Rev. Bailey: ‘Leaders, when you mistreat God’s people, you are mistreating God!’

By Rev. Harold E. Bailey

President of Probation Challenge/PCC Broadcast Network


Quite honestly, after all is said and done, one day we all will lay down and die. And after death comes the true judgment! All that we say and do in this flesh is being written in the Lamb’s Book of Life, and when we stand before God, I don’t want to say ‘Would have or could have!’

When the roll is called (and it will be called) up yonder, there will be no need for the misgivings, deceit, jiggering, racism, biased behaviors, or any other matters that are displeasing in the sight of God!

I often say If we can’t put God in it, don’t do it! Going to a certain place and having reservations about it, well, if you can’t take God into that dwelling – don’t go! Take the Lord along with you everywhere you go! Even in your business you’re going to need Him in the dead-heat of that business, and you already know that as an African-American!

I often wonder what’s going through the demented minds of those deceiving persons sitting in Washington, DC, who believe they are getting away with the creation of devilish things to deceive the American people. Those hellish things that would in fact hurt not only the people in their districts, but God’s people, too! Do they not believe that the all seeing eyes of God are upon the earth and know what’s being planned in those dark backrooms against the people of God? Shame if they don’t! But some honestly believe that they can be the exception to the rule – and get by the eyes of God.

Do some politicians honestly believe that there are no consequences for their illicit behaviors? Don’t they know that our youth who they ridicule for smoking marijuana is checking them out and saying … ‘what I’m doing is not as bad as a Congressional representative.’ We all have to give an answer for our stewardship in the flesh – to God! 

There is no degree of sin with God, big or small.  With God, sin is sin! And, those who are demonstrating blatant hatred, racism and sex mongering before the public’s eyes thinking it to be a badge of honor… they too have much to answer for!  These people are destroying the very moral fabric of this country. They are destroying the foundation of truth with our youth… giving them permission to commit overt sin, coming from the capitol of these Not-So-United-States. How can God bless America when she is not in keeping with His will – for His people.

I am here to humbly serve notice: Leaders, when you mistreat God’s people you are in fact mistreating God!  It is written via the scriptures that ‘The least you do unto my little ones, you are doing it unto me.’ How then can any elected officials, or any others who have been sworn to service the people be spiritually stupid to allow Satan to mislead them into such great peril. But, yes, it is being done … right in front of our eyes.

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Rev. Harold E. Bailey is the President of Probation Challenge and the PCC Internet Broadcast