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Madigan Recovers $41 Million for Illinois Pension Systems, Consumers in Goldman Sachs Settlement

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Madigan recoups $25 million to Pension Funds for Goldman Sachs mortgage-backed securities, obtains additional $16 million in consumer relief


CHICAGO, IL — Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan announced a $41 million settlement with Goldman Sachs as a result of the investment bank’s misconduct in its marketing and sale of risky residential mortgage-backed securities (RMBS) leading up to the 2008 economic collapse. The agreement is part of a $5 billion national settlement forged by the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ), state attorneys general from New York and California and other federal entities.


The settlement includes $25 million in relief for Illinois’ pension systems and $16 million in relief for Illinois consumers. The agreement stems from an investigation by Madigan’s office concerning the investment bank’s failure to disclose the true risk of RMBS investments.


“With today’s settlement, I have recovered over $540 million for Illinois pension systems and residents as a result of fraudulent conduct in the mortgage-backed securities market,” Madigan said. “My office is continuing to recover critical funds for the state and homeowners due to Wall Street’s misconduct.”


Under the settlement, Goldman Sachs will pay nearly $23.8 million to the Teachers Retirement System of the State of Illinois, $472,500 to the State Universities Retirement System of Illinois, and $737,500 to the Illinois State Board of Investment, which oversees the State Employees’ Retirement System, General Assembly Retirement System and Judges’ Retirement System.


Goldman Sachs also will provide $16 million in consumer relief. An independent monitor will be appointed to oversee the relief distribution.


Today’s settlement is the fifth such agreement Madigan has secured as part of her work on the Residential Mortgage-Backed Securities Working Group under President Obama’s Financial Fraud Enforcement Task Force. Madigan previously settled with JPMorgan Chase & Company for $100 million to Illinois’ pension systems, with Citigroup for $44 million to the state’s pension systems and an additional $40 million in consumer relief, with Bank of America for a record $300 million, including $200 million to Illinois’ pension systems and an additional $100 million in consumer relief, and with Morgan Stanley for $22.5 million to the state’s pension systems. Madigan also secured a $52.5 million settlement with Standard & Poor’s to resolve allegations that the company compromised its independence by doling out high ratings to risky mortgage-back securities as a corporate strategy to increase its revenue.


Attorney General Madigan has led the country in taking legal action against banks, lenders and other financial institutions for unlawful financial misconduct that contributed to the country’s economic collapse. Madigan’s enforcement actions have recovered a total of $2.9 billion for consumers, communities, county recorders and pension funds.


Madigan was a lead negotiator in the $25 billion national mortgage settlement with the country’s largest mortgage servicers – Bank of America, JPMorgan Chase, Wells Fargo, Citibank and Ally Bank, formerly GMAC – that addressed allegations of widespread “robo-signing” of foreclosure documents and other fraudulent practices banks employed while servicing mortgages of struggling homeowners. Illinois borrowers received more than $2.4 billion in direct relief under the settlement.


Madigan also was the first attorney general in the nation to sue a national bank for fair lending violations. Madigan and DOJ secured a $175 million national settlement to resolve allegations that Wells Fargo illegally targeted African-American and Latino borrowers for sales of the lender’s poorest quality and most expensive mortgages during the height of the subprime mortgage lending spree. Madigan and DOJ also reached a $335 million national settlement with Countrywide, once the nation’s largest mortgage lender, to resolve similar allegations of fair lending violations. The settlement has provided restitution to harmed Illinois borrowers and is the largest settlement of a fair lending lawsuit ever obtained by a state attorney general.


Madigan reached a landmark $8.7 billion national settlement in 2008 against Countrywide for deceptively placing thousands of Illinois homeowners into ultra-risky and unaffordable subprime mortgages. The settlement with Countrywide’s new owner, Bank of America, established the nation’s first mandatory loan modification program.




Policy Change Reduces Employment Barriers for Ex-Offenders

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SPRINGFIELD, IL – The Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR) and the Illinois Department of Corrections (IDOC) are pleased to announce a new initiative that streamlines the professional licensing process for men and women who are being released from prison. 


Starting immediately, offenders who’ve completed the required coursework for Barbering and Cosmetology will be able to apply for their professional license and meet with the licensing board via video conference up to six months before their release or parole date. This common sense policy change reverses the previous approach, which prohibited offenders from starting the application process until they were already released from the institution.


“By creating a pathway towards licensure while still in the institutional setting, we are able to provide near immediate opportunity for individuals exiting prison,” said Bryan A. Schneider, IDFPR Secretary.  “We believe this regulatory revision provides real change for those leaving incarceration, while supplying our local economies with able bodied employees at the ready.”


“This is a step in the right direction as we work toward reducing the recidivism rate in Illinois,” said IDOC Acting Director John Baldwin. “When men and women know they’ll be rewarded for their hard work, they are more inclined to participate in programming that will improve their odds of success in the community. This new policy means offenders will be able to join the workforce as soon as they walk out of the correctional center doors.”


This effort is a direct response to the Illinois Criminal Justice and Sentencing Commission’s recommendation to “remove unnecessary barriers to those convicted of crimes from obtaining professional licenses.” It is a small but critical first step in reducing employment barriers for ex-offenders and driving down the prison population in the state of Illinois.


On Equal Pay Day, President Obama to Designate National Monument Honoring Women’s Equality: Fact Sheet

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President Obama designated a new national monument at a historic location in Washington, D.C., on Equal Pay Day to honor the movement for women’s equality. The new Belmont-Paul Women’s Equality National Monument will protect the iconic house that has served as the headquarters for the National Woman’s Party since 1929. From this house, known in recent years as the Sewall-Belmont House, members of the Party led the movement for women’s equality, authoring more than 600 pieces of federal, state and local legislation in support of equal rights.

Tomorrow’s designation will permanently protect one of the oldest standing houses near the U.S. Capitol and help preserve an extensive archival collection that documents the history, strategies, tactics and accomplishments of the movement to secure women’s suffrage and equal rights in the United States and across the globe.

The new monument is named for former Party president, activist and suffragist Alva Belmont, who was a major benefactor of the National Woman’s Party, and Alice Paul, who founded the Party and was the chief strategist and leader in the Party’s ongoing fight for women’s political, social, and economic equality.

After playing an instrumental role in the passage and ratification of the 19th Amendment guaranteeing women’s suffrage, Paul led the Party’s advocacy work from the house, including drafting updated Equal Rights Amendment text, writing provisions that were later included in the Civil Rights Act to prevent discrimination on the basis of gender, and working to get women’s equality language incorporated in the U.N. Charter. A fierce advocate for women’s equality her entire life, Paul died in 1977 at the age of ninety-two.

Efforts to protect the site date back to the early 1970s, and more recent proposals to include the site in the National Park System have garnered Congressional support – including bipartisan legislation introduced by Senator Mikulski – as well as strong support from local elected officials, community leaders, women’s organizations, conservation groups and historians. The National Park Foundation will announce that David Rubenstein is contributing $1 million dollars to support the site and address immediate restoration needs.

In 1997, the National Woman’s Party became an educational organization and today, seeks to educate the public about the ongoing women’s rights equality movement.

In addition to protecting more land and water than any President in history – more than 265 million acres – President Obama has sought to protect places that are diverse, culturally and historically significant, and that reflect the story of all Americans. By honoring the history and accomplishments of the movement for women’s equality, tomorrow’s designation will build on this effort towards a more inclusive National Park System and tell the story of women’s fight for equality for generations to come. Our national parks and other protected sites that represent America’s diverse history and culture will continue to be an important priority for the Administration as the country celebrates the National Park Service Centennial this year.

About Equal Pay Day

Tomorrow we observe Equal Pay Day – the date in the current year that represents the extra days a typical woman working full-time would have to work just to make the same as a typical man did in the previous year. Since taking office, President Obama has made equal pay a top priority and has taken a number of steps to fight for pay equity. In addition to signing his first piece of legislation as President, the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, President Obama has created the National Equal Pay Task Force, called on Congress to pass the Paycheck Fairness Act, issued an Executive Order prohibiting federal contractors from discriminating against employees who discuss or inquire about their compensation, and worked with the Department of Labor and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission to better target enforcement of equal pay laws though enhanced employer reporting of pay data.

To highlight key gender equality issues and set the agenda for the future, next month, the White House will host a Summit on “The United State of Women” together with the Department of State, the Department of Labor, the Aspen Institute, and Civic Nation. The summit will create an opportunity to mark the progress made by and for women and girls domestically and internationally over the course of this Administration and to discuss solutions to the challenges they still face. The Summit is being held with additional cooperation from Goldman Sachs 10,000 Women, the Tory Burch Foundation and the Ford Foundation.

Building on Steps to Help Women in the Workforce and Working Families

President Obama has taken a number of actions to combat the pay gap, as well as other issues that affect women in the workforce, including:

  • Working with the Department of Labor and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission in January 2016 to publish a proposal to annually collect summary pay data by gender, race, and ethnicity from businesses with 100 or more employees, potentially covering over 63 million employees.  This step will help focus public enforcement of our equal pay laws and provide better insight into discriminatory pay practices across industries and occupations. The Council of Economic Advisers also released an issue brief, “The Gender Pay Gap on the Anniversary of the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act,” that explores the state of the gender wage gap, the factors that influence it, and policies put forward by this Administration that can help address it.
  • Signing a Presidential Memorandum in May 2013 directing the Office of Personnel Management to develop a government-wide strategy to address the gender pay gap in the federal workforce, leading to a report in April 2014 and new guidance in July 2015—which cautioned against required reliance on a candidate’s existing salary to set pay, as it can potentially adversely affect women who may have taken time off from their careers or propagate gaps due to discriminatory pay practices by previous employers.
  • Issuing an Executive Order in April 2014 and publishing a Department of Labor rule in September 2015 prohibiting federal contractors from discriminating against employees who discuss or inquire about their compensation.
  • Hosting the first-ever White House Summit on Working Families in June 2014, highlighting the issues that women and families face, setting the agenda for a 21st century workplace, and announcing of a number of steps to help working families thrive.
  • Signing a Presidential Memorandum in January 2015 directing federal agencies to advance six weeks of paid sick leave to federal employees with new children, calling on Congress to grant another six weeks of paid leave for federal employees, and calling on Congress to pass legislation that gives all American families access to paid family and medical leave.
  • Issuing an Executive Order in September 2015 requiring federal contractors to provide employees working on federal contracts up to seven paid sick days each year—and urging Congress, states, cities, and other businesses to do the same.
  • Publishing a proposed Department of Labor rule in June 2015 updating outdated overtime regulations, which, if finalized, would expand overtime pay protections for nearly 5 million Americans, promoting higher take home pay, and allowing workers to better balance their work and family obligations.
  • Issuing an Executive Order in February 2014 requiring federal contractors to raise their minimum wage to $10.10 an hour and lift the tipped minimum wage (which disproportionately impacts women)—and urging Congress, states, cities, and businesses to do the same.
  • Issuing an Executive Order in July 2014 and publishing a Department of Labor rule in December 2014 prohibiting federal contractors from discriminating in employment on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity.
  • Directing the Office of Personnel Management and federal agencies to enhance workplace flexibility for federal employees to the maximum extent practicable, including enshrining a right to request flexible work arrangements.
  • Calling on Congress to pass the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act, which would require employers to make reasonable accommodations to workers who have limitations from pregnancy, childbirth, or related medical conditions (unless it would impose an undue hardship on the employer). The legislation would also prohibit employers from forcing pregnant employees to take paid or unpaid leave if a reasonable accommodation would allow them to work.
  • Publishing a proposed Department of Labor rule that, if finalized, would update its sex discrimination guidelines for federal contractors for the first time since 1978, to align with current law and address barriers to equal opportunity and pay, such as pay discrimination, sexual harassment, hostile work environments, a lack of workplace accommodations for pregnant women, and gender identity and family caregiving discrimination.
  • Increasing investments to expand access to high-quality early care and education, including efforts under the Race to the Top-Early Learning Challenge program, Preschool Development Grants, Head Start and Early Head Start, and a landmark proposal that helps all eligible working families with young children afford high-quality child care.
  • Expanding access for women to higher-paying jobs through a proposed rule updating equal employment opportunity requirements in registered apprenticeships and through a Mega-Construction Projects (MCP) Initiative at the Department of Labor.

Additionally, the President’s Council of Economic Advisers has continued to spotlight the pay gap and other challenges women face in the workforce as well as policy solutions proposed by the Administration to address these persistent challenges. Those materials include:

Source: whitehouse.gov

Federal Jury Finds Crips Gang Leader Guilty Of Racketeering

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Raphael Osborne (a.k.a. Gusto) Conspired to Murder and Assault Rival Gang Members, Commit Robberies, Murder a Federal Informant, and Distribute Controlled Substances

Following four weeks of trial, a federal jury in Central Islip, NY, returned a guilty verdict today against Raphael Osborne, also known as “Gusto,” a Crips street gang leader from Roosevelt, NY, on twenty-one counts including racketeering, conspiracy, robbery, attempted murder, witness retaliation, assault with a dangerous weapon, drug conspiracy and brandishing and discharging firearms during the commission of these offenses.     Osborne faces a minimum of 115 years and up to life imprisonment as a result of these convictions.

The verdict was announced by Robert L. Capers, United States Attorney for the Eastern District of New York; Diego Rodriguez, Assistant Director-in-Charge, Federal Bureau of Investigation, New York Field Office (FBI); Madeline Singas, Nassau County District Attorney; and Thomas C. Krumpter, Acting Nassau County Police Commissioner.

At trial, the government successfully proved that Osborne led the Roosevelt, NY-based Rollin’ 60s Crips, a racketeering enterprise that engaged in multiple crimes of violence and narcotics trafficking.  Between 2003 and 2013, members of the gang followed an “on sight” rule established by Osborne that commanded gang members to attack rival Bloods in Roosevelt whenever possible and by whatever means available.  In addition, numerous other shootings and murders were committed at Osborne’s direction.  During the trial, the government elicited details of 15 shootings and three homicides that were committed by members of the Rollin’ 60s during Osborne’s reign and established that the gang financed its activities through firearms and narcotics trafficking.  Over the course of the conspiracy, the gang was responsible for bringing hundreds of illegal firearms to Long Island, including revolvers, semi-automatic handguns, assault rifles, and submachine guns.

Among other crimes, Osborne was convicted of:

Conspiring to murder and attempted murder of a federal informant in October 2012.  Beginning in the spring of 2012, law enforcement, with the aid of a Rollin’ 60s gang member informant, began purchasing firearms from the gang, including some from Osborne’s residence on Debevoise Avenue in Roosevelt.  After the informant attempted to purchase a firearm from Osborne in June 2012, Osborne became suspicious and ordered other gang members to kill him.  On October 13, 2012, a gang member lured the informant from his Hempstead home to a location where a fellow gang member was waiting.  The informant was shot five times at close range, leaving him paralyzed.

The January 2013 attempted murder and assault of a rival Bloods gang member.  On January 30, 2013, Osborne and other ranking members of the Rollin’ 60s followed a vehicle occupied by several Bloods gang members to a house on Pleasant Avenue in Roosevelt.  As the rivals’ vehicle turned into the driveway of the residence, Osborne and other gang members unleashed a barrage of .40 and .45 caliber bullets that ripped through the vehicle and sent one of the Bloods members to the hospital with a gunshot wound to his abdomen.

Two robberies that he committed with other members of the gang in the fall of 2010.  The first robbery involved a gang member stealing marijuana and cash from the victim, while Osborne dragged the victim from his vehicle and pistol whipped him in the street.  In the second robbery, Osborne directed gang members to the home of a drug dealer who was robbed at gunpoint.

Conspiring to distribute 280 grams of crack cocaine, 100 grams of heroin, 100 kilograms of marijuana, and quantities of methylone, commonly known as “molly.”

“The crimes that Osborne stands convicted of underscore the wanton violence the Crips street gang unleashed on neighborhoods of Long Island,” stated United States Attorney Capers.  “Street gangs such as the Crips infect communities, and we will continue to respond to the Crips’ brutal violence with unwavering investigation and prosecution – they will be brought to justice and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.”  Mr. Capers extended his grateful appreciation to each of the law enforcement agencies for their assistance in this case, in particular the Special Investigations Squad of the Nassau County Police Department and the FBI’s Long Island Gang Task Force.

Assistant Director-in-Charge Rodriguez stated, “The verdict against Raphael Osborne leaves the area of Roosevelt a little safer today.  During his time as a Crips leader, Osborne directed attacks against rival gangs in the Roosevelt area by any means available.  The FBI will continue to work with our law enforcement partners to dismantle gangs and the violence they bring to our communities.”

District Attorney Singas stated, “This defendant and his fellow gang members brought illegal guns, deadly drugs, and unbridled violence into communities on Long Island.  He oversaw a ruthless enterprise that trafficked in assault weapons, handguns, cocaine, and heroin, and left many victims in its wake.  I thank all of our partners who took part in the dangerous and important work to arrest and prosecute this defendant and his associates.”

Acting NCPD Police Commissioner Krumpter stated, “Crime has no boundaries and this case is an example of how partners in law enforcement utilized talented personnel and resources to bring this defendant to justice.  Today’s arrest should serve as a deterrent to criminals as we at the Nassau County Police Department are committed to working with our fellow law enforcement partners to ensure public safety.”

Upon sentencing the defendant Osborne faces a potential sentence of up to life imprisonment.

Osborne is the fourteenth member of the gang to be convicted since the inception of this case.  Three other members of the gang are pending trial.

The government’s case was prosecuted by Assistant United States Attorneys Nicole Boeckmann, Christopher Caffarone, and Special Assistant United States Attorney Michael Maffei.

The Defendant:

Raphael Osborne (a/k/a Gusto)
Age: 30

E.D.N.Y. Docket No. 14-264 (JS)

Source: FBI

Attorney General Loretta E. Lynch Announces Bill Baer to Serve as Acting Associate Attorney General

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Attorney General Loretta E. Lynch announced that Bill Baer, who currently serves as Assistant Attorney General of the Antitrust Division, will serve as Acting Associate Attorney General effective April 17, 2016.  The Associate Attorney General is the Justice Department’s third-ranking post.

“Bill Baer is an extraordinary public servant, an outstanding attorney and a champion of all those who look to the law for empowerment and protection,” said Attorney General Lynch.  “From his work at the Federal Trade Commission to his leadership of the Justice Department’s Antitrust Division, he has demonstrated keen intelligence, strong judgment and consummate skill.  In the last few years alone, he has led the Antitrust Division to new heights – unlocking $400 million in relief for consumers in a case against Apple’s price-fixing of e-books; achieving a record $2.5 billion in fines in a case that exposed a scheme by Citicorp, JPMorgan Chase, Barclays and the Royal Bank of Scotland and others to rig the foreign currency exchange spot market; and standing up against corporate behavior that would have damaged our markets and hurt consumers in industries from beer and wine to airlines and phone companies.  With his hard work and unwavering dedication, he has earned the trust and respect of Justice Department employees at every level.  I could not imagine a better individual to fill Stuart Delery’s shoes as Associate Attorney General of the United States.”

First Lady Michelle Obama to Host 2016 College Signing Day Event in New York

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Tuesday, April 26th 

New York City, New York – As part of her Reach Higher initiative, First Lady Michelle Obama will be celebrating her signature College Signing Day at New York City’s Harlem Armory. More than 4,000 students from across New York high schools will be in attendance.

This event will be hosted by MTV in conjunction with Viacom’s Get Schooled initiative.

This will be the third annual College Signing Day that the First Lady has hosted to celebrate high school seniors choosing to pursue higher education at a professional training program, a community college, or a four-year college or university. The First Lady has hosted College Signing Day events in Detroit, Michigan in 2015 and in San Antonio, Texas in 2014.

In addition to the First Lady’s event in New York, over 500 College Signing Day events have been planned across the country by communities, students, and organizations committed to helping students pursue higher education.  Education Secretary John B. King Jr. will attend a College Signing Day event in Washington, D.C.

College Signing Day continues the First Lady’s efforts to inspire young people to pursue their education past high school. Last October, the First Lady launched Better Make Room, a public awareness campaign targeted at Generation Z, or young people ages 14-19, to celebrate education, change the national conversation, and give students the tools and resources they need to continue their education past high school.

Congressional Black Caucus Releases Statement in Recognition of Equal Pay Day

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WASHINGTON, D.C. – Congressional Black Caucus Chairman G. K. Butterfield (NC-01) released the following statement recognizing Equal Pay Day and calling for passage of the Paycheck Fairness Act:

“It is imperative that Congress takes action on pay equity. In 1960, women made just 59 cents per every dollar that men made. This number has since risen to 79 cents, but the disparity is even higher for African American women who make only 60 cents for every dollar earned by white, non-Hispanic men. If we continue at this rate, women would not see pay equity until 2058. We have made progress, but it is time that we make solutions.

“The gender-based wage gap stubbornly remains despite the passage of the Equal Pay Act in 1963 and a variety of legislation prohibiting employment discrimination. That is why members of the Congressional Black Caucus have joined House Democrats in cosponsoring the Paycheck Fairness Act to protect pay equality and fair labor standards. Republicans have blocked this bill nine times from being voted on by the entire House, thereby denying women the tools they need to fight back against pay discrimination.

“The gender pay gap is not a result of a woman’s choice. Women have chosen to graduate from college in higher numbers than men, to make up nearly half of the workforce, but pay inequalities still persists. As members of Congress, it is our responsibility to ensure we raise awareness of the need for equal pay, because when women succeed, America succeeds.”

ISBE Releases Funding Projections for General State Aid By District

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Every school district improves over old practice of proration

SPRINGFIELD, IL – The Illinois State Board of Education released figures showing how much state aid each school district in Illinois will receive under Gov. Bruce Rauner’s plan to fully fund education to the foundation level for the first time in seven years. Under the Governor’s proposal, total education funding will increase by $120 million in Illinois for fiscal year 2017.

This is the first time in seven years that General State Aid (GSA) payments will not be prorated, and it is the second year of record funding to education in Illinois. The practice of proration, which has been common in Illinois in recent history, is the result of not fully funding the foundation level. Proration has served to disproportionately affect those school districts that most rely on state aid.

“Every school district in Illinois will do better under the Governor’s plan to fully fund the foundation level than they would have under the recent practice of proration, and the vast majority of school districts will receive more state money than last year,” said State Superintendent of Education Tony Smith, Ph.D. “By fully funding education and ending proration, we’re putting more money into the classrooms to educate our young scholars.”

Three factors go into the current school funding formula: school enrollment, the number and percentage of students in a district that live in poverty, and the local resources available to a district based on property values. Any school that sees a significant increase or decrease in funding from year to year can trace its situation back to the variability of those three factors.

For example, a district that has a decrease in enrollment, fewer children living in poverty, and an increase in property values will see a decrease in its GSA. Conversely, a district with increasing enrollment that serves a higher percentage of students living in poverty and has falling property values will see an increase in its GSA. In a review of the FY 2017 K-12 education budget, ISBE’s analysis indicates the overwhelming majority of districts seeing a reduction in GSA have seen a decrease in enrollment and a decrease in the number of students living in poverty.

“By fully funding education, we are showing the people of Illinois that our children’s education is the state’s top priority,” Secretary of Education Beth Purvis said. “We owe it our teachers to fully fund education to ensure they can prepare our students to be engaged citizens with rich and rewarding careers. I urge the General Assembly to act swiftly in passing the Governor’s proposed FY 2017 education budget to end any uncertainty for districts so they can begin planning for the 2016-17 school year with a record level of funding.”

New Season for PCC International Network

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PCC Network travel to Greenville, Carolina

Monday, May 2nd 2016, will mark yet another chapter in the life of the Rev. Harold E. Bailey and the Probation Challenge/PCConnection Internet Broadcast Network.

The PCC Network from its conception has offered unadulterated truth which has caused some media to reconsider their dressed-up lies!  It has been noted that some media outlets have followed the lead of the PCC Network in their quest for hard-core-truth.

Rev. Harold E. Bailey, president of the PCConnection Network, has succeeded in several fields of endeavors which have included: The Cook County Adult Probation Department, courtroom of Justice R. Eugene Pincham, where the Probation Challenge program was conceived. Chairman of the Cook County Board of Directors, The Harold Bailey Singers, Probation Challenge, The History Makers, and awards too numerous to be mentioned. At each station mentioned, Bailey has captured the hearts of youth and adults alike.

The PCConnection International Network hosts are: Chinta Strausberg, Editor of 3:16 Magazine. Geri Patterson, Report to The People. Pastor Mitty Collier, More Like Christ Christian Fellowship Ministries in Chicago, Rev. Harold E. Bailey. PCC Network, Pastor Lottie Woods-Hall, The Intercessory Health and Healing Center, Greenville, South Carolina. Dr. Juanita Bratcher, CEO and   Editor of the Copyline News Magazine, contributing reporter. Clarence McMillan, award-winning Internet Specialist.

With the new season premiering, the PCC Network traveled to Greenville, South Carolina, where the 2nd presentation of ‘The Voice’ featuring Pastor Lottie Woods Hall and The Intercessory Health and Healing Center’ was taped before a live audience. What do you hear – was the topic of discussion among prominent ministers who voice what the spirit of God had reveled to them. Minister participants: Pastor Pauline Franks, Minister Clayton Rhodes, Pastor Earnest Burgess, Pastor Thomas Frank Rector Minister Barbara Frazier Franklin, Pastor Reginald Garrett and Minister Brandon Coleman. Musical performers were: Kyra and Tykia.

While in Carolina, Rev. Bailey visited ‘My brother’s keepers’ program, chaired by Minister Clayton Rhodes, who with his body of men sat around a conference table while engaged in conversation regarding everyday living. Bailey was invited to speak as to his life’s experiences. During his ministering to the energetic group the visitation of the Holy Spirit fell among the brethren. Portions of the “My Brother’s Keeper’ presentation   may be viewed on the Pastor Hall’s ‘The Voice’ presentation part 1&2.

Conversation with the Gospel Legends: Bob Marvoich, known for his love of black gospel music, joins the ranks of the PCC Network along with his special gospel music presentations.  Marvoich will highlight the careers of great Gospel Recording Artist such as: The Barrett Sisters, Vernon Oliver-Price and Loretta Oliver. Many other pioneer gospel recording artists will be interviewed on the Bob Marvoich presentations. All shows will be taped for later airing.

Rev. Dr. Harold E. Bailey was recently awarded an Honorary Doctorate Degree of Philosophy in Humanities, Golden Rule International Award and iChange Nations – Global Leadership Award. The noted Dr. Clyde Rivers, PhD, presented all awards.

Bailey said, “I look forward to positive change in 2016-17 with our youth and elders alike.  As generations change, we as elders have a spiritual obligation to give back… We must train as we teach our youth educational methodologies by which they can survive. There are but two-ways in life – the right and the wrong.

The PCC Network invites the public to view or listen daily to the •News, •Radio, •Talk Shows •The Challenge News Magazine … All components are free.

 For further information call:  The Probation Challenge Network at: 773-978-3706


Show Presentations: WWW.ProbationChallenge.org – The Truth Network




Former Archer County Justice of the Peace Sentenced to 24 Months in Federal Prison for Stealing County Funds

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Defendant remanded to federal custody following sentencing hearing


WICHITA FALLS, Texas — Joseph Charles Boyle, 64, the former Justice of the Peace for Precinct 2 in Holliday, Texas, was sentenced by U.S. District Judge Reed C. O’Connor to 24 months in federal prison, the top end of the U.S. Sentencing Guidelines, following his guilty plea in November 2015 to a felony Information charging one count of theft concerning programs receiving federal funds, announced U.S. Attorney John Parker of the Northern District of Texas.

Boyle was also ordered to pay $133,333.33 in restitution, the total amount of money he stole, embezzled and obtained by fraud from Archer County.  Judge O’Connor remanded Boyle to federal custody following this morning’s sentencing hearing.

Boyle resigned his position as Justice of the Peace the day before he entered a guilty plea.   In late August 2015, he retired from the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, where he worked as a correctional officer at the James V. Allred Unit in Iowa Park, Texas

According to documents filed in the case, Boyle served in his elected position in Archer County, Texas, since January 2003.  As Justice of the Peace, Boyle was authorized to impose fines and assess fees on individuals cited with a variety of violations, such as minor in possession of alcohol, speeding, illegal passing, driving without a valid license, and other traffic violations.

From approximately January 1, 2013, through May 5, 2015, on numerous occasions, Boyle stole, embezzled, and obtained by fraud, funds that he collected as payment of fees, fines and penalties, and failed to turn that money over to its rightful owner, Archer County.

Boyle told individuals who had been cited with a violation that the fine was a certain amount, obtained payment from the individual in that amount, and provided the individual with a receipt in that amount.  Boyle, however, then kept a portion of the individual’s payment and falsely reported to Archer County that the fine assessed, and the amount received as payment of the fine, was less than the amount he had actually assessed and received.

To help facilitate his theft, Boyle often requested that individuals pay their fines in cash.  Frequently, he kept a portion of the cash the individual paid, and then purchased a money order to make the payment to Archer County, all in an effort to disguise the fact that he had been paid in cash.

The FBI and the Texas Rangers investigated the case.  Assistant U.S. Attorney Douglas Brasher was in charge of the prosecution.

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