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U.S. Senators Kirk, Manchin to Super Committee: "Go Big" on Deficit Reduction

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Bipartisan ‘Sense of the Senate’ resolution calls for $4 trillion in deficit reduction using previously established frameworks, long-term entitlement and pro-growth tax reforms  


Washington, DC – With the deadline for the Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction, or Super Committee, just days away, United States Senators Mark Kirk (R-IL) and Joe Manchin (D-WV) have a simple message for Congress: “Go Big.”  While the committee is tasked with finding $1.2 trillion in deficit reduction over ten years, Sens. Kirk and Manchin are asking their fellow Senators to vote in favor of their bipartisan resolution to encourage the committee to reach $4 trillion in reductions that will create long-term entitlement and pro-growth tax reforms. This “Go Big” approach uses the previously established framework of the presidentially-appointed National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform. The Kirk/Manchin resolution affirms Senate support for real and substantial cuts to the deficit over the next decade in order to calm financial markets, restore confidence and set a path for future prosperity. 

The full text of the Kirk/Manchin resolution is below:

November 10, 2011 

Super Committee Should “Go Big”


Expressing the sense of the Senate that Congress should “Go Big” in its attempts toward deficit reduction.

Whereas the Government of the United States has reached record levels of debt, with total debt outstanding exceeding $14,970,000,000,000;

Whereas the publicly held debt of the United States has reached 67 percent of Gross Domestic Product and is projected to increase to 100 percent by 2021;

Whereas the Congressional Budget Office estimated the deficit for fiscal year 2011 at approximately $1,300,000,000,000;

Whereas the outlook on the deficits and debt of the United States has caused the Nation’s long-term credit rating to be downgraded for the first time in history by at least one Nationally Recognized Statistical Rating Organization, and its credit rating could potentially be downgraded again;

Whereas the Budget Control Act of 2011 has empowered the Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction to propose significant and important reductions to the deficit, and failure to secure sufficient reductions will trigger substantial cuts in critical areas;

Whereas the presidentially appointed National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform has created a framework to reduce the federal deficit by approximately $4,000,000,000,000;

Whereas numerous budget experts, leading political figures, and independent groups of differing political ideologieshave advocated for a “Go Big” strategy for deficit reduction; and

Whereas 45 United States Senators have previously supported the goal of achieving greater deficit reduction: Now, therefore, be it

Resolved, That it is the sense of the Senate that Congress should pass a deficit reduction measure that-

1) includes enough deficit reduction to stabilize the Federal debt as a share of the economy, put the debt on a downward path, and provide fiscal certainty; 

(2) reduces the deficit by at least $4,000,000,000,000 over 10 years in order to reassure financial markets;

(3) encompasses the principles of reform, shared sacrifice, and compromise;

(4) uses established, bipartisan debt and deficit reduction frameworks as a starting point for discussions;

(5) focuses on the major parts of the budget and includes long-term entitlement reforms and pro-growth tax reform;

(6) is structured to grow the economy in the short, medium, and long terms to create jobs in the United States and increase United States competitiveness; 

(7) builds a foundation of investor confidence that preserves the United States dollar and Federal debt securities as the global standard of safety and stability;

(8) works to include the American public and the business community in a broader discussion about the breadth of the issues, challenges, and opportunities facing us; and

(9) includes tax reform that guarantees deficit reduction and economic growth to rebuild America.

Cook County Judge to decide fate of 4 Englewood men that new DNA evidence proves were wrongly convicted of a 1994 murder and rape

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Three men who were recently exonerated under nearly identical circumstances in Dixmoor will be in court to show their support


Cook County Judge Paul Biebel today will issue a decision in the case of four men who have filed motions to vacate their convictions of the 1994 murder of Nina Glover in the Englewood neighborhood. The DNA that was recovered from Glover’s body was recently put through the CODIS database and hit Johnny Douglas.  Douglas, then 32, was present on November 7, 1994 at 7 AM when Glover’s naked body was recovered from the dumpster.  Douglas was later convicted of a very similar 1997 strangulation murder of sex worker Gytonne Marsh. His DNA also matched the semen recovered from the strangulation-murder of sex worker Elaine Martin but he was found not guilty of that crime.   During Martin’s murder trial, the State’s Attorney’s Office sought to introduce evidence that Douglas was responsible for at least five other violent physical assaults of sex workers between March 1993 and September 1997.

Judge Biebel will issue his decision, Wednesday, November 16, 2011, at 2 p.m. CST, in Court Room 101,Circuit Court of Cook County, 2600 South California Avenue, Room 101, Chicago, IL

Wrongfully convicted:  Michael Saunders and Harold Richardson, who are in state prison; Terrill Swift, who has been released from prison but is currently on parole.  Vincent Thames, who has completed his sentence but has been forced to live by strict conditions as a registered sex offender. 

Recently Exonerated: Robert Taylor and brothers James Harden and Jonathan Barr who were exonerated on November 3, 2011 of the 1991 murder and rape of Cateresa Matthews in Dixmoor, Illinois. 

Attorneys:  Peter Neufeld, Co-Director and Craig Cooley, Staff Attorney, of the Innocence Project;  Tara Thompson of the Exoneration Project of the University of Chicago Law School; Josh Tepfer and Steven Drizin of the Center on Wrongful Convictions; Stuart Chanen and Hank Turner of the Valorem Law Group. 

Several months after Glover’s murder, the four teenagers and another teen, Jerry Fincher, were arrested for the murder of Glover and interrogated without the presence of a parent or guardian.  All five were ultimately coerced into confessing to the crime, each giving very different accounts of the crime.  The Judge in Fincher’s case ruled that his confession was inadmissible, and his case was dismissed.  The other four were convicted despite the fact that pre-trial DNA testing from the victim matched an unknown male and not the four teens.

In 25% of DNA exoneration cases, innocent defendants made incriminating statements, delivered false confessions or pled guilty. Confessions by juveniles have proven to be especially unreliable.  While these teens grew up behind bars serving adult criminal sentences, the real perpetrator, went on to commit at least one other murder and numerous violent assaults against sex workers.

Dr. Garrard McClendon, Chicago professor, wins Emmy

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Garrard McClendon


Chicago, IL (BlackNews.com) — Talk show host and Chicago State University professor, Garrard McClendon, won a Chicago Emmy at the 53rd Annual Chicago/Midwest Emmy Awards hosted by the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. His Emmy was in the category for “Outstanding Achievement for Interview/Discussion Programming, awarded to a producer/host/reporter. McClendon and producer, Allison Hunter, won for their program, “The Challenge of Raising African American Boys” airing on WYCC.

This year’s event was at the Alhambra Palace, the Moroccan-themed venue and dining space at 1240 W. Randolph.

It was in January when McClendon launched his new show “Off 63rd,” debuting live on Chicago’s PBS affiliate WYCC TV-20. The 30-minute show, focusing on public affairs and featuring guests from the worlds of politics, pop culture, current affairs and education, aired on Thursdays.

McClendon, a resident of Chicago’s South Side, also recently earned a Ph.D. in education from Loyola University.

His parents, Ruby and Milton McClendon of Hammond, were murdered in 2009 and two teens were arrested and charged with the crimes before pleading guilty in October 2010.

Late last year, Garrard and brothers, Theodore and Duane, announced the establishment of The Milton and Ruby McClendon Education Fund to provide educational materials to schools in Hammond.

McClendon has hosted “Garrard McClendon Live” on CLTV, The McClendon Report on WVON-1690 AM, and commentary for WTTW-Channel 11’s Chicago Tonight.

McClendon is also the author of the book, Ax or Ask?: The African-American Guide to Better English.

For more information, call 800-975-6044.

Lt. Governor Simon testifies on rural EMS issues

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 Asks state to consider more online training for rural EMTs


Galesburg, IL – As chair of the Governor’s Rural Affairs Council, Illinois Lt. Governor Sheila Simon asked a state task force to consider expanding online training for rural emergency medical service (EMS) providers.

Simon said greater online training could improve recruitment and retention of paid and volunteer workers who must take 120 hours of continuing education every four years to remain certified. Rural emergency medical technicians often pay out-of-pocket for continuing education, which can require costly overnight travel and lost wages for volunteers who must take time off from their regular jobs, Simon said.

Simon’s request came during a House EMS task force hearing at Galesburg City Hall. The 24-member House EMS task force, which is co-chaired by Reps. Don Moffitt (R-Galesburg) and Lisa Dugan (D-Kankakee), is holding public hearings across the state and will issue recommendations to the Governor and General Assembly by the end of the year.

“The EMS providers we rely on to handle life or death situations are finding themselves on life support,” Simon said. “We need to find creative ways to help them attract qualified employees and manage the high cost of doing business in large areas with small populations.”

Rural providers are facing revenue problems because reimbursement rates from third-party sources such as Medicaid do not cover the increased cost of providing services, Simon said. Rural providers also report that non-emergency calls for transportation or assistance, which may not be billable or go unpaid, place further strain on budgets.

“It is a privilege to work with Lt. Governor Simon, Rep. Moffitt, fellow task force members and all the EMS personnel on this important state issue,” Dugan said. “It is imperative that we realize and help solve some of the problems EMS providers face so they can continue to serve the public.”

Under the Governor’s Rural Affairs Council, Simon is creating an EMS subcommittee to improve emergency services for rural residents. Dottie Miles, the executive director of Jackson County Ambulance Service, and Greg Scott, EMS coordinator for the McLean County Area EMS System, will serve as co-chairs of the subcommittee.

 “This subcommittee will bring together a diverse group of volunteers from across rural Illinois with a variety of EMS experience,” Simon said. “I look forward to working with the subcommittee, as well as the House EMS task force, to identify innovative solutions to the problems facing rural providers and residents.”

Madigan's statement on Federal 'Epipen' Proposal

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Chicago, IL – Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan applauded U.S. Sens. Dick Durbin and Mark Kirk on their push for federal legislation to allow schools across the country to follow Illinois’ lead in protecting children with severe allergies.

“Growing numbers of children suffer from life-threatening food allergies,” Attorney General Madigan said. “In Illinois, we were able to eliminate bureaucratic barriers that previously prevented schools from acting when a child could be suffering from a severe allergic reaction but whose medical records didn’t reflect an allergy diagnosis. I applaud Senators Durbin and Kirk for making the push to provide schools nationwide with this common sense safety measure to help prevent fatal allergic reactions.”

Madigan worked with state Sen. Jeffrey Schoenberg and Rep. Chris Nybo on House Bill 3294 to allow school nurses in public and private schools to administer epinephrine auto-injectors, or “EpiPens,” to students who go into anaphylactic shock, a life-threatening allergic reaction, regardless of whether their medical plan on file indicates an allergy diagnosis. The law also allows schools to keep EpiPens on hand for students who are authorized to self-administer the dosage, and for students whose medical plans authorize any school personnel to administer the EpiPen.

The law addresses a growing concern in Illinois schools. Studies show that not only are food allergies on the rise among children, but, according to the Journal of Pediatrics, one in four cases of childhood anaphylaxis occur in children who were not previously diagnosed with a food or other severe allergy. The Journal also found that 25 percent of first reactions among children allergic to peanuts or tree nuts occurred while they were in a school setting.

Danny Jordaan to discuss impact of FIFA World Cup on South Africa at Beyond Sport

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Danny Jordaan, the CEO of the 2010 FIFA World Cup, will lead a host of top names from the world of football set to gather at the Beyond Sport Summit and Awards in Cape Town in December.

Jordaan will speak on the opening panel on Wednesday 7th December. The FIFA executive and his fellow speakers will consider, amongst other things, the impact of the FIFA World Cup on South African sport and society some 18 months after the global competition left South African shores – an issue that Jordaan, the man who brought the World Cup to Africa for the first time, is ideally placed to address.

Other expert speakers from the world of football over the course of the Summit will include former South Africa captain and national hero Lucas Radebe, and Wilfried Lemke, the Special Advisor on sport to the UN Secretary-General, who spent 18 years as General Manager of Bundesliga giants Werder Bremen.

Danny Jordaan said: “The FIFA World Cup had a huge impact on South African sport and South African business, but its potential effect on South African society was another important part of our long fight to bring it to this continent for the first time. At the Beyond Sport Summit I look forward to sharing my own experiences of that effect and hearing from others from the world of football and beyond.”

On Monday 5th December, ahead of the official launch of the four-day Beyond Sport Summit, a unique one-day event, Beyond Football, will work to maximise the position that the world’s most popular sport has as a tool for social change. Beyond Sport and streetfootballworld have come together to stage Beyond Football, organised with the support of adidas and Impact International.

The focus throughout the week will be on global issues as well as the state of play in South Africa, with English clubs Liverpool and Manchester City both nominated for the Beyond Sport Team of the Year Award. The two English clubs will be taking on the NFL’s Philadelphia Eagles and the NBA’s Memphis Grizzlies for the prestigious prize.

Outside the world of football, confirmed speakers at the Beyond Sport Summit include former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, Olympic legend Michael Johnson, four-time Paralympic gold medallist Oscar Pistorius and a host of other star names from South African and international sport, politics and business.

Over 300 executives from some of the world’s top companies, including Sony Corporation, Standard Chartered Bank, StubHub, Barclays and more have also confirmed their attendance. Throughout the week, the Beyond Sport Summit will use a combination of networking opportunities, insightful panels, and action-led working sessions to bring together those who use sport as a vehicle to create social impact with influential figures from the worlds of business, government and federations, whose attitudes and decisions can have substantial impact in the field.

The Beyond Sport Summit will also see the winners of the Beyond Sport Awards announced. 35 projects have been shortlisted, covering 18 countries and 22 different sports. They were chosen from close to 400 entries from more than 125 countries that submitted applications to this year’s Awards. The Beyond Sport Award winners will receive a substantial package of business support to help them grow and become Award winners will receive a substantial package of business support to help them grow and become sustainable in the future.

Beyond Sport is a global initiative that seeks to celebrate and support any organisation or individual with the goal to drive positive social change through sport. It is partnered with Barclays Spaces for Sports, TIME Inc and UNICEF.

For the full programme of the 2011 Beyond Sport Summit and Awards, or for more information on Beyond Sport, visit www.beyondsport.org.

Music Institute of Chicago Chorale opens 25th Season

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All-Britten Program with Chicago Children’s Choir December 18


The Music Institute of Chicago presents the 25th season of its community chorus, the Music Institute of Chicago Chorale, opening with “Britten” December 18 at 3 p.m. at Nichols Concert Hall, 1490 Chicago Avenue, Evanston.

A celebration of the music of Benjamin Britten, the concert features the composer’s popular Ceremony of Carols and Hymns to Saint Cecilia, as well as Te Deum in C, Flower Songs, A Boy was Born, Festival Te Deum, and Two-Part Songs for High Voices. Joining the Chorale will be members of the Rogers Park and Humboldt Park Neighborhood Choirs of the Chicago Children’s Choir.

The Chorale’s 25th season continues at Nichols Concert Hall with “A Choral Festival” Saturday, March 31, featuring music for multiple choirs and brass including music by Gabrieli and Schütz, and “25 Great Years” Sunday, June 10, highlighting audience favorites from the Chorale’s history.

Daniel Wallenberg, conductor of the Chorale since 1987, noted, “Although our Chorale is Evanston-based, participants come from as far south as Chicago and far north as Zion and everything in between. Several members have been in the Chorale for more than 15 years, and a few have been members since its inception in 1986.”

About the Music Institute of Chicago Chorale

The Music Institute of Chicago Chorale is a community chorus that provides an opportunity for adult singers with prior experience to study and perform the best in sacred and secular choral music. Now celebrating its 25th anniversary, the Chorale has one continuing goal: to perform the finest sacred and secular choral music with the highest of standards in a community setting. Under the leadership of Conductor Daniel Wallenberg, the Chorale has developed a wide range of repertoire, including motets, madrigals, part-songs, folk songs, and larger choral-orchestral works by Bach, Beethoven, Haydn, Mozart, Durufle, and many others. Throughout the years, the Chorale has collaborated with local choirs and symphony orchestras and has produced two fully costumed Elizabethan madrigal dinners. In addition, the Chorale has collaborated several times with the Music Institute’s voice faculty for concerts of opera and Broadway music.

Chorale conductor Daniel Wallenberg is also on the staff of the Chicago Children’s Choir, working with the In-School Chorus and After-School Programs for the Rogers Park and Humboldt Park Neighborhood Choirs, as well as its world-renowned Concert Choir with whom he toured Ukraine and the United States. He is the director of the junior and adult choirs at the Jewish Reconstructionist Congregation and the founder and artistic director of “Zemer Am,” the Chicago Jewish Choral Festival. A native of Bogota, Colombia, Wallenberg founded several adult and children’s choirs while living in Israel.

About Chicago Children’s Choir/Rogers Park Neighborhood Choir

Founded in 1956, Chicago Children’s Choir is a multiracial, multicultural choral music education organization, shaping the future by making a difference in the lives of children and youth through musical excellence. The Choir currently serves 3,000 children ages eight to 18 through choirs in 51 schools, after-school programs in eight Chicago neighborhoods and the internationally acclaimed Concert Choir. Under President and Artistic Director Josephine Lee, the Choir has undertaken many highly successful national and international tours, received a Chicago/Midwest Emmy Award for the 2008 documentary Songs on the Road to Freedom, and has been featured in nationally broadcast television and radio performances, most recently on The Oprah Show, NBC’s Today and the PBS series From the Top: Live from Carnegie Hall. The Humboldt Park and Rogers Park Neighborhood Choirs rehearse twice weekly under the direction of Danny Wallenberg at Casa Central on the city’s West Side and St. Scholastica Academy on the North Side, respectively. Select members of these ensembles perform regularly with the Concert Choir, as part of the Neighborhood Honors Choir, with the Lyric Opera of Chicago—most recently in Carmen and Boris Godunov—and with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra both at Symphony Center and the Ravinia Festival. For more information, visit ccchoir.org.

About the Music Institute of Chicago

The Music Institute of Chicago believes that music has the power to sustain and nourish the human spirit; therefore, our mission is to provide the foundation for lifelong engagement with music. As one of the three largest and most respected community music schools in the nation, the Music Institute offers musical excellence built on the strength of our distinguished faculty, commitment to quality, and breadth of programs and services. Founded in 1931 and one of the oldest community music schools in Illinois, the Music Institute is a member of the National Guild of Community Schools of the Arts and accredited by the National Association of Schools of Music. Each year, our world-class music teachers and arts therapists provide the highest quality arts education to more than 5,000 students of all ability levels, from birth to 101 years of age at campuses in Evanston, Highland Park, Lake Forest, Lincolnshire, Winnetka, and Downers Grove. The Music Institute also offers lessons and programs at the Steinway of Chicago store in Northbrook and early childhood and community engagement programs throughout the Chicago area and the North Shore. Nichols Concert Hall, our education and performance center located in downtown Evanston, reaches approximately 14,000 people each year. Our community engagement and partnership programs reach an additional 6,500 Chicago Public School students annually. The Music Institute offers lessons, classes, and programs through four distinct areas: Community School, The Academy, Creative Arts Therapy (Institute for Therapy through the Arts), and Nichols Concert Hall. All programming is subject to change.

“Britten,” performed by the Music Institute of Chicago Chorale, takes place Sunday, December 18 at 3 p.m. at the Music Institute of Chicago’s Nichols Concert Hall, 1490 Chicago Avenue, Evanston. Tickets are $15 for adults, $10 for seniors, and $7 for students and are available at 847.905.1500 ext. 108 or at musicinst.org.

The “Debt-Free College Degree” Seminar returns to help students cut education expenses and avoid being trapped by student loans

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Camp Springs, MD (BlackNews.com) — “DEBT-FREE COLLEGE DEGREE” the Seminar returns on December 10, 2011 at 3:00 p.m. and 6:30 p.m. to empower students to avoid debt and cut their post-secondary education expenses by more than half.

A college education is required to obtain a better job, but college costs are too expensive for most. Taking on student loan debt seems to be the only way to pay for college while the job market remains unstable. And since student loan debt cannot be discharged in bankruptcy, a default can be catastrophic to borrowers, their families as well as the health of the U.S. economy.

The popularity of the first seminar prompted organizers to bring back this unprecedented event in an effort to help people recognize the importance of minimizing or alleviating student loan debt so they can be free to discover and pursue their desired careers. The seminar teaches students and families how to obtain the SAME college degree others are paying as much as $150,000 for, debt free. The seminar also shows how to reduce college costs up to 75% without scholarships or grants. This event offers options to students who otherwise might not attend college due to financial constraints.

Millions of unsuspecting American families fall for the college financing trap that awaits those who want to further their education. As of 2008, “more than $100 billion in federal education loans and $10 billion in private student loans [were] originated each year.” (www.finaid.org/loans/). As of March 2011, the news began to report that student loan debt surpassed credit card debt in the USA reaching “an all-time high … $829.785 billion.” (www.daveramsey.com/article/credit-card-debt-gets-trumped-by-student-loans/lifeandmoney_college)

An individual student can commit to repay multiple tens of thousands of dollars in debt for college expenses when they have no means of paying the money back. After graduation, these hopeful job seekers enter a deteriorating job market only to find their newly-earned diplomas are ineffective tools for finding good jobs because opportunities are so scarce. The consequences are worse for students who interrupt or postpone their pursuit of a degree. Demand for repayment of their debt can keep them from resuming or completing their studies. Regardless of the circumstances, most of these students graduate and enter the workforce with financial obligations that equal or exceed that of a mortgage on a first home, but with nothing to show for it.

Who will benefit from this seminar? Someone who is pursuing or who is interested in acquiring any kind of college degree, or their family members will find a wealth of information that will protect their future wealth and financial health.

“DEBT-FREE COLLEGE DEGREE” The Seminar will be held at The Life Center 5610 Linda Lane, Camp Springs, MD 20748. Admission is FREE. Participants must register at www.debtfreenation.org.

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