Workers refuse to cross IWW Mobile Rail Picket Line

On the seventh day of holding an Unfair Labor Practice Strike, workers at Mobile Rail Solutions are receiving solidarity from their fellow workers in organized labor.

Having filed ULPs with the National Labor Relations Board, secured a Stipulated Election Agreement, and filed authorization cards representing well over 50% of the workplace, the workers are now holding signs declaring the strike.

Beginning at 7:30 A.M. today, August 7, 2013,  picketers will protest at Union Pacific Global 1, 1425 S. Western Ave, in Chicago.

For a week, workers across different labor Unions have been talking about the Strike and today several workers simply turned around and went home. Because Mobile Rail operates out of the Global 1 rail yard, workers are picketing the main entrance. It now looks like our friends in the yard are tired of seeing Mobile Rail Management ignore their own workers any longer. Workers faced with the picket are simply not crossing the line. Management has still not agreed to meet with the workers.

For more information, contact Sam Green at (360) 480-0074