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Today’s Quote

Posted by Juanita Bratcher On May - 31 - 2010 Comments Off on Today’s Quote

 Life is not made-to-order

There are no specific ingredients for success

So you make your own way, with dignity

And never worry about failure being a test

                                                                        – Juanita Bratcher

                                                                        In the book, “Straight-Up True Blue:

                                                                        My Two-cents Worth”

Kirk: My Navy Service Official Record speaks for itself

Posted by Admin On May - 31 - 2010 Comments Off on Kirk: My Navy Service Official Record speaks for itself

Congressman Mark Kirk, Republican candidate for U.S. Senate                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  
I was commissioned as an Ensign in the US Navy Reserve in 1989.  I have now served 21 years.  For the last 10 years, as a Member of Congress, I served without pay because I love the Navy, her duty, honor, country.  In uniform, I served during conflicts with Afghanistan , Iraq , Haiti and Bosnia .  I am proud of my service – it is the honor of my life to work with Americans who keep America safe.  

Last week, I found that I misidentified a military award and corrected my biography.  According to the Washington Post, their reporter worked with Alexi Giannoulias’ campaign to write a story that turned out to be imprecise about the title of an award included in that biography. 

The error was discovered last week by my staff.  Going through my Fitness Reports for 1999/2000, we recognized that referring to an award as “Intelligence Officer of the Year” was not precise – so we corrected my biography with the official name of a very distinguished award that I am honored to have received. 

My corrected biography accurately shows I received the United States Navy Rufus L. Taylor Intelligence Award – as the leader of an ad-hoc intelligence effort supporting four EA-6B Prowler electronic attack squadrons as part of Operation Allied Force – instead of Intelligence Officer of the Year.  I accepted the Taylor Intelligence Award (named after the head of navy intelligence in World War II) as the leader of an intelligence section that I assembled and led.  There is no hierarchy between these awards as the Taylor Intelligence Award is equally distinguished.

Watch the Kirk Campaign’s Response to Alexi Giannoulias’ Desperate Attack

I knew Alexi Giannoulias would focus on a negative campaign – in fact, he and his consultants announced that in the New York Times.  I corrected the record, but I will not let my 21 years of service in uniform be denigrated by Alexi Giannoulias, a man who chose not to serve.

Frankly, I thought it took some nerve when he ran a television ad claiming credit for what amounted to tens of millions in investment losses from the college savings of thousands of working families under Illinois Bright Start – or to follow it up with a second ad looking for sympathy after so many of his decisions ran his bank into the ground, costing the FDIC $394 million.  But coming after my 21-year Navy service record just might top those.

In November, Illinois voters have a choice – so let us look at my opponent’s record – here it is.  Because of that record he has made a strategic decision to attack my military service record.  I understand politics is a tough business – but this attack orchestrated by Alexi Giannoulias is a disgrace. 

My official Navy records speak for themselves – read them here. 

Our state and nation face serious problems – and having a veteran’s military record challenged by a politician who never served and was anointed by the media as a “mob banker” is absurd. 

I look forward to the contest and laying out the choice. If Alexi wants to make this race about my military record, I’m happy to have the debate.

Time renews Beyond Sport Deal

Posted by Admin On May - 30 - 2010 Comments Off on Time renews Beyond Sport Deal

 Following the success of the collaboration in its first year, Beyond Sport announced that TIME has renewed its partnership with the sport for development initiative for a further year.


Through the renewed deal, TIME retains its status as a Media Partner to Beyond Sport and will help the initiative to achieve its stated long-term aim of promoting, developing and funding the use of sport to create positive social change across the globe.

The globally renowned publisher will again be providing advertorial and editorial coverage for Beyond Sport in the lead up to and during the second annual Beyond Sport Summit and Awards, taking place in 2010 in Chicago between September 27-30.

Designed to recognise and reward the best sport and development projects from across the world on an annual basis, the Beyond Sport Awards incorporates 12 categories covering the entire sporting spectrum of health, social inclusion, corporate and social responsibility, and philanthropy.

In its second year, the Awards attracted entries from over 350 projects, further extending the significant reach of the global initiative to over 115 countries and territories.

The Summit is a unique event designed to celebrate, promote and drive forward the use of sport as a tool for positive social change. It collides those who use sport as a vehicle to create social impact, with influencers from the world of business, government and federations whose attitudes and decisions can have substantial impact. 

With five months to go until the 2010 event, the Summit already boasts an impressive line-up of speakers including HRH Prince Faisal Al Hussein of Jordan; Rita LeBlanc, owner of NFL SuperBowl champions the New Orleans Saints; Jérôme Valcke, FIFA Secretary General; and two-time Women’s World Cup winner and former US soccer captain Julie Foudy.

A host of further speaker announcements will be made in the coming weeks and months.

TIME joins Barclays Spaces for Sports, United Airlines and UNICEF as commercial partners to Beyond Sport.

Beyond Sport is also represented by a host of high-profile Ambassadors, all who bring unique experiences and visions to the initiative. Chaired by former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, they also include the multi-Olympic gold medalist Michael Johnson; Lord Sebastian Coe, Chairman of London 2012; former NBA Champion and US Senator Bill Bradley; and IOC Executive Board Member Nawal El Moutawakel, the Minister of Youth and Sports, Morocco.

Beyond Sport is a global organisation that promotes, develops and funds the use of sport to create positive social change across the world.

For further information visit www.beyondsport.org.

Madigan praises Legislature for passing reform measure to crack down on nursing home neglect

Posted by Admin On May - 29 - 2010 Comments Off on Madigan praises Legislature for passing reform measure to crack down on nursing home neglect
 Attorney General’s Legislation would create criminal penalties for negligent
nursing home operators
Springfield, IL — Attorney General Lisa Madigan applauded the General Assembly for passing a reform measure that will provide greater protections for nursing home residents and make it easier to detect fraud by nursing home owners. The bill, sponsored by Senator Jacqueline Collins and Representative Harry Osterman, now goes to the Governor for his signature.
“Nursing homes should provide safe, caring environments for residents and peace of mind for their family members,” Madigan said. “This new measure strengthens the law to enable prosecutors to crack down on negligent nursing home operators who fail to protect our most vulnerable adults.”
The legislation, SB2863, expands the definition of the crime of criminal neglect in nursing homes by making it a Class 4 felony for any nursing home employee or owner to engage in conduct that puts a resident’s health at risk or exacerbates a pre-existing condition. In the event that neglectful care results in a nursing home resident’s death, the penalty would increase to a Class 3 felony.
“This important legislation ensures that nursing home residents are served by a reliable staff that is cognizant of the fact that their first priority is to provide care and assistance in a professional manner,” said Senator Collins.  
To make it easier for law enforcement to investigate potential fraud by nursing home owners, the bill also requires Medicaid-funded nursing home owners to disclose any interest they have in vendors that do business with their facility. Under the bill, a nursing home owner who fails to make this disclosure could be charged with a Class A misdemeanor. Subsequent violations would subject the owner to a potential Class 4 felony.
“Clearly violence among patients, gross neglect and mismanagement of nursing homes has been a major problem. These reforms will help ensure that we provide a safe and healthy environment for some of our most vulnerable citizens,” said Representative Osterman. 

Madigan’s office crafted the legislation based on findings made during “Operation Guardian,” in which Attorney General’s office investigators and local law enforcement officials conduct checks of nursing homes that include unannounced visits to review safety and compliance issues. In addition to the compliance checks, Madigan’s office also conducts unannounced warrant sweeps in nursing homes to ensure that dangerous fugitives are not living among vulnerable adults.  

This bill was only one component of Madigan’s work in this legislative session to protect nursing home residents. Attorney General Madigan worked with the Nursing Home Task Force to enhance the background check requirements for nursing home residents to ensure greater protections for vulnerable adults. The legislation also creates a pilot project targeted at increased screening for mixed population facilities in Cook and Will counties.
Madigan has long worked to protect vulnerable residents and hold nursing homes more accountable. Over the last year, the Attorney General has repeatedly called state agencies to step up their enforcement efforts. In February, for instance, Madigan sent a letter to the directors of the Illinois State Police, the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH), the Illinois Department on Aging and the Office of the Long-Term Care Ombudsman, urging the agencies to join her office’s “Operation Guardian” to protect Illinois’ vulnerable adults living in nursing homes. And last fall, Madigan singled out IDPH for failing to regulate nursing home facilities that continually flout state law.
In addition to these recent efforts, in 2005 following her work to close Emerald Park Nursing Home, Madigan worked to require background checks and criminal history analyses to identify nursing home residents that might pose a threat to others. The Attorney General also passed a law, known as the Resident’s Right to Know Act that now requires nursing homes to complete an annual Consumer Choice Information Report about facilities’ standard of care, service and security issues to provide better information to residents and their families.

Human Rights Campaign endorses Giannoulias for Senate

Posted by Admin On May - 29 - 2010 Comments Off on Human Rights Campaign endorses Giannoulias for Senate

 Washington, D.C.  – The Human Rights Campaign – the nation’s largest lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) civil rights organization – announced the endorsement of Illinois Treasurer Alexi Giannoulias running for the U.S. Senate.  Giannoulias has a stellar record on LGBT equality in contrast to his Republican opponent Rep. Mark Kirk who voted against repeal of the discriminatory “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” law last night in the U.S. House.

“Alexi Giannoulias is the progressive leader Illinois needs,” said HRC President Joe Solmonese.  “He will be a strong advocate in the U.S. Senate to ensure that all of his constituents are accepted and welcomed as part of the American family,”

“When my children look back at our generation, I want them to be proud that we stood up for the values that make America so great: fairness, equality, and opportunity for everyone, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity,” said Giannoulias.  “As the next Senator from the great State of Illinois, I will lead the fight for equality – for marriage equality, for an end to DOMA, for employment non-discrimination, and for immigration reform that treats same-sex couples fairly.”

Giannoulias is a strident supporter of LGBT equality – including supporting marriage equality, repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act, repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” and supporting an inclusive Employment Non-Discrimination Act.  Although his opponent Rep. Mark Kirk has voted favorably on some LGBT issues in the past, last night he cast a vote to retain the military’s failed ban on openly lesbian and gay service members.

“While many lawmakers stood on the right side of history in voting to end ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,’ Rep. Kirk voted to maintain discrimination that hurts our national security. Thankfully voters have better choice in Alexi Giannoulias who will always stand up for equality,” added Solmonese.

The Human Rights Campaign is America’s largest civil rights organization working to achieve lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender equality. By inspiring and engaging all Americans, HRC strives to end discrimination against LGBT citizens and realize a nation that achieves fundamental fairness and equality for all.

New Coalition calls on lawmakers to make torture a crime

Posted by Admin On May - 28 - 2010 Comments Off on New Coalition calls on lawmakers to make torture a crime

 Burge Trial Underway, Torture Survivors No Closer to Justice 


The newly formed Illinois Coalition Against Torture (ICAT) will hold a press conference to call upon city, state, and federal officials to make torture by U.S. law enforcement officials a crime. The press conference will be held Tuesday, June 1, 2010, in the First Floor Lobby of the Dirksen Federal Building, 219 S. Dearborn, at 9:00 a.m.

In a press release, the ICAT stated that, “Whether in Guantanamo or Chicago, torture is immoral and should be illegal. We call upon our legislators to criminalize torture by law enforcement officials, and follow the lead of many other countries who provide reparations to their torture survivors.

ICAT is calling for:

             — State and federal legislation to criminalize acts of torture committed by law enforcement officials in

                 Illinois  and the  U.S.

     — New hearings for over 20 Chicago Police torture survivors who were wrongfully convicted and remain incarcerated in the State of Illinois.
     — Reparations for torture survivors from the city of Chicago, including the cost of treatment and counseling.
 This 40 year saga has left the survivors of torture damaged, and the business of the state of Illinois unfinished, the press release noted.
    –At least twenty-three Burge police torture victims remain incarcerated awaiting new trials.
    –Many exonerated survivors who spent decades in jail are presently without the possibility of any financial reparations, and are in need of psychological counseling and other reparations.
    –If laws criminalizing torture by law enforcement officials were already in place, Chicago Police Commander Jon Burge, now on trial for perjury, could instead be prosecuted for the hundred of acts of torture committed under his watch.

Expected to be at the rally are:
U.S. Representative Danny Davis, who is sponsoring federal legislation to criminalize torture by law enforcement officials.

Alderman Ed Smith, who sponsored a City Council resolution calling for legislation criminalizing torture by law enforcement officials.    

Cook County Commissioner Earlean Collins, who sponsored a Cook County resolution calling for legislation criminalizing torture by law enforcement officials.

Darrell Cannon, Chicago Police torture survivor who was wrongfully convicted and served 23 years in prison before he was exonerated.

Joey Mogul, an attorney at the People’s Law Office, who has represented many of the Chicago Police torture survivors and presented these cases to the UN Committee Against Torture in 2006.

The Illinois Coalition Against Torture (ICAT) is opposed to state-sponsored torture wherever it occurs, and has initiated an educational and legislative campaign with the goal of ending impunity for torturers.

8th Day Center for Justice
Adler Institute on Social Exclusion
Alliance I-11
ARC (A Movement Re-imagining Change)
Champaign-Urbana Citizens for Peace and Justice
Chicago Committee to Defend the Bill of Rights
Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR)-Illinois

Community Involvement Association
Heartland Alliance for Human Needs & Human Rights
Heartland Alliance Marjorie Kovler Center for the Treatment of Survivors of Torture
Illinois SOA Watch
International Human Rights Law Institute, DePaul University College of Law
National Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression–Chicago
National Lawyers Guild–Chicago Branch
Peace Pledge Chicago
Project NIA
Stateville Speaks

Susan Gzesh, Director, Human Rights Program, University of Chicago
Tamms Year Ten
The Provincial Council of the Viatorian Community
West Town Community Law Office
Youth Advocate Programs (YAP), Adult Division, Chicago
Voices for Creative Nonviolence
White Rose Catholic Worker
Witness Against Torture

Berrios praises lawmakers for new Revenue Bill

Posted by Admin On May - 28 - 2010 Comments Off on Berrios praises lawmakers for new Revenue Bill

CHICAGO, IL – Cook County Assessor candidate Joseph Berrios on Wednesday praised Illinois lawmakers for passing a bill with the potential to create $500 million in jobs and revenue for the stateduring a tough economic crisis. 

House Bill 4927, which was sponsored by State Rep. Lou Lang (D-Skokie) and State Sen. Terry Link (D-Waukegan) in the Senate, will allow truck stops to legally host paying video gambling machines under Illinoisvideo gaming law. The bill now goes to Gov. Pat Quinn for his signature. 

“At a time when the state is struggling for revenue, this measure will bring in $250 million to $500 million a year for use in state capital projects like roads and school construction,” said Berrios, who lobbied for the measure on behalf of the Illinois Coin Operators’ Association. “It’s a win-win for the state. Our unemployment rate is at an all-time high and our schools are crumbling. This new revenue will help in so many ways.” 

The bill, which had bi-partisan support, was presented to lawmakers as a way to make Illinois’ original law more efficient and profitable, in part by allowing truck stops and VFW halls to host the machines. The state has already legalized video gambling in bars and restaurants, though it will probably be the end of this year before the state’s Gaming Board formally allows the official start of video gambling in those establishments.  

“I’m pleased that I could help get this bill passed during such a difficult fiscal time,” Berrios said. “However, as I have noted since last fall, once I become Assessor I will resign as a lobbyist and my sole priority will be serving the people of Cook County with fairness and efficiency.” 

Berrios has been a commissioner on the Cook County Board of Review, which oversees property tax appeals, since 1988. He won the Democratic nomination for Cook County Assessor in February. Prior to being elected five times as commissioner, he served three terms as an Illinois state representative. He is chairman of the Cook County Democratic Party.  Berrios was the first Hispanic elected chairman of the party, a commissioner to the Board of Review and to the Illinois General Assembly. 

Today’s Quote

Posted by Juanita Bratcher On May - 26 - 2010 Comments Off on Today’s Quote

Success doesn’t always come by know-how and knowledge alone,

but having the visionary foresight and appropriate resources

 to back-up know-how and knowledge.

                                                                          – Juanita Bratcher

                                                                         In the book, “Straight-Up True Blue:

                                                                        My Two-Cents Worth”

MWRD to reduce Tax Levy by over $11 million

Posted by Admin On May - 26 - 2010 Comments Off on MWRD to reduce Tax Levy by over $11 million


Continues tradition of providing exceptional and cost-effective public service 

Chicago, IL  – The Metropolitan Water Reclamation District (MWRD) Board of Commissioners at its May 6th               meeting approved an Ordinance directing the Cook County clerk to reduce the MWRD’s tax levy for the years 2009 through 2011 by a total of $11,295,030.33.                                                                                                                                                  

This savings is possible due to the MWRD’s fiscal responsibility and from the foresight demonstrated by taking advantage of the federally-sponsored Build America Bonds (BAB) program last August, which accounts for more than $9 million of the total amount of the abatement.

Under the BAB program 35 percent of bond interest cost is reimbursed by the federal government, enabling the MWRD to reduce its interest cost from 5.72% to 3.72%. 

The accumulation of funds in four issues of IEPA bonds soon to mature permitted the abatement of their remaining debt service levies totaling $2,119,197.00. The MWRD has once again reduced the taxpayers’ financial burden by implementing sound financial management policies.

“The MWRD enjoys a longtime reputation for prudent fiscal planning and conservative spending,” said Board President Terrence J. O’Brien.

“Since 1985 we have abated nearly $354 million to our tax payers, all while maintaining AAA bond ratings from Fitch, Moody’s and Standard & Poors. During the recent gloomy economic conditions where other governmental entities are floundering and requiring their work force to accept furlough days, we have continued to sustain our financial stability, and reduce the burden to our tax payers,” President O’Brien said.

The MWRD is a 121-year old government agency responsible for wastewater treatment and stormwater management throughout Cook County.  They also maintain and monitor 76 miles of navigable waterways and nearly1300 miles of small streams. 

The MWRD provides service to an equivalent of nearly 10 million people and industrial users.

Preckwinkle Committed to repealing sales tax increase

Posted by Admin On May - 25 - 2010 Comments Off on Preckwinkle Committed to repealing sales tax increase


 Letters to Editor  


Since announcing my campaign for Cook County Board President in December of 2008, I have been committed to repealing the sales tax increase. From Day 1, my focus will be on working to make that a reality.  I have already pledged to immediately take a 10% pay cut and call for a comprehensive personnel audit, beginning with the Office of the President.  

“Since Feb. 2nd, we have put a lot of energy into trying to figure out what we are heading into. At this point, it has been suggested that we could be looking at a huge deficit next year. It would be irresponsible to cut resources without knowing more about the state of the County’s financial condition. I am committed to filling any budget gaps without burdening the people of Cook County.

“As Cook County Board President, my focus from Day 1 will be implementing responsible spending practices, eliminating waste and inefficiencies, and looking for non-tax resources so that we can repeal the remainder of the sales tax.

“Repealing the sales tax, while cleaning up corruption and providing services more effectively will feel like we’re fixing the plane while we’re flying it, but I am confident we will meet these challenges.”

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