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Urge Boycott of Two Major Companies

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Ashley Furniture and Albers Grits urged to be boycotted for making millions of dollars from Black consumers, but failing to support black newspapers

Major furniture company and food brand targeted by Black newspapers nationwide

Ashley Furniture and Alberts Grits Boycott

Fresno, CA (BlackNews.com) – Most Black households are familiar with the common staple of ready-made grits and corn meal—especially the Albers brand, produced by corporation, Continental Mills, Inc. In fact, Kimber Kimber & Associates determined in a study of “black consumer ad spending” that African-Americans will purchase over $25 million worth of products from Continental Mills under the brand name of Albers this year alone. They also noted that since Continental Mills took over the Albers brand from the Nestle Corporation, they have grossed over $160 million in total revenue from Black consumers.

In looking at corporations benefiting from the Black consumer and at the urging of Black newspaper publisher nationwide, Kimber-Kimber & Associates contacted Continental Mills President & CEO John M. Heilyin an effort to give them an opportunity to support the black community and Black consumers through direct media buys with its 200 Black newspapers it represents nationwide.

“Despite having a huge income and product support from the Black consumer, Continental Mills and the Albers brand has made an infamous and historical decision to reject our proposals and not to market to and support their millions of African-American consumers nationwide,” explained Mark Kimber, CEO of Kimber Kimber & Associates and publisher of The California Advocate Newspaper, a family owned and operated Black newspaper since 1967.

“It is an amazing fact that the Albers brand is proving to be one of the most discriminatory marketers in the history of our nation’s food product manufacturers, despite huge Black consumer support,” said Kimber. “It is almost unimaginable that the CEO of Continental Mills, who produces and markets the Albers brand, to state to Black newspapers that his company does not have any intention to even consider to advertise or purchase seasonal branding advertisement, such as Black history Month ads, directed to the Black consumer through Black newspapers.”

As Continental Mills, Inc. has recently bragged about its large Black consumer support while not having to support Black media institutions, Kimber Kimber &Associates and its over 200 Black newspapers it represents will be urging Black consumers to boycott the Albers brand for the remainder of the 2014 year through a large blatant print ad describing the discriminatory practices, along with other brand alternatives.

“We as the Black press seek to, as all other consumer groups, be incorporated in the very marketing structure of brands such as Albers, and never again be discounted from any product manufacturer who realizes the support of our black consumer dollar while not spending legitimate advertising dollars to support our institutions,” said Kimber. “That is the only way we Black newspapers will, like all other ethnic consumer groups and media outlets, keep our cultural media vibrant and sustainable.

Ashley Furniture too

Ashley Furniture is also being singled out as a company that ignores African American newspapers while spending millions of dollars in white owned newspapers advertising annually. “In regards to Ashley Furniture it is not a matter of newspaper advertising versus internet or broadcast advertising it is clearly just the fact that they choose not to utilize Black owned newspapers within the millions of newspaper advertising dollars they continue to provide to white and Hispanic newspapers annually. While our community continues to share our consumer dollars with Ashley Furniture they arrogantly ignore our newspapers while giving newspaper ad dollars to all other ethnic groups,” stated Kimber.

This is the first series of the “Our Fair Share” Black newspaper campaigns designed to gain advertising support for Black-owned and operated newspapers nationwide. It is estimated by Adage Magazine and Ketchum Agency that major corporations will spend over $390 billion in newspaper advertising in the next fiscal year. Kimber Kimber & Associates noted that African-American newspapers currently receive less than 0.00001 percent of these ad dollar expenditures annually.

“In speaking regularly with over 80 black newspaper publishers around the country, it is clear that this is not personal to Albers brand or Ashley Furniture,” said Kimber, “but it is an overall idea of fair trade with our community. Even national brands such as Adidas and Cadillac have fallen short of their overall support of our traditional cultural media despite the fact that the Black consumer has made these brands into the success they enjoy today.”

The “Our Fair Share” ad campaign is an independent African-American newspaper Black consumer educational campaign designed by Kimber Kimber & Associates advertising agency, The California Advocate Newspaper, and over 160 Black weekly newspapers nationwide, which purpose is to inform African-American newspaper readers of the discrepancies of major newspaper advertisers and product manufacturers whom have Black consumer support, and are unfairly excluding black cultural media in paid advertising and marketing campaigns.

To see the “Our Fair Share” campaign ad that will run simultaneously in newspapers across the country, visit:

Illinois Needs More Jobs, Not Higher Taxes

Posted by Admin On April - 14 - 2014 Comments Off on Illinois Needs More Jobs, Not Higher Taxes

Illinois House Republican Leader Jim Durkin and Senate Republican Leader Christine Radogno have introduced a comprehensive legislative package of bills to help jump start Illinois’ economy and create jobs.

“Last week Democrats proposed three different tax increases to generate new revenues for the state. Unfortunately, none of these proposals do anything to help the nearly 570,000 individuals collecting unemployment in Illinois to find the jobs that they want and need. We can’t tax our way into prosperity. To solve our long term financial problems we need to grow our economy,” said Durkin. “House and Senate Republicans crafted this plan after seeking input from business leaders with the goal of encouraging business development and job growth in Illinois at very little cost to the taxpayers.”

The Republican’s Jobs Plan would make Illinois more attractive to potential employers, encourage entrepreneurs and make Illinois’ more competitive with neighboring states.

Highlights include:

  • Establishing primary causation for workers’ compensation. Addressing the causation standard will result in measureable workers’ compensation cost savings, bringing Illinois workers’ compensation costs closer to the cost structure imposed in neighboring states.
  • Making the Research and development tax credit permanent would increase business confidence in the incentive and lead to greater investment in Illinois.
  • Authorizing DCEO to establish 50 new Enterprise Zones. These zones were created to create jobs and stimulate redevelopment of depressed areas throughout Illinois.
  • Reducing the cost of setting up an LLC in Illinois from $750 (currently) to $39. This fee is more in line with the fee charged in neighboring states. Onerous startup cost can make the difference as to whether or not a small business will locate in Illinois.
  • Expanding the reach of science, technology, engineering, and math education opportunities in Illinois by creating STEM academies within the confines of local schools.

According to Durkin, the creation of a Networking for Success program would provide assistance to small and mid-sized employers wanting to grow. “We are suggesting that DCEO partner with non-profit business consultation firms to provide small private sector businesses with access to specialized skills like website design and search engine optimization; social media marketing; and strategic marketing research needed to take their business to the next level and create jobs,” said Durkin.

Durkin concluded, “Illinois’ unemployment rate of 8.7% is tied for second worst in the nation. By reprioritizing our efforts, we can help employers and entrepreneurs to thrive and grow and return Illinois to being a place where companies will want to come and stay. A healthy jobs climate is crucial to Illinois’ financial recovery.”

Read more about the jobs plan here: http://www.ilhousegop.org/durkin_radogno_unveil_jobs_plan

Gery Chico: “Governor Quinn’s courageous plan to invest in education”

Posted by Admin On April - 14 - 2014 Comments Off on Gery Chico: “Governor Quinn’s courageous plan to invest in education”


By Gery Chico, Chairman, Illinois State Board of Education

Every child should have an excellent school. That’s why I wholeheartedly support Governor Quinn’s courageous plan to invest in education like never before.

My colleagues on the Illinois State Board of Education and I have long fought to increase funding for our pre-K through 12 students, because a strong education system is critical to ensuring our state competes in the 21st century.

Governor Quinn is proposing an increase of $291 million in the classroom for FY15 – a significant improvement that will move us in the right direction. His budget will allow schools to begin making up the lost ground that resulted from decades of mismanagement that the Governor inherited.

But even more importantly, the Governor’s ambitious blueprint will invest more than $6 billion in the classroom over the next five years – the largest investment in the classroom in Illinois history.

This investment could be a game-changer for the Illinois economy. A state’s most valuable resource is its people. We need to support Illinois teachers so that they can prepare our students to be college and career ready once they graduate. If we do that, businesses will want to stay and relocate here.

Just last month State Board of Education staff was asked to provide the legislature  with information about what an additional $1 billion reduction to schools would mean since that is the level of funding they anticipate would be available without the extension of the current income tax level.  That kind of cut could translate into the reduction of more than 13,000 teachers, it could mean more than 80,000 students who now take a bus would be forced to find another way to school, and it would mean more than doubling the number of school districts that are on our financial watch list.

We also reached out to districts and asked them what a reduction of this magnitude would mean.  All of the districts we spoke with predicted reductions or elimination of extracurricular activities and academic course offerings, laying off personnel and increasing class sizes.

I believe if we do not maintain the current tax rate, it is not a pretty picture for our schools. We need to stand up and say, enough of the cuts. We cannot expect excellent schools while starving education. Our children and state deserve better.

Gery Chico, Chairman, Illinois State Board of Education

FTT-Financial Transaction Tax or Flash Boys Transaction Tax?

Posted by Admin On April - 14 - 2014 Comments Off on FTT-Financial Transaction Tax or Flash Boys Transaction Tax?

By William Spriggs

At the top of the New York Times bestseller list in non-fiction is Michael Lewis’ Flashboys; a detailed look at how the high-frequency computerized trading of stocks allowed sophisticated programmers to beat top institutional investors to trades and pocket millions.  Lewis tells the story as a detective story, with a Royal Bank of Canada trader Brad Katsuyama as its protagonist, uncovering why his trades got delayed.  While many reviews have focused on the need to better regulate the stock market to insure its fairness, less attention has been paid to a big reveal of the book.

What Katsuyama uncovers is the reason his trades were delayed, or that he sometimes could not complete trades, was because a set of high-frequency traders used millisecond differences in when trade orders arrived at stock exchanges to buy, or sell, stocks ahead of Katsuyama’s orders.  The difference cost Katsuyama less than 0.1% of his trade.  That appears to be a small amount.  It is in the range of what people are advocating for a Financial Transaction Tax (FTT)-a tax to be collected on every trade of stocks, bonds and derivatives.

The knock on the FTT is that it would disrupt the markets, because even that small fraction would deter profitable trades; and make the markets less efficient.  Some say, it would really hit big institutional investors-pension funds, charged with protecting the retirement earnings of millions of workers.  But Lewis’ book points out that Wall Street has already been paying this fee. It turns out it is only going to a small band of high tech shops that spring up to skim this money out of Wall Street.  And, more importantly, until Katsuyama got curious, while many others noticed something strange happening, no one was doing anything about it.

Now, you may wonder, what would be the big deal about a tax of less than 0.1 percent of stock transactions?  Here is the punch line: As Lewis points out, each day about $250 billion changes hands in U.S. stock markets, so we are talking about $160 million a day.  That skimming was going into private hands, unnoticed.  But what if it were taxes?

For the rest of us, if that tax had been collected, then today the position of the U.S. government in navigating the hardships placed by the Great Recession on American families and workers would be very different.  That revenue could be dedicated to cover the costs of financial collapses, which we see are huge.  And, the fiscal policy space for the government to bail out Main Street would be there.

Instead, today, we languish with 300,000 fewer teachers for our children, because we are told the federal government has to worry about deficits.  And, rather than take action to restore investment in needed public infrastructure to get people back to work and our roads and ports ready for renewed growth, House Republicans are holding up unemployment checks arguing that helping those hurt by this Recession is wasteful and public investments too expensive.

This stalemate between Republicans, who wish to argue about deficits, and President Obama who has advanced a plan for public infrastructure investment could be avoided by the presence of the FTT.  The Congressional Budget Office figures the US economy is over $1.9 trillion short of where it would be if we had full employment and our factories were at capacity.

And, they have revised the view of the longer term, permanently downsizing what our economy could produce-in short making the problem of unemployment easier to solve by assuming fewer people will be working.  These are the costs Main Street is being asked to absorb.

If we are to accept the notion that Wall Street’s recklessness is the price of higher growth, then we must also require Wall Street to insurance against their failures.  Now, Wall Street can be reckless, get all the gains, and leave us with all the bills.  There is no excuse for evading the FTT.  Wall Street absorbed the fee when it went to a tiny cabal of ruthless traders, they can absorb it when it goes to insure the American people.

Follow Spriggs on Twitter: @WSpriggs. Contact: Amaya Smith-Tune Acting Director, Media Outreach AFL-CIO 202-637-5142

Senate Vote Puts Crime Victims’ Rights Amendment on November Ballot

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Amendment Supported by Madigan, Illinois Coalition Against Sexual Assault
Would Strengthen Protections for Violent Crime Victims

SPRINGFIELD, IL — Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan announced that during National Crime Victims’ Rights Week, Senate lawmakers unanimously passed a constitutional amendment to better protect crime victims and strengthen their rights. Today’s Senate vote ensures that the amendment will be included on the November ballot for consideration by voters across Illinois.
“Innocent victims of crime deserve every possible protection,” Madigan said. “This amendment would ensure those who have endured the tragedy of violent crime have their voice heard in court and can effectively enforce their rights.”

Senate lawmakers voted 59-0 today to pass HJRCA 1, known as Marsy’s Law, to amend the Crime Victims Bill of Rights in the Illinois Constitution to ensure victims have comprehensive, meaningful and enforceable rights. The amendment, sponsored by Sen. Heather Steans and Rep. Lou Lang, would strengthen the rights of crime victims during criminal court proceedings against their offenders, allow them the right to speak before the court if their rights are violated and ensure those rights are enforceable under the Illinois Constitution.

“Today, crime victims’ rights took a giant step from paper to enforcement. The Illinois legislature gave the green light to its voting residents in November to decide if crime victims have the right to ask a judge whether their constitutional rights were violated in the pursuit of justice,” said Polly Poskin, Executive Director of the Illinois Coalition Against Sexual Assault (ICASA). “Victims’ rights are no longer illusory in Illinois. The Illinois Coalition Against Sexual Assault commends the Illinois legislature for its courageous action on behalf of victims’ rights.”

Under the Illinois Constitution, crime victims have a number of important rights, including the right to be notified of criminal court proceedings, the right to be present at the trial and to make a statement to the court at sentencing. However, crime victims do not have the ability to enforce their rights. As a result, in many instances victims’ rights have been ignored.

HJRCA 1 provides that crime victims should be guaranteed the right to be informed of court proceedings, the right to present at hearings and trial, and the right to present a statement to the court about the impact of the crime. The amendment also allows victims to obtain a hearing by the court before any court ruling on a request for access to the victim’s confidential or privileged records. Under the amendment, victims also would be able to appeal court decisions that impact their ability to exercise their rights.

Along with ICASA, the amendment was supported by the Illinois State’s Attorney’s Association, the Illinois Coalition Against Domestic Violence and numerous victim’s rights organizations.
“When we were not allowed to make a victim impact statement at the sentencing hearing for my sister’s killer because the sentence was mandatory, we were only beginning to understand how much it would mean to us not to have our statement in the court record; for the Judge and offender not to hear how the crime had affected us,” said Jennifer Bishop Jenkins, Executive Director of IllinoisVictims.org. “Now with Marsy’s Law for Illinois, that kind of thing will never happen to victims and families again.”

Illinois is currently the only state in the nation that bars effective enforcement of victims’ rights guaranteed in the Constitution by preventing a victim from going to a higher court when those rights are denied.

New Program Encourages the Black Community to Invest in Black America’s Future

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Muhammad’s Economic Blueprint was introduced by Minister Louis Farrakhan in February 2013 and launched in October 2013 in Tuskegee, Alabama together with Mayor Johnny Ford as an economic savings fund

Nationwide (BlackNews.com) — A new program called Muhammad’s Economic Blueprint is allowing Black people to help themselves in the battle to create jobs and end poverty and want. Under this wise economic plan, the community can now use the collective power of their dollars to build a future.

With just 5 cents a day, 35 cents a week, $1.40 a month and $18.20 a year multiplied by 16 million, wage earners would give the entire community $291 million in one year!

How it Works

The program allows Black America to pool its financial resources to acquire land, grow food, and create commerce. All donations will be securely processed and a record of all transactions will be provided. All donations will also be safeguarded in a national treasury. Collectively, the donations will be used grow to benefit the entire Black Community and future generations.

About The Program

Muhammad’s Economic Blueprint was introduced by Minister Louis Farrakhan in February 2013 and launched in October 2013 in Tuskegee, Alabama together with Mayor Johnny Ford as an economic savings fund. The program’s purpose is for all Blacks to collectively build a brighter future.

Since the program launched in October 2013, the community has donated into the National Treasury, as of February 2014, approximately $270,000.

For more details, visit www.economicblueprint.org

Duke Ellington Orchestra comes to Chicago for Jazz Unites

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The Duke Ellington Orchestra will raise the roof at the Harris Theater on Mother’s Day in honor of Jazz Unites Inc.

It was 40 years ago that jazz vocalist, Geraldine de Haas, prevailed in her efforts to bring the first Duke Ellington tribute to Grant Park, following the prolific composer and musician’s death in 1974. That outdoor concert, which was held in Grant Park for five years, was the forerunner to many of the music festivals Chicagoans enjoy today.

As an homage to the anniversary, Jazz Unites–the non-profit that de Haas later founded—is bringing The Duke Ellington Orchestra to the Harris Theater at Millennium Park for an afternoon concert on Mother’s Day, May 11, 2014. The 40th Anniversary Duke Ellington Tribute concert brings the event full circle.

“This is not only the anniversary of the Grant Park tribute, but 2014 is Duke’s 115th birth year. So, being able to bring the Duke Ellington Orchestra to Chicago is a triumph for the small organization that has always thought big,” says Delmarie Cobb, chair of the tribute event.

Over the years, Jazz Unites has struggled to stay afloat. Last year, it had to forgo its other signature event—the annual JazzFest at the South Shore Cultural Center, after the retirement of de Haas. Her children moved she and husband, bassist Eddie de Haas, to New Jersey due to their failing health.

“Jazz Unites used to put on four annual events, but the organization’s two signature events are the Duke Ellington tribute and the jazz festival,” explains Clarence Williamson, a long-time board member and now the organization’s president. “We want to build up these two events again and get some younger people involved.”

Local vocalist Greta Pope is performing with The Duke Ellington Orchestra while at the Harris Theater. Pope is the daughter-in-law of “Kay Davis,” who sang with Ellington from 1944 to 1950. Davis, whose real name was Kathryn Wimp, died in 2012. Pope regularly performs her own tribute to Ellington in memory of her late mother-in-law.

The manager of The Duke Ellington Orchestra says band members are looking forward to playing in Chicago after a long absence.

For more information, visit the website at www.jazzuniteschicago.org or call 312-948-9951.

ReMARCs: Getting Down to Business

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Opening ReMARCs

By Marc Morial

President & CEO, National Urban League

As I’ve been making the rounds discussing the findings of our 2014 State of Black America – One Nation Underemployed: Jobs Rebuild America report, many people have asked me about solutions to the challenge that we have identified as the “Great Divide.”

In the areas of income inequality, living wages and job creation, I consistently point to immediate actions that can be taken including an increase in the minimum wage with an index to inflation, as well as the need for Congress to pass a transportation infrastructure bill.  In 2010, the National Urban League established as one of our four strategic goals that we would work to ensure that “Every American has access to jobs with a living wage and good benefits.”  We believed then, as we do now, that earning a living wage should not be a luxury in America.  Congress can act, and so can you.

During our State of Black America release event at the National Press Club last week, U.S. Secretary of Transportation Anthony Foxx delivered remarks and spoke about the importance of rebuilding America’s infrastructure as one of the fastest and best ways to create good jobs.  It’s what keeps our nation moving – our roads and rails, ports and airports, our bridges and power grids.  We must do what we can to remain attractive to business, and we have competition.  For example, as a percentage of GDP, China and Germany are spending about twice what we’re spending in order to build infrastructure.  Repairing bridges and highways, building new transit systems and creating smarter transportation systems would support millions of jobs nationwide, keep us competitive and is something we can act on now.

Lastly, I continue to emphasize the critical need for partnership to make any significant impact on the problems our nation faces.  That means partnerships across the public-private-nonprofit sectors, such as our Jobs Rebuild America initiative; across federal, state and local government to address the local dynamics beneath the national trends; and between organizations and leaders who share the common goals of equity, equality and empowerment in America, such as our 21st Century Agenda for Jobs and Freedom developed and signed by a coalition of almost 60 civil rights, social justice, business and community leaders.

We know the magnitude of the issues that threaten our nation’s future, growth and sustained economic recovery.  We also know what needs to be done.  Let’s get down to business.

Hip-Hop Mogul Russell Simmons is Hiring Interns and More

Posted by Admin On April - 14 - 2014 Comments Off on Hip-Hop Mogul Russell Simmons is Hiring Interns and More

Both internships and jobs available at Global Grind

New York, NY (BlackNews.com) — Russell Simmons, known to many as the godfather of Hip-Hop, is looking to hire both interns and employees to work for one of his companies, GlobalGrind.com. The popular web site chronicles celebrities (and blogs), lifestyle content, entertainment news, fashion, music, and politics with an authoritative voice.

He is particularly looking for college students with an interest in and expertise in the areas of editorial, social media, graphic web design, product management and business development. Internships are located in New York City and are for college credit only.

All internships provide a great opportunity for college students to gain valuable work experience in their field of study and learn from some of the best talent in the industry at a high-profile start-up company. Students with a passion for music, entertainment and social media are especially encouraged to apply.

From time to time, the company also has part-time and full-time jobs available.

For more details and/or to apply, visit:

To search hundreds of other 2014 internship and job opportunities, visit:

Bailey Challenges Mayor and Chief-of Police, Says CPD and the LAPD are parallel with falsification of data

Posted by Admin On April - 14 - 2014 Comments Off on Bailey Challenges Mayor and Chief-of Police, Says CPD and the LAPD are parallel with falsification of data

By Rev. Harold Bailey

Founder & President of Probation Challenge

Chicago: With a critical revelation of more than 4-reported-killings and 30-shootings in the Chicago community, leaves the question … are these authentic figures reported to the public? Chief-of-Police gives ministers a look at new summer assignments.

Recent acknowledgement of crime data indicates that those sitting in past mayoral administration have been rather deceptive as it relates to crime figures.

Recently, Pastors United for Change convened with concerned people from around the city to discuss matters causing the loss of its citizens. Guests were: Minister Victoria Brady, from the More Like Christ Ministries, Delina Bailey, City of Chicago DFSS, Garry McCarthy, Chicago Superintendent of Police and others. Rev. Leon Finney served as commentator.

The heat of the meeting was that the past Chicago crime rate was disputed by the press. Crime rates in question were those extended over a vast period of time as the previous Mayor Richard M. Daley and his administrations proudly stated that crime had decreased in the city.

Garry McCarthy, Superintendent of Police, attended the meeting to bring forth what he said would be constructive change, stating that past deployment did not work but would implement new deployment orders.

McCarthy’s new staggers for the Chicago summer would be to identify, he said, “The best and brightest Commanders” and assign them to the 4th district and 6th districts for about two-years,  that “The best commanders will be sent to the toughest districts.”  Other districts identified were the 7th in Englewood and 11th West Lawndale. He said this is the best he could do.

He said Chicago has the worst gang violence problems in the country but no solutions!  McCarty, said he was going to talk about race, but never got to the meat of the matter.

The biggest challenge to the chief-of-police, came from the Rev. Harold E. Bailey, who once served as Chairman of the Cook County Board of Corrections, who said to the superintendent, “I have history with the past administration as it dealt with figures. The blatancy  is – the former mayor did not tell untruths to the public regarding crime being down – but lied.” The mayor had the data just as I did!

Bailey asked the superintendent, who gives crime data to who? Do you give data to the mayor or does he give them to you. The superintendent responded: “I think you know that answer.”

Bailey, proceeded to tell how his revealing of true facts has affected him and caused great financial damage through the years. The former mayor also caused the lost of Bailey’s successful program that was housed on the Chicago City College Campus, which upon an illegal eviction, the program was forced to close and caused youth to return back into society to cause havoc.

Garry McCarthy, the superintendent of Chicago police, promised to meet with the Rev. Harold E. Bailey.

Rev. Bailey said that matters of crime and its deception is not just happening in Chicago, but in all cities where there is a large black population. He stated that in a documented report by Dr. Sinclair Grey III, some LAPD officers have taken matters into their own hands by removing their antennas from police cars in predominantly black areas. Why? Because they don’t want to be monitored while being on duty.

Bailey said it is reported that when news first broke about this move, members of the Police Commission were alarmed and wanted to know why this was happening. In addition to this, they wanted to know how long this had been going on and who authorized this move.

In a review of what transpired, it was concluded that ‘half of the 80 cars in the Southeast division—which includes Watts and the Jordan Downs and Nickerson Gardens housing projects—were missing the antennas that help capture what officers say in the field. The review discovered at least 10 more cars in nearby divisions also had antennas removed.’

Further, It is stated that Steve Soboroff, President of the commission said that this issue should have been brought to their attention and made available by those officers. The antennas are used for the safety of the officers and the public.

LAPD Chief Charlie Beck responded that it was not the intent of the LAPD to hide this information from the commission.

Rev. Harold E. Bailey, founder of the Probation Challenge organization and editor of the Challenge Network, said, “It was not the intent of the Chicago Mayor and the then Superintendent of Police to reveal the truth along with real data – but God willed it so!

The question now is, who do we trust. Do we in-fact trust those who merely say “You can trust me,” as stated by Garry McCarthy, Superintendent of Police.  Bailey concluded by saying that the bible says “The heart is desperately wicked … who can know it -  but God”.

For more information, contact: WWW.ProbationChallenge.org – The Truth Network – The PCC Network at 773.978.3706

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