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Presidential Debate: Top 10 Questions That Weren’t Asked

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Presidential Debate: Top 10 Questions That Weren’t Asked


New America Media

Roundup, Staff


As Barack Obama and Mitt Romney squared off in the second presidential debate last night, New America Media editors posed 10 questions that have largely gone unasked — and unanswered – in their campaigns.


1. U.S.-Mexico Border
Mitt Romney has pledged to finish the wall on the border with Mexico. What will that mean for U.S. relations with the country that gave his grandfather sanctuary as a polygamist?

2. Drugs
Our prisons are overcrowded with people who were arrested on non-violent drug offenses. Street violence in American inner cities is largely a result of an illegal drug economy. Meanwhile, abuse of prescription drugs is a growing crisis. What would you change about current drug policy to alleviate these problems?

3. Federal Poverty Line
The Federal Poverty Line (FPL) masks U.S. poverty at a time when more Americans are struggling to make ends meet. What will you do to see that government figures are more honest–such as the new measure by the National Academy of Science? And what would you say to the growing numbers of people who aren’t considered poor enough to qualify for assistance, but who are struggling just to get by?

4. South China Sea
The Asia-Pacific region is now in turmoil with many countries fighting over territorial rights over the South China Sea as well as the Eastern Sea, chief among them China. With so much at stake — vast oil and natural pockets and potential rare earth and important shipping lanes — how will the U.S. deal with this highly contentious situation and can it afford stay out of the skirmish?

5. Guantanamo
There are still 166 prisoners remaining at Guantanamo Bay, and many of them have been there for over a decade. Though it’s off the radar for many Americans it is a sore point for many others who view it as a symbol of American imperialism and injustice. As president, what would you do about it? Will it be a permanent prison for those who are deemed ineligible for due process?

6. Teacher Shortage
The U.S. is lagging behind other countries in education. Meanwhile, we are facing a shortage of teachers and the profession is becoming less diverse. What are you going to do to stem this decline in recruitment of qualified teachers and keep the teaching profession diverse?

7. Energy Independence
Both of your campaigns have pushed for energy independence. Yet experts say the costs of this would be high and the solution would only be temporary. Energy independence sounds good but is it really achievable or is it a myth?

8. The Longevity Gap
A new study by the MacArthur Foundation shows a widening gap in life expectancy in the past 20 years, with those at low education levels living up to 10 years less than people with higher education levels. How would you reverse this trend?

9. Military Intervention
When is military intervention justified to prevent massive human rights violations, for example in North Korea or Syria?

10. Vision for America
We’ve put a man on the moon. We launched the Peace Corps. Periodically the president has inspired America to think about new frontiers. What’s the new frontier for America?

Black church to launch Billion Dollar Challenge

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Billion Dollar Challenge set for launch during dfree® Lifestyle Weekend Symposium


National Initiative Website Goes Live on October 19th – With Sun Life Financial as First Corporate Sponsor


Somerset, NJ (BlackNews.com) — Rev. Dr. DeForest B. Soaries, Jr.  announced that The Billion Dollar Challenge website will be launched during the opening night of the dfree® Lifestyle Weekend Symposium on October 19th, 2012 at First Baptist Church of Lincoln Gardens (FBCLG), located at 771 Somerset Street, Somerset, NJ.

The Billion Dollar Challenge is a national initiative whose goal is to lead families to pay down one billion dollars in consumer debt. The Challenge emerged out of the dfree® financial strategy, which was first introduced to a nationwide audience in the special airing of CNN’s documentary Almighty Debt and featured its author, Rev. Dr. DeForest B. Soaries Jr., Senior Pastor of FBCLG.

“According to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, American consumers are carrying $11.44 trillion of debt not including mortgages. Although this debt actually decreasing, high levels of consumer debt still plague the country; furthermore it is a threat to family stability, mental health and financial security. Millions of people are drowning in debt and looking for relief,” said Rev. Dr. DeForest B. Soaries Jr., Senior Pastor of FBCLG, and an independent director of Federal Home Loan Bank of New York. “The Billion Dollar Challenge is being offered as a motivational strategy and online tool to create a new culture of personal financial responsibility,” he added.

As part of the two-year anniversary celebration of the CNN special feature, “Almighty Debt,” the new website for The Billion Dollar Challenge will be unveiled during a Friday night presentation at the dfree® Lifestyle Weekend Symposium – a free, two day event that will celebrate the progress that many churches and groups from across the United States have made helping their members attain financial security.

Dr. Soaries will also recognize Sun Life Financial, a provider of employee benefits, which was the first partner and sponsor for dfree®. Sun Life Financial has supported the expansion of the dfree® strategy to reduce financial stress in the workplace.

“Sun Life is honored to partner with dfree® to show how leveraging employee benefits opportunities can help U.S. workers maintain a sustainable path toward financial security and help meet The Billion Dollar Challenge to reduce consumer debt ,” said Wes Thompson, president of Sun Life Financial, USA.

The Billion Dollar Challenge contributors and sponsors include:

* Sun Life Financial, first corporate sponsor of The Billion Dollar Challenge;
* Black Enterprise, national media partner for The Billion Dollar Challenge;
* HomeFree – USA;
* New Jersey Black Issues Conference;
* Hill Harper, award-winning actor and author;
* Tisha Campbell-Martin, actress;
* Cappie Pondexter, WNBA All-Star & CEO OF 4 Season of Style Management; and
* Dr. Randel Pinkett, Chairman and CEO of BCT Partners, and Winner of NBC’s “The Apprentice.”

“By joining The Billion Dollar Challenge, not only is a person taking a concrete step towards their own personal financial freedom, but they’re joining with thousands of people around the country moving towards the achievement of our Billion Dollar Challenge,” noted Rev. Dr. DeForest B. Soaries, Jr. “This tool is unique in that regard – there is nothing elsewhere like it.”

Established in 2005, dfree® is a national economic empowerment movement involving individuals, churches, student groups, community organizations and credit unions. With a grassroots approach that mobilizes people to use existing resources for managing and using money, the dfree® strategy is delivered through education, celebration and support.

For more information about The Billion Dollar Challenge, visit www.billiondollarpaydown.com.

About the dfree® Lifestyle Weekend Symposium:
October 2012 marks the two-year anniversary of the screening of CNN’s Almighty Debt: Black in America documentary which featured First Baptist Church of Lincoln Gardens, Rev. DeForest B. Soaries, Jr., and dfree®. This symposium has been created to show the progress that we’ve made since the screening of to highlight the churches, organizations and individuals who have chosen to join the dfree® movement and most importantly, to give those who haven’t heard about dfree® an opportunity to learn how it can help them to achieve FINANCIAL FREEDOM & ECONOMIC EXCELLENCE!

About First Baptist Church of Lincoln Gardens:
Founded in 1937, First Baptist of Lincoln Gardens is a vibrant community-focused, multi-cultural and historical African-American church rooted in Baptist doctrine and is located in the Somerset section of Franklin Township, NJ. The church’s motto is “Faith in Action.” First Baptist bears witness to the gospel of Jesus Christ for spiritual, educational, economic and community transformation. In October 2010 CNN featured First Baptist in the two-hour documentary “Almighty Debt”. For more information on the church and its ministries, visit www.fbcsomerset.com

Illinois State Board of Education awards $39.4 million in School Improvement Grants

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State awards federal funds to reform seven schools in three districts


SPRINGFIELD – The Illinois State Board of Education announced it has awarded more than $39.4 million under the federal School Improvement Grant (SIG) Program to help seven schools in three districts make comprehensive changes to improve student performance and ensure college readiness. These new awardees join 20 schools in eight districts in Illinois that are already undergoing such work under School Improvement Grant funding.

“This grant program requires that we select only those schools most committed to take on dramatic transformation initiatives to improve their schools,” said State Board of Education Chairman Gery J. Chico. “We will continue to work closely with these selected schools and districts as they undergo very complex and comprehensive change to ensure students are prepared to succeed in college and careers.”

Chairman Chico will visit two SIG schools this week: Eisenhower High School in Decatur today (Wednesday) and Sandoval Jr./Sr. High School, 63 miles of East St. Louis, on Thursday. Both received SIG Grants last year, in FY12. Grants are awarded for three years pending re-application and state approval each year.

For each eligible school approved to receive funds under this grant, the district must implement one of four intervention models: Turnaround, Restart, Transformation or School Closure, as approved by the U.S. Department of Education. Money will be allocated to each of the three FY13 districts with the bulk of the money going toward the reform strategy at the specific schools and a smaller portion of funds going toward district oversight.  

Eight districts submitted a total of 16 proposals on behalf of eligible schools. A team of six national external reviewers, selected for their expertise in high school reform work and administrative experience, scored the applications to determine finalists. ISBE staff then interviewed administrators from finalist schools as part of the selection process. The Board approved the seven selected schools and three districts during the summer, and districts have begun receiving funds and implementing new practices. 

“We’re ecstatic that we were chosen,” said Cahokia CUSD 187 Superintendent Arthur Ryan. “We have a lot of challenges, but this funding will help us address the needs of our students and improve our system so that we’re able to meet those challenges and ensure all our students are prepared to succeed in college and careers.” 

The SIG districts are required to work with one of 16 organizations, called Lead Partners, that has been pre-approved by the Illinois State Board of Education. The state agency will also provide technical assistance during the process, and each district will have to re-apply for continued annual funding with the Fiscal Year 2013 awardees re-applying FY2014 and FY2015.  

This year marks the third round of districts to apply and receive School Improvement Grant (SIG) funds authorized under Title I of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 (ESEA) and the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA SIG) funds.  In total, 27 schools in 10 districts across the state have been awarded funds, totaling more than $148.1 million. For a list of schools awarded funds during the past three fiscal years, please visit this ISBE School Improvement Grant web page: http://www.isbe.net/sos/htmls/sip_1003.htm

The following three districts and seven schools are approved to receive funding over the grant’s three year period: 

District Name

School Name


Type of Intervention Model

Total Award

(3 Years)

City of Chicago School District 299  





Chicago Vocational Career Academy




  Clemente Community High School




  Bowen Environmental Studies High School





Bogan High School




  Al Raby High School




Cahokia CUSD 187  




  Cahokia High School




East St Louis 187  




  East St Louis High School









Note* The Total Award reflects the award given to both the individual school and the LEA. Tier I and Tier II schools refer to the lowest achieving 5 percent of schools in the state.

For the latest news from the Illinois State Board of Education, follow us on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Illinois-State-Board-of-Education/136022251779 or Twitter at https://twitter.com/#!/ISBEnews. Visit the official ISBE website at http://www.isbe.net.


More than 50,000 attendees expected at Church of God in Christ convention in St. Louis

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Memphis, TN (BlackNews.com) — The Church of God in Christ 105th Holy Convocation will convene November 5th – November 12th 2012 in St. Louis, Missouri.

The Holy Convocation of the Church of God in Christ (COGIC) is expected to be the biggest convention of 2012 in St. Louis says the St. Louis Business Journal.

The St. Louis Convention and Visitors Commission agrees the 2010 and 2011 convocations attracted 35,000 and 40,000 attendees respectively that spent upwards of $35 and $40 million during the eight-day conventions. This year’s convocation attendance is already expected to increase in size and economic impact to the region.

This convention says Presiding Bishop Charles E. Blake, Sr. will be an opportunity for the members of COGIC “to be inspired, encouraged and provide an opportunity for instruction and the work of ministry.” The convocation is a time for the delegates to experience great speakers and some of the greatest gospel music singers in the nation.

One of the highlights of this year’s convention is Friday, November 9, 2012. The speaker will be the empowering gospel preacher and leadership expert Bishop Tudor Bismark of Zimbabwe.

TV Judge Greg Mathis will be the guest speaker at the annual Presiding Bishop’s “We Care” Scholarship Banquet sponsored by COGIC Charities on Saturday, November 10, 2012 at 3pm in the America’s Center Grand Ballroom. Award winning gospel singer Micah Stampley is the musical guest.

Presiding Bishop Blake will deliver the official message of the convention on Sunday, November 11th in the Edward Jones Dome at 9am. This year’s theme is “Seeking God’s Way…through Obedience and the Word.”

The official Holy Convocation website includes up to date information about the 105th Holy Convocation including a list of speakers and musical artist for the week. Go to www.cogic.org and click on the Holy Convocation banner for more information.

About the Church of God in Christ

The Church of God in Christ is the fifth largest Protestant religious denomination and the largest African American church in the United States with churches in 57 countries worldwide and an estimated membership of nearly 6.5 million members.

Attorney General Eric Holder honors Madigan senior staff member for protecting Illinois homeowners

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CHICAGO, IL – Attorney General Lisa Madigan announced that a senior attorney in her office was honored by U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder for her leadership in securing a landmark $25 billion national settlement to help struggling homeowners.

Madigan’s Consumer Protection Division Chief Deborah A. Hagan was awarded a Distinguished Service Award at the 60th Annual Attorney General’s Awards Ceremony in Washington, D.C. Hagan was honored for her work on behalf of Madigan’s office in obtaining the $25 billion settlement reached earlier this year with 49 states and the U.S. Department of Justice. The settlement with the nation’s top five mortgage servicers stemmed from allegations of widespread “robo-signing” of documents and other fraudulent practices during thousands of foreclosure proceedings.

“With her extraordinary expertise and experience, Debby is regarded as one of the top consumer protection lawyers in the country. She is a tremendous public servant and a tireless advocate on behalf of consumers. Throughout the negotiations over this settlement, she fought relentlessly to ensure that Illinois homeowners receive the relief and protections they deserve,” Attorney General Madigan said. “This honor could not go to a more deserving person.”

In Illinois, the settlement will provide more than $1 billion in direct relief to assist those who have lost their homes, are underwater or at imminent risk of defaulting on their mortgages. The settlement will also completely overhaul mortgage servicing standards to prevent future abuses by lenders that many consumers have faced while trying to save their homes and during the foreclosure process.

“This year’s award recipients have made significant contributions across, and far beyond, the Department of Justice and helped to protect the rights, safety and best interests of the citizens we are privileged to serve,” said Attorney General Holder.  “I am grateful for the dedication and passion that these extraordinary public servants bring to their work, and I am honored to count them as colleagues.”

Hagan, a Springfield resident, has served as Madigan’s Consumer Protection Division Chief for eight years and served in the Illinois Attorney General’s Office since 1982. Hagan holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from Miami University of Ohio and a law degree from the University of Dayton.  Hagan was assisted in the investigation and settlement negotiations by Assistant Attorneys General Vaishali Rao, Susan Ellis, Tom James, Steve Wrone, Paige Boggs, and Andrew Dougherty, all members of Madigan’s Consumer Protection Division.

Sheryl Brady, in her debut book, shares how to “Do the Impossible”

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Trained under T.D. Jakes, Brady shares how she moved from obscurity to center stage in her just released debut book, You Have It in You!: Empowered to Do the Impossible




DALLAS,  TX -  Using deeply personal heart-felt anecdotes from her life’s journey, Sheryl Brady, pastor of The Potter’s House of North Dallas, a church founded by T.D. Jakes invites readers to find their second wind in her debut book, You Have It In You!: Empowered to do the Impossible (Howard Books / October 2/ 9781451674101).


In the book, Brady encourages readers to embrace their natural gifts and abilities with courage, define their purpose and pursue it. Not satisfied with offering encouragement without a roadmap, Brady helps readers along by utilizing stories from the Bible of how God works through the most unlikely characters- those who did not know they had “it” in them.


These biblical examples: a prostitute, a young boy, a murderer and a widow, are all people that many can relate to. Those who have ever felt like an outcast, not ‘enough’, or beyond redemption will be able to draw from the characters’ experiences, and realize the ingredients of greatness are already inside them-just waiting to be discovered.


Believe [in God] for the impossible, the unimaginable, the unobtainable, and the incurable,” writes Brady. “Each time we trust him with another layer of our lives, we discover more of the buried treasure of our true identities,” (pg. 183, 12).


Brady is a virtual expert on finding what’s inside and moving forward, as demonstrated by her own life story-from dropping out of high school as a result of a family tragedy to being personally selected by T.D. Jakes to pastor at megachurch, The Potter’s House. Her experiences, paralleled with biblical stories, will help readers peel away layers of fear, drop the excuses, and ‘do the impossible’.


T.D. Jakes of The Potter’s House calls Brady one who “helps others to unlock, unmask and unearth the hidden treasure [within themselves] they were often oblivious to before encountering her…”


For more information about Brady’s new book, You Have It You!: Empowered to do the Impossible, please visit DeMossNews.com/books.


Sheryl Brady will be appearing at the following locations:


Oct 24-

Faith Center Church

7:30 p.m. EDT

5555 NW 95th Ave.

Sunrise, FL

Oct 27-


11:00 p.m. CDT

2300 Coit Rd

Plano, TX

Oct 30-

New Hope Intl Church

7 p.m. EDT

204 Sullivan Rd.

Fort Valley, GA

Nov. 7-

Right Direction Church

1234 Saint Andrews Rd.

Columbia, SC

7 p.m. EST

Nov. 9-

St Paul’s Baptist Church

7 p.m. EST

700 East Belt Blvd.

Richmond, VA

Nov. 11-

Word of Faith Family Worship Cathedral


212 Riverside Pkwy

Austell, GA

Nov. 13-

Empowerment Temple

4217 Primrose Ave.

Baltimore, MD

7:30 p.m. EST

Nov. 14-

City of Refuge Church

7 p.m. PST

14527 South San Pedro St.

Gardena, CA

Nov. 18-


9:30 a.m. & 11:30 am EST

7601 Forest City Rd.

Orlando, FL

Nov. 28-

Fountain of Praise Church

7 p.m. CST

13950 Hillcroft Ave.

Houston, TX


About Sheryl Brady


Sheryl Brady is the campus pastor at The Potter’s House of North Dallas. Called T.D. Jakes to lead this church, Brady has grown this church from only a few hundred congregants to a few thousands. She and her husband still oversee their first church plant in Raleigh, N.C. She has also traveled the globe as a singer, pastor, lecturer and recording artist speaking and singing at conferences and churches. She was the first female speaker to ever address the all male crowd for Jakes’ Manpower Conference in 2010. Brady is married to Bishop Joby Brady and they have three daughters and five grandchildren.

Florida man writes interesting letter to Michelle Obama

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With a view to delivering $500 million of free digital products to Obama supporters, firing up inspiration at the polls and making The Obama Dance a household name, song writer Bob Brown is sending a direct message to the First Lady herself

Jacksonville, FL (BlackNews.com) — It could well be the catchiest song and dance ever created, however, for the creator of “The Obama Dance”, the first ever choreographed Presidential song has a worthy and serious undertone. In fact, Bob Brown is attempting to reach directly out to the First Lady to share its appeal.

His mission is simple; Brown is asking Michelle Obama to contact Michael Stewart, Director of Organizing for America, with a request to send the song’s video link to the Organization’s thirteen million social media followers.

While Brown hopes homes, schools and offices around the globe will learn the dance, the real purpose of the viral entertainment spectacle is to deliver at least $500 million of free Audio Books to Obama supporters – sending a strong message of unity and firing up high turnouts on November 6th.

“It is my intention to donate at least $500 million dollars in digital products to Obama Supporters while initiating a worldwide vision for The Obama Dance. I believe that this $500 gift to every Obama Supporter in America will surely send a strong message to voters and fire them up at the polls,” says Brown, who has turned his song and dance into a viral web hit.

He continues, “We can reach over half a billion people around the world through the dance, while making huge leaps and bounds towards inspiring Americans to show up at the polls, make their voices heard and put Obama back in the Oval Office.”

Brown’s strategy is being praised by critics as a perfect example of how the internet can spread a life-changing and powerful message.

“If I can reach the First Lady through the internet it will be a perfect showcase of the medium’s power. We all have an opportunity to change the world. This is my contribution,” Brown adds.

Brown’s letter to the first lady can be viewed here: www.dearmichelleobama.com

View the Obama Dance at: www.obamadancevideo.com

Obama supporters interested in downloading the free digital products can do so here: www.obamadancehistory.com

About Bob Brown:

A native of Florida, Bob Brown, has been writing and performing songs since age 9. Brown has a Marketing degree from University of Florida with 9 years of creative advertising and marketing consulting experience. He lives in Jacksonville Florida with his 5 year old son.

Photo Caption: Bob Brown writes letter to Michelle Obama asking for her assistance in giving away $500 million worth of digital products.


Simon announces opening of new training facility

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Will improve efforts to train workers for green jobs


CHAMPAIGN, IL – Lt. Governor Sheila Simon announced the opening of a new facility at the University of Illinois that will help improve training for workers that weatherize homes through a state program that offers low-income residents an opportunity to improve their homes’ energy efficiency.

During a ribbon-cutting ceremony for the 6,700 square foot Indoor Climate Research and Training Center, Simon, who serves as Governor Quinn’s point person on education reform, said the center will help better prepare workers for green jobs in the Illinois Home Weatherization Assistance Program (IHWAP) through increased hands-on training.

“In order to compete for the jobs of the 21st Century our workers need the right training,” Simon said. “This new training facility will provide workers with the hands-on training needed for jobs in home weatherization, allowing them to ensure families maximize the potential to lower their energy bills and live more comfortably.”

The training facility will provide classroom space and hands-on application areas for trainees completing the Weatherization Training and Certification Program at the Illinois Sustainable Technology Center located in Champaign. Graduates will provide weatherization services to low income families that qualify for assistance from IHWAP.

Trainees include weatherization subcontractors and staff from the 35 not-for-profit organizations across the state that the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity works with to administer the assistance program. The organizations identify applicants, evaluate homes, determine the scope of work and contract with weatherization contractors to complete work. Contractors use the training they receive to bid for both IHWAP and private-sector weatherization projects.

The assistance program provides free weatherization services including air sealing, attic and wall insulation, furnace repairs or replacements and window and door work to low-income families. Over the last three years the program has weatherized over 42,000 homes, with nearly 20,000 homes weatherized in the past year. Weatherization typically reduces household energy consumption by 12 to 25 percent and improves indoor environmental health and safety, according to DCEO.

“The Indoor Climate Research and Training Center will help put people to work making low-income homes more comfortable for residents,” said David Vaught, director of the Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity. “The program marks an important economic opportunity for the state and prepares workers for jobs in Illinois’ expanding green economy.”

Funding for the training center was provided by the federal American Recovery and Reinvestment Act and the Illinois Jobs Now! capital construction program. The facility will feature props, videos and other interactive materials that will enhance the hands-on training for weatherization assessors and workers, according to Manohar Kulkarni, the director of the Illinois Sustainable Technology Center (ISTC) at the University of Illinois. 

The training currently is offered to ISTC-related subcontractors, but going forward the certificate program will be open to the public, Kulkarni said.

“The ISTC has been proud to partner with DCEO to provide the most up-to-date training for workers providing services for the IHWAP program,” said Kulkarni. “Over the last year we have trained about 300 individuals who took 900 training classes. Over the five years the same numbers are 600 and 2500, respectively. These are impressive indeed and the new facility will allow us to expand upon those efforts including research on indoor human health and comfort issues in buildings.”  

The ISTC houses the weatherization training program and is among the five state scientific surveys at the Prairie Research Institute. The other surveys are the Illinois Natural History Survey, Illinois State Archaeological Survey, Illinois State Geological Survey and the Illinois State Water Survey.

Following the ribbon-cutting Simon chaired a meeting of the Illinois River Coordinating Council, which works closely with the ISTC to promote the environmental and economic health of the Illinois River and its tributaries. The council is composed of a diverse group of citizens, not-for-profit organizations, and state and federal agencies, and holds quarterly meetings across the state to gather local input on conservation issues.


Microsoft partners with HBCU organization to promote available Tech jobs

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Over 500 Positions! Send Your Resume Today!

Nationwide (BlackNews.com) — HBCUconnect.com and Microsoft Corporation are working together to find and hire the best and brightest diversity talent to work on the server and tools team for Microsoft. Professionals with the following skill set are invited to apply for available job positions:

* Computer Science or Information Systems Degree

* Experience developing software in languages such as C, C++, C#, Java

* Experience working with SQL Server database

* Cloud Skills, Distributed computing skills

* .NET Software Development Experience

* Experience working on customer facing software products or large scale web based services

* Program Management Experience (managing software development and engineering features for products)

* Operations Engineers should have experience working in high availability 24/7 support environments with Microsoft products such as BPOS, hosted Exchange and or hosted SharePoint for enterprise customers. Microsoft certified master (SharePoint, SQL, or Exchange) a plus.

For more details, or to send your resume, visit:

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