Scriptures: It is far better to obey God and His teachings rather than man

A Weekly Column to CopyLine Magazine

By Rev. Harold E. Bailey

President of Probation Challenge/PCC Broadcast Network

Humpty Dumpty, sat on a wall, Humpty Dumpty had a great fall. All the Kings horses and all the Kings men couldn’t put Humpty Dumpty together again.

Such as it is with some of the loyal and dedicated ministers who have been spiritually ordered to stand on the wall, cry loud and spare not. These men of God were ordered to warn the people of their sins and transgressions against God. The Holy Men of God were ordered to not come down! And if the ministers of God fell as Humpty Dumpty did – could they be put back together again? Only God knows!

Absence of  today’s ministerial orders to stand on the walls of our City Councils, corners, assembly halls, public gatherings, etc., simply because there is now a denying of the power of God… there is a fear of invoking the name of God in most public and private meetings and for fear of repercussions! Thusly, Humpty Dumpty has his great fall! The mortal is the cracked. Will God reuse this broken vessel? Well, only God knows.

The Fear: The scriptures state it is far better to obey God and His teachings rather than man – for man has no Heaven or Hell to put us in. Only God being the great creator can mold and make the broken vessel over again. What then are we afraid of?

We have accepted: It appears that right has now become a matter of wrong – and wrong a matter of right – as the scriptures have dictated it would be! However, it also states that we should not marvel (wonder) at what is in fact now happening, for these evil things ‘must be’ … but this is not yet the end. Great trials and tribulations are yet to fall on our lot. Why? Because we have fallen from our first love which was Christ and now have returned to our own selfish ways. But, the many Humpty Dumptys must continue standing on the wall without a fall and warning the people.

I’ve had problems understanding how our Christ-landlord can be so kind to give us proper provisions and just tell us to take care and occupy until He comes. And also for us to take care of what was provided! What more could a tenant want? This Christ-landlord gave us life, air to breathe, and water is among the many other things freely given – even with a choice for us regarding right and wrong!

Have you noticed how politicians have abused their stewardship of life? As some suppose ministers preach as though they have the very keys to heaven – and if you want to enter the kingdom it must be through them! We have really gotten this precious gift of life messed up by the deceiver Satan – who comes but to rob, steal and destroy. And, he will kill!

In brief: I suggest before we chastise our children for doing wrongful deeds, we consult God for wisdom to rear them, so that our discipline will be pleasing in the sight of God…The Landlord!

It would be wise for those of us who are Ministers of the Gospel of Christ, to get back up on the wall, cry loud and spare not, and warn the people, including kings, queens, politicians and laymen alike.

Don’t be like Humpty Dumpty who came down and couldn’t be put back together again.

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Rev. Harold E. Bailey is President of Probation Challenge: – The Truth Network.