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Local African American leaders honored in memory of Whitney M. Young and in support of Local At-Risk Youth

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CHICAGO, IL  –  To commemorate a life of service, the 4th annual Whitney M. Young, Jr. Service Awards Dinner, hosted by the Chicago Area Council, Boy Scouts of America, honored Lester N. Coney, Executive VP, Mesirow Financial, John T. Hooker, Ret. VP, ComEd, Col. Eugene F. Scott, CEO, Chicago Defender Charities, Reginald J. Hill, Partner, Jenner & Block and the Black McDonald’s Operators Association. Rear Admiral Earl L. Gay of the US Navy Recruiting Command was the keynote speaker.

Joining the cause was Cook County Board President, Toni Preckwinkle as Honorary Chair. Last year, this benefit funded Scouting programs for over 800 at-risk and low-income youth served by the Chicago Area Council. The event was held on Thursday, October 25th at the Hyatt Regency Chicago, 151 E. Wacker Dr.

Scoutreach is designed to bring programs that instill positive values and productive learning opportunities for our youth. Supporting this event makes it possible for underprivileged youth to stay off the street with regular programing and receive camperships and go to Owasippe Scout Reservation, the oldest Boy Scout camp in the nation. Field personnel can be funded through this program to start new Troops in areas where a need exists, but volunteers do not. Through the Boy Scouts, young people have an opportunity to become involved in positive activities, build lasting relationships with mentors and improve self-esteem as they develop into our
future leaders.

Each year the Scoutreach Committee selects local leaders to be honored with a Service Award for the work they do in our community. The Service Award is named after Mr. Whitney M. Young, Jr. for his commitment to serving to improve the lives of African Americans across the country. Our local honorees have, in their own ways, lived up to the spirit of service by helping to prepare and inspire our children for life.

Whitney M. Young, Jr. was an educator and U.S. civil rights leader who spearheaded the drive for equal opportunity for African-Americans in industry and government during his 10 years as head of the National Urban League.

Boy Scouts of America, Chicago Area Council serves thousands of  youth across the Chicagoland area and surrounding suburbs through traditional Scouting programs, Learning for Life and Exploring. The principle purpose of all Chicago Area Council programs are to instill positive values and prepare youth for life. To learn more, visit www.chicagobsa.org.

Man framed for rape, murder of an 11-year-old girl sues Lake County

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Officials conspired to wring false confession out of Juan Rivera, Jr. after days of abusive interrogation


Chicago, IL – A Lake County man wrongfully imprisoned for 20 years — half his life — following the 1992 rape and murder of an 11-year-old, filed suit today against current and former officers from Waukegan, Lake Forest, Buffalo Grove, and the Lake County Sheriff’s Department for allegedly framing him for the crimes until DNA evidence exonerated him.

According to the suit, on the third straight day of abusive police interrogation, then-19-year-old Juan Rivera, Jr. suffered a mental breakdown, was diagnosed with “acute psychosis” by medical officials at the jail, and left hog-tied in a padded cell.  On the fourth day, following over 24 hours of non-stop interrogation, Rivera signed a written confession to the crimes in English, even though he had great difficulty understanding spoken English, and almost no ability to read and write in the language.

As today’s suit notes, police knew that Rivera “suffered from intellectual deficits and that he had a history of pronounced emotional problems that would render him especially vulnerable to their coercive techniques.” At the time of the interrogation, Rivera’s I.Q. score placed him in the lowest 10 percent of the population. In addition, he had a well-documented history of psychological and emotional problems, including previous suicide attempts, and he had received psychiatric care and medications to manage those problems.

During the interrogation, police allowed Rivera to sleep only four hours over four days, and then fed him details of the crime so that his false confession would appear legitimate.  They not only had no physical evidence tying Rivera to the crime, they knew that he had been on a home-monitoring device as a result of a previous property crime, and thus was nowhere near the scene of the murder.

Rivera’s suit contends that the interrogation exceeded all reasonable limits for police questioning and was completely out of bounds.  According to the lawyers, the duration of Plaintiff’s interrogation exceeded the length of almost all other interrogations in the United States that have been deemed impermissibly long, unconstitutionally coercive, and that have resulted in known false and demonstrably unreliable confessions.

DNA evidence would later show that Rivera was not the person who raped Staker, but as a recent New York Times profile recounted, Lake County prosecutors obstinately concocted a theory that the 11-year-old was sexually active with multiple partners, and hence had semen that didn’t match Rivera’s DNA.

On January 6, 2012, after a long legal battle led by Northwestern University School of Law’s Center on Wrongful Convictions, Juan Rivera, Jr. walked out of prison a free man, having served half of his life in prison for a crime he did not commit.

Rivera, and his attorneys, Locke Bowman of the Roderick MacArthur Justice Center and Jon Loevy of Loevy and Loevy Attorneys at Law, will discuss the new suit at an 11 AM, Tuesday, October 30 press conference at Northwestern University’s School of Law, 375 E. Chicago Avenue, 8th floor, Chicago.

Juvenile Justice reform activists Trick or Treat Cook County Commissioners at Juvenile Detention Center Review

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Youth ask whether 2013 juvenile justice budget will mean more ankle bracelets or bright futures


CHICAGO, IL – Youth from the Audy Home Campaign, alongside parents, ministers and allied groups, will demand at Tuesday’s Cook County Review of the Juvenile Temporary Detention Center (JTDC) that the County allocate funds away from the JTDC and toward high-quality community-based education and social services, including athletics and arts programs, as well as mental health care and safe shelter.

The Audy Home Campaign is a growing coalition of community organizations concerned about the direction of the juvenile justice system in Cook County which includes Blocks Together, BUILD Inc, Center of Change, Community Justice Institute for Youth, Fearless Leading by the Youth, Precious Blood Ministry of Peace and Reconciliation and the Institute on Public Safety and Social Justice at the Adler School of Psychology.

At the hearing, youth will wear Halloween costumes—suits and ties, on the one hand, and orange prison uniforms on the other—to highlight the choices the Cook County Commissioners are making about the future of Chicago youth in their budget decisions this week.

“The County is investing over 40 million a year to detain young people. That’s a bad investment and a bad budget decision,” said Darrius Lightfoot of the Audy Home Campaign and the Juvenile Advisory Council. “Instead, they should be spending taxpayer dollars to keep youth out of prison and engaged in their communities.”

In the past year, the County reduced the Juvenile Temporary Detention Center population by 50. In the coming year, President Toni Preckwinkle has said that the population will shrink even more. The Audy Home Campaign is demanding that the reduction of the population include reinvestment of funds into community-based alternatives.

“Youth need mentorship and job training, not to be locked up,” said Darrius Lightfoot. “Community alternatives to detention could be the key to reducing youth violence and youth crime–but it requires investing in our youth”

Youth “trick or treat” County Commissioners will demand reinvestment in alternatives to detention, followed by a Press conference at 8:45 a.m., at the Cook County Building, 118 N. Clark St., 5th Floor.

Formerly detained youth, parents, ministers and allies from the Audy Home Campaign, a coalition of community organizations including: Blocks Together, BUILD Inc, Center of Change, Community Justice Institute for Youth, Fearless Leading by the Youth, Precious Blood Ministry of Peace and Reconciliation and the Institute on Public Safety and Social Justice at the Adler School of Psychology.

Youth were dressed in prison jumpsuits and suits and ties in a trick or treat before Cook County Commissioners at the County budget hearing.

For more information about the Audy Home Campaign, please contact Alex Goldenberg or visit www.facebook.com/audyhomecampaign.

MWRD’s David St. Pierre offers glimpse into future at environmental group meeting

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During a monthly meeting co-sponsored by the Lake Michigan States Section of the Air and Waste Management Association and the Union League Club’s Environment and Public Affairs Committees, Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago (MWRD) Executive Director David St. Pierre offered a glimpse into the future of the wastewater treatment agency.
“I recently returned from nationwide conferences in Washington, DC and New Orleans, LA, where I had the opportunity to share our work with hundreds of local, state, federal and private organizations,” said St. Pierre. “Everywhere I went, reactions have been extremely positive. Whether the MWRD is addressing municipal stormwater management needs and growing our use of green infrastructure or improving our wastewater treatment processes to minimize our environmental impact, the work we are doing is cutting edge.”
Already in progress is the engineering design of the disinfection technologies selected for implementation next year at the Calumet and North Side treatment facilities. Continuing to find additional uses for fertile biosolids, the end-product of wastewater treatment, is also underway.
There are other emerging opportunities for environmental protection and cost savings on the horizon as well. A new frontier pertains to the wastewater treatment digestion process in which methane and carbon dioxide, called “biogas,” is produced. Biogas has numerous sustainable uses such as producing electricity or vehicle fuel. While few organizations have yet to embrace the use of biogas, the MWRD is exploring the possibility of adding food wastes and restaurant grease into its digesters to increase its production. This gas will be converted to energy as a clean energy alternative.
The recovery of phosphorus and nitrogen from the wastewater treatment process is another planned state of the art process. In excessive amounts, these nutrients negatively impact water quality, but if they are removed from the water stream, they can be returned to the soil as fertilizers for agriculture production.
“The processes and practices that the MWRD is currently investigating are exciting advances in the realm of wastewater utilities,” said St. Pierre. “The MWRD has always been working to improve the quality of life for Cook County residents, but we are bringing those efforts into the forefront and sharing our vision and our success so that we may continue to lead the utility sector into the future.”
“We were particularly pleased to hear the innovative solutions the MWRD is exploring to our many environmental challenges,” said meeting chairman James Harrington. “Many of those in the audience are looking forward to working with the District on developing and implementing these approaches.”
The Lake Michigan States Section of the Air and Waste Management Association (A&WMA-LMSS) is a unit of the Air & Waste Management Association (A&WMA). The Section covers Illinois, Northwest Indiana, Wisconsin, and Western Michigan with chapters of the association represented throughout the region. The purpose of the A&WMA-LMSS is to promote a better understanding and awareness of the challenges that exist in air pollution control, waste management, processing and control, and environmental management programs among representatives of industry, government agencies, research personnel, educators, attorneys and consultants within the geographic area of the Section.
Additional information about the MWRD can be found at http://www.mwrd.org/.

Cook County Democratic Women endorses GOP candidate for Illinois Supreme Court

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Cook County Democratic Women say it is proud to announce their endorsement of the Republican candidate for Illinois Supreme court, Judge Jim Riley.

Although Cook County Democratic Women is a democratic organization, we are an independent organization. 

When at all possible we support democratic candidates. But when it is clear that the democratic candidate is not acting in the best interest of our community, we support the candidate who will, and in this case we feel that candidate is Judge Jim Riley.

Judge Riley is a frequent lecturer on probate related topics for the Chicago Bar Association, the Illinois State Bar Association and various Suburban Bar Associations.

Prior to his election as a Circuit Court Judge He was President of the Southwest Bar Association, President of the Coalition of the Suburban Bar Associations, a two term member of the Illinois State Bar Association Assembly and elected as a Trustee of Palos Township.

Judge Jim Riley believes in the foundation of our forefathers. Three branches of government to make sure that there will always be checks and balances. In Chicago these balances do not occur, because of a democratic control Mayor.

We have a rubber stamp council who does what the Mayor wants. Our only hope is the court system to seek and find justice.

The Mayor’s Candidate has bragged about being his swing vote. This would be a travesty for the people of Chicago and Illinois and the misrepresentation of the symbolism of Lady Justice.

Lady Justice is an allegory of personification dealing with the moral force in the judicial system. When we see the depiction of Lady Justice her scales represents the balancing scale of truth and fairness. We believe Judge James Riley would be truthful and fair to all residents of Illinois. He represents objectivity that justice should be measured out or meted objectively without favor, fear, money, power, or weakness. The Supreme Court Judge seat holds the power of decision making, which should be impartial and justice that is blind to race, creed or social status… Judge James Riley is the candidate who is capable of such a position in the Illinois Supreme Court.

Judge Riley was first elected to the bench in 1996. Judge Riley is refreshingly outspoken and a well-regarded judge.  He gives voters a chance to make a choice, something that they have not been able to do for many years.

 Therefore; Cook County Democratic Women officially announce our endorsement of Judge James Gerald Riley candidate for Supreme Court Judge of Illinois.

Marketing Expert Dr. R. Kay Green releases marketing rule book for women in business and entrepreneurship

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Nationwide (BlackNews.com) — In her trail-blazing new book, I’ve Been Called the B* Word… Now What Do I Do? 13 Rules for the New-Age Professional Woman, Dr. R. Kay Green – the quintessential “New-Age” professional woman herself – interviews 12 other highly accomplished female entrepreneurs from all walks of life. The B*Word Rule Book highlights young female entrepreneurs who are succeeding in business now more than ever before. But what are the secrets to this success? What special challenges do women face in building a brand and generating industry buzz?

Dr. R. Kay Green, a PhD marketing pro who is CEO/president of her own thriving firm as well as a professor of marketing, has tapped into their combined strengths to offer exceptional insight into:

* Finding your niche
* Establishing your brand
* Revitalizing your strategies
* Building the right network
* Rendering the competition irrelevant

Concrete, time-proven advice makes I’ve Been Called the B* Word… a must-read for any woman striving to achieve business success. Rather than simply cheering women on, the book provides detailed ‘how-to’ steps, while tips from the pros offer a discerning process for living and working at your best, suggesting how to: create the proper mindset; dress for the part; reinvent yourself; be relentless without being overbearing; and inspire others while on the road toward fulfilling your dreams.

I’ve Been Called the B* Word... is not about being a bitch,” says Dr. Green. “It’s the exact opposite – it is about the diversity, leadership and empowerment of women today. We include many other b* words in the book, but they are words that describe positive attributes. If you are a woman with a career, you will find invaluable wisdom in this book. If you are a woman entrepreneur, you will find a veritable roadmap to small business success. And if you’ve ever been called the B-word, this book will change your life.”

About the Author

Dr. R. Kay Green is the CEO/President of RKG Marketing Solutions. She earned a Doctorate of Business Administration in Marketing, and has completed PhD coursework in Leadership and Organization Change. She also holds a Master of Business Administration in Marketing and Management, a Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing, and an Associate of Arts in Marketing Management. She is affiliated with several prestigious universities and has instructed over 350 courses online. A popular speaker on Marketing and Business topics, Dr. Green is currently featured on Great Women Speakers, Great African-American Speakers, Marketing Experts, BlackExperts.com, Guru.com and Savor the Success. She has received honorary distinction in the Who’s Who among Academics and Professionals and Who’s Who among Executives and Professionals, and is the recipient of various faculty awards, including the coveted Provost Circle Award and the Top Faculty Recognition designation.
I’ve Been Called the B* Word… is available at www.IveBeenCalledTheBword.com, BarnesandNoble.com and Amazon.com. It is also available as an ebook on Kindle and Nook.

Photo Caption: Marketing Expert, Dr. R. Kay Green

48th Chicago International Film Festival celebrates unprecedented success

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CHICAGO, IL – The 48th Chicago International Film Festival wrapped up another successful two weeks of world-class cinema and events on Thursday, October 25 with the Closing Night presentation of Robert Zemeckis’ “Flight” (USA). This edition of the Festival not only featured some of the most anticipated films of the upcoming awards season but also, in keeping with its long-standing tradition of introducing audiences to the daring work of first-time filmmakers, from Martin Scorsese (1967) to Dustin Hoffman (2012, director of Audience Choice winner “Quartet”), presented the works of another 49 first-time directors to local and regional moviegoers.“The response to this year’s line-up and special events has been incredible, from moviegoers, members of the media, visiting filmmakers and distributors alike,” said Founder and Artistic Director Michael Kutza. “After an extensive selection from 3,700 feature-length and short films from over 55 countries we brought a total of 327 performances to this year’s Festival. We wanted to bring the best of world cinema to our city and make sure that our audiences who came to see the world left satisfied – we think we have done just that.”From the star-studded Opening Night World Premiere of “Stand Up Guys” to Closing Night, and special programs in-between, including the Chicago premiere of “Cloud Atlas” co-directed by Lana Wachowski, Andy Wachowski and Tom Tykwer, the 48th Chicago International Film Festival celebrated the contributions Chicago-born filmmakers have made to the film industry.

“There is no better place to open a film than the Chicago International Film Festival,” said Academy Award®-winning producer of “Stand Up Guys” Tom Rosenberg (“Million Dollar Baby”) during the Opening Night ceremony.

106 narrative films, 21 documentaries and 50 short films from more than 55 countries were officical selections at this year’s Festival; 22 feature-length films received their North American Premiere at the Festival and 28 their U.S. Premiere.

“From such highly anticipated and award-winning films as “The Impossible” (Spain) and “Holy Motors” (France/Germany) to first feature films that made their World and North American Premieres at the Festival, this year’s program was enthusiastically embraced by our audiences and our competitions were as strong as ever,” said Programming Director Mimi Plauché. “With our Spotlight Middle East Program, we were privileged to showcase a range of impressive films from the region, many of them in competition and winning recognition. Now in its 16th year, our Black Perspectives Program highlighted an excellent group of films by African Americans about the black experience around the world and were some audience favorites.”

More than 200 filmmakers from 31 countries participated in post-screening discussions and free public panels giving Festival audiences an insight into their work and the artistic process. Filmmakers had the opportunity to mingle with industry insiders, media and fellow film enthusiasts at the Festival’s Filmmakers Lounge located within Lucky Strike at the AMC River East 21.

“The Festival is more than just going to the movies. We enjoy creating an environment where the audience has the opportunity to engage more fully in a complete experience—through discussions with filmmakers and other audience members,” said Managing Director Vivian Teng. “To make this all possible, we rely on the continued generosity and support of our loyal sponsors, foundations and audiences. Their passion and dedication to our organization means so much to us.”

“I am so pleased with our sponsor involvement this year; Columbia College Chicago, our Presenting Partner, helped make Opening Night and the entire Festival a real success. American Airlines, who’s been a sponsor for more than 30 years, flew in filmmakers from around the world, our Headquarters Hotel JW Marriott put them up in style, and Land Rover vehicles drove them back and forth to their film screenings,” added Development Manager Erin Payton.


Red Carpet Events

The 48th Chicago International Film Festival this year hosted a who’s who of the national and international talent that will potentially compete for such major awards as the Golden Globe® and the Academy Awards® early next year with numerous red carpet and photo opportunity events followed by post-screening Q&A sessions.

Hollywood landed in Chicago on October 11 with the Opening Night World Premiere of “Stand-Up Guys,” directed by Chicago-born actor and filmmaker Fisher Stevens, produced by Chicagoan Tom Rosenberg and starring Al Pacino, Christopher Walken and Alan Arkin. All three actors, Stevens, and Rosenberg worked the red carpet alongside co-stars Vanessa Ferlito and Addison Timlin, screenwriter Noah Haidle, and music superstar Jon Bon Jovi, who wrote two songs for the film.

Joan Allen (October 14), Helen Hunt (October 20) and Viola Davis (October 22) each walked the red carpet at the AMC River East 21 (322 E. Illinois St.) on their way to receiving the Festival’s Career Achievement Award, the latter as part of the Black Perspectives Tribute program. The Festival saved the best for last when director Robert Zemeckis followed the same path on his way to picking up the Founder’s Award on behalf of Closing Night film “Flight” on October 25.

Other world-renowned artists who posed for the Media and the Festival’s cameras included: directors Lana Wachowski, Andy Wachowski and Tom Tykwer in town to present Centerpiece film “Cloud Atlas”; director, producer, writer and creator of “The Sopranos,” David Chase (“Not Fade Away”); Juan Antonio Bayona (“The Impossible”), who received the Emerging Visionary Award; director Charles Sturridge and actor Matthew Rhys (“The Scapegoat”); and “Silver Linings Playbook” director David O. Russell and star Chris Tucker.

Even Vince Vaughn joined in on the fun when, on October 12, he joined his sister Valeri for the U.S. Premiere of her documentary “Art of Conflict,” which he produced and provided the voice-over for.

Special Programs and Conversations
The Festival once again held a series of special programs and master classes. Presented by The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, Spotlight Middle East, the second in a series of three annual programs, featured the works and exciting new voices emerging from such countries as Egypt, Iran, Iraqi Kurdistan, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, Syria, and United Arab Emirates. Panel discussions and special Community and Education Outreach screenings complemented the films presented in the program. Filmmakers from Egypt, Iran, Israel, and the UAE attended the Festival to present their films and participate in the panel discussion “Spotlight Middle East: The Politics of Creativity,” including Nawaf Al-Jahani (UAE), Mani Haghighi (Iran), Ami LIvne (Israel), Michael Mayer (Israel), Amr Waked (Egypt), Adel Yaraghi (Iran). The Spotlight Middle East series also featured a conversation with Israeli filmmaker Joseph Cedar on October 22, whose most recent film, “Footnote,” was nominated this year for an Academy Award® for Best Foreign Language Film.

The Chicagoans program featured a series of master classes and special screenings with those individuals who have left a mark on the film industry. “An Evening with Joan Allen” featured the celebrated stage and film actress who spoke about her craft, her career and her Illinois roots on October 14. Philip Kaufman (“The Right Stuff,” “Hemingway and Gellhorn”) participated in a Q&A with Annette Insdorf, Director of Film Studies at Columbia University in New York City and author of “Philip Kaufman,” after a screening of his 1974 film “The White Dawn” on October 16. And on October 23, Steve James, one of America’s most acclaimed documentary filmmakers, discussed his films, Chicago, and the state of documentary film in general. The Chicagoans series ended on a high note on October 24 with the world premiere of voice-over legend Ken Nordine’s film “Agenvite of Inwit.”

The Students Came and Saw the World
For 22 years, the Chicago International Film Festival has welcomed Chicago Public School students to theaters to participate in its Education Outreach Screening Program. Eight screenings were offered, including documentaries, feature-length narratives, an international shorts program and a screening of “CineYouth’s Best of the Fest.”

“As part of our year-round Education Outreach Program, the Festival welcomed over 1,500 students and 21 participating schools to screenings of foreign, documentary and locally made films. I am always amazed at how receptive and respectful our student audiences are to the films they see,” said Education Program Manager Rebecca Fons. “Following each screening we held a discussion with visiting filmmakers, local critics and film professors, and I was continually impressed by the questions and comments that came from our student audiences, proving again that film is a powerful teaching tool and a vital part of arts education.”

Each year, Cinema/Chicago brings over 5,500 CPS students into theaters throughout the school year and during the Festival for special Education Outreach screenings. With the help of the Cinema/Chicago Education Advisory Committee – made up youth media professionals and educators – films are chosen that relate to Chicago Public School curriculum, exposing students to films from other cultures, in other languages, and about complex and engaging subjects. 

What’s Next


The 49th Chicago International Film Festival will be held October 10-24, 2013. The Call for Entries will open on January 7, 2013 with an early bird deadline of March 29. The regular deadline to submit entries will be June 21, with a late entry deadline of July 8.

For the latest information, visit www.chicagofilmfestival.com or follow us on Twitter (@chifilmfest) and Facebook (www.facebook.com/chicagofilmfestival).

Led by Presenting Partner, Columbia College Chicago, the 48th Chicago International Film Festival’s sponsors include: Official Airline – American Airlines; Producing Partners: AMC Theaters, The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences; Major Partner: Intersites; Supporting Partners: DePaul University School of Cinema and Interactive Media, Stella Artois, Chris Pagano – Realtor, Land Rover, WBBM NEWSRADIO 780 AND 105.9FM, ShutterBox Photobooth, Cultivate Studios; Participating Partners: iN Demand, EC Charro Tequila, Brugal Rum, Creative America, Gibsons Restaurant Group, Second City Computers, Optimus; and the Festival’s Headquarters Hotel, JW Marriott Chicago.

Principalities and spiritual evils revealed in United States politics

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By Rev. Harold Bailey, President of Probation Challenge/PCC
Internet Broadcast Network
Evil means to have taken on the traits of those things that are not liken unto God! Evil is to also follow the dictates of Satan, who is the spirit that comes to rob, steal and destroy! We however must remember that the spirit of God comes that we might have life and have it more abundantly.
Wherever you find the spirit of lies – be assured that it is not the spirit of God, but rather the spirit of Satan who wants to tear-up the very intent of God to build the furtherance of His kingdom.
Coming from the Republican Political camp are bunches of lying folk who have brought to the table an intent to stop the spirit of God, who has heard the prayer of His people and seeks to deliver them out of all their troubles.
Woe (danger) unto the deceivers who work to privately and now publicly seek to hurt certain people via stepping on their financial welfare for self-enrichment to broaden their own bank-accounts.
A proven fact is that they (Republican and Tea Party) have held out on votes to help the ‘very least of these’ which are poor-people! Danger to those folk: God said that the ‘least you do unto them – you do it unto Me.’
The evil things that are done by way of some Republicans and yes, some few Democrats, to help and even destroy African-Americans and Hispanics, God and His vengeance is upon them and man can’t do a thing about it!
Those who seek to destroy President Obama, who is the ruler of these United States, best be aware that God has command that the people pray for those who have the rule over them!
Those persons who have been appointed to speak truth, such as Colin Powell, former chief of staff condemned the Republican Party telling MSNBC’s Ed Schultz, that “My party is full of racists.” Over the many years – we have known this fact to be true, but have sought to dispel it hoping for change that has not come.
Retired Army Col. Lawrence Wilkerson made his comments in response to Mitt Romney campaign surrogate John Sununu’s suggestion that Powell’s endorsement of President Barack Obama’s re-election was in-fact motivated by race.
Wilkerson, who served as Colin Powell’s chief of staff when the acclaimed general was secretary of state under first George W. Bush. Wilkerson told Schultz that he respected Sununu as a Republican, and as a member of his party, “but did not” have any respect for the integrity of the position that Sununu seemed to codify.”
Yes, I’ve lived beyond the promised years by God, and have watched the Republican Party over the many years – and their position has more than often been to promise them, they and those folk any thing… but give them nothing.
That position by the many who are filthy-rich – desire to continue to rule over the masses as did Pharoses who dictated the lives of the Egyptians … but, God sent a deliverer in the person of Moses – and now in the person of Obama, who is saying let the people go.
Not to obey the words and works of God – is to the detriment of the powers-that-be, for they work against God and not man.
Change is going to come – with or without the help of dissenters. God is God and not a man that He should lie.
Rev. Harold E. Bailey, President of Probation Challenge/PCC Internet Broadcast Network – The Truth Network

America’s Next Natural Model; Black Beauty, Brains & Empowerment embracing the Online world

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Nationwide (BlackNews.com) — America’s Next Natural Model is celebrating its 5th anniversary by taking the online competition to a social community level where everybody can win. To offer contestants more prizes, sponsors more exposure and voting members and Facebook fans enticing perks, America’s Next Natural Model goes Indiegogo.

The online pageant can best be described as America’s Next Top Model meets American Idol, but it takes place online, in the social network of Going-Natural.com – a leading natural hair care website with nearly 27,000 members.

America’s Next Natural Model is the brainchild of Mireille Liong-A-Kong, a black woman with a Masters Degree in IT. The social entrepreneur who personally suffered from relaxer induced alopecia, a hair loss disorder that affects 73% of African American women, started the pageant to promote the beauty of natural hair with the goal to help change the perception of natural hair.

The beauty contest may be Liong’s most successful project yet. It is the perfect match between upcoming models who need more experience and small businesses looking for social media exposure. While the beauty contestants get free products, endorsement opportunities and a chance to win $1,000, sponsoring companies can be “liked” interactively by the thousands of potential buyers who make up the growing social network.

Like all projects that want to succeed at crowd source funding, the Indiegogo page of America’s Next Natural Model has an introduction video that explains why the competition needs funding and what the donations will be used for.

The footage makes clear that the successful pageant has outgrown its founder. Liong who also already puts up the $1,000 cash prize can’t expand the competition on her own so she offers gifts that are both original and unique in exchange for one’s contribution. The funds will be used to implement new technology, expand the prize package, compensate the judges and for Public Relations.

For more information about America’s Next Natural Model and how to support the project, visit the page at www.indiegogo.com/annm.

Models who are interested in joining the contest can submit their application online at www.going-natural.com

Photo Caption: Chassity Bynum, America’s Next Natural Model 2012/photo by Dajuan Jones


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Welcome to CopyLine Magazine! The first issue of CopyLine Magazine was published in November, 1990, by Editor & Publisher Juanita Bratcher. CopyLine’s main focus is on the political arena – to inform our readers and analyze many of the pressing issues of the day - controversial or otherwise. Our objectives are clear – to keep you abreast of political happenings and maneuvering in the political arena, by reporting and providing provocative commentaries on various issues. For more about CopyLine Magazine, CopyLine Blog, and CopyLine Television/Video, please visit juanitabratcher.com, copylinemagazine.com, and oneononetelevision.com. Bratcher has been a News/Reporter, Author, Publisher, and Journalist for 33 years. She is the author of six books, including “Harold: The Making of a Big City Mayor” (Harold Washington), Chicago’s first African-American mayor; and “Beyond the Boardroom: Empowering a New Generation of Leaders,” about John Herman Stroger, Jr., the first African-American elected President of the Cook County Board. Bratcher is also a Poet/Songwriter, with 17 records – produced by HillTop Records of Hollywood, California. Juanita Bratcher Publisher

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