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NAACP, Prince George’s County Sue Over Unconstitutional Census Preparations

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Understaffing, underfunding, design flaws threaten massive 2020 undercount


BALTIMORE (March 28, 2018) —The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), America’s largest and original legacy civil rights organization, together with Prince George’s County, Maryland, the NAACP Prince George’s County Branch and two county residents,  sued the federal government today to combat the imminent threat that the 2020 Census will substantially undercount African Americans and other people of color in communities throughout the United States causing inequalities in political representation and deficiencies in federal funding of those communities.

The lawsuit, filed in the U.S. District Court for the District of Maryland, seeks to compel the Bureau of the Census, an agency within the Department of Commerce, to prepare for and conduct a full and fair Census in 2020, as the U.S. Constitution expressly requires. “The NAACP is committed to ensuring that the 2020 Census does not systematically undercount communities having large African-American populations, such as inner-city neighborhoods, while substantially overcounting communities that are less racially diverse,” said Derrick Johnson, president and CEO. “The Census must not serve as a mechanism for diluting the political power of African-American communities and depriving them of their fair share of federal resources for an entire decade,” he added. “We are prepared to fight against any plan that effectively turns the census into another form of voter suppression and economic disempowerment in our communities.”

The U.S. Constitution requires the federal government to conduct an “actual enumeration” of the U.S. population every ten years. Census results serve as the basis for apportioning congressional seats to each state, redrawing legislative district lines at both the federal and state level and enforcing voting rights laws. The federal government also uses Census data to distribute billions of dollars to local, state and tribal governments.

The 2020 Census, however, remains inadequately funded. The Census Bureau is understaffed, and is emphasizing processes that will only serve to increase undercounts in communities of color. The Bureau has no permanent leadership in place to direct the count, and to make matters worse, the Bureau has cancelled crucial pre-Census field tests and is rushing to digitize the Census without adequate cybersecurity protections, thus undermining public confidence in the privacy of Census data and threatening to inflate the undercount.  Further still, the Bureau plans to devote insufficient resources to community partnerships, door-to-door canvassing and other processes designed to encourage communities of color to participate in the Census.

The issues facing the 2020 Census have already caused the Government Accountability Office to label it a “high risk program.” Prince George’s County has acutely felt the harmful effects of past Census undercounts. The county, which has a majority African-American population, suffered a 2.3 percent net undercount in the 2010 Census—the largest net undercount of any county in Maryland, and one of the largest of any county in the nation.

“An accurate census count is critical to the federal funding, political representation, and operations of Prince George’s County,” said Prince George’s County, MD, Executive Rushern L. Baker, III. “We must not be undercounted again like we have been over the past 30 years. On behalf of the 900,000 residents of Prince George’s County, I am proud that we are standing and fighting alongside the NAACP to make sure our County gets treated fairly and equally under the law. A vast majority of the residents of Prince George’s County are members of this nation’s historically disenfranchised populations. We cannot let this continue in 2018, 2020, or any year moving forward. This lawsuit will help protect future generations of systemic under-resourcing from our federal government.”

Bob Ross, president of the NAACP Prince George’s County Branch and a named plaintiff in the lawsuit, agrees that an ill-prepared Census hurts his community in several ways.“When the Census Bureau undercounts my community, we lose political power, and fewer of our federal tax dollars end up coming home to fix our roads, run our schools, and fund our federal programs,” said Ross. “We felt these effects in the aftermath of the 2010 Census, and all signs indicate that the 2020 Census will be even worse.”

“The priorities embraced by the Bureau for the 2020 Census threaten to worsen substantially the undercount of communities of color that occurred in the 2000 and 2010 censuses,” said Charlotte Schwartz, a Law Student Intern with Yale Law School’s Rule of Law Clinic, which represents the plaintiffs.

This lawsuit is not the first time the NAACP has taken legal action related to the 2020 Census. In October of 2017, the NAACP, NAACP Connecticut Conference and NAACP Boston Branch filed suit under the Freedom of Information of Act to compel the Commerce Department to produce documents about preparations for the 2020 Census. That suit is ongoing. The plaintiffs in the new lawsuit are represented by the Rule of Law Clinic at Yale Law School, Jenner & Block, and the NAACP Office of the General Counsel. The Rule of Law Clinic also represents the plaintiffs in the pending Freedom of Information Act case.

OpEd: Here’s One Way We Could Keep More Black Male Educators in the Classroom

Posted by Admin On March - 30 - 2018 Comments Off on OpEd: Here’s One Way We Could Keep More Black Male Educators in the Classroom

By Francis Pina


Does being me give me an advantage in my inner-city classroom? I often reflect on this question because every school year I learn from a handful of students that I am their very first Black male teacher.

If we got 100 teachers in a room, statistically I would be one of just two Black males in that room and one of 50 who will leave the profession within our first five years. I am now in my fifth year of teaching and I want to stay where I am.

I know that it’s not my skin tone but my cultural experiences that give me the advantage. I develop close bonds with my students quicker because I grew up in the same Boston neighborhoods as most of them, and have had close bonds with diverse people of color since my childhood.

Boston Public Schools (BPS) has a diverse student body that goes beyond race. Someone White might be Albanian or Polish, someone Black might be Haitian or Nigerian and someone Asian might be Vietnamese or Filipino.

I have known and been close to this diversity since I was a student at BPS.


At the same time, I am aware of my limitations. I am not a monolith of the urban experience and a Boston childhood has changed greatly since I was growing up in the city.

More kids come into my classroom having experienced trauma and are labeled with behavioral problems than when I was a student. Many more have parental-like responsibilities.

So while I may be a role model, an exemplar for my Black male students, I still have the same challenges as many other teachers in my school building.

Challenges like trying to teach Brianna how to interpret linear graphs when she is constantly responding to Facebook drama on her phone. Like trying to engage Jeffery in a Desmos activity when he is tired, hungry, and did not eat the school lunch. Or the larger challenge of making algebra meaningful when many of my students are struggling socially and emotionally.

Yes, my ability to bond, to develop relationships with my students is the foundation I need to have to support them effectively, both academically and with their social-emotional needs. With every interaction, redirection and teachable moment in the hallways or on the sidewalks, I strengthen my influence.


However, there is a price I pay, an invisible tax, to doing that work, a weight that’s placed on me when I learn about a student’s self-harm, a friend’s murder, immigration status or eviction.

Many of the things I have learned about my students over the years keep me up at night. This is why I and other teachers like me need coaching to continue learning, deepening and reflecting on our own social-emotional competencies so we can understand how to respond and support our students’ social emotional struggles.

Just like my students, I want a coach for my own social-emotional learning (SEL), a professional who would focus on how I am building my own social-emotional competencies, facilitating those of my students and caring for myself. This SEL coach could be a district-level position and could work with my school’s teaching team so we could all reflect on our coaching and our social-emotional needs.

Our district could also create a social-emotional learning mentor-teacher role. This could be an opportunity for a teacher to get trained in supporting other teachers’ SEL practices.

If my own most basic needs are not being met, I will not be able to consistently achieve the goals I have set for my students.

I am reminded of Audre Lorde’s words, “Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation.” I do not want my self-preservation to come from leaving the profession. I want to be there for my Black students, and for all of my students, for as long as I can so that I can continue to bond with them, influence them and carry them forward. For that to happen, I need a coach of my own.

Francis Pina is a math teacher teaches at Charlestown High School in Boston Public Schools. He is a Teach Plus Commonwealth Teaching Policy Fellow.

The Danger of John Bolton

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From: Alexandra Bell
Senior Policy Director
Council for a Livable World 


I don’t say this lightly, but the threat of war has increased markedly. President Trump’s recent appointment of John Bolton as his National Security Advisor, coupled with his nomination of Mike Pompeo for Secretary of State, has all the appearances of someone assembling a war cabinet.

Not even Trump voters signed up for this. As I told The Huffington Post, “Between Pompeo and Bolton, you’re looking at a neocon foreign policy jacked up on steroids.”

Bolton and Pompeo have both advocated for military engagement in Iran and North Korea, which could start conflicts that could kill hundreds of thousands or more. They both despise the successful Iran nuclear agreement, and have advised the President to withdraw from it. If President Trump truly believes in diplomacy, neither of these two notorious hawks would be anywhere near the White House or State Department.

President Trump seems to be assembling a war cabinet with John Bolton and Mike Pompeo. Our work is now more important than ever before. Will you help support our efforts to prevent war with North Korea and Iran?

Mike Pompeo, who worked to destroy the Iran Deal as a Member of Congress, pledged to be a straight-shooter at the CIA. The truth is exactly the opposite. By politicizing intelligence and putting ideology over the facts, Pompeo has fed some of President Trump’s worst impulses on war and peace. John Bolton’s previous achievements include championing a war in Iraq to combat non-existent weapons of mass destruction and sabotaging diplomatic efforts with North Korea. These men will only serve to exacerbate the erratic nature of President Trump.

You can push back against a redux of Bush-era military adventurism. You can contribute to our fight to win back the House for progressive national security in 2018 and put a check on the Trump Administration’s unacceptable policies.

Thank you for your continued support.


Alexandra Bell
Senior Policy Director
Council for a Livable World



Kool & the Gang and The Commodores Live at Grand Victoria Casino on July 4th

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Grand Victoria Casino Presents Kool & the Gan The Commodores at Festival Park (adjacent to Grand Victoria Casino), 250 S Grove Avenue, Elgin, IL, July 4, 2018 at 7:00 pm.  Doors open at 5:00 pm, Fireworks following the show


Advance ticket prices start at $35

Food & beverages available for purchase at the concert.

Tickets on sale at gvctickets.com

Tickets go on sale 10 AM on Monday, April 2nd at gvctickets.com

Free valet and self-parking available

Short walk from Metra’s MD-W National Street Stop


Kool & The Gang

Kool & The Gang has sold over 70 million albums worldwide and influenced the music of three generations. Thanks to songs like Celebration, Cherish, Jungle Boogie, Summer Madness and Open Sesame, they’ve earned two Grammy Awards, seven American Music Awards, 25 Top Ten R&B hits, nine Top Ten Pop hits, and 31 gold and platinum albums. Kool & The Gang has performed continuously for the past 45 years, longer than any R&B group in history. Their bulletproof funk and tough, jazzy arrangements have also made them the most sampled band of all time.


In 1964 Khalis Bayyan (AKA Ronald Bell) and his brother, Robert “Kool” Bell, joined Jersey City neighborhood friends Robert “Spike” Mickens, Dennis “Dee Tee” Thomas, Ricky Westfield, George Brown, and Charles Smith to create a unique musical blend of jazz, soul and funk. At first calling themselves the Jazziacs, they went through various names – The New Dimensions, The Soul Town Band, Kool & The Flames – before settling on their moniker. Over the next several years, they solidified their musical chemistry on the rough-and-tumble East Coast music scene, supporting acts like Bill Cosby, Ritchie Havens and Richard Pryor. Their self-titled 1969 debut album introduced their signature instrumental sound and fierce horn arrangements, and spawned their first Billboard R&B charted single, Kool and the Gang.


In 1969 Kool & The Gang released their self-titled debut album. It was the introduction to a theme, music is the message, that Kool & The Gang stands by today. The instrumental album was an expression of their deep love of music. It was also an introduction to their signature sound and the fierce horn arrangements created by Khalis, Dee Tee, and Spike. Their debut album spawned their first Billboard R&B charted single Kool and the Gang and later Let The Music Take Your Mind.


In 1970, their audacious sophomore set Live At The Sex Machine peaked at #6 on Billboard’s R&B chart and yielded three hit singles: Funky Man, Who’s Gonna Take The Weight and I Want To Take You Higher. Next came The Best Of Kool & The Gang Featuring The Penguin, Kool & The Gang Live at PJ’s, Music Is The Message, and Good Times, all of which helped solidify a sound that wowed not only fans but such contemporaries as James Brown and Nina Simone.


The band’s stellar reputation grew with each album, but 1973’s gold disc Wild & Peaceful took Kool & The Gang to another level (#6 R&B, #33 Pop), spurred by the immortal party anthems Funky Stuff, Hollywood Swinging and the platinum smash Jungle Boogie. Hits like Higher Plane (#1 R&B), the classic Summer Madness (featured on the Grammy-winning movie soundtrack Rocky) and LPs Spirit of the Boogie, Love & Understanding and Open Sesame followed. The latter’s title track was featured on the top-selling movie soundtrack of all time, Saturday Night Fever, earning the group their second Grammy.


In 1979, Kool & The Gang unveiled a smooth new sound with Ladies Night. Produced by the legendary Pop/Jazz musician Eumir Deodato, it became their first platinum album. The #1 R&B title track also reached #8 at Pop. It was followed by Too Hot (#3 R&B, #5 Pop). The ’80s would see them dominate the mainstream, starting with the double platinum-selling album Celebrate (driven by the international monster hit Celebration, which spent six weeks atop the R&B chart and became a #1 Pop single). Celebration, which played as the American hostages returned from Iran, remains de rigueur at joyous occasions worldwide. The smashes Get Down On It, Take My Heart, Let’s Go Dancing, Joanna, Tonight, Misled, the #1 R&B, #2 Pop giant Cherish and the #1 R&B anthem Fresh (these last three from the multi-platinum LP Emergency) solidified the group’s international superstardom. Kool & the Gang landed global commercial endorsements, supported countless charitable causes and were the only American group to participate in Band Aid’s 1984 Do They Know It’s Christmas project for famine victims in Africa.


With the explosion of hip-hop in the ’90s, Kool & the Gang’s incredible catalog of grooves made them DJ favorites, and they were second only to R&B icon James Brown as sources of rap-music samples.


The band re-entered the Billboard R&B chart with 2006’s Steppin’ Into Love. In 2006, Kool & The Gang received the NARM (National Association of Recording Merchandisers) Chairman Award for lifetime achievement in record sales. Kool & The Gang remains one of the most active touring bands, performing hundreds of shows every year to packed audiences of new and old fans around the world.

The Commodores


For three decades, the Commodores have remained a force in the music industry. The Commodores aren’t just any group. They have staying power. Just like their hit song “Brick House,” the Commodores have created a foundation that just won’t budge. After churning out hit after hit in the Motown days, the Commodores still hadn’t achieved Grammy recognition. This wasn’t to be until 1986, without Lionel Richie, when the Commodores released “Nightshift”.


In 1968 the group was formed while all the members were in college at Tuskeegee University. After being discovered by Berry Gordy, The Commodores went on to sell over 60 million records for Motown. With hits like “Machine Gun” and “Sail On,” the Commodores became proven artists. They proved it then. They proved it in 1986 with “Nightshift,” and now they are ready to prove it again.


Unlike many other groups, the Commodores haven’t rested on their early hits. Quite the contrary, the Commodores have continued to put out quality work. With the creation of their new label, the Commodores released Commodores Hits Vol. I, Commodores Hits Vol. II, Commodores Christmas, and Commodores XX – No Tricks. The newest CD “Commodores Live” was recorded during the groups 1997 U.S. tour and released in December 1998 along with a TV special. The Commodores believe in their work, but they are not the only ones:


The successful Commodores of the present have not only produced six new albums and embarked upon a world-wide tour, but have created their own record label, Commodores Records & Entertainment. Today, The Commodores stand not only as talented and successful musicians, but as artists determined to continue their success into the future.


Located on the scenic Fox River, Grand Victoria Casino features over 1,100 slot machines and a wide variety of table games that include blackjack, craps, roulette, three-card poker, and Baccarat; as well as a poker room dealing live Texas Hold’em.   Grand Victoria features award-winning dining at four restaurants: Prime BurgerHouse, Buckinghams Steakhouse & Lounge, Crave Deli (open 24/7), and Indulge Show Kitchen Buffet, a unique buffet experience that integrates live action cooking with freshly made gourmet cuisine.  Indulge features six micro-restaurants in one: American Comfort, Latin, Mediterranean, Asian, Salad and Pastry.  For more information, visit grandvictoriacasino.com.



National Urban League Statement on Inclusion of Citizenship Status Question to 2020 Census​

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WASHINGTON, DC — National Urban League President and CEO, Marc H. Morial, released the following statement in response to Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross announcement last night that a citizenship status question will be added to the 2020 Census:

“If this were any other administration the inclusion of a citizenship status question would likely seem benign.  However, the Trump administration has repeatedly proposed xenophobic and racist policies–and its handling of the Census appears to be no different. It is intentionally politicizing the decennial Census by using it as a tool to intimidate undocumented immigrants from completing the questionnaire, siphon government resources from communities of color, and undermine the assurance of congressional representation.

“Secretary Ross is wrong.  The decision to include a citizenship status question will make a complete population count even more difficult to achieve.  The Census is far too important to communities of color to be comprised.

“The National Urban League will work with our coalition partners to challenge the inclusion of this question and we urge members of Congress to overturn this deeply flawed decision.”


Rep. Harper Joins Effort to Force Rauner Practice Fiscal Responsibility

Posted by Admin On March - 30 - 2018 Comments Off on Rep. Harper Joins Effort to Force Rauner Practice Fiscal Responsibility

CHICAGO, IL – To bring forth greater government transparency, state Rep. Sonya Harper, D-Chicago, is joining the effort to force Gov. Rauner to pay for his employees out of the governor’s office budget and stop creating false illusions about saving taxpayer dollars.

“Our governor is not interested in promoting good government practices that essentially force human services agencies to pay for the hundreds of employees his office should be paying for,” said Harper. “He is stealing precious state resources from agencies that help my residents access vital services so he can hide his office’s costs while paying huge salaries to his staff.”

Harper is standing with Illinois Comptroller Suzanna Mendoza in promoting House Bill 5121, the Truth in Hiring Act. The bill requires employees of the governor to be paid from that budget instead of taking state agency funding away to pay for those employees. Previous Democratic and Republican governors have used this tactic to “offshore” their costs onto state agencies to mask the expenditures from the governor’s allotted budget.

According to the Comptroller’s office, the governor’s office employs 102 individuals totaling $10.4 million in salary expenses, but $5.5 million or 58 staffers’ salaries have been siphoned away from agencies like the Department of Children and Family Services and the Department of Aging to cover those employees’ salaries. Harper’s bill would shift the cost burden back to the governor’s office so that any governor will be required to fully cover the costs of its own employees.

“This should be a bipartisan effort so we can all tell our constituents that we are looking out for their tax dollars,” said Harper. “We need to be sensible in how we spend this money, and taking state funds from family building agencies to pay six figure salaries for a few employees is unacceptable and wrong.”

Harper represents the 6th District, which includes all or portions of Armour Square, Bridgeport, Chicago Lawn, Englewood, Gage Park, Back of the Yards, Canaryville, New City, West Englewood, and Marquette Park.

Top Ten Scholarship Programs That Every Black Woman Should Know About

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African American women students

Nationwide (BlackNews.com) — Every year, thousands of scholarship programs around the world help students obtain much-needed financial aid. Many of these programs, however, are specifically for women. And some of them are just for Black and other minority women.

Here are the top scholarships that every Black woman should know about:

#1 – Beyoncé Formation Scholars Program: open to young women who plan to attend one of four participating colleges and major in creative arts, music, literature or African-American studies. Four scholarships will be awarded. To apply, visit www.scholarshipsonline.org/2017/04/beyonce-formation-scholars-program.html

#2 – NBNA Scholarship Program For Black Nurses: offers 14 scholarships each year to students pursuing a career in nursing who are members of the National Black Nurses Association, Inc. The scholarships are based on merit and financial need. To apply, visit www.scholarshipsonline.org/2013/02/nbna-scholarship-program-for-black-nurses.html

#3 – Women Techmakers Scholars Program (by Google): open to women who are studying computer science, computer engineering or a closely related technical field. Applicants must be currently enrolled in or accepted as a full-time student. To apply, visit www.scholarshipsonline.org/2017/06/women-techmakers-scholars-program-by.html

#4 – Jeanette Rankin Women’s Scholarship Fund For Low Income Women: awards scholarships every year to low-income women who are 35 years of age or older. Named after Jeannette Rankin, the first woman elected to Congress, the fund has awarded over $1.8 million in scholarships to over 700 women since 1978. To apply, visit www.scholarshipsonline.org/2012/05/jeanette-rankin-womens-scholarship-fund.html

#5 – Girls Inc. National Scholars Program: offers scholarships to female high school seniors graduating from affiliate high schools located throughout the U.S. and Canada. Candidates must be a citizen or legal permanent resident of the United States or Canada.. To apply, visit www.scholarshipsonline.org/2017/08/girls-inc-national-scholars.html

#6 – National Hook-up of Black Women Scholarships: available to graduating high school seniors who plan to enroll in an accredited college or university in the fall after graduation. Two different scholarships are available. To apply, visit www.scholarshipsonline.org/2017/02/national-hook-up-of-black-women-scholarships.html

#7 – AWG Minority Scholarship Program For Women: encourages young minority women to pursue courses of education and careers in the field of geosciences. The program, not only provides financial aid to assist with tuition and book, but also matches students with mentors who can offer guidance and support. To apply, visit www.scholarshipsonline.org/2012/04/awg-minority-scholarship.html

#8 – Rihanna’s Global Scholarship Program: applicants must be citizens or natives of the following countries: Brazil, Barbados, Cuba, Haiti, Grenada, Guyana, or Jamaica. They also must have already been accepted into an accredited four-year college or university for the entire upcoming academic year. To apply, visit www.scholarshipsonline.org/2016/05/rihanna-clara-lionel-foundation-global-scholarship-program.html

#9 – NANBPWC Scholarships For African American Females: offers four different scholarships for outstanding females of African American descent. Each scholarship is merit based and requires completion of an essay. To apply, visit www.scholarshipsonline.org/2017/02/nanbpwc-scholarships-for-african-american-females.html

#10 – HBO Writing and Directing Fellowships For Minorities and Women: open to writers and directors 21 and older. Candidates must be able to work in the U.S. Candidates for writing fellowships may apply online by sending a resume, a writing sample, a completed release form and a personal essay in 500 words or less explaining what has influenced their storytelling. To apply, visit www.scholarshipsonline.org/2016/02/hbo-writing-and-directing-fellowships.html

And here’s one more:

#11 – Carole Simpson Scholarship: established to help minority students overcome obstacles in their career path in electronic journalism. The scholarship is open to college students who will be sophomores, juniors or seniors and are pursuing careers in radio, television, or digital journalism. To apply, visit www.scholarshipsonline.org/2017/11/carole-simpson-scholarship.html

To view hundreds of other 2018-2019 scholarships, visit www.scholarshipsonline.org

NAACP Statement on Passing of Civil Rights Activist Linda Brown

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BALTIMORE, MD – The NAACP is saddened at the passing of civil rights activist Linda Brown at the age of 76. Ms. Brown was the child at the center of the landmark Supreme Court case Brown v. Board of Education, the case that led to the outlawing of U.S. school segregation in 1954. The lead attorney on the historic case was NAACPs own Thurgood Marshall. Brown v. Board was one of the most high-profile cases brought by Marshall and the NAACP Legal Defense Fund and Education Fund in their decade-plus campaign to end the doctrine of “separate but equal.”“Linda Brown was the named plaintiff in the historic Brown v. Board of Education; she was a civil rights icon who will never be forgotten. The NAACP extends our sincere condolences to her family and sends prayers of comfort and strength for the days to come,” said Leon W. Russell, NAACP National Board Chairman.


“As a young girl in Topeka, Kansas, Ms. Brown and her family stood strong to see that change would come for African American students, they did not give up until victory was won. We are thankful for the life of Ms. Linda Brown and for her relentlessness to bring equality to public schools in this country,” said NAACP President and CEO Derrick Johnson.



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