Foreclosed PNC Bank homeowners to speak out about harassment, calling on local residents to close their bank accounts

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Will hold press conference today, February 24th, 11:00 a.m. outside PNC Bank, 8700 S. Cottage Grove Ave. in Chicago; an evicted homeowner and her Anti-Eviction Campaign supporters will picket and speak out about their arrest and harassment by bank security

(From the Chicago Anti-Eviction Campaign)

After their attempts to deliver a petition to PNC Bank ended in an arrest and intimidation, an evicted PNC Bank homeowner and her anti-eviction supporters are speaking out about how foreclosed homeowners continue to be treated in spite of the housing market recovery.

“It was crazy,” exclaimed Colette Robicheaux, an intern with the Chicago Anti-Eviction Campaign. “PNC Bank security refused to let us stand on sidewalk and the police threatened to arrest even more of us. They even followed us to the gas station a couple block away.”

On Monday, February 10th, a handful of Yinka Solebo’s friends and supporters arrived at a local Chicago PNC Bank branch to deliver a letter of complaint to the branch manager. The letter included a petition (, signed by more than 1,200 people around the country concerned with the way in which PNC Bank had handled Mrs. Solebo’s foreclosure case. Instead, PNC Bank officials refused to accept their petition, with bank security even going so far as to grab one of Yinka’s supporters, nearly throwing him to the ground and then calling the Chicago Police Department to have them arrested.

“Frankly, I’m not surprised,” offered Dr. Toussaint Losier, who Chicago Police arrested for trespassing and resisting arrest. “These same banks push millions of people out of their homes and then leave these same homes sitting vacant and empty. The same way they treat our communities is the same way they treat us when we try to raise our concerns.”

Last November, Yinka Solebo and her family were to be evicted from their suburban home in Plainfield, after being foreclosed on by PNC Bank. When they sought to have their eviction case brought back up in court on the day of their eviction, PNC Bank officials refused to come to court and allowed the Will County Sheriff to evict them, leaving their belongings on the curb. Since then, those belongings have been stolen, and they have been left homeless.

In an effort to ensure that their concerns are heard by PNC Bank, Yinka and her supporters will be speaking out outside of PNC Bank, raising awareness about their mistreatment and calling on local residents to move their money out of PNC Bank.

For more information, contact Chicago Anti-Eviction Campaign 773-236-0559

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