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AARP Foundation: New poverty numbers shine a light on struggling older Americans

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 “As seniors choose between food and medicine, some lawmakers are threatening lifeline programs”


Washington, DC – AARP Foundation President Jo Ann Jenkins released a statement following today’s announcement of poverty statistics by the U.S. Census Bureau. Using new measures that more accurately represent real world conditions, the Census now estimates more than 49 million Americans live in poverty, including more than six million seniors 65-plus. Jenkins’ statement follows:

“These new numbers only reinforce what AARP and AARP Foundation hear from real people every day: older Americans are struggling to make ends meet. Whether they are trying to put healthy food on their table, pay their latest pharmacy bill or maintain a safe home, the struggling economy is holding them back.

“To make matters worse, Washington is out of touch with its constituents. As seniors choose between food and medicine, some lawmakers are threatening lifeline programs that provide a boost to those in poverty or a safety net to those grasping at the middle class. With nearly 16 percent of seniors already living in poverty, our country cannot afford to slide further backward.”

AARP Foundation is working to ensure that low-income Americans 50-plus can regain a foothold and meet their basic needs. Through AARP’s Drive to End Hunger initiative, the Foundation has donated more than 3.7 million meals to local hunger relief organizations. Other Foundation programs help older Americans find and train for new jobs, access public benefits and complete their educations. More information is available at www.aarpfoundation.org.

AARP Foundation is AARP’s affiliated charity. The Foundation is dedicated to serving vulnerable people 50+ by creating solutions that help them secure the essentials and achieve their best life. AARP Foundation focuses on: hunger, housing, income and isolation as our key mission areas. The Foundation envisions: ‘a country free of poverty where no older person feels vulnerable.’ Foundation programs are funded by grants, tax-deductible contributions and AARP.

 For more information about AARP Foundation, please log on to www.aarpfoundation.org.

Breaking the Silence

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By­ Co-founders of A CALL TO MEN organization

(A Call to Men e-News)


“There’s a code of silence that we don’t dare speak; There’s a wall between and the river’s deep…” -­- Bruce Springsteen “Code of Silence” 


In the recent tragedy at Penn State it is reported that trusted Coach Jerry Sandusky was arrested on 40 counts related to allegations of sexual abuse of eight young boys over a 15-­year period. This allegedly occurred while other coaches looked on and kept silent about what they saw, what they knew and perhaps even tried to cover up for their colleague and “the program.”

As men we have a long history invested in collusion with other men and codes of silence. Also known as codes of honor, vows of silence, the blue curtain of silence with names like “the family” or “the brotherhood.” Many of us, in our youth and adulthood, have participated in defining violators of the code of silence as haters, suckers, punks, rats, snitches, weasels, a snake and much worse.

This pervasive silence among men in our culture to protect the status quo, to win at any cost, and never tell on your brother is a glaring example of how destructive the current model and definition of manhood operates to demean, diminish and oppress anyone who is not considered a “real man” in our society. Our fear of being perceived as less than a man or weak, keeps us in line with these codes, regardless of right and wrong. This fear is running rampant and dominating our sense of righteousness. Dare we be a “whistleblower” when most of us as boys have been told “don’t be a tattle tale.”

This code protects men from confronting or challenging other men about their behavior, no matter how violent or inappropriate. This agreement has at its foundation the belief that men have more value and should receive entitlements and benefits, even if it compromises the rights and humanity of anyone else and therefore should be given priority, protection and the benefit of the doubt in cases of any wrong doing. These social and cultural norms, that have been established by men for the benefit of men, are steeped in our history, laws and tradition and we continue to pass this belief system down to our sons and boys.

While all of the perpetrators of the Penn State incident need to be held accountable and dealt with swiftly by the law, it does not let the rest of us off the hook. What happened at Penn State is “a cough in the cold,” a symptom of the illness. While clearly, there are specific individuals involved and responsible, we believe that this is not just an individual ill but a social ill requiring a social response.

As men, we must join the growing movement of men and women, willing to challenge these age old notions and norms defining manhood. We must be willing to escape the fear of being viewed as less than a man and branded an outcast or “traitor” of the unit, the organization, the team. We must be willing to step outside of what we at A CALL TO MEN call “The Man Box”. We must be willing to break the code of silence which continues to restrict us and compromise our humanity… 

“We keep pretending that there’s nothing wrong; But there’s a code of silence and it can’t go on” — Bruce Springsteen “Code of Silence”


342 Broadway, Suite 163 

New York, New York 10013


Expert cites 5 toxic investment mentalities to avoid

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Olumide Emmanuel, author of “How to Establish Financial Security”


San Diego, CA (BlackNews.com) — Every investor has a certain mindset that guides decisions as to where to put their money, why, and when. “Optimally, this ‘investment mentality’ is not concerned with consumption or waste, but rather is focused on how to minimize risk and multiply hard earned dollars,”notes global businessman and wealth creation expert Olumide Emmanuel, author of How to Establish Financial Security. “This mindset is focused on the acquisition of assets over liabilities so that money works for you instead of you working for money.”

It would seem that employing an investment mentality – one that leads to only wise and prudent decision making – would be commonplace. But, the opposite can sometimes be true. Below, Emmanuel offers 5 key toxic investment mentalities to know and avoid at all costs:

1. Nomadic Mentality: The nomadic mentality reflects a kind of vagabond spirit that controls people. Just as nomads do not have a fixed location, people with a nomadic mentality move from job to job, place to place, business to business, and investment to investment without focus or consistency. They lack the staying power and resolve to realize term-based results. Nomadic investors pilfer monetary resources from one vehicle to quickly move on to the next.

2. Consumer Mentality: To always consume without producing is a grave investment error. Many people spend their entire lives consuming everything they can without any investment provisions or savings to secure their financial future. The result of such unrestrained spending is often shame, family strife, financial hardship and even poverty. All too often, those that consume more than they produce find themselves at the bottom rung of the economic ladder.

3. Victim or Entitlement Mentality: This is the mindset of always feeling victimized, marginalized, or that someone owes you something. Giving excuses and shifting blame for losses are trademarks of this investment attitude. Ultimately, no one can make us fail without our permission, so whatever we allow or permit to happen is the result an investor must take ownership of – and learn a lesson from. Those with this mentality often find themselves languishing in the same place without making real progress relative to asset proliferation.

4. Civil Service, Salary, or Wage Mentality: Many don’t realize their full investment potential because they live their entire life expecting their employer benefits, the government, or their salary to make them rich and wealthy. None of these are a source of wealth – they are merely a resource. It is important to move from a salary mentality to an income mentality. Salary, as a result of labor, is fixed and set by someone else. Income, however, can vary over time, is not determined by anyone else, and can come to you even when you do not “work”for it. Income can reflect your true worth, value, and abilities. With a salary, you work for the money. With income, the money works for you.

5. Prosperity or Materialism Mentality: While there is nothing inherently wrong with prosperity, sometimes this investment goal is nothing more than materialism and ego-driven self-centeredness. If your only reason for wanting to be rich and wealthy is so that you can acquire material possessions and establish comfort for yourself alone, then your mindset is fallible. Successful investors must move from prosperity-mindedness to posterity-mindedness such that your wealth will not only positively affect you and your family’s generation, but also serve as a legacy and support for future generations.
“In order to develop an effectual investment mentality that best helps you achieve financial goals and become truly wealthy, it’s important to self-assess and recognize if you have any of these adverse mindsets,”Emmanuel asserts. “If so, ‘detoxify’ and make a concerted effort to shift mental gears to establish a more productive perspective on wealth building. Only then will you have the right frame of mind to acquire real wealth and value in your life, and the lives of those around you.”
About the Expert
Global businessman, inspirational speaker and investment wealth creation expert Olumide Emmanuel is the founder and president of Success, Business and Leadership School (SBLS), a training platform for future leaders and entrepreneurs. Also a bestselling author, Emmanuel has 20 books in print, including How to Establish Financial Security, along with numerous audio CDs and DVDs on entrepreneurship, investment, and business development issues. His venture www.MyRealMission.com is the Web’s leading destination for people to develop their life’s mission and discover their purpose.

‘A Deceptive Journey to the White House’

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God is confusing the minds in the enemy’s camp


By Rev. Harold E. Bailey


The scriptures (Holy Bible) state that in the latter days many would be misled by man’s cunning craftiness and many would call ‘right-wrong’ and ‘wrong-right.’

Clearly, as noted via political action, there are things that once resembled decency, order, and stability, that no longer exist!  Without reasonable doubt it appears that some political candidates join the ranks of candidates for purposes other than to represent those who are less fortunate! The records reflect that a large number of those politicians who have gone to jail and prison had intents in most cases only to help themselves and cronies to a hunk of United States taxpayers’ dollars, all in efforts to get to the White House.

Is there such a thing as honorable intent to serve humanity anymore? And has the United States political system become a haven for wrongfulness or perhaps a mafia unto itself?  Without question, those who have honorable intentions of representing the people are all but swallowed up in the muck-of-despair. Most decent candidates are often lost in the shuffle because of the lack of money and media attention. And it appears that law-breakers are afforded media attention.

Candidates coming and departing the U.S. world of politics often leave traces of ambiguity along with the stench of distrust.  What is an honest hard working taxpayer to ponder when they have been left to choose between those in a political-barrel-of-crabs fighting among themselves as wayward children?  As deceptive practices are discovered by the media, it has been discovered that many candidates purpose in their hearts to offer taxpayers blatant lies and pray their (lies) will substance them throughout a deceptive journey to the White House.

Ah, confusion has entered into political camps causing some to repeat spiritual history. I wonder if those candidates who have had mental-blocks at a time of convince ever thought after careful preparation why this would happen! Why would this happen when many are considered to be intelligent and have script-writers with cue-cards, but yet their minds are confused?

As biblical history would tell us:  In the enemy’s camp trained soldiers were in position to destroy the people of God, but as you would know, God in His infinite wisdom confused the minds of the soldiers and they fought among themselves to the point of killing one another. The humbled people were spared and rejoiced in the God of their salvation.  Ah, but God is a heart fixer and a mind regulator.

There is nothing new under the sun as some politicians in the United States refuse to obey the very intent of God to help in the survival of His people. Yet, wrong minded persons have chosen to repeat the detriment of biblical history and will destroy one-another…once again!

Rev. Harold E. Bailey is: founder and president of Probation Challenge, Inc.  PCC Internet Broadcast Network: WWW.ProbationChallenge.Org  and Listed with:  WWW.TheHistoryMakers.Com

Jesse White announces Family Reading Night set for November 17th

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Springfield, IL – Illinois Secretary of State and State Librarian Jesse White is urging families in Illinois to spend time together reading on the evening of Thursday, November 17th to celebrate the Secretary of State’s annual Family Reading Night.

“This special event is a night when parents and children are encouraged to turn off the television, computers, video games and other forms of entertainment and spend time reading together,” White said. “Reading together creates a positive learning environment and helps children develop a love for reading that can last a lifetime.”

The theme of this year’s event is “Reading Takes You Places.”  Thousands of colorful posters and bookmarks have been distributed by the Illinois State Library and Illinois Center for the Book to libraries, schools, literacy programs and other organizations to promote Family Reading Night. This is the 20th year in which the Secretary of State’s office has sponsored Family Reading Night. It is intended for pre-kindergarten to 6th grade children and their families.

White identified some of the ways participants throughout Illinois are planning to take part in Family Reading Night this year. 

  • At Howard Area Community Center in Chicago, organizers will have age appropriate books related to transportation and travel to correspond with this year’s Family Reading Night theme.  Parents and children will read together and discuss where in the world they would like to travel.  Responses will be displayed on a model school bus that children will have made using cardboard and paint. A potluck dinner will be enjoyed by families and staff.
  • At Centro Romero in Chicago, participants will read and have activities based around the book “My Life with The Wave” by Catherine Cowan.  The story is adopted and translated from Octavio Paz’s Nobel Prize winning short story of the same name.  Parents and children will read the story together, watch and listen to a reading of the story from a Reading Rainbow Episode, and discuss the book.  At the end of the evening, families will take home a copy of the book.
  • At Highland Community College in Freeport, activities will be based around the season of autumn.  Books about the season will be displayed for parents and children to read. Group activities include singing autumn theme-based songs. Each child will receive a free age-appropriate book to add to their family’s home library.
  • At Carl Sandburg College Adult Education and Literacy Program in Carthage, participants will use the “Reading Takes You Places” theme and read from children’s books on travel to various places around the world.  Organizers will have a hot air balloon photo frame craft session with the parent and child’s photo in it for the family to make and take home.
  • At Kaskaskia College Family Success in Centralia, organizers will use the “Reading Takes You Places” theme to have parent/child discussions, story reading and storytellers time.  Free bookmarks and a bag of books will be given to each family to take home and read.  
  • Rock Island Library will hire a local actor to portray popular children’s book character Junie B. Jones in an interactive skit to promote reading and parenting.  There will be a buffet dinner for the event.
  • The Aurora Public Library will celebrate Family Reading Night at the Aurora Regional Fire Museum with stories and activities for families with children ages 5 and up. After a story time, participants may explore the museum.

For more information about Family Reading Night, visit  www.cyberdriveillinois.com.

A young man battles an office full of malevolent puppets in the Ruckus Theater’s upcoming World Premiere of Little Triggers

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Allison Shoemaker directs a cast of eight actors and puppeteers in Dan Caffrey’s new play at the Side Project Theatre, starting January 13th


Chicago, IL – The Ruckus Theater announces casting for the world premiere of Little Triggers starting January 12 at The Side Project Theatre in Chicago’s Rogers Park neighborhood. Created by Tympanic Theatre Company’s Artistic Director Daniel Caffrey and developed with The Ruckus’ artistic ensemble over the last year, the play is directed by Ruckus Artistic Director Allison Shoemaker. The cast of four actors includes Ruckus Artists in Residence Kevin Lambert (Strangeloop Theater’s Maid of Orleans; Theatre-Hikes’ Our Town) and Neal Starbird (The Gay American; New Leaf’s Curse of the Starving Class), along with Ruckus newcomers Rob Grabowski (Piccolo’s Love’s Labours Lost; Brain Surgeon’s 1512 W. Studebaker Pl.) and Derek Van Barham (FreeTime!?!?’s The Pillowman; Chicago College of Performing Art’s Compleat Works of Willm Shakspr (Abridged)). Puppeteers include Ruckus Ensemble Member Stevie Chaddock (15 Minutes; Ka-Tet’s In the Jungle of Cities), Suzanne Keyes (Plymouth Community Theatre’s Much Ado About Nothing: Blackfriars Theater’s Urinetown), Liz Goodson (Escape from the Haltsburg Boys Choir; The Boarshead Theatre’s The Book of Liz) and Jennifer Roehm (Ensemble Theatre of Cincinnati’s Collected Stories and Melancholy Play). Performances of Little Triggers begin January 13 (Opening Night is January 14) and run through February 12, 2012 at The Side Project Theatre (1439 W Jarvis Ave); performances are Friday – Sunday at 8pm. Tickets are $15 and go on sale November 21 at ruckustheater.org. The Ruckus is partially funded by the Gaylord and Dorothy Donnelley Foundation, and the Illinois Arts Council, a state agency.

Once upon a dark and blustery Christmas Eve, a young man named Martin sits waiting. In the corner of the office, a printer spits, smokes and hisses in a way that would seem malevolent if Martin didn’t know better. He waits for the repairman, and watches the clock tick, and wonders what it is that he’s doing with his life. Little does he know that before the evening’s out, a series of mysterious strangers will force him to confront his ideas about success, happiness, and failure–and they’re starting with what’s hidden in the back of his drawer. In Little Triggers, Martin has to find the through-line for his story, and he had better do it fast, because the snow won’t stop falling, and the printer’s out for blood.

Playwright Dan Caffrey is the Artistic Director of Tympanic Theatre Company, which he founded in 2006 after moving to Chicago. As a playwright, his work has been produced by ARFTCO, Chicago Dramatists, Dramatis Personae, Dream Theatre, Hobo Junction, Infusion Theatre, MOB Productions, The Rough House, Tympanic and WildClaw. This year, his play Orange Orbs opens Tympanic’s 2011/2012 season. He has directed for Tympanic, iO and the side project, and helmed The Ruckus’ world premiere musical Escape from the Haltsburg Boys Choir. He occasionally acts, appearing this year in Brooke Allen’s [REDACTED] series and in The Ruckus’ workshop of Dumb Angel, and is a Staff Writer for the music publication Consequence Of Sound (consequenceofsound.net).

Director Allison Shoemaker is the Artistic Director of The Ruckus Theater, which she founded in 2006 in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Directing credits for The Ruckus include 15 Minutes, The Gay American, Heist Play and Brooke Allen’s [REDACTED] series. In addition to working with playwrights as a director and dramaturg, Allison has created Play (for Tell It & Speak It & Think It & Breathe It), Three Lennon Fugue (The Mill Theatre), Mercatorie (ElvisBride 3D), and rock and roll madcap happenings for the band Not Blood, Paint. She appeared in Scott T. Barsotti’s Jet Black Chevrolet (Curious Theatre Branch), and will direct for Tympanic Theatre’s Deliver Us From Nowhere and the storytelling series You’re Being Ridiculous. When not fighting for truth, justice and the right of the playwright to revise in the rehearsal room, Allison writes things; her work has appeared in Contrary, Commonline, The Pedestal, Admit2, Barnwood and 42opus.

About The Ruckus Theater

Founded by an industrious group of Michigan ex-pats, The Ruckus is composed of actors, directors, playwrights, musicians, casting directors, publicity managers, grant writers, baristas, grad students, poets, computer fixers, appointment-makers and census-takers who aim to create a new kind of company—a casteless theater that blends the lines between playwright and actor, audience and company member. The Ruckus Theater is led by Artistic Director Allison Shoemaker, Associate Artistic Director Joshua Davis and a company and ensemble of nineteen.

We’re here to create, to examine, to invent, to explode—to create a ruckus. The Ruckus develops new work and the artists who create that work. Our ensemble breaks down the walls of traditional methods to nurture new plays and challenge exceptional artists. We believe in creating our process for every project from the ground up. We commit to the growth of our ensemble, the artists we collaborate with, and the plays we develop. We aim to deepen the cultural bedrock of our community by giving megaphones to new voices and by making theater affordable. By fostering conversations that rip through the curtain, we aim to lead both artist and audience down an unexpected path with art that doesn’t play by the rules.

See how we make a ruckus all over the internet on our blog, iruckus.blogspot.com; like us at facebook.com/theruckustheater; view our photostream at flickr.com/ruckustheater; follow our tweets at twitter.com/ruckustheater; and spend hours at youtube.com/theruckustheater.

African American family finalists in national magazine competition

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The Clark family


The Clarke family is 1 of 10 families vying for the top prize in Parenting Magazine’s Family Road Trip Competition worth up to $15,000

Columbus, OH (BlackNews.com) — One Ohio family is in the national spotlight as finalists in Parenting Magazine’s Family Road Trip Contest. One of ten finalists, the Clarkes would be the first Black family to win the yearly contest.

Decided by popular vote, the contest offers one family an all expense paid road trip vacation within the United States worth up to $15,000. Votes can be cast at the Parenting website every 5 minutes through December 1, 2011 with the winner announced announced on December 22, 2011 – just in time for Christmas.

“We are really excited for the opportunity,” David Clarke said. “Our family does everything with gusto so we are having a lot of fun with the whole process.”

Parenting Magazine’s 2010 road trip contest garnered more than 95,000 votes and significant local media coverage for several of the finalists.

“We’ve tried to be creative about gathering support,” Terreece said. “That has meant creating a Facebook page with news, updates and more information about us as a family, creating a flyer with a link to the site and a QR code for those with smartphones. We’ve also reached out to bloggers, businesses and local and national media. Everyone has been incredibly supportive.”
Clarke Family Contest Profile:

We are a fun-loving, outgoing family from Ohio. My husband David and I are writers and our three children – Olivia, age 7; Gabrielle, age 4; and David, age 2, are BUSY! The Clarke house is the house that visiting kids never want to leave. Maybe it’s because we have a high tolerance for crumbs and shouts of “Look at me!” or it could be the snack bucket and never-ending arts and crafts projects.

Our family believes a life lived with laughter is truly a blessed life. We use humor to conquer everything from discipline to parent negotiations: “Do you want to clean up the kid or the puke?”

It has been our family’s humor, faith and dedication to each other that has carried us through recent tough times, including the loss of parents and serious illness of our infant son. After all of that we can’t think of anything more fun than strapping up the car seats, and launching into miles-long versions of “I Spy.”

We already amuse/horrify passing drivers when our whole family, windows down, sings out-loud versions of Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” and Seal’s “Kiss from a Rose.” And yes, our kids know all the words.

For more details about the contest, visit:

Demoine Kinney debut single now available on CDbaby, iTunes, and Amazon

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Demoine Kinney


Nationwide (BlackNews.com) — Demoine Kinney, native of Dillon, SC has just released his first single, “More Than Anything” from his forthcoming new album, “Demoine Kinney Presents Instrumental Worship”. The single, which Demoine co-produced with Doug Toles, Sr, is the kick-off for the up and coming album.

This marks Kinney’s first studio album, as he’s turned his focus to his first love, his saxophone. He has many talents, but has been under the radar as an saxophonist. Demoine says, “I’m a true worshiper at heart and playing my sax is a gift that I must share with the world.”

Kinney has a passion to bring a positive message to all audiences young and old with his unique style of sharing his testimony through his saxophone. He realized early in his career that there are some people who need to be reached through music. Although he’s a hilarious Christian comedian and actor as well, his first love is music. Today, he is known to be an amazing saxophonist, and receives requests to perform all over the country.

After losing his father at the age of six, he was given the gift of music and carries his sax everywhere he goes. He tried to separate his gifting at one point, but soon realized that they were not given to exchanged one for another but used together in ministry. He now utilizes all the gifting to minister to the world.

When Mr. Kinney plays his sax, fans say that it’s as if you can literally hear the words to the songs being played and the passion behind each breathe. They say it will give you chills. Music is a universal language and allows Mr. Kinney to witness to anyone with his vibrate notes. But his greatest gift is the heart that he has to serve God.

For more details, visit www.DemoineKinney.com

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