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Illinois AFL-CIO endorses Giannoulias, Quinn

Posted by Admin On June - 9 - 2010 Comments Off on Illinois AFL-CIO endorses Giannoulias, Quinn

 Springfield, IL – Delegates of the Illinois AFL-CIO Committee on Political Education (COPE) voted to endorse Alexi Giannoulias for U.S. Senate and Governor Pat Quinn and Sheila Simon in the General Election.


“It was a long, heated debate leading up to today’s endorsements,” said Michael T.

Carrigan, president of the State Labor Federation. “We have affiliates who are angry

with many of our elected officials who they feel have not kept their promises to stand up

for working families in this state. Our delegates carefully considered the options and

made each endorsement in a democratic way. Now the Illinois AFL-CIO will move

forward and support these endorsed candidates in the November election. That doesn’t

mean that all of our affiliates will participate. Some will not. And that is their



In other statewide races, the Illinois AFL-CIO endorsed Lisa Madigan for Attorney

General, Jesse White for Secretary of State, David Miller for Comptroller and Robin

Kelly for Treasurer. The group also unanimously endorsed Justice Thomas Kilbride for

retention to the Illinois Supreme Court. All other endorsements are listed below and will

be posted on the Illinois AFL-CIO web site at www.ilafl-cio.org.


Voting delegates of the Illinois AFL-CIO COPE include representatives of the executive

board, all affiliated unions, International unions, District Councils, Central Labor

Councils, Building Trades Councils and constituency groups.


The Illinois AFL-CIO will be supporting endorsed candidates with a legion of campaign

volunteers and through member to member mailings, phone calls and workplace flyers.

The Illinois AFL-CIO represents over 1,500 affiliated labor unions with one million

members across the state.



Supreme Court – Third District (retention)

Tom Kilbride 

Appellate Court – First District

James Epstein (D)


1 Bobby Rush (D)

2 Jesse Jackson Jr. (D)

3 Dan Lipinski (D)

4 Luis Gutierrez (D)

5 Mike Quigley (D)

7 Danny Davis (D)

8 Melissa L. Bean (D)

9 Jan Schakowsky (D)

10 Dan Seals (D)

11 Debbie Halvorson (D)

12 Jerry Costello (D)

13 Scott Harper (D)

14 Bill Foster (D)

15 David Gill (D)

16 George Gaulrapp (D)

17 Phil Hare (D)

18 Dierdre “D.K.” Hirner (D)

19 Tim Bagwell (D)




Alexi Giannoulias (D)





Pat Quinn (D)


Sheila Simon (D)


Lisa Madigan (D)


Jesse White (D)


David Miller (D)


Robin Kelly (D)



Illinois Senate


1 Tony Munoz (D)

4 Kimberly Lightford (D)

7 Heather Steans (D)

10 John Mulroe (D)

13 Kwame Raoul (D)

16 Jacqueline Collins (D)

19 Maggie Crotty (D)

22 Michael Noland (D)

25 Leslie Juby (D)

28 Corinne Michelle Pierog (D)

31 Michael Bond (D)

40 Toi Hutchinson (D)

43 A. J. Wilhelmi (D)

46 David Koehler (D)

49 Deanna Demuzio (D)

51 Tim Dudley (D)

52 Michael Frerichs (D)

55 Josh Weger (D)

58 Jeremy Walker (D)


Illinois House of Representatives


1 Susana Mendoza (D)

2 Edward Acevedo (D)

3 Luis Arroyo (D)

4 Cynthia Soto (D)

5 Kenneth Dunkin (D)

6 Esther Golar (D)

7 Karen Yarbrough (D)

8 LaShawn Ford (D)

10 Annazette Collins (D)

11 Ann Williams (D)

12 Sara Feigenholtz (D)

13 Gregory Harris (D)

14 Harry Osterman (D)

15 John D’Amico (D)

16 Lou Lang (D)

17 Daniel Biss (D)

18 Robyn Gabel (D)

19 Joseph Lyons (D)

20 Michael McAuliffe (R)

21 Michael J. Zalewski (D)

22 Michael Madigan (D)

23 Daniel Burke (D)

24 Lisa Hernandez (D)

25 Barbara Flynn Currie (D)

26 Will Burns (D)

27 Monique Davis (D)

28 Robert Rita (D)

29 Thaddeus Jones (D)

30 Will Davis (D)

31 Mary Flowers (D)

32 Andre Thapedi (D)

33 Marlow Colvin (D)

34 Connie Howard (D)

35 Kevin Joyce (D)

36 Kelly Burke (D)

37 Kevin McCarthy (D)

38 Al Riley (D)

39 Maria “Toni” Berrios (D)

40 Deborah Mell (D)

43 Keith Farnham (D)

44 Fred Crespo (D)

46 Deborah O’Keefe Conroy (D)

49 Jennifer Barconi (D)

56 Michelle Mussman (D)

57 Elaine Nekritz (D)

58 Karen May (D)

59 Carol Sente (D)

63 Jack Franks (D)

66 Mark Walker (D)

67 Chuck Jefferson (D)

69 Ray Pendzinski (D)

71 Dennis Ahern (D)

72 Pat Verschoore (D)

74 Donald Moffitt (R)

75 Careen Gordon (D)

76 Frank Mautino (D)

77 Angelo “Skip” Saviano (R)

79 Lisa Dugan (D)

80 Anthony DeLuca (D)

83 Linda Chapa LaVia (D)

85 Emily McAsey (D)

86 Jack McGuire (D)

91 Michael Smith (D)

92 Jehan Gordon (D)

98 Charles Landers (D)

101 Robert Flider (D)

103 Naomi Jakobsson (D)

104 Michael Puhr (D)

111 Daniel Beiser (D)

112 Jay Hoffman (D)

113 Tom Holbrook (D)

114 Eddie Lee Jackson, Sr. (D)

116 Dan Reitz (D)

117 John Bradley (D)

118 Brandon Phelps (D)

“Free lunch” offer from investment scammers not appetizing to your wallet

Posted by Admin On June - 9 - 2010 Comments Off on “Free lunch” offer from investment scammers not appetizing to your wallet
A Message from the Better Business Bureau
Chicago, IL – Falling victim to a fraudulent investment scheme can mean losing anywhere from a few hundred dollars to your life savings. While many people may not see the harm in sitting through an investment seminar, the Better Business Bureau recommends researching the investment company first, rather than running the risk of becoming a fraud victim over a free lunch.
“Free lunch seminars can seem like an easy way to get a meal, but attendees run the risk of getting drawn in by the slick presentations and promises of big returns,” said Steve J. Bernas, president and CEO of the Better Business Bureau serving Chicago and Northern Illinois. “Misleading seminars often use the promise of a free lunch to lure in people who may have time and exploitable finances or real estate.”
Bernas noted that the old saying: “There’s no such thing as a free lunch” is appropriate to remember concerning investment seminars.
Investment scams and schemes can come in many forms; one common technique to lure people in is the offer of a free financial seminar over lunch or dinner. In one recent example, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) shut down an alleged USA Retirement Management Services (USARMS) Ponzi scheme, which pays returns to separate investors from their own money or money paid by subsequent investors, rather than from any actual profit earned. This investment fraud stole $20 million from retirees in Illinois and California. The scammers invited senior citizens to estate planning seminars and later coaxed their victims into buying promissory notes for purported Turkish investments.
When listening to an investment pitch, the BBB recommends looking for the following red flags:
  • Investments that requires large, up-front investments. Untrustworthy schemers might try to convince investors to pay a lot of money upfront so they can get out of town with a large haul, rather than wait for the funds to trickle in.  
  • Promises of high returns for low risk. Every investment comes with a level of risk. Typically the amount of risk increases in line with the potential return on the investment. If the seminar is trying to sell an investment scheme that claims a high return with little or no risk, beware, even if it comes with the promise of a money-back guarantee.
  • Employs high pressure sales tactics. Seminar leaders often use high pressure sales tactics to get people to sign up without thinking it through. They might claim that there are only a few spots left or that you need to get in on the ground level today to see the largest earnings. Any reputable investment company will let you take time, consider the offer, do research and will not pressure you into signing a check.
  • Relies on off-shore investments. Many scam artists try to give their scheme an air of sophistication by relying on overseas investments such as foreign currency, property or stocks and bonds. They also might claim-incorrectly-that you can avoid taxes by investing overseas.
  • Sounds too good to be true.  If the offer sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Always listen to your instincts because the potential payoff is rarely worth the risk.

For more information on how to avoid financial planning and investing scams, visit www.bbb.org/us/consumer-tips-finance

Attorney General Madigan warns seniors to watch out for Medicare fraud

Posted by Admin On June - 9 - 2010 Comments Off on Attorney General Madigan warns seniors to watch out for Medicare fraud

 Chicago, IL – Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan is warning seniors and other Medicare beneficiaries to be on the lookout for scams and other fraudulent efforts expected to be prevalent this summer.  Today’s alert by Madigan comes as the first tax-free $250 doughnut hole rebate checks are mailed out to Medicare beneficiaries who have fallen into the coverage gap. 

Madigan’s warning today is in response to a request from U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius and Attorney General of the United States Eric Holder urging them to work with HHS and federal, state, and local law enforcement officials on Medicare fraud education.

“I am pleased to join with Secretary Sebelius and Attorney General Holder in this effort to ensure seniors and other Medicare beneficiaries don’t fall prey to scams,” said Madigan.

“Older Illinoisans are often the targets of scams,” said Madigan. “With the rollout of the new health care reform law, scam artists will be devising new ways to take advantage of seniors.  It is critical that Illinois seniors have the information and resources they need to recognize fraud and avoid it.”

Federal officials are already hearing reports of scam artists approaching seniors and other Medicare beneficiaries and claiming that they need to provide their personal information in order to receive the $250 doughnut hole rebate check.  Attorney General Madigan warns that that the $250 checks will be mailed automatically to eligible Medicare recipients and that consumers do not need to provide any personal information such as Medicare, Social Security, or bank account numbers to anyone who calls them about a rebate. Consumers should call 1-800-MEDICARE (1-800-633-4227) to report anyone who attempts to solicit personal information for this purpose.  TTY users should call 1-877-486-2048.

Madigan also reports that consumers have received calls from scam artists who claim that the new health care reform law requires that Medicare recipients obtain a new Medicare card.  These scam artists request the Medicare recipient’s personal information, such as checking account number and Social Security number.  If this happens, Madigan advises consumers to hang up the phone and call one of the numbers listed above to report the call. 

 Any Illinoisans who have concerns about potential Medicare fraud scams should reach out immediately to their local law enforcement office or immediately call Attorney General Madigan’s Seniors Fraud Hotline at 800-243-5377 or the Consumer Fraud Hotline at:

800-386-5438 ( Chicago )
800-243-0618 ( Springfield )
800- 243-0607 ( Carbondale )

 Madigan’s office routinely conducts informational programs on Medicare fraud scams as part of a consumer education program that she launched earlier this year to ensure that seniors have the knowledge necessary to protect themselves from con artists and deceptive practices. The Attorney General’s office has taken this training program, known as the Silver Beat program, to seniors across the state.  In addition, the office has distributed flyers and consumer alerts on the Medicare scam to senior centers across the state, to AARP and other senior service organizations.

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