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Archive for October 20th, 2010

Chicago Defender endorses Alexi Giannoulias for Senate

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Newspaper notes Republican Kirk wants Obama out of office


Saying  the choice is crystal clear, the Chicago Defender endorsed Alexi Giannoulias’ candidacy for U.S. Senate.

“The current state treasurer has compiled a stellar record in office, and would vote in support of the initiatives that President Obama has started,” the newspaper stated. “(Giannoulias) has stressed that he would be accountable to the Black community…Republican Mark Kirk has already stressed that his aim is to make Obama a one-term president.”

Unaware he was being recorded, Kirk made those comments to a group of North Dhore Republicans earlier this year. Most recently Kirk was secretly taped a few weeks ago telling Republican officials that he was launching a so-called “Voter Integrity Program” in heavily Democratic and African-American areas throughout the state.

“I have now funded the largest voter integrity program in 15 years for the state of Illinois,” Kirk reportedly said. “These are lawyers and other people that will be deployed in key vulnerable precincts. For example, South and West side of Chicago, Rockford, Metro-East where the other side might be tempted to jigger the numbers somewhat.”

Giannoulias has called Kirk’s comments “shameful and disturbing” and designed to intimidate voters and suppress the African-American vote on Election Day. Giannoulias has asked federal officials to monitor the polls so all voters have an opportunity to cast a ballot, free of interference. Kirk’s tactics are said to similar to those used by George Bush and Karl Rove to “steal” the presidential election in Florida in 2000, and then used to even greater effect in Ohio in 2004.

Joe Berrios: “Forrest Claypool’s $300,000 sunshine”

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(From the Berrios campaign)


How much does it cost to buy some sunshine? About $300,000 if you’re Forrest Claypool, who
has repeatedly said he wants to bring “sunshine” to the Cook County Assessor’s office if he
wins the Nov. 2nd General Election.

 Reports released Monday by the Illinois Board of Elections showed Claypool received two
contributions totaling $300,000 recently – one from Assessor James Houlihan, the other from
media mogul Fred Eychaner, who cut an insider deal with Claypool for a parking garage lease
that Chicagoans will be paying for 400 years.

 “Who wouldn’t have sunshine in their lives with friends like that,” asked Joe Berrios, the
Democratic candidate for assessor. “On one hand, we have Jim Houlihan, who is about to be
out of a job, and on the other, we have a very wealthy man who wants to keep getting sweet
deals and tax breaks from Claypool.”

 Two weeks ago, Claypool, a Cook County Board commissioner, voted against ethics reforms
which would have capped individual contributions at $10,000.
On Oct. 1, Houlihan, who is retiring, contributed $100,000 from his own coffer to the campaign of Forrest Claypool, a former Democratic seeking the same office. Eychaner gave Claypool $200,000 on Sept. 17. Houlihan receives money from property tax attorneys, a practice in which Claypool has used as his main criticism against Berrios.

 Houlihan has given Claypool over $130,000 in recent months, and held a fundraiser at his home for the former Democrat on October 12th.

 Claypool was behind one of the worst long-term parking garage leases in Chicago history.
Claypool was Mayor Richard Daley’s chief of staff at the time, and then became park district

 Claypool worked behind the scenes to broker Eychaner’s 400-year-lease with the Chicago Park
, headed by Claypool, back in the 1990s. Eychaner’s Ogden Plaza Garage Co. leases
land from the Chicago Park District for a lucrative parking garage in Streeterville. The lease,
which costs $10 annually, is good for 374 more years, according to the Chicago Tribune.
Since cutting that deal, Claypool has received over $625,000 from Eychaner, state filings show.
“If that isn’t insider back-scratching, I don’t know what is,” Berrios said. “But this is what
we’ve come to expect from Claypool and his donors. They are big property owners giving big
contributions in exchange for big tax breaks if he’s elected assessor. They are the rich people
who don’t want to pay their fair share.”

Lisle Landscaper named in Consumer Fraud Lawsuit

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The Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office has filed a Consumer Fraud lawsuit against a West Suburban Landscaper and his company for accepting thousands of dollars in down payments for work that was never started, according to the Office of Cook County State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez.

Named in the lawsuit are Classic Creations Landscaping, Inc of Lisle and its owner Dominic Vitro charged with violating the Illinois Consumer Fraud and Home Repair and Remodeling Acts for failing to complete landscaping work that cost two victims over $21,000 in down payments.

According to the lawsuit, on two separate occasions, victims met with Vitro after responding to ads in local newspapers or receiving post cards distributed door to door. During consultations Vitro signed contracts to provide landscaping services to build a brick paver patio, a retaining wall, fencing, and a waterfall and accepted $21,173 in down payments from the victims.

After taking the funds, Classic Creations missed numerous appointments to commence the work and then repeatedly rebuffed attempts by the victims to get their money back. The victims subsequently contacted the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Consumer Fraud Unit.

The lawsuit is seeking restitution for the victims and over $100,000 in civil penalties. The State’s Attorney’s Office is also seeking to ban Vitro and his company from the home repair business permanently.

Jesse White announces teen driving deaths down 56 percent as this week marks National Teen Driver Safety Week

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 Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety credit GDL laws for decrease in teen driving deaths


 Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White announced today that teen driving deaths in Illinois dropped by 56 percent since Illinois’ nationally heralded graduated driver licensing (GDL) law took effect in 2008.   According to the Illinois State Police, in 2007 there were 146 teen driving deaths.  Since the GDL law initiated by White took effect in 2008, teen driving fatalities have dropped to 87 in 2008 and 73 in 2009.  Over the first nine months of 2010, the number of teen driving deaths has plummeted to 48, representing a projected decrease of 56 percent from 2007.

  “I am pleased that this law is working as we intended,” said White.  “The goal all along was to save lives.  When I first convened the Teen Driver Safety Task Force in 2006, we knew we had our work cut out for us.  We knew that automobile crashes were the leading cause of death for teens, and we worked hard and put together one of the best GDL programs in the nation.  While too many teens are still dying on our roads, we can take some solace in the fact that fewer teens have died in crashes the last three years.” 

 Illinois’ GDL law better prepares novice, teen drivers by giving them more time to obtain valuable driving experience while under the watchful eye of a parent or guardian, limiting in-car distractions, and requiring teens to earn their way from one stage to the next by avoiding traffic convictions.  State and national traffic safety organizations have praised Illinois’ stronger GDL law as one of the best in the nation. 

White made the announcement during National Teen Driver Safety Week at a press conference in Chicago where he presented the Teen Driving Safety Award 2010 to Harry D. Jacobs High School in Algonquin for their outstanding driver education programs.  White emphasized the important roles that parents, high schools and driver education instructors play in preparing safe and responsible teen drivers.

 “We have formed a partnership between the Secretary of State’s office, parents, students, schools and driver education instructors,” said White.  “Working together, we are saving lives and making our roads safer.”

 Jacobs High School was recently honored in San Diego, California by the National Safety Council with the Teen Driving Safety Leadership Award.  They were the only high school in the nation honored with this prestigious award.  Earlier this year, Jacobs High School received the 2010 Best of the Best Award in “Project Ignition,” a national teen driver safety program sponsored by State Farm Insurance and coordinated by the National Youth Leadership Council.

 Illinois’ GDL law, sponsored by Senate President John Cullerton (D-Chicago) and Representative John D’Amico (D-Chicago), has received national acclaim.

 “It appears Illinois will see another welcome drop in the number of teens killed in car crashes by year’s end,” said Judith Lee Stone, president of Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety, based in Washington, D.C.  “In addition to expected fatality declines during times of economic stress, Illinois’ tough GDL laws have undoubtedly contributed to this improved picture.  More teens are becoming better drivers on Illinois roads because exemplary, well-enforced laws are in place and statewide leaders, including key legislators and Secretary White, continue to promote the benefits of these lifesaving public policies.  Every life they have saved is precious.”

Bed Bugs moving to public locations

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(A message from the Better Business Bureau) 


Chicago, IL – Not satisfied with the comforts of home, bedbugs are migrating to public places like movie theaters and retail stores and then hitching rides on unsuspecting consumers. Not only are bedbugs a growing problem, they are also a hard problem to get rid of. The Better Business Bureau recommends doing your research to find a pest control company you can trust to get the job done efficiently.


According to a recent survey by the Pest Management Association, 95 percent of exterminators had encountered a bed bug infestation in the previous year-compared to only 25 percent of respondents ten years prior. While homes are the most common place for infestations, bedbugs also invade hotels, movie theaters, clothing stores and offices. In the past 12 months the BBB has received 8,761 inquires from consumers about pest control companies.

“When you discover an infestation in your home or business, you want to act quickly and get a professional in there fast,” said Steve J. Bernas, president & CEO of the Better Business Bureau serving Chicago and Northern Illinois. “Despite the urgency of the problem, you still need to do your research and make sure you are enlisting the help of a qualified and trustworthy pest control specialist. To find exterminators you can trust visit www.bbb.org


When hiring a pest control company, the BBB recommends that home and business owners consider the following:


Start with the BBB. Always research a business with your BBB first. The BBB maintains reviews on good and bad exterminators across North America. Go to www.bbb.org to quickly find local companies that uphold the BBB’s standards for ethical business practices.


Credentials count. Make sure the exterminator has sufficient training and certifications. Ideally, the company will also be a member of a national or local trade association. Also research the company with your local pest control regulatory board.


Ask about liability insurance. Find out how the company is covered, and how you will be reimbursed, if they happen to break any of your belongings or damage your home.


Get educated. Make sure that you completely understand the extent of the infestation as well as the possible remedies and side affects of any chemicals used.  Do your own research into the problem and possible solutions.


Read the fine print. Always read the find print carefully and don’t just take a representative word for it. Pay close attention to any warrantees or termination fees if entering into an extended contract for monitoring or future services. Never sign a contract that is incomplete or does not include all promises made by the company.


For more referrals on hiring home maintenance professionals, visit www.bbb.org


“Imagine Englewood if…! Partners with EPA, Health Department & Others to ‘make a difference’ in Englewood”

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 IEi hosts “Healthy Families for Healthy Communities” Resource Fair


On Saturday, October 23, 2010, several organizations will join Imagine Englewood if . . . ! for the  “Healthy Families for Healthy Communities” Resource Fair in observance of  “Make a Difference Day”.  U.S. EPA Region 5, Chicago Carevan, Chicago Department of Public Health (CDPH), Hope Worldwide, Housing and Urban Development (HUD), United States Department of Agriculture SNAP program, Bright Link, Marquette Bank, Lead-Safe Chicago and Good City will reach out in support of Englewood families through the following initiatives:  


Encourage Englewood families to participate in free lead-screenings through the Chicago Department of Health (service learning hours are available to students for this activity).


CDPH is offering a $15.00 Jewel gift certificate to the first 50 Englewood families whose children receive lead screenings (ages six and under).  CDPH returns Wednesday, October 27, from 5:00 to 8:00 p.m.


Free health screenings (children under six), plus immunizations and Asthma Action Plans.


Other resources include increased housing lead checks, more awareness of housing options, the SNAP Program, and alternative financial resources.  The event takes place at “Imagine Englewood if”, 6720 S. Stewart Ave., Chicago, IL  60621. 


“National Lead-Poisoning Prevention Week”

“Make a Difference Day” kicks off “National Lead Poisoning Prevention Week.  On Monday, October 25th, IEi and Hope Worldwide will join Eleanor Davis of the Governor’s Office, at the James R. Thompson Center, 100 W. Randolph, for lead-poisoning awareness and outreach.  For a full schedule of the week’s activities, visit Imagine Englewood if’s website at www.imagineenglewoodif.org  or call 773.488.6704; email:  info@imagineenglewoodif.org.


“Imagine Englewood if. . .!” is a (501c3) not-for-profit organization serving the Greater Englewood Community since 1997.  Co-founded by Mrs. Jean Carter-Hill, Executive Director, and Helen Massey, a health educator, IEi’s mission is to strengthen and empower the Englewood community through teaching local youth healthy living, environmental awareness and positive communication skills.  IEi motivates youth and their families to seek a positive quality of life and encourages them to pursue positive change.




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Gutierrez: Mark Kirk has let Latinos down

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 Chicago, IL – Congressman Luis Gutierrez said U.S. Senate Nominee Alexi Giannoulias is the only candidate in the race who will stand up for Hispanic voters and critized Congressman Mark Kirk for opposing issues that are critical in their community.

“More than ever, we need leaders like Alexi  in Washington, D.C. who are not afraid to stand up for what’s right and who will move our country forward,” said Gutierrez, who is from Puerto Rico. “Congressman Kirk thinks that immigration reform means sending condoms to Mexico to lower population growth. That’s not an answer and it’s not productive.

“I had hoped Mark Kirk would be a moderate, common-sense voice in Congress and someone I could reach across the aisle and work with in a bipartisan manner,” Gutierrez added. “Unfortunately, Mark Kirk has been far from moderate, and his views on immigration are simply unfair and unworkable.”

Giannoulias vowed to fight for passage of the DREAM Act and other meaningful immigration reforms. After failing to take a position on the DREAM Act during the past 10 years, Kirk finally announced recently that he would vote to defeat it.

“Congressman Kirk puts politics over meaningful solutions on issues important to Latino families and refuses to embrace meaningful immigration reform or support the DREAM Act,” Giannoulias said. “Opposing the DREAM Act is a slap in the face to students who are counting on this legislation to become productive members of society.”

Giannoulias express his dismay after Republicans blocked a vote on the DREAM Act last month. The bill would provide young immigrants the opportunity to attend college and achieve permanent residency. Currently, many qualified students who have earned high school diplomas are prohibited from going to college because of their immigration status.

“We should not punish individuals who were brought here as children and are trying their hardest to realize the American Dream,” Giannoulias said. “As senator, I will fight for the passage of the DREAM Act so that these young people can be fully integrated into society and become productive, tax-paying citizens.”

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