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Diverse Clergy Group delivers nearly 50,000 Petitions to Governor Quinn calling for sensible gun legislation

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The Chicago Clergy Coalition, a diverse interfaith group of local pastors/faith leaders along with families victimized by gun violence, yesterday held a press conference and delivered 49,000 petitions to Governor Pat Quinn calling for sensible gun legislation.

The petition drive, which began last September, calls for Illinois lawmakers to enact into law common sense gun legislation that includes: 

(1) A criminal background check on all gun purchases, 

(2) Registering/titling all guns,

(3) Reporting to law enforcement if a gun is lost, stolen, missing, or destroyed, and 

(4) A ban on assault weapons.

The Chicago area has been devastated by the overwhelming violence caused by guns. During the recent Easter weekend, there were 25 gun shootings resulting in 2 deaths and 23 wounded. In 2012, Chicago made international headlines with 506 murder victims of whom 60 were children and some 2000 other people who were wounded by guns last year.

“Something radical needs to be done to stop the unchecked flow of guns. Our state legislature can do a much better job in terms of keeping guns and assault weapons out of the hands of folks who shouldn’t have them. Clergy from all over the city are demanding that law makers step up and pass commonsense gun legislation before it is too late.” says Pastor Ira Acree of Greater St. John Bible Church.

The Reverend Joy Rogers, Dean, Cathedral of St. James Episcopal Diocese of Chicago says, “The unified voice of people of faith, all faiths, can speak to politicians in a powerful way. These petitions are a sign that the faith communities of Chicago will heed God’s call to make a difference now.”

Pastor Marshall Hatch of the New Mt. Pilgrim MB Church says, “Sensible gun control legislation is an important part of addressing the culture of violence.”

Father Michael Pfleger of the St. Sabina Church, says, “I understand how the Second Amendment has been interpreted by the Supreme Court, fine, but we have to stop this easy access and this proliferation of guns, these loopholes, where nobody is held accountable with a gun.”

On Thursday, April 11th, many in the clergy members plan to go to Springfield, Illinois to advocate State lawmakers to do the common sense thing concerning gun legislation.

The Chicago Alliance Against Racist & Political Repression submits Document on Police Crimes to UNHRC

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In December 2012, the Chicago Alliance Against Racist & Political Repression (CAARPR) submitted a document to the UN Human Rights Commission that was approved for consideration in Geneva in March, 2013. The document describes the torture and murder of civilians by police officers. In 2011, 23 people were killed by police officers, 80% of whom were African American.

The Alliance document can be found here: http://www2.ohchr.org/English/bodies/hrc/docs/NGOs/15-USHRNetwork_ChicagoAllianceAgainstRacist_and_Political_Repression.pdf

The CAARPR has addressed city and state officials on several occasions. The issue of police crimes and police torture is becoming an increasing pandemic nation-wide. The Alliance is trying to have a Civilian Police Accountability Council elected that will have power to prosecute police officers who commit crimes.

This may be the first time ever that the issue has been brought up internationally. Frank Chapman, Chairperson of the CAARPR Organizing Committee to Stop Police Crimes, said “We are making history by having this document reviewed by the UNHRC, and are making huge steps in the campaign for CPAC.”

For more information contact Frank Chapman (cell 312-513-3795) or Ted Pearson (312-927-2689)

Unemployment Numbers show that unemployment is still high – and higher for African Americans

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By Benjamin Todd Jealous

President and CEO of the NAACP


Coming the day after the 45th anniversary of the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., the new unemployment numbers show that unemployment is still high – and remains much higher for African Americans.

One thing hasn’t changed in the last half century: if you’re a person of color, you’re more likely to be unemployed. Even though the black unemployment rate fell by .05% this month, it still sits at nearly 13.3%, nearly double the overall rate.


This gap in employment has led to an economic divide between the richest and the poorest in America that is about as bad as in the divide in Rwanda and Serbia. The top 20% of Americans earn 50.2% of income, while the bottom 20% earns just 3.3%.Yet Congress continues to do nothing to directly address unemployment.


This is a dangerous trend. Recent studies – including one by the International Monetary Fund – show that countries with higher levels of economic inequality have slower growth rates, and that “economic inclusion corresponds with robust economic growth”. Urban economies affect the prosperity of the entire surrounding region, and ultimately the country as a whole.


As our country grows more diverse, we must also acknowledge that economic inequality is closely tied to race, due to decades of past and ongoing discrimination. And this inequality undermines the racial progress that we have achieved.


As Dr. King asked in 1968, “What does it profit a man to be able to eat at an integrated lunch counter if he doesn’t earn enough money to buy a hamburger and a cup of coffee?”  


In the last year of Dr. King’s life, he was organizing the Poor People’s Campaign. He endorsed the Freedom Budget, a document that called for massive investments in public works and infrastructure, job training and education programs, and a higher minimum wage. The Budget insisted that smart investments in our most vulnerable citizens will spur economic growth.


Unfortunately, this plan never moved forward. But its message proved prophetic, and Dr. King’s economic agenda is still relevant today. A strong and sustainable economic recovery requires an economic climate in which all Americans – regardless of race or class – can expect hard work to be rewarded with a steady job. This is not a partisan issue – it is an American issue. And Congress needs to act now.


Earlier this year the National Black Leaders Coalition came up with solutions for fixing the current unemployment crisis. They included implementing important parts of the American Jobs Act to revitalize urban areas; funding the Urban Jobs Act to create youth jobs programs; and increasing the minimum wage. These policies echoed King’s recommendations 45 years earlier.


In 1962 Dr. King said, “There are three major social evils in our world today: the evil of war, the evil of economic justice, and the evil of racial injustice.”  


Fifty years later, need to recognize that inaction is not a policy option; it has been tried; and it hasn’t worked. Let’s try something new. Let’s recommit ourselves to Dr. King’s economic principles and advance an economic agenda that bridges our nation’s divides and fosters an economic recovery in which all can benefit.

Madigan, Attorneys General urge Congress to act on Immigration Reform

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CHICAGO, IL — Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan was joined by a bipartisan group of 34 other state and territorial attorneys general in urging U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder and congressional leaders to pursue comprehensive federal immigration reform. In a joint letter, the attorneys general stated their support for a law enforcement strategy that focuses on public safety, targets serious crime, safeguards witnesses and victims, and considers national security implications.
“The time is now for immigration reform,” Madigan said. “With a more comprehensive, effective system in place, we can help to make our communities safer. It’s time for Congress to come together on this most pressing national issue.”
Madigan and her counterpart attorneys general called for a reasonable and predictable regulatory environment that considers the interests of, and the unintended consequences to, businesses, workers and consumers. They noted that a broader reform effort should eventually include a way to accurately, reliably and affordably determine who is permitted to work, ensuring an adequate labor force for a growing economy.
“We thank Attorney General Madigan for joining a bi-partisan group of state attorney generals, representing the overwhelming majority of the highest state level law enforcement officers in the U.S., to push for sensible immigration reform,” said Lawrence Benito, CEO of the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights.
The attorneys general recognized that immigration policy is primarily a federal responsibility, and pledged to lend their voice and expertise to federal legislators as they move forward in this process.

Jesse White’s Legislation strengthening GDL Law approved by House

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Requires people ages 18-20 who do not take driver education to complete a 6-hour training course before applying for a driver’s license


Legislation proposed by Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White to further improve Illinois’ heralded Graduated Driver Licensing (GDL) program was approved by the Illinois House of Representatives.  House Bill 772 – which now goes to the Senate for consideration – will require people ages 18-20 who skip driver education to complete a 6-hour driver training and education course before applying for a driver’s license. 

“Since we implemented one of the nation’s most comprehensive GDL programs in 2008, teen driving fatalities have dropped nearly 60 percent,” said White.  “But even the best programs can be made better, and this legislation will help strengthen our state’s GDL program, and hopefully save more lives.”

Under current law, when a teen turns 18 – even without any driver education whatsoever – he or she may apply for and obtain a driver’s license.  In 2012, there were 31,979 driver’s licenses issued to 18- to 20-year-olds. Of those, 16,494 did not take driver education.  In 2011, there were 28,277 licenses issued to 18- to 20-year-olds. Of those, 14,043 did not take driver education.  More than half of drivers ages 18-20 licensed in those two years alone did not have any formal driver training.

The six-hour driver training course will include a variety of critical traffic safety components, including instruction on traffic laws; highway signs, signals and markings; issues commonly associated with motor vehicle accidents such as poor decision-making, risk-taking, impaired driving, distraction, speed, not wearing a safety belt, driving at night, failure to yield the right-of-way, texting while driving, using wireless communication devices; and alcohol and drug awareness.

“One of my top priorities as Secretary of State has been to continually strengthen our state’s GDL program,” said White.  “This legislation will require a minimum of six hours of meaningful driver training and education for those who do not complete a high school or commercial school driver education course in order to obtain a driver’s license.”

 House Bill 772 was sponsored by state Rep. John D’Amico (D-Chicago).

49th Chicago International Film Festival Television Awards to Present Leo Burnett with Commitment to Excellence Award

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CHICAGO, IL – Cinema/Chicago and the Chicago International Film Festival are pleased to announce that the 49th Chicago International Film Festival Television Awards Gala will take place on Tuesday, April 23, 2013 at the Radisson Blu Aqua Hotel Chicago, hosted by Jeanne Sparrow from You & Me This Morning on WCIU. Ad agency Leo Burnett will be presented with the Commitment to Excellence Award for Television Commercials.
Established in 1935, Leo Burnett Worldwide is one of the world’s largest advertising agency networks. The agency has been heralded as a “pioneer on the frontier of marketing” and continues to be ranked as one of the world’s top five creative networks. The organization’s creative contributions have left a lasting legacy not only on the Chicago advertising community, but also on visual culture in every advertising medium.
Michael Kutza, Founder and Artistic Director of the Chicago International Film Festival, commented: “When I was developing the first Festival in the 60’s, It was Mr. Leo Burnett himself that suggested we honor the hard work that goes into the conception and production of the television commercial, and that it should be a major competition in the Chicago International Film Festival… and it is today 49 years later!”
The Chicago International Film Festival Television Awards is an annual international television competition culminating in an Awards Ceremony that honors the best TV commercials and television productions from around the world. Included in the evening program are the presentations of Commitment to Excellence Awards to individuals or companies that have had a lasting impact on the medium of television.
Recent competition winners include: American Masters, Criminal Minds, Law & Order, and many others. Television commercials winners include: Allstate, Audi, Bud Light, McDonald’s, Mercedes- Benz, among others. Recent Commitment to Excellence Award recipients include: Kelsey Grammer, OPTIMUS, FRONTLINE, Bill Kurtis, WTTW, Carol Marin, and Ruth Ratny.
The evening includes a cocktail reception with savory hors d’oeuvres, followed by the Awards Ceremony in the main ballroom. Video clips from the winning productions will be screened along with surprise guests from the industry. Tickets are $75/person and are now available at http://sg.carolfoxassociates.com/wf/click?upn=vuRFHzTxfcKQnkGWizvvpLEOQc6sQASghw-2FZW-2FlaaSfViUY7hb8f1V-2BF8aRBTpi81H1-2BmenTx2QOVbrk816f-2FZb0ZX6ux1N-2Bfh6SIuxRA99k8Kseyv4iWlXQ8wLrOloc01paSluW5RZhZvUrc0oUQw-3D-3D_pWrJayHruQfaTqNV9Jjx7V8VEam6rPWCYjgn4QmrwfZBKNiPghMQi7BTGzc6uLQLaKPyAlSDpkn9gIt8fnptzELBp-2FDqKJkGClYRA10q8Z2-2FRd16BnlBBWHs6bu4NaM8l1D-2FQgpohkdQ0V9ToE7DcXtcnkDM3adDdf1hpjneGjJzb6RIeD96XsinL-2BBW7UtqZu2pAYjfYt7ER4hJFJ4iqj-2BvFJuGfwizWIC2fkd7P0ZjMp3YUetZcZTO6eHlwBAz4ygCPrWun20EkaNwuvj08jAUEmRdqTU6KfvVbHvmOLU0j8RMBhUuOCIAvELAyv0J-2BeNgS5j-2B9yYqrAdKV-2FER7Z346nu7FNpW17iT8HEHVTPtGwkLqmo5AQXl-2FAg-2By17M. Eight-person tables are also available.
The 49th Chicago International Film Festival Television Awards is presented by Cinema/Chicago and the Chicago International Film Festival. Major Partners include American Airlines, DePaul University School of Cinema and Interactive Media, and Optimus; Evening Partners include Stella Artois, Radisson Blu Aqua Hotel Chicago, WTTW11, Screen Magazine, ReelChicago and Shutterbox Entertainment.

About Cinema/Chicago

Cinema/Chicago is a not-for-profit cultural and education organization dedicated to encouraging better understanding between cultures and to making a positive contribution to the art form of the moving image. The Television Awards is part of the year-round programs presented by Cinema/Chicago, which also include the Chicago International Film Festival, CineYouth Festival, Intercom Competition, International Summer Screenings Program, Black Perspectives and Educational Outreach.

Illinois Lt. Governor Simon rallies in support of equal pay

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Equal Pay Day underscores pay inequality based on gender


CHICAGO, IL – Illinois Lt. Governor Sheila Simon rallied with federal, state and local officials and members of the community at Daley Plaza in support of pay equality for women. The annual observation of Equal Pay Day marks how far into 2013 a woman must work, on average, to earn as much as a man did in 2012.

“As a longtime advocate for women’s rights and equality, I recognize that we are not yet where we need to be as a society,” Lt. Governor Simon said. “We will continue to work together to ensure all people earn equal pay for equal work.”

Despite great strides, employment discrimination and unfairness in the workplace have persisted. Illinois women earn only 77 cents to every $1 a man earns, regardless of education, occupation or experience. Throughout her lifetime, a woman with a college degree could lose up to $1.2 million due to the wage gap.

In recognition of the day, Simon was joined by Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky, Attorney General Lisa Madigan, Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle, and representatives from other government agencies and non-profit organizations.

“Pay equity isn’t just a women’s issue, it is a family issue and a community issue,” said Simon. “Our state is stronger when all workers receive equal pay for equal work, and I will continue to work with advocates to ensure pay equity is achieved.”

Youth are presently under an educational attack with jails and prisons waiting in the wings to profit

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It is to those youth that listened to me then… that I make this crucial appeal to now!


By Rev. Harold E. Bailey

Founder & president of Probation Challenge Inc.

and the PCC Internet Broadcast Network


In the past, I spoke blatant truth and I continue now to speak the same truth about the Criminal Just Us system! As I come to you, I am refusing to bow to the wimps of the world… and I continue to say to you and to others that may share in your being influential to “Cease the Killing Now!”

It’s beyond time to stop playing into the hands of those who could care less about you or your gang intimation, or your plight for a gang position that will not enhance your dismal-future with the criminal just us system. You’ve been played! Stop now and return to the ark of sanity!

Sometime ago, I told you that up-the-road (which is now) there would be concerted efforts to keep you from acquiring a certifiable education… and, here it is staring you blatantly in your face! There was a law passed in 1991 that would afford an opportunity for Black History to be taught in the Chicago Public Schools, but the law was never implemented, perhaps because it might have allowed youth to have hope – hope for a brighter tomorrow. However, by not giving youth that hope… some youth have now fallen prey to the hands of hatred. Shame on those lawmakers who were accomplices in this perhaps intentional oversight! The question is: Why has it taken so long to make a wrong right?

With the proposed closing of many Chicago Public Schools in predominantly African American communities… it is without a doubt that someone in backrooms is suggesting the demise of education for black youth. And, the game-plan is: As they drop out… they will drop into the Criminal Just Us System.

Without an education, youth are not aware that people ‘whip games’ on them! Some educationally deprived youth have yet to come to the realization that some folk across town are playing games with their lives…they bank on them becoming the commodity for great revenue that will fill their pockets. It’s time for you to think! Think out your stupidly – get smart – and make sure the powers-that-be mandate equal opportunity education. Now!

With the current Chicago Public Schools’ proposal, youth will have to cross gang-lines and are subject to be recruited to join-up with that particular street terrorist group, and if not, could face dire consequences.

This proposal of closing schools is a well planned backroom deal that stinks to the high heavens, and as you might know… they found a non-white body of persons to present it to the body of African-Americans.

For more than half my life, I’ve given of my blood, sweat and tears trying to help others. Helping others in many cases has caused me great sorrow and disappointments, but as you may know… I was on assignment. Before leaving any of my assignments… many constructive changes were implemented and the public was made aware via the press as to all misgivings by perpetrators of administrative crimes.

I don’t apologize for sitting in any of those positions because my steps were ordered by the Lord. Had God not covered me with His arms of protection, I don’t believe I could have passed the test of time. I stand today to say: It pays to serve Christ and His directives.

To all youth and elders alike – with all that I’ve seen and heard around this Not-So-United-States, do not buy into this 21st Century form of Genocide.

Rev. Harold E. Bailey is the founder and president of Probation Challenge Inc. and the PCC Internet Broadcast Network: WWW.ProbationChallenge.Org – The Truth Network.

2013 Michael Merritt Awards And Design Exposition April 15th at Navy Pier

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CHICAGO, IL–The 20th Annual Merritt Award for Excellence in Design and Collaboration program will take place on Monday, April 15, at Chicago Shakespeare Theater on Navy Pier, 5 p.m. – 10 p.m.  

The Michael Merritt Awards And Endowment Fund honors the memory of a brilliant designer and inspirational teacher. The Michael Merritt Award, a national award unique in its emphasis on excellence in both design and collaboration, has been presented annually since 1994 to outstanding professional theatrical designers. The Endowment Fund recognizes and encourages the work of young professionals and students through a national design exposition and prizes to promising theatrical design students.  


5:00-7:00 p.m.
Showcasing the works of Chicago-area emerging theatrical designers and graduating design students from Chicago’s best theatrical design programs and attended by many of Chicago’s artistic directors, production managers, and industry professionals.

7:00-8:00 p.m.
A discussion moderated by Hedy Weiss featuring the award recipients exploring current issues of interest to professional and student designers.

8:15-8:45 p.m.
Presentation of The Michael Maggio Emerging Designer Award, our four academic prize recipients, the Prizes for Best Exhibit and The Michael Merritt Award for Excellence in Design and Collaboration.  Also this year, tributes to Joe Drummond, Chris Phillips, Michael Maggio and Michael Merritt.

Food, wine, beer and fellowship until 10:00 p.m.

Gallery of photos from last year: 2012 Merritt Awards Photos. http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?e=001NuRQ8f-OstZm_07J5L4zCNjN2lTn3291BSeLJg5Trfbz_kcmlv7NqpT6KBS4CYNqgWRuoZa79eeDqfYuua8q_qWtTgYnVOnIAO18a_eFDfGEyjoqkTtIMTBVvD3tzX2YmDj7RolTELHpLgLmpLuK7lsAsP_dBSjSD34LkmwSpUQsMg5Xmmv_pB1TAgdOi91EtCGFUlStWzKQDzHkFogp2KsbdkC-je_65EP7Ogsm1Ts=

 The Michael Merritt Award for Excellence in Design and Collaboration

20th Annual Recipient: Costume Designer, Jess Goldstein

 Jess recently designed costumes for Tracy Lett’s adaptation of THREE SISTERS at Steppenwolf.

Scenic Designer Walt Spangler his former student, collaborator and close friend will present him the award.

Jess Goldstein is a native New Yorker, educated at Boston University and the Yale School of Drama. A 2005 recipient of the Tony Award for Lincoln Center Theater’s The Rivals, he has enjoyed a 35 year career designing for theater, opera, film and television. 

Jess is equally renowned for his contributions to new work as well as classic plays on and off Broadway as well as at all of the major regional companies throughout the US. 

Included among the premieres he has designed are the original productions of Sam Shepard’s Buried Child, Paula Vogel’s How I Learned to Drive, David Auburn’s Proof, Terrence McNally’s Love! Valour! Compassion!, Richard Greenberg’s Take Me Out, Craig Lucas’ The Dying Gaul and Donald Margulies’ Dinner With Friends and Sight Unseen. Among his classic theater credits are The Merchant of Venice with Al Pacino and Henry IV with Kevin Kline, both of which garnered Jess Tony nominations.

He is currently represented on Broadway by two long-running hit musicals Jersey Boys, in which his designs have also appeared in 10 national and international companies, and Disney’s Newsies. 

He has designed operas for all the major American companies including II Trittico for the Metropolitan Opera, Dead Man Walking for NYC Opera, Heart of a Soldier for San Francisco Opera, The End of the Affair for Houston Grand Opera and Agrippina for Glimmerglass Opera. 

Film and TV designs include A Walk on the Moondirected by Tony Goldwyn, The Substance of Fire directed by Dan Sullivan, Love!Valour!Compassion directed by Joe Mantello and the PBS telecasts of Talking With and Far East. 

Jess has served as a Professor of Design at the Yale School of Drama since 1990 and proudly counts many of his former students as illustrious colleagues working along side him today. He shares homes in New York City and Asbury Park, NJ with his partner Kim Powers, a novelist and writer for ABC News.

 The Michael Maggio Emerging Designer Award   

This annual award recognizes and supports the work of an outstanding emerging theatrical designer within the Chicago area. A $2000 honorarium is given annually to an emerging scenic, costume, lighting, sound, or other media designer in acknowledgment of excellence in artistry and collaboration.

 Sarah Hughey, Lighting Designer

 Presented by her collaborator, teaching colleague, and close friend, scenic designer Collette Pollard

 Originally from southwest Missouri, Sarah Hugey has lived and worked in Chicago since 2005.  In Chicago, she has designed lighting for productions with Redmoon (The Elephant and the Whale), Steep Theatre (Moment, Festen, Parlour Song), Writers’ Theatre (Hamlet), The House Theatre of Chicago (Wilson Wants It All, The Iron Stag King Pt. 1), Chicago Children’s Theatre (The Houdini Box, Goodnight Moon), Northlight Theatre (Black Pearl Sings!), Chicago Dramatists (The Kid Thing w/ About Face), Lifeline (Pride and Prejudice, Wuthering Heights, Mariette in Ecstasy), A Red Orchid Theatre (The New Electric Ballroom, Not a Game for Boys), The Gift (Suicide, Incorporated), Seanachai (Dancing at Lughnasa, Mojo Mickybo), and Griffin Theatre (On the Shore of the Wide World).  She has twice designed lighting for Lookingglass Theatre productions with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra (Peter and the Wolf, Stravinsky’s Pulcinella).  In January she joined members from Sojourn Theatre (Portland) and The Team (NYC) at Kansas City Rep to workshop their ongoing project Waiting for You.  She is the Resident Lighting Designer for Silk Road Rising, where she designed Scorched (2010 Equity Jeff Award for Lighting Design), Yellowface, Night over Erzinga, and the upcoming Lake Effect, and Invasion!. Since 2011 Sarah has been on the creative team for interdisciplinary performance collective Yellow House.  Sarah holds an MFA from Northwestern University and teaches at Northwestern and Columbia College Chicago. 

 Academic Prizes

We have been able to increase our support to 2000.00 this year.

 The John Murbach Columbia College Chicago Prize 

 Delia Ridenour is a graduating senior from Columbia College Chicago, with a major in Costume Design and minor in Small Business Management. She is thrilled to have received this award, and to begin her career as a young costume designer. She is currently designing The Photographer, directed by John Green and Ann Boyd, (Opens April 17th.) Her previous works include: The Pillowman, The Jungalbook, The Glory of Living, The Sandbox, As You Like It, and How I Learned to Drive. Over the summer Delia interned at The Space, a theatre in London, where she learned much about theatre management. Originally from Ohio, she plans on continuing costume design in Chicago, with the hopes of one day owning her own theatre company.

 The Theatre School at Depaul University Prize 

 Jack Hawkins is a sound designer from Kansas City currently completing his third year at The Theatre School at DePaul University. His work has been heard around the school in, Kitchen Sink, The Royal Hunt of the Sun, Spring Awakening, I am Bradley Manning, Synergy and Woyzeck. His designs have been heard professionally around the Chicago area in The Altruists, The Train Play, Crave, Jack’s Precious Moments and Little Shop of Horrors.  He has also worked in such venues as, Chicago Shakespeare Theatre, Stage 773 and The Mercury Theatre. Jack is very honored to be receiving this prize and is looking forward to what the future will hold.

 The Loyola University Chicago Prize 

 Sharon Limpert is currently a senior at Loyola University Chicago and intends to pursue a career in costuming. In the past few years she has worked on various construction, draping and millinery projects for both Loyola’s Main Stage and Second Stage productions. Most recently she designed the costumes for Loyola’s production of Almost, Maine. Sharon has also worked as a wardrobe supervisor for The House Theatre of Chicago. This summer she will be returning to Montana Shakespeare in the Parks to work as a draper on their production of Henry V. And in the fall she will begin her first semester at Carnegie Mellon’s MFA program in Costume Production. Sharon would like to thank her professors, family and friends for their support.

 The Northwestern University Prize

 Costume Designer Stephanie Cluggish is in her third year of the MFA program at Northwestern University. Recent design credits include Nickel and Dimed, Twelfth Night, The Glass Menagerie, and The Dark at the Top of the Stairs (Northwestern University); The Rake’s Progress (Music Academy of the West, CA). Upcoming projects include a new devised play directed by Michael Rohd: How To End Poverty in 90 Minutes with 199 People You May or May Not Know at Northwestern; The Drunken City and The Internationalist as part of the Next Up Series at the Steppenwolf Garage, and a new production of The Magic Flute at the Music Academy of the West in Santa Barbara, CA. Ms. Cluggish received her BFA from Emerson College in Boston, MA. 

 The Michael Philippi Prize for Best Exhibit: Professional Designer 

This year the prize is 500.00 !

Emerging professional designers are encouraged to exhibit  http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?e=001NuRQ8f-OstZZpcVCh3Nrek–p49BgfEr0JjmacqUAZvCRCT6Iz8H0DycgJBEzSz8QsLrqGTYt9KDE8XaROtXKqbSI4kxkbG8ligtHkPbg99wmbwPu7a_uAQAaPvpbqzJCPYXs5NKWVex6ChCaxkYrJ7a3a4-SlA3

Sponsorships that cover admission, food, drink and parking are available for emerging exhibitor and emerging director, producers and production managers  http://merrittawards.com/2013-event/attendance-sponsorships/

 Prize for Best Exhibit: Student Designer 

This year the prize is 500.00 !

Student designers are encouraged to apply to exhibit  http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?e=001NuRQ8f-OstZqRxZYqRe9O2PRxm8PI0amARYYMoXCWHs_BsiSsO6zpm7gI4pPpUg8VfHpuLw9pwhuJ6l-24lHb0b3ht1of5NIjSc8E2sEVfT8kuuxkXKYuZENQ_9S3QEMNOPvrDSC2stfGyXFvzeInFQnwEU1Ba7E

Sponsorships that cover admission, food, drink and parking are available.


Student – $ 5.00

General Admission – $ 20.00

Book tickets online at merrittawards.com

General Public is welcome.  

Food, wine and beer are included in the ticket price.  Funds go to support the awards endowment fund.

Rob Milburn

Michael Merritt Awards Committee, Chair


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