IVI-IPO Endorses Fioretti in State Senate Race; Cites Record of Ethics, Good Government Policy

The IVI-IPO, a voice of good government, social justice and working-class issues for more than 70 years, endorsed Bob Fioretti for State Senator from the IL 5th District Monday.

“We are an agency of good government, and Bob Fioretti has always stood for good government,” said Betty Magness, an executive with the influential organization. “He’s overcome adversity and has always been a fighter.”

The endorsement came at a City Hall press conference with a slate of other candidates earning the support of the Independent Voters of Illinois – Independent Precinct organization.

“I’ve admired and worked with IVI-IPO and many of its members for decades,” said Fioretti, pointing out he worked with Secretary David Igasaki when they were college students organizing Democrats in the 1972 Presidential election. “I’m honored to have their endorsement because their work is so very important.”

By contrast, incumbent Patricia Van Pelt has been the subject of a recent investigation by the Better Government Association and has devoted most of her time to a pyramid scheme that has been roundly criticized by consumer groups and former members who lost money.