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Illinois GOP Web Site Hit in Halloween Cyber Attack

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Pat Brady: “We will find the source of the problem”


 Chicago, IL – Illinois Republican Party Chairman Pat Brady today said the Party’s web site, www.WeAreIllinois.org, was hit by a cyber attack, making it virtually impossible for the public to access the site for much of the day.

“It’s obvious these are last minute campaign dirty tricks,” said Brady. “We are working to remedy the problem as quickly as we can so that voters can access all of our information and resources.”

Brady described the attack as one in which a software program is used to constantly access the site, overloading the servers for extended periods. “It effectively locks up our site,” Brady explained. He apologized to anyone who had trouble trying to access the site on Sunday.

Brady said staff is working to track down the offender. “We will find the source of the problem and we will prosecute to the fullest extent of the law possible,” said Brady.

Miller Campaign: Illinois must make a clear choice in Comptroller’s race

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(From the Miller Campaign)

Dolton, IL – “As the campaign enters its final days, voters in Illinois must make a clear choice in the Illinois Comptroller’s race,” said David Miller. “As Illinois Comptroller, I will bring transparency and open government, something my opponent is not known for. My opponent’s time in office is full of examples where she needed to pay more attention and keep a closer eye on our state.”

The Southtown Star said in its endorsement of David Miller.

a solid reputation as a smart and driven individual focused on reforming the way Illinois funds its schools.

we feel it’s time to develop new leadership that can tackle today’s problems

The Bloomington Pantagraph said in its endorsement of David Miller

works well with members of both parties and hasn’t been afraid to buck his party’s leaders.

On balance, Miller has the edge and would bring new blood, a quiet competence and a commitment to bipartisan change

Judy Baar Topinka is running on her experience, but voters should look closer at her record.

“Let’s look at where she could have stepped in and demonstrated real leadership,” said Miller. “She has had opportunities to stand up and protect the people of Illinois, yet she let those chances slip by.”

Topinka serves on the board of the Regional Transportation Agency. That board is responsible for oversight of the tax dollars spent for public transportation in the Chicago region. Yet its Metra Rail system has been rocked by scandal.

“Serving on a board requires asking tough questions, looking behind the paperwork and protecting the taxpayers with your own vigilance.” said Miller.

“During this campaign, when faced with news that one of her campaign donors was banned from doing business with the state, she kept the money.” said Miller.

“When given a chance to act, she chose to not lift a finger and  continue the get along, go along way of business in Springfield. She even supported a deal for political corny Bill Cellini, where the taxpayers bailed out his failing hotel.”

“I began my public service career by beating a political machine, I have stood up to my own party’s leadership and fought for the people. I am proud that organizations and individuals throughout our state have recognized the need for someone new to take on a statewide leadership role.”

“I ask the people of Illinois for their vote and together we can fix our government. Turn it from enriching the family and friends of the powerful and return it to the people.”

Did Mark Kirk Really “Stop BP”? – Another Exaggeration

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Letter to Editor
Did Mark Kirk Really “Stop BP From Polluting Lake Michigan”?
Did he or didn’t he?

Since 2007, Mark Kirk has made a big deal out of his opposition to BP’s plans to increase the pollution from its Whiting, IN refinery as part of a plan to switch to a dirtier source of oil – Canadian tar sands.

Most recently, he touted his “stopping” and “beating” BP twice in Wednesday’s debate with Alexi Giannoulias.

There’s no question Congressman Kirk joined many other leaders, including Senator Durbin, Mayor Daley, Pat Quinn, then-Congressman Rahm Emmanuel, and many others who joined Sierra Club and the environmental community in protesting BPs proposal to increase pollution. To be fair, Kirk certainly didn’t go soft on the rhetoric. Here he is from the House floor in 2007:

“We cannot allow new dumping by BP. Later today we will meet with the head of BP North America, and given the legislative tsunami we are preparing, we should simply be discussing BP’s terms of surrender on their lake-dumping plan. BP, millions spent in the ‘Beyond Petroleum’ campaign, but we know it stands for ‘Bad Polluter.’ Hopefully, BP will back down and be a better partner in protecting Lake Michigan.”

To hear Kirk tell it, you’d think he won that battle, and Lake Michigan is safe from the pollution we all protested. You’d be wrong.

Trouble is, nobody stopped BP. Indiana went right ahead and issued BP the permit for the increased pollution. All the protests, including those from Kirk, did net a verbal commitment from BP that they would “review” whether it “could” avoid more pollution; but Indiana’s decision to allow the pollution was not reversed. BP was not “beat” or “stopped.” They refused to relinquish the permit, and Indiana maintains that the permit, which Kirk called “their lake-dumping plan” is valid. When BP’s conversion to dirty “tar sands” oil is complete in 2012, they will be within their right to dump all the pollution we all fought back in 2007.

Kirk apparently reads history a little differently. His campaign website says:
“Fact: Mark Kirk stood up to Big Oil when he stopped BP from polluting Lake Michigan.”

In a press release from is Congressional office October 17, 2009,:

‘Two years ago, we scored a major victory after BP agreed to back down from its plan to dump more ammonia and industrial sludge into Lake Michigan,’ Congressman Mark Kirk said.

On February 2nd, his campaign put out a press release including:

“In Congress, Kirk stopped BP’s plan to pollute Lake Michigan”

In May, Mark Kirk approved this campaign commercial, entitled “Distract”, that claims “Stopping British Petroleum’s pollution of Lake Michigan…” as an accomplishment.

Then, June 2nd on Springfield talk radio, Kirk asserted:

“We were successful in stopping that plan because it would have been the first new dumper in the great lakes in 10 years and that’s the source of 95% of North America’s fresh water and where 30 million people pull their drinking water from.”

On July 6th, Kirk said at a press conference:

“Let’s be clear on what we fought and what we won on. We beat a new IDEM permit.”

Q: Didn’t they actually issue the permit?

“They absolutely did.”

Q: Has it been cancelled?

“I don’t think it has.”

Q: How can you say you beat it?

“We beat it because BP then decided to build a water treatment plant, adding over $20 million in cost to their Whiting facility.”

No one that I’ve talked to involved in the case has any idea what Kirk is referring to with that $20 million figure. In fact, there is no evidence that BP has changed their “lake dumping plan” at all.

If Kirk’s recollection of the past seems off, it’s even less clear where he stands on BP’s Lake Michigan pollution proposal now. In fact, he seems to actually support BP’s move to dirtier gas at Whiting:

“No one argues against the need to expand production capability at the Whiting facility, but there should be zero tolerance for releasing deadly poisons into our air and water.'” Crain’s Chicago Business, 6/4/09

Tar sands oil is dirty from start to finish – it takes more energy to extract, uses more water and creates more pollution to refine into gasoline, and is dirtier when we burn it in our cars. That makes Kirk’s support for tar sands and apparent opposition to BP’s pollution irreconcilable.

It also makes this particular verbal assault on BP quite ironic:

“I think BP now stands for bad polluter…They need to be called out on their corporate hypocrisy.” Daily Herald, 7/20/07

I agree with Kirk that those who talk a good game on the environment, even if the facts don’t back it up, “need to be called out.” It’s time for Mark Kirk to stop exaggerating, and be honest with the public about the risks still facing our Great Lake, and about the incomplete nature of the “victory” he is so very proud of.

Jack Darin
Sierra Club, Illinois Chapter

Secretary of State Jesse White endorsed for re-election by over 16 publications and more than 80 mayors throughout Illinois

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  Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White has been endorsed by over 16 newspapers throughout Illinois.

 The publications endorsing White are: Chicago Tribune, Chicago Sun-Times, Daily Herald, Chicago Defender, (Springfield) State Journal-Register, Peoria Journal Star, The (Bloomington) Pantagraph, Belleville News-Democrat, Northwest Herald, Rockford Register Star, Southern Illinoisan, Morris Daily Herald, Sauk Valley Newspaper, St. Louis Post Dispatch, Dispatch and Rock Island Argus, Gay Chicago Magazine and The News-Gazette.

 “It’s an honor to receive these prestigious endorsements from the most influential papers around the state of Illinois,” White said. “I’m proud that our efforts to improve this office are recognized.”

 White is recognized as a “true statesmen” for Illinois. In re-election, White will continue to restore integrity, make roads as safe as possible, establish teen driver safety methods and improve customer service through the use of technology.

 Jesse White Is Overwhelming Choice of Mayors In Illinois

 Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White has received the endorsements of more than 80 mayors throughout the state of Illinois in his campaign for re-election.

 Among those endorsing White are Chicago Ridge Mayor Eugene Seigel, Springfield Mayor Tim Davlin, Aurora Mayor Thomas Weisner, Quincy Mayor John Spring, DuQuoin Mayor John Rednour, Skokie Mayor George Van Dusen, Palos Hills Mayor Gerald Bennett, and Belleville Mayor Mark Eckert

 The mayors in a joint statement said of White, “He leads by example and his honesty and integrity are beyond reproach. He has streamlined the office via new technology and improved the service throughout the state. He has helped establish new laws that make our roads and communities safer and led the fight for tougher DUI laws, stricter penalties for chronic traffic offenders, and more stringent testing and training for truck drivers.”

 The mayors also commended White’s effort at cleaning up the office pointing out that “White inherited an office under a cloud of controversy. In order to root out corruption, he established a code of conduct for employees; set strict fundraising policies; hired Jim Burns as Inspector General and strengthened the Inspector General’s office.”

“I am truly honored to have the support of so many outstanding municipal leaders, people who understand government from the grassroots level. My goal is to be the best possible Secretary of State in serving the people of Illinois,” White said.

 White is recognized as a “true statesmen” for Illinois. In re-election, White will continue to restore integrity, make roads as safe as possible, establish teen driver safety methods and improve customer service through the use of technology.

 A list of mayors endorsing White follows: 

Mayor Tom Hoechst Alton
Mayor John Thudis East Moline
Mayor Fred Bright East Alton Village
Mayor Craig Johnson Elk Grove Village
Mayor Christopher Getty Lyons Village
Mayor Raymond Chapman Bunker Hill
Mayor Robert E. Polk Village of Burnham
Mayor Martin J. Moylan Des Plaines
Mayor Eric Kellogg Harvey
Mayor John Martinez Ashton
Mayor Gail D. Mitchell Fairview Heights
Mayor Clayton R. Woodard Catlin
Mayor Kevin Casey Hometown
Mayor Norman F. Abbott Lansing
Mayor James R. Nightingale Carthage
Mayor Frank M. Jeters Energy
Mayor Victor M. Ritter Herrin
Mayor Ken Williams Village of Carbon Cliff
Mayor Gary Bartolotti Christopher
Mayor John Rednour DuQuoin
Mayor William M. Baron Hillsboro
Mayor Ed Hagnauer Granite City
Mayor C. “Bud” Stobaugh Farmington
Mayor Ed Wollet Clinton
Mayor Jim G. Burke Dixon
Mayor Ryan Weihosen Lakemoor
Mayor Douglas Thomas Kincaid
Mayor William D. McLeod Hoffman Estates
Mayor Molly Beckley Cobden
Mayor Joseph T. Tamburino Hillside
Mayor Teresa Kernc Village of Diamond
Mayor Harry J. Klein Burbank
Mayor Richard Hofeld Homewood
Mayor Dwight Welch Country Club Hills
Mayor Kent Goewey Griggsville
Mayor Judson Childs Cairo
Mayor Bruce W. Adams Bradley
Mayor James J. Sexton Evergreen Park
Mayor Patrick E. Kitching Alsip
Mayor Elizabeth Tisdall Evanston
Mayor Gerald C. Turry Lincolnwood
Mayor Frank A. Pasquale Village of Bellwood
Mayor Anthony T. Calderone Village of Forest Park
Mayor Ronald E. Wallace Atwood
Mayor Vincent J. Zaranti Chicago Heights
Mayor Barb Meador Bethany
Mayor Steve Hartline Anna
Mayor Junior Zilm Braceville
Mayor James Rich Hurst
Mayor Charles E. Hilmes Breese
Mayor Matt Turcol Benld
Mayor Gordon Schrishuhn Harristown
Mayor Eugene Siegel Chicago Ridge
Mayor Tim Davlin Springfield
Mayor George Van Dusen Skokie
Mayor John Spring Quincy
Mayor Gerald R. Bennett Palos Hills
Mayor Mark Eckert Belleville
Mayor David R. Brady Bedford Park
Mayor Robert Straz Palos Heights
Mayor John Mahoney Palos Park
Mayor Donald W. Schupek Posen
Mayor Krizystof Wasowicz Justice
Mayor Steve M. Landek Bridgeview
Mayor Richard Reinbold Richton park
Mayor Louis Sherman Steger
Mayor Michael Howley Hickory Hills
Mayor Daniel J. McLaughlin Orland Park
Mayor Gloria Orlandi Dalzell
Mayor Eugene Williams Village of Lynwood
Mayor Edward J. Zabrocki Tinley Park
Mayor Timothy Baldermann New Lenox
Mayor John C. Schmitt Village of Algonquin
Mayor Randy McCallum Village of Alorton
Mayor Thomas Weisner Aurora
Mayor Arlene J. Mulder Arlington Heights
Mayor Robert Walters Beardstown
Mayor Joseph DuPar Calumet Park
Mayor Michelle Markiewicz-    Qualkinbush Calumet City
Mayor Donald Peloquin Blue Island
Mayor David Owen South Chicago Heights
Mayor Deyon Dean Riverdale
Mayor Irene H. Brodie Robbins
Mayor Henry Kuspa Oak Forest
Mayor JoAnn Williams Armington
Mayor David Webb Markham
Mayor Daniel A. O’Reilly Stickney

BBB announces Torch Award winners for Marketplace Ethics

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CHICAGO, IL – The Better Business Bureau of Chicago & Northern Illinois (BBB) announces the 2010 winners of the fourteenth annual Torch Award for Marketplace Ethics, which spotlights companies that exemplify ethical business practices. This awards luncheon ceremony will be hosted at the Holiday Inn Mart Plaza in Chicago on Thursday, December 2nd. Winning awards will be presented to: Sears Holding Corporation; Wilton Brands Inc.; Itasca Bank & Trust Co.; Imagetec L.P.; Cray Kaiser LTD; Music by Design, LTD and John Baethke & Son Plumbing, Inc. Honorable Mentions will be awarded to: Bridgestone Retail Operations, LLC; Empire Today, LLC; Access One, Inc. and Mega Home Improvement.


“As the headlines have reflected, ethical business practices have taken a beating on Wall Street, the banking industry, housing and other marketplaces,” says Steve J. Bernas, president & CEO of the Better Business Bureau serving Chicago and Northern Illinois. “The Torch Award for Marketplace Ethics honors companies that make a demonstrable effort to promote ethical business practices, and we are pleased to see the number of businesses who, in the eyes of their customers and other associates, meet that threshold.”


The award recipients are selected by an independent panel of judges each year. Bernas continued, “This year’s participants and winners have reaped many rewards as a result of their commitment to achieving and maintaining high ethical standards including stronger customer loyalty, enhanced reputation, and greater employee commitment.”


The 2010 competition had the largest number of nominations and entries with nearly 2,000 nominations from a wide variety of businesses, explained Bernas.


“This variety in entries and the subsequent winners and honorable mentions reflect an increasing interest by more and more companies in using ethical business practices in their operations as their primary method of self-regulation,” Bernas said. “This belief is the cornerstone of the BBB system.”


Companies are judged in five categories based on their number of employees. Bernas noted that the presentation of awards is just the tip of the iceberg for companies that do it right by working with their customers, suppliers and other organizations in an ethical manner. It remains important for people to inform the BBB when they have done business with a company that did an exemplary job. Many of the nearly 2,000 nominees for this award were the result of consumers alerting the BBB to companies who ‘do it right’. 


This year’s event has been made possible through the generosity of the following sponsors:


AAA Chicago; ABC7 Chicago; Abt Electronics & Appliances; Access One, Inc.; ADP; Alberto-Culver Company; Assurance Agency, Ltd.; Bridgestone Retail Operations, LLC;CDW Corporation; Champion Window of Chicago; Charter One; Combined Insurance Co. of America; DeVry Inc.; Dex One Corporation; Discover Financial Services; Empire Today, LLC; Grants Appliances Electronics & More; Hallberg Commercial Insuror’s Inc.; Hilton Chicago; The Inland Real Estate Group, Inc.; Integrated Project Management Co. Inc.; Hanson Material Services; Lifecare Innovations, Inc.; Luna Carpet & Blinds, Inc.; Midas Auto Centers; The Pampered Chef, Ltd.; Perma-Seal Basement Systems, Inc.; Sears Holding Corporation; Tiffany & Company; Total Merchant Systems; Tribune Media Group; Urban Imaging Group, Inc and Walgreens.


Consumers can nominate an ethical business on our Web site at http://chicago.bbb.org/torchnomination

Bark-Humdog – “Pooch on Scrooge” Returns to Goodman Theatre November 13!

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Chicago, IL - Now it’s not just the kids who star in holiday family photos when Goodman Theatre hosts its 3rd annual “Pooch on Scrooge,” Saturday November 13, from 9am – 12am (170 North Dearborn Street). Well-behaved dogs-on-leashes are welcome to dress up for the occasion and pose for a “quick take” portrait with Ebenezer Scrooge of A Christmas Carol by celebrated photographer David Sutton. The Goodman suggests a donation of $15 for Season of Concern, a local organization which provides compassionate care to those in the theater community experiencing the effects of catastrophic illness. There is limited capacity for this event; reservations are strongly recommended. RSVP at www.GoodmanTheatre.org/PoochOnScrooge and be automatically entered to win a free sitting with David Sutton at Sutton Studios.

 Named “America’s Best Pet Photographer” by Forbes FYI, David Sutton has been photographing pets for over 15 years. His portraits of people and their pets have been featured extensively in national media including The Today Show and Animal Planet, as well as in the Chicago Tribune, Denver Post, Ft. Worth Star-Telegram, Chicago Sun-Times and Crain’s Chicago Business. He has also exhibited his work in a number of prestigious venues including Hermés of Paris and Takishimaya New York.

Each dog owner will receive a digital photo of their “Pooch on Scrooge,” perfect for holiday cards, witty e-mails and refrigerator doors. The hound in the best holiday attire will win a gift basket, compliments of Barker and Meowsky – A Paw Firm. Purchase raffle tickets at the event for prizes including a free sitting with David Sutton at Sutton Studios and tickets to Goodman Theatre’s 33rd annual production of A Christmas Carol.

 Goodman Theatre will admit only well-behaved, child-friendly, house-trained dogs on leashes. Owners should not bring aggressive/anti-social dogs or dogs that bite. The Goodman reserves the right to ask owners with poorly behaved dogs to leave the event.

 A Christmas Carol performances begin November 19 (opening night is November 28) and run through December 31 in the Albert Theater. Tickets are $30 – $76 and may be purchased online at GoodmanTheatre.org, at the Goodman Theatre Box Office (170 North Dearborn Street) or by phone at 312.443.3811. Harris Bank is the Major Corporate Sponsor of A Christmas Carol. Aon Corporation and Chapman and Cutler LLP are Corporate Sponsor Partners and Chicago Tribune is the Media Sponsor.

“Lucky 13”: Tips for a safe Halloween

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(A Message from the American Red Cross) 

  Halloween’s around the corner, so before you put the finishing touches on costumes and stock up on candy, take a look at our “Lucky 13” safety tips to make it a safe evening:

Lucky 13 Safety Tips
Lucky 13 Safety Tips
Be safe while you have fun this Halloween

 Our Lucky 13 Tips for a Safe Halloween

Ghouls and goblins will take over the night. But even scary creatures need to be safe and celebrate Halloween right. Halloween’s greatest hazards aren’t vampires and villains, but falls, costume mishaps and automobile collisions. The Red Cross want your family to have a safe Halloween so we’re providing these tips,

 The Lucky 13:  
1. Map out the route that you plan to roam, so adults are assured you will find your way home!
2. From the bravest of superheroes to the noblest of knights, everyone should remember to bring their flashlights!
3. If you visit a house where a stranger resides, accept treats at the door and, please, don’t go inside.
4. When you get ready to put on your disguise, use face paint instead of masks, which will cover your eyes.
5. Always remember, before you embark, to wear light-colored clothing to be seen in the dark! (And remember to use reflective tape, even on bikes, and brooms and the edges of your cape!)
6. Whether you walk, slither or sneak, do it on the sidewalks and not in the street.
7. As you roam through the neighborhood collecting your treats, please look both ways before crossing the street! (And speaking of streets, the corners are the place for trick or treaters to cross no matter their pace.)
8. Wigs, capes and costumes are flammable attire, so avoid open flames to prevent a fire!
9. Use a glow stick instead of a candle so your jack-o-lantern isn’t a safety gamble!
10. You may fly on a broom or a space ship from Mars, but please be on the lookout for drivers in cars! (Between parked cars is no place to hide, be sure that you’re seen whether you’re a clown or a bride.)
11. Monsters and zombies should stay off the lawn, and only visit homes with their porch lights turned on!
12. You may be dressed as a werewolf, a cat or a frog, but be cautious around strange animals, especially dogs.
13. Have a grown-up inspect your candy when you’re done trick-or-treating to remove open packages and choking hazards before eating.
For additional information on how you and your family can be prepared for emergencies on Halloween or on any day of the year, please contact your local chapter or visit www.redcross.org.
Sure, Halloween should be spooky. But your friendly neighborhood witches and ghosts need to stay safe while they’re out scaring up a storm. It’s easy to do with a bit of planning (and batteries for those flashlights!), and by passing along important advice to kids about how to avoid accidents and other bumps in the night.Check out our Halloween safety tips now – pass them along to friends.Wishing you a spooky but safe Halloween!
Connie Harvey
Connie Harvey
Preparedness and Health and Safety Services

CopyLine Magazine’s new column, Political “Bits and Pieces” debuts today

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During the final days leading up to Election Day November 2, 2010, www.copylinemagazine.com will offer a new column, Political “Bits and Pieces.” This column can be accessed from the panel at top (upper right corner) above CopyLine Magazine’s logo.


Juanita Bratcher, Editor and Publisher of CopyLine Magazine

Quinn remembers our fallen soldiers; he has not failed us

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Letter to Editor


 We first met Gov. Pat Quinn on March 3, 2005. That was the day our
son, Corp. John T. Olson USMC, was buried. John died at the young age
of 21 and served three tours of duty in Iraq. Then-Lt. Gov. Quinn
came, all by himself, to pay his respects. As he gave us his
condolences, Pat (as we fondly refer to him) asked us what he could
do. Our response: Don’t let our country or our state forget John and
all the fallen.

We can tell you Gov. Quinn has not failed us. For many years before he
was governor, and still today he has attended nearly every wake or
funeral for the fallen in Illinois. He is involved with Gold Star
Mothers and The Illinois Freedom Run among countless causes. He is the
biggest advocate of veterans, their families and Gold Star Families,
and his genuine support of our military brings us true comfort.

Being governor is tough, especially with the state of affairs Illinois
was in when he inherited the job. And right now, everyone is talking
about the economy that is a major priority. But every day, we live
with the loss of our son, and that is our private battle.

We as a state need Gov. Quinn because he has made the hard decisions
to put us on the right path, but also because he has not forgotten
about you and me. He hasn’t forgotten the millions of everyday people
and our struggles, and he has never, ever forgotten John.

Just like John, Pat loves his country and serves with honor and
dignity because he knows he can make a difference. What Illinois needs
is an honest, hardworking, compassionate governor. We cannot forget
that we already have that in Gov. Quinn.

John and Diana Olson

The News-Gazette endorses Kirk for Senate

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 The News-Gazette’s statement on endorsing Republican Mark Kirk for Senate


Voters can vote twice in the U.S. Senate race, the first time for the three remaining months of President Obama’s unexpired term and the second time for a full six-year term beginning in January…

 …When it comes to credentials, there’s no comparison.

 A lawyer and one-term treasurer, Giannoulias has little to offer other than his ambition.

 Conversely, Kirk has a long educational resume (Cornell, the London School of Economics and law school at Georgetown ), experience in the U.S. State Department and World Bank and chief counsel for the U.S. House Committee on Foreign Affairs before being elected to Congress.

 He’s also served in the U.S. Naval Reserves since 1989, routinely assigned to scenes of military conflicts…

 …the facts are that he has a long string of accomplishments about which he could brag as well as internal fitness reports that demonstrate how much his superiors valued his work.

 Kirk is an outstanding candidate who will be an outstanding member of the Senate, and he has our endorsement. Indeed, he’s exactly what the Senate needs if this country is ever to get out of the domestic and foreign messes it’s now in.

 During his years in the U.S. House, Kirk made it a point to work with both Republicans and Democrats to get things done. Kirk has worked doggedly on issues of foreign affairs and listening to him discuss complicated international issues is like attending a seminar. If elected to the Senate, he would be ready to participate in the most momentous debates and make the most serious decisions…

 …[Giannoulias] does, however, have experience as a banker, experience he touted widely when he ran for treasurer in 2006. He portrayed himself then as the bank’s chief loan officer who would use his financial expertise to address complicated economic issues. But this past summer, the family bank went bust, and he abandoned his banking background in his political pitch to voters. To hear him tell it now, Giannoulias didn’t know a thing about the bank’s problems and had nothing to do with them. The record shows otherwise…

 …Kirk has shown repeatedly that he has what it takes to serve effectively, and he’ll continue to do so in the Senate. He has our strong support.

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