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Amidst Economic Justice Battle, Bon Secours Chief Raises Question About Chair of NAACP

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Op-Ed By Joey Matthews

The Richmond Free Press

RICHMOND, VA. – How does the chief of Bon Secours Virginia Health System Inc. truly feel about Roslyn M. Brock’s role as a Bon Secours executive who also serves as national chair of the NAACP board of directors?

That answer is absolutely uncertain.

The question stems from the fact that Ms. Brock, in her capacity as NAACP chair, refuses to take a stand against racism on issues related to Bon Secours’ support and promotion of the derogatory, racist nickname and the new Richmond training facility of the Washington professional football team.

In response to repeated Free Press emails outlining Ms. Brock’s refusal to denounce the racism issues addressed to Bon Secours Virginia CEO Peter J. Bernard, the CEO, in a statement, praised Ms. Brock for her work with his company and the NAACP. He also hailed her “uncompromised” work as Bon Secours vice president for advocacy and government relations and added that Bon Secours is “proud of and fully supports her work with the NAACP.”

However, less than two hours later, a second Bernard statement deleted the words of praise for Ms. Brock while strongly maintaining its support of the ownership of the Washington professional football team and its indisputable racist and biased economic practices.

“Bon Secours is extremely pleased with the record attendance at the Training Camp this summer and our partnership with the City of Richmond and (Washington professional team’s nickname) that allowed so many people in our community to enjoy a special experience,” the statement read.

The two statements came in response to repeated Free Press requests over the past week to interview Mr. Bernard. They were issued Monday by Charlotte Perkins, Bon Secours performance management officer.

The reason for the interview requests: To give Mr. Bernard the opportunity to address the Jim Crow issues first raised with Ms. Brock by the Free Press about the Bon Secours discriminatory training camp deal with the Washington professional football team and the team’s racist nickname.

Amidst this debacle, the national NAACP has fought hard to keep the case of race discrimination contained in Virginia. The National NAACP even released a statement from the Virginia State Conference NAACP, which is regularly in agreement with issues of injustice fought by the Free Press. The statement characterized the Free Press story on Ms. Brock’s refusal to speak “misleading” since she has in fact repeatedly stated the National NAACP’s position on the racially discriminatory team name.

However, the State Conference release, in its failure to even mention Bon Secours, appeared out of character. The statement had no name attached. Virginia NAACP Executive Director King Salim Khalfani has consistently been a bold critic of the D.C. team nickname and training camp policy and said those who support them are shortsighted and racist.

Actually, Mr. Boone specifically accuses Ms. Brock of refusing to “directly” speak to the issues of injustice pertaining to Bon Secours and the team’s discrimination. As a reason for her refusal, Ms. Brock has pointed to NAACP policies that allow local branches and state conferences to speak to issues first, policies that allow the national NAACP to only become involved when invited by the state and local NAACP authorities.

Invited to respond to this story involving Bon Secours’ deletion of its words of praise for her, Ms. Brock wrote in an email, “No comment.”

However, in direct response to Mr. Boone’s advocacy, the National NAACP has now re-released its more than 10-year-old position against the use of the nickname of Washington’s professional football team.

“For more than two decades, the NAACP has called for an end to the use of the racially-inflammatory name of the Washington Football Team, as well as other sports’ team names that degrade American Indians,” Ms. Brock says in the Nov. 12 statement.  “This year we have joined with our friends in the American Indian community and are renewing our call for Washington’s football team to replace this offensive name.”

However the statement fails to mention Bon Secours and the team’s discrimination at the Richmond training camp. The result has been a muddying of the waters by the National NAACP as it adamantly resists dealing with the Bon Secours and the football team’s economic discrimination issue.

Black-owned and other locally owned businesses were denied vending opportunities inside the training camp in a deal brokered by Bon Secours, Mayor Dwight C. Jones and the D.C. team.

In dodging the stance on racism as national NAACP chair, Ms. Brock called the racism issues a “local matter” and stated in a month-delayed Nov. 1 email to Free Press Editor/Publisher Raymond H. Boone that she was forwarding the Free Press Jim Crow concerns to the Bon Secours leadership, the NAACP General Counsel and the Virginia and local NAACP chapters.

The Free Press, which has banned the use of the nickname from its news and opinion columns, also asked Ms. Brock if she would have to get approval from Bon Secours to comment on non-positive events before she speaks for the NAACP.

The Bernard-backed statement also claimed, “The training center has brought positive recognition to the city of Richmond,” ignoring the demeaning nickname attached to the $10 million training camp primarily sponsored by Bon Secours that also bears the Bon Secours name.

The statement further read: “Bon Secours commitment to diversity will ensure that minority vendors and suppliers will participate in these projects.”

Contradicting the commitment to diversity statement backed by Mr. Bernard and Bon Secours, data show participation by black-owned and other minority-owned businesses in the building of the Bon Secours training camp and inside the training camp fell well short of Mayor Jones’ promised minority participation goals when the deal was approved by City Council.

In addition to being excluded from vending opportunities inside the training camp, only about 28 percent of the training camp work in majority-black Richmond was done by black-owned businesses and about 33 percent overall by minority-owned businesses. Mayor Jones had promised a minimum 40 percent participation rate by minority-owned businesses in the project.

Ms. Brock’s refusal to denounce the racism issues comes on the heels of her acceptance of the 2012 Leadership Award from the 200-member National Newspaper Publishers’ Association of black-owned newspapers in recognition of her “fierce” advocacy of social justice.

A 50 years-plus NAACP advocate and the recipient of the Virginia NAACP’s highest award, Mr. Boone concluded his communication to Ms. Brock, stating, “This Bon Secours decision disgracefully enhanced Richmond’s shameful reputation as ‘The Capital of Poverty,’ with 25 percent of Richmond’s population suffering in poverty.”

The Washington, D.C.-based Trice Edney News Wire contributed heavily to this story with updates since the Free Press story was published Feb. 14.

Editor’s Note: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and not of CopyLine Magazine.

Photo Caption: Peter J. Bernard, CEO, Bon Secours Virginia Health System and NAACP Chair Roslyn Brock

Madigan: JPMorgan Chase to pay $100 million to Illinois’ Pension Systems

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Attorney General Madigan recoups full losses to Pension Funds caused by Bank misconduct in run-up to financial crisis

CHICAGO, IL – Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan announced a $100 million settlement with JPMorgan Chase & Company to recover losses incurred by Illinois’ pension systems as a result of the bank’s misconduct in the lead up to the 2008 economic collapse. The announcement is part of a national settlement with the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) and attorneys general from California, Delaware, Massachusetts and New York, and addresses the bank’s violations of federal and state laws in its marketing and sale of risky residential mortgage-backed securities.

In Illinois, the settlement will require JPMorgan Chase to pay $100 million to the state’s pension systems for losses sustained as a result of their investments in JPMorgan Chase, Bear Stearns and Washington Mutual mortgage-backed securities prior to 2009.

An investigation by Madigan’s office revealed that between 2005 and 2008 the bank failed to disclose the true risk of these investments to Illinois’ pension systems and therefore misled the systems when they invested in the residential mortgage-backed securities market

“We are still cleaning up the mess that Wall Street made with its reckless investment schemes and fraudulent conduct,” Madigan said. “Today’s settlement with Chase will assist Illinois to recover its losses from the dangerous and deceptive securities that put our economy on the path to destruction.”

JPMorgan Chase will pay $72.4 million to the Illinois Teachers Retirement System, $16.2 million to the State Universities Retirement System, and $11.4 million to the Illinois State Board of Investment, which oversees the State Employees’ Retirement System, General Assembly Retirement System and Judges’ Retirement System.

Also as part of the national settlement, JPMorgan Chase will also provide $4 billion in relief to aid homeowners harmed by the unlawful conduct of JPMorgan Chase, Bear Stearns, and Washington Mutual. Similar to the direct relief provided to borrowers in the $25 billion national mortgage settlement, the consumer aid will include principal forgiveness and loan modifications. An independent monitor will be appointed to oversee the relief distribution.

Today’s settlement is part of Attorney General Madigan’s work on the Residential Mortgage-Backed Securities Working Group under President Obama’s Financial Fraud Enforcement Task Force.

Long before today’s settlement announcement, Attorney General Madigan has led the country in taking legal action against banks, lenders and other financial institutions for unlawful financial misconduct that contributed to the country’s economic collapse.

Last year, Madigan was a lead negotiator in a $25 billion national settlement with the country’s largest mortgage servicers – Bank of America, JPMorgan Chase, Wells Fargo, Citibank and Ally Bank, formerly GMAC – to address allegations of widespread “robo-signing” of foreclosure documents and other fraudulent practices banks employed while servicing mortgages of struggling homeowners. The settlement has brought approximately $2 billion in relief for Illinois homeowners.

Madigan became the first attorney general in the nation to sue a national bank for fair lending violations. Madigan and DOJ secured a $175 million national settlement to resolve allegations that Wells Fargo illegally targeted African American and Latino borrowers for sales of the lender’s poorest quality and most expensive mortgages during the height of the subprime mortgage lending spree. Madigan and DOJ also reached a $335 million national settlement with Countrywide, once the nation’s largest mortgage lender, to resolve similar allegations of fair lending violations. The settlement has provided restitution to harmed Illinois borrowers and is the largest settlement of a fair lending lawsuit ever obtained by a state attorney general.

Madigan also reached a landmark $8.7 billion national settlement in 2008 against Countrywide for deceptively placing thousands of Illinois homeowners into ultra-risky and unaffordable subprime mortgages. The settlement with Countrywide’s new owner, Bank of America, established the nation’s first mandatory loan modification program.

Currently, Madigan is litigating against the national credit rating agency Standard & Poor’s, alleging that the company compromised its independence as a rating agency by doling out high ratings to unworthy, risky investments as a corporate strategy to increase its revenue and market share.

State’s Attorney charges suburban man with Cook County’s first Labor Trafficking Case

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Cook County State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez announced that a Calumet City man has been charged with the county’s first case of labor trafficking for threatening, beating, burning and torturing two mentally handicapped men, while he exploited them for money and often denied them food for several months in an apartment on Chicago’s South Side.

Roy Estivez, 26, has been charged with multiple Class X felony charges including one count of Aggravated Involuntary Servitude, one count of Involuntary Servitude and two counts of Aggravated Criminal Sexual Assault. Estivez is the first person charged with labor trafficking under the office’s Human Trafficking Initiative enacted by the Alvarez administration in 2010.

According to prosecutors, beginning in August 2013, Estivez initially rented an apartment to the victims, ages 22 and 23, in Chicago. The defendant conned the victims into turning over their entire paychecks to him directly. Estivez also forced the victims to take on second and third jobs and to work overtime. Estivez took all the money, and the victims did not get to keep any of the proceeds of their labor. Estivez also often denied the victims food and told them they should eat at work.

Prosecutors allege that when one of the victims lost one of his jobs, Estivez began torturing both victims by beating them and whipping them with electrical cords. Estivez also burned both victims on their faces and bodies with a hot knife, which he would heat over a flame. Additionally, the defendant would sometimes pour hydrogen peroxide over the open wounds, causing additional pain. Estivez also sexually assaulted one of the victims with a power-drill.

The victims were afraid to leave because Estivez threatened to kill them and harm their families. He also told them that he was “mobbed-up” and had police officers on his payroll.

According to prosecutors, on October 20, 2013, one of the victim’s bosses observed visible injuries and the victim told him about the abuse. The victim was taken to the hospital and was treated for burns. The victim never returned to the apartment, however, the defendant tried to find him.

Estivez was arrested by Chicago Police on November 17, 2013. Estivez appeared in bond court today where his bond was set at $500,000 by Judge James Brown. His next court date is December 10, 2013.

The public is reminded that criminal charging documents contain allegations that are not evidence of guilt. The defendant is presumed innocent and is entitled to a fair trial at which the state has the burden of proving guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

Mayor Emanuel, City of Evanston, Groupon honored for their support of biking, walking and transit

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Active Transportation Alliance presents awards at annual reception

CHICAGO, IL — Active Transportation Alliance’s 2013 Awards Reception brings together government officials, business leaders and transportation advocates to recognize those who have made important contributions to the movement for better walking, biking and transit in Chicagoland.

Active Trans’ top honor, the Extra Mile Award, goes to Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel for catapulting Chicago to the forefront of the national effort to create innovative transportation options. He has changed the landscape of Chicago transportation through the Divvy bike sharing program, new bus rapid transit routes, reconstruction and extension of CTA’s red line south and building the Bloomingdale Trail. In just 2.5 years, Chicago has made remarkable progress toward achieving the mayor’s first-term goals of building 100 miles of protected bike lanes.

“We’re thrilled to showcase leaders who have advanced the vision for better transportation through their cities, wards and business,” said Ron Burke, executive director of the Active Transportation Alliance. “All of these award recipients have done an outstanding job of helping create communities that are more vibrant and inviting places to live.”

Active Trans is presenting a Public Leadership Award to the city of Evanston for designing vibrant, liveable streets and public spaces that support walking, biking and transit. This award recognizes Evanston as the first suburban community in Chicagoland to create protected bike lanes, and its current project of updating its bike plan to further develop comfortable corridors that even novice cyclists and children will like to use.

Several Chicago aldermen are receiving Public Leadership Awards: 42nd Ward Ald. Brendan Reilly, 25th Ward Ald. Danny Solis and 27th Ward Ald. Walter Burnett. These aldermen have made stands for better transportation by supporting protected bike lanes in their wards, supporting innovative transit projects, launching bike education programs and welcoming Open Streets events to their wards.

Also recognized with a Public Leadership Award will be the Chicago Department of Transportation Commissioner Gabe Klein for overseeing the rapid improvement of transportation in Chicago during the past couple of years. Klein, who is stepping down from his position in coming weeks, used his business acumen and his strong interest in giving Chicagoans a full menu of transportation options to make the city a national leader in the movement for better biking, walking and transit.

Receiving Business Leadership Awards are bicycle component manufacturer SRAM and the e-commerce company Groupon. Both of these Chicago-based companies are being recognized for their dedication to creating communities that are more walkable and bikable.

The Active Transportation Alliance 2013 Awards Reception, was held at the Revolution Brewery Tap Room on North Kedzie Avenue; it reached capacity and could no longer accept registrants.

The Active Transportation Alliance is a non-profit, member-based advocacy organization that works to make bicycling, walking and public transit so safe, convenient and fun that we will achieve a significant shift from environmentally harmful, sedentary travel to clean, active travel. The organization builds a movement around active transportation, encourages physical activity, increases safety and builds a world-class transportation network. Formerly the Chicagoland Bicycle Federation, the Active Transportation Alliance is North America’s largest transportation advocacy organization, supported by more than 7,000 members, 1,000 volunteers and 35 full-time staff.

For more information about the Active Transportation Alliance, visit www.activetrans.org or call 312.427.3325.

Lt. Governor Simon to attend landmark Marriage Equality Bill signing

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CHICAGO, IL – Illinois Lt. Governor Sheila Simon will join Governor Pat Quinn, numerous elected officials, advocates and members of the public today to take part in the historic signing of legislation making Illinois the 16th state in the nation to recognize full marriage equality.

Today “will be a proud and historic day for Illinois,” said Simon. “This is a momentous step toward fairness and equality. I am excited to be a part of this event and can’t wait to start receiving wedding invitations.”

Passed by the Illinois General Assembly on Nov. 5, this landmark legislation will provide equal access to the status, benefits, protections, rights, and responsibilities of civil marriage for all couples and their children in Illinois.

Though Illinois already has civil unions, only marriage affords couples the ability to file joint tax returns, participate in spousal Social Security and veterans’ benefits, and benefit under the Family and Medical Leave Act. Civil unions will be able to be converted to marriages within a year of the law going into effect.

Marriage Equality Bill Signing will take place today, Wednesday, November 20, 3:30 P.M., at the University of Illinois at Chicago Forum, 725 W. Roosevelt Rd., Chicago

The signing and celebration is free of charge and open to the public.

For more information or to register to attend, please visit Equality.Illinois.gov.

How to Choose, Pay For and Enjoy a Career

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Job Seekers: Jump Start Your Search with These Tools

Parents: Build Your Child’s Plan for High School, College and Work

CHICAGO, IL – Nearly 4,000 scholarship and financial aid opportunities highlight the Illinois Department of Employment Security’s effort to use education and job training to build a better workforce.

Educational attainment is the best predictor of employability. Job training is the key to a skilled and adaptable workforce. IDES’ Career Information System is a pathway for both at www.ides.illinois.gov/careerinfo. It offers step-by-step instructions on how to evaluate a career, obtain the education and training needed for that career, and establish a timeline to guide the journey.

“The foundation of success begins with our children in school where we learn the value of work and the opportunities that work creates. As we grow older, that success teaches us that we can develop new skills and adapt to changes in technology and in the workplace,” IDES Director Jay Rowell said. “Learning how to work and how to change builds the highly skilled, adaptable workforce that creates long-term economic growth.”

The Career Information System is especially valuable to adults considering a career change; parents introducing elementary students to basic work concepts and expectations; high school students considering college courses and vocational training; and educators guiding students through college testing and career assessments. Specific guidance also is offered for Veterans, the disabled and the formerly incarcerated.

One highlight for students is an exercise that begins with the lifestyle they wish to lead and moves backward to identify the wages that would be needed, the jobs that would provide these wages, and the education and training needed to obtain these jobs.

Adults will benefit from assessments that identify occupations that match an individual’s interests, skills and preferences. Suggestions on how to build a resume, interview techniques and tips to be successful in the workplace also are available.

The Career Information System delivers localized occupational and career information in an intuitive, user-friendly, online format. It includes tools to learn about occupations, financial aid, apprenticeships, post‑secondary schools and colleges. Salary information and job trends are available as well as information on self-employment and how military employment translates into the civilian arena.

Examples for Career Resources for Youth include:

Student career portfolios.  Students can create online portfolios through My Portfolio. It stores assessment results, career and course plans and work examples. It also provides a way to create and store resumes.

Reality Check.  This helps students determine if occupations that interest them pay enough to afford the lifestyle they desire. It starts with the lifestyle moves backward to identify the wages that would be needed, the jobs that would provide these wages, and the education needed to obtain these jobs.

Kids and Careers: How Families Can Help Youth Succeed. This career planning brochure provides parents with important timelines for the career planning process, starting in middle school. It highlights the link between education and earnings.

CIS Junior. This career exploration website for middle school and junior high students features an interest survey, an introduction to occupations and tips on which classes will help students reach their careers goals.

Examples for Career Resources for Adults include:

CIS Job Seeker includes the Jobseeker Success Mindset Training modules to help users reduce stress, manage their emotions and reinvigorate their job search.

CIS Job Seeker has videos on interviewing dos and don’ts as well as one-minute video clips of 500 occupations.

A comprehensive job hunting resource called Career Gateway Job Seekers Guide contains tips on career management, social services, budgeting, goal setting and job hunting. The 90-page downloadable workbook also is available as on online guide.

CIS Job Seeker offers

Links to a variety of national job search boards through the Job Boards and Resources section.

An employer locator with contact information for local and national businesses.

A military employment section that helps with the transition from armed services jobs into civilian occupations.

Women’s Business Development Center offers December programs that support and accelerate Women’s Business Ownership

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WBDC provides a continuum of business development services to prospective and established women entrepreneurs, including counseling, training, financial, certification and procurement assistance

CHICAGO, IL –Workshops/events offered in December 2013 by the Women’s Business Development Center (WBDC), a nationally and internationally recognized women’s business assistance center providing services and programs that support and accelerate women’s business ownership and strengthen the impact of women on the economy, are:

Wednesday, December 4, 2013, 6:00 – 9:00 p.m.

“Starting a Business in Illinois”

Description: Are you considering starting a business in Illinois? In this Women’s Business Development Center workshop you will learn about the right tools to get you ahead of the game and how to successfully begin your career in entrepreneurship. This workshop will address: How to have a successful launch for your business; Is business ownership right for you?; How to transition from being an employee, volunteer, homemaker and/or independent contractor to business owner, and more.

Location: Women’s Business Development Center, 8 S. Michigan Ave., 4th Floor, Chicago, IL 60603

Cost: $10.00 in advance, $20.00 at the door

Registration: http://bit.ly/1fHp2L5

Wednesday, December 11, 2013, 12:00 to 1:00 p.m.

“Grow Your Business with WBDC: A Service Guide”

Description: This workshop is a great opportunity for those businesses owners who want to take the next steps in growing their business, but aren’t exactly sure what those steps are. You will learn all about the different programs offered at the Women’s Business Development Center and which ones are most appropriate for you.

Location: Online Webinar

Cost: Free

Registration: http://bit.ly/1hLXpoA

Thursday, December 12, 2013, 12:00 -1:00 p.m.

“Give Back as a Mentor: Realistic Expectations”

Description: In this Women’s Business Development Center webinar you will learn how to become a successful and influential mentor, not only for your future mentee but also for your own company. Multiple studies have shown that when sufficient time and effort is put into a mentoring relationship, both businesses in the relationship will have economic growth. You will learn to: recognize the benefits of a mentoring relationship for you and your business; define the responsibilities of a mentoring relationship, specifically in the areas of personal accountability, communication, process, progress and feedback; identify how to find micro entrepreneurs to mentor; develop a mentoring plan and written agreements; and evaluate the mentoring relationship effectively.

Location: Online Webinar

Cost: Free

Registration: http://bit.ly/18BeJ6b

For further information about these or other WBDC workshops, visit http://www.WBDC.org or call (312) 853-3477. Now in its 27th year of operation, the WBDC provides a continuum of business development services to prospective and established women entrepreneurs including counseling, training, financial, certification and procurement assistance in Spanish and English.

Brenan Sharp & Friends at the David Leonardis Gallery November 22 and 23rd – 6-11 P.M. both nights

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(Letters to Editors)

The former art director for www.Maxim.com and contributing editor for Playboy’s www.thesmokingjacket.com Artist Brenan Sharp paints pop art with the whim of his brush and a Fauvist’s palette. Brenan is showcasing a new series of wonderful Pop Art paintings.

Brittany Bindrim is also new to the DLG and will be presenting a fantastic series of pen and ink drawings.

Brenan and Brittany will be joined by the art work of Howard Finster, Marc Hauser, Mike Winn, Matt Lamb, Paul Kostabi, David Leonardis, Chris Peldo, Tom Billngs, Chris Makos, Andy Kane, Marc Hauser, Rita Akao, Christie Chew Wallace, Jay Steensma, Laura Collins, Bruce Lehto, Mike Zelenko, Bruce Bitmead, Peter Locascio, Pierre Mathieu, Ken Brown,  Brittany Bindrim, George Hansen, Bob Christy and Walter Fydryck.


It’s not out of the question that Paul Kostabi will be there and Matthew Daley will be playing guitar at the reception Friday night. Although not confirmed it would/could be awesome. But you know these artist/musician types and they’re coming from one gig to another. I do love the many forms of the Arts. If I were you I’d come on out and see for myself.

Some great updates to www.DLG-gallery.com have been made. The gallery looks great and we have more new art works coming in all week. Look for new updates to available art works and pictures of the DLG.

My Promissory Estoppel and Stand Down the Bank Sale was a great success and I should be signing a new deal with the bank this week. It’s nice to get one done for the independent business owner every once in a while. I wouldn’t have been able to have done that with out the continued years of art collectors who are interested in the fantastic art I have shown since I started collecting and selling art in 1989. Wow. 24 years is a long time to be in it to win it. That’s how strongly I feel about having art in my life and helping others become Happy Clients with their Art. http://dlg-gallery.com/happy_clients.html

I covered both Expo Chicago and Sofa for Chit Chat with David Leonardis. I’m looking forward to releasing a fantastic interview with Senator Bill Marovitz. I’m coming up on my 4 year anniversary of making TV.

My new intro is totally pro. I love it. Check it out.

I think you’ll love it too. http://www.youtube.com/user/cubsannouncer1?feature=mhee

The Howard Finster Vision House is available for visitors, and you can stay in our suite. A trip to Howard Finster’s Vision of Paradise is something you will enjoy forever.

I got some other pretty big irons in the fire so stay tuned and of course give me a call when you need some new art! Hope you’re all doing great! I look forward to hearing from and seeing many of you soon!

David Leonardis

David Leonardis Gallery is located at 1346 N. Paulina St., Chicago.

For more information: Phone 312-863-9045, www.DLG-gallery.com


Howard Finster Vision House

177 Greeson St. Summerville, Ga 30747




Chit Chat w/David Leonardis

Paranormal Museum




New book chronicles the life of Peter W. Clark, a Black Louisiana Methodist Pioneer

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Author Elaine Parker Adams tells the amazing story of her great-grandfather, the Rev. Peter W. Clark

HOUSTON, TX (BlackNews.com) — Elaine Parker Adams immortalizes the life of her great-grandfather, the Rev. Peter W. Clark, filling vital gaps in the history of the Methodist Church and its work among the black population of Louisiana. Her new biography, The Reverend Peter W. Clark: Sweet Preacher and Steadfast Reformer, covers the life of a man who filled assignments across the state in all but one of the Louisiana Methodist church districts. Clark led churches in the Acadiana, Alexandria, Baton Rouge, Lake Charles, Monroe, and New Orleans Districts.

Peter Clark served the Methodist Episcopal Church during the latter 19th century and early 20th century. This Church’s influence on the black community as an anti-slavery institution and its role in educating newly-freed blacks are noted. During the critical post-Reconstruction period, Clark built and developed churches in rural and urban Louisiana, established missions in New Orleans, and served as founding presiding elder (district superintendent) of the Lake Charles district of the Louisiana conference. The author describes each of Clark’s assignments from 1886-1914, nearly 30 years of service.

While the book details Clark’s achievements as a religious and community leader dealing with crises ranging from Mississippi River flooding to axe murders, it also focuses on the personal sacrifices Clark and his family made for what is now the United Methodist Church. Angella Current Felder, who wrote her own family’s story, Breaking Barriers, states of Clark’s biography that “It provides deep insight into the racial attitudes and economic conditions that prevailed in post-Reconstruction Louisiana.”

Adams emphasizes the religious commitment of Peter Clark, pointing out that he remained true to this calling despite multiple obstacles – difficult church assignments, family illnesses and deaths. Poverty placed his grandchildren Grace and Peter “Champ” Clark in servitude after the early death of their father. Yet, they also displayed Clark’s dedicated service to humanity and willingness to take on exceptional challenges. The lives of educator Grace Clark Parker and sports broadcaster Peter “Champ” Clark are presented in the “Legacy” section of the book.

Offering insight into the thoughts of the Reverend Peter W. Clark and his namesake grandson, Peter “Champ” Clark, the book features selected essays and poetry. Adams also documents the book well with end notes, a bibliography, and an extensive index. Photos of ten family members are presented, some from over a century ago.

For more details about the book, visit www.revpeterwclark.com or contact authorepadams@aol.com

The Reverend Peter W. Clark: Sweet Preacher and Steadfast Reformer
by Elaine Parker Adams
Hardcover | 6 x 9 in | 172 pages | ISBN 9781449797843
Softcover | 6 x 9 in | 172 pages | ISBN 9781449797836
E-Book | ISBN 9781449797829

Photo Caption: The late Rev. Peter W. Clark

Illinois State Board of Education announces Board meeting and budget hearing schedule for Nov. 22 in Chicago

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CHICAGO, IL – The Illinois State Board of Education has announced the following schedule for its regular business meeting on Nov. 22 at the James R. Thompson Center, 100 W. Randolph St., in Chicago.

The Board’s Finance and Audit Committee will then convene for the fifth and final Fiscal Year 2015 budget hearing from noon to 2 p.m. or immediately following the Board meeting.

All State Board of Education meetings listed on this agenda will be accessible to persons with disabilities. Persons planning to attend who need special accommodations should contact the Board office no later than the date prior to the meeting. Contact the Superintendent’s office at the State Board of Education, Phone: 217-782-2221; TTY/TDD: 217-782-1900; Fax: 217-785-3972.

Chairman Chico may call for a break in the meeting as necessary in order for the Board to go into closed session.

State Board of Education Meeting and FY 2015 Budget Hearing Nov. 22, 2013

Location: James R. Thompson Center, Hearing Room 16-503, 100 W. Randolph St., in Chicago

This meeting will also be audio cast on the Internet at: www.isbe.net

Friday, Nov. 22, 2013

9 a.m.


I. Roll Call/Pledge of Allegiance

A. Consideration of and Possible Actions on Any Requests for Participation in Meeting by Other Means

II. Public Participation

III. Presentations/Showcases

A. Promising Strategies to Help Disadvantaged Youth – Jens Ludwig, University of Chicago

IV. *Superintendent’s Report – Consent Agenda

All action consideration items listed with an asterisk (*) are considered to be routine and will be enacted in one motion and vote.  Any board member who wishes separate discussion on any item listed on the consent agenda may remove that item from the consent agenda, in which event, the item will be considered in its normal sequence.

A. *Approval of Minutes

1. Plenary Minutes: October 23-24, 2013

B. *Rules for Initial Review

1. Part 227 (Gifted Education)

2. Part 232 (Summer Bridges Program)

3. Part 240 (Alternative Learning Opportunities Program)

4. Part 265 (Grants for Arts Education and Foreign Language Education)

5. *Adoption

C. *Contracts and Grants Over $1 Million

1. Request to Award LDS Data Warehouse

2. Local Assessment Support LAS Contract

3. Request for RFSP for Online Report Card Development

End of Consent Agenda

E. Regional Office of Education Consolidation

V. Discussion Items

A. Legislative Update

B. District Oversight – Monthly Update

C. East St. Louis and North Chicago budget discussion

D. Other Items for Discussion

VI. Announcements

A. P-20 Council Liaison Report (Joyce Karon)

B. Superintendent’s/Senior Staff Announcements

C. Chairman’s Report

D. Member Reports

VII. Closed Session (as needed)

VIII. Information Items

A. ISBE Fiscal & Administrative Monthly Reports (available online at http://isbe.net/board/fiscal_admin_rep.htm)

IX. Adjourn

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