#BlackLivesMatter: Mothers March for Absolute Justice

Letters to Editors


Mothers of Youth Murdered by Chicago Police and Community Members Will

March Through The South Side to Demand An End to the Police State Saturday, May 9th, at 6 p.m.

CHICAGO, IL – Saturday, May 9th, at 6 p.m. protesters will march through the South Side beginning at the intersection of 67th & Indiana, the site where Dakota Bright was shot execution style by the Chicago Police Department.

March called by Panzy Missin Dakota Bright, mother of Dakota Bright:


Facebook Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/813174145426387/

We invite all media—corporate and independent—to witness speeches by mothers, family members, and community organizers. We will begin the march through the South Side after the speeches to demand:

1) Absolute Justice For Our Loved Ones: We are not so sure that justice can come from the same “justice $ystem” that kidnaps and kills our loved ones.

2) Dismantle the Chicago Police Department: We Want To Introduce No Cop Zones In Our Communities

3) The Names Of All Chicago Police Department Officers Who Have Killed Our Loved Ones

4) Reparations for All Victims of $tate Sponsored Police Violence: Instead of the billions of dollars the City of Chicago spends on paying the salaries of Chicago Police Officers and their pensions, we will use this money to support & empower those communities most affected by police occupation and violence. The 5.5 million dollars offered by the City of Chicago are nowhere near enough.

5) A Civilian Police Accountability Council: Can we fight to dismantle the entire Chicago Police Department while at the same time push for civilian oversight of Police Districts?

The loved ones of those currently suffering the worst effects of $tate Sponsored Black Genocide will speak at the commencement of the march. It is the communities living under constant police occupation who will march at the front and lead us towards Liberation.

We will march through the very hoods getting hit left and right with Chicago police bullets, being kidnapped by the Chicago Police, taken to the Court$ and being funneled into the pri$on $ystem.

We’re Black, we’re Brpwm, we will shut this city down.

Enough is enough. Chicago police must get out of our neighborhoods, out of our lives.

We will never forget the state killed our brothers & sisters, we will speak their names:

Dakota Bright
Rekia Boyd
Fred Hampton
Pedro Rios
Ronald “Ronnieman” Johnson
Roshad McIntosh
Darius Pinex
DeSean Pittman
Justus Powell
Laquan McDonald
Michael Westley
Warren Robinson
& too many more

Strong communities make the police obsolete

For more information, contact: Pablo, 331-213-8314