Real estate & property development ready to boom in inner cities

 Six-month Online Course teaches how to develop these properties

Boston, MA ( — The founder of The REDI Foundation, non-profit institute, Richard Michael Abraham, announced at The REDI Foundation’s Development Conference that “the prime real estate and property development opportunities today in America are located in the inner cities.”

“The development opportunities for land or property owners in inner city communities are extraordinary. Their land or property can command five times its “as is” value if the land and property owners learn the know-how and development skills required to develop their land or property. Also, with these skills, entrepreneurs and professionals living in these communities have a fabulous opportunity to package joint venture developments with land and property owners and investors. Timing is perfect for inner city land and property owners and entrepreneurs interested in developing real estate, land or property. This is my legacy course/program and I choose to help all minorities develop real estate and profit in their own communities. In this way, I leave my best behind – my knowledge – so inner city residents can prosper now,” Mr. Abraham stated.

The REDI Foundation offers the world’s #1 real estate development online course. The 6-Month Real Estate Development Certification and Private Mentoring Course is recognized as the world’s most comprehensive course. Each student is required to complete a “real” and feasible real estate development project under the watchful eye and personal, private mentoring of Mr. Abraham.

“In past development boom cycles, African Americans were left behind and missed out, unable to get into real estate development in their own communities. Wealthy outside investors and developers came into the inner city communities and made their fortunes. But this time, The REDI Foundation is doing everything possible to make this course available to qualified African-American land and property owners and entrepreneurs. Our current African American students are doing exceptionally well – just look at the developments on our website. Students with no experience in real estate development or capital to invest are putting together developments in the $4,000,000 – $50,000,000 range. These joint venture developments offer significant potential profits. Residents of inner city communities deserve their chance to earn these profits,” Mr. Abraham added.

The REDI Foundation accepts only the very best applicants. The course is considered more comprehensive and challenging than a Master’s degree program, but tuition is just 25% of the cost for a master’s degree. The course is practical (and not theory) since the students actually put together their first development. Students are able to take the online course without having to travel or give up their jobs or businesses. And for a limited time, The REDI Foundation is providing partial and substantial scholarships to African Americans, U.S. veterans and other minorities

How to apply:

Review all the details about the course on the website, Read about the success stories of students, see their developments and then, if you are serious about becoming a real estate developer and if you have a passion to learn, a dream to develop property and you’re willing to study hard for 6-months, call The REDI Foundation to see if you qualify and for further details on tuition, available scholarships and the next course start date.

Photo Caption: 6-Month Real Estate Development Certification