Rally: From the Charleston Massacre to Rekia Boyd, Rise Up Demand Justice

CHICAGO, IL – On Tuesday, June 23 at 5pm Chicagoans from across the city will  be gathering at the Federal Plaza in downtown Chicago. We will be rallying in  solidarity with those murdered in the Charleston Massacre and for all those  slain  by the police, from Eric Garner choked  to death by New York cop Darren Wilson to  Rekia Boyd who was shot to death by Chicago cop Dante Servin. We will be  demanding  justice for all Black people and an end to institutionalized racism and  genocidal policies:

What are we demanding that the city, state and federal governments do? We are  demanding that they:




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Mother Emanuel is a sacred shrine of the Black Liberation Movement and at  this moment is the site of a racist massacre of Black people. This is so much more  than symbolic for in the deranged and delusional minds of racists the struggles of  Black people for freedom can be abolished by murder and terror. While fear and  terror are the ancient tools of the oppressor they have never been proven to be  more powerful than the struggle for freedom.

The Freedom Movement is agitated into existence by oppression, by the thousands  of wrongs and injustices heaped upon us daily, until we arrive at that turning  point where we are fired up and can’t take it no more. Then the struggle starts up  again as open rebellion and no one individual or government  entity can stop it.
Every time we have rebelled throughout our history we have been met by white,  racist resistance designed to frighten and terrorize us back into submission. In the  wake of the Denmark Vesey Rebellion of 1822 Emanuel African Methodist
Episcopal Church was burned to the ground, and was later shuttered by the slave
holding City of Charleston in 1834. Mother Emanuel A.M.E. was reorganized in  1865 in a new building designed by Denmark Vesey’s son, Robert Vesey. The  timing of this current massacre coincides with the anniversary of the Rebellion of  1822 led by Vesey. The clock of history never turns back. Freedom is a constant  struggle.
Today is no different. Maybe the individual who perpetrated this massacre is not  part of an organized racist hate group, but it doesn’t matter since his actions are
consistent with the gang of cops who lynch-murdered Eric Garner, and the Chicago  cop Dante Servin who shot into a group of Black people and murdered Rekia  Boyd. A government, which allows cops to murder Black people with impunity,  cannot  escape accountability by apologizing and being in hot pursuit of one racist  murderer when you have let Darren Wilson, and other racist murderers, go free  because they carried a badge.

If there ever was a clarion call from our history for us to rise up and demand that  this Government and this Nation, cease and desist in all its institutionalized racism  and genocidal policies against our people, this is it.

The rally will be held:

When:   5 p.m., Tuesday June 23rd, 2015

Where:  Federal Plaza, Chicago. Adams & Dearborn

Who:     Chicago Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression with

Chicagoans from across the city