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“I’m Deeply Troubled…” – CBC Chairman G. K. Butterfield’s Statement on House Republicans’ Decision to Not Restore the Voting Rights Act

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WASHINGTON, D.C. – Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) Chair G. K. Butterfield released the following statement today regarding House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte’s comments on the Voting Rights Act:

“I am deeply troubled to learn that Representative Bob Goodlatte, Chair of the House Judiciary Committee, does not think it is necessary to restore the Voting Rights Act (VRA).  We began this Congress very hopeful to build upon the bipartisan work of Representatives Jim Sensenbrenner and Jim Clyburn.  If this is indeed the position of the entire Republican Conference, then they have clearly drawn a line in the sand—one in which they are on the wrong side of.

“The protections of the Voting Rights Act must be restored.  The weakening of VRA left millions of Americans vulnerable to discriminatory state laws.  To do nothing sends a terrible message, not only to minorities, but to anyone who believes the right to vote is essential to our democracy and way of life.

“The CBC is determined to restore Section 5 protections and will work tirelessly to mobilize communities across the country to do just that.  I call on Speaker Boehner, Majority Leader McCarthy, and Majority Whip Scalise to reverse this decision and make restoring VRA a priority.”


Attorney General Holder Announces Updates to Justice Department Media Guidelines

Posted by Admin On January - 15 - 2015 Comments Off on Attorney General Holder Announces Updates to Justice Department Media Guidelines

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Attorney General Eric Holder announced today expanded revisions to the Justice Department’s policy regarding obtaining information from, or records of, members of the news media.

The updated policy was announced via a memo by Attorney General Holder to all Justice Department employees.

“These revised guidelines strike an appropriate balance between law enforcement’s need to protect the American people, and the news media’s role in ensuring the free flow of information,” Attorney General Holder said.  “This updated policy is in part the result of the good-faith dialogue the department has engaged in with news industry representatives over the last several months.  These discussions have been very constructive and I am grateful to the members of the media who have worked with us throughout this process.”

Attorney General Holder first ordered a review of the department’s media guidelines in 2013.  He then announced initial revisions to those guidelines in February of last year.  The latest revisions arose following comments from federal prosecutors and other interested parties, including news media representatives.  These meetings with news media representatives included the inaugural convening of the Attorney General’s News Media Dialogue Group in May 2014.

Among the new revisions announced today, the Attorney General has directed that the guidelines eliminate the use of the word “ordinary” when describing newsgathering activities affected by the policy.  The revisions also serve to expand high-level review by the Attorney General for the use of certain law enforcement tools, such as subpoenas and applications for warrants, where the information sought from a member of the news media relates to newsgathering activities.

The updates announced today will revise existing department regulations, and the U.S. Attorney’s Manual will be updated to reflect the changes and provide further guidance to prosecutors as well.

A copy of the Attorney General’s memorandum accompanying the revised guidelines is attached.


Keepers of the Dream

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(From the Illinois African American Coalition for Prevention)

(Malik S. Nevels, J.D.
Executive Director

On January 19, 2015, we will celebrate the eighty-sixth anniversary of the birth of Martin Luther King Jr., one of our country’s most influential civil rights leaders. We are also celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Selma to Montgomery Voting Rights March, which eventually led to the passing of the Voting Rights Act of 1965, a landmark piece of federal legislation that removed barriers to voting for African Americans and other protected classes. Both come on the heel of last year’s 50th anniversary commemorations of President Lyndon B. Johnson’s War on Poverty and the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

As we reflect on the life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and the March from Selma to Montgomery, let us not forget that though our country has made significant progress toward actualizing Dr. King’s Dream and President Johnson’s War on Poverty we have our work cut out for us. Now, more so than ever before, we must double down on our efforts to keep the Dream alive by ensuring safe, healthy, and resilient children, families, and communities.

Just this past year our country was shaken by the senseless and indefensible killings of young African American males at the hands of those sworn to protect their lives. This problem is not relegated to just Ferguson and New York City. According to the Chicago Reporter, new data released by the City of Chicago’s Independent Police Review Authority reveal that African Americans are 10 times more likely to be shot by a Chicago police officer than a white person.

In the last decade, as a result of the housing market crash and economic recession, African Americans were the only group who actually witnessed a statistically significant number of people move from the middle class to poverty. In Illinois 31 percent of the 285,000 residents who live in poverty is African American; even though we only make up 12 percent of the population. More disturbingly, 27 percent of African American children in Illinois live in poverty. And just last month, the Pew Research Center confirmed what we many of us already knew – African Americans did not fare as well as other groups during the economic recovery. In fact, while white households enjoyed a 2.4% increase in median wealth from 2010 to 2013, African American households experienced a dramatic 33.7% decline in median wealth.

So what can we do to keep the Dream alive? Let’s focus on developing and funding policies and programs that mitigate poverty, move people out of poverty, and keep people out of poverty. Because the road to poverty is a complex, multi-dimensional problem our policies and programs must have a coordinated and multi-pronged approach that recognizes the linkage between living-wage employment, fair housing, high quality education, and universal healthcare and the role each play in lifting and keep people out of poverty.

At the Illinois African American Coalition for Prevention, our dream is safe, healthy and resilient children, families, and communities. Our dream relies on our ability to provide prevention-based solutions that help children learn, parents effectively parent, and communities thrive. Prevention, for us, means access to high quality education for children at every stage of learning. Prevention, for us, means every parent creating a home environment that promotes the social, emotional, and cognitive well-being of their children. Prevention, for us, means improving health outcomes through education and improved access to quality health care. Prevention, for us, means law enforcement genuinely working hand-in-hand with community to protect our children and families from wanton violence. And last, but not least, prevention, for us, means helping state, county, and city agencies better coordinate the efficient delivery of critically important health and human services to our constituents.

In 2015, the ILAACP will celebrate its 10 year anniversary. We welcome your ideas as we begin planning a year-long series of events to commemorate a decade of building safe, healthy, and resilient African American children, families, and communities.

We also welcome your involvement. So how can you get involved?

Join the Illinois African American Coalition for Prevention

Support the vision of the Illinois African American Coalition for Prevention

Share your thoughts with us on Facebook and Twitter
Help us make the dream a reality.

In service,

Malik S. Nevels, J.D.
Executive Director

Blue Line Protection Group Pulls Sponsorship of Free Medical Marijuana Seminar

Posted by Admin On January - 15 - 2015 Comments Off on Blue Line Protection Group Pulls Sponsorship of Free Medical Marijuana Seminar

Denver, CO  – In the wake of outgoing Illinois Governor Pat Quinn’s decision not to announce the winners of medical marijuana cultivation licenses, Blue Line Protection Group, Inc. (“Blue Line”) has decided not to sponsor a free security and compliance seminar for the Illinois medical marijuana industry.

“We want to make sure that all of our clients, as well as our industry partners, have the latest and most up-to-date information about the Illinois medical marijuana program,” said Michael Jerome, Blue Line’s Director of Media and Public Relations.  “State mandates and regulations may change between now and when license winners are announced.  We think it’s prudent to offer our own in-depth seminar at a later date when we have better information about the licensing process and whether or not applicants are going to face new requirements.”

Blue Line had planned to sponsor the free seminar on Thursday, January 15, 2015 from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. at the Holiday Inn Convention Center at 1850 Convention Center Drive in Tinley Park, Illinois.  Blue Line corporate staff will not be in attendance.

“We’re committed to bringing our proven success in providing security, transportation and compliance services to the lawful cannabis industry in Illinois,” said Sean Campbell, Blue Line’s Chief Executive Officer. “Even with the state’s recent delay in announcing marijuana licenses, we’ll continue to reach out to license applicants and vendors in Illinois to help establish best business practices and a solid foundation for a secure and legitimate industry.”

Blue Line will sponsor a free medical marijuana seminar at a later date.  For more information and to register for updates, visit www.BlueLineProtectionGroup.com.

About Blue Line Protection Group, Inc.

Blue Line Protection Group, Inc. provides secured transportation, state and federal regulatory compliance, security consultation and training, and professional protection services to high-value asset industries. The company’s security operators, investigations personnel and consulting staff are highly trained professionals with significant experience in law enforcement and the United States armed forces. For more information, visit www.BlueLineProtectionGroup.com.

Safe Harbor Statement

This release includes forward-looking statements, which are based on certain assumptions and reflects management’s current expectations. These forward-looking statements are subject to a number of risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results or events to differ materially from current expectations. Some of these factors include: general global economic conditions; general industry and market conditions, sector changes and growth rates; uncertainty as to whether our strategies and business plans will yield the expected benefits; increasing competition; availability and cost of capital; the ability to identify and develop and achieve commercial success; the level of expenditures necessary to maintain and improve the quality of services; changes in the economy; changes in laws and regulations, including codes and standards, intellectual property rights, and tax matters; or other matters not anticipated; our ability to secure and maintain strategic relationships and distribution agreements. The Company disclaims any intention or obligation to update or revise any forward-looking statements, whether as a result of new information, future events or otherwise.

FACT SHEET: Administration Takes Steps Forward on Climate Action Plan by Announcing Actions to Cut Methane Emissions

Posted by Admin On January - 15 - 2015 Comments Off on FACT SHEET: Administration Takes Steps Forward on Climate Action Plan by Announcing Actions to Cut Methane Emissions

The Obama Administration is committed to taking responsible steps to address climate change and help ensure a cleaner, more stable environment for future generations. As part of that effort, today, the Administration is announcing a new goal to cut methane emissions from the oil and gas sector by 40 – 45 percent from 2012 levels by 2025, and a set of actions to put the U.S. on a path to achieve this ambitious goal.

U.S. oil production is at the highest level in nearly 30 years, providing important energy security and economic benefits. The U.S. is also now the largest natural gas producer in the world, providing an abundant source of clean-burning fuel to power and heat American homes and businesses. Continuing to rely on these domestic energy resources is a critical element of the President’s energy strategy. At the same time, methane – the primary component of natural gas – is a potent greenhouse gas, with 25 times the heat-trapping potential of carbon dioxide over a 100-year period.

Methane emissions accounted for nearly 10 percent of U.S. greenhouse gas emissions in 2012, of which nearly 30 percent came from the production transmission and distribution of oil and natural gas. Emissions from the oil and gas sector are down 16 percent since 1990 and current data show significant reductions from certain parts of the sector, notably well completions. Nevertheless, emissions from the oil and gas sector are projected to rise more than 25 percent by 2025 without additional steps to lower them. For these reasons, a strategy for cutting methane emissions from the oil and gas sector is an important component of efforts to address climate change.

The steps announced today are also a sound economic and public health strategy because reducing methane emissions means capturing valuable fuel that is otherwise wasted and reducing other harmful pollutants – a win for public health and the economy. Achieving the Administration’s goal would save up to 180 billion cubic feet of natural gas in 2025, enough to heat more than 2 million homes for a year and continue to support businesses that manufacture and sell cost-effective technologies to identify, quantify, and reduce methane emissions.


Building on prior actions by the Administration, and leadership in states and industry, today the Administration is announcing a series of steps encompassing both commonsense standards and cooperative engagement with states, tribes and industry to put us on a path toward the 2025 goal. This coordinated, cross-agency effort will ensure a harmonized approach that also considers the important role of FERC, state utility commissions and environmental agencies, and industry. Administration actions include:

Propose and Set Commonsense Standards for Methane and Ozone-Forming Emissions from New and Modified Sources

In 2012, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) laid a foundation for further action when it issued standards for volatile organic compounds (VOC) from the oil and natural gas industry.  These standards, when fully implemented, are expected to reduce 190,000 to 290,000 tons of VOC and decrease methane emissions in an amount equivalent to 33 million tons of carbon pollution per year. The standards not only relied on technologies and practices already in widespread use in the oil and gas sector, but also incorporated innovative regulatory flexibility.  Along with a rule to streamline permitting of oil and gas production on certain tribal lands, this approach ensured that important public health and environmental protections could be achieved while oil and gas production continued to grow and expand.

Building on five technical white papers issued last spring, the peer review and public input received on these documents, and the actions that a number of states are already taking, EPA will initiate a rulemaking effort to set standards for methane and VOC emissions from new and modified oil and gas production sources, and natural gas processing and transmission sources. EPA will issue a proposed rule in the summer of 2015 and a final rule will follow in 2016. In developing these standards, EPA will work with industry, states, tribes, and other stakeholders to consider a range of common-sense approaches that can reduce emissions from the sources discussed in the agency’s Oil and Gas White Papers, including oil well completions, pneumatic pumps, and leaks from well sites, gathering and boosting stations, and compressor stations.  As it did in the 2012 standards, the agency, in developing the proposal and final standards, will focus on in-use technologies, current industry practices, emerging innovations and streamlined and flexible regulatory approaches to ensure that emissions reductions can be achieved as oil and gas production and operations continue to grow.

New Guidelines to Reduce Volatile Organic Compounds

EPA will develop new guidelines to assist states in reducing ozone-forming pollutants from existing oil and gas systems in areas that do not meet the ozone health standard and in states in the Ozone Transport Region. These guidelines will also reduce methane emissions in these areas. The guidelines will help states that are developing clean air ozone plans by providing a ready-to-adopt control measure that they can include in those plans.

Consider Enhancing Leak Detection and Emissions Reporting

EPA will continue to promote transparency and accountability for existing sources by strengthening its Greenhouse Gas Reporting Program to require reporting in all segments of the industry. In addition to finalizing the updates to the program EPA has already proposed by the end of 2015, EPA will explore potential regulatory opportunities for applying remote sensing technologies and other innovations in measurement and monitoring technology to further improve the identification and quantification of emissions and improve the overall accuracy and transparency of reported data cost-effectively.

Lead by Example on Public Lands

The Department of Interior’s Bureau of Land Management (BLM) will update decades-old standards to reduce wasteful venting, flaring, and leaks of natural gas, which is primarily methane, from oil and gas wells.  These standards, to be proposed this spring, will address both new and existing oil and gas wells on public lands. This action will enhance our energy security and economy by boosting America’s natural gas supplies, ensuring that taxpayers receive the royalties due to them from development of public resources, and reducing emissions. BLM will work closely with EPA to ensure an integrated approach.

Reduce Methane Emissions while Improving Pipeline Safety

The Department of Transportation’s Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) will propose natural gas pipeline safety standards in 2015.  While the standards will focus on safety, they are expected to lower methane emissions as well.

Drive Technology to Reduce Natural Gas Losses and Improve Emissions Quantification

The President’s FY16 Budget will propose $15 million in funding for the Department of Energy (DOE) to develop and demonstrate more cost-effective technologies to detect and reduce losses from natural gas transmission and distribution systems.  This will include efforts to repair leaks and develop next generation compressors. The President’s budget will also propose $10 million to launch a program at DOE to enhance the quantification of emissions from natural gas infrastructure for inclusion in the national Greenhouse Gas Inventory in coordination with EPA.

Modernize Natural Gas Transmission and Distribution Infrastructure

DOE will continue to take steps to encourage reduced emissions, particularly from natural gas transmission and distribution, including:

  • Issuing energy efficiency standards for natural gas and air compressors;
  • Advancing research and development to bring down the cost of detecting leaks;
  • Working with FERC to modernize natural gas infrastructure; and
  • Partnering with NARUC and local distribution companies to accelerate pipeline repair and replacement at the local level.

Release a Quadrennial Energy Review (QER)

The Administration will soon release the first installment of the QER, which focuses specifically on policy actions that are needed to help modernize energy transmission, storage, and distribution infrastructure. This installment of the QER will include additional policy recommendations and analysis on the environmental, safety, and economic benefits of investments that reduce natural gas system leakage.


The Administration’s actions represent important steps to cut methane emissions from the oil and gas sector. Fully attaining the Administration’s goal will require additional action, particularly with respect to existing sources of methane emissions. Several voluntary industry efforts to address these sources are underway, including EPA’s plans to expand on the successful Natural Gas STAR Program by launching a new partnership in collaboration with key stakeholders later in 2015.   EPA will work with DOE, DOT, and leading companies, individually and through broader initiatives such as the One Future Initiative and the Downstream Initiative, to develop and verify robust commitments to reduce methane emissions.  This new effort will encourage innovation, provide accountability and transparency, and track progress toward specific methane emission reduction activities and goals to reduce methane leakage across the natural gas value chain.

Voluntary efforts to reduce emissions in a comprehensive and transparent manner hold the potential to realize significant reductions in a quick, flexible, cost-effective way. Achieving significant methane reductions from these voluntary industry programs and state actions could reduce the need for future regulations. The Administration stands ready to collaborate with these and other voluntary efforts, including in the development of a regime for monitoring, reporting and verification.


Today’s announcement builds on the “Strategy to Reduce Methane Emissions” released in March 2014. Since its release, the Administration has taken a number of actions to set us on a course to reduce methane emissions from the oil and gas sector and other sources:

  • DOE has launched a new initiative that will make up to $30 million available to develop low-cost highly sensitive technologies that can help detect and measure methane emissions from oil and gas systems. Just last month, DOE announced the 11 innovative projects selected.
  • DOE convened a series of roundtable discussions with leaders from industry, environmental organizations, state regulators, consumer groups, academia, labor unions, and other stakeholders.  The meetings culminated in July 2014, with the creation of an Initiative to Modernize Natural Gas Transmission and Distribution Infrastructure that laid out a series of executive actions, partnerships, and stakeholder commitments to help modernize the nation’s natural gas transmission and distribution systems, increase safety and energy efficiency and reduce methane emissions.
  • The US Department of Agriculture (USDA), EPA and DOE, in partnership with the dairy industry, released a Biogas Opportunities Roadmap in August 2014 highlighting voluntary actions to reduce methane emissions through the use of biodigesters.
  • BLM released an Advanced Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (ANPRM) in April 2014 to gather public input on the development of a program for the capture and sale, or disposal, of waste methane from coal mines on public lands.
  • EPA proposed updates to its 1996 New Source Performance Standards for new municipal solid waste landfills and sought public feedback on whether EPA should update guidelines for existing landfills in June 2014, which they anticipate finalizing this year.

Source: whitehouse.gov

40th Ward Challenger Demands Investigation of Edgewater Medical Center Development Deal

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Timing, Self-Dealing Called into Question

A new developer for the long-abandoned Edgewater Medical Center building was announced today with the long-disputed land now to be developed by a company with close ties to the wife of current 40th Ward Alderman Patrick J. O’Connor.

Dianne Daleiden, candidate for 40th Ward Alderman and long-time resident, called for an immediate review and full disclosure of all contract details and permits to ensure “that with a fast-approaching election, no self-dealing is occurring in the development of Edgewater Medical Center’s land.  The timing seems fishy,” said Daleiden, who added that, “Originally, the proposed contractor was publicized as MCZ Development Company.  That developer was working with residents on setting aside public use green space long demanded by immediate residents.  The full details need to be aired before this is a done deal on my watch.”

The alderman’s wife, Barbara O’Connor, has a long history of selling homes for CA Development, often as exclusive broker.  Additionally, there has long been controversy in the community about what to do with the land where the abandoned Edgewater Medical Center building currently stands and if and how any of its TIF district monies will be used for this development.

“With just over a month remaining before the election, the current Alderman seems to have found a sense of urgency about resolving the issue in favor of the developers who employ his wife,” said Daleiden.  “It’s been 13 years.  Why now?  This deal should be delayed until after the election on February 24, 2015.”

New Online Course Aims to Create African American Millionaires

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Dr. Eric Rogers

CHICAGO, IL (BlackNews.com) — Dr. Eric Rogers, a Harvard graduate and Chicago-based professor and investor has good news for minorities regarding financial stability and savings. His national consulting company, The Millionaire Planner, is designed to teach and inform people how to save, invest and reach financial independence and being on the road to millionaire status.

The Millionaire Planner offers a 6-week online course (How To Be A Millionaire) to tell you and teach you how to do it (save, invest, have money and build wealth to millionaire status). The course is only $199 at www.AfricanAmericanMillionaires.com or www.HowToBeAMillionaireNow.com

Rogers comments, “Are you tired of being poor? Living from check to check? Cant make ends meet? In debt or your back is against the wall? Are you financially worried? In over your head? We can help. We got the answers.”

He adds, “We got the solutions. You can have money, wealth, financial independence and security. In the world of money, we do financial plans, workshops, seminars, wealth strategies, and give you the secrets and solutions to help you achieve financial independence, wealth, income and empowerment. It’s what you don’t know that is hindering you. It’s what you don’t do that is hurting you.”

For more information about the course, contact Dr. Rogers at (331) 643-9750 or (800) 798-0670

To enroll in the course, visit www.AfricanAmericanMillionaires.com or www.HowToBeAMillionaireNow.com

Photo: Dr. Eric Rogers, founder of The Millionaire Planner

Fioretti Campaign Responds to “Jesus Garcia Flip Flops”

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Statement from Fioretti Campaign

CHICAGO, IL – The following is a statement from Fioretti campaign spokesperson, Michael Kolenc, on further flip flops by mayoral candidate Jesus Garcia:

Calling Mr. Garcia’s views on red light cameras “evolving” is being charitable and cavalier.  I’d characterize it as political pandering and something that is becoming all too common in the race for mayor. Whether it is changing your position on an elected school board after receiving an endorsement or signing a pledge simply to get media attention, this is the kind of politics we should reject and work to get out of our system.​

Governor Rauner Signs Executive Order for Hiring Transparency

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SPRINGFIELD, IL – Governor Bruce Rauner signed Executive Order 15-10 today to increase government transparency.

Under Executive Order 15-10, Rutan-exempt employees will be published on the Illinois Transparency and Accountability Portal (ITAP) website, finally giving the people of Illinois a way to easily find the state’s political hires.

“The IDOT hiring scandal proved the public deserves a way to easily find out who are all the political appointees in state government.” Gov. Rauner said. “We need to restore faith in state government if we expect the people of Illinois to help the government in its mission. This Executive Order is a first step towards earning back the people’s trust.”

The Executive Order also instructs the Illinois Department of Central Management Services (CMS) to assist units of local government in providing information about their employees for posting on the ITAP website.

“Taxpayers at every level of government deserve to know more about how their money is being spent,” Gov. Rauner added. “The action we are taking today will help build a more open and accountable government.”

Professor Launches Small Business Academy Offering a Fresh Alternative to College for African-Americans

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Devin Robinson

Atlanta, GA (BlackNews.com) — Atlanta-based Urban Business Institute (www.UrbanBusinessInstitute.com) assists aspiring entrepreneurs to successfully achieve their dreams of business ownership.

“With 80% of businesses failing within 5 years, the numbers are much higher for African-Americans,” said founder, entrepreneur, investor and professor, Devin Robinson. Urban Business Institute’s (UBI) Small Business Academy, a 12-month intense training program, is the main method used to assist individuals with their personal quests to own a sustainable enterprise.

Small Business Academy additionally offers small business coaching and consulting only to current or past students of the academy. Robinson went on to say, “Research says, the average age that African-Americans decide to take serious steps towards business ownership is 56. Meanwhile, statistics show that most successful small businesses are started by entrepreneurs when they are between the age of 28 and 42. Based on these statistics, Blacks are simply taking their steps 14 years late! Since success in business takes endurance to bring groundbreaking change to the market, a key element many older people often don’t have, many black-owned businesses tend to fail.”

The Small Business Academy program is an approved Federal Economic Development Authority (EDA) program that hundreds of students have graduated from within a few short years of the program’s existence. Student ages range from 19 to 70, and have included married couples, military veterans, convicted felons, and persons with only business ideas. Classes include lessons on 21st Century Marketing, Globalization, Idea Materialization, Funding Your Business Quickly, Competitive Advantages and much more.

The unique trait of the program is that students can enroll without transcripts or a high school diploma. Upon graduation, students will receive a certificate in Small Business Ownership, a business plan draft plus the top student of each class gets a check for $5,000 to go towards their business idea. In some cases, other students receive an investment in their business.

Students learn ideological lessons like how to develop a product, how to turn their ideas into thriving businesses, how to keep their competitors up at night, how to ensure they don’t subliminally become a slave to their business and more. Additionally, some of the structured things they learn are how to setup the business the right way that suits them, how to get government contracts, how to manage cash flow, how to employ the right people, proper customer service etiquette, entering new markets, etc. One of the academy’s main objectives is to get students to earn at least $1,000,000 in annual revenues.

Robinson, its founder, has worked for the government, corporate America and has now been an entrepreneur for over a decade. He founded Beauty Supply Institute in 2007 and has opened over 70 brick and mortar beauty supply stores and generated over $13,000,000 in revenues. He went on to say, “We combine college-level theories with real-world exposure, which leads to a true entrepreneurial experience. If you’re looking for a degree, go to college. If you’re looking to become a proud successful business owner, we’re your best bet!”

The program is now available in 13 cities across the U.S. Visit www.UrbanBusinessInstitute.com for enrollment information.

To learn more about Urban Business Institute’s Small Business Academy, contact Michelle Paulino at 770-850-9949 or email michelle@urbanbusinessinstitute.com.

Photo: Professor Devin Robinson teaching a class the Urban Business Institute

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