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Kirk demands Obamacare Website Contract

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Asks who is accountable for spending $400 million of taxpayer money for a failed website, can we save the next $100 million
WASHINGTON – During a Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee hearing regarding the failed Obamacare health insurance exchanges, U.S. Senator Mark Kirk (R-Ill.) demanded that the American people know the details of the $400 million contract awarded to CGI Federal, Quality Software Services Incorporated (QSSI) and others.

“This is a tale of two beltway bandits,” Senator Kirk said in the hearing, referring to the contractors responsible for implementing healthcare.gov, CGI and QSSI. “Taxpayers deserve to know the full details of where their money is going, particularly in light of this disaster.” He went further to ask if they can stop the next scheduled payment of $100 million to CGI Federal.

To watch a clip of Senator Kirk’s remarks at the HELP Committee hearing, click here.

The CMS Administrator, Marilyn Tavenner, did not fully disclose the details of the the contracts with CGI and QSSI at the hearing, but she agreed that the Administration would release any and all information, including the contracts.

Under the new law, 3.5 million Americans have lost their current healthcare coverage, according to the Associated Press.

Madigan, Simon applaud passage of Marriage Equality Legislation

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Illinois becomes 15th state to pass Marriage Equality

SPRINGFIELD, IL – Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan and Illinois Lt. Governor Sheila Simon applauded the passage of Marriage Equality legislation SB10 by the Illinois House of Representatives yesterday:

In a prepared statement, Madigan said, “This victory is about important American principles: freedom and fairness. At its heart, marriage equality is about affording the same rights and responsibilities to all no matter whom we love. With the passage of this legislation, the House has rightfully acted to convey upon all committed couples and their families the dignity they have long deserved. I am proud of the House of Representatives’ historic vote today.”

Simon said by passing Marriage Equality legislation, Illinois made history.

“Today Illinois has made history. We will treat all families equally,” said Simon. “This has been a personal fight for me, and I am looking forward to celebrating with friends who will finally be able to share in the same rights my husband and I have.”

Last month Simon joined thousands of marriage equality proponents, religious leaders and families in Springfield to rally and march in support of marriage equality. In January, Simon recruited Jesse Tyler Ferguson, star of ABC’s “Modern Family” to push for passage of SB 10. Ferguson and his then-fiancé Justin Mikita visited Springfield to lobby legislators in support of marriage equality. Ferguson and Mikita, who wed this year, are founders of the non-for-profit, Tie The Knot. The foundation sells limited-edition bow ties with proceeds going to organizations nationwide that are working toward marriage equality. The collection is designed and sold by The Tie Bar, a popular Naperville-based online men’s neckwear company.

“Justin and I would like to congratulate our friends in Illinois, who today have made history by recognizing all loving, committed relationships,” said Ferguson. “Justin and I join you in celebrating equality for all.”

Senate Bill 10, sponsored by Sen. Heather Steans (D-Chicago) and Rep. Greg Harris (D-Chicago), passed the Senate in February. The legislation was amended on the House floor yesterday to change the effective date and will be sent to the Senate again for approval before heading to Governor Quinn’s desk. The governor’s signature will make Illinois the 15th state in the nation to recognize marriage equality.

“I would like to thank the bill’s sponsors, Sen. Heather Steans and Rep. Greg Harris for their tireless work on this issue,” added Simon. “Their unwavering leadership in the General Assembly has led us to this moment.”

“It has been a long and difficult road, and I am proud that we have finally arrived at this historic day in Illinois,” said Steans, chief Senate sponsor of SB 10. “We have demonstrated what we know to be true — that Illinois is a state that opposes discrimination, welcomes diversity, supports families, respects religious freedom and ensures that all its residents are treated fairly under the law.”

Though Illinois already has civil unions, only marriage affords couples the ability to file joint tax returns, participate in spousal Social Security and veterans’ benefits, and benefit under the Family and Medical Leave Act.

The Power of Our Shared Vision and Partnership

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OP-ED By Benjamin Todd Jealous
Outgoing President and CEO of the national NAACP

Two decades ago, as a young organizer in Mississippi, I learned that there are only two types of temporal power: organized people and organized money. I also learned that in a democracy, the people can win every time – but only if we are organized.

Today, when I reflect back on my half-decade at the helm of the NAACP, I am deeply proud of what we have accomplished together as we organized our communities. We have abolished the death policy in five states, defended voting rights from coast to coast, freed multiple wrongfully incarcerated people, and shrunk prison systems. We have increased funding for health care, defended the rights of workers, held wayward mortgage companies accountable and curbed the school-to prison-pipeline in multiple states. We have built powerful bridges to help faith communities join the struggle for marriage equality and against the scourge of HIV, and come to the aid of our allies in the struggles for environmental protection and immigrants rights. Through all this, we have dramatically expanded the ranks of those who would assist us in combating racial discrimination in the streets and at the ballot box.

Five years ago, the NAACP was what it had been for most of the past half century; the biggest civil rights organization in the streets. Today, we are that and also the biggest online, on mobile and at the ballot box as well.

All of this success is testament to the power of our shared vision and partnership to come together for a stronger, more inclusive America.

Things could have gone a different way. Since 2010, far-right wing extremists have repeatedly and simultaneously attacked the most basic civil rights protections of most Americans. They’ve attacked women’s rights, affirmative action, workers rights, immigration, LGBT equality, food security, health care, and even our right to drink clean water and breathe clean air. One has to wonder whether their decision to attack all of us all at once was motivated by mere greed or by an even more devious design to ensure that we would Balkanize as we each retreated into a defensive posture.

However, together, we chose the courageous path. We have marched forward arm in arm, repeatedly embracing the motto of the three musketeers: all for one, and one for all. As a result: we have passed powerful anti racial profiling legislation in New York City and even abolished the death penalty in Maryland with the help of leaders in the LGBT community; passed marriage equality bills from coast to coast with increased support from faith leaders and communities of color; and most recently we have built a powerful defense-and offense-for voting rights by pulling the entire progressive family together in ways incomparable in recent memory. Occasionally, we have even picked up new conservative friends and allies.

Today, as I prepare to leave my position at the NAACP, I am confident that there is a bright future for both the Association and the larger civil and human rights struggle.

We may have started this century like we started the last: fighting assaults on our voting rights and pushing back against attacks on our most basic civil and human rights. Nonetheless, this time we have a distinct advantage. We know that no matter what happens in the courts, every year our ability to defend and expand civil and human rights protections at the ballot box, in statehouses and on city councils will increase. Moreover, as organizers, we understand that while the future will come no matter what, we have the power to make the future come faster.

Benjamin Todd Jealous is the outgoing president and CEO of the national NAACP.

Contact: Ben Wrobel 917-846-0658 bwrobel@naacpnet.org @NAACPPress.

American Foundation for Suicide Prevention is on the Steve Harvey TV Show!

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The Steve Harvey Show is doing an episode on Sgt. Kevin Briggs.

The AFSP will be receiving a donation on the Steve Harvey Show today, Wednesday, November 6th. The donation from PepsiCo will be presented by Steve Harvey.

Click here to learn where to tune in and see the show

AFSP thanks The Steve Harvey Show and to PepsiCo for their support of  suicide prevention and AFSP.

The Illinois Chapter was integral in getting AFSP’s name in front of The Steve Harvey Show’s 2.2 Million viewers.

Chicago hip-hop artists to perform, discuss magic of songwriting with art critics

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The Art of Songwriting

EVANSTON, IL – Chicago hip-hop artists Probcause and Tree will perform at Northwestern University Nov. 13 and then join in a discussion about the art of songwriting with the hosts of WBEZ’s “Sound Opinions.”

Sponsored by Northwestern’s Center for the Writing Arts, the free event will offer an entertaining look at how musicians craft a song — with the same attention to structure, flow and other literary devices used in all forms of writing.

“The Art of Songwriting,” co-sponsored by the Department of Performance Studies, will begin at 7 p.m. (doors open at 6:30 p.m.) in Annie May Swift Hall, 1920 Campus Drive, on the Evanston campus. Probcause and Tree will be interviewed by nationally recognized rock critics Jim Derogatis and Greg Kot on “Sound Opinions.” An audience question-and-answer session will follow.

Derogatis and Kot have interviewed some of the biggest names in music, from Neko Case and Yoko Ono to Radiohead and Death Cab for Cutie. Derogatis was the Chicago Sun-Times’ pop music critic until 2010, when he became a full-time lecturer at Columbia College Chicago. In addition to co-hosting Sound Opinions, Derogatis also writes the WBEZ blog “Pop N Stuff” and is the author of nine books.

Kot has been the music critic at the Chicago Tribune since 1990, covering a range of music genres and music-related news on his blog “Turn it Up.” He is the author of three books, including “The Beatles vs. The Rolling Stones: Sound Opinions on the Great Rock ‘n’ Roll Rivalry,” which he co-authored with Derogatis.

“Sound Opinions” includes every music genre in its weekly coverage of music news, critique and trends. Derogatis and Kot recommended the local talent of Probcause and Tree for this year’s hip-hop themed “Art of Songwriting.”

Probcause is an Evanston rapper known for his narrative songs and ability to incorporate various types of music, such as hip-hop, rock and dubstep. He has performed in Chicago’s North Coast Music Festival for the past four years and recently took his eclectic sound to a national stage, touring with Chicago hip-hop legend Twista and electronic DJ Steve Aoki.

Tree is a soulful Chicago rapper known for his harsh voice and “real-life” lyrics. The Chicago Tribune recently featured the artist and his impact on what age and maturity mean to hip-hop and America’s youth. Tree performed on the final day of Chicago’s Pitchfork Music Festival and has two acclaimed mix tapes, “Sunday School” and “Sunday School II.”

In recent years, the Center for the Writing Arts has invited music artists to share their writing experiences with the Northwestern community. Previous artists include OKGO, Kristen Detor and Toshi Reagon.

Diabetes in Illinois projected to increase 25 percent in next 6 years

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American Diabetes Month – learn how to control your risk

SPRINGFIELD, IL – The percentage of Illinois adults diagnosed with diabetes rose 60 percent between 1995 and 2010, and it is projected the number of diagnosed diabetes cases will rise another 25 percent by 2020. This November, American Diabetes Month, Illinois Department of Public Health Director Dr. LaMar Hasbrouck is encouraging everyone to learn the risk factors for diabetes and how to reduce or eliminate them.

“With more than 827,000 adults in Illinois diagnosed with diabetes and more than 2,700 residents dying from the disease each year, you need to know how to control your risk of being diagnosed with diabetes,” said Dr. Hasbrouck. “First, learn your numbers – weight, blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol levels – and then talk with your health care professional about what you can do to make sure those numbers are at a healthy level.”

Diabetes is serious chronic disease caused when blood sugar (glucose) levels are above normal and a hormone called insulin is not able to help glucose get into the cells, causing sugar to build up in the blood. When this happens, it can cause kidney failure, blindness, heart attacks, strokes and amputations.

Major risk factors for developing diabetes include:

• obesity, overweight
• physically inactive
• unhealthy diet
• tobacco use
• age
• ethnicity
• chronic conditions
• family history

The Illinois adult mortality rate for diabetes in 2010 (the most recent available data)

was 19.5 per 100,000 compared to the U.S. rate of 22.4 per 100,000.  By gender,

race and ethnicity, in 2010, more men than women in Illinois died due to diabetes;

more blacks than whites; and more non-Hispanic than Hispanic.

Signs of diabetes may include:

• increased thirst
• increased urination
• increased hunger
• weight loss, despite eating more than usual
• fatigue
• blurred vision
• slow healing sores or frequent infections

According to the American Diabetes Association, in 2012, medical expenses attributable

to diabetes in Illinois totaled $8.98 billion, and indirect expenses, such as lost

productivity and premature mortality, totaled more than $2.39 billion.

Diabetes prevention lifestyle changes include:

• watching your weight – set realistic, yet
clinically meaningful weight loss goals
• eating healthy – talk with a registered dietitian
who specializes in diabetes
• being active – 30 minutes of moderate intensity
physical activity five days a week
• controlling your blood pressure and cholesterol.-
talk with a primary care physician

For more information about diabetes and to take a test to determine your risk

for the disease, go to http://www.idph.state.il.us/diabetes/index.htm

“Grew Up in the South, Saved By Angels”

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Springfield teacher, retired U.S. Air Force Master Sergeant pens Memoir

Springfield, OH (BlackNews.com) — Retired U.S. Air Force Master Sergeant Clayton Arline, a longtime educator at Roger L. Putnam Vocational Technical Academy, grew up in Louisiana under an abusive, alcoholic father and a devoted mother who supported her son unconditionally.

Living in a two-bedroom home, Arline and his 11 siblings grew up poor and often witnessed their father physically abusing their mother until she developed the strength to stand up to him. Arline’s ability to relate to students today, especially ones who struggle with difficult home lives or challenges on the streets, stems from his taking responsibility as a youth for his own troubles – including multiple arrests – and translating that to good.

Arline has chronicled his life story in a new memoir titled, Grew Up in the Deep South and Saved by Many Angels: Mother Stood By Her Troubled Son’s Side, published by Outskirts Press. Despite some of the difficult subject matter, he calls the book a story of hope and redemption.

“When you face so much adversity growing up, you can go one of two ways. I started out in a bad way but with the support of my mother and other strong people in my life, I changed and want to help others who face hard times,” the Springfield resident said.

After living through neighborhood violence and several near-death experiences, including a car accident while he was driving under the influence of alcohol in Italy, Arline has become a competitive racquetball player, earned college degrees, reached the rank of Master Sargent in the U.S. Air Force and served as an instructor for the past 17 years at Putnam’s Senior Aerospace Science program.

In the past five years, Arline, on his own time every Saturday morning, supervises children and young adults playing basketball at Putnam as a way to keep them active and off the streets. Players must follow Arline’s strict rules of good sportsmanship.

His book is available online through Amazon and Barnes and Noble and at www.outskirtspress.com/bookstore.

For more information or to invite Arline to speak at no cost at your venue or event, contact him at (413) 433-4487 or email him at arlinecaj@gmail.com.

Photo Caption: Bookcover

National Veterans Art Museum Honors Veterans Day: Raises New Art Exhibit, Launches Expanded Therapeutic Art and Educational Outreach, Celebrates First Anniversary in New Location

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CHICAGO, IL – The National Veterans Art Museum (NVAM) will celebrate the first anniversary in its location of 4041 N. Milwaukee Avenue with a reception to unveil its newest art exhibition, Esprit de Corps, an exhibition highlighting the spirit of creative resilience. Esprit de Corps features art by nine veterans of Vietnam, Operation Enduring Freedom, Operation Iraqi Freedom and the Global War on Terror. The NVAM will be free and open to the public with programming and light refreshments from 5 PM – 9 PM on Veterans Day, November 11, 2013. A keynote address by Dr. Jack Bulmash, Chief of Staff of the Hines VA Hospital will take place at 6 PM.

The show will be open to the public from Monday, November 11, 2013 through August 1, 2014. Esprit de Corps is sponsored by Omicron, Bank of America and Paratech Incorporated.

Drawing on breakthroughs in using art to assist with reintegration of veterans and for therapeutic expression, Esprit de Corps traces the process and roles of therapeutic art from the act of initial perception through expression of experience to an ultimate communal sharing and understanding of the real impact of war. Highlights of programming based on Esprit de Corps include a series of therapeutic art workshops as well as an expanded and interactive arts and civics education programming.

Featured artists include Joseph Fornelli, Jerry Frech, Jonathan Hancock, Peter Sullivan, Benjamin Suarez, Thomas Gilbertson, Theodore Gostas, Richard Williams and Erica Slone.

Esprit de Corps is presented in conjunction with performances of Veterans’ Voices. Veterans’ Voices was created by Erasing the Distance with students from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology and focuses on the mental health issues facing servicemen and women, veterans, and their families. Veterans’ Voices opens on November 11, 2013 at 7:30 p.m. (at the Filament Theatre, downstairs from the National Veterans Art Museum) and runs for six performances. The National Veterans Art Museum will offer free creative art workshops for youth ages 3-18 during the performances on November 12, 13, 18 and 19 (so that parents can attend the performance).

  • Press Preview tomorrow, Thursday, November 7 from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM CST with Executive Director Levi Moore, Chairman of the Board of Directors Lionel Rabb, curators Destinee Oitzinger, Susan Zielinski and Sarah Eilefson, and veteran artists Joseph Fornelli and Erica Slone.
  • Opening Reception on Monday, November 11 from 5 PM – 9 PM CST. Keynote address by Dr. Jack Bulmash at 6 PM. Veteran artists to be present include Joseph Fornelli, Jonathan Hancock, and Erica Slone.

Both events at the National Veterans Art Museum, 4041 N. Milwaukee Avenue, Chicago, IL.

As Therapeutic Art Coordinator Susan Zielinski notes, arts exhibits and programming like Esprit de Corps can help expand the ways in which people look at and think about veteran experiences, especially the creative resilience behind many of the visual and performing arts.

Iraq War veteran Jerry Frech has loaned a series of journals that he kept during his service in the U.S. Air Force in Security Forces in 2006. These journals record his thoughts and observations in writing and in sketches. Of his journals, Frech notes, “I found myself surrounded by negativity, sorrow and, yes, drama. Without a lot of options to get away from all of the negativity, I escaped the only way I knew how: art.”

Erica Slone, a veteran of the U.S. Air Force for six years who served multiple deployments in the Global War on Terror, will serve as an artist in residence with an open studio. Of her interactive and on-site work, Slone comments, “I have spent the past five years researching military veterans’ experiences and making art around bridging the disconnection between veterans and contemporary civilian society. Through giving physical form to my own experiences of war, and through social engagement art projects, my work aims to create space for and facilitate intergroup dialogue around current, divisive, socio-political issues.”

NVAM Executive Director Levi Moore celebrated Dr. Bulmash’s keynote address, noting, “We welcome Dr. Bulmash to speak directly to issues of art therapy and therapeutic art and their potential for helping servicemen and women grow and develop following their military experiences.”

West Cary Group honored with Top 100 Minority Business Enterprise® Award

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Richmond, VA (BlackNews.com) – West Cary Group, an award-winning, performance marketing firm headquartered in Richmond, Virginia, has been selected as a 2013 Top 100 Minority Business Enterprise® Award winner. Moses Foster, West Cary Group president and CEO, accepted the award during a prestigious ceremony at the War Memorial Building in Baltimore, Maryland on Wednesday, October 30.

“This award is the result of a true team effort,” says Moses. “West Cary Group is committed to providing measurable ROI for our clients through powerful marketing creative and rigorous data analysis. We’re also committed to making our community a better place to live and work. The Top 100 Minority Business Enterprise Award helps reinforce that our company is on the right track in both of these endeavors, and we’re honored by the recognition.”

Since 2007, outstanding minority and women business owners with operations in Virginia, the District of Columbia, Maryland, Delaware and Pennsylvania have been selected to be among the mid-Atlantic region’s finest. Winners are chosen based on achievement in business development, client satisfaction, professional affiliations and community involvement.

“This year, nearly 5,000 nominations were received,” continues Foster, “and West Cary Group made the Top 100. We’re thrilled to be included among such distinguished company.”

About West Cary Group
West Cary Group is a full-service, minority-owned advertising and marketing communications agency founded in 2007 by Moses Foster. The firm specializes in merging award-winning creative with rigorous data analysis to create marketing campaigns with truly measurable outcomes. West Cary Group’s capabilities include digital advertising and media, mobile application design and development, web design and development, brand marketing and advertising, direct response marketing and employee communications. For more details, visit www.westcarygroup.com

Poetry for All Walks of Life: Eclectic Poems by L. D. Jones Purposely Inspires those Who don’t Normally Read Poetry.

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Containing poems that hit home with every lifestyle or situation, ‘Poetry for All Walks of Life’ is striking a chord with everyone picking up the book. From verses celebrating birth to those dealing with the temptations of infidelity, Jones’ work is resonating with an open-minded audience around the world.

Atlanta, GA – When releasing a book of poetry, one of the biggest challenges is to define its target audience. In the case of L.D. Jones and her new book, it was simple – everyone, everywhere!

That’s the beauty of ‘Poetry for All Walks of Life’; it excludes nobody and will inspire those tackling life from any angle.


Poetry for all walks of life is a must read for the average person that doesn’t normally read poetry. The author L.D. Jones has written a collection of poems to fit every lifestyle or situation. All of her poems rhyme and most have a message. A few titles are “Soldiers at War”, “Pregnant at 16”, “Lap of Luxury”, “Grown still living at home”.

“If You Were Not Born” is the perfect poem to celebrate a birthday, and “Appreciation for Mom” and “Appreciation for Dad” celebrate the roles of parents. “Can’t Cross That Line” is about fidelity, and “Hurricane Irene” explores the aftermath of a tragic storm in New York. L. D. Jones offers poems that range from universal themes—such as love, marriage. God, and family—to poems like “Jail Time,” “Street Walker,” and “My love belongs to you”.- It’s a collection that will appeal to a wide variety of people with an array of backgrounds and experiences.

As the author explains, her verses will align with many readers’ own lives.

“It’s a book that everyone should be able to appreciate and one or more of these poems might tell their story. It will educate, inspire and give the reader everyday situations they can relate to,” says Jones.

Continuing, “Each poem rhymes and tells a story; important stories from teenage pregnancy and war to the solitude of doing time in jail. It’s very powerful.”

With the book’s popularity increasing, interested readers are urged to purchase their copies as soon as possible.

‘Poetry for All Walks of Life’, published by Outskirts Press, is available now: http://amzn.to/HpUuSn.

Paperback: 72 pages

Publisher: Outskirts Press (August 29, 2013)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 1478702222

ISBN-13: 978-1478702221

About the Author:

L .D. Jones found her inspiration after attending a monthly open mic jam session in an Atlanta private home. She believes her talent was ignited by the poets, musicians, and singers who were placed in her path.

She never married, loves to spend time with Godchildren, loves to travel and currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia.

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