Cook GOP Presents Flip Illinois 2016

PALATINE, IL — The road to getting a Republican in the White House is through Cook County. It is no secret that one major reason Governor Rauner won the governorship is because the Republican Committeemen and the voters in Cook County delivered the vote.

We will repeat that success in 2016 with our FlipIllinois2016 program.

The goal of the Cook County Republican Party’s FlipIllinois2016 program is to flip Illinois red by helping elect the Republican nominee to President of the United States of America in 2016. This is something our state has not done since President George H.W. Bush was elected in 1988.

Our FlipIllinois2016 strategy involves programs to develop the base in Suburban Cook County and in Chicago. We will strengthen our established bases while adding new voters in locations where Republicans are historically underrepresented. We have a focused Ballot Integrity Program we are putting in place. Protecting every polling place in Cook County is extremely important in 2016, when we will face Election Day in-precinct voter registration without photo ID.

This fall, Cook County Republican Chairman Aaron Del Mar will invite different GOP Presidential candidates to meet Republican voters in Illinois. We are asking voters across Illinois to vote on their top 5 favorite candidates. Vote at this link: The last day to vote is Sunday, September 27th.

The Cook County Republican Party is in high gear preparing to be one of the driving forces in Illinois to flip Illinois from blue to red. Make no mistake: in 2016, the Cook County Republicans are going to flip Illinois back to supporting a Republican in the White House! We invite voters across the State, and especially in Cook County to work with us to FlipIllinois2016.

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Important Dates:

Petition Circulation Begins: Tuesday, September 1st.

Cook County GOP Central Committee Meeting: Saturday, September 5th at 11:00am (Cook GOP Suburban HQ, 765 N. Quentin Rd., Palatine, IL).