEAL Act, a modest penny-per-ounce tax on sugary drinks, includes key set asides for its estimated $600 million in revenues that will help to fund public health efforts to reduce obesity and promote healthy eating and physical activity.

This year’s proposed bill was originally introduced by Representative Robyn Gabel (D-18th District) and Senator Mattie Hunter (D- 3rd District). It was refiled by Rep. Gabel as House Bill 397, House Amendment 1.

“We are excited that the legislature has decided to consider the HEAL Act in this year’s session,” said Elissa Bassler, Executive Director of the Illinois Alliance to Prevent Obesity, which is leading the charge to pass the HEAL Act. “The great thing about this bill is that it sets aside money for a wellness fund.  The bill includes provisions to fund school and community health programs such as physical education, community gardens, farmers’ markets, and health care for low-income residents. This isn’t just another tax or a push for more revenue in a strapped budget – there are lots of revenue sources on the table. This is as an investment in building a better and healthier Illinois.”

The Illinois Alliance to Prevent Obesity is a statewide coalition that includes groups such as: American Heart Association, American Diabetes Association, Illinois Action for Children, Illinois Public Health Institute, Chicago Hispanic Health Coalition, and the Illinois Academy of Family Physicians, to name a few.

According to the Illinois Public Health Institute, there is no arguing that sugary drinks have no nutritional value – they are simply empty calories. So the health argument is a no-brainer. But the beverage industry has taken a page from Big Tobacco’s playbook to argue that the sugary drink tax will exact an economic toll, costing jobs and adding to already steep tax burdens.

However, a recent study published in the American Journal of Public Health shows that the Illinois tax would have no significant impact on employment. In fact, when one takes into account the full economic impact of the tax, including consumers shifting to untaxed beverages (also produced and distributed by the beverage companies) and the economic activity generated by the expenditure of the tax revenue, this study shows that a proposal like the HEAL Act could result in a net increase of 4,500 jobs. Beyond jobs, another study found that the health improvements brought by the tax could reduce childhood obesity by 9.3%, diabetes by 3,400 new cases, and save taxpayers more than $150 million in state and private healthcare spending.

Sugar-sweetened beverages are the single biggest source of added sugar in the American diet.  Each day, more research continues to prove the harmful and dangerous impacts of sugar.  Sugar found in sugar-sweetened beverages not only raises one’s risk for chronic disease and obesity, the human and financial toll is a burden we can no longer afford.

About Illinois Alliance to Prevent Obesity

The primary goal of the Illinois Alliance to Prevent Obesity is to ensure that trends in obesity in Illinois are stable by 2015 and moving downward by 2018.The statewide coalition of over 140 organizations works to implement solutions to the obesity epidemic through coordinated and comprehensive policy, systems, and environmental changes. It is administered by the Illinois Public Health Institute. www.preventobesityil.org

Master P says his New Reality Show “The Miller Dynasty” will be Based on Fatherhood and Running a Successful Independent Music Label with his Family

Posted by Admin On May - 23 - 2014 Comments Off on Master P says his New Reality Show “The Miller Dynasty” will be Based on Fatherhood and Running a Successful Independent Music Label with his Family

Master P Miller Dynasty Reality Show

Nationwide (BlackNews.com) – Master P AKA Percy Miller clears the air on his reality show refuting media gossip by TMZ and Wendy Williams.

He states, “First of all, I thought Wendy Williams was my friend. I understand that her job is to entertain gossip but how could she keep picking up TMZ gossip as if it was real news when she should have contacted me directly if she was really concerned about my family, or me like she claims. If anyone understands being in the media and having to deal with celebrity personal family gossip and betrayal, she should know because of her own situation. If she wants to know the truth, as my friend, she should call me directly to get the facts and the truth rather than joining the media circus and talking trash. It’s funny how all of my philanthropy efforts for the past 20 years have never received this type of attention, not that I’m looking for any recognition, but it amazes me how Hollywood glorifies negativity. Well I guess I’m going to change the reality TV world the way that I’ve changed the music industry because the show that I’m doing is not ratchet negativity, it’s about fatherhood, standing up for something that you believe in and family business in the music industry from a positive perspective while still entertainment for TV.”

Master P continues, “After 24 years of keeping our family personal life private, we are ready to share with the world our life experiences, the trials, tribulations and accomplishments that come with being a successful family of musicians and entertainers. As a music mogul and being one of the most successful music entrepreneurs in the business, I was forced to deal with the harsh reality of going through a divorce, while being a father to my kids even as a single parent. It’s challenging as a public figure because of the gossip, false accusations and negative media. Due to the need of media outlets to sell headlines and news stories, celebrities are labeled guilty until proven innocent. I feel like our private lives have been invaded and with all of this technology, social media and TMZ, our lives are more open to scrutiny. Our reality show will expose the truth.”

Miller continues, “The Miller Dynasty is founded on integrity and family values. We are not perfect by any means; we go through similar struggles like any family. There are constant battles that we fight especially with having money and fame but with our faith and belief in God we are able to overcome any obstacle. Our family has come a long way from poverty in the ghetto and to be able to share our story from rags to riches, the good, the bad, and the ugly that come with success. Our goal and our purpose is for this reality show to be educational and entertainment for all families.”

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