The push is on for Illinois Gubernatorial debate between Gov. Quinn and Tio Hardiman

Letters to Editor

This is a letter from East Saint Louis Illinois from Jessica Ivory / inBox Magazine.

“The People of East St. Louis and Illinois Demand a Debate!”

Dear Fellow Illinoisans,

Why won’t our current Governor Pat Quinn agree to a debate? That’s the question the citizens of East St. Louis and the state of Illinois are demanding an answer to. After all, wasn’t it Quinn himself who called George Ryan “a coward” for not giving him a debate back in 1994? So why then won’t he give the current Democratic Candidate for Governor, Mr. Tio Hardiman, a debate? According to an article published on Feb. 19th, 2014 by CBS Chicago, Mr. Hardiman visited Quinn’s house and demanded a debate. Naturally, Pat Quinn did not answer the door.

Mr. Hardiman and his running mate, Attorney Brunell Donald are by all accounts considered “the underdogs” in this race. They are not backed by the million dollar machine. They are everyday, hard-working citizens like you and I. They don’t drive luxury sports cars or live in mansions. They simply want what the people of Illinois want. We ALL want a change in Illinois politics. We are tired of the corruption that has plagued this great state at the hands of the people running it!

Current Governor Pat Quinn boasts about practicing “good government” yet refuses to give the people of this state what we need. We don’t need another money hungry politician running our state into the ground. We need to get angry! These are OUR tax dollars paying for the Governor’s salary, yet, we aren’t entitled to a debate? We need a change we can believe in. We need to HEAR that the City of East St. Louis and Illinois as a whole are not forgotten about.

Speaking of, when is the last time Mr. Quinn visited the City of East St. Louis? I can tell you that Mr. Hardiman and Attorney Brunell Donald have made a few trips here. Their last visit was just this past Monday at Studio 618, 809 St. Louis Ave., East St. Louis. A press conference was scheduled that morning and was covered by KSDK news. During their visits, they have been utterly shocked at the conditions of East St. Louis. “There is NO reason or excuse as to why this City should look like this”, Attorney Brunell Donald commented. They have walked the streets of the City and talked to the people. They understand the need to rebuild this once thriving community.

Maybe Pat Quinn is too busy spending our tax dollars to notice the poverty, destruction, and crime plaguing East St. Louis. Maybe he’s too busy to come see firsthand how bad things really are… and maybe, just maybe, he is too busy to practice what he preaches and show us what this “good government” is all about.
Your voice matters. If you feel like Pat Quinn should fulfill his political responsibilities and give Mr. Hardiman a debate, please write him a letter. Call his office every single day until he gives the people what they NEED! We need a debate, Mr. Governor, and what better place than the City of East St. Louis to do it in? Come out, Come out, wherever you are.

Contact Pat Quinn today and tell him we the people are demanding a debate. His office number is (217) 782-0244(217) 782-0244. Send letters to: Office of the Governor, 207 State House, Springfield IL 62706.

For more information or to volunteer for the Tio Hardiman campaign for governor, call 708-223-4940.

Tio Hardiman for Governor and Brunell Donald for Lt. Governor of Illinois
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